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schoolvue_ training guide


									                            Training Guide

500 NE Spanish River Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Sales & Service: (800) 675-0729
        CrossTec SchoolVue Training Guide

                          Table of Contents

Class Wizard …………………………………………..5
Main Interface…………………………………………6
Vertical View Toolbar: Normal & Thumbnail ……7-8
Internet & Application Manager ………………..…9-12
Survey Manager ……………………………………...13
Print Manager …..……………………………………14
Instant Messenger Manager .....………………………15
Device Manager………………………………………16
Keyboard Manager……………………………………17
Whiteboard............................................................. 18-19
Horizontal Icon Toolbar & Refresh ………………….20
Student Register …………... …………………………21
Journal ………………………………………………..22
View Student PC (remote control)………………...26-27
File Transfer/Distribution . ..…………………………29
Send & Collect Work . ……………………………30-34
Lock & Unlock……………………………………….35
Web Access, Blank All, Manage ……………………37
Communicate …………………………………… 38-39
Lesson Plans………………………………………….40
Execute . . ……………………………………………41
Upper Toolbar: School, Group & Client Menus ...42-44
My Tutor, Configuring Extras ……………….… 45-47
Interactive Student ………………………………… .48
Test, Assess & Report …………………………....49-56
Tech Central …………………………………… 57-59

                      WELCOME to CrossTec SchoolVue v10!

The number 1! classroom computer management software solution in one
          easy-to-use product. This is your training guide!

Welcome to the step-by-step, hands-on CrossTec SchoolVue training workbook. This will help you
navigate through the program and give you the needed insight on how to use SchoolVue effectively with
a connected class.

Go ahead and open SchoolVue. This will be your opening window for first time v10 users.

When you are comfortable with this window, we see no reason why you can’t uncheck the above box.
Some overall beginning thoughts – good quick reading:
 ~ SchoolVue will use Tutor/Teacher for the one instructing and Client/Student for those in the class.
We will use capitals for when we refer to the software and small letters for when we refer to a person.

 ~ Installation and some of the configuration will not be touched upon in this workbook but you can get
the help you want by looking into our Installation Guide or by contacting our no-charge tech support
Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm EST.


 ~ There is also a Quick Start Guide, Installation Guide, Manual, webinar information, Whitepapers,
and much more that you can find on:

~ Each PC needs either the Client, Tech Console, and/or the Tutor installed in order to run SchoolVue.

 ~ If you have a wireless classroom, please contact our tech support for setup information (see above
for contact information).

 ~ If more than one Tutor is connected to the same Client/s, the first Tutor to connect will have it’s
policies in effect. If you want to have multiple Tutors, call our tech support!

 ~ You can remove a Client from most actions by clicking the little green check marks on the left of the
Client icon (no check marks means exclusion).

 ~ If you see a little green checkmark anywhere around an icon, you are seeing the “chosen choice”.

~ When you see “All” in the title of an Action Item, that means ALL Clients whether they are selected
or not, or whether or not they have a green check mark or not.

~ You can run the Tutor license/module AND the Tech Console from a Thumbdrive/flashdrive/memory
stick and be mobile! Go to C:\Program Files\CrossTec\CrossTec SchoolVue and you will see two
folders for the two modules you can take remote. Copy this folder to your external drive and you are

~ SchoolVue EXPECTS All as the default selection. To make sure you have ALL Students selected,
click the space between PCs so that no records are selected.

                                            Let’s begin
         Click the Start button (from the previous window) and open your Class Wizard
         window. The window will appear every time you change classes or open SchoolVue
         (and we completely suggest you keep this window!).

         From here, you can add your name, start a lesson plan, add objectives, or simply choose
         a class (or “none” for those stationary labs) and choose “Okay”. Your SchoolVue will
         search for the Student machines and open the program to the main interface.

       Start the Journal early >

We really like Register, try it! >

                  Your classes >

   Lesson Plans! See page 41 >

     We suggest Open Lesson >

             Suggestion: keep this window

                                         The Main Interface

Looking at the main SchoolVue interface graphic below, we will go through each
toolbar listed: Vertical “View” Toolbar, Upper Horizontal Toolbar, Horizontal                    When
“Icon” Toolbar and two smaller bars we named, Vertical Views Extra and Group                     selecting
Icons. The Lesson Plan Toolbar will show once you start or open a Lesson Plan.                   Students,
There is actually one more toolbar, but we will discover it later in the guide as it is          the default
activated only when directed to do so.                                                           is “all”, but
                                                                                                 to make
                                        < Upper Horizontal Toolbar                               sure you
                                          ^ Horizontal “Icon” Toolbar ^                          capture all
                                                                                                 Client PCs,
                                                                                                 make sure
                                                                                                 no Clients
                                Execute Toolbar             Lesson Plan Toolbar
      Vertical “View” Toolbar

                                                               (seen when activated              are
                                                                                Groups Toolbar   choosing
                                                                                                 use your
                                                                                                 CTRL or
                                                                                                 Shift key
                                                                                                 down) and
                                                                                                 click on

                                                              Vertical Views Extra                   Client



                          Vertical View Toolbar
       Student/Normal View                                                              mouse
                                                                                        click in the
         Thumbnail Monitor                                                              white/open
                                                                                        areas of
    Internet Access Manager                      The Vertical View Toolbar runs         ANY of the
                                                 vertically down the left side of the   views and
       Application Manager                       interface. You can run your mouse      change the
                                                 over the icons to get a pop-up of      look to
            Survey Manager                       what each icon does.                   Details.
                                                                                        This will
              Print Manager                                                             give you
                                                                                        more info
  Instant Messenger Monitor                                                             especially
                                                                                        in the
            Device Manager                                                              Internet &
         Keyboard Manager                                                               Managers.
                 Whiteboard                                                             we prefer
                                                                                        this look,
                                                                                        we have
                                                                                        made the
                                                                                        changes in
Let’s take a look at these icons representing the views of SchoolVue.                   all pictures.

                  Normal View or List of Students

                                                                                        If at any-
                                                                                        time you
                                                                                        would like
                                                                                        to exclude
                                                                                        a class
                        You can click any of these columns                              from any
                        and they will alphabetize                                       activity,
                                                                                        just click
                                                                                        on the
                                                                                        To include
                                                                                        them, click
                                                                                        the box.

                                                                                             You can
                                                                                             also right
                                                                                             click in the
                                            If you would like to change the                  center
                                            background or rearrange the layout,              white area
                                            go to the 5th pull-down menu,                    and change
                                            Layout and you’ll see your options               the layout
                                            there including saving your layout.              within

                               Thumbnail View
The second vertical icon has those thumbnails we all love. Check the icons in the left
lower corner (and the 5th pull-down menu, Monitor) to: change the frequency of
updating, the size of the thumbnails or scale to fit, to see the active internet sites and   With the
applications and by clicking on the last icon, Zoomed Mode.                                  Zoom
                                                                                             (has a
                                                                                             mark), the
                                                                                             (see picture
                                                                                             on page 3)
                                                                                             when you
                                                                                             run your
                                                                                             mouse over
                                                                                             Try it!

                             Internet Manager
The third vertical icon is Internet Manager. This feature will show you which
Students are on restricted sites, add new sites to your lists and manage the internet
experience without overriding the institution’s filters. The buttons in the lower corner
(and 5th pull-down menu, Web) are for making new internet lists, loading saved lists
and for controlling what sites the students can actually be on. Other options include:
Block FTP sites, Safe Search and a new Internet Icon called Web Access on the
Horizontal Icon Toolbar! Also, you can drag and drop sites from one side to the other
and the name of the current list is located in the lower right hand corner.

  Supported Internet Browsers for Internet metering and restrictions are IE 5.5 or
  above, Firefox 2, Netscape 8.1, Netscape 8.2*, Opera 9.1*, Opera 9.2*. *Supports
  Internet restrictions but not metering.
                                                                                           If you
                                                                                           anything in
                                                                                           lists, that
                                                                                           change will
                 Remember: right mouse click this area to change the look to Detail        occur in the
                                                                                           saved list
                                                                                           that you
                                                                                           have open.

HANDS ON EXERCISES! Make a web site policy and manage internet access.
         1) Click the first lower icon (Create a new Web List) create a file and name
         2) Add websites by using the plus “+” sign within the restricted and/or the
             approved areas (add about 10 sites)
         3) Drag one site to the other side and then back again, delete that site
         4) Repeat steps 1-3 again and name a new file (new list) another name
  5) Next, click the 2nd icon (Load: looks like a folder) and choose one of your saved
     lists. You should see this named site in the lower left side of screen
  6) Make a folder for your lists somewhere where many teachers can get to it.
     Share these lists!

       Folks, we completely believe that you should use the Internet
       Manager in every class every day. We think you should use
           Approved Lists and Block All for everything you do.
            Let’s teach you how to do everything – keep going!
                        Internet Manager, part II
Other items with Internet Manager that we need to show off:

Block FTP sites. FTP sites carry downloads. Stop
students from going to these sites and downloading items
they shouldn’t be. This can be really important so I hope                                          Go back to
you look into it and select Block FTP!                                                             thumbnail
                                                                                                   view and
Safe Search mode. This will stop inappropriate web sites                                           press the
from being displayed while students are using any of                                               4th and 5th
the search engines. Basically, if Google is the search                                             lower
engine that a student is using and you have Safe Search                                            icons,
activated, Google will only bring back what Google                                                 you’ll see
believes are “safe”.                                                                               green
                                                                                                   and/or red
HANDS ON EXERCISES: Build your internet lists from your students use. Open and                     around the
     Close sites.                                                                                  active
          1) While in Internet Manager, make sure your Clients are in Details view.                application
          2) Have a few students (real life people) open many sites on their PCs.                  and
          3) Watch the Teacher machine and see these sites come up by each Client.                 internet site
          4) Right mouse click any of the internet site icons in the Client rows. You              icons
              will see the window below pop up with lots of great options. As you can              surrounding
    see, the list contains the actual website, options to add the site to the Approved or          each
    Restricted lists, the ability to browse to the site, Activate the site (put it on top of all   Thumbnail.
    other sites), and Close (closes the site without notice to student)                            This gives
                                                                                                   you a quick
                                                                                                   visual look
                                                                                                   as to
                                                                                                   whether the
                                                                                                   are on
   5) Click Add to Approved List. See the site show up in your below Approved List.                items.
   6) Re-click the site and Browse To it. See if the site is OK, if not, drag to Restricted.
   7) Choose a client that has many sites and right click a middle site icon. Choose
      Activate. This should push the site to the top window on the Student PCs.
   8) Lastly, right mouse click an icon and choose Close. This will close the site on
      the student machine.

  And on the Horizontal Icon Toolbar, you can find this
 button with this menu. Looks great, right? You bet! With
  one click you can control the internet access in the whole

                                                                                                   - 10 -
                        Internet Manager, part III
HANDS ON EXERCISES: Everything you want to know about Keywords.                                        If you want
       1) Let’s add a website to one of our lists – Approved List                                      to restrict
       2) Click the Green Plus sign in Approved Lists and add in the fields except for                 the internet
          the Keyword field for the CNN website ( Notice that the                         for ONE or
          field has “cnn.” included.                                                                   MANY
                                    Let me explain what this field is all about using the CNN          add “.” in
                                    example. If you keep what the program puts in for you              the
                                    by default, any website that includes “cnn.” will be               restricted
                                    approved. If you add to “cnn.” And put in “com” after,             area as
                                    then any site that contains this complete piece will be            EVERY
                                    allowed – so will be allowed and                 site has a
                           will be allowed (overall, a bit more                “.”. Then,
                                    restricted). If you take off the “.”, then any site with just      chose your
                                    “cnn” will work (therefore, less restricted).                      students
                                                                                                       and pick
                                   And the Restricted Lists work similarly but slightly                “Block
different. If you put in “”, then every site with will not be allowed and if            Restricted”
“cnn” only, then all sites are denied.. IF you put in “.”, then all sites will be restricted because
all sites have a “.” somewhere.

    3) Change the keyword field to list “cnn”
    4) Click off all Students and click the “Approved Sites” button on the bottom on the               Whether
       page.                                                                                           you are in
    5) Have some of your students go to any site with “cnn” in and see if it is allowed                the Internet
    6) Then, right mouse click the approved site and choose Properties                                 or
    7) Update the keyword to other options and see what the students can and can’t do                  Application
                                                                                                       you can go
And, just in case you                                                                                  to the 5th
missed the part about                                                                                  pull-down
getting the history, go to                                                                             menu and
that 5th pull-down menu                                                                                click
and choose History.                                                                                    History.
                                                                                                       You will
                                                                                                       get a
You can choose a certain                                                                               window
client machine (not the                                                                                that gives
actual student sitting                                                                                 you the
behind the machine), or all                                                                            Client/s
client machines. You can                                                                               history
also Save, Export, Print or                                                                            with time
Close                                                                                                  and date
                                                                                                       stamp and
                                                                                                       you can
                                                                                                       print and
                                                                                                       save it!
                                                                                                       - 11 -
                              Application Manager
The number four icon is the Application Manager. This is like the Internet Access
Manager but for applications. Again, the 5th pull-down, Applications, has the same
menu items as the lower icons.
                                                                                         click a
                                                                                         saved site
                                                                                         in your list
                                                                                         and you’ll
                                                                                         see the
                                                                                         menu on
                                                                                         the left.
                                                                                         The third
                                                                                         down gives
                                                                                         you the
                                                                                         ability to
                                                                                         “Send to
HANDS ON EXERCISES: Send an application to all students quickly and easily.              Students”
  1) While in Application Manager, make sure your Clients are in Details view.           the site or
        2) Add an application to the Approved lists by clicking the green plus sign in   application.
            that window. See the window to the right Add the application, and a          This will
            description.                                                                 open the
        3) Now that your application                                                     application
            is in the list, right mouse                                                  or website
            click that application to                                                    on their
     see this window below.                                                              PC.
  4) Choose Send to Students and see
     that your site is now on each
     Student computer as the top

     If you are using the Journal feature and if you use
     Approved Applications Only, then you need to add
     AcroRD32.exe to the list of Approved applications (see the picture above).

                                             Love the 5th pull-down menu.
                                             Enjoy adding in StartUp Mode
                                             and looking at the History

                                                                                         - 12 -
                               Survey Manager
The 5th vertical icon down is where you can make surveys or quick polls. When you
send the question to the Clients, you will see the results in the right panel (see below).
You can create new, edit and save surveys just like when you were making internet and
application lists. Just remember, you can only send one survey question at a time (use        By
the Test Center to send more than one).                                                       choosing
HANDS ON EXERCISES: create a saved survey list, open it, select a question and                Group
      send it to the selected Clients                                                         under the
         1) Click the lower left button (Create a New Survey List)                            5th pull-
         2) Find a location to put your new List and name it accordingly                      down
         3) Click create                                                                      menu, the
         4) Click the green plus sign in the Student Survey box to get picture below          Clients will
         5) Add a question, choose a                                                          be grouped
     response and then click Add (Click                                                       by the
     Manage to create new saved                                                               answers.
     responses)                                                                               The
  6) Keep adding questions to your list                                                       graphic
                                                         Create new answers
  7) When done adding questions, click                                                        pictures
     Okay                                                                                     next to
  8) Click the second button on the                                                           your
     bottom (Load Existing Survey                                                             responses
     List)                                                                                    in the
  9) Find your survey and click Open                                                          Survey
  10) Go back to the Green plus sign and choose a question from your list. Click OK           Results
  11) Your question should be in the Student Survey box (see below). Click the 4th            window
     button (Send a Survey) and the students will see the pretty box with stars below)        will also
                                                                                              show next
                                                                                              to the
                                                                                              icons to
                                                                                              give you a
   12) Also, when ready, click “Show to                                                       visual
   Students” and they will get the results on                                                 representa-
   their screen. See Below                                                                    tion.

                             To make a quick
                             survey, type your
                             question right into the
                             above picture and
                             choose a response,            The window the client sees on PC
                             click Send, and the
                             Results will show your
                             question was sent. Your survey will be on the Client PCs
                             and you’ll see the Results window light up. In addition,
                             you can Stop the survey, Print the results, and Send the
                             Results (once they have responded) with the last two lower
                                                                                              - 13 -
                             Print Management
Print Management can be your ROI for all of SchoolVue! Connected Students can be
prevented from printing, be assigned page limits or require Tutor authorization to print.

                          Give each Client a printer status by highlighting a Client
                          and then choosing one of the options below.

                                       Save on printer costs: paper, toner, ink!

Let’s say you start with Printing Paused (maybe as the Startup Mode), and as print jobs
come in, you have the option to click the green arrow to let it print or the red “x” to
delete the print job. Also, click the green checkmark by the printers to exclude them
from the class printer options. What a great way to remove printers from a class
without calling in the IT person!

This feature supports multiple printers within a classroom, prevents the addition,
deletion or modification of existing printers and provides printing usage summaries as
                                                        part of the Student Register (see
                                                        bottom left picture and page 21
                                                        for directions).

Look at the 5th Pull-down menu and choose Print Thresholds. Update the page limits
for both pause and delete and enjoy better printer usage!
                                                                                            - 14 -
                    Instant Messenger Manager
Instant Messenger Manager is your tool to allow various messenger programs in your
institution but to manage their use in YOUR class by allowing, blocking and
monitoring. This feature can turn on and off instant messenger in the class as well
manage that use if allowed. Managing instant messaging programs allows usage but
gives history, filters, startup modes and print capability. And combining Instant
Messenger Manager with other SchoolVue features (like Application Manager and
Keyboard Monitoring, for example) is an even more powerful feature!

                                                 Go to the 5th pull-down menu
                                                 “IM” and see the history of
                                                 any IM communication.
                                                 Save, Print and experiment
                                                 with Filter options!

            Data shows here

       Messenger Monitoring supports the following Instant Messenger applications,
       AOL 5.5 or above, Yahoo Messenger 8 or above, Windows Messenger 4.0 or
                       above and Windows Live Messenger 8.1.
                                                                                      - 15 -
                              Device Manager
The Device Manager is a perfect enhancement to today’s classes. Forget about
students using IPods and bringing in malware. This feature allows the Tutor to protect
against external sources by choosing how much a student can use these devices. The
Tutor’s options are to Block Access, allow Unrestricted Access, deny Executables or
Read Only. And like many of the other SchoolVue features, you can have a default

                                                      The 5th Pull-down menu!

                                                                  Each Client can
                                                                  have a different

                                         Super Cool Feature: Mute ALL Sound!

                                         This is a toggle button that allows you to
                                          turn sound on or off (that does include

                                                                                         - 16 -
                            Keyboard Manager
Keyboard Manager allows the Tutor to monitor all keyboard usage while using any
running application, providing a real-time insight into student activity during a class.
The Tutor can monitor the entire class, quickly view any typed content and keep an eye
on Student activity levels. The Tutor will not monitor password info.

                                        5th Pull-down menu that contains
                                              History and Journals!

                                         Red highlights Inappropriate Words
                                         and Green highlights Target Words
                                              See the red highlighting

                                               Make as many lists as you want!
                                                  Save the list anywhere!

* Designed to be used in
conjunction with
Application Control.

     You can only view Keyboard Monitoring when the View is in "Details" layout.

                                                                                           - 17 -
The last vertical icon is the Whiteboard feature. From here, you can draw, write or
whatever you like and then pass the control to a Student to continue your work. These
images can be saved as well.

                                          click any Client
                                          to Activate

The below picture is showing thumbnails of what the students are seeing on their
computer. The thumbnail that is expanded with the Zoom feature shows us what the
student sees when they have control (Activate) of the whiteboard! They will see a
sentence telling them they are leading the whiteboard (above the icons) and they will
see a blinking “leader” icon in the upper right.

                                                                                        - 18 -
                            Whiteboard, part II
Let’s look at the Whiteboard icons before any Hands on Exercises.

   1        2         3        4           5        6           7         8        9

1) On is the On/Off of the Whiteboard Feature to the Client PCs
(see the little whiteboard icon next to each Student above) .
2) Options: save the Whiteboard or Selection, Load images, Clear
the Screen and Undo (just the last change)
3) Insert an Image (file types: .bmp, .png , .jpeg). The image will
erase any current drawings and place it in the upper left corner.
4) Save the current whiteboard
5) Tools including Eraser. See picture to right
6) Color: The small paintbrush is the color palette of the TOOLS
7) Line Width: Third to last button is the width of your lines (point)
8) Fill: This tool fills the Whiteboard like paint would cover a wall,
when you use the FILL choice.
9) Font: Last button is the font and style of the font

  Within any of the Whiteboard lists above, if you see a little green checkmark, that
  is the item that is current. So, in our side picture, the Brush is the tool chosen.

HANDS ON EXERCISES: while in Whiteboard mode, send the control to a Student
          1) Choose the Student machines
          2) Click the Whiteboard icon (last button on the Vertical Toolbar) and the
              On button on the bottom (#1 above). This will open the Whiteboard and
              send it to the Student machines selected
          3) Draw, paint, erase, undo, fill . . . anything you want
          4) Right mouse click a Client listed in the right hand column and choose
        “Activate” (See top picture and notice list of Clients in right panel)
    5) The student can then use the icons on the top of their screen for their control of
        the whiteboard.
    6) When ready to take
        back control, right
        mouse click the
        same Client and
        choose “Activate”
*** You can also create
your presentation first,
choose the Students and
then hit On

Another example for you.

                                                                                            - 19 -
Horizontal Icon Toolbar

   1    2       3   4    5   6     7     8     9 10   11   12   13   14   15    16          Right
Horizontal Icon Toolbar: This section will reference the toolbar of icons located near      click in the
the top of the interface. We will work from left to right using the order of the icons as   grey area
they are presented by default.                                                              on this
                                                                                            toolbar and
                                                                                            you’ll get
                                                                                            to the
                                                                                            able screen.
                                                                                            Manage the
                                                                                            that by
                                                                                            keeping the
                                                                                            you will
                                                                                            have all
                                                                               Use these
                                                                                            actions but
                                                                               to change
                                                                               the order
                Reset is here                                                               and
                                                                               of the
                for you to                                                                  Playback
                return to the                                                               which is
                default                                                                     part of the
                                                                                            feature. I
                                       Refresh                                              suggest
                                                                                            Execute if
This is a change! If you have used SchoolVue in the past, I have suggested that you         you have
don’t use this for a student or two being disconnected. Now, use this button to re-         the space.
connect any student that has disconnected. By the way, SchoolVue still can’t help if
the student unplugs the computer ☺

                                                                                            - 20 -
                              Student Register
Student Register: With this feature you can prompt for logged in user name, full
name, class and ID number and ask up to two custom questions for your Registration      Don’t like
Report. Using the down arrow next to the icon, you can Sign In, Sign Out or go to the   the client
Registration Report. While your students are signing in, you can View and Chat          “name”
with them and possibly help them along.                                                 that is
                                                                                        listed in the
                                                                                        view and
                                                                                        Use the
                                                                                        Sign In
                                                                                        action and
                                                                                        choose one
                                                                                        of the pre-
                                                                                        class or
                                                                                        ID). When
                                    Retrieve Logged in                                  the student
                                    User name and you                                   “signs in”,
                                    can save the register                               the chosen
                                    automatically                                       field’s
                                                                                        answer will
                                                                                        replace the
                             The students see the window                                default
                             to the left. If a student does                             name in
                             not answer, it will not stop you,                          our views
                             the Tutor, from continuing class.                          (see picture
                                                                                        to left).
                                                                                        Also, if
                                                                                        you want to
                                                                                        get an
                                                                                        report, use
                                                                                        this feature.

Within the Report, you can
view, print, and save the

                                                                                        - 21 -

This is a brand new feature in SchoolVue but I am sure you have seen all kinds of
references for Journal within this guide – even up to this point!

Journaling is all about recording important moments in class and saving them locally
for easy access. SchoolVue’s Journal works with Adobe Acrobat and saves the daily
Journals in .pdf.

                                              As the teacher, you can start a Journal
                                              with the pull-down menu to the left or
                                              with your Class Wizard from page 5.

                                              Your Journal can include text and
                                              screenshots, lists and links – see below.

  The Journal is found in each of
    these SchoolVue features:

            Start Class
         Student Register
        Internet Manager
       Application Manager
        Keyword Manager

And it’s so easy to add to the
Journal and luckily most additions
start with a window just like
this one.

Look to the Student Interface
section page 49 on how to view
the Journals.

                                                                                          - 22 -
This is a great tool that includes so much …so, welcome to the next three pages of
Show! Click on the down arrow next to Show and you’ll have options of ‘Show your
screen’, ‘show video’, ‘show replay’, ‘show application’, ‘exhibit’, and ‘end show’.
See the picture below.

                                    Working our way down the list, Show will
                                    display your entire screen to the chosen Students.   You can
                                    A menu (see below) will appear that will give you    Show to
                                    choices such as enabling audio, having a balloon     student
                                    pop up on the Student machine showing the            machines
                                    hotkeys you did (like CTRL + ALT + DELETE),          that are not
                                    screen scrape (show in bitmap mode for heavy         logged in
                                    graphic programs) and whether or not you want        yet.
                                    the demo that you are giving to be recorded for
                                    the Student’s later playback. Just added is a
                                    button that will apply the current Internet
                                    restrictions to the Tutor for the Show.

    • Click the “Set                                                                     If you
Show Mode at Client” and                                                                 download-
move between a full screen                                                               ed a video,
or a window to have the                                                                  use Show
students work with you.                                                                  Video, if
                                                                                         you are
                                                                                         showing a
    • Click the “Create                                                                  use Show.
Replay file at Student”                                                                  If you
and give your presentation.                                                              recorded
Your presentation will be                                                                with
in video on the student’s                                                                SchoolVue,
desktop!                                                                                 use Show

   • Left mouse click
one of the Client’s green
checkmarks to exclude
them from Show.

                                                                                         - 23 -
                                  Show, part II
HANDS ON EXERCISES: Show the Tutor screen to the Student PCs. This includes
the students working with you and leaving a copy of the Show on their desktop to
playback later
        1) Click on Show and wait for menu to appear
        2) Enable “Set Show Mode at Client” to Windowed (pull down menu that
            lights up after button is clicked… notice what is written when that option is
            chosen) and enable “Create Replay file at Student”
        3) Click the Show button in upper right corner                                      Best
            and watch as your Student machines display a                                    Practices:
        window of your screen on their screen.                                              Put your
    4) Move your mouse to the small icons near the                                          video file
        clock (your PC) and you will see two or three                                       on a shared
        small icons. One is a green arrow that you can                                      drive that
        either double click or right mouse click to get                                     the Clients
        the options in the topmost picture. The little                                      can access,
        computer monitor with a brush icon is your                                          this will
        annotate window as you see to the right.                                            make your
    5) Please click the annotation button. A small menu appears and you have tools          Show
        like color and fonts to play with. The green arrow lets you suspend the show,       Video run
        regroup, and hit the button again to continue.                                      smoothly
    6) When finished you can hit the End Button (on the annotation menu if still
                                                        displayed) or right mouse click
                                                        the green arrow by the clock.

                                              Other menu items like Show Video
                                              (which shows Video File Types that you
                                              have downloaded or have made) and
                                              Show Replay (which shows Replay File
                                              Types [SchoolVue videos]) are virtually
                                              self explanatory.

       File types you can use with
        Show Video and Replay:

   AUDIO: .wav, .mp3, .wma, .mid

 VIDEO: .asf, .avi, .mpg, .mpe, .mpeg,
          .wmv, .mov, .qt

 REPLAY (SchoolVue proprietary file
 that can only be played on PCs with
       SchoolVue installed): .rpf

                                                                                            - 24 -
                                Show, part III

Exhibit is the way to show
a student’s screen to the
others. Choose a Client that
you want to Show, click
Exhibit and the window
below will appear listing all
other PCs. When ready,
click Exhibit knowing you
will have full control unless
you pass the control.

                                             Show Application, when chosen,
                                             brings up a similar window as the Show
                                             (entire screen) menu but with a Select
                                             application button. Go to your desktop
                                             and open an application (anything
                                             works). Go back to your Show
                                             Application menu and drag your bull’s-
                                             eye over the application you opened on
                                             your machine (or click the select button
                                             for a list of open applications). Your
                                             chosen application will appear with a
                                             purple outline and upon release of your
                                             mouse, your application will show up in
                                             the application field ready to Show
                                             your application!

HANDS ON EXCERCISE: Show and annotate your screen. Pass control to a Client.
       1) Choose All Student machines
       2) Click Show
       3) Keep the defaults as is and click Show in the upper right corner
       4) Find the Green Arrow in the taskbar of your machine (by the clock) and
          right mouse click the Green Arrow. You’ll see End Show, Suspend Show,
          Show Leader and Annotate Screen.
  5) Choose Annotate Screen and have some fun with it (see picture from page 19).
  6) When ready, click Show Leader and choose one of the Client machines. That
     student should now have control of the Tutor machine – remotely!
  7) When you are ready, take the control back by going to that Green Arrow and
     click End Show.

End Show is to end whatever show you have running at the time.

                                                                                        - 25 -
                                   View Client

This feature allows you to remote control a Client machine (one at a time) and give that
student a front row seat while you show him/her how it’s done. We will take a quick
look at the icons within the remote control session that might interest you. Like
before, if you right mouse click in the blank space of this toolbar, you will get a
customize option and can add and remove icons for this toolbar. Personally, I would
add the various View Mode icons… Share, Control and Watch. Please check this               You can
customization as there are many icons that are not in the default options and you may      also remote
be interested in them.                                                                     control a
                                                                                           machine by
                                                                                           clicking on
                                                                                           a Client
                                                                                           You will
                                                                                           see View
                                                                                           options in
                                                                                           many of
                                                                                           the other
                                                                                           features, as

When you click View Client, the Client/Student machine dings (this is a default and
you can change this if you like. Call our great tech support). You will get the Client
screen with a new toolbar (shown on the next page in more detail).

                                                                                           - 26 -
                             View Client, part II

    a       b    c      d      e    f    g     h     i      j     k    l   m     n     o

The above toolbar is the classic remote control or       Click anywhere in the grey area
View toolbar. We can move quickly through                 to customize the toolbar. We
these as some of them will be discussed in other             highly suggest adding in
sections or the picture or title says it all.                   CTRL+ALT+DEL

a) The View Mode has three options and it’s all about
what control you have over the mouse and keyboard.
Again, I suggest customizing the toolbar and adding all
three View Modes. If you are particular about which
Mode you will use most of the time, you can change the
Settings or better yet, when you install the Client
module on the machines, you can change the View
Mode across all Client PCs at the same time.

b-c) The Scale to Fit and Full Screen options are for your viewing preference.

d-g) We will see each of these icons elsewhere in the training.

                       h) Clipboard is like any program with a clipboard. You can
                       send and receive clipboard.

                       i) Audio has many options (see picture to the left) and you even
                       get a settings button.

                       j) The Settings feature under View is a part of the Current
                       Settings/configuration under the Main Interface > View. In
                       addition, it is easier to change the settings for all instead of each
                       one like this button does.

                       k-l) We will see each of these toolbar members elsewhere in the

m) Capture is just like screen print. This will take a
picture of the viewed screen and open a window box
for you to save it as a .bmp

n) Annotate is basically the same as we found in the Show feature.

o) CTRL + ALT + DEL so that you can bring up the task window on the Student PC.

When you are ready to close the remote control session, you have 2 options: the pull-
down menu of Client has “Close” or you can click the red box with an “x” in the upper
right hand of the remote control session.
                                                                                               - 27 -

Scan is like an internet picture slideshow. The window that pops up when you click
Scan has everything you need. I would keep the Scan Interval short: between 2-5
seconds – just slide the bar to change the interval. Notice that you have options for
how many Students will be viewed at a time and you can choose to eliminate a Student
from the viewing as well. Click the green check mark to leave them out of your Scan.

HANDS ON EXERCISES: Create a slideshow of random PCs displaying them 2x2.
     1) Highlight many Students –
         make it more than 7
     2) Click Scan and choose some
         of the Clients to be removed
         from the scan by clicking on
         the green checkmark,
     removing it from scan
  3) Move the interval to 4 seconds
  4) Click the “Display multiple…”
     and change to 2x2
  5) Click the Scan button
  6) Click the Scale to Fit button
     within the Scan window for easier

                                                                                        - 28 -
                File Transfer and File Distribution

                                                                       If you want
                                                                       to remove
File Transfer is a one-                                                Students
to-one drag and drop                                                   from the
feature. This is a bit                                                 list while
more advanced that                                                     doing a
contains copy, delete,                                                 File
synchronize (be                                                        Distribu-
careful here) and a                                                    tion, you
whole lot more. Just                                                   can again
be careful as you have                                                 click on the
many abilities here                                                    green
and I don’t want you                                                   checkmark
to have File Transfer                                                  and they
remorse. ☺                                                             will be
                                                                       from the

                                                 much like File
                                                 Transfer, has the
                                                 ability to transfer
                                                 files from the
                                                 Client PC to the
                                                 Tutor PC but you
                                                 can transfer to
                                                 more than one
                                                 PC. This also
                                                 has the option of
                                                 deleting the file
                                                 from the Client
                                                 PC once the file
                                                 is collected.

                                                                       - 29 -
                                    Send Work

This NEWLY UPDATED feature has the ability to send files from the teacher machine
to any or all the student machines… to the exact folder and then collect the file and
delete it from the Student machine and more. And it’s super EASY!

                                                           Following the directions in
                                                           these wizards (like in the
                                                           picture to the left), copy the
                                                           file with path to the first      This can be
                                                           line (c:\pictures\family\new     super easy
                                                           puppy.jpg) or you can use        or you can
                                                           the Browse button. The           get really
                                                           second fill-in line is where     techy and
                                                           the file will go. You’ll         work with
                                                           need a path here as well or      paths,
                                                           you can choose one of the        network
                                                           options: Desktop or              folders, the
                                                           Documents (we love this          works!
                                                           new addition!)                   Use these
                                                                                            Hands on
HANDS ON EXERCISES: send a file from your desktop to the Student desktop.                   Exercises
     1) find a file on your desktop, use the browse feature                                 and call our
     2) In the second fill-in line, choose Desktop.                                         tech
     3) Click Send and go find it on a Student PC’s desktop.                                support if
                                                                                            you need

Let’s try a Send File that is a bit more

anywhere on your tutor machine and
deliver the files to a new Student folder
on their C:\ drive.
         1) remote control a student machine and dig down to find a location you
              would like to send these files to.
         2) Copy (CTRL C) the path in the address field
         3) Click the Send/Collect button and choose the Send option.
         4) Paste (CTRL V) the path into the 2nd line: “Location to Send to”
         5) For the first line, Browse your machine and find two files on the network
        (anywhere you can get the browse button to)
    6) Click Send and see that your files are located in the folder that you choose
    7) See! It’s still EASY! ☺

                                                                                            - 30 -
                              Collect Work
                                             Your previously sent files will
                                             appear in the first field but you
                                             can manually change them.
                                             SchoolVue will also place the
                                             path you chose earlier into the
                                             second field. You have the
                                             option of choosing to “Remove
                                             files from Student after
                                             collecting” by clicking the
                                             button. The last field is where

you would want to put the
collected files on the Tutor
machine. Again, you are going to
need to know the path OR! choose
desktop or documents.

                            Send/Collect Work

 Now it’s time to make
a working send and
collect process that will
help you do each part
with one click. This is
a very fast and easy
way to send and collect
files if you are going to
want to do this often!

                                                     Super easy and fun to
                                                     Let’s look into this
                                                     process step by step!

                                                                                 - 31 -
                     Send / Collect Work, part II

                               1              2

                               3              4

The Send/Collect Feature lets you automate the sending and/or collecting process
completely. There are many options including deletion of work once collected, various
saving options and more. It has a great wizard to help you through the process and it’s
so cool to show you in detail how that works that we are allocating two whole pages to
it. I believe by going through the process once, you’ll learn what you need to be a pro.
Let’s take a look at it.

HANDS ON EXERCISES: Create a new process of sending a file to the Client PCs,
then collecting and deleting that file from the Client PCs and saving that whole process
to be used again another day or class. We’ll also click the other boxes along the way
and describe them a bit more.
             1) Click on Send/Collect and choose the last option: Send/Collect
             2) The opening window will appear (see on page 31) and you’ll see the
                buttons: New, Help, and Close lit. Choose New and the Wizard will
                start and you’ll see picture #1 (above)
             3) Read this wizard, at least once ☺, and then choose Next
             4) Window #2 will appear and you’ll have a chance to add files here by
        whatever way is easiest for you. I like Browse and wildcards (use “*” for a part
        of the name you don’t remember, like: *work.doc or homework.* for
        homework.doc) as a great way to find those files.

                                                                                           - 32 -
                    Send/Collect Work, part III
5) When ready, choose Next and window #3 will appear. Read all three choices
    and click all three. The third choice is for all that don’t save on the C:\ drive,
    but a network drive. You get a choice by clicking the third button, so let’s pick    SchoolVue
    the bottom button: based on Machine name. Please ask your network                    will create
    technician what path to put in to complete the field, if you do not know.            folders for
6) Click Next                                                                            you. So,
7) This collection window #4 gives you options about where to bring the files back       when you
    to the Tutor. So, let’s pick a place. Choose Desktop or Documents or browse          collect the
    for a another location – even a removable drive!                                     student’s
8) For best synchronization and no duplicate files, click “Delete all files from         work to,
    Folder before Collecting work”.                                                      say, your
9) Again, we see options on making sub-folders – based on Student or Machine             desktop,
    name. Pick whichever one that fits your class – we will use Machine name.            SchoolVue
10) Click the Advanced button                                                            will create
    (shown right). Love these                                                            individual
    options! Pick “Collect All Files                                                     folders
    from Student” and feel free to                                                       with names
    work with the other buttons                                                          that match
    another time.                                                                        your
11) Click Okay and then Next back on the collection screen                               thumbnail
12) Last screen: choose a name for your send/collect operation and Finish                names.

                                                                                         - 33 -
                    Send/Collect Work, part IV
Okay, back to the 1st screen (shown again here below) with your new operation
listed under Description.

1) When ready, select your operation and click Send Work.
2) You’ll get to pick which Student/Client PCs you are going to send the work and
    you get to read your
    summary of what your
    operation is set out to
3) Choose Okay and a results
    window pops up upon
    completing the transfer and
    gives you status. (Go see
    your files on a Client
    machine) Click Done
    when ready.
4) Now, go and get those
    files… choose “Collect
    Work”. You’ll go through
    #2 again, but for the collection phase.
                                                         5) Choose okay, see your
                                                             results pop up and then
                                                             click Done when
                                                         6) Now you are back to
                                                             the first screen AND
                                                             you have the
                                                             Properties button lit!
                                                             You can select this
                                                             anytime and see an
                                                             overall process and
                                                             make changes from
                                                             within including access
                                                             to the Advanced
13) Remove, Help and Close are self explanatory. Reset clears the fields Last Sent,
    Last Collected and Students and brings you back to the start – ready to go again.

                                                                                        - 34 -
                               Lock and Unlock

Toggle between these two icons and see
what they do. This will lock & unlock the
selected student machines keyboard and
mouse. Also, the screen will come up with
an attention picture as you see to the right
and below. FYI: you can unlock one
machine at a time if you like.

                                                                                            You can
                                                                                            unlock one
                                                                                            machine at
                                                                                            a time if
                                                                                            you like.

  The image can be replaced if necessary by replacing the file or by using the Client
  Configurator to select an alternative file.

   1.   In the Client Configurator choose {Advanced} Image Option.
   2.   The Image File will display the default file.
   3.   Click Browse to select an alternative file, then Open.
   4.   The Image File will display the new file.
   5.   Click OK.

 If you would like to display an Image File that is not available on Client workstations,
use the CrossTec SchoolVue Deploy function to deploy a Configurator setting to all
connected Client workstations.

                                                                                            - 35 -
                                                Co-Browse allows the class to browse
                                                the internet in sync with the Tutor’s PC
                                                … as you change to a new page or link,
                                                the Student machines will change with

                                                The Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh,
                                                Home and Print icons are just like you
                                                see while you search the internet. Pause
                                                stops the co-browsing and puts it on
                                                hold until you press the Pause button
                                                again. Synchronize starts and stops the
                                                co-browsing ability while the last icon
                                                gives you the ability to let the Students
                                                go free and then pull them back in by
                                                locking and synching with the Tutor.
                                                So, type a website in the Address field,
                                                click Go and synchronize!

Let’s look at the pull-down menu options:

File: The first 5 menu items are the same as the icons that we
just discussed. As you can see in the picture to the right, the next
set is Lock, Free or Restrict Students. The default is to Lock
Students while you are co-browsing the internet. The last four are
classic print options with Exit.

View: This menu is familiar as well…
toolbar manager, go to the home page and the                     Multiple Tabs
Text Size option – to change the text size on a website.

Bookmarks: This menu is like your internet favorites.

The Restrictions menu works with the Internet Access View (3rd icon down) that we
worked with earlier. By choosing the site you are on, you can add the site to your
Approved or Restricted lists. Within this menu, you can Allow Approved Sites Only
and you can Block Restricted Sites right from here.

Window and Help menus are just what we are used to in any computer program.
                                                                                            - 36 -
                   Web Access, Blank All, Manage
Triple Power: the best three icons that are little more than a click or two. Enjoy –

                                Looking at the Web Access pull-down menu – need I
                                say more? This is great internet control and let me
                                suggest choosing Approved Only on a regular basis.

Blank All. When clicked, this super power feature will turn all connected Student
machines dark, as if they are turned off, and yet you, as the tutor, will see them with
full color through SchoolVue and your machine. The Students will be able to use their
mouse and keyboard, but they won’t see what is happening. Enjoy!

Manage is an icon I know you won’t remove! As you can
see from the graphic to the right, you will have many of the
tools you will need every day.

And, yet, another way to Wake on LAN or power on the
student machines…

From the Start menu of your computer, click Start and rest your mouse pointer on All
Programs. All of your programs will pop open in a list and you will see CrossTec
SchoolVue as one of the options. Rest your mouse here and wait until the folder
opens. Choose CrossTec SchoolVue Power on Machines.

                                                                                          - 37 -

                              This great feature contains so much…Chat, Message,
                              Announce and Manage Preset Messages. Overall Chat
                              feels like Instant Messaging but this communication is all
                              within the class and completely managed by you. So let’s
                              look at what you can do!

organized chat
        1) Click Chat under the
            Communicate icon
        2) In the window shown to the
            right, add a topic in the top field
        3) Click on the green checks to
            change membership into the
   4) Choose any or all of the options by
       clicking in the lower boxes
   5) Click okay and start your chat. All
       chatters can save and send a beep by
       clicking on the Chat pull down menu
       seen below.

                                                                                           IF you
                                                                                           choose this
                                                                                           will go to
                                                                                           that has
Send message is a ONE-WAY message that                                                     of
you can send for a set amount of time…so,                                                  SchoolVue
it’s just a quick note being sent to your                                                  installed.
choice of: all available clients (broadcast:                                               EVERY
or ALL clients on the NETWORK                                                              PC!
[careful!]), all connected Clients to you, or
just the currently selected Clients/Students.

                                                                                           - 38 -
                             Communicate II

Announce is for those
labs that have active
speakers and
microphones. Choose
your audience, click
Announce, and start
your verbal

Below, you will see the graphic that shows how you can make preset messages with
possible sound and graphics for your classes. You have four options – use them

                                                          What a great place to
                                                          put your Computer
                                                          Usage Rules

                                                                                   - 39 -
                                  Lesson Plans

                                                                          What a great
                                                                          feature for any
                                                                          day of
                                                                          teaching and
                                                                          so easy to set
                                                                          up for a
                                                                          teacher too.
                                                                          Basically, this
                                                                          feature is
                                                                          designed to
                                                                          organize the
                                                                          actions we’ve
                                                                          seen in this
                                                                          guide with
                                                                          time stamps
                                                                          and the ability
                                                                          to save them
                                                                          for another
                                                                          time. Let’s go
                                                                          straight to…

HANDS ON EXERCISES: Build a lesson plan and save it
     1) Click on Lesson Plans: Manage Plans
     2) You’ll have a blank slate and you can enter an author and a description now
         (lower left of window)
     3) Think about how you want your lesson to go by choosing the available
         actions on the right side. Just drag or add what actions you want and move
         them to their respective order. For example, Add Show and a window pops
     up so you add a description and a time. Click OK
  4) Add the next item by dragging the action to the left side
  5) Change the times within the selected actions to complete a class (see the total
     lesson plan)
  6) Use the icons in the toolbar (add, edit, delete, move up, etc.) to make the
     changes you want to your new lesson plan
  7) Click Okay, choose Yes and save it (I prefer to make a folder called Lesson

Now you are ready to run a lesson plan for your class. Go to Lesson Plans and choose
Execute Plan. Find the lesson plan that you saved and click open and then Okay.
You’ll see your lesson plan set up as a little time line just under the Horizontal Icons
and you’ll see the navigator of the chosen lesson plan as the small set of icons on the
far right.

                                                          Lesson Plan
                                                          Timeline                          - 40 -
                Execute (added to default toolbar)

                                                             I added this feature to
                                                             the Horizontal Icon
                                                             Toolbar by right
                                                             mouse clicking in the
                                                             open area on the toolbar
                                                             and adding Execute.
                                                             This feature really
                                                             should be added. I
                                                             suppose it’s a lot like
                                                             Application Manager
                                                             in which you can “Send
                                                             to Students”, but this
                                                             feature gives you a bit
                                     You will want           more flexibility because
                                     this box checked        unlike Application
                                                             Manager, you can
                                                             Execute an application
                                                             on just one or many

                                                             Here’s how you do

HANDS ON EXERCISES: Set Execute to send Calculator to a Student
          1) Choose your Clients
          2) Click on your newly added Execute icon from the Horizontal Icon
          3) Click on the “Saved List” tab
          4) Click the Add button and browse for the Calculator executable (.exe) or
             type in calc.exe.
  5) Click the “Show Toolbar”
  6) Click the Execute button to send
     to your selected Clients
  7) You’ll see that the Executable items are now on your Main Interface directly
     under the Horizontal Icon Toolbar ready for you any time
  8) That toolbar will stay there and when ready, you can choose a Client or many
     and run the executable on their machines. This time, while in Thumbnails
     choose a PC or two and click on one of your new Execute applications. Again,
     if you want to send that application to the whole class, you could use the
     Application Manager.
                                                                                        - 41 -
                       Upper Horizontal Toolbar
We are now at the Upper Horizontal Toolbar section of the workbook. This will
have many duplicates from what we have seen but there are a few items to note.
** IF we get to a duplicate, I’ll skip that item as they have the same submenus, so go
back to the Horizontal Icon Toolbar section in this guide for more information.
** IF the feature is in an upcoming section, then I will tell you what page it’s on.

                                 School Menu
Start Class, Class Lists and Modify Known List will be
taught in My Tutor, Configuring Extras (page 46). These
help you pick the right machines for each class you have

Suspend Group Leaders will come in handy when you
have assigned Leaders to various Groups (pg. 43)

Help Requests will be the place to answer the questions of
your students (learn more in section: Interactive Student,
pg. 48)

The Testing Console is the starting place for sending your
tests that you have made with the Test Center (learn more
in Test, Assess and Report) (pages 49-56).

Configuration. This will be covered lightly in My Tutor,
Configuring Extras and in the CrossTec SchoolVue
Installation Guide. If you have any questions, we have no charge tech support so give
them a call: 800.675.0729 or email them at

Replay videos that you have made (from the RECORD button located just below
Replay or in the Show feature) and stored on your machine. I would make a file of
“videos” that are in a directory with my other SchoolVue items. When you are ready
to “show” your replay video, go to Show > Show Replay then browse for your saved
file and finish by following the directions.

With the Record button, you can start recording whatever is on your computer
including physical fonts and audio. The stop button for recording is down in your time
tray. You can also store these recordings anywhere and then Playback.

                                         Tools are all for you. This is where you make
                                         shortcuts to your favorite applications. If you
                                         make the shortcuts here, you can get to them
                                         easily and be ready to go. See the picture.

                                         And finally Exit to close the Tutor Interface.

                                                                                           - 42 -
                                   Client Menu

The next menu is Client and it is essentially the Horizontal Icon Toolbar in a menu
form. Check this out and if interested, you can customize (make images of Client
configurations) and get into the properties of the connection. Again, this help would
come from our tech support.

      NOTE: You can not change the connection properties while the Tutor is
      connected to any Students/Clients

             Group Menu and Group Icon Toolbar
Next in line is Group. The first 3
options are the exact same as the
Group Toolbar (see the Group icons
on the grey bar attached to the tab of
the All tab). The Properties option
can only be lit if you have groups

                                                  When working with Groups, the
                                                  Tutor can assign a Group Leader to a
                                                  selected member of the Group. The
                                                  designated Leader can then take
                                                  control of the Group, performing
                                                  many of the tasks that the Tutor can.
                                                  See My Tutor, Configuring Extras
                                                  for Student Leader help.

HANDS ON EXERCISES: Let’s make a Group
            1) Choose the “+” sign on the Group Icons toolbar
            2) Name this group (example: blue, ESL, anything)
            3) Click and drag machines to add them to your new group
            4) Click okay and now you have a Group
            5) Click on your new tab and then click the last icon (looks like 3
                colorful balls overlapping) to get to Properties. Enjoy choosing looks
     and colors. When done, choose Finish and return to the Main Interface.
  6) Click between the All tab and your new tabs. Try some of the actions on your
     new group and notice how they are the only ones that got the action applied
     (unless you choose one that is an ALL feature)

                                                                                          - 43 -
                                  View Menu

The View pull-down menu gives you standard program options like Toolbar (to add or
remove toolbars), what size icons should be, the various views as shown on the left
hand side going down and Current Settings.

Current Settings has all the user preference options that you could want. Check out
My Tutor, Configuring Extras for what you can do and call us if you have questions.

                        The 5th Pull-down Menu

The 5th menu changes with the Vertical View that you are on. So, as you change from
Internet Manager to Application Manager to yet another View Icon, you will see the
name of the 5th pull-down menu change. That’s OK! You should spend lots of time
with this menu.

                                Planner Menu

The 6th menu is Planner and is all about Lesson Plans (page 40 in this guide). All but
the Class Time has been addressed and just so you don’t have to check like I did, the
time is in military time and the duration is in 5 minute increments.

The last two are called Window and Help and these are just like any computer
program. When you call our great no-charge tech support with some help, click the
Help >About and be prepared to give version information and what user account is
logged in.

                                                                                         - 44 -
                       My Tutor, Configuring Extras
                (corresponds to sections: Teaching and Tech Central for video)

This is a section I added in for all of you that want to know a bit more, configure your
Tutor YOUR WAY, enjoy some of the features without having to contact your
technical person. Granted, some of this will likely be done by your tech person and
some of it might have to be done by them. But let’s get into the three different parts
and call if you have questions.

Number 1) Under the School menu, take a look at Configuration. We have a fabulous
Installation Guide to look over or you can get the basics here.

  Place to                                           Update
  change the                                         Subnets
  picture for
  restricted                                         Performance
  URL                                                options

                                                        If you have
      Most                                              CrossTec
      classes will                No one would          Secure –
      choose                      likely have           here is your
      “Connect                    this button           window.
      to Known                    chosen.
      List”.                                            If you don’t,
                                  But keep the          go to this
                                  bottom .              site!
                                  button clicked

                                  If you want to
                                  secure your          When you are done here, it’s time to
                                  configuration,       look at your class and decide who is in
                                  go here and by       it.
                                  all means make
                                  a profile if you
                                  share this
                                                                                                 - 45 -
               My Tutor, Configuring Extras, part II
              (corresponds to sections: Teaching and Tech Central for video)

Number 2) Staying in School Menu, go to Class List and Modify Known Users.
                                                                            Almost ALL
When you NEED to have a way to connect to different machines (not           classes
Students – we are talking actual PC machines) at certain times of the       need only
day, you have to make Class Lists                                           ONE Class.

        Important for wireless classes in which the students carry their computers from
        class to class … we have a Class Builder! Call our tech support and let them
        assist your set up of classes with our wizard.

HANDS ON EXERCISES: add Clients/student machines to your class
         1) Go to School pull-down menu and choose Class List - Create and
            make a name for this class, OK
         2) You’ll be back at the main screen and you will see the name of your
            new class listed at the bottom of the interface.
         3) Go back to the Start Menu and choose Modify Known List. The
            window below shows up.
                                4) Choose one of three ways of searching for
                                    machines and then hit “browse”
There are 3 ways to Browse
for available machines.
     1) Click the Browse
     2) Put the beginning part
         of a computer name in
         the field left of Browse
         and then hit the
         Browse button (in our
         example, we would                                                                This button
         use “Demo”
     3) Put in the beginning
                                                                                          can change
         part of an IP address                                                            the
         in that same spot and                                                            appearance
         choose Browse.                                                                   of the icon
                                              Always keep checked                         and it can
    5) Watch as the software looks for possible connections – when it is done see your    change the
        list of Available Students in the left-hand window                                display name
    6) Choose which PCs you want to connect to by Adding All or by using your             that you see.
        mouse and shift or control to pick up selected machines                           But! Your
    7) Now, all of your selected PCs are in the right-hand window, so choose Close!       newly added
    8) Take a look at your new class with the correct name on the bottom of the screen    name will be
    9) Create a few more classes and choose various machines                              gone once
    10) Now, under Start Menu, choose End Class. The Class Wizard will pop up             you exit
    11) Go to Class Lists in the middle of this wizard and choose one of your lists.      SchoolVue
    12) Choose OK and see your class with name show up.                                   or change

                                                                                          - 46 -
                   My Tutor, Configuring Extras, II
             (corresponds to sections: Teaching and Tech Central for video)

Number 3) Next, it’s Current Settings under the menu: View. These are our
suggestions – our best guess as to what you would choose.

    Keep the currently selected options, but
    add “Scale to Fit”.
                                                             I like all of
    Change the Default Mode to Control or                    these
    Watch – never Share. And Update Cache                    defaults
    Size to 16 MB.

                                                                             I would not click “Student
                                                                             to Student Chat” and I
                   I like the top two options (if you                        would keep the bottom two
                   have this abiltity, I don’t like the                      clicked, and you can
                   third option, LOVE and KEEP                               decide about the top two
                   the 4 button and really                                   options.
                   consider the 5th menu.
                   I really like my set-up so I
                   suggest you do this too!

                                      on                  Choose Enable
                                      your                Toolbar for an
                                      leaders             interactive
                                      needs               class…but feel
                                                          free to take off
                                                          various options

FYI: Regarding Group Leaders above, the Tutor retains overall responsibility while a
Group Leader is in place, and can remove the status at any time.

                                                                                                          - 47 -
Interactive Student
                            (configuring the Student Toolbar)

What a great time to take a look at this interface. A Student/Client interface that can be
customized to be there …or not… and give the students a head’s up on what is being
asked of them while connected to the Tutor. This is The Way to having an Interactive

Class with Computers without giving up anything.

   •   This interface will tell the student what class they are in and the teacher’s name
       (see the blue area).

   •   On the left side is their name. If you automatically get logged in names, that
       name will show here. Or if you had your class Register then you would have
       their registered name.

   •   On the right side are many of the interactive tools available including
       monitoring icons, chat (removed in our two pictures) and help request. If any of
       the monitors are activated, you will see changes with the icon picture. Notice
       the Print Manager has a “pause” symbol

Quickly running down the icons… Objectives (tutor decides in Class Wizard), USB
notification (is their an external drive plugged in you don’t want to forget), Keyboard
monitoring, Print Manager, Application Manager, Internet Manager, Journal, Chat (not
shown), and Help Request.

…we can see what Internet Manager has for the
students. In this case (by clicking the Internet
Manager globe), the list appears and the Tutor
can show John the approved sites only! John can
only visit the six sites and the link is right there!

                                                        What a great proactive tool!

                                                        The last icon is Help Request.
                                                        This is your students’ way of
                                                        getting in touch with you, the
                                                        Tutor, and not disrupting
                                                        everyone else. Help Request
                                                        sends a note directly to the Tutor
                                                        and the teacher can pick up that
                                                        help request under the School
                                                        pull down menu and choosing
                                                        Help Request. This is the
                                                        window that the teacher will get
                                                        when answering help requests.
                                                                                             - 48 -
                        Test, Assess, and Report
Yes, it’s true… you can create tests with SchoolVue in a matter of minutes. You have
the ability to bank questions for future exams, add sound and pictures, include scoring
and level for questions, and more. This is located under the Start Menu, All Programs >
CrossTec SchoolVue > CrossTec SchoolVue Test Designer, let’s go there now.
                                                                                          The out-of-
                                                                                          the-box user
                                                                                          name and
                                                                                          password is
                                                                                          “admin” and
                                                                                          “admin” on
                                                                                          the opening
                                                                                          You can add
                                                                                          other users
                                                                                          in and we’ll
                                                                                          touch upon
                                                                                          that later

                                          This is the
                                          main window                 Let’s go through
                                          for Test                    the Test
                                          Designer.                   Designer icons
                                                                      on the top of
                                          Questions                   this window.

                                           Exam Maker

Users: the picture to the right helps you build new users and passwords.
Import and Export: SchoolVue users everywhere can
share questions and resources.
Logoff: Logout the current user to access another user
(best used with multiple users)
Publish: You NEED this button! When you have
completed making a test, you need to Publish so you
can collect everything to a zip file and store it.
Resources: This is your window that has all the           Choose the
pictures, audio, and video files that you will need to    first icon on
make your test lively and fun!                            the horizontal
Layout: All this does is change the window design         bar to create
Help: Always a help icon for you. Enjoy.                  users and new
                                                                                          - 49 -
                  Test, Assess, and Report, part II
Let’s jump in with adding questions and then we’ll get to creating exams.

HANDS ON EXERCISES: Create an Order Items question and store it under the
    Science tab.
       1) Click on the first icon located in the Question area (top section/left side).
       2) Choose Order Items (last one in the list) and click Create
       3) Follow directions and add this question to the question field: “Place these
            items in order starting from the center of the earth.”
       4) Next type the answers in
     correct order starting with
     number 1: “Inner Core”,
     “Mantle”, “Crust” and
     “Atmosphere”. Click Next
  5) In the first field (with the picture
     in a frame), click browse and
     choose “earth”. As you can see,
     there are lots of pictures, sound
     and media clips to choose from.
  6) Click Observation Mode (this
     means that if your question has
     resources – audio, picture or
     video – then, your student is
     required to “observe” those
     resources – and only once)
  7) Click Next and the Question Details window appears. Click on the “+” of
     Science and then highlight Solar System (you can make your own later). See
     that you can change any of the author and or question information as well as
                                                          leave a note. When ready,
                                                          click Finish.

That was really easy --try another one!
Check out the examples that
SchoolVue provides for help and
                                                                                          - 50 -
                 Test, Assess, and Report, part III

                                                   Heading back to the main testing
                                                   screen, you will see the 6th icon that
                                                   is your Resources. Click this button
                                                   and you will see the below window.

                  View by
                  details (right)
                  or thumbnails
                  and more with
                  this icon!

Go ahead and click through the
buttons and take note of the last
three buttons for ease of viewing.

Also, the below file types are available to you through the Import action.

                     Jpeg (.jpg and .jpeg), Bitmap (.bmp), Gif (.gif)

                      Sound (.wav), Mp3 (.mp3) and Music (.mid)

        AVI Video (.avi), Windows Media Video (.wmv), MPEG Video (.mpg)

                                                                                            - 51 -
                 Test, Assess, and Report, part IV
                                                 It’s time to make an Exam. But,
                                                 before we do that, we will make
                                                 some scoring systems you can use in
                                                 your new tests. Go to the main
                                                 testing interface and click the last
                                                 icon in that section: Exam Grades
                                                 (also under the Exams pull-down
                                                 menu and the icon looks like a gold
                                                 star). The window to the left will
                                                 appear and this is where you add in
                                                 grading options to be saved for when
                                                 you make a new test. These can be
                                                 standard grading scales or unique
                                                 scales to fit your classes.

HANDS ON EXERCISES: Create a common grading scale and save for use in all tests.
  1) Go to the Star icon with Exams or the Exams pull-down menu and choose Exam
   2) Make a name for it – anything works and use the default image “reportgrade”
        (it looks like a gold star). Then move to the band.
       3) The band values start with “0”, so make the grade “F” go from 0 – 60%.
      4) Add the rest in for D, C, B, A and if you like you can extend the Band
       Name to say something like, “A: Awesome job! Keep it up!”
  5) You have Edit and Delete buttons, but let’s save it and add it to our upcoming
     Fun Facts Exam.

Now, we are ready to make an Exam!

HANDS ON EXERCISES: Make a small 10 question easy test and save it.
  1) Click the New Exam (1st button) in the Exam section.
  2) Add a title “Fun facts” and a description if you want to
     3) Change the time limit of the test by clicking on the minute or hour field and
           use the up/down arrows to change the time (you can also type in the time)
       4) Choose your Grading Schema (from before)
     5) You can add optional details (far right) but I’ll skip that for now.
   6) Click Next and the test
      bank of questions will
      appear (next page).
      From here you can add,
      remove (top two middle
      buttons), move up and
      down, preview and write
      new questions (the rest of
      the middle buttons).

                                                                                        - 52 -
                  Test, Assess, and Report, part V
   7) Click on the 5th icon in
       the middle of this
       window. From here you
       should be able to change
       the scoring of THAT
       question for just this test.
       This is really important
       when you are using other                                           Super important
                                          Changes score of                to note
       teachers’ test questions.          individual question
   8) Click on the top pull-              for just this test.
       down arrow for sort by
       and choose Level (my pic
       shows Subject).
   9) Click on the “+” for Easy
   10) Click on the “+” for any of the subjects and notice the icons that show you what
       kind of test is available. If you want you can choose just Multiple Choice and
       Label Image if you like.
   11) Click Finish and see your Fun Facts exam listed with the Example Exam and
       you are ready to Publish and Preview

  Note: as you add and delete questions, the Information text (see bottom of above
  window) changes with your changes… adding points, telling you how much time per
  question and more.

Publish is like collection… you
need to publish or bundle all the
resources that are included in
your exam and zip it for storage
which is stored in a central Tests
folder, C:\Program
Files\CrossTec SchoolVue\Tests.
Without publishing the exam,
you can’t send that exam to the
student machines or export the
exams. Once published, the test
can be selected in the Testing

We are ready! Our students have studied and it’s time to send them a test to see what
they have learned!

                                                                                            - 53 -
                  Test, Assess, and Report, part VI
The Testing Console is how you send a test to the student machines and we need to go
into the Tutor Interface to do this.

HANDS ON EXERCISES: Send a test to your student machines
        1) Click on Testing Console under the School drop-down menu
        2) A window will pop up, and you’ll select Clients and then Next
        3) Choose your test and then choose Finish. Your students will have your
             test on their screen and they can’t get to anything else (see 2nd pic below).
        4) A window will appear on your screen that shows the Clients and their
             status and the actions you can perform while the student is taking the test
     (see picture below to the right).
  5) Start the test by choosing the 5th
     icon (Start Test) – you’ll see
     time pass in the lower left
  6) Notice you can Chat and Remote
     Control student machines by
     choosing a Client and the first
     two icons light up.

                                                      7) When done, you can Stop Test.
                                                          This will light up Report icon.
                                                      8) Choose Report and then click
                                                          on Student Reports (see below
                                                          as well).
                                                      9) Click on these now lit upper
                                                          icons and get a feel for your
                                                          options (see next page for
                                                          details on report).
                                                      10) Click Close on the Reports
                                                          window and Exit Test on the
                                                          Test Console when done.

Let’s see the Reports and see what tools we have and how we can use them.

  Check out
  and see the
  window on
  each of the

                                                                                             - 54 -
                 Test, Assess, and Report, part VII
                                            Take a look at each of these icons in the
                                            Report. At the same time, you should
                                            note that you can highlight the “class”
                                            or all “Students” or a particular student.

When you choose the Class, you
will see the Class Summary
Report. Take a look at the list of
                                                                                         Results are
students and how they did. You                                                           saved on
can print this report if you like.                                                       the Tutor
                                                                                         machine in
                                                                                         folder that
                                                                                         is in the
                                             Then, click on one of the students and      the-test’s
                                             check out their personal report. If you     folder with
                                             click on any of the links, it will take     a date and
                                             you to the question and show you the        time stamp.
                                             answer the student chose (see the           These
                                             window below). You can print this           results are
                                             report and add to the student Journal.      saved in
                                                                                         and html
Go to the next upper icon and see the                                                    formats.
Results for each of the students. See the                                                Please call
picture below and check out a student                                                    our tech
                                                                                         support to
machine to see the look the students will
get. Notice the little guy with the eye,.
                                                                                         where you
click on the guy, and you’ll see the                                                     would like
answer. Awesome way to learn… take                                                       to save
the test and get the answers right then.                                                 these results
                                                                                         in the

                                            Each student can see the
                                            results of the test on their
                                            PC. The test will come
                                            back to them with an icon
                                            for the answer. Try it! See
                                            the picture to the right.

                                                                                         - 55 -
                Test, Assess, and Report, part VIII
Now that you are a pro at making exams and questions, let’s look at how to import and
export so that other teachers using SchoolVue can share in what you have created!

The second and third icons on the Test Interface give you the ability to import and
export questions and tests (.epp files only: they are proprietary and can only be used on
SchoolVue installed machines) and is more of an advanced feature but with the wizard,
it’s easy! Use this for either online or local storage.

HANDS ON EXERCISES: Export some questions and then import them back in
    1) Click on Export on main testing interface
       2) The window (right) will appear
       and choose #3, Export Questions
       3) The window (lower left) will
       appear and you should “browse” for
       pictures and then choose Next.

                                                  4) This next window will ask where you
                                                  want the questions to go – choose a
                                                  convenient place, then hit okay. The
                                                  program will show another working
                                                  window (smaller lower left) to show you
                                                  the process it goes through. Your file
                                                  will be there!

5) Now, let’s pick it up!
6) Choose Import on the testing interface.
7) Choose your file from the place you
exported to. Open. (See picture to right)
8) Watch the screen complete the transfer
and viola! Import and Export.

Now to have some fun and really see the
changes, export a category of questions, then
delete that category in your testing interface.
When the import comes in, your category will

Here’s another interesting thing. When you
import a test, it will have you re-name all the
questions so these names fit your style.

There is now an Online Testing Portal where you can upload and download test
questions and exams. Check it out at You’ll need
to set up an account and please label your uploaded questions in a way that others
                                                                                            - 56 -
                                  Tech Central
Tech Central is brand new in v10. This is a new interface, a new desktop shortcut, a
new way to help, and a new way to get the information a tech needs very quickly. This
feature comes standard in SchoolVue and we call it Tech Central. This is the interface.    Tech
                                                                                           Central is
                                                                                           This is a
                                                        This button changes the view.      new feature
                                                                                           and it has
                                                                                           it’s own
                                                                                           looks just
                                                                                           like the
You can view the clients (student and teacher PCs) with thumbnails or in details.          shortcut but
                                                                                           it has a
                                                                                           over the red
                                                            Group icons

Looking at the icon toolbar, let’s quickly go through the features that are only in Tech
Central. Many of them are within SchoolVue and you can go over each one fully.

SchoolVue Tutor icons (see Teaching Center workbook): Refresh, View Client, File
Transfer, File Distribution, Message, Chat, Power On and Off, Reboot, Logout, Login.

Inventory: This is awesome! Get Hardware, Software, Processes, Hotfixes, and more.
We will go over this feature really soon.

View: This changes the view from thumbnails to details and back.

The only pull-down menu I am bringing up: Admin. Take a
look at the picture to the right.

                                                                                           - 57 -
                           Tech Central, part II
Let’s take a look at Inventory. This is very fun and very informative feature. We will
look at each item under inventory and provide a picture to help along the way.

Here’s the toolbar for Inventory. You can go back, print, export with the three main
icons. The remaining icons help with starting, stopping and pausing processes and

                                                               Hardware inventory (to
                                                               the left) gives you every
                                                               detail of the hardware
                                                               and software inventory
                                                               (below) tells of every
                                                               big and little

                                                               Here’s the window for
                                                               Hotfixes. You can
                                                               click on any of those

                                                                                           - 58 -
                            Tech Central, part III
These last three pictures show us running applications, all processes, and services.
Let’s look at the images to see the detail. Notice that the upper icons are now lit and
you can start, stop and pause what you need.

                                                        This window shows you just the
                                                        running applications. You can
                                                        see all applications under the
                                                        software tab.

Processes look just like the
window that you and I get when
we go to Task Manager. You
can stop any Process you need
with that 4th upper icon – Stop.

                                                        By the way, in Services the red
                                                        dots on the left are stopped and
                                                        the green are the running
                                                        services. If you click on a line
                                                        item, it will let you choose the
                                                        opposite of what it currently is.
                                                        So, if you have a running
                                                        process, you can pause it or stop
                                                        it. If you have a stopped service,
                                                        you can run it.

Reasons for Tech Central:

   1) If the teacher needs a break for a moment, class, or day, the tech can pick up the
      control for that time.
   2) If the Tutor or Client machine needs technical help
   3) If your institution has large classes and thus needing more control, having this
      extra control/help can work.
   4) If the teacher needs help with SchoolVue, the tech can take over the Tutor
      interface and show the help.
                                                                                             - 59 -

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