Structure_Organization by mudoc123


									          Structure & Organization: Getting Prepared for Club Achievement

- Set up your committees to reflect Club Achievement book

- Appoint a Club Achievement Chairman. CA chairman should form a committee.

- Set a club achievement goal for the year. (see CA goal sheet )

-Set goals for committee chairs that reflect CA.

- Put together a club achievement timeline and explain the CA categories to BOD & committee chairs.
(CA timeline)

- Always be thinking about how each event applies to CA or how you can improve it to reflect CA.

- Require committee to submit an outline of events for club achievement in Feb.

- Club Achievement chairman must attend majority of CAMP BOD meetings and programs through
out the year in order to document events.

- Organize all collected materials. Create a box for each category to store materials.

- Make a master list for each category that each event applies. President should be involved because
he or she will know everything that has happened through out the year. Note that some programs will
apply to several categories.

- RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS! Pull together statistics for each category that applies. (See
statistics list )

- Submit entries to all 8 categories. Club of the year is determined by a point system.

- Make sure you have enough supplies to put together books (see supply needed list).

- Copy and Paste information about programs but change the results as it relates to the category.

- Have several people read CA entries. Look for grammar, typos, consistence and overall

- Make sure you follow the club achievement submission rules.

- Be creative! If you have time, use your scrapbook abilities!

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