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					   Date of
                    17 May 2007

   Mr Adrian YH Saw
   149 Galston Road
   Hornsby Heights NSW 2077

                           NEW POLICY SCHEDULE

POLICY TYPE:          Landlord Insurance

Policy Number:        06L6508342

Period of Insurance: From 12 June 2007
                     To 12 June 2008 at 4.00pm

Insured:              Adrian YH Saw
                      Samantha J Colbert
                      Aras O Labutis

Mortgagee/            St George Bank Ltd
Interested Party:

Situation:            156 Macquarie Street
                      MORISSET NSW 2264

Excess:               $100 applicable to Buildings and Contents

                      Cover                     Sum               Basic
                                                Insured           Premium*

BUILDINGS             Building                  $   200,000       $   243.83
                       (including Replacement Benefit)

CONTENTS               All other Contents          $     15,000          $     64.42

                       Special Contents            NIL

LOSS OF RENT                                       $     12,500          $     25.39

RENT DEFAULT AND THEFT BY A TENANT                                       $     61.80

LIABILITY              Limit                       $10,000,000           $     29.63

WORKERS                                            NOT INSURED

                                Total Basic Premium                       $   425.07
                                Fire Service Levy                         $    75.13
                                Goods & Services Tax                      $    50.02
                                Stamp Duty                                $    49.52
                                Total Amount Payable                      $   599.74
                                Monthly Instalment                        $    49.98

This Schedule should be read in conjunction with the Landlord Insurance Product
Disclosure Statement and Policy.

                                  Payment Details

Based on the information you have supplied us and the total cost displayed, a
statement detailing your future instalment payment requirements will be mailed to
you shortly.

CGU will usually deduct your premium towards the end of each month. Please
ensure sufficient funds are available as cover is provided subject to CGU receiving
payment of your premium . In accordance with your policy wording, if your payment
is dishonoured by your financial institution, you are not insured.

                               Direct Debit Request

I/We have requested that CGU Insurance, until further notice in writing, debit my/our
account as described below, with any amounts due and payable to CGU Insurance
under this insurance policy:

      Name of Account: AS & SC & AL & RB
        BSB Number: 082050 Account Number: 872911354

I/We acknowledge and agree that:

        this Direct Debit Request (" DDR ") is governed by the terms and conditions
         of the Direct Debit Client Authority Agreement (" Agreement ") provided to
        that I am/we are bound by all the terms and conditions of the Agreement; and
        CGU Insurance may vary the amount and frequency of future debits under
         this DDR and the Agreement by prior arrangement and advice to me/us in
         accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

                              Direct Debit Client Agreement

You have taken or wish to take out the Policy with us. By adding your Signature to
the DDR, you have agreed that we may arrange for your Instalments to be paid by
you from your Account by direct debit under the terms of the DDR and this
Agreement. This Agreement is to be read in conjunction with the Policy and the

         1.1      "Account" means the account nominated by you in your DDR that is
         held by your Bank.
         1.2      "Bank" means the bank or financial institution nominated by you in
         your DDR and where your Account is held.
         1.3      "DDR" or "Direct Debit Request" means the authority and request
         given by you to us to debit Instalments to your Account.
         1.4      "Instalment" means each premium instalment payable by you to us
         under the terms of the Policy on the dates identified in the Premium
         Instalment Advice.
         1.5      "Policy" means the contract of insurance between you and us and
         includes the Premium Instalment Advice.
         1.6      "Premium Instalment Advice" means the premium instalment advice
         provided or to be provided to you by us and setting out details of the
         1.7      "Signature" includes your oral consent by telephone or any written or
         electronic method permitted by law at the relevant time as being able to be
         used to identify a person and indicate that person's approval of the
         information communicated , in a manner binding on that person.
         1.8      "You/your" means the person or persons making the direct debit
         request in the DDR.
         1.9      "We/us" means CGU Insurance Limited (ABN 27 004 478 371).
         2.1       We will provide you with a written copy of the DDR and obtain your
         Signature to the DDR prior to drawing the first Instalment.
         2.2       Subject to clause 2.1, we will draw the first Instalment on or about the
         first instalment date set out in the Premium Instalment Advice. We will draw
         any subsequent Instalments on or about the due dates identified in the
         Premium Instalment Advice.
      2.3      Where the due date for any Instalment falls on a non-business day,
      we will draw the Instalment on or about the next business day.
      2.4      Where an Instalment is dishonoured by the Bank, we reserve the right
      to draw that Instalment and the next Instalment on the next Instalment due
      date. We reserve the right to cancel this Agreement, the DDR and the Policy
      (including your coverage under it) without notice to you if your Bank
      dishonours more than one Instalment.
      2.5      If any Instalment is dishonoured, we are entitled to seek
      reimbursement from you of any fees we incur.
      2.6      We will keep all information you give to us relating to your Account
      private and confidential.
      2.7      We will provide you with 14 days written notice if we propose to vary
      any term of this Agreement or the DDR, including the amount or frequency of
      the Instalments.
      3.1      By giving your Signature to the DDR, you agree to be bound by the
      terms of this Agreement and the DDR.
      3.2      You must ensure that sufficient funds are available in your Account to
      meet a drawing of an Instalment on its due date.
      3.3      You must ensure that the authorisation you give to us under the DDR
      is identical to any Account signing instruction held by your Bank.
      3.4      You must advise us if your Account is transferred or closed.
      3.5      You may terminate the DDR and this Agreement , or stop payment of
      an Instalment under the DDR and the Agreement, at any time by giving
      written notice to us at least 14 business days prior to the due date of the next
      Instalment. If you terminate the DDR and this Agreement without making
      alternative payment arrangements with us, we can cancel your Policy without
      notice to you.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding any amount drawn under this direct
debit arrangement, you should contact us on 13 29 42 and we will address your
concerns promptly and explain our dispute procedure to you.

                   CGU Insurance Limited ABN 27 004 478 371
                              An IAG Company

                              IMPORTANT NOTICES

                                Policy Amendment

These amendments should be read in conjunction with your Product Disclosure
Statement and Policy, as the terms described now form part of your policy.

               How the Goods and Service Tax affects your claim
Where We make a payment under this policy for the acquisition of goods, services
or other supply, We will reduce the amount of the payment by the amount of any
input tax credit that You are, or will be, or would have been entitled to under A New
Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999, in relation to that acquisition,
whether or not that acquisition is actually made.

Where We make a payment under this policy as compensation instead of payment
for the acquisition of goods, service or other supply, We will reduce the amount of
the payment by the amount of any input tax credit that You would have been entitled
to under A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 had the payment
been applied to acquire such goods, services or other supply.

                  The way we handle your personal information

We collect personal information from you for the purpose of providing you with
insurance products, services, processing and assessing claims.

You can choose not to provide this information, however, we may not be able to
process your requests

We may disclose information we hold about you to other insurers, an insurance
reference service or as required by law. In the event of a claim, we may disclose
information to and/or collect additional information about you from investigators or
legal advisors.

If you wish to update or access the information we hold about you, contact us.

If you do not wish to receive any marketing material directly from us (such as special
offers and discounts) please contact us.

                                   Policy Excess

For each separate identifiable incident for which your policy provides cover, any
applicable excess will apply for each incident giving rise to a claim.

                              COOLING - OFF PERIOD
If you decide that you do not wish to continue with this policy, you have twenty-one
days after the commencement of this insurance to request cancellation. We will
provide you with a full refund of premium paid, provided you have not made a claim
under the policy.

                           Policy and Acceptance Details
     Please review the following questions and check that the answers you
     have supplied are correct, as cover has been issued on the basis of these
details. If any details are incorrect, please contact us immediately on the
telephone number shown at the end of this schedule.

Property Details:
    What is the construction of the external walls? Wood/Timber
    What type of building is the property? Free standing house
    How old is your building(years)? 21 to 25
    How is your home occupied? I rent it to tenants
    Do the gutters, stumping, wiring, plumbing, roof, balcony, balcony
      railing, floorboards of the building need repairing or replacing? No
    Will your property be unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive
      days? No
    Is your property classified as a Historical Building or listed by the
      National Trust? No
    Is your property used for business purposes other than as a home
      office? No
    Has your property suffered an earthquake in the last 3 days, or is it
      currently threatened by fire, hail or a named cyclone? No

Security Details:
    Key operated locks and/or bars and/or grills on all accessible
       windows? Yes
    Deadlocks on all external doors? Yes

Insured Details:
Have you, or any other person who will receive insurance cover under this

      Been convicted of any criminal offences during the last 5 years? No
      Had any insurer refuse, cancel cover or require special terms to
       insure you in the last 5 years? No
      Suffered more than 1 theft or burglary claim, or more than 3 losses,
       or total cost of claims exceeds $10,000 (including claims made
       against them) whether claimed or not in the last 3 years? No

Duty of Disclosure:
    You have accepted your duty of disclosure? Yes

Do you declare:

      The information you have provided is true and correct and you have
       not withheld any relevant information? Yes
      You understand and accept that any statement made in applying for
       this policy will be treated as a statement made by all of the people to
       be insured? Yes
      You have read the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy made
       available to you and agree to the insurance subject on the terms,
       conditions, exclusions and limitations of the policy? Yes
      You authorise CGU Insurance to collect or disclose any personal
       information relating to this insurance to/from any other insurers or
       insurance reference service? Yes
      Do you authorise us to send you marketing material such as special
       offers and discounts? Yes


There have been some changes to the cover under your policy. These
changes are described below in this document. This document should be
read in conjunction with your Product Disclosure Statement and Policy as
the terms described now form part of your policy.

The following additional exclusion now applies to all sections of this
policy, other than Workers' Compensation.

Contamination by chemical and/or biological agents, which results from an
act of terrorism. Terrorism is any act which may, or may not, involve the
use of, or threat of, force or violence where the purpose of the act is to
further a political, religious, ideological aim or to intimidate or influence a
government (whether lawfully constituted or not) or any section of the

We will continue to cover losses, such as property damage, from
other forms of terrorism, in accordance with your policy's existing
terms and conditions.

           Contact Phone
                         1800 815 688
        INTERMEDIARY:        ING General Insurance Pty Ltd t/as ING
                             A.B.N. 56 072 892 365
               INSURER:      CGU Insurance Limited ABN 27 004 478 371
                             An IAG Company
                             AFS Licence No. 238291

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