The CPRA Volunteer Committee by chenmeixiu


									     2010 Community Cup Volunteers
     Orientation Package # 1 – May 14, 2010

Event Manager (Main Contact):
    Chris White 613-327-9621 or

Volunteer Coordinator:
    Bonita Varga
Event Director:
    Dan Dubeau 613-232-9634 ext 421 or

     Our Planning Team Headquarters:
     Catholic Immigration Centre - Main Office:
     219 Argyle Avenue
     Ottawa, Ontario. K2P-2H4
     Phone: 613-232-9634
     Fax: 613-232-3660
     Bus routes: #1, #4, #5 , #6, #7, #14, #101, #316

     Event Day location – venue:
     Brewer Park Ottawa (100 Brewer Way)
     Bus routes: # 4, 7 or the O-Train to Carleton University

     Orientation Package Contents:
         Who we are
               o The Catholic Immigration Centre,
               o The Host Program, and
               o The Community Cup event
         The Volunteer Process and Expectations
         Your main contacts
               o The Volunteer Structure as of May 5, 2010
         Volunteer Positions and Descriptions

     The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package   1

The Catholic Immigration Centre:
   promotes and facilitates the reception of newcomers to Canada
   sensitizes the community to newcomers’ needs, and invites it to
   assists newcomers in realizing their full potential in Canadian

   temporary accommodation and housing assistance
   orientation, settlement, and integration
   language and cultural interpretation
   intercultural counselling, hosting and community support
   community development, education, and outreach, and
   employment development.

The Host Program:
A service that truly reaches out and helps to facilitate newcomer integration, the Host
Program is a bilingual program pairing volunteer Hosts with newcomers. The program
helps new immigrants adjust to life in Canada, learn about Canadian values, traditions,
community resources, recreational opportunities, language training, and job search
resources. The Host program also provides Hosts with an introduction to a new culture
and an opportunity to see Canada through a new pair of eyes.

The Community Cup:
When: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Where: Brewer Park (100 Brewer Way)

The Community Cup’s Mission:
To create an inspiring, engaging, multicultural, intergenerational, community-building
event that offers a fun opportunity for Ottawa’s newcomers and longer-term residents to
be active, interact and build relationships.

Event Components:
* 24-team 7-on-7 co-ed recreational soccer tournament with diverse community
* Entertainment Stage with international music, dance, drumming and spoken word
* Participatory and demonstration sports for the disabled

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                      2
* Canadian Citizenship ceremony
* Kids Fun Zone with crafts, sports and performances
* A "musical language village"
* Community Tent featuring 25 social and environmental organizations
* International food court
* A Citizenship and/or Re-Affirmation Ceremony
* Volleyball
* Cricket demonstrations

Event Partners (as of May 5, 2010):
• Ottawa Police Services
• Ottawa Folk Festival
• Active Living Alliance of Canada
• FC Capital United
• Canadian Red Cross
• Pathway Patrol
• Leadership Ottawa
• Ottawa Public Health

The Community Cup is a one-day multicultural celebration of soccer, citizenship and the
arts taking place at Brewer Park on Sunday, June 27, 2010. This is the sixth year of this
event which brings together newcomers to Canada and longer-term residents of all ages
in an inclusive atmosphere of fun and sharing. Last year, about 1,600 people
participated in various ways in the Community Cup, as volunteers, players, honourary
coaches, community partners and attendees.

In addition to offering a multicultural, recreational soccer tournament, the Community
Cup includes world music, dance, drumming and spoken word performances, a
citizenship ceremony, sports for the disabled (demonstration and participatory), a
"musical language village", a Community Tent showcasing 25 local social and
environmental groups and an international food court. A new element this year will be
a demonstration of cricket, which, like soccer, is a "common denominator" in terms of
sports around the world. Partnerships between the Community Cup and the Ottawa
Folk Festival, Leadership Ottawa, police organizations, and a number of social service
agencies have helped to increase the positive impact of this innovative event.

The Community Cup model - i.e. using a global sport such as soccer as the basis for an
event that is consciously designed to foster cross-cultural communication and
understanding - has been very successful and has generated considerable interest in
immigrant service organizations across Ontario and beyond. The Catholic Immigration
Centre, which organizes the Community Cup, is currently developing a "toolkit" that
will support other cities to create events based on the same model.

There is lots of information about the Community Cup, including photos and video clips
from previous years, at
The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                     3

Steps to being a volunteer:
   1) Application (available at and Interview with the
       Volunteer Coordinator(s)
   2) Police Records Check. As part of the Catholic Immigration Centre’s policy, all
       volunteers must have an up to date Vulnerable Sector Police Records check. If
       you have one, please show it to the Event Manager or Volunteer Coordinators. If
       you need one, please ask the Volunteer Coordinator for a letter that will waive
       the fee. You should bring this to the police station as soon as possible to get the
       process started. You will need to also fill out a form for the Ottawa Police. You
       can download this form ahead of time to make this process go faster – follow this
       s_check.pdf .
       Note: You do not need to have your records check to start working with our
       planning team.
   3) Job Match – A Volunteer Coordinator will work with you to find the best
       position (or positions) to match your personal objectives, skill levels, experience,
       and availability.
   4) After the event we hope to get a brief report on your experience, and your
       perspectives on the event.

Expectations and Time Commitment: Some roles are not as demanding as others, and
we can work with you to find the right fit . Basically it is flexible and up to you –
planning team roles can range from 30 hours to 120 hours of your time.

Boundaries and Limitations: We will respect your boundaries and limitations and try
to give you the best experience possible. In return we simply ask for your commitment
to follow though with your tasks, or make arrangements well in advance to ensure they
are covered. Any information gained or gathered in your roles as a volunteer with us is
confidential and property of the Catholic Immigration Centre. Your private information
shared with organizers will be kept confidential; however, to facilitate Planning Team
communications, your email address will be shared with Planning Team members.

This is our 6th year conducting a Community Cup. We have developed systems that
work and some new ideas in development. Your input is extremely valuable to us today
and into the future. As a member of this team, we expect that you contribute to the best
of your ability to the achievement of objectives and executing a successful event; this
includes documenting and sharing your “lessons learned”, suggestions, work
completed, etc so organizers may improve upon this event in the future.

The CIC has a talented and diverse staff, a strong Executive Director, and a dedicated
Board of Directors who guide us and support our efforts. Committee leaders will be
given ownership and authority to make decisions based on research, expertise and/or

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                      4
gut feelings, however, we ask that you discuss your strategies and actions with the
Planning Team and/or the experienced event manager.

Each committee leader will be given an estimated Budget so he or she can better
understand limitations or expectations in their roles. Unless you arrange to have
invoices sent to the Catholic Immigration Centre or we arrange prepayment, it is
important that you understand the process involved in spending and reimbursement.
Here is a general summary of this process:

   1. Ensure expense is approved by management
   2. Keep Receipt and submit it (with your mailing address) to either Chris White or
      Ophélie (Finance Committee) as soon as possible (within 2 weeks of incurring
   3. The Event Director will authorize your claim and submit it to our finance
   4. A cheque will be mailed to you within 2 weeks of being submitted.

Meetings: For the most part, you will be expected to work and plan sub-committee
meetings at times and in locations most convenient for you. If you require some
equipment support, such as Fax, internet, phone, meeting space, etc, contact Dan.

Community Cup 2010 – General Planning Meeting and Important Dates:
(meeting locations to be confirmed – Most will take place at 219 Argyle Ave.)
Note: Meetings will last approximately 1 to 2 hours.

              * Wed. April 14, 5:30 pm
              * Wed. April 28, 5:30 pm
              * Wed. May 12, 5:30 pm
              * Wed. May 26, 5:30 pm
              * Wed. June 9, 5:30 pm
              * Mon June 14, 5:00pm to 8pm
                   - “Day-of” Volunteer pre-orientation
                   - Captains meeting
                   - Media Kick-off event
              * Wed. June 16, 5:30 pm
              * Wed. June 23, 5:30 pm
              * Sat. June 26, Brewer Park
                      - 3:00pm Set-up begins
                      - 7:00pm –Volunteer on-site orientation and celebration
              *Sun. June 27, Brewer Park
              - 6:00am set-up begins
              - 9:00am to 5:00pm Event Day

 Volunteer Benefits: Socialize with great people, learn about newcomers or event
planning, contribute in areas that interest you, become role-models to other
communities, an amazing CCPT t-shirt, great food, exclusive invitation to a party for

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                    5
partners, volunteers and sponsors, feeling good about building a welcoming
community and more!

Travel Expenses: We can provide bus tickets to those committee members that require
them to attend meetings (upon request to Event Manager). Sorry, we cannot cover
parking or fuel expenses at this time.

Other Notes:
   - The Catholic Immigration Centre is insured and is a registered charitable

An updated excel document is provided to identify contacts for each position as well as
sub-committees. Slight adjustments will be made as needed. Please refer to the excel
file “CC10 PT Volunteer Roster”.

Each Chair will oversee a sub-committee of volunteers who will assist them in
completing their tasks. Committee recruitment is supported by the Volunteer
Coordination Committee, however, Chairs are also expected to recruit and lead their
own committee/supporters. Chairs are expected to attend the General Planning
meetings or appoint an informed designate to replace them.

Our planning team is truly a TEAM. We will support each other and expect that
everyone’s contributions will be offered and taken seriously and professionally. Our
group meetings and your sub-committee meetings should strive to be efficient and
effective, as your time and the time of others is respected and highly valued.

     See below…

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                      6
                             Community Cup – Ottawa
                       2010 PLANNING TEAM STRUCTURE

1. Management, Finance and Administration

To provide organized leadership and direction to the Community Cup Planning
Committee and volunteers, oversee the production of a well planned, organized, and
memorable community event, as well as running and reporting on operations

A) Event Director: (STAFF member – CIC)
    10 months - estimate 200 hours
    Supporting Event Manager and providing direction.

B) Event Manager (Planning Team - CHAIR ):
     8 months - estimate 420 hours
     Provide leadership and support the work of the Volunteers and/or Staff
     Provide overall Management of the project planning
     Obtain and sign for permits, permissions, and ensure insurance coverage
     Manage Finance (Budgets)
     Provide reports to event director(s)
     Chairs Committee meetings. Ensures meetings function effectively and are
       recorded (secretary or Admin Assistant to support if possible)
     Manages or facilitates the committee’s decision making process
     Holds Committee members accountable
     Delegates tasks as appropriate
     Represent the committee and the event in the community, at events, and in the

C) Admin Support:
    8 months - estimate 100 hours
    Support event manager in planning, setting up for, conducting, and reporting on
      meetings (minutes and reports for internal communications).
    Supports event manager by reviewing and updating workplan
    Attends all meetings or appoints a representative to handle minutes
    Manages contact lists and provides updates for event manager as needed
    Supports internal communications – ensure Planning team receives agendas,
      minutes, etc.

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                  7
    Keeps track of contracts and the work/copies provided by Finance and
     Budgeting in an organized binder – for easy reference.

D) Finance and Budget Manager:
    8 months - estimate 100 hours
    Manage and track all expenses and revenue (work closely with Event Manager,
       Sponsorship Coordinator, and Revenue and Registrations Manager)
    Work with event manager to establish budget forecast
    Provide weekly budget updates/reports weekly for event manager
    Receive and process all expense claims (ensure properly completed). Submit to
       event manager
    Provide guidance on planned spending and expected revenue formulations
    Manage Cash at event – gather and keep secure all sale revenues and authorize
       payments needed on day of event (such as entertainer fees or unexpected day-of
    Provide final budget report after event

E) Revenue and Registrations Manager (STAFF of CIC):
     8 months - estimate 80 hours
     Handle and receive all revenue – including sponsorship, and registration fees,
       vendor fees, and receiving of “day-of” sales, etc.
     Track team registrations (work closely with Tournament Coordinator)
     Prepare invoices and receipts upon request

2. Volunteer Coordination

To recruit, organize, take care of, recognize, gather feedback, and strive for retention of
event Volunteers.

A) Manager of Volunteers, Engagement and Outreach (Team Chair):
    8 months - estimate 120 hours
    Leads Volunteer Coordination Committee. Sets and structures meetings as
    Leads efforts in recruitment Planning Team volunteers, Community Coaches,
      and other “day-of” volunteers (also supports committee leaders in recruiting
      volunteers for their sub-committees as identified as needed). This includes
      assessing, editing and providing Position Descriptions
    Ensures day-of volunteer hospitality and are taken care of (shelter, food).

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                          8
    Ensures volunteers are trained and aware of their duties and procedures. Plan
     and Lead Volunteer Orientation event(s)
    Works closely with other committee leaders to know what volunteer needs they
     have and assist in any volunteer training or correspondence needed
    Prepare a summary report on volunteer involvement and action. Gather
     volunteer surveys or feedback forms.
    Ensure volunteers receive appropriate recognition for their contributions (card,
     letter, plaque, etc). May include nominations for volunteer awards in the broader
    Maintains Volunteer Postings

B) Volunteer Database Manager:
     4 months - estimate 50 hours
     Ensure a well organized, complete, and up to date database file that allows for
       quick referencing.

C) Coordinator of Volunteer Resources– Roles and Responsibilities:
    8 months - estimate 70 hours
    Ensure a Coordinated deployment of volunteers (approx 160 volunteers) on the
      day of the event. Ensure all volunteers meet their expectations and are engaged –
      everyone is playing a role.
    Ensure volunteers have resources needed to complete their work – including
      production and distribution of volunteer T-shirts

D) Volunteer Procedures and Protocol Manager (CIC staff):
    8 months - estimate 90 hours
    Ensure procedure for recruitment process is followed and standards are
    Volunteer oreintation

E) Community Coach Manager:
     2 months - estimate 50 hours
     Identify potential coaches in the community and formally invite them to be
       Honourary Community Coaches (letter)
     Provide an orientation (document) and be the liaison for the Community Cup
                o Included day of event and a thank you note afterwards
     Ensure positive experience for all

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                    9
3. Community Liaison

Contacting and engaging newcomer, ethnic and local community groups

A) Outreach and Engagement Coordinator (Team Chair):
Note: This position works closely with Event Manager.
   6 months (approx 100 hrs)
    To brainstorm, plan, and initiate pre-event workshops, outings, or activities
       related to building community relations overall engagement.
    To engage the public
    To support communication team in getting message out about event and

4. Sponsorship and Partnering

Seeking, securing and liaising with sponsors, partners, grantors and funders

A) Sponsorship and Funding Coordinator (Team Chair):
Note: This position works closely with, and under the direction of the Event Manager (CHAIR).
   6 months (approx 100 hrs)
    Seek out and cultivate sponsorship and/or funding required to execute the
       Community Cup as forecasted in the proposal (budget).
    Responsible for creating a sponsorship package and strategy as well as preparing
       appropriate cover letters or messaging to accompany the packages
    Make request, follow-up, and manage sponsorship leads
    Funding Applications: Seek out opportunities and apply where appropriate
       within deadlines.
    Ensure sponsors or funders are recognized appropriately (as promised) at event
       or in communications materials (as well as post-event thank you letter or
       certificate). Ensure sponsor satisfaction.
    Ensure sponsors follow though on their commitments on-time (sending logo,
       payments received, etc)
    Engages support from committee members as needed

B) Partnerships Coordinator:
Note: This position works closely with, and under the direction of the Event Manager (CHAIR).
    6 months (approx 100 hrs)
The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                       10
    To seek out and cultivate Partnerships required executing a community engaging
     event as forecasted in the proposal.
    Responsible for developing a strategic plan for involving community
     organizations in the planning and execution of the Community Cup (includes
     brainstorming, invitations, and following up)
    Responsible for communications and negotiations involved in new or developed
     partnerships. Ensure partners are well informed about the event and good
     relations are maintained.
    Develop, track, and maintain contracts. Ensure commitments are followed
     through and parties understand expectations in advance.
    Engages Planning Team committee members in developments and takes
     suggestions from committee.
    Ensure Partners are recognized appropriately (as promised) at event or in
     communications materials (as well as post-event thank you letter or certificate)

5. Marketing and Communications
Promoting the event to the entire community (including diverse ethnic groups), media
liaison and communication materials, and VIP liaison

A) Internal communications (Team Chair):
     6 months - estimate 100 hours
     Responsible for all internal communications
     Ensure all communications team are updated on communications
            All information from within other branches of CC’s Planning Team are
              relayed to team, ensure that Event Manager is informed of any
              developments within the communications team.
    Oversee creation of PROGRAM GUIDE
    Need to Ensure proper channels of communications within Planning Team

B) External communications:
     6 months - estimate 100 hours
     Responsible for all external communications (media management and public
    Oversee that press releases are “good to go” and to ensure all media handling is
       organized and coordinated.
    Lead communications team in coordinating an effective and efficient media kick-
       off event (pre-event)
    Create and monitor Media Lists
    Follow up with Media (local and community)

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                11
    Follow up with Sponsors (work closely with Sponsorship Manager)
    Oversee Media Management: creation of media kits

C) Promotions
     6 months - estimate 100 hours
     Responsible for all promotional and marketing materials and/or promotional
       events (including production and distribution strategies)
    Provides or oversees graphic design
    Coordinates the production and distribution plan of posters, business cards, and

D) Signage Manager (including printing support):
    2 months - estimate 40 hours
    Oversees the production (including printing) and coordination of on-site and
       promotional signage (works closely with all team leaders to determine needs)

E) Website :
    6 months - estimate 100 hours
    Responsible for managing content on Website
    Oversee the updating and managing of social media – Twitter and Facebook

F) VIP Liaison:
     5 months - estimate 60 hours
     Responsible for identifying and connecting with Special VIP guests to invite
       them and engage them as a VIP at the event.
     Ensure proper officials are notified and invited if required
     Ensure VIPs understand the event and collect their feedback or suggestions
       (report to committee)

6. Site Management
To plan and execute a functional, safe, accessible, “green”, well organized, fun, and
professional looking event efficiently and effectively based on the event proposal and
within budget.

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                     12
A) Site Manager (Team Chair):
   6 months (approx 160 hrs)
    Secure appropriate playing fields (Ensure venue is reserved and appropriate)
    Secure tents (rentals and permits – Event manager should sign for permits)
    Coordinate with team leaders to ensure proper set-up or special needs are met.
            o Ie. Community Tent booths (tables and chair rentals)
            o Ensure stages, tables, seating, signage (with Communications Team)
            o Waste disposal bins etc.
    Ensure pathways and entrances are clear and accessible
    Ensure proper power requirements and regulations are met
    Works closely with event manager and City of Ottawa (venue representatives or
        specialty staff) to ensure permits received and exemptions approved, as well as
        identifying special restrictions.
    Coordinate with Entertainment Leader the set-up or needs for a public address
    Ensure adequate set-up of water stations
    Plans and Coordinates the set-up and tear down of the event, including the
        acquisition and set-up/take-down of structural components of the event
    Develop map layout of event (graphic designer, if available, can support)
    Ensures proper inventory (checked and ready). Purchase or rent missing
        materials as needed. (work closely with event Manager to ensure proper
        communication of current needs)
    Provide foresight and facilitate the process of identifying needs by committee
    Oversees the transportation of equipment to and from the park (Work with
        Transportation and Logistics Support)

B) Transportation and Logistics Support:
    2 months (approx 40 hrs)
     To be responsible for the truck (Cube Van) and ensure materials get delivered on
       time in a safe and efficient manner.
          o Pick-up and return Truck to supplier
          o Coordinate pick-up of materials and equipment with Site Manager and
               Event Manager. Remain on-call for the truck rental period
          o Use truck only for Community Cup purposes.
          o Re-fill with gas as necessary

C) Site Services:
    2 months (approx 40 hrs)
     Ensure planning for parking, toilets, water, changing, infant needs,
The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                 13
    Coordinate and Liaise with site vendors (including food services)

D) Safety and Security:
   2 months (approx 40 hrs)
    Ensure planning for policing,
    Assess site for shade and secure areas. Arrange with site manager if added
       features are needed.
    Ensure safety and security of storage (equipment),
    Develop Emergency and Evacuation Plan(s) and present to the planning team
           o Including plan for notifying authorities, lost and found, lost children, etc
    Ensure safety equipment (fire extinguishers etc), meets city standards
    Train volunteers on emergency procedures
    Plan for and oversee parking control to ensure emergency vehicles have access to
       fields and minimize potential issues or congestions
    Communicate with City of Ottawa Bylaw department to request exemptions or
    Coordinate plans for safety patrols and removal of hazards or reporting of
    Ensure proper equipment is prepared and on site (ie. Fire Extinguishers, First
       Aid Kit, etc)
• Note: First Aid staff will be provided by the Red Cross

E) Accessibility:
    2 month (approx 30 hrs)
     Ensure planning for an accessible event
           o Consider people with disabilities, seniors, languages, directions (signage)
     Oversees the Accessibility strategy and identify standards for the event
           o Perform pre and post accessibility audit of event
     Ensure pathways are clear
     Ensure directions are made accessible both to the event and at the event.
     Support and/or guide the Volunteer Coordinator(s) in identifying and recruiting
       sufficient volunteers for the “Accessibility Team”

F) Healthy environment and wellness (Green Team):
    2 month (approx 30 hrs)
     Oversees the waste management strategy for the event
           o Ensure bins are on-site and in appropriate positions
           o Ensure options for recycling are made available
     Developing “greening” initiatives to make the event more environmentally
The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                  14
    Support and/or guide the Volunteer Coordinator(s) in identifying and recruiting
     sufficient volunteers for the “Green Team and Clean Up Crew”
    Coordinate volunteers on day of event to ensure site is kept clean and green

G) Decorations Coordinator:
   2 month (approx 30 hrs)
    Plan for, obtain, and decorate the event
    Present theme ideas to committee and consider feedback
    Support and/or guide the Volunteer Coordinator(s) in identifying and recruiting
      sufficient volunteers for the “Decorations Team”
    Coordinate volunteers on day of event to ensure site is decorated as planned
      (including signage)
    Coordinate with Site Manager and with Committee Leaders to ensure materials
      and planning (ie. Community Tent tables have coordinated table cloths). As well
      as with the Communications Committee to ensure all signage is printed and on-

7. Sport Program
Organizing and facilitating sporting activities. Includes tournament management,
Scheduling, Registration, equipment management and coordinating sport activities with
event Program.

A) Tournament Coordinator (Team Chair):
   6 months (approx 120 hrs)
       To plan, execute, and manage the structure of the tournament including
         rules, schedule, and points.
             o Determine and communicate new rules or point systems as necessary
             o Develop and coordinate schedules based on input from the
                 Registration and Program Committee.
       Prepare and execute plan for communicating scores and updates to
       Ensure monitors (volunteer referees) are trained, equipped and know what to
             o Manage Spirit Judges on day-of event to ensure every game is
       Gather and develop team packages two weeks before the tournament –
         include rules, schedules, and special instructions
       Prepare team gift/info bags (with support from sponsorship committee –
         “SWAG bags”
       Monitor soccer equipment to minimize damage and loss (with support from
         Equipment Manager)
The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package               15
             o Coordinate equipment set-up and return
        Ensure fields get properly lined and set-up
        Oversee the Registration of players (NOTE: Registrations will come through
         the Revenue and Registration Manager in the “Management, Finance, and
         Administration Team”. The Tournament Coordinator should work closely
         with this person.)
             o Launch registration – including on-line system
             o Receive and record player and team registrations and waivers
             o Ensure teams and players meet requirements
             o Help teams who have not enough players and help individuals find
             o Prepare a detailed team and individual players lists report

B) Demonstration sports/Equipment manager:
   3 months (approx 50 hrs)
    To plan, execute and manage all of the Demonstration sports by liaising with
      providing organizations
    Prepare and Set-up equipment as needed/requested while ensuring coordination
      and cooperation with Site Manager.
    Over see proper use of equipment to minimize risk of damages or injury
    Coordinate with providers of equipment (ie. HOPE Volleyball) – coordinate pick-
      up and Drop-off as needed
    Support groups in organizing participants on day of event

8. Culture Program
Organizing and conducting cultural and community activities

A) Program Manager (Team Chair):
   6 months (approx 120 hrs)
    Plan and lead the schedule of events such as: Speeches, opening ceremony,
       trophy presentations, performances, etc
    Work closely with event manager to ensure schedule is appropriate.
           o Ensure Team Leaders are aware of the schedule and what relates to them
           o Coordinate schedule with DJ
    Prepare with adequate time for Communications Committee to include timeline
       for media kits and print schedules in event guides.
    Recruit speakers, including Emcee and meet their needs

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package             16
B) Musical Language Village:
   3 months (approx 90 hrs)
    To plan and execute a multi-language exchange activity consistent with the
      Community Cup’s goal of encouraging community engagement and developing
      new connections
    Engage a variety of newcomers/cultures to share their language and culture with
      the community in a musical format (Recruit and coordinate an appropriate mix
      of volunteer teachers/entertainers)
    Coach teachers on what to expect and how to prepare for their sessions
          o Motivate teachers to share their culture by including props, music, dress,
    Determine proper equipment and ensure it is supplied
    Share schedule or any other printing needs with Communications Committee

C) Main Stage Entertainment:
   5 months (approx 120 hrs)
    To locate, initiate, secure, and schedule a variety of lively multicultural
      performances suitable for the Community Cup that entertain and promotes
      crowd participation.
    Work within budget
    Initiate and control contracts with performers (Signed by Event Manager)
    Determine stage needs and reserve/rent materials as needed
    Manage and direct performers and ensure entertainers’ appropriate needs are
    Work closely with Program Manager and DJ (if possible)
    Provide Communications committee with schedule and descriptions of
      performances on time for Program guide productions

D) Community Tent:
   5 months (approx 120 hrs)
    To plan, execute, and manage a community tent/area from selection of
      organizations, inviting them, ensuring payment if needed, and coordinate set-up.
    Develop plan and layout for tent/area; and execute with Event Manager support.
    Decide on and communicate with site manager appropriate format (booth,
      tables, chairs, tent, etc); understand capacity, and other limitations.
    Determine capacity, invite, and attempt to fill with immigrant serving agencies
      as well as groups offering Sport, Social, Work, or Volunteer Opportunities.
    Work closely with Event Manager and Site Manager

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                17
E) Citizenship and/or Re-Affirmantion Ceremony:
    4 months (approx 70 hrs)
     Connect and coordinate with the Citizenship Manager or Citizenship staff and
        follow guidelines and process outlined on the Citizenship and Immigration
     Ensure venue will be appropriate and plan layout (include stage setting with nice
        backdrop for photos)
     Send invitations to VIP, and coordinate media communications with
        Communications team.
     Determine needs and communicate with Volunteer Coordinator, Site Manager,
        Main Stage Manager, Program and Event Manager.
     Assemble promotional materials (Canadian flag pins, bookmarks, O Canada
        song cards, etc.) and certificates
     Ensure set-up, liaise with Judge, and greet new citizens and guests

F) Sharing Circle: (New - To be confirmed)
    2 months (approx 60 hrs)
     Organize a sheltered area that will engage seniors to gather and share with each
       other, as well as offer opportunities to offer cross generational sharing (such as
       story telling).
     Involve activities that will gather the community to participate and be social and
       learn (such as a tea ceremony)
     Determine needs and communicate with Event Manager, Volunteer Coordinator,
       and Site Manager

9. Food Coordination

Organizing and monitoring food facilities

A) Food and Refreshments Manager (Team Chair):
   4 months (approx 90 hrs)
    Plan and execute a safe and effective Food and Refreshment plan that is
      multicultural, environmentally friendly, efficient, and includes healthy choices.
    Ensure food is accessible, well presented and all health department regulations
      are met.
    Develop sales strategy and communicate it with Finance and Event Manager.
    Ensure inventory and obtain materials (utensils, napkins, etc) as needed.
    Communicate with cooks or distributors the expectations, requirements,
      limitations, etc.
The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package                  18
    Work with and get support from Site Manager, Volunteer Coordination, and
     Event Manager
    Aim to provide an environmentally friendly event.
        o Work with partners as needed (re-useable dish program at Folk Festival)

10. Kid’s Zone

Organizing and facilitating youth involvement

A) Kids Zone Coordinator (Team Chair):
   3 months (approx 90 hrs)
    Work within budget to develop a plan and execute appropriate physical
      activities and games that appeal to children 2 to 14 years old
    Include a variety of bonuses such as clowns, mascots, prizes, face painting etc.
    Determine inventory status and acquire other materials as needed
    Develop a schedule of activities and share with communications committee
    Coordinate activities with partners such as Capital United.
    Connect with agencies or organizations working with Children 14 and under and
      invite them to participate (day-cares, kids soccer clubs, community centres,
      churches etc)
          o Assist in the promotion of the Community Cup (targeting children and
              youth through parents)
    Plan and execute a fun and engaging cultural Craft and Art zone (activities)
          o Locate, coordinate artisans, partners, and volunteers, ensuring
              appropriate needs are met.

A) Kids Zone Support:
   2 months (approx 30 hrs)
    Support Coordinator in developing a fun and engaging program
    Support the promotion of the kids zone in weeks leading to event
    Support overall operations on event day

The Community Cup 2010 Planning Team - Volunteer Orientation package              19

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