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									              Steven Miller is a sci-fi fantasy pinup artist, and Owner of Celestial Dream Studios based in

Maryland. Steven has been formally trained in the Japanese art of Sumi-e, and also works in a wide variety

of mediums including pencils, inks, colored pencil, acrylics, gouache, watercolor and digital media. His first

published piece of art was featured in the George Perez Newsletter magazine. His artwork has been

featured in several Non Sport Update Trading Card magazines as well as being featured on the front cover.

Stevens artwork has also been internationally published in the Holland based magazine The Flying Dutch.

Aside from working on various independent projects Steven has produced artwork for the Art &Images of

Xena : Warrior Princess for Rittenhouse Archives/Universal Studios. Recently Steven worked on Sketchafex

trading cards and the limited case topper cards for the STAR TREK The Original Series Art &Images trading

card set for Rittenhouse Archives/Paramount Pictures. Steven recently worked on sketchafex cards for the

new X-Men 3 The Last Stand Movie Trading card set for Rittenhouse Archives/20th Century Fox/ Marvel.

Steven is currently working on Universal Monsters Frankenstein set for ArtBox Entertainment.

              Celestial Dream Studios

              Steven Miller

              706 Tobacco Run Drive Bel Air MD 21015

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