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Resolution congratulating King T. Monaghan on his retirement from the Milwaukee Fire


                              KING T. MONAGHAN

retired with pride and satisfaction as a firefighter on January 1, 2005 after 39 years of
dedicated service to the city and the Milwaukee Fire Department; and

       WHEREAS, King T. Monaghan gained and displayed expertise through his work,
performed with confidence and skill during his employment, completely meeting the
challenges of his responsibilities as a firefighter and served as a fine example of a
dedicated employee; and

        WHEREAS, King T. Monaghan has shown courage, skill and bravery in the line
of duty on numerous occasions, saving lives and property and earning him the enduring
praise, respect and gratitude of his coworkers, friends, family and the community at
large; now, therefore, be it

       RESOLVED, That the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee herewith
congratulates King T. Monaghan on his retirement from the Milwaukee Fire Department,
extends its appreciation on behalf of the community for his work in ensuring the safety
and well-being of its citizens and children, and wishes for him a happy and healthy
retirement; and, be it

       FURTHER RESOLVED, That a suitably engrossed copy of this resolution be
presented to King T. Monaghan, an outstanding firefighter, employee and public servant.

Introduced by Common Council member Joe Davis, Sr. and approved by all members
of the Milwaukee Common Council on March 16, 2005.