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									Groups or Pages?
  What’s the Difference?
What are Groups and Pages?
Both Groups and Pages are forums for self-selected
users to connect around a common interest.

A Facebook Public Profile                        Facebook Groups are pages that you
(also known as Facebook Fan                      create within the Facebook social
Pages, or just Pages) are                        networking site that are based
special profiles meant to                        around a real-life interest or group or
promote a brand, a product,                      to declare an affiliation or
an artist, a web site, an                        association with people and things.
organization.                                    With a Facebook Group, you are
                                                 creating a community of people and
                                                 friends to promote, share and
                                                 discuss relevant topics.

Group   Page
              Facebook Groups
• Best for fostering member-to-member
  –   Alumni groups
  –   Study groups
  –   Clubs/organizations
  –   Special interest groups
  –   Beta test groups
  –   Class project/study group

     Groups: The Pros & Cons
• PROS                                       • CONS
  – Can be limited to networks,                     – Is an extension of a personal
    like California, Pa.                              account, so content is linked
  – Can control who joins by                          to a person
    making group open, closed or                    – Once over 5000 members,
    secret                                            can’t message all members
  – Can message all members (up                     – Minimal customization
    to 5000 members)                                – Can’t add applications
  – Messages go to members                          – Tricky to delete
    inbox.                                          – Can’t assign custom
  – All group activity goes out                       username
    into feeds (wall posts, photos                  – No analytic or demographic
    uploaded, discussion threads,                     information available
  – Anyone can start a group                        – Administrator name is public
    around any topic
  – More personal

         Facebook Fan Pages

• Best for broadcasting messages to your fans if
  you are a business, organization, celebrity,
  public figure, band or other entity.
  –   Cal U of PA
  –   Adam Sandler
  –   Gene the Werewolf
  –   Starbucks
  –   Mayor Casey Durdines

           Pages: The Pros & Cons
•   PROS                                                           •   CONS
    – Can target advertising                                            – Can’t privately message all
    – High level of customization, including applications                 members
      and HTML/FBML
    – Allows options for connecting Facebook content to                 – Messages go out as an
      your own website through Facebook Connect                           Update to the fans, not to
    – Comes with traditional apps like Notes, Events                      their inbox
    – Analytical capability through Insights. Can track
      growth of fan base, page views, demographics.                     – Accounts tied to individual
    – Suggest to Friends feature                                          account forever (for now)
    – Indexed by Google                                                   and can’t be change
    – Can have multiple pages                                           – Generates little activity via
    – Can have unlimited fans                                             the News Feed
    – Can message all fans
    – Can promote your Page on other people’s Walls
    – Open to everyone
    – Account can be tied to a generic account, not an

"While Groups and Pages now look the same, they
still serve different purposes. Groups are for
fostering member-to-member collaboration, while
Pages remain the best way to broadcast messages
to your fans if you are a business, organization,
public figure or other entity.”
             --Knot Pipatsrisawat, software engineer intern at Facebook

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