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					 Caravan and Holiday
Park Guide to Tasmania

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Bicheno            BIG4 Bicheno Cabin Park                     1800 789 075   Hobart Region         Discovery Holiday Parks - Hobart    1800 030 044
Coles Bay          Iluka Holiday Centre                        1800 786 512   Hobart Region         Hobart Airport Tourist Park         1800 441 184
Cradle Mountain    Discovery Holiday Parks - Cradle Mountain   1800 030 044   Launceston Region     Discovery Holiday Parks - Hadspen   1800 030 044
Devonport          Discovery Holiday Parks - Devonport         1800 030 044   St Helens             BIG4 St Helens Holiday Park         1300 559 745
Devonport Region   BIG4 Ulverstone Holiday Park                1800 008 028   Strahan               Discovery Holiday Parks - Strahan   1800 030 044
Hobart Region      Barilla Holiday Park                        1800 465 453   Tamar Valley Region   Kelso Sands Holiday Park            1800 664 826

Location List and Map                                    Welcome to Tasmania, an
   Park list, Map of Tasmania - park locations     2-3
Hobart area and Southern region parks                4   island which is perfect for
  Treasure Island Caravan Park Hobart (Berriedale)   5   touring holidays.
  Hobart Cabins & Cottages at Elwick                 5
  Barilla Holiday Park                               6   You may have a campervan
  Richmond Cabin & Tourist Park                      6
  Discovery Holiday Parks - Hobart                   7   or caravan, or be staying
  Discovery Holiday Parks Mornington - Hobart        7   at the many park cabins
  Seven Mile Beach Cabin Park
  Hobart Airport Tourist Park
                                                         situated around this
  Port Arthur Caravan & Cabin Park                   9   beautiful state. Our compact
  Captain Cook Caravan Park - Bruny Island          10   island has diverse scenery
  White Beach Tourist Park                          10
  Snug Beach Cabin & Caravan Park                   11   and interesting roads that
  Tarraleah Highland Caravan Park                   11   lend themselves to touring.
  New Norfolk Caravan Park                          12
  Huon Bush Retreats                                12   This book is an initiative
  Heimat Chalets - Motorhome Ensuites               12
  Wayatinah Lakeside Caravan Park                   12   of The Caravan Industry
Launceston and the North East parks                      Australia Tasmania. It
   Tomahawk Tourist & Leisure Park
   BIG4 Kelso Sands Holiday Park
                                                   13    details many of the parks
   Greens Beach Holiday & Tourist Park             14    and suppliers in Tasmania,
   Low Head Tourist Park
   Discovery Holiday Parks - Hadspen
                                                         and should prove valuable
   Treasure Island Caravan Park Launceston         15    to every visitor.
   Beauty Point Tourist Park                       16
   Bridport Caravan Park                           17    If you wish to contact the
   Longford Riverside Caravan Park                 17    Caravan Industry Australia
   Launceston Holiday Park Legana                  18
North West parks                                   20    Tasmania;
   Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park                    20    Email:
   Beach Retreat Tourist Park (Wynyard)            21
   Leisure Ville (Wynyard)                         21
   Somerset Gardens Cabin & Caravan Park           22    Phone: 03 6263 5996
   Burnie Holiday Caravan Park
   Big 4 Ulverstone Holiday Park
                                                         Fax: 03 6263 5886
   Discovery Holiday Parks - Cradle Mountain       23
   Discovery Holiday Parks - Devonport             25
   Abel Tasman Caravan Park                        24
   Devonport Vacation Village                      24    Happy holidays
   Latrobe Mersey River Caravan Park               25    Anthony Edwards
   Gowrie Park Wilderness Village
   Arthur River Cabin Park
                                                   26    Chairman CIAT
   Crayfish Creek Van & Cabin Park                 26
East Coast parks
   BIG4 St Helens Caravan Park                     27    Pets may be considered at
   Hillcrest Tourist Park (St Helens)              28    parks which show
   Bicheno East Coast Holiday Park
   Swansea Holiday Park
                                                   29    this symbol. Please
   Iluka Holiday Centre (Coles Bay)                29    phone the park with
   Triabunna Cabin & Caravan Park                  30    details of your pet.
   Scamander Tourist & Leisure Park                30
West Coast parks
   Discovery Holiday Parks - Strahan               31
   Strahan Holiday Park                            32    All parks marked
   Discovery Holiday Parks - Strahan Backpackers   32    with this logo
   Treasure Island Caravan Park Zeehan             32
Touring Services                                         have achieved
   Map of Dump Stations, LPG, Camping              33    the Tourism Council
   Dump Station Locations list                     34
   LPG Outlets list                                35    Tasmania's accreditation
Index & Advertiser Directory                       36    standards
West Coast                                                Pg   34   Branxholm Camping Ground                 6354 6168
1    Strahan Holiday Park                     6471 7442   32   35   Tomahawk Tourist & Leisure Park          6355 2268 13
1    Discovery Holiday Parks - Strahan        6471 7239   31   36   Flinders Island Cabin Park               6359 2188
1    Discovery Hol. Pks Strahan Backpackers   6471 7255   32   37   Weldborough Camping Ground               6354 2223
2    Queenstown Cabin & Tourist Park          6471 1332        38   Longford Riverside Caravan Park          6391 1470 17
3    Treasure Island Caravan Park - Zeehan    6471 6633   32   39   Ross Caravan Park & Holiday Cabins       6381 5224
4    Rosebery Cabin & Tourist Park            6473 1366        East Coast
5    Waratah Camping Ground                   6439 7100        40   BIG4 St Helens Caravan Park              6376 1290    27
North West                                                     40   Hillcrest Tourist Park - St Helens       6376 3298    28
6 Discovery Holiday Parks - Cradle Mt         6492 1395   23   41   Scamander Tourist & Leisure Park         6372 5121    30
7 Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park                6458 1266   20   42   Bicheno Cabins & Tourist Park            6375 1117
7a Arthur River Cabin Park                    6457 1212   26   42   Bicheno Caravan Park                     6375 1280
8 Bass Caravan Park - King Island             6462 1260        42   Bicheno East Coast Holiday Park          6375 1999    28
9 Crayfish Creek Van and Cabin Park           6443 4228   26   42   Seaview Holiday Park - Bicheno           6375 1247
10 Leisure Ville Caravan Park - Wynyard       6442 2291   21   43   Freycinet National Park Camping Ground   6256 7000
10 Beach Retreat Tourist Park - Wynyard       6442 1998   21   43   Iluka Holiday Centre - Coles Bay         6257 0115    29
11 Somerset Gardens Cabin & Caravan Pk        6435 2322   22   44   Swansea Holiday Parks                    6257 8177    29
12 Burnie Holiday Caravan Park                6431 1925   22   45   Gumleaves Caravan & Tourist Park         6244 8147
13 Penguin Caravan Park                       6437 2785        46   Maria Island Camping Ground              6257 1420
14 Buttons Creek Camping Ground - Ulv.        6425 2624        47   Triabunna Cabin & Caravan Park           6257 3575    30
14 Apex Caravan Park Picnic Point - Ulv       6425 2935
14 Big 4 Ulverstone Caravan Park              6425 2624   23
                                                               Hobart and South
14 Apex Caravan Park - Ulverstone             6425 2935        49   Great Lake Caravan Park                   6259 8163
15 Beach Haven Carav Vill - Turners Bch       6428 2785        50   Bothwell Caravan Park                     6259 5503
16 Wings Farm Park - Gunns Plains             6429 1151        51   Lakeside St Clair Wilderness Holidays 6289 1137
17 Abel Tasman Caravan Park - Devonport       6427 8794   24   52   Tarraleah Highland Caravan Park           6289 1199   11
17 Bay View Holiday Village - Devonport       6427 0499        53   Wayatinah Lakeside Caravan Park           6289 3317   12
17 Devonport Vacation Village                 6427 8886   24   54   Land of the Giants Car Pk - National Park 6288 1526
17 Mersey Bluff Caravan Park - Devonport      6424 8655        55   Heimat Chalets - New Norfolk              6261 2843   12
17 Discovery Holiday Parks Devonport          6427 9933   25   56   New Norfolk Caravan Park                  6261 1268   12
18 Lakeside Tourist Car. Park - Eugenana      6427 2343        57   Hobart Airport Tourist Park            1800 441 184    9
19 Moomba Holiday & Car Pk - Port Sorell      6428 6140        57   Barilla Holiday Park - Cambridge          6248 5453    6
19 Port Sorell Lions Caravan Park             6428 7267        57   Seven Mile Beach Cabin Park               6248 6469    8
20 Latrobe Mersey River Caravan Park          6426 1944   25   58   Treasure Island Caravan Park - Hobart 6249 2379        5
21 Gowrie Park Wilderness Village             6491 1385   26   59   Hobart Cabins & Cottages at Elwick        6272 7115    5
22 Mole Creek Caravan Park                    6363 1150        60   Discovery Holiday Parks - Hobart          6243 9879    7
23 Deloraine Apex Caravan Park                6362 2345        61   Discovery Holiday Parks Mornington 6244 7070           7
23a Andy's Caravan Park Westbury              6393 1846        62   Richmond Cabin & Tourist Park             6260 2192    6
Launceston and North East                                      64   Fortescue Bay Camping Ground              6250 2433
24   Kelso Sands Holiday Park                 6383 9130   13   65   Port Arthur Caravan & Cabin Park          6250 2340    9
25   Greens Beach Holiday & Tourist Park      6383 9222   14   66   White Beach Tourist Park - Nubeena 6250 2142          10
26   Beauty Point Tourist Park                6383 4536   16   67   Snug Beach Cabin & Caravan Park           6267 9138   11
28   Low Head Tourist Park                    6382 1573   14   68   Barnes Camp Site - Judbury                6266 0279
29   Launceston Holiday Park Legana           6330 1714   18   70   Adventure Bay Hol. Village - Bruny Isl 6293 1270
30   Discovery Holiday Parks Hadspen          6393 6391   15   70   Captain James Cook Car. Pk - Bruny Isl 6293 1128      10
31   Treasure Island Caravan Park - Launc.    6344 2600   15   71   Dover Beachside Caravan Park              6298 1301
32   Bridport Caravan Park                    6356 1227   17   72   Southport Settlement                      6298 3144
33   Northeast Park - Scottsdale              6352 6500        73   Huon Bush Retreats                        6264 2233   12

The parks that are in bold typeface have advertisements in the booklet - see page number next to the phone number
                                                                            Tasmanian                                                                                                                                                                                                            FU

                                                                           Holiday Parks


                          Naracoopa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Emita

       Currie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ISLAND

      8                                                                         See list opposite - park number is to left of park name on list

                        Yarra Creek
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lady Barron
                                                                                                                               TOURING ROUTES
                                                                                                    Great Nature Trail .............................
                                                                                                    Cradle Country Touring Route ..........
                                 Three                                                              The West Coast Wilderness Way .....                                                                                                                                                 CAPE          BARREN     ISLAND

                                                                                                    The Rivers Run .................................
   Hunter                                                                                           Huon Trail .........................................                                                                                                                                          Clarke
    Island                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Island
                                                                                                    Convict Trail ......................................
                                 Robbins                                                            The Heritage Highway ......................
                                                                                                    Great Western Tiers Tourist Route ...
                                                    7                                               Tamar Valley Touring Route .............
                                                                                                    North East Trail .................................
                                                         Crayfish Creek
                                                                                                    East Coast Escape ...........................                                                                                                              35
             Marrawah                                    9                     Boat
                                                                                          10                                                                                                                                  32
                                                                                           WYNYARD                                                                                                                                                                        Gladstone
                                                                                                                                   sB E

                                                                                     11 12 13

                                                                                                                                                                      24 GEORGE TOWN                                                        33
                                                                                                                           Tu RST

                                                                                                                                                         Port                                            Pipers                                                                                                 Bay
Arthur River

                                                                                                                                      DEVONPORT Sorell                                                   River                                                Derby

                                                                                                                                                                   Beauty Pt 26

                                                                                         Yolla                                                                                                                                              SCOTTSDALE
                                                                                                                      14 Forth 17
                                                                                                                          15                          19         Beaconsfield                                                                                                   37                             Fires

                                                                                                 Hampshire 16
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Binalong Bay
                                                                                                          Gunns Plains                  18 20                                     Exeter

                                                                                                             Nietta                    Sheffield
                                                                                                                                                                  Frankford                                                                                                                ST HELENS
                                                                                                                      Wilmot                                                                     29                       Nunamara
                                                             Waratah                                                                                                                                     31 LAUNCESTON
                                                                                                                                                             Elizabeth Town                                                                                                  Mathinna
                                                                                                                               21                                                                                                                                                           Scamander
                                                                                                                                                                                 23a 30             ea




                                            Savage River                                                                                                              Westbury                                     Western Junction
                                                                                                                                               Mole Creek
                                                                                                                                                                 23                          Longford

                                                                                                     Cradle Valley
                                                                                                                                             22                                                          38                   Nile                Rossarden                       Fingal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          St Marys

                                 Corinna                                                                                                                                                               Cressy

                                                                           4                             6
                                                                                                                                                                                  Poatina                                                                     Avoca
                                                                     Rosebery                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   42
                                                  3                                                                                                                                                                         Conara
                                                Zeehan                                                                                                                                                                                    Campbell Town

                                                                                                                                                                     49                                                                   Ross

                                            1         QUEENSTOWN
                                                                                                                                51                                                                                                       39
                                                                                                                                             Bronte                                                                                                                                                            Coles Bay
                                           STRAHAN                         2                                  Derwent Bridge                   Park                                                                                                                           Swansea
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Tunbridge                                                                    43
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Wineglass Bay


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Little                 Bay

                                                                                                                                                                                                 50                              Oatlands                          Swanport


                                                                 ar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Island
                                                                      ur                                                                   Wayatinah
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bothwell                                                               45
                                                                                                                                                                         Ouse                     Melton
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Kempton      Colebrook                       Orford                      46
                                                                                                                                                                                  Hamilton                                                                                                 Darlington
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Bagdad                                                               Maria
                                                                                                                                                                  Westerway                Gretna                                    62
                                                                                                                                                         National Park        Bushy                    Brighton

                                                                                                                                                                               Park       55     BRIDGEWATER                          Richmond
                                                                                                                       Strathgordon                                                                                                          SORELL
                                                                                                                                                                                  NEW NORFOLK
                                                                                                                                                                                              56                                     57                           Copping
                                                                                                                                                                                                      HOBART                                                       Dunalley
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Fern Tree

                                                                                                                                                                                68 73                                     KINGSTON
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Margate                  South Arm                                Eaglehawk Neck
                                                                                                                                                                                   HUONVILLE                                                        Tasman
                58                                                                                                                                                                    Franklin
                                                                                60                                                                                                                    Kettering                                               Nubeena          64
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cygnet Nicholls Rt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       STORM        66                  Port Arthur
                                                                                                                                                                                Geeveston                                               BAY                 Peninsula
                                           59                                                                                                                                                                                                                            65

                                                                                                                                                                                        Dover                     xC       BRUNY
                                                                                                     Port                                                                                          71    ca
                                                                                                                                                                                                           s te
                                                                                                                                                                                                                au Alonnah
                                                                                                    Davey                                                                                                                 Adventure

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      70 ISLAND

                                                                                                                                                                                   72 Southport

                                                                                                                        61                                                            Cockle Creek

Touring in Tasmania
Tasmania has 11 diverse touring routes, with a wide range of attractions and
driving experiences. For a safe holiday, please observe the following:
• Tasmania's spectacular scenery means that                  • Speed limits are clearly marked - usually 50
  roads often cross rugged and mountainous                     or 60 km/h in built-up areas and 100 km/h on
  terrain. Winding roads can mean your trip may                other roads. Speed cameras and radar guns,
  take longer than you think.                                  both fixed and mobile, are widely used.
• Many native animals wander onto our roads at               • A current driver’s licence issued in Australian
  night, and are a potential threat to your safety             States or Territories permits you to drive in
  and their own. So when the sun drops, so                     Tasmania for a continuous period of up to
  should your speed.                                           12 months. Current international licences are
• Drive to suit the road conditions.                           permitted, but only for three months.
• The wearing of seat belts is compulsory.

SOUTH                                                        The A6 takes you to Huonville and the Huon
                                                             River, Franklin where boat builders learn the
Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city is an intriguing             traditional skills of shaping Huon pine, Geeveston
blend of heritage and lifestyle, scenery and                 with the awesome AirWalk, the dolomite caves at
vibrant culture. Hobart is a city of fine restaurants,       Hastings and the historic Ida Bay Railway.
bustling markets, fun, festivals and entertainment           At Granton, north of Hobart you have the option
where sandstone cottages and warehouses                      of travelling the Lyell Highway to the Derwent
echo Georgian days. Take a harbour cruise, or                Valley and Central Highlands or crossing the
drive to the summit of Mount Nelson or Mount                 Bridgewater Bridge to the start of the Heritage
Wellington.                                                  Highway to Launceston.
Twenty-five kilometres away is the historic town             The Lyell Highway follows the course of the
of Richmond and the vineyards and wineries                   Derwent River towards Tasmania’s mountains
of the Coal River Valley, home of superb cool-               and wilderness, through the historic town of New
climate wines. Then through Sorell on to the                 Norfolk and past the historic Salmon Ponds trout
Tasman Peninsula where you can discover our                  hatchery. Beyond historic Hamilton and Ouse the
convict past at the historic site at Port Arthur and         highway climbs to the central plateaux and Lake
take scenic walks to awesome sea cliffs.                     St Clair, Australia’s deepest lake.
South of Hobart the B68 takes you to Kettering,              A number of routes divert to the stately
port of the Bruny Island car ferry and the beautiful         town of Bothwell in the highlands
waters of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.                       where lakes teem with trout.

                                                                     • Sole Tasmanian stockist of

  KING Caravans                                                        Jayco Caravans & Motorhomes
                                                                     • Repair caravan accident damage
                                                                     • Suppliers of Carefree and
  & Campers                                                            A&E awnings
                                                                     • Caravan fittings and accessories
                                                                     Ph: 03 6273 4666
   Huge range of new and used caravans,                              Cnr Amy Street & Main Road,
   campers and motor campers                                         Moonah (Hobart)

                Hobart Cabins and Cottages at Elwick
                                                      19 Goodwood Road
                                                      Goodwood, 7010
                                                      Ph: 6272 7115 Fax: 6272 6923
                                                      GPS: S42o49.30 E147o17.28
                                                      Cabins - standard, deluxe
                                                      Cottages and holiday homes

Cooking facilities
Communal BBQ areas
Newly refurbished, on three acres of magnificent
park-like settings. Nine minutes from the centre of
Hobart and its ever popular Salamanca Market and
Hobart’s famous seafood restaurants. Five minutes
from Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory. Playground, basic
shop needs and mini bar, private BBQ available.

                                                     Treasure Island
                                                Caravan Park Hobart

                                                                         1 Alcorso Drive
                                                                        Berriedale 7011
                                                                       Ph: 03 6249 2379
                                                                      Fax: 03 6249 1420

Berriedale                                Accommodation
                                          18 cabins with ensuites, 16 on-site vans,
                                          100 powered sites, 2 ensuite sites, 60 tent sites

                                          Cooking facilities
                                          BBQs, campers kitchen,
                                          self contained cabins
                                          Laundromat on site, LP gas refill, swings, next
                                          door to big playground, bowls club and tennis
                                          club, waterfront location. 10 minutes to Hobart.

    Barilla Holiday Park                                       75 Richmond Road
                                                               Cambridge 7170
                                                               Ph: 03 6248 5869
                                                               Fax: 03 6248 5945
                                                               15 self-contained cabins &
                                                               2 self-contained units - all
                                                               with ensuites. 51 powered
                                                               sites and 10 tent sites.

Features On-site Pizza and fish & chips cafe bar,
eat-in and takeaway (7 days 12noon-9pm). 5 min to
Hobart airport. 10 min to CBD. New 19 hole mini
golf. Near historic Richmond and wine route. Internet
access available to visitors. Playground and hot pool.
Cooking facilities
BBQ area, campers' kitchen

                                                         Richmond Cabin &
                                                              Tourist Park
                                                              48 Middle Tea Tree Road,
                                                                       Richmond 7025
                                                                     Ph: 03 6260 2192
                                                                    Fax: 03 6260 2652

Self contained cabins with private facilities, on-site
cabins. Powered sites with private facilities, powered
sites, free range unpowered camping
Features Heated indoor swimming pool,
half court tennis, childrens playground,
recreation room, gas bbq’s
Cooking facilities
Campers kitchen gas barbeques, gas cooktop & fridge

Discovery Holiday Parks
Mornington - Hobart
Good quality, heated self contained family cabins.
Deluxe Cottages and Spa Cottages with gas log fires.
BBQ areas, laundry, play ground, trampoline,
on site hosts.

                                    346 Cambridge Road, Mornington
                                    Ph: 03 6211 4811
                                    Freecall: 1800 447 070
                                    PACKAGE HOLIDAYS AVAILABLE
                                    Call 1800 030 044

Discovery Holiday Parks - Hobart
High quality, heated, self contained cabins. Disabled
cabins available. Ensuite Caravan sites.
Half court tennis. Free BBQ, laundry, jumping pillow,
young children’s playground. put-put golf. Wireless
Internet. Large grassy play areas, on site hosts.

                                      673 East Derwent Highway
                                      Risdon Cove, 7015
                                      Ph: 03 6243 9879
                                      Freecall: 1800 352 249
                                      PACKAGE HOLIDAYS AVAILABLE
                                      Call 1800 030 044

Seven Mile Beach
Cabin Park - Hobart

12 Aqua Place
Seven Mile Beach
Ph: 03 6248 6469
Fax: 03 6248 6846
Mobile home sites, powered sites,
tent sites, self-contained units, semi contained
rooms, and family cabins.
Cooking facilities Covered BBQ areas, campers kitchen.
Features 10 minutes to airport, 5 min walk to safe
swimming beach, laundry. 5 min to 3 golf courses, 5 min to
restaurant & tavern. Close to public transport.

Hobart Airport Tourist Park
1 Holyman Avenue
Cambridge 7170
Ph: 1800 441 184
Fax: 03 6248 4552
37 fully self cont. 2 bdr. cabins, 2 for disability
22 powered sites with 4 having their own ensuite
Cooking Facilities                                                                              ll
Camp Kitchen includes BBQs, TV                                                             S ore
microwave oven & refrigerator
Features Hobart’s newest caravan and cabin park                             Hobart Airport
is conveniently located within a few minutes of                             Tourist Park
the airport and 15 minutes from the Hobart CDB.
Complimentary shuttle bus service to and from the
airport. Wireless internet. Centrally heated amenities
block. Nearby golf courses & beaches. Dump point.
Ideal base to explore Southern Tasmania’s attractions.

Port Arthur Caravan
& Cabin Park
Garden Point, Port Arthur
Ph: 03 6250 2340
Fax: 03 6250 2509

                                                                            View from the park
                                       20 self contained cabins, 72 bed bunkhouse, 44
                                       powered sites (8 with ensuites), 25 tent sites
                                       Features All in a parkland settings with 4 star
                                       facilities, access to boat ramp and safe swimming
                                       beach. Scenic foreshore walking trail to Port Arthur
                                       Historic Site.
                                       Cooking facilities
                                       Campers kitchen. Enclosed BBQ shelters.

                                                                128 White Beach Road
                                                                White Beach 7184
                                                                Ph: 03 6250 2142
 White Beach Tourist Park
                                                                Self-contained        cabins,
                                                                powered sites and tent sites.


Absolute beach frontage, excellent swimming.
Just 10 minutes from Port Arthur Historic Site.
Playground, picnic area. Boat lockup area.
Kiosk, gas refills. Dump point.
Excellent amenities.
Cooking facilities
All weather BBQ area/campers kitchen

Captain James Cook
Memorial Caravan Park
Ph/Fax: 03 6293 1128
786 Adventure Bay Rd, Bruny Island

                               Cooking facilities                   Accommodation
                               Large camp kitchen                   6 fully self-cont. 2 bedroom
                               2 covered BBQ Huts                   cabins with ensuites, 1 with
                               Features                             disability facilities. 4 new
                               Playground, fishing charters, full   fully self-cont. 1 br. cabins
                               amenities block, dump point,         with beautiful views over
                               great walks, frontage to beautiful   Adventure Bay and large
                               Adventure Bay beach, safe            decks to enjoy. 4 hire vans,
                               swimming, fantastic fishing. 1 klm   20 powered & 10 camping
                               to Eco Cruise. 700 metres to shop.   sites

Snug Beach Cabin                                                                      Snug
& Caravan Park
35 Beach Road, Snug, 7054
Ph: 03 6267 9138 Fax: 03 6267 9128

                                Cooking facilities
                                Undercover enclosed BBQs
                                and campers kitchen
                                Exclusive beach frontage, next      Accommodation
                                to tennis court, playground, oval   18 fully self-cont. cabins,
                                & boatramp. Laundromat, public      2 fully self-cont. studios
                                phone, dumpsite, new amenities.     40 tent sites
                                Central to Huon and Bruny Island    40 powered sites
                                on the D'Entrecasteaux Channel

    Tarraleah Highland Caravan Park
    Modern caravan park and camping                      The Edge Tarraleah 7140
    ground, ideally located on the popular               Ph: 6289 0111 Fax: 6289 0136
    Hobart-Strahan route                       

Accommodation 20 powered sites with fresh & grey
water connections and 50 tent sites on a spectacular
300-acre estate. Cooking facilities Modern campers’
kitchen, electric BBQs. Features Modern bathrooms
and laundry, disabled access, good TV reception, internet,
phone, EFTPOS, petrol, diesel, daily supplies & gift shop.
Café, tavern and restaurant. Games room, playground and
animal park. Lookout, walks, wildlife and wilderness.
Activities centre, equipment for hire, professional guides,
unique tours. World-class trout fishing, kayaking, golf,
bush walking, mountain-biking & 4WD tours.

                                                       New Norfolk
                                                       Caravan Park

                                                        New Norfolk 7140
                                                        Ph: 03 6261 1268
                                                        Fax: 03 6261 5174

New Norfolk

Accommodation 4 cabins, 32 powered
sites, 20 tent sites, 3 on site vans
Cooking facilities
Barbecue, outside sink
Boat ramp, fishing, walks. Historic township.
Close to Mt Field National Park and Salmon Ponds.
30 minutes from Hobart. Blackwater disposal point.

  Heimat Chalets -                      New Norfolk, "simply serene"
 Superbly equipped powered sites, with own
 bathroom. Glorious views, private farmland
 setting. All weather barbecue facilities.
 Self contained chalets available.
 430 Blackhills Road (C184}
 Ph 6261 2843 or Mobile 0408 122 736
 Bookings essential to avoid disappointment.

Wayatinah Lakeside Caravan Park
Ph: 03 6289 3317 Wayatinah. Powered sites and tent sites. Half way between
Hobart and the West Coast, next to lake. Heated pool, tennis court, BBQ, fishing

Cabins, tipees,
unpowered campervan
and tent sites,
Excellent facilities in
large private habitat
reserve 10 km west
of Huonville.
Road not suitable
for caravans.


Launceston is a city of contrasts, from graceful        To the North-East is the lovely township of
Victorian facades and restaurants of the city           Bridport and the neat croplands of Scottsdale,
to scenic Cataract Gorge Reserve with its tree          Branxholm and Ringarooma, echoes of a mining
rhododendrons and peacocks.                             heritage at Derby and the Blue Tier, farm cheese
The Tamar Valley offers rich heritage including         at Pyengana and Mt William National Park,
the historic pilot station at Low Head and gold         where wildlife is plentiful.
museum at Beaconsfield. The Tamar Valley                Follow the Heritage Highway south to Hobart,
Wine Route is our best-established wine region          pioneered in 1807 by explorers who took eight
producing unique cool-climate wines.                    days to traverse the island.

 Tomahawk Tourist & Leisure Park                                            Ph/Fax: 03 6355 2268
 Lot 1, Main Road, Tomahawk Email:
 Cabins, Powered sites and Tent sites, Take-away shop, Beach frontage.

   BIG4 Kelso Sands
   Holiday Park
   86 Paranaple Road Kelso 7270
   Ph: 03 6383 9130 Fax: 03 6383 9191
            park rating

  BIG4 Kelso Sands
  Holiday Park                          Cooking facilities Campers kitchen/gas BBQs
                                        Features Quiet country setting, loads of wildlife, river,
                                        beach, walks, great fishing, 1 hour scenic drive to Spirit
                                        of Tasmania, 10 minutes to Beaconsfield Gold Museum,
                                        Beauty Point Seahorse World and Platypus House, Wine
                                        Accommodation 6 ensuite cabins, 35 powered sites
                                        & 60 tent sites, 2 on-site vans

  Greens Beach Holiday & Tourist Park
  1774 Greens Beach Road,
  Greens Beach
  Ph: 03 6383 9222

       Greens                           N
                                            Small friendly park next
                     Low Head
                                            to safe swimming beach.
 Greens Beach            George Town        Golf & tennis close by.
Holiday & Tourist
                                            Close to Narawntapu National Park.
              A7                            Short walk to the local shop & takeway. Wineries,
                                            Beaconsfield Gold Mine and many attractions nearby.
                Beauty         RIVER

                 Point                      Accommodation
                                            Ensuite cabins, powered & unpowered sites.
                                            Cooking facilities

                                            Barbecues nearby


                Low Head Tourist Park

136 Low Head Road
George Town 7253
Ph: 03 6382 1573 Fax: 03 6382 1521
                                             Explore East Beach, the Tamar River, Low Head
                                             Lighthouse, Maritime Museum & Pilot Station, Fairy
                                             Penguin Parade and historic George Town. Drive the
                                             wine route or take to the water for fishing or diving.
                                             Cooking facilities BBQ area & new amenities block
                                             with disabled facilities. 12 cottages fully self contained.
                                             Accommodation 12 cottages (3.5 star), 6 ensuite
                                             cabins (3 star). 48 powered sites, 2 ensuite powered sites,
                                             14 tent sites. Drive through sites, Black Water Dump
                                             Point. All sites have views of the beautiful Tamar River.

   Discovery Holiday Parks - Hadspen
   High quality, heated self contained cabins.
   Deluxe Cottages with gas fires, some with spas.
   Disabled cabins available. Powered caravan sites.
   Features BBQ area, Camp Kitchen, laundry,
   playground, half court tennis, games
   room, on site hosts. Supermarket,
   Newsagency, Petrol Station
   and Post Office on George Town

                             Launceston                To
                                                 St Helens
                                                             Old Bass Highway, Hadspen 7290
                                                             Ph: 03 6393 6391
                                                         N   Freecall: 1800 281 885
                                                  Evandale   PACKAGE HOLIDAYS AVAILABLE
To Devonport
                               Perth         To Hobart
                                                             Call 1800 030 044

   Treasure Island Caravan
   Park Launceston
   94 Glen Dhu Street
   Launceston 7250
   Ph: 03 6344 2600
   Fax: 03 6343 1764

   23 cabins with ensuites, 12 on-site vans,
   65 powered sites, 50 tent sites
   Cooking facilities
   BBQs, campers kitchen
   Swings, laundromat on site, LP gas refill
   Close to RSL Club, McDonalds & Hungry Jacks
   2.5 kilometres to Launceston

Play &Valley

                                         Self contained
                                        Cabins from $89

                                                Sites from

                                             - Quiet Waterfront setting
                                             - Walk to Hotels, Shops &
                                                 local attractions
                                             - 5mins to Beaconsfield
                                             - 1hr to Launceston Airport
                                                 & Ferries

   36 West Arm Rd Beauty Point TAS 7270 Ph (03) 6383 4536
Bridport Caravan Park
Bentley Street
Bridport 7262
Ph: 03 6356 1227
Fax: 03 6356 0524
                                 135 Powered Sites, 105 Unpowered Sites
                                 Beach front sites with laundry facilities, children’s
                                 playground and tennis courts, all set in the natural
                                 environment and within walking distance to the
                                 local shopping centre. This park is the
                                 perfect location for a family holiday
                                 Cooking facilities BBQ area

Longford Riverside
Caravan Park
2a Archer Street,
Longford, 7301
Ph: 03 6391 1470
Fax: 03 6391 1470
                                 Cooking facilities Shared kitchen for units.
                                 Electric BBQ, Campers kitchen
                                 Features River frontage, peaceful & park-like,
                                 fishing, walks, boat ramp nearby, 15 min to airport
                                 and Launceston. Heritage township. Central location
                                 to explore the North. AAA Rating            .
                                 Laundry. Wi Fi hotspot. Kayak hire.
                                 Powered and tent sites, units, cabins, on site vans

Launceston Holiday
Park Legana
711 West Tamar Highway, Legana, 7277
Ph: 03 6330 1714 Fax: 03 6330 1317
GPS: S 41o22.26 E 147o3.2
Standard One Bedroom Cabins
Two Bedroom Cabins (2 Double Beds)
Deluxe Queensize Cabin
Tamar Spa Cabin (Bath size Spa)
Powered Sites
Free Gas B.B.Q
Small Under cover Camp Kitchen
Internet Access at office
Wi Fi zone throughout the park
Games Room, Laundry
Perfectly situated at the gateway to the
magnificent Tamar Valley and close to all
of Launceston major attractions
10 min from Launceston CBD

                                                 Deluxe cabin

  Book & stay 7 nights on a powered site and show
   this brochure for 10% off your total site costs

tasmanian tourist parks
Smithton           2
            Wynyard     Burnie
                                 1        13   George Town
                                      Point                  Scottsdale     11
                                                                              St Helens       We invite you to enjoy the
                                                      Launceston                                hospitality of our parks
                                                                                                      around Tasmania.
                                                                                                Ask for our free VIP card
              3   Queenstown
                                                                                                which will give you up to
                                                                                                 a 10% discount, subject
                           Wayatinah                                10              4                      to conditions.

                                                                                                        Most parks are pet
                                                                                    5                 friendly on powered
                                                                      Port Arthur                      sites, please ring to
                                               7      8
                                              Dover    Bruny Island                 6

1 Abel Tasman Caravan Park
  6 Wright Street, East Devonport
           Ph: (03) 6427 8794

2 Leisure Ville                                                                     8     Captain James Cook Caravan Park
  145 Old Bass Highway, Wynyard                                                           786 Adventure Bay Road, Bruny Island
           Ph: (03) 6442 2291                                                             Ph: (03) 6293 1128
                                                                                          White Beach Tourist Park
3 Strahan Holiday Park
  8 West Innes Street, Strahan
                                                                                    9     128 White Beach Road, White Beach
           Ph: (03) 6471 7442                                                             Ph: (03) 6250 2142

4 Wayatinah Lakeside Caravan Park
  Wayatinah Road, Wayatinah (no cabins)
                                                                                    10 Triabunna Cabin & Caravan Park
                                                                                       4 Vickery Street, Triabunna
           Ph: (03) 6289 3317                                                             Ph: (03) 6257 3575

5 Seven Place, Seven Mile Beach Park
  12 Aqua
          Mile Beach Cabin                                                                                Park
                                                                                    11 Hillcrest TouristRoad, St. Helens
                                                                                       10 Chimney Heights
           Ph: (03) 6248 6469                                                             Ph: (03) 6376 3298

6 Hobart Cabins & Cottages service road)
  19 Goodwood Road, Goodwood (on
                                                                                    12 Launceston HolidayLegana
                                                                                       711 West Tamar Highway,
           (no powered sites) - Ph: (03) 6272 7115                                        Ph: (03) 6330 1714

7 DoverBeach Road, Dover
  27 Kent
          Beachside Tourist Park                                                                       Tourist Park
                                                                                    13 Beauty PointBeauty Point
                                                                                       36 West Arm Rd.
           Ph: (03) 6298 1301                                                             Ph: (03) 6383 4536

8                       Tasmanian Tourist Parks
                    offer a free book-ahead service
9                                   19

The city of Devonport, port of the Spirit of Tasmania         more than 3,000 lakes and tarns; so valuable is
ships, is the gateway to this diverse region.                 the rare alpine environment it is protected as a
                                                              World Heritage Area. The area is popular for its
Inland is the Cradle Country Touring Route with a
                                                              walks, waterfalls, historic homes, gardens, artists
range of diverse landscapes, from idyllic agricultural
                                                              and craftspeople.
hinterland to the renowned Cradle Mountain at the
edge of the Tasmanian World Heritage Area.                    Further to the North West is The Great Nature Trail.
                                                              This road follows the coast of Bass Strait past Burnie
Returning to the coast there's a bright welcome in
                                                              with its industrial heritage and busy port, pretty
Ulverstone and Penguin, with an alternate route
                                                              seaside villages, penguin rookeries, tulip fields and
inland to Leven Canyon and Gunns Plains Caves.
                                                              peaceful sandy coves to Stanley, one of the prettiest
Visit The Great Western Tiers Tourist Route. The              towns in Australia. On the far north west tip is Cape
chain of mountains that forms the ‘tier’ holds                Grim, where sea air is the world's cleanest.

  Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park
   Wharf Road
   Stanley 7331
   Ph: 03 6458 1266
   Fax: 03 6458 1255
   2001 Tasmanian Tourism
   Awards winner
                                                 30 cabins, 67 powered sites, Hostel, 20 tent sites
                                                 Cooking facilities
                                                 Electric barbecues, campers kitchen
                                                 Childrens' playground, table tennis, laundry,
                                                 beachfront. Set in garden surroundings with sealed
                                                 road. Coin operated internet. Walk to golf course.
                                                 Conference facilities. Laptop ADSL connection avail.

                                                         Beach Retreat
                                                         Tourist Park
                                                         Tranquillity on the beach
                                                         30 B Old Bass Highway
                                                         Wynyard 7325
                                                         Ph & Fax: 03 6442 1998

                                                         Cooking Facilities
                                             Wynyard     Under cover BBQ area. Well
Accommodation                                            appointed kitchen & lounge
Luxurious modern self contained cabins. Beautifully
decorated. Motel style units, comfortable private
rooms, own backpacker rooms. Powered sites,
grassy level free range tent sites.
Well equipped laundry. Pets welcome. Our park offers
a peaceful and relaxing setting where you step off
manicured lawns onto the beach. Leisurely stroll to
shops, hotels & restaurants. Wynyard has two golf
courses, great fishing, river walks and scenic drives.

Leisure Ville
145 Old Bass Highway
Wynyard 7325
Ph: 03 6442 2291
Fax: 03 6442 3058
9          to       villa units with ensuites,
15          to       cabins with ensuites,
20 powered sites (5 ensuite), 4 tent sites
New modern unisex amenities.
Cooking Facilities
Free barbecues. Villas have full cooking
facilities. Cabins have a microwave
and a two hotplate stovette.
Indoor heated pool and spa,
games room, tennis area, playground. Wireless
internet. Opposite beach. Licensed café.

                                                                  253 Bass Highway
  Burnie Holiday Caravan Park                                     Cooee Burnie 7320
                                                                  Ph: 03 6431 1925
                                                                  Fax: 03 6431 1753
                                                                   11 self-contained units,
                                                                   16 self-contained cabins,
                                                                   4 on-site vans,
                                                                   backpackers hostel,
                                                                   73 powered and tent sites.

Cooking facilities
BBQ, camp kitchen
Opposite sandy beach and penguin habitat. Indoor
heated pool, laundry. Public telephone. LPG gas
refill, soft drinks, confectionery and icecream
available. Wireless broadband and internet kiosk.

 Somerset Beachside Cabin & Caravan Park
                                                            Bass Highway, Somerset 7322
                                                                  Incorporating Two Oaks
                                                                        Nursery, and Cafe
                                                                         Ph: 03 6435 2322
                                                                        Fax: 03 6435 3198

 Accommodation 10 self contained cabins,
 40 powered sites, 80 tent sites
 Features A place for quiet enjoyment and a great
 base to explore the coast: stroll along the sandy
 beaches, view little penguins and platypuses, sample
 the local cheeses, berry fruit and seafood, explore
 the outstanding waterfalls and caves, bushwalk in
 the nearby National Parks. Large easily accessible
 powered sites. Great amenities. Pet friendly.

BIG4 Ulverstone Holiday Park
57 Water Street, Ulverstone 7315
Ph: 1800 008 028
Fax: 03 6425 4654
17 fully self contained cabins
65 level grassed powered sites, some drive through                  Ulverstone
25 unpowered sites.
Cooking Facilities
Covered BBQ areas. Camp Kitchen
Features Only metres from the beach and centrally
located on the picturesque north west coast, just 20
minutes from the Spirit of Tasmania Ferry Terminal.
Ulverstone provides an abundance of recreational
parks, playgrounds, safe beaches, fishing, golf,
shops and restaurants. In just 90 minutes you
can be in Stanley, Cradle Mountain or Launceston.

 Discovery Holiday Parks - Cradle Mountain
 High quality, heated self contained cabins. Deluxe
 cottages with gas fires, some with spas. Powered and
 unpowered sites. Backpackers Bunkhouse.
 At the entrance to the National Park,
 on site shop with liquor license, on site hosts,
 laundry, Austar, Camp Kitchens and BBQ Areas

                                      Cradle Mountain Road,
                                      Cradle Mountain 7306
                                      Ph: 03 6492 1395
                                      Freecall: 1800 068 574
                                      PACKAGE HOLIDAYS AVAILABLE
                                      Call 1800 030 044

                                                     Abel Tasman
                                                     Caravan Park

                                                    6 Wright Street,
                                                    East Devonport, 7310
Spectacular views of the Spirits arriving           Ph: 03 6427 8794
and departing Devonport. No other position          Fax: 03 6427 0262
would allow you this fantastic photographic
opportunity. Come and experience for yourself.

Cooking facilities
Two free BBQ areas & free camp kitchen
Beach and river frontage. Coin operated
laundromats, gas re-filling, childrens’ play park
on the beach.
14 family and double cabins with ensuites.
Camping sites - powered and unpowered.

Devonport Vacation Village
20-24 North Caroline St
East Devonport 7310
03 6427 8886
03 6427 8388

22 cabins with ensuites
50 tent sites                                                        Devonport
40 powered sites
16 ensuite sites
Takeaway shop on site, swings,
laundromat, LP gas refill.
Close to ship terminal.
The park has been recently refurbished.
Cooking facilities
BBQs. Cabins fully self contained

 Discovery Holiday Parks - Devonport
 High quality, heated self contained cabins.
 Deluxe cottages with gas fires, some with spas.
 1 x disabled cabin. Powered and Ensuite caravan sites.
 Waterfront. BBQ areas. Camp Kitchen, laundry,
 play ground, on site hosts and shop, Austar.

                                        13-19 Tarleton Street,
                                        East Devonport 7310
                                        Ph: 03 6498 6333
                                        Freecall: 1800 880 201
                                        PACKAGE HOLIDAYS AVAILABLE
                                        Call 1800 030 044

                                               Latrobe Mersey River
                                                      Caravan Park

                                                           1 River Road,
                                                           Bells Parade
                                                           Latrobe, 7307
                                                           Ph: 03 6426 1944

Cabins (6 berth), powered
and unpowered sites.
Hostel accommodation.
Cooking facilities
BBQ area, camp kitchen, communal kitchen
Features “Tassie’s newest caravan park”. Only 8
minutes from the ferry terminal, 90 minutes to Cradle
Mountain, situated in historic Bells Parade beside the
Mersey River. Observe platypus in the wild. Walk to
the Latrobe town centre.

                                                           1447 Claude Road
    Gowrie Park Wilderness Village                         Gowrie Park 7306
                                                           Ph: 03 6491 1385
                                                           Fax: 03 6491 1848
                                                           4 cabins with ensuites,
                                                           25 powered sites,
                                                           50 tent sites, bunkhouse
                                                           with 110 beds

Features Located at the foot of Mt Roland, offering
great walks with panoramic views. 40 minutes’ drive
from Devonport on the road to Cradle Mountain.
Licensed restaurant and function room. Laundromat,
internet access (using your own computer), recreation
room with table tennis table and TV.
Cooking Facilities
BBQ facilities, communal kitchen in bunkhouse.
Cabins have self contained kitchens

Austins Caravans and Trailers                         Phone: 03 6435 2643
Bass Hwy Somerset New and pre-loved vans.
Spare parts and accessories. Incredible range of giftware and camping gear.

Arthur River Cabin Park                       Ph: 03 6457 1212
Camper/caravan powered sites, hot showers. Ensuite cabins.
1239 Arthur River Rd.

Crayfish Creek Van & Cabin Park                           Ph/Fax: 03 6443 4228
20049 Bass Highway, Crayfish Creek Range of Spa Cabins, Vans and natural
bush secluded, Serviced Sites with direct access to creek, beach and forest reserves.


                                                                        Highlights of the East Coast
                                                            Escape are its national parks - Freycinet
                                          with the stunning Hazards mountain range is a bushwalkers'
           and sea kayakers' paradise, Douglas-Apsley with its quietly flowing rivers, eucalypts and
Oyster Bay pines; and Maria Island rich in history, with beaches, cliffs and mountains to explore.
All along the coast the distinctive blue-green east coast sea washes the rocky shores and pristine
beaches. Grey-green sheoak trees dapple the ground with cool shade. In the ocean beyond, whales
follow ancestral migration routes, dolphins frolic and sea birds wheel on the wind. Inland, rainforest
clings to steep mountain passes.
From St Helens you can choose to continue through to the north east past Pyengana with its waterfall
and cheese factory, or turn back through St Mary’s to the farmlands and forests of the Fingal Valley
which links you back up with the Heritage Highway.

   BIG4 St Helens Holiday Park
   2 Penelope Street   HHHHI
   St Helens 7216
   Ph: 03 6376 1290
   Fax: 03 6376 1514

                                   Cooking facilities Campers kitchen and BBQs
                                   Features Games room and playground. Modern amenity
                                   block. Walking distance to St Helens township. Close
                                   to Binalong Bay and Bay of Fires conservation area.
                                   Comfortable 2 hour drive from Launceston.
                                   Accommodation 21 cabins, 54 powered sites,
                                   6 ensuite sites, extensive non-powered camping area

Hillcrest Tourist Park & Mini Market
                               St Helens - Game fishing       10 Chimney Heights Road
                                    capital of Tasmania       St Helens 7216
                                                              Ph: 03 6376 3298
                                                              Fax: 03 6376 3055
                                                              8 fully self contained cabins, 48
                                                              powered sites, 25 unpowered sites

Cooking facilities
BBQ and take-aways
Convenience store with petrol, gas, take-aways & groceries.
Laundry, games room. Licensed premises.
Close to beach & boat ramp. Attractions nearby: fishing,
beach, fresh fish, cheese factory, St Columbia Falls, state
forest, golf, bowls, fishing charters, 4 wheel drive tours.

                                                     Esplanade, Coles Bay 7215
 Iluka Holiday Centre                                Ph: 03 6257 0115
                                                     Fax: 03 6257 0384
                                                     12 units with ensuites, 8 cabins with
                                                     ensuites, bunkhouse with 32 beds,
                                                     4 on-site vans,
                                                     30 powered sites,
                                                     15 tent sites

Coles Bay
Features Tavern/Bistro with childrens playroom,
bakery, supermarket, opposite Muirs Beach
Cooking facilities Campers kitchen, BBQs

Swansea Holiday Park

Bridge Street, Swansea Ph: 03 6257 8148

                                                Offering a variety of cabins with ensuites
                                                and powered sites.
                                                Features Campers kitchen, beach
                                                frontage, games room, pool/spa, wash
                                                facility and boat park.

                                                beachfront location
                                                where you can swim,
 Swansea                                        fish, sail or just relax.

c ab i n a n d c ara v a n par k
The Gateway to Maria Island
and Tasmania’s East Coast Escape
You won’t find a more friendly or hospitable place to stay
in Tasmania. There are 4 beautifully appointed modern
cabins, powered and unpowered caravan sites,
a camping area, and backpackers accommodation.
A short walk to the town, the Spring Bay pub, and the
ferry to Maria Island, there is no better place to base
                                                                      Triabunna Cabin
your east coast holiday.                                              & Caravan Park
For more information or to book
Phone: 6257 3575 Fax: 6257 4067
or book online



                                  TOURIST/CARAVAN PARK
       A             A
              TR ALI

Scamander Tourist & Leisure Park                              Ph/Fax: 03 6372 5121
70-88 Scamander Ave Powered sites, camp
sites. Self cont. budget & deluxe cabins, on-site vans. Walk to golf, bowls, tennis, fishing

                                       WEST COAST
                                                       In an island of unique experiences, the
                                                         West Coast is a land apart. Through its
                                                           craggy mountains and World Heritage
                                                            Area wilderness, you'll see thousands
                                                              of millions of years captured in the
                                                              ancient rocks, wrought in volcanic
                                                              fire and scraped clean by ice.
                                                              Travel between Queenstown and
                                                              Strahan on the historic ABT West
                                                              Coast Wilderness Railway.
                                                              Sample a West Coast crayfish or
                                                             Macquarie Harbour salmon, fresh
                                                            from the sea.
                                                           Travel on Australia's highest-altitude
                                                          ferry from Cynthia Bay across Lake St
                                                         Clair, Australia’s deepest lake, to the start
of                                                     the world renowned Overland Track.

     Discovery Holiday Parks - Strahan
     32 fully self-contained cabins,
     14 powered sites, tent sites

     100 metres from Macquarie Harbour, playground,
     laundromat. Walking distance to Strahan centre.
     Central to shops and attractions.
     BBQ, camp kitchen

                                          Cnr. Andrew & Innes Streets
                                          Strahan 7468
                                          Ph: 03 6472 6200 Fax: 03 6472 6202
                                          PACKAGE HOLIDAYS AVAILABLE
                                          Call 1800 030 044

 Strahan Holiday Park
 8 Innes Street, Strahan
 Ph: 03 6471 7442
 Fax: 03 6471 7278
 GPS: S42o9.9 E145o19.13
 Powered sites
 For caravans & motorhomes.
                                      Accommodation 50 cabins (standard and deluxe)
                                      sleeping up to 6, one Spa cabin for the romantics,
                                      6 executive units and 4 houses sleeping up to 10.
                                      Largest selection to suit your budget.
                                      Features A delightful caravan park on 6 acres with
                                      a restaurant/cafe on site. We are the most central
                                      park, only a 10 minute stroll around the esplanade to
                                      the Village and wharf. 100 metres to beach.

Treasure Island Caravan Park Zeehan                                   Ph: 03 6471 6633
Hurst Street, Zeehan Fax: 03 6471 6615 Email: Ensuite cabins,
on-site vans, large powered sites, tent sites & campers kitchen. Gas & wood BBQ,
Laundry facilities. Tour bookings.

Discovery Holiday Parks - Strahan Backpackers
  • Tent sites          •   Two Kitchens
  • Private huts        •   TV lounge
  • Double or twin      •   Laundry
    rooms               •   Internet
  Ph: 03 6472 6211
  43 Harvey Street, Strahan 7468

                                                Location of Services

                                                                                                                                                                                 TOURING ROUTES

                                                               LPG Gas Outlet - see list pg35                                                         Great Nature Trail .............................

                                                                                                                                                      Cradle Country Touring Route ..........
                                                               Dump Stations - see list pg34

           Currie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ISLAND
                                                                                                                                                      The West Coast Wilderness Way .....


                                                               Caravan or Holiday Park                                                                The Rivers Run .................................

                            Yarra Creek                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lackrana
                                                                                                                                                      Huon Trail .........................................                                                                                                   Lady Barron

                                                               Camping site - no services                                                             Convict Trail ......................................
                                                                                                                                                      The Heritage Highway ......................
                                                               Camping site with services                                                             Great Western Tiers Tourist Route ...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      CAPE          BARREN     ISLAND
                                     Three                                                                                                            Tamar Valley Touring Route .............
                                                               Rest area or picnic ground                                                             North East Trail .................................
                                                               with public toilet                                                                     East Coast Escape ...........................                                                                                             Clarke

                                                                                 The camping sites shown are mainly in National Parks,
                                                                              State Reserves and Forest Reserves, and charges may apply.

                                                           Crayfish Creek

                                                                                  Boat Harbour

Arthur River
                                                                                                                                 sB E

                                                                                                                                                                              GEORGE TOWN
                                                                                                                          Tu RST

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Pipers                                                                                                  Bay

                                                                                                                                      DEVONPORT                                                       River                                                  Derby


                                                                                      Yolla                                                                     Beauty Pt                                                                  SCOTTSDALE
                                                                                                                                                   Port       Beaconsfield                                                                                                                                   Fires
                                                                                                                              Forth               Sorell
                                                                                              Hampshire                                                                                                           Lilydale                                                                                          Binalong Bay
                                                                                                          Gunns Plains                                                         Exeter
                                                                                                                                                               Frankford                                                                                                                 ST HELENS
                                                                                                            Nietta                        Sheffield
                                                                                                                     Wilmot                                                                                              Nunamara
                                                              Waratah                                                                                                                                            LAUNCESTON

                                                                                                                                                           Elizabeth Town                                                                                                  Mathinna





                                                Savage River                                                                                                        Westbury                                      Western Junction
                                                                                                                                              Mole Creek                                       PERTH
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        St Marys
                                                                                                   Cradle Valley                                                                                                             Nile                Rossarden                      Fingal
                                     Corinna                                                                                                                                                        Cressy

                                                                                                                                                                               Poatina                                                                       Avoca
                                                 Zeehan                                                                                                                                                                                  Campbell Town


                                                                                                                                            Bronte                                                                                                                                                           Coles Bay
                                                                                                             Derwent Bridge                   Park                                                                                                                          Swansea
                                               STRAHAN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Great
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tunbridge                                                                  Wineglass Bay


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Little                Bay

                                                                                                                                                  Tarraleah                                                                    Oatlands                           Swanport


                                                                   ar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Island
                                                                      bo                                                                                                                      Bothwell

                                                                                                                                                                     Ouse                      Melton
                                                                                                                                                                                              Mowbray                                                        Triabunna
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Kempton      Colebrook                       Orford
                                                                                                                                                                               Hamilton                                                                                                  Darlington
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Bagdad                                                              Maria
                                                                                                                                                             Westerway         Gretna
                                                                                                                                                      National Park    Bushy             Brighton
                                                                                                                                                                        Park       BRIDGEWATER                                       Richmond

                                                                                                                      Strathgordon                           Maydena                                                                        SORELL
                                                                                                                                                                          NEW NORFOLK                                                                            Copping
                                                                                                                                                                                                 HOBART                                                           Dunalley
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fern Tree

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Margate                    South Arm                              Eaglehawk Neck
                                                                                                                                                                                HUONVILLE                                                          Tasman
                                                                                                                                                                                 Franklin                  Snug
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Kettering                                                 Nubeena       Bay
                                                                                                                                                                                              Cygnet Nicholls Rt                                                  Port Arthur
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Woodbridge                                    Peninsula

                                                                                                                                                                                   Dover                         xC       BRUNY
                                                                                                                                                                                                               au Alonnah
                                                                                                   Port                                                                                                 s te
                                                                                                  Davey                                                                                               ca                 Adventure


                                                                                                                                                                                         Southport                            ISLAND

                                                                                                                                                                                  Cockle Creek

                                                                                                                                                     33 33
Dump Station Locations
Smithton                            Strahan                            Opposite service station
   West Esplanade                      Harvey Street                   next to public toilets
Stanley                                Outside council depot         Oatlands
   Tatlow's Beach - next to         Westbury                           Williams St, junction
   Stanley Caravan Park                Rear of carpark Andy’s          Wellington St
Sisters Beach                          Bakery, Meander Valley Rd     Kempton
   Behind fire station on           Longford                           Louisa Street, next to public
   Honeysuckle Avenue                  Riverside Caravan Park          toilets.
Wynyard                                Archer Street                   Cassettes only or long hoses
   Solid Waste Transfer             George Town                        needed
   Station. Goldie Street              George Town Visitor Info      Bothwell
   8:30am to 5pm Mon. to Fri.          Centre. Main St.                Caravan Park grounds,
   and between 10am and 5pm         Beaconsfield                       Market Place
   on Sat. and Sun.                    Showgrounds. Grubb St.        Brighton
Burnie                              Deloraine                          Brighton Hotel
   Sewerage works, waterfront.         Racecourse Drive, adjacent      Midlands Highway
   Cassettes only                      to entrance to racecourse.    New Norfolk
Cooee                                  From Bass Highway turn          On the Esplanade, adjacent
1. Cooee Point                         into East Westbury Place,       to public toilets
   3km west of Burnie.                 cross railway line.           Glenorchy
2. Saleyards via Turrung            Launceston                         Royal Showgrounds
   Street.                             Treasure Island Caravan         Inside grounds, Main
Ulverstone                             Park, 94 Glen Dhu St            entrance Howard Road
1. Apex Caravan Park                Scottsdale                       Cambridge
   Queen Street                        At free rest area - North       Barilla Holiday park
2. Ulvertone Caravan Park              East Park - on outskirts of     Cassettes only
   57 Water Street                     town on way to Derby          Sorell
Devonport East                      Fingal                             Council Depot, 30
   Girdlestone Park Football           Motorhome rest area. Talbot     Montague Street (office
   Ground. Corner John Street          St, off Main Rd                 hours only) Cassettes only
   & Caroline Street.               St Helens                        Port Arthur
Latrobe                             1. St Helens Caravan Park,         Port Arthur Caravan &
   Behind IGA Supermarket              Penelope Street                 Cabin Park
Bakers Point                        2. Sportsground off Tully        White Beach
   Narawntapu National Park            Street                          White Beach Tourist Park
Port Sorell                         Bicheno Beach                    Snug
1. Port Sorell Jetty, adjacent to      Champ Street Opposite           Snug Beach Caravan Park
   caravan park                        Police Station.
2. Camp Boomerang, Komode           Swansea                            Near new toilet block
   St, adjacent to caravan park        Boat Ramp Car Park, Jetty
                                       Road. Opposite Post Office    Cygnet
                                                                       Burtons Reserve
   Motorhome rest area              Triabunna
   - northside of town                 Visitor Information Centre.   Dover
                                       Next to wharf                   Dover Beachside Caravan
                                                                       Park. Kent Beach Rd
   Annie Street, opposite           Campbell Town
   Council works depot.             1. War Memorial Oval, High              For locations see this
Zeehan                                 Street (main road)                   icon on page 33 map
   Outskirts of town                2. Commonwealth Lane, off
   - see signage                       Main Road

LPG Outlets
Smithton                        5. Mobil York Park S/Station      2. Coles Express Glenorchy
   Kays Service Station            135 Invermay Rd, Invermay         S/Station, 418 Main Road
   19 Nelson St                 6. Plus Petrol Mowbray            Claremont
Wynyard                            262 Invermay Rd, Mowbray          Plus Petrol Claremont
   Plus Petrol Wynyard          7. Plus Petrol Kings Meadows         Claremont Village
   Jackson Street                  Hobart Rd, Kings Meadows       Bellerive
Somerset                        8. Jim’s Car Care Centre          1. Mobil Tasman Service
   Austins Caravans                345 Bass Highway,                 Centre 2 Rosny Hill Road
   Bass Highway                    Prospect                       2. Ampol Rosny View Service
Burnie                          Legana                               Station 31 Gordons Hill Rd
1. Caltex West Beach S/            Plus Petrol Legana             Brighton
   Station 1-3 Mount Street        West Tamar Highway                BP Brighton Service Station
2. BP North Terrace S/Station   Epping Forest                        Main Road
   36 North Terrace                Caltex Epping Forest           Kingston
3. Plus Petrol Burnie              Service Station Midlands       1. Plus Petrol Kingston
   Cnr Mount St & North Tce        Highway                           59 Maranoa Road
4. Mobil Mount Street Service   St Helens                         2. BP Kingston Service
   Station.          Corner     1. BP St Helens Service              Station Channel Highway
   Mount/Ladbrooke Streets         Station 6 Circassion Street    Margate
Ulverstone                      2. Mobil St Helens S/Station         BP Margate Service Station
   BP Ulverstone Service           16 Cecilia Street ST           Snug
   Station Cnr Main Street &    Hobart                               Caltex Snug Service Station
   Alexandra Road               1. Ampol Davey Street S/          Huonville
Devonport                          Station 156 Davey Street          Plus Petrol Huonville
1. Smith’s Formby Rd Service    2. Coles Express North Hobart        45 Main Road
   Station 32 Formby Rd            S/Station, 257 Elizabeth St    New Norfolk
2. Mobil Best Street Service    3. BP North Hobart Service           Plus Petrol New Norfolk
   Station 89 Best Street          Station 283 Elizabeth Street      High Street
3. Caltex Westbury Service      North Hobart                      Sorell
   Station 90 Bass Highway
                                   Caltex Brooker Fuel Stop       1. Mobil Sorell Service
Sassafras                          188 Brooker Avenue                Station 14 Gordon Street
   Caltex Sassafras Service
                                Sandy Bay                         2. Plus Petrol Sorell
   Station Bass Highway
                                   Mobil Sandy Bay Service           12 Weston Hill Road
Strahan                            Station 149 Sandy Bay Rd
   BP Strahan Service Station
                                New Town
   7 Reid St
                                   Ampol Risdon Road S/
Launceston                         Station 71 Risdon Road
1. Grand Central Station
   86-96 Wellington Street
                                   Mobil Lutana Service
2. Taxi Combined Services          Station 409 Brooker Hwy
   32 Cameron Street
                                Derwent Park
3. BP Launceston Service           Mobil Derwent Park S/
   Station Shop 9, Morty’s         Station 10 Lampton Avenue              For locations see this
   Complex, Wellington Street                                             icon on page 33 map
4. BP Invermay Service          1. Plus Petrol Glenorchy
   Station 32 Invermay Rd,         465 Main Road

 Abel Tasman Caravan Park                   24    Treasure Island Caravan Park Hobart
 Arthur River Cabin Park                    26    (Berriedale)                                5
 Barilla Holiday Park                        6    Treasure Island Caravan Park Launceston    15
 Beach Retreat Tourist Park (Wynyard)       21    Treasure Island Caravan Park Zeehan        32
 Beauty Point Tourist Park                  16    Triabunna Cabin & Caravan Park             30
 Bicheno East Coast Holiday Park            28    Wayatinah Lakeside Caravan Park            12
 BIG4 Kelso Sands Holiday Park              13    White Beach Tourist Park                   10
 BIG4 St Helens Caravan Park                27
 BIG4 Ulverstone Holiday Park               23
 Bridport Caravan Park                      17
 Burnie Holiday Caravan Park                22
 Captain Cook Caravan Park - Bruny Island 10
 Crayfish Creek Van & Cabin Park            26
 Devonport Vacation Village                 24
 Discovery Holiday Parks - Hobart            7
 Discovery Holiday Parks
 - Strahan Backpackers                      32
 Discovery Holiday Parks - Cradle Mountain 23
 Discovery Holiday Parks - Devonport        25
 Discovery Holiday Parks - Hadspen          15
 Discovery Holiday Parks Mornington - Hobart 7
 Discovery Holiday Parks - Strahan          31
 Hobart Cabins and Cottages at Elwick        5    Other
 Gowrie Park Wilderness Village             26       Dump stations, LPG & camping map        33
 Greens Beach Holiday & Tourist Park        14       Dump Station Location list              34
 Heimat Chalets - Motorhome Ensuites        12       LPG Outlets location list               35
 Hillcrest Tourist Park (St Helens)         28
                                                     Park locations map of Tasmania           3
 Hobart Airport Tourist Park                 9
 Huon Bush Retreats                         12
 Iluka Holiday Centre (Coles Bay)           29    Advertisers
 Latrobe Mersey River Caravan Park          25       Austins Caravans & Trailers              26
 Launceston Holiday Park Legana             18       BIG4 Holiday Parks       Inside Front Cover
 Leisure Ville (Wynyard)                    21       Island Cabins            Inside Back Cover
 Longford Riverside Caravan Park            17       Family Parks                    Back Cover
 Low Head Tourist Park                      14       Kings Caravans & Campers                  4
 New Norfolk Caravan Park                   12       Tasmanian Tourist Parks                  19
 Port Arthur Caravan & Cabin Park            9
 Richmond Cabin & Tourist Park               6
 Scamander Tourist & Leisure Park           30    Photographic
 Seven Mile Beach Cabin Park                 8    Acknowledgements
 Snug Beach Cabin & Caravan Park            11       Tourism Tasmania, Owen Hughes, Geoffrey
 Somerset Gardens Cabin & Caravan Park      22       Lea, Garry Moore, George Apostolidis,
 Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park               20       Dennis Harding, Nick Osborne, Don Fuchs,
 Strahan Holiday Park                       32       Joe Shemesh, Geoff Murray, Peter Morse,
 Swansea Holiday Park                       29       Geoff Lucas, Rob Burnett, Ray Joyce,
 Tarraleah Highland Caravan Park            11       Richard Eastwood, ABT West Coast
 Tomahawk Tourist & Leisure Park            13       Wilderness Railway

Island Cabins and
Tourist Parks
Launceston Holiday Park Legana
Ph: 03 6330 1714

                                                                    711 West Tamar Higway
                                                                    Legana, Tasmania 7277

Hobart Cabins and Cottages at Elwick
Ph: 6272 7115

                                                                    19 Goodwood Road
                                                                    Goodwood, Tasmania 7010

Strahan Holiday Park
Ph: 03 6471 7442

                                                                    Cnr Jones & Innes Streets,
                                                                    Strahan, Tasmania 7468

10% discount on a 2 night stay. Just mention this advertisement when booking.
  The 2 nights need to be in one location to be eligible. Valid from 1/6/2010 to 24/12/2010