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					From Google Maps: I think you have to have a google account set
up (free) to do this, not positive though
click on tab “My Maps”
click “create new map”
Title your new map and click to make it Public or Private/Unlisted
Over on the map there are four buttons in the top left corner. One
has a hand, there is the placemark button, draw a line, draw a shape.
To put a place mark on the map, click on the place mark button and
then click on the map where you want to put it.
When you are typing in the description of the place mark if you click
on Rich Text it gives you more formatting options including linking
and inserting a picture
You could come up with so many projects with kids.
Summer vacation, spring break trips, endangered animals, states,
cities, countries, rivers, museums, the list is endless.

Here is a link to the directions on creating and using “My Maps” –
You can still share unlisted maps by sending select people you want
to share with the URL.
You can collaborate on maps too.