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					Google Earth Development Resources
Teaching with Google Earth and Google Ocean
Stone Lab
August 13, 2010

David Hart
GIS Specialist
University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute

KML Conversion Tools

Zonum Solutions
Free KML conversion tools
     Shp2kml 2: Shapefile to Google Earth
     Kml2shp 2: Google Earth to GIS
     Epoint2GE: Excel to Google Earth
     KMLToolbox: Online tools

Google Earth Programs
David Tryse
     Google Earth Tiler: Creates high-resolution image overlays for Google Earth
     Google Earth Position: Reads coordinates from the Google Earth client
     Google Earth PhotoTag: Adds Exif GPS data to JPEG files and reading
        coordinates from the Google Earth client
     LatLong Conversion: Converts coordinates between Degree Minute Second and
        Decimal formats

Brian Flood
The community version if free (with limited functionality).

Free software for converting GPS data to/from Google Earth.
ArcGIS Tools

Export to KML 2.5.4
Kevin Martin, City of Portland
Second most popular ArcScript.

Convert Google Earth Path (KML) to SHP
Daniel Cossette

Convert KML files to shapefiles
Jason Parent

KML Spreadsheet Tools

Spreadsheet Mapper 2.0
Google Earth Outreach
The Spreadsheet Mapper allows you to enter data in an on-line spreadsheet and generate
a set of placemarks in Google Earth. It includes a simple HTML templating system to
create your own balloon designs.

Excel to KML
Earth Point


GPS Visualizer is a free, easy-to-use online utility that creates maps and profiles from
GPS data, driving routes, street addresses, or simple coordinates. It inludes input pages
for Google Maps, Google Earth KML, geocoding, JPEG/PNG/SVG maps, plot data
points, profiles (elevation, etc.), convert to GPX or plain text.

Google Earth to Shapefile
Zonum Solutions

Google Earth KML Creator
Andrew Davidson
Miscellaneous Tools

KML Interactive Sampler
Practice KML editing using this Google Earth Plug-in tool.

Google Earth Tools
David Israel, Bowdoin College
Includes an icon selector.

GMap Creator
CASA, University College, London
A freeware application designed to make thematic mapping using Google Maps simpler
(ver 1.31).

Photo Overlay Creator
CASA, University College, London
PhotoOverlay Creator is a free software tool allowing you to quickly and easily create
your own PhotoOverlay -- photographs that are directly embedded in the Google Earth's

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