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									   RSS feeds
a new way to follow the news you use!
What are RSS feeds?
• RSS = Really Simple

• RSS feeds “…provide a way
  for users to passively receive
  newly released content (such
  as text, web pages, sound
  files, or other media).”
Why does this matter?
        • All announcements,
          clubs, and teaching
          blogs at Athens
          Academy offer RSS

        • You can sign up for the
          latest updates in REAL
What to look for
• Here are a few symbols to look for on a
  web page to see if it offers RSS feeds
A Sampling of RSS Readers
• Live Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox
• Google Homepage
• Thunderbird
Other RSS Readers We Support
• Bloglines
• Google Reader
• Pageflakes
   Instructions for:
Firefox Live Bookmarks
Google Homepage
Mozilla Thunderbird
 Creating a Live Bookmark in your
 Firefox web browser
• Option 1: Click on the   and add to
  Bookmarks Toolbar Folder to display in
  the toolbar.
Creating a Live Bookmark
• Option 2: Click on the     and add to
  Bookmarks to display in the Bookmarks
  dropdown list.
Google Homepage
    ***You must sign up for a Google
       account to use this feature***
• Click “Add tab” and call it “School Stuff”
• Click on the “Add content” link in top
  right corner
Google Homepage (continued)
• Click the “Add by URL” button to the
  right of the search bar
• Type or paste in the URL for the blog
  and click the “Add” button
• Go to the blog  right click
  on “Subscribe to this
  blog’s feed” link  select
  “Copy Link Location”

• In Thunderbird, click on
  News & Blogs  Manage

• Click Add  Paste link 
  Click OK

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