Supply List 4th Grade 2011-2012 by keralaguest


									                         School Supply List—4th Grade

       We could use your help. As budgets become tighter we are searching for
ways to maintain the quality of education we want for all children at Waggoner.
One way you can help is by volunteering to provide the basic school supplies your
child needs next year. The district must see to it that all children have what they
need whether it is textbooks or pencils. Any supplies you provide, however,
enable us to use money for other essential materials and services for your child.
Below is a list of recommended supplies which you may want to purchase over the
summer for your child to bring to 4th Grade next year. Again, this is a voluntary
contribution and not a requirement.

Classroom Supplies
#2 Pencils (lots, please!)
Packages of Dry Erase Markers—Non-scented/ Low Odor (lots, please!)
Composition books –2 per child
Spiral notebooks—2 per child
Pencil Box
White Paper Sacks
Colored Pencils
Facial Tissue (lots, please!)
Notebook Paper
Xerox Paper
Glue Sticks
Clorox Wipes (lots, please!)
Colored Folders – 5 different colors
Hand Sanitizer
Zip Lock Bags—all sizes
Double sided scotch tape
Post –it notes all sizes and colors
Head phones – inexpensive
Reusable water bottles

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