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									                        NICHOLAS PHILLIPS TIMELINE by William Rason November 28, 2004
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             The 1710 Palatine Migration and Family of Johannes Peter PHILLIPS (1705-1784)
   Abt 1646 Birth          Kandel, Germany Nicholas PHILLIPS (father of Johann Peter PHILLIPS)

   Abt 1652 Birth          Kandel, Germany Margaretha ??? (wife of Nicholas)

   Abt 1660 Birth          Harspelt,           Hans Jacob HABBERS (father of Magdelena HABBERS)
   Abt 1664 Birth          Prussia Prussia
                           Harspelt,           Annae Marien ??? (wife of Hans Jacob HABBERS)

Abt 1670 +/- Marriage      Kandel, Germany Nicholas PHILLIPS m. Magaretha ???

26 May 1672 Christening    Kandel, Germany Johann Peter PHILLIPS (father of J Nicholas PHILLIPS b.1732)

   Abt 1676 Birth          Heinzenbach,        Maria Elizabeth ??? (1st wife of Johann Peter PHILLIPS)
   Abt 1684 Marriage       Harspelt, Prussia   Hans Jacob HABBERS m. Annae Marien ???

 4 Apr 1685 Christening    Harspelt, Prussia   Magdelena HABBERS (2nd wife of Johann Peter PHILLIPS)

25 Sep 1688 War            Rhineland area of   Louis XIV sent his son to invade the Palatinate…
                           Palatinate, Ger
   Abt 1695 Marriage 1st   Heinzenbach,        Johann Peter Phillips m. 1st Maria Elizabeth ??? b. abt 1676 at
                           Germany             Heinzenbach
29 Apr 1696 Christening    Heinzenbach,        Johannes Michael PHILLIPS (1) 1st child of Peter and Maria
17 May 1697 Christening    Heinzenbach,        Johannes Peter PHILLIPS (2) 2nd child of Peter and Maria
   Abt 1700 Death?         ?                   Maria Elizabeth ??? (1st wife of Johann Peter PHILLIPS) just a guess
   Abt 1702 Marriage 2nd Heinzenbach,          J Peter m. 2nd Magdelena HABBERS dau of Hans Jacob HABBERS
Abt 1703 ?? Birth        No info               Anna Catherina PHILLIPS (3) 1st child of J Peter and Magdelena
    ?? 1705 Birth          Saltzburg,          Johannes Nicholas PHILLIPS (4) 2nd child of J Peter & Magdelena
                           Germany             PHILLIPS
   Oct 1708 Embark         From England to     Rev Joshua KOCHERTHAL brought 41 Palatine Settlers to Newburg
                           NYC                 NY.
   Dec 1708 Arrival        NYC from           Rev Joshua KOCHERTHAL brought 41 Palatine Settlers to Newburg
                           England            NY.
 6 May 1709 Embark         From NY to         Rev Joshua KOCHERTHAL met with Queen Anne.
   Aug 1709 Meeting        London             Rev Joshua KOCHERTHAL to meet with Queen Anne

  1 Jan 1710 Emigration    Germany            "Palatines" begin the trek down the Rhine where they shipped to
                                              Holland, then to England, then on to New York. Took 5 months and a
                                              few days. From there they went up the Hudson River to East and West
                                              Camps and wintered there in ground and log huts.
13 June 1710               "In Council"       Reported that the ship Lyon arrived at Port having brought a
                                              considerable number of Palatines. As there were many contagious
                                              diseases among them they ordered that they be landed with their goods
                                              at Nutten Island.
    ?? 1710                Livingston Manor   About 1200 German Palatines where brought to Livingston Manor as
                           (Germantown)       indentured servants of England's Queen Anne to make tar from the pine
                                              trees. The venture failed and they were set free in 1712.
    ?? 1710 Hunter List                       The HUNTER LIST MEN were Conradt WISER, Hartman WINTEKKER
                                              (WINDECKER), Johannes George SMIDT, William FOX, Elias
                                              GARLACK (GARLOCK) and John Henrich KERTERSKEN. They kept
                                              the Lists for rations. There may have been more…
 1 July 1710 Hunter List   Livingston Manor   (Johannes) Peter PHILLIPS with 3 persons over 10 and 1 under 10.

24 July 1710 Hunter        New York City      By a small vessel bound for Lisbon I gave your Lordships notice of our
                                              arrival here (June 14). Since that time all the Palatine ships separated
                                              by the weather are arrived safe except the Herbert Frigate where our
                                              tents and arms are. She was cast away on the East end of Long Island
                                              on the 7th. of July; the men are safe but our goods much damaged. We
                                              still want the Bercley Castle which we left at Portsmouth. The poor
                                              people have been mighty sickly but recover apace. We have lost about
                                              470 of our number:
 4 Aug 1710 Hunter List    Livingston Manor   Peter PHILLIPS with 2 persons over 10 and 1 under 10.

  4 Oct 1710 Hunter List   Livingston Manor   Peter PHILLIPS with 3 persons over 10 and 1 under 10.
14 Nov 1710                                  I have now settled the Palatines upon good lands on both sides of
                                             Hudson's River, about one hundred miles up adjacent to the pines; I
                                             have planted them in five villages; three on the east side of the river
                                             upon six thousand acres, I have purchased of Mr. Livingston about two
                                             mile of Row-1 of Jansen‟s Kill (brook or river); the other two on the west
                                             side near Sawyers Creek, as your Lordships will observe by the
                                             enclosed sketch No. 10 compared with your maps. The lands on the
                                             west side belong to the Queen; each family hath sufficient lot of good
                                             arable land and ships of 15 foot draught of water can sail up as far as
                                             their plantations. They have already built themselves comfortable huts
                                             and are now employed in clearing the ground. In the spring I shall set
                                             them to work preparing the trees according to Mr. Bridger's directions.

          The Family of Johannes Peter PHILLIPS (1705-1784) in the Hudson Valley From 1710
       1711 Palatine      Various Camps      Christian HABER, East Camp; Johann Christian HAUS; Hartman
            Heads of                         WINDECKER, East Camp; Peter GERLACH, NYC; Johann Christian
            Families                         Gerlach, West Camp.; and more…
24 Jun 1711 Hunter List   Livingston Manor   Peter PHILLIPS with 4 persons over 10 and 0 under 10.

31 Dec 1711 Marriage      ?                  Christian HABER of Salzberg, Commune Homburg, Hessen-Cassel
                                             Married Anna Gertraud WERNER, dau of Michael Werner of Rheinfels
                                             on the Rhine. Possibly brother of Magdalena HABBERS?
24 Jun 1712 Hunter List   Livingston Manor   Peter PHILLIPS with 5 persons over 10 and 0 under 10.

         ?? Birth         Germany or NY?     Johannes PHILLIPS (5)

   Oct 1712               Livingston Manor   The project failed, however, and in October, 1712, the Palatines were
                          (Germantown)       set free of their indentures, but given none of the land promised at the
                                             start. About two thirds of the new settlers went to other locations
                                             including Albany, Schoharie, New York City, Long Island, New Jersey
                                             and Pennsylvania. But, about one third remained in the area and many
                                             descendants populate the Columbia and Dutchess region today.
    ?? 1713 Birth         East Camp,         Jacobus PHILLIPS (6)
                          Albany Co
31 Mar 1714 Marriage      (Columbia), NY
                          ?                  Frantz FUNCK s/o the Late Johan Adam FUNCK (FUNCTK) of
                                             Trarbach, Commune Birkenfeld and Elisabetha Barbara Feegan dau…
 24 Jul 1714 Sponsor at                       Magdelena PHILIPP for Johann Wilhelm PLASS

     17 Jan Naturalization Albany, NY         Johann Peter PHILLIPS and ???

    ?? 1715 Birth          East Camp, NY      Michael PHILLIPS (7)

       1717 List           Queensberg         Peter and Magdelena PHILIPP with 5 children.

       1717 List           Hunterstown        Peter FUNCK and wife with 4 children

       1718 Palatine       Kingsberry         Peter PHILLIPS on Palatine Debtor List
            Debtor List
 1 Feb 1719 Sponsor at                        Anna Catherina PHILIPP (1st child of J Peter and Magdelena PHILLIPS)
            Christening                       sponsor for Anna Catherina SCHUERTZ b 25 Jan 1719
    ?? 1719 Birth          East Camp, NY      Wilhelmus Phillips (8)

       1721 Palatine       Kingsberry         Peter PHILLIPS on Palatine Debtor List
            Debtor List
    ?? 1721 Birth          Camp               Christian PHILLIPS (9)
                           Queensbury, NY
26 Aug 1724 List           Livingston Manor   Hans Peter PHILLIPS and Peter PHILIBS on Palatines "willing to
                                              continue" (or remain) on the Manor list; along with Christian HAVER
    ?? 1725 Birth          Ancram, NY         (HABER), Johnnes(10) and 8th child of J Peterand others.
                                              Henrich PHILLIPS KLEIN, Kilian MINCKLER and Magdelena
       1726 Palatine       Livingston         Peter PHILLIPS on Palatine Debtor List
            Debtor List
    ?? 1726 Deed           Livingston Manor   Hans Peter PHILLIPS receives a deed for land.
23 Jan 1726 Sponsor at                        Johan Peter PHILIP(Jr) and his wife Catherina for Johannes Peter HAM
            Christening                       b 18 Jan 1726
23 Jan 1726 Sponsor at                        Peter PHILIP(Sr) and his wife Magdalena for Johannes Peter SCHMID b
            Christening                       31 Dec 1725
15 Nov 1726 Marriage      Linlithgo, NY       Johannes Nicholas PHILLIPS m. Christina FUNCK (FONK)

17 Apr 1732 Birth         German              Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr (son of Johannes Nicholas and Christina
                          Reformed Church,    PHILLIPS)
 7 Apr 1740 Christening   Germantown,NY
                          Loonenberg, NY      Christina Phillips Dau of Michael PHILLIPS b.1715 Sponsor "Niclas
                          (Athens)            Philips & Christina Philips" Johannes Nicholas PHILLIPS b1705 and
 3 Feb 1742 Birth         Loonenberg, NY      Magaretha HABER, c/o Peter and Maria HABER
22 Mar 1742 Christening   Loonenberg, NY      Christina PHILLIP born 15 Feb 1742, c/o Nic(holas) and Christina
                          (Athens)            PHILLIP
   Oct 1752 Christening   Germantown,         Christina Heiser was the daughter of George Peter Heiser (Hauser) and
                          Columbia Co, NY     Christina Haver (Haber), christened during October, 1752, at the
                                              Germantown Reformed Church, with "Nicholaas Philip" and
                                              "Christina Philip" serving as sponsors. She married Wilhelmus
                                              Groat/Gradt had eleven children.

                             The Schoharie/Mohawk Valley Story ???? To February 1769
   Abt 1750               Florida, NY (near   The first inhabitants were some Dutch families from Schenectady, who
                          old Fort Hunter)    settled on the Mohawk flats; and about 1750, 6 families arrived from
                                              Germany, and settled on the Schoharie flats; these were bordered by
                                              Irish and Scotch; Who were those German Families??

                          Fort Hunter         A military post, known as Fort Hunter, was established near the mouth
                                              of Schoharie Creek in 1711. About the same time a large number of
                                              German Palatinates, sent over by Queen Anne, settled upon the
                                              Hudson, and shortly after removed to Schoharie and the Mohawk Valley
                                              and settled upon lands given them by Government. At about the same
                                              period a considerable number of Holland Dutch, from Schenectady and
                                              vicinity, found their way into the co. and extended their improvements up
                                              the valley. In 1730 the first mill, N. of the Mohawk was built on the site of
                                              "Cranes" Village by two or three brothers named Groat; and this for a
                                              time served the settlements at German Flats, 50 mi. beyond. (6)
                                              "Simms's Hist. Schoharie."
19 Oct 1723 Land          Stone Arabia        The land grants in this co. were made in comparatively small tracts. The
                          Patent              first were issued as early as 1703. On the 19th of Oct. 1723, a patent of
                                              12,000 acres, called "Stone Arabia," N. of the Mohawk, was granted to
                                              John Christian Garlock and others for the benefit of the
                                              Palatinates. The principal grants were made between 1730 and 1740;
                                              and in 1762 there remained little if any, unpatented land in the co.
Palatine, NY       The first settlement was made in town in 1713, by German Palatinates,
                   who came over in 1710. The larger part of the Stone Arabia Patent was
                   within the limits of this town. (3) Wm. Fox settled near Palatine Church,
                   and Peter Waggoner a little below, on the Mohawk, in 1715. The early
                   records of the settlement are lost. 5) The Ref. Prot. D. church at Stone
                   Arabia is one of the oldest in the valley. (6) The stone church (Luth.) at
                   Palatine Church was built in 1770
Palatine, NY       This town was first settled by some German families, in 1724... That part
                   of this town, called Stone-Arabia, 4 miles from the river... There are
                   2 churches, a German Lutheran, and a Dutch Reformed. Palatine
                   Village has about 35 dwellings, some stores, &c., and a stone church.

Mohawk, Town of The names of the first actual white settlers are not known. Nicholas
                Hausen (5) settled at Tribes Hill before 1725, and others, by the name
                of Fonda, Vanderworker, Doxtader, and Fisher, at an early day. (6)
                Among the other residents of the town before the Revolution were Col.
                John Butler and his son Walter N., who afterward attained an infamous
                notoriety for their inhuman atrocities and for the vindictive hate which
                they seemed to cherish against their old whig neighbors.
Root, Town of      The first settlers were Jacob Devendorf, at Currytown, Rudolph Keller,
                   David and Fred. Luce, and Jacob Lainner. (5) The first church (Ref.
                   Prot. D.) was formed at Currytown. Rev. Peter Van Buren became its
                   pastor in 1806. (6) The principal incursions into this town during the war
                   were those made in the summer and fall of 1781. The weight of the first
                   of these, led by the tory Doxtader, July 9, 1781, fell upon the settlements
                   in and near Currytown
German Flats,     The first settlements were made in 1722, by a colony of Palatinates who
Town of           had previously located upon the Hudson. (2) The population rapidly
                  increased until 1756, when the whole settlement was laid waste by a
                  party of Canadians, French, and Indians. Among the early settlers were
                  families named Erghemar, Herkimer, Fox, Editch, Bellinger, Starring,
                  Wolever, and Harter.
Herkimer, Town of The early history of the town is blended with that of German Flats, of
                  which it formed a part until its organization as a town. The first
                  settlements were made by Palatinates, under the patronage of Gov.
                  Hunter, in 1722. Among the early settlers were Johan Joost Petrie,
                  Frederick and A. M. Pell, Jury Doxtater, Nicholas Feeter, Melgert Fols
                  (?) Henry Hager, __ Lendert, Frederick Johan, Adam and Philip Helmer,
                  and families named Schmidt, Weaver, and Bellinger. The first schools
                  were German.
                             Little Falls, Town   The first settlements were made by a colony of Palatinates, in 1722. (4)
                             of                   The settlers suffered much during the war, and most of them were
                                                  driven off. Among these early settlers were John Joost Temouth, Mary
                                                  Beerman, Nicholas Kester, Johannes Pouradf, and Christian Fox. John
                                                  Petrie kept the first inn, before the Revolution.

   Abt 1752 Marriage         Unknown ?            Nicholas PHILLIPS 1732 (Jr) to Elisabetha ???

22 Mar 1755 Birth         Mohawk Valley           Elizabeth PHILLIPS 1st child of Nicholas and Elisabeth PHILLIPS.
            (Christening)                         "Philips, Clas & Elisabetha ? Daughter Elisabeth; w/sponsors
                                                  Heinrich Dagstetter & Elisabetha Phillips"
    ?? 1756 Birth            "Colony of NY"       Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr (aka Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr of Butler's
                             WHERE???             Rangers.) We should be able to find NP JBR birth record in the
                                                  Schoharie/Mohawak Valley…

17 Aug 1758 Christening      Rhinebeck        "Nicolaus Philip Jr" 1732 was a Sponsor for his nephew Nicholas
                             Reformed Church, Phillips b 1758, Son of Zacharias Phillips (1727), Nicholas' brother. I
                             Dutchess Co, NY believe that this child Nicholas 1758 is the father of the Nicholas Junr w/
                                              Will dated 1Jan 1801, proved 1803. He died with a wife and young
                                              daughter, probably in his early 20's.
   Abt 1762 Birth            ?                John PHILLIPS, son of Nicholas Sr and Elizabeth 1732

22 May 1763 Christening      Germantown,     Nicholas b? "Niclaus Philip" Sponsored Geertje Phillips
                             Columbia Co, NY
    ?? 1764 Birth            ?               Margaret PHILLIPS, Daughter of Nicholas Sr 1732

   Feb 1766 Tax List         Mohawk Valley,       "Nicolas Phillips" (this would be the Schoharie area)
       1767 Birth            Corry's Bush,        Jacob PHILLIPS child of Nicholas & Elizabeth PHILLIPS
                             Mohawk Valley
                              The Wyoming/Susquehanna Story February 1769 to June 1777
 About 1763 First Settlers   Wyoming Valley       The earliest settlers were Plymouth Rock descendents who removed to
                                                  Conneticut and about the year 1763 came to the Wyoming Valley.
 5 Nov 1768 Treaty of Fort Fort Stanwix      In 1768, Fort Stanwix was the site of an important treaty conference
            Stanwix                          between the British and the Iroquois, arranged by William Johnson. The
                                             purpose of the conference was to renegotiate the boundary line
                                             between Indian lands and white settlements set forth in the
                                             Proclamation of 1763. The British government hoped a new boundary
                                             line might bring an end to the rampant frontier violence, which had
                                             become costly and troublesome. Indians hoped a new, permanent line
                                             might hold back white colonial expansion.

                                             The final treaty was signed on November 5, and extended the earlier
                                             proclamation line much further west. The Iroquois had effectively ceded
                                             Kentucky to the whites. However, the Indians who actually used the
                                             Kentucky lands, primarily Shawnee, Delaware, and Cherokee, had no
                                             role in the negotiations. Rather than secure peace, the Fort Stanwix
                                             treaty helped set the stage for the next round of hostilities.

  Feb 1769 Migration       Wyoming Valley,   Nicholas Phillips Sr took his wife and children: Nicholas Phillips Jr,
                           PA                Elizabeth, Jacob and John (no mention of Margaret) to the Wyoming
   Jan 1770 Conflict       Wyoming Valley    Lazarus PA.
                                             Valley in Stewart aligned with Zebulon Butler against the Pennamites
                                             and Amos Ogden.
23 Feb 1770 Conflict       Wyoming Valley    Warrant For The Arrest Of Lazarus Stewart And Others: Northampton
            Warrant        (Northampton      County, Ss.     Whereas Information hath been this day made unto me
                           County)           Lewis Gordon Esqr. one of his Majesty‟s Justices of the Peace in and
                                             for the said County; that Lazarus Stewart... Nicholas Phillips... (and
                                             about 35 other persons named)... and divers others evil disposed
                                             persons did on or about the twenty third day of February last riotously...
                                             and unlawfully Assemble themselves at a place called Wyoming in the
                                             said County of Northampton and bring them and there so assembled ;
                                             the Dwelling Place of John Solomon the Dwelling Place of Charles
                                             Stewart the Dwelling Place of Thomas Osburn and the Same Dwelling
                                             house did deface and pull down to the terror of his Majesty‟s Liege
                                             Subject and against the peace of his Majesty... These are therefore to
                                             command you to... bring them forthwith before me according to law...
                                             Given under my Hand and Seal 20th day of March Anno 1770 —
                                             (Signed) Lewis Gordon
  Mar 1770                                   The Account Of John Jennings
                                             The Honourable Thomas Penn & Richard Penn Esqrs. Proprietaries of
                                             Penna. To John Jennings For Sundries Expences In Moving The
                                             Connecticut people Off Wioming Lands To Pd Nicholas Philipson
                                             pr do Lot No 34 1 L, 0 Sh, 0 P
April 1770 to Names of     Fort Wyoming    „by the Ninth of April last the People belonging to the Fort began to
 5 May 1770 Connecticut                    build a Block House on the other Side of the River, and that on the
              People and                   Thirteenth they fired a Cannon Ball at the Deponent‟s House...This
              Pennsylvania                 Deponent further saith that when he left the Fort at Wioming on the fifth
              ns in Fort                   Day of May last past, he believes there were upwards of two Hundred
              Wioming                      people belonging to it. And that the Persons named in the List hereunto
                                           annexed are of the party...
                                           Nathan Ogden
                                           Sworn at Philadelphia the twenty fifth day of May 1770 Before Me John
                                           Names of Connecticut People and Pennsylvanians in the Connecticut
                                           Fort at Wyoming:
                                           Lazarus Stewart..... Nicholas Philips‟ (54 names altogether)

14 May 1770 Nicholas'   Wilks Barre on     Receved of Nicholas Phillips twelve pounds Lawfull money in full
            Right in    Susquehanna        satisfaction for one whole Right or Shaire of Land in the Susquehanna
            Susquehanna                    Purchase on Susquehanna River.
            Company                        Zebulon Butler on of ye com'tee appointed to admitt Propriators
                                           Received ye above Receipt to Record December ye 13th 1774 and
                                           Recorded. Ezekiel Peirce, Clerk
17 Jun 1770 List          Wyoming Valley   Nicholas PHILLIPS is on the List of proprietors of the Five Townships,
                                           who were from the Susquehanna Company and then on the ground.
28 Jun 1770 Gov. Penn    Philadelphia      A proclamation had been published at Philadelphia by Governor Penn,
            Proclamation                   on the 28th June 1770, directing all intruders to depart from Wyoming,
                                           forbidding any settlements to be made there without the consent of the
                                           of the (Pennsylvania) Proprietaries.
22 Sep 1770 Pennamite     Wyoming          In September 1770 "…a force of 140 men was placed under the
            Attack                         command of Capt (Amos) Ogden" who marched on Wyoming. He
                                           attacked while the Connecituct settlers were working in the fields. Some
                                           of them made the safety of the garrison, but many were captured and
                                           taken to the jail at Easton. However, Capt Zebulon Butler and a few
                                           others were conducted to Philadelphia where they were confined..

18 Dec 1770 Lazarus       Wyoming        On 18 December 1770, about 3 o'clock in the morning, Capt Lazarus
            Attack                       Stewart attacked and retook the Fort.
 5 Sep 1771 List          On Susquehanna Nicholas is on "List of Settlers on Susquehannah River", taken by
                                         Zebulon Butler, Lazarus Stewart, John Smith."
   Oct 1771 List          Wyoming Valley      Nicholas is on "List of Settlers on Susquehannah River", taken by
                                              Zebulon Butler, Lazarus Stewart, John Smith."

  Dec 1771 List of        Susquehanna         Nicholas is on "List of Settlers on Susquehannah River", taken by
           Settlers on    Company             Zebulon Butler and Stephen Fuller. Philip Buck arrived on December
           Susquehanna    Committee of        28, 1771.
           h River        Settlers

   Jun 1772 List          Wyoming Valley      List of Settlers at Wyoming

14 Sep 1772 Property Sale Wyoming Valley      "Sept. 14, 1772, Nicholas Phillips of Wyoming conveyed to Philip
                          (Wilkes-Barre,      Wintermute of Mountain Township (Montayne Township?), Sussex Co.,
                          Luzerne Co, PA)     N.J., for (symbol L with a line through it)45, certain lands in Kingston
                                              Township and 116 acres north of Kingston (in what subsquently became
                                              Exeter Township), in Wyoming Valley, together with a dwelling house in
                                              which said Phillips then lived; said lands having been purchased by
                                              Phillips from Zebulon Butler, to whom they had been surveyed by
                                              John Jenkins, Surveyor, by order of Major John Durkee. This was the
                                              land on which Wintermute's Fort was subsequently erected and
                                              upon which the battle of Wyoming was fought."

14 Sep 1772 Property Sale North of Kingston   „Nicholas Phillips of the Susquehanna Purchase‟ sold to Phillip
                          on the              Wintermute „of Mountien (sic) Township in the County of Sussex,
                          Susquehanna         New Jersey 116 acres north of Kingston on the Susquehanna
                          River               River‟.                                                        Don
                                              Anger's comments: "The Wintermutes were a German-speaking family
                                              which had immigrated about the mid-1700's to America. Six years later,
                                              Philip Wintermute would play a pivotal role in the „Battle of Wyoming‟
                                              and he and several of his sons would later join Butler‟s Rangers."

14 Sep 1772 N Phillips    Kingston & Exeter Sd 26th Day * * * Laid out for Nicholas Phillips * * Major John Durge
            Survey to                       Beginning * * by Susquehannah River being the * * laid out for William
            Phillip                         Slu[man] * * N. 32 Degrs west 173 Rods to a pine [tree ] thence Running
            Wintermoot                      No 49 Degrs East 103 * * to a Pine Stake Stones about it * * * Runing S.
                                            32 Degrs East 182 Rods to ye River and by sd River about 110 Rods to
                                            ye first * * Boundarys surveyed by John Jenkins Surveyor
                                            Received ye above Survey to Record September 14th 1772. and
                                            Recorded per me EZEKIEL PEIRCE Clerk
     Cont'd P. 1035.
            To all People to whom these Presents Shall Come Greeting Know ye that I, Nicholas Phillips on ye Susquehanna Purchase Do for & in Consideration of
            the sum of Forty Five pounds Lawfull money of New England to me In Hand all ready Received of Phillip wintermote of mountien township in ye County
            Sussex in ye Province of New Jersey which is to my full Content & satisfaction therefore I Ye sd. Nicholas Phillips Do by these Presents Give Grant
            Bargain sell and Do by these Presents * * * * Purchase which purchase was made by a Number of Propriators and purchased of ye [Indian] Natives of sd
            Land as per Deed from sd Native Propriators &c: as I ye sd Phillips am a Re[ceiver] by a Deed from Zebulon Butler &c: Together with about 116 acres of
            Land Lying about * * Rods North of Kingstown where I ye sd Phillips [now] Lives which Land was Surveyed by John Jenkins Surveyor; by order of Majr
            John Durge as may be seen by ye Survey; as part of my Proprietors Right sd 116 acres is Bounded as Followes Beginning at an ash stake by
            Susquehannah River: thence Runing North 32: Degrs. west 173 Rods to a Pine Stake by the Rode: thence Runing North 49 Degrs East 105 Rods by sd

     Cont'd Rode to a Pine Stake Stones about it; thence Runing S: 32 Degrs East 182 Rods to ye River--thence by sd River about 100 Rods to ye first mentioned
            Boundaryes To Have and to Hold all the above sd tract or Tracts of Land to be and Remain unto him ye sd Phillip wintermote and to his Heirs Execors &
            adminors & assigns forever. Togather with my Dwelling Houfe & with all Privileges and appurtenances thereon or [there] belonging free and Clear from sd
            Nicholas Phillips or from my Heirs Execuors or adminors or assigns or from any other Person or Persons by from or under me or By my Procurement In
            witness where of I the sd Nicholas Phillips Have Hereunto set to my Hand and seal this 14th Day of September and ye 12th year of ye Reign of our
            Sovereign Lord George the 3d King Anno Domini 1772
                             NICHOLAS PHILLIPS (Seal)
            Signed Sealed and Delivered In Presence of TIMOTHY PEIRCE (and) ANDREW SPAULDING
            Received ye above Deed to Record September ye 14th 1772. and Recorded per me EZEKIEL PEIRCE Recorder

15 Sep 1772 Second Deed Wilkes-Barre          To all People to whom these Presents Shall Come, Greeting, Know ye
            to Phillip                        that I Nickolas Phillips on ye Susquehanna Purchase do for & in
            Wintermoot                        consideration of ye Sum of Fifteen pounds Lawfull money of New
                                              England to me in hand all Ready Received of Phillip Wintermoot of
                                              mountecue township in ye County of Sussex in ye Province of New York
                                              which is to my full Content & Satisfaction. Therefore I ye sd Nicholas
                                              Phillips Do by these Presents Give Grant Bargin Sell & Do by these
                                              Presents Quit all my Right Title Intrust Claims & Demand In & unto one
                                              Quarter Part of a Propriatorship Right of Land in the Susquehanna
                                              Purchase which & to his Heirs made by Large Number of Propriators
     Cont'd to have & to hold unto him ye sd Phillip WintermootPurchase was Execu'orsaAdmin'ors & assigns for Ever Herafter with all ye Priveledges and
            appurtenances theron or theronto Belonging free & Clear from me ye sd Nicholas Phillips or my Heirs Execu'ors Admin'ors & assigns or from any other
            Person or Persons by from or under me or by my procurement In witness whereof I ye sd Nikolas Phillips Have Hereunto Set my Hand & Seal this 15th day
            of September & in ye 12th year of ye Reign of our Sovereign Lord George ye 3rd King &c: A D 1772
                            NICHOLAS PHILLIPS (Seal)
            Signed Sealed and Delivered In Presence of DANIEL INGERSOLL and Ezekiel Peirce
            Westmoreland         Litchfield County March ye 11th 1776 Personally appeared ye above Named Nickolas Phillips ye Signer & Sealer of ye above
            Instrument & acknowledged ye same to be his own free act & Deed Before me
            Nathan Denison Justice of Peace                                                                                                      Received ye above
            Deed to Record March ye 11th 1776 and Recorded per me EZEKIEL PEIRCE Clerk
3 Oct 1772 Petition to   Wilks Barre on    Petition Of The Inhabitants Of Wyoming To The Connecticut Legislature
           Connecticut   Susquehanna       To The Honourable the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut
           Legislature                     To Be Holden at newhaven on the Second Thursday in October AD
                                           The Memorial of us the Subscribers Inhabitants of Wyoming on
                                           Susquehannah and Within the Colony of Connecticut Humbly Sheweth
                                           that we being Destitute of the advantages of Civil Authority... we Pray
                                           your Honours to take into your Wise Consideration our unhappy and
                                           Distressd Condition and Either Incorporate us into a County and appoint
                                           us Proper Authority; or annex us to Some one of the Counties... Dated
                                           in Wilks barre on Susquehannah October ye 3d 1772.
                                           (Signed by „Nicolas Philip‟ and about 200 others.)

 Fall 1772 Migration     Tunkhannock, PA After NP sells his Wilkes-Barre property to Philip Wintermute he settles
                                         in Tunkhannock 40 miles (actually about 30 miles north on the
                                         Susquehanna from Wilkes-Barre) in Wyoming Co, PA.
  ?? 1772 Migration      Mouth of          The Indian word Tunkhannock translated means: „two small streams of
                         Tunkhannock       water falling into one another, opposite of each other‟. The two streams
                         Creek             in question were Bowman‟s Creek and Tunkhannock Creek, both
                                           flowing into the Susquehanna within close proximity of each other.
                                           George Adam Bowman (b. 1731), formerly of Bowman‟s Creek in
                                           Canajoharie, just west of Corry‟s Patent in the Colony of New York,
                                           purchased Pennsylvania Proprietor‟s land in Tunkhannock and settled
                                           at the mouth of the creek there that still bears the name „Bowman‟s
                                           Creek‟. In 1772, Philip Buck settled across the river near the mouth
                                           of Tunkhannock Creek and he was joined in the same year by
                                           Abraham and Adam Wartman, all three settling near Nicholas
                                           Phillips on Tunkhannock Creek. Abraham Wartman was the brother-
                                           in-law of George Adam Bowman. Within four years, all of these men
                                           and most of their older sons would be fighting together in Butler‟s
  1773      History        Tunkhannock, PA TUNKHANNOCK was the third of the original certified towns, and was
                           (Putnam Twp.)   then called Putnam, after General Israel Putnam, of the Revolution, he
                                           owning lots here. It was organized in 1790; the borough in 1842. The
                                           oldest settlers of Tunkhannock, as far as known, were Zebulon Marcy,
                                           who lived near where the tannery now stands, and Christopher Avery,
                                           who lived on the flat on the south side of the creek. Philip Buck, a
                                           German, sent here by the Pennamites in 1773, lived upon the land of
                                           Christopher Avery, but afterwards, in company with two others, settled
                                           opposite the mouth of Bowman's creek. Abraham and Adam Wartman
                                           were also two Germans sent here by the Pennamites in the same year
                                           that Philip Buck came. They settled near the mouth of Tunkhannock
                                           creek. Nicholas Phillips settled near the creek in the same year;
                                           Jacob Teague settled about two miles above the mouth of the creek, in
                                           1774; and Increase Billings near the forks of the north and south
                                           branches, in the year 1773. He conveyed to one Reuben Herrington, in
                                           1775, and Herrington, in 1776, conveyed his to Job Tripp.

                                             Just below Philip Buck, lived Frederic Anger and Frederick Frank;
                                             below this, where La Grange now is, lived Jeremiah Osterhout, who
                                             came here prior to 1796. Source: History of Pennsylvania by William H.
                                             Egle, M.D., M.A. Published 1883. Author: WYOMING COUNTY BY
                                             CHARLES M. LEE, TUNKHANNOCK
3 April 1773 Petition to                     On April 3, 1773 Nicholas Phillips signed another similar petition which
             Connecticut                     went to the Connecticut Legislature begging for the formation of a new
             Legislature                     county „for our defence, security and Protection against the Vile
                                             Incroachments of our neighbours the Pensilvanians...‟
                                             Jesse Lukens Diary…

14 Aug 1774 Jesse Lukens Tunkhannock, PA Mr. Field went up to Nicholas Philips', also Flipson's, and brought down
            Survey Party                 some fine corn and potatoes. Flipson came down with him and seems
                                         to be an intelligent person and to be credited; says that C. S. (Charles
                                         Stewart) surveyed the land he lives on in virtue of his son's order, and
                                         now hath returned it in pursuance of Robert Taylor's order.
20 Aug 1774 Jesse Lukens Tunkhannock, PA Mr. Peter Weiser came to the camp; informs me that Mr. Stewart is at
            Survey Party                 Wyalusing and is going up to the line of the purchase; that he sent down
                                         from Nicholas Philips' for Captain Patterson; that Job Chilloway and
                                         John Dick are about 10 miles from Wyalusing on the Muncy path
                                         locating lands, that Mr. Stewart was ill treated at Wioming by Capt.
                                         Fuller and that Capt. Butler interfered in his behalf.
31 Aug 1774 Jesse Lukens Tunkhannock, PA Sims returned from Philips's with the provisions.
            Survey Party
  Late 1774 Arrest        Tunkhannock, PA A List of Yankee Prisoners - 1774; 114 individuals including Nicholas
                                          Phillips, Zebulon Butler, Jacob Ankish, Christopher Avery, Henry
                                          Windecker, Pershall Terry, George Kinter, etc. From page 618
                                          "Documents relating to the Connecticut Settlement in the Wyoming
                                          Valley." Edited by William H. Engle, Harrisburg 1893;
19 Apr 1775 The First Shot Lexington, Mass   Britian and the Thirteen Colonies are at War.

 1 Aug 1775 Town          Westmoreland       Long Address on the Centenial of the Wyoming Massacre…
 8 Aug 1775 Meetings      (Wyoming)

25 Dec 1775 Plunkett's    Wyoming            Jesse Lukens returned from Boston to Sunbury in
            Expedition                       the winter of 1775, just in time to join Plunket's expedition
                                             against the Connecticut settlers at Wyoming, December
                                             25th, in which he was mortally wounded, and died a
                                             few days later.
25 Dec 1775 Plunkett's    Wyoming            Plunkett's attack failed and was the last military attempt of the
            Expedition                       Pennsylvania Provincial Government on the Connecticut Settlers

   11 March Land Record Wyoming Valley       Westmoreland ss. Litchfield County March ye 11th 1776 there
       1776                                  Perfonally appeared ye above named Nicholas Phillips ye figner &
                                             fealer of ye foregoing Inftrument & acknowledged ye fame to be his free
                                             act & Deed Before me Nathan Denifon Justice of ye Peace (This is
                                             related to the 14 Sept 1772 sale of land to Phillip Wintermute. Note: the
                                             f was used for an s in this text.)
       1776 Tax List      North District "Up Nicholas Phillips listed with 58 others including Anger, Bowman, Buck,
                          the River" County Brunner, Beebe, Depew, Kentner, Secord, Windecker, etc. Most of
                          of Westmoreland, these are not on the 1777 Tax List.
                          Colony of

       1776 War                              Revolutionary War Started…
 1776-1777 Jail release    Hartford, Conn  Nicholas Sr claimed in his Petition that he escaped the Hartford Jail and
                                           joined Butlers Rangers in 1777. „... In the beginning of the Troubles in
                                           America in 1776, your Memorialist opposed the Rebellion and was
                                           Seized and thrown into Jail by the Rebels for his Loyalty. He was
                                           moved from Jail to Jail for about eighteen Months, then Sent to
                                           Hartford Jail in Connecticut, it being the fifth and your Memorialist
                                           expected it to be his last Prison before his Death; but he had the
                                           Good Fortune to escape Hartford Jail in 1777 and joined Colonel
                                           Butler‟s Rangers, a Private Soldier, & has since served in that
                                           Corps against the Rebels... "
Spring 1777 Nicholas       Tunkhannock, PA In the spring of 1777 a friend of his (Nicholas Phillips) near
            Pickard Letter                 Tunkhannock named Nicholas Pickard, had written to his brother John
                                           Pickard in the settlement of Wyoming further south in the valley,
                                           advising him that „As soon as the river was clear of ice “we shall march
                                           from every part” and that it would be better for John “to go out of the
                                           way”.‟ The letter had been intercepted by Nat Landon and was turned
                                           over to the Northumberland County Committee Of Safety. Summoned
                                           before the Committee, John Pickard testified that „he had gone with
                                           Nicholas about Christmastime upriver about twenty miles to
                                           Tunkhannock to see some friends and that there a Nicholas Philips
                                           had told him that come spring they would be striking “upon the
                                           Mohawk and the waters of the Susquehannough”.‟ John then took
                                           an oath of allegiance to the United States and put up bail for his good
                                           behaviour. The Tory Nicholas Pickard, who was brought before the
                                           committee on the same day, defiantly confessed that he had written the
                                           letter „in a kind of mysterious manner by reversing letters so that it might
                                           not be understood...‟. That same day Nicholas Pickard was seized and
                                           ordered to be taken to the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania
                                           to be dealt with.
           The St Ledger Expedition of 1777 - Seige of Fort Stanwix and the Battle of Oriskany
  Mar 1777 List of         Susquehanna         John Butler "advised that loyalists arriving daily from the Mohawk River
           Recruits        Region              and he had heard from seventy inhabitants of the Susquehanna
                                               region who wished to enter His Majesty's Service as Rangers."
       1777 Enlistment                         Nicholas Jr 4 Feb 1811 Petition claims he enlisted in Butler's Rangers
                                               in 1777.
5 Jun 1777 Col John        Fort Niagara        On June 5, 1777, Col. John Butler, Commander at Fort Niagara, was
           Butler's                            given instructions by General Carleton to collect as many Indians
           Orders                              as possible and join Colonel Barry St. Leger‟s force that was to
                                               proceed east through the Mohawk Valley and join up with General
                                               Burgoyne‟s main force at Albany. Butler obeyed, and on his own
                                               initiative went a step further by enlisting 67 of the Loyalist refugees
                                               who had just arrived into the „Indian Department‟:
15 Jun 1777 Muster List of Butler's Rangers, "A List of Persons Employed as Rangers in the Indian Department"
            Persons…       Indian Dept       Rate of Pay: 4/day. #5 Benjamin DAVIS, #27 Nicholas PHILLIPS, #28
                                             John PHILLIPS, #29 Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr. (plus others…)
                           Butler's Rangers, The Rangers attached to the Indian Department were an elite group.
                           Indian Dept       Their orders were „to mix... with the Indians when on service, and be
                           History           commanded by Indian officers‟ and were to be comprised of „People
                                             speaking the Indian Language and acquainted with their customs and
                                             manner of making War...‟ They were to be paid 4s. New York Currency
                                             per day as opposed to regular Rangers earning 2s. per day.
23 Jun 1777 LtCol Claus     Lachine to         Lt Claus did not trust intelligence on condition of Ft Stanwix. He
            scouting Ft     Akwasasne          captured some Continental soldiers who confirmed that Ft Stanwix was
            Stanwix                            in good repair and well garrisoned. What was more alarming is that the
                                               Rebels were alerted to the mission of St Ledger's Expedition. Gen St
                                               Ledger refused to credit this intelligence.
 13 Jul 1777 Butler & 8th   Ft Niagara to      The PHILLIPs were assigned to Capt Walter Butler's Company (Coy)
             Regt depart    Oswego
             Ft Niagara
 23 Jul 1777 Daniel Claus Oswego, NY           Claus was pleased to see 300 men already assembled. Claus did not
             arrives at                        like John Butler… And, John was not happy that he was reporting to
             Oswego                            Claus.
25 July 1777 Butler Arrives Oswego, NY         John Butler arrived shortly after a contingent of Senecas, with 47
             at Oswego                         Wyandot, Ottowa, Potawatomi and Chippewa Indians. He was shocked
                                               to find Claus was in overall command. St Ledger arrived later in the
26 July 1777 St Ledger's    Left Oswego, NY    Claus left with the Advance and Butler was left behind to manage the
             Advance                           Grand Council with the Iroquois at Three Rivers.
                                               "Major John Butler took 20 of his Rangers to Oriskany. Two of his
                                               Captains, James Wilson and John Hare, Sr lost their lives, as did one or
                                               two Rangers."
 3 Aug 1777 St Ledger,      Ft Stanwix Seige
            Claus & the     Camp
 5 Aug 1777                                    Word arrived that Herkimer is marching to reinforce Ft Stanwix…

 6 Aug 1777 Battle          Oriskany           It is probable that N P Sr & Jr participated in the Ambush of Gen.
                                               Herkimer at Oriskany. This was the bloodiest battle of the War…
 6 Aug 1777 Prisoner          Oriskany          Surgeon Younglove, a prisoner of St Ledger's campaign, claimed that
            March                               the ranger Benjamin DAVIS, "formerly known in Tryon County on the
                                                Mohawk River," perpetrated "frequent scenes of horror and massacre"
                                                on the route to the "enemy's head-quarters."
13 Aug 1777 Capt. Walter      Shoemakers        Walter Butler, Peter Ten Broeck, William Ryer Bowen and went to
            Butler "Flag of   Tavern, German    Shoemaker's Tavern to…
            Truce"            Flats
15 Aug 1777 Capt. Walter      Shoemakers        Capt Walter Butler's "Flag" was captured… (This was the PHILLIPs'
            Butler "Flag of   Tavern, German    commanding officer.)
            Truce"            Flats
24 Aug 1777 Beginning of      Oneida Lake,      Prior to leaving Lake Oneida, John Butler obtanied St Ledger's
            mission to        probably Ft       permission for senior Ranger James Secord and fifty rangers to
            Susquehann        Brewerton.        return to the (Susquehanna) settlements to collect (families) and
            a                                   drive cattle to Fort Niagara.
26 Aug 1777                   Fort Oswego, NY St Ledger's Expedition arrives back at Oswego

        ???                                     Butler's Indian Department Rangers did not follow St Ledger to
                                                Ticonderoga and no longer participated in the Expedition.
15 Sep 1777 Beating Order Fort Niagara          Butler was awarded a "beating order" to raise a battalion of Rangers;
                                                formed in Niagara
 1 Nov 1777                   Fort Niagara      Butler had arrived at Niagara as did word of Burgoyne's surrender at
                                                Ticonderoga. It was just as well; the Rangers he had sent to collect
                                                cattle had not returned…
25 Dec 1777 Butler's          Fort Niagara      Name: Nich. Phillips Senr.
24 Oct 1778 Rangers                             Rank: Private
            Payroll                             Commencing Inclusive: 25th Dec. 1777
                                                Ending Inclusive: 24th Oct. 1778
                                                No. of Days: 304
                                                Pay @ 4s. : 60 L 16 Sh. 5d.
                                                (Exactly the same for his son John Phillips also)
   Dec 1777 Battle?           Susquehanna, PA "Phillips (Philips), Nicholas Jr. He was captured with his father and
                                              brother John on the Susquehanna in December 1777
 3 Jan 1778 Capture           Susquehanna     They had finally reached their homes when on January 3, 1778 twenty-
                              River           seven of them were „taken up and secured ’. On the list of prisoners
                                                in the Haldimand Papers were ‘Nicholas Phillips Sr.; Nicholas
                                                Phillips Jr.; and also John Phillips’ (Haldimand Papers: B-105,
                                                pp.236-42: Lists Of Prisoners Taken By The Enemy)

 3 Jan 1778 Capture           Susquehanna       I saw a reference to Nicholas Sr and Jr as being taken captive I believe
                              River             in 1778 in a booklet "the Rolls of Provincial Loyalist Corps".
 3 Jan 1778 List of     Susquehanna        Peter TenBroock, Esq Capt. Corps of Rangers, Lieut. Bowen and
            Prisoners   River              Privates: Philip Buck , Jacob Brunner , Redmon Berry , Fred'k Frank ,
                                           Olwick Shutt , Nicholas PHILLIPS Sr, Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr, John
                                           PHILLIPS, Edw'd Hicks, Edw'd Hicks, Jr, John Hover, Henry Hover ,
                                           Jacob Bowman Sr , John S. Young , Thos. Silks, Adam Bowman Jr, All
                                           Taken (by Westmoreland) at Susquehanna Jan'y 1778.
   Feb 1778 List of     Hartford, Conn     “Resolved by this Assembly, that Richmond Berry , Philip Buck , Thomas
            Prisoners                      Silk, Edward Hicks, Edward Hix jun, John Young , Jacob Bowman,
                                           Adam Bowman jun , (Jacob) Brenner , John Henry Short, Henry Hover,
                                           John Hover, Nicholas PHILLIPS, Nicholas PHILLIPS Jun, John
                                           PHILLIPS, Jacob Anguish , George Kentner , and Frederick Frank , who
                                           were lately taken into arms against the inhabitants of the United States
                                           by the militia of Westmoreland and sent to the deputy commissary
                                           general of prisoners in this State, as prisoners, ought to be received by
                                           said commissary and treated as prisoners of war: Provided, that nothing
                                           in this resolve shall be understood to excuse them or any of them from
                                           any treasonable or other offences against the laws of any particular
                                           /state, or from being dealt with accordingly.”

 3 July 1778 Battle     Wyoming            Butler‟s Ranger‟s responsible for the Wyoming, PA Massacre. The
                                           PHILLIPS were prisoners of war and did not participate in this.
24 Oct 1778 Pay List                       Nicholas PHILLIPS Sr & John PHILLIPS: Private: begins 24 Dec 1777
                                           and ends 24 Oct 1778

24 Oct 1778 Pay List    Capt Ten Broeck's John PHILLIPS: 28 April 1778 to 24 Oct 1778 - 180 days @ 4/day = 36
                        Co'y              pounds
March 1779 List of                        Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr and John PHILLIPS were listed as prisoners
           Prisoners                      with the Rebels. Nicholas PHILLIPS Sr WAS NOT!
   ?? 1779 Battle       Newtown, NY       John Butler was defeated (1779) by the expedition of Gen. John Sullivan
                                          at Newtown near the present Elmira, N.Y.; later in the war Butler joined
                                          with Sir John Johnson in frontier raids.
24 Aug 1779 List        Montreal           Eliz. Phillips' on p. 51 of Early Settlers In Niagara who is under the main
                                           heading on p.50 entitled: A Return of Loyalists Receiving Provisions (not
                                           paying for same) in District of Montreal from 25 July 1779 to 24 Aug.

24 Oct 1779 List        Montreal           ??
14 Nov 1780 Prison           Returned to       Nicholas PHILLIPS Sr, is "returned" from Prison with Sons
            Release          Montreal          Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr and John PHILLIPS after being "taken from
                                               the Susquehanna 3 Jan 1778. Reported to Walter Butler who was
                                               there on business. Nicholas PHILLIPS Sr, Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr
                                               and John PHILLIPS were left behind, perhaps to recover from their
 1 Aug 1781 Provision List Machiche            Margaret PHILLIPS (p. 51 Early Settlers) who was struck off the
            (struck from)                      provision list on Aug.1, 1781 "At Machiche: Nelly KENTNOR age 17,
                                               Margaret PHILLIPS 17, Elizabeth 18 & Magdalen SHOWERS 16, Sarah
                                               DEFOREST 18".
9 Jul 1782/3 Discharge                         Nicholas PHILLIPS Sr was discharged from BR's on 9 Jul 82 (83?) after
             from Butler's                     providing a man "in his room" and "joined Captain Brant of the Indian
             Rangers                           Department."
20 Sep 1783 Treaty of
                                                End of the Revolutionary War
   Oct 1783 Petition         Niagara           NP Sr files a Petition

  NOV 1783 List              Niagara           NP Jr is 27 and has a wife of 19 and is listed with Capt Ten Broeck's
30 Nov 1783 "Partial         Niagara           Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr was recorded as a Private in Capt Ten Broeck's
            Return"                            Co'y in Nov 1783.
24 Dec 1783                  Niagara           Disbandment of Loyalist troops

                                           The Nicholas PHILLIPS Story After the War (1784)
 5 Feb 1784 Probation of     Dutchess Co, NY William Bitzer appeared in front of Gilbert Livingston, Surrogate, and
            Will                             declared that he saw Nickel PHILIP sign his will dated 27 Feb 1760.
                                             And he saw the witnesses Joseph NIER and Gernault VIELE sing the
                                             Will, also. Christina PHILIP is sworn as Executrix of the Will.

11 Feb 1784 Birth            Niagara?          Nicholas PHILLIPS (of Bayham) It is more probable that Nicholas was
                                               born in Niagara, than Schoharie County. It's possible the story was that
                                               Peter's Grandfather, Nicholas Jr was born in Schoharie...

13 Feb 1784 Will proved      Dutchess Co, NY NP SH "Nikel Philipp" b.1705 d.1784
27 Feb 1784 Will probated Dutchess Co, NY NP SH "Nikel Philipp" Will was dated 1760? Mentions his son
                                          "Nickolas": Philipp, Nickel: of Dutchess Co. Wife Christina, sons
                                          Zaghrias, Nickolas, Johann, daughters Catherina, wife of Johan Kool
                                          and Geertie. Real Estate and Personal Estate: Executors, wife and sons
                                          Zaghrias and Nicholas.
    ?? 1784 Disbanded       Niagara?         Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr is listed with a wife and one child (Nicholas
             List                            PHILLIPS of Bayham)
 20 Jul 1784 List …to       Niagara          Nicholas Phillips Sr.'s family has I male, 1 female, 1 child over 10.
             settle land                     (July 20, 1784) p.23 Early Settlers in Niagara
 20 Jul 1784 List …to       Niagara          Drummer: John PHILLIPS on "List of the Persons who have
             settle land                     Subscribed their names in order to settle and cultivate the Crown lands
                                             opposite Niagara"

       1784 Death?          Niagara          Nicholas PHILLIPS Sr's wife Elisabeth died? (Don Anger)

    ?? 1786 Loyalist List   The Grand River Nicholas PHILLIPS Sr living next to Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr who is
                            Landing and the married and has 2 children.
                            Head of
                            Chippaway Creek
23 Aug 1787 Petition        Quebec, Ont      (Nicholas PHILLIPS Sr.) Claimt. Says: He is a native of America. Lived
                                             at Susquehanna in 1777 left his home & joined Col. Butler in the
                                             Rangers. Served 2 years; was taken Prisoner & confined in several
                                             gaols. Made his escape & got to New York, from thence came to
                                             Montreal. Now settled near Niagara.

       1788                 Niagara          „The Hungry Year‟, had just concluded and not all families averted
                                             starvation on the Niagara Peninsula that year.
1787 to 1789                                 What's going on??

                Nicholas PHILLIPS Sr & Jr In New York (Genesee County) 1789 To about 1802
    ?? 1789 Death           Genesse River    The Petition of Nicholas Jr. recorded the departure: „That your
                                             Petitioner‟s Father in the year 1789 went to the Genesee River
                                             where he died soon after...‟ (Petition of Nicholas Philipse of
                                             Willoughby: 4 Feb 1811)
     ?? 1790 Census       Genesse Co, NY     Nicholas Philips Jr (II) FWM16+(2), FWM-16(0), FWF(2)

     ?? 1790 Census       Genesse Co, NY     Jacob Philips FWM16+(1), FWM-16(1), FWF(1)

     ?? 1790 Census p86   Dutchess Co, NY    Nicholas PHILLIPS FWM16+(1), FWM-16(1)*,FWF(4),S(0)
                          Northeast Town
     ?? 1790 Census p??   (Poughkeepsie)
                          Dutchess Co, NY    John PHILLIPS FWM16+(2), FWM-16(1)*,FWF(2),S(1)
                          Northeast Town
     ?? 1790 Census p86   (Poughkeepsie)
                          Dutchess Co, NY    Zachariah PHILLIPS FWM16+(3), FWM-16(0),FWF(1),S(4)
             Senior       Northeast Town
     ?? 1790 Census p91   (Poughkeepsie)
                          Dutchess Co, NY    Gary Phillips reported the page 91 reference
             Junior       Northeast Town
                          (Poughkeepsie)     Check census for more PHILLIPS…

  1 Dec 1790 Berczy

 29 Apr 1793 Migration    Genesse Co, NY     Jacob Phillips received a permit to bring duty-free from the U.S.
                          To York Co, Ont.   assorted household goods on April 29th, 1793. Jacob PHILLIPS leaves
                                             NY and moves to Markham Twp, York Co. Ontario. He went with
                                             William Bercy as a carpenter to begin building what would become
    Jul 1794 Migration    Genesse Co, NY     Balance of Berczy Settlers travel to the future site of Toronto. Jacob
                          To York Co, Ont.   PHILLIPS settled there and had a large family. His older sister and her
                                             husband Benjamin DAVIS also settled, but had no children. Nicholas Jr
                                             and family including Nicholas of Bayham wouldn't arrive until about
                                             1802. Not sure about John or Margaret...
28 May 1796 Land Request York Co, Ont        "Jacob Philips, [requesting] No. 2 [on the Humber River at York?] with
                                             broken fronts".

        1796              Western NY         The British Army, despite the fact that the Revolution had been over for
                                             some years, still controlled and patrolled this area and in fact would
                                             remain at Fort Niagara until 1796 when the area was turned over to New
24 June 1797 Petition     York Co, Ont       Elizabeth (Phillips) DAVIS
28 June 1797 Land Book     York Co, Ont       "Jacob Phillips. Praying for lands in right of his deceased father as a
                                              military claimant. Recommended that 300 acres be granted to the next
                                              of kin of Nicholas Phillips." He doesn't get land until 1836? What about
28 June 1797 Data on UEL York Co, Ont         PHILLIPS, Nicholas Sr. Butler's Rangers: s. Jacob (Phillips) of York,
                                              O.C. 28 June 1797
 12 Apr 1798 Petition      York Co, Ont       Elizabeth (Phillips) DAVIS Denied

 21 Apr 1798 Petition      York Co, Ont       Elizabeth (Phillips) DAVIS APPROVED 200 acres.

     ?? 1802 Land Grant    Vaughn Twp, York Jacob PHILLIPS receives Land Grant for Lot 6-7 Conc 7, Vaughn Twp,
                                            York Co.
                          Nicholas PHILLIPS Jr Family moves to Willoughby, Ont. about 1802
     ?? 1802 Migration    NY to Willoughby, 27 Dec 1810 Sam Street certifies that “Nicholas (Jr) 1756 ...(after
                          Ont.              Butler‟s Rangers, 1783) remained some years here (Niagara), and then
                                            removed to the United States from where he returned about nine years
                                            ago (abt 1802) and has continued in the Province ever since.”)
 8 Dec 1803 Will Recorded Dutchess Co, NY "Nicholas Phillips Jun" of Northeast Town. Will dated 1 Jan 1801 and
                                            Proved 30 Nov 1803, Dutchess Co. He died of disease 3 Jan 1801 and
                                            a Funeral was held 5 Jan 1801. His wife, Catharine, and only daughter
                                            Mary (young) survived him.
   Mar 1804 Census         Town of York       NP Jr (III) 1784: 1 male 16 and up, no women or children

  6 Oct 1804 Church        History of St.     October 6th, 1804 Trustees of the church met at Robt.
                           Andrew's Church    Nelles's and settled with Wm. Herrington, and allowed
                           Grimsby, Ontario   for work done at the Church 30 3 6
                                              Page Seven
                                              Also allowed and paid Absolam Wilcox for building
                                              the chimney and finding himself 8 18
                                              Also allowed and paid Nicholas Phillips
                                              for tending the Mason and finding himself 4 19 10

 4 Feb 1811 Petition       Willoughby         NP Jr petitions for land…

 31 Jul 1811 Petition      Willoughby         NP Jr pays for land ordered to him.

12 Sep 1811 Petition       Willoughby         Petition to get NP Sr on UEL List by NP Jr is denied

     ?? 1811 Mariage       Ancaster?          NP (III) 1784: would have married Hannah McKay about this time.
                                              Elizabeth Phillips would have been born in 1812.
18 Jun 1812 War of 1812                 Declaration of War By US on Canada…

 1812-1815 Death          Willoughby?   Nicholas 1756: We don't seem to have any record of his death?/

   ?? 1816 Census         Ancaster      Ancaster Township Assessments in 1816 p(p.2): Phillips, Nicholas: no
      1816 Migration      Ancaster to   In 1816, James House came from Ancaster and settled south of the
                          Bayham        Street in the east part of the township. His was the only house at this
                                        time between the street and the lake shore settlement. Mr. House was
                                        one of the surviving veterans of the War of 1812, and drew his pension
                                        from the Government at the Town Hall in St. Thomas in October, 1875.
                                        He was responsible for bringing two other settlers in the persons
                                        of Nicholas Phillips and Joseph Marsw. These two came from
                                        Ancaster and were moved by ox team.'
      1848 Land Grant     Bayham, Ont   Township Land PapersLot 135, North Talbot Road East Page 1056
                                        - grant to Nicholas Phillips, Bayham, 200 acres, 1848

      1851 Census
                                        Fill in the blanks…

06 Jul 1862 Death         Bayham, Ont   Nicholas PHILLIPS (of Bayham)

10 Jan 1886 Death         Bayham, Ont   Effie (ALWARD) PHILLIPS at age 91 yr, 10 mo 11 days

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Schoharie History

Letter by Judge John Matthew BROWN 1745-

Governor Hunter to the Board of Trade
       Governor Hunter to the Board of Trade

he Hudson Valley From 1710

       Kocherthal Records, Marriages
Kocherthal Records: Rev. Joshua
Kochertahl was the pastor of the Palatines in
West Camp Lutheran Church and
Schoharie. He received permission to
accompany the Palatines in 1708 and came to
England from the lower Palatinate, from
whence in 1709 he embarked for American
with ten families consisting of 41 persons. He
returned to London and in 1710 accompanied
the second migration. He died in 1719.

Ulrigh Simmendinger Register

Ulrigh Simmendinger Register

Kocherthal Records

Kocherthal Records
       Probably the same as Nicholas Phillips, Sr
       of Butler's Rangers.

       Zion Lutheren Church

       Zion Lutheren Church

       Groat Family History

o February 1769
       Spafford's 1824 Gazetteer

       French's Gazetteer 1860

       French's Gazetteer 1860
French's Gazetteer 1860

Spafford's 1824 Gazetteer

French's Gazetteer 1860

French's Gazetteer 1860

French's Gazetteer 1860
        (Probably Nicholas Phillips, Sr of Butler's
        Mohawk Valley Christening LTAS:12

        Nicholas Jr 1811 Land Petition: "That your
        Petitioner was born in His Majesty's Colony
        of New York and resided there and in
        Pennsylvania till the war commenced."


1769 to June 1777

(Susquehanna Company Papers: Vol.IV, pp.50-

(Susquehanna Company Papers: Vol.IV, 1770-
72, p.39-40)
(Susquehanna Company Papers: Vol.IV, pp.76-

Westmoreland Records Vol I pp 150, located
at Luzerne County Historical Society in Wilkes-
Barre. (Typewritten transcription.)

Illustrated History of Pennsylvania, Egle p 893

Illustrated History of Pennsylvania, Egle p 893

Illustrated History of Pennsylvania, Egle p 894

PA Archives MG 262 "Records of Conn               2/16/2006
Settlers in Luzerne Co." Luzerne County,
Westmoreland Town Records 1769-179
"A History of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County,
Pennsylvania" by Oscar Jewell Harvey Volume
II; Wilkes-Barre: 1909 The original of this list
is in the collections of the Wyoming Historical
and Geological Society.
"A History of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County,
Pennsylvania" by Oscar Jewell Harvey Volume
II; Wilkes-Barre: 1909 The original of this list
is in the collections of the Wyoming Historical
and Geological Society.

Michael Shoemaker genealogy book

(The Ontario Register: Vol.1, Jan.1968, p.25).

Page 206 Proceedings and Collections of the
Wyoming Historical & Geological Society Vol
  on ye Susquehanna Purchase Do for & in Consideration of
 d of Phillip wintermote of mountien township in ye County
 d. Nicholas Phillips Do by these Presents Give Grant
er of Propriators and purchased of ye [Indian] Natives of sd
d from Zebulon Butler &c: Together with about 116 acres of
 as Surveyed by John Jenkins Surveyor; by order of Majr
unded as Followes Beginning at an ash stake by
Rode: thence Runing North 49 Degrs East 105 Rods by sd

 thence by sd River about 100 Rods to ye first mentioned
nto him ye sd Phillip wintermote and to his Heirs Execors &
enances thereon or [there] belonging free and Clear from sd
 or Persons by from or under me or By my Procurement In
Day of September and ye 12th year of ye Reign of our

    PEIRCE Recorder

              Westmoreland Records Vol I pp 518-519
              located at Luzerne County Historical Society in
              Wilkes-Barre. (Typewritten transcription.)

gns for Ever Herafter with all ye Priveledges and
my Heirs Execu'ors Admin'ors & assigns or from any other
 las Phillips Have Hereunto Set my Hand & Seal this 15th day

  Named Nickolas Phillips ye Signer & Sealer of ye above

                                         Received ye above
(Susquehanna Company Papers: Vol. V, pp.41-
43) & History of Wilkes-Barre‟ by Harvey

Comments of Don Anger

Comments of Don Anger

(Susquehanna Co. Papers: Vol. V, p.82)
"Notes and Queries Historical and
Genealogical Chiefly Relating to Interior
Pennsylvania" edited by William Henry Egle,
M. D. M. A., Baltimore, Genealogical
Publishing Company, 1970 online at

Page 205 Proceedings and Collections of the
Wyoming Historical & Geological Society Vol
XII; P. 1036 of the "The Records of the Town
of Westmoreland" (Wyoming section of

"Proceedings and Collections of The Wyoming
Historical and Geological Society," V: 209-218.
        (MG 14, bundle 15, pp.118-9)

        (Ch.10: All above quotations from „The Battle
        At Wyoming‟ pp.119-120: cited in The
        Susquehanna; by Carl Carmer:1955)

x and the Battle of Oriskany
        Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley, p. 58 a letter
        to Gov. Carleton.

        Comments of Don Anger
P.A.C., Colonial Office Records, MG 11, Q
Series, Vol. 13, p. 331:

(Brodhead, Editor of „Documents‟, VIII, pp. 718-

Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley, Watt

Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley, Watt

Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley, Watt

Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley, Watt

Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley, Watt

The British Campaign of 1777, Watt &
Morrison, p. 75, 104

Finish this…

Finish this…

Finish this…
Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley, p. 175 The
author mentions that Benjamin DAVIS was
raised by Cherokees and could well have done
Finish this…

Capt Walter Butler escaped captivity in Albany
18 Apr 1778 and joined his father in Seneca
county. He was killed in a rear guard action at
Rebellion in the Mohawk west of German
West Canada Creek, north Valley, p. 262


The British Campaign of 1777,

Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley, p. 283

Rebellion in the Mohawk Valley, p. 308

(Haldimand Papers: Vol. B-105: MG 21, pp.58-

Where did I get this from?

Don Anger

Paul C. Lozo []
"List of Prisoners in hands of Congress
belonging to the Corps of Rangers, Royalists &
and their Families" (Reel 46: Haldimand
Papers, Add Mss 211765, p. 424) (RED=Not
identified in The British Campaign of 1777)

The Public Records of The State of
Connecticut Oct.1776 to Feb.1778; p.539;
pub.1894: From: Connecticut Historical

Finish this…

Haldimand Papers: Vol. 105: John p. 59 &
Nicholas p. 72

Haldimand Papers: Vol. 105: p. 240a

The British Campaign of 1777, Watt &
Morrison, p. 78 & 88

We're not sure who this really is. Don
suspected the Elisabeth…

Finish this…
       Richard PHILLIPS: From the Susquehanna,
       taken, escaped, settled near Niagara.

       Have photos of Microfilm

War (1784)
       Remember, stuff highlighted in light green
       is about Hudson Valley PHILLIPS… Ironic
       that this elder Nicholas' will was being
       probated when Great-Grandpa Nicholas of
       Bayham was born, huh?
       A county history of Sanilac Co., Mich.
       Published in the 1880s has a two-page
       biographical sketch of Nicholas' son Peter
       Carnes Phillips (Jan and Phyllis' ancestor,
       Henry's brother) that says Peter was the son
       of Nicholas Phillips who was "born in 1776
       in Schoharie County, New York."
        Was son Nicholas involved with Probate? Our
        Nicholas Sr was in Niagara…

        Nicholas Sr's wife is listed.

        Haldimand Papers: Cited in "Early

unty) 1789 To about 1802
        Would be nice to find some record of Nicholas
        Sr's death and/or burial…
Nicholas Jr would be 34. Second FWM16+
could be brother John. Second FWF+16 could
be sister Margaret. Why is there no FWM-16
for six year old Nicholas b.1784?
Jacob would be 23 years old with a wife and 1
daughter -16.

Land Book A which was printed as the
Eighteenth Report of the Bureau of Archives of
Ontario in 1929 page 160
The British turned over Fort Niagara and Fort
        Land Book C printed as The Nineteenth
        Report of the Bureau of Archives of Ontario in
        1930 page 172

        From Data on UEL Collected by the Archives
        Department, page 426

hby, Ont. about 1802
        What was Nicholas 1756 doing in the US
        from about 178? to about 1802? and

        This is the son of Nicholas Phillips born 1758,
        Grandson of Zacharias born 1727, (older
        brother of Nicholas born 1732.) He would
        have been in his early 20's.

Ontario, Canada Deaths 1869-1934
Robert also sent me this information that may be helpful to you:
Phillips - Pierson By Holice and Debbie

 #           Name               Residence                      Amount
695 Phillips,. Abraham             Fulton Co., NY                  65
3,434 Phillips, Abraham          Newfane, Niagara Co., NY      53.00
6,036 Phillips, Abraham H. Hastings Co., Canada                 54.00
9,826 Phillips, Asa, by Widow Fremont, NY                     58.00
1,830 Phillips, Benjamin         Massena, NY                       81
12,982 Phillips, Benjamin        Berlin, OH                        55
2,878 Phillips, Calvin          Medina, OH                         29
5,809 Phillips, Doctor         Clarendon, NY                     30.6
15,890 Phillips, Daniel, by Widow Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY 53.00
5,403 Phillips, Edward          Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY      38.50
5,808 Philip, Enos             Mattawan, Van Buren Co., OH 58.00
12,573 Phillips, Frederick C. California, Chautauqua Co., NY 58 .00
8,073 Phillips, Harmanus          Mohawk, Montgomery Co., NY 85.00
8,074 Phillips, Harmanus          Mohawk, Montgomery Co., NY 20.00
8,075 Phillips, Harmanus          Mohawk, Montgomery Co., NY 25.00
8,300 Philips, Henry            Haldimen, Canada West            47.00
13,685 Phillips, Ichabod        Richland, Oswego Co., NY       26.00
882 Phillips, Ira              Clarendon, NY                       50
946 Philips, Isaac              Eagle, Clinton Co., MI             60
9,406 Phillips, Israel, by Exe. Rochester, Monroe Co., NY      20.00
5,775 Phillips, James           Henrietta, Monroe Co., NY       58.00
6,211 Phillips, James E.         Rockland Co., NY              58.00
12,587 Phillips, John           Brighton, Loraine Co., OH       57.00
2,496 Phillips, John            Rochester, Ulster Co., NY       55.00
6,358 Phillips, John C.        Warren, NY                          58
16,422 Phillips, John H.       Hempstead, NY                  65.00
2,761 Phillips, John P.          Austerlitz, Columbia Co., NY       55.00
17,200 Phillips, John W.         Dutchess Co., NY                 56.00
9,280 Phillips, Lewis          Lyme, Jefferson Co., NY         60.50
3,493 Phillips, Michael          Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY       55.00
5,521 Phillips, Nehemiah        Sodus, Wayne Co., NY           50.00
3,486 Phillips, Peter J.         Gallatin, NY                      46
3,514 Phillips, Richard        Villanova, Chautauqua Co., NY 55.00
12,368 Phillips, Shubael         Sweden, Monroe Co., NY       37.00
839 Phillips, Zebulon           Rigs, Monroe Co., NY          60.00
10,555 Phillips, Zebulon          Fishkill, NY                   60.5
15 Dec 1792  Mu HAVER   Loentje            John HAVER
17 Feb 1816  Mu HAVER   Lany               William H. HAVER
29 Oct 1818  Mu HAVER   William            William H. HAWVER
 8 Sep 1822  Mu HABER   John               Philip HABER
13 Apr 1829  Mu HAVER   Henry              Philip HABER
6 May 1832   Mu HABER   Andrew Jackson     Philip HABER
6 May 1832   Mu HABER   Martin VanBuren    Philip HABER
 6 Jan 1847  Mu HABER   Edwin              Henry HABER
12 Sep 1849 MHT?HABER   ???                John HABER
16 Sep 1853  Mu HABER   Mary C             Henry HABER
28 Jun 1854  Mu HABER   John M(artin)      Martin VB HABER
14 Jul 1874  CR HABER   William E(dward)   Edward HABER
14 Jul 1874  CR HABER   Frank              Edward HABER
14 Jul 1874  CR HABER   John H             Edward HABER

22 Dec 1821   Mu                           Philip HABER
30 May 1843   Mu                           William HABER
 2 Sep 1852   Mu                           Henry HABER
 8 Sep 1853   Mu                           Martin VB HABER
 3 Jul 1854   Mu                           Robert H HAWVER
23 Jan 1856   Mu                           William H HABER
 5 Jun 1858   Mu                           Andrew J HABER (Schodack)
 7 Nov 1861   EG                           Theodore HAVER

                                           Van VALKENBURGH

                        1800 Census        Jacob HOWVER
                        1830 Census        Philip HABER
                        1830 Census        Wm HAVER
Hannah LOTTS
Hannah LOTTS
Ann Van VALKENBURGH     Twins
Ann Van VALKENBURGH     Twins
Margaret MILLER
Mary Ann MULL
Ann                     Triplets
Ann                     Triplets
Ann                     Triplets

Margaret MILLER
Mary Ann MULL
Christina TOBIAS
Christina VOSBURG (Cast.)
Frances L BYRNE (E S??

Cynthia A HABER         ROORBACK
18 Feb 1791   Mu     PHILLIPS   Johannes      Johannes PHILLIPS
14 Sep 1798   Mu     PHILLIPS   Tiney         John PHILLIPS
9 Nov 1849    MHT    PHILLIPS   Charity A     Joseph PHILLIPS
12 Jul 1849   MHT    PHILLIPS   Elvira        John PHILLIPS


 5 Jan 1773   Kind                            Jacob PHILLIPS Jr
20 Nov 1830   MU                              Nelson PIONIER
 3 Mar 1831   Mu                              Roswell PHILLIPS
13 Oct 1831   NR                              Joseph PHILLIPS (Schodack)
29 Jul 1866   NM                              George K PHILLIPS (Albany)

                                              MESIC (Jacob? Thos? 1800)

                                1800 Census   Isaac PHILLIPS
                                1800 Census   John PHILLIPS
                                1800 Census   Timothy PHILLIPS
                                1830 Census   James PHILLIPS
                                1830 Census   Roswell PHILLIPS
                                1830 Census   Timothy PHILLIPS
Elisabeth GEERETSE
Ann Eliza

Elisabeth PHILLIPS

Dolly Maria GARDINER
Maria Van VALKENBURGH (Chatham)
Alzina PROPER (Schodack)

1st Lt Thompson            Andrew       29
2nd Lt Frey                Phillip R.   34
Sr Rngr Secord             James        35

Private Anguish            Jacob        38

       Anchor              August       61
       Anger               Charles      62
       Beebe               Adin         40
       Beebe               Johsua       41

       Bell                Derck        42

       Berry/Parry         Redmond      43
       Bowman              Abraham      45

       Bowman              Adam Jr      46

       Bowman              Adam Sr      47
       Bowman              Jacob        48
       Bowman              Jacob Sr     49

       Brunner             Jacob        60
       Buck                Phillip      50

       Davis               Benjamin     58
       Depue               Charles      59
       Farrington          Robert       63
       Farrington          Stephen      64

       Franks/Frank        Frederick    65

       Fredericks          Jacob        66
       Griffon/Griffiths   Thomas       67
       Hicks               Benjamin     68

       Hicks               Nathaniel    69
       House               Harmanus     71
       House               George       72
       House               John         73

       Hover               Henry        74
Hover            Jacob         75

Hover            John          76
Hover            Casper        77
Humphries        Emanuel       79
Kentner          George        81
Lord             John          83
McDonnell        Randl         88

McKay            Benjamin      84

Maybe/Mabee      Lewis         85
Mount/Mountain   Moses         93
Page             Joseph        96
PHILLIPS         John          99

PHILLIPS         Nicholas Sr   100
PHILLIPS         Nicholas Jr   101
Secord           David         105

Secord           John Sr       106

Secord           John Jr       107
Secord           Peter         108
Secord           Silas         109

Secord           Solomon       110

Secord           Steven        111
Sills            Conrad        112

Showers          Michael       114

Shutt            Oldwick       95

Simmons          Peter         115
Tague            Jacob         120

Wartman          Abraham       126

Wartman          Adam          127

Windecker        Hendrick      128
Winter           Frederick     130
Winter           Henry         131
Young            Daniel        132
Young   John (S.)   133
Was from the Wyoming Valley. After Stanwix/Oriskany 24 Aug 1777 he lead a party of 50
Rangers from Oneida Lake (during St Ledger's retreat to Oswego.) On 3 Jan 1778, after
prolonged wanrerings, his party was surprised and 30 of them were taken prisoner. Eighteen
were imprisoned (see Feb 1778). Secord was taken, but released with Michael Showers.

Susquehanna Settler. One of few that can be positively Identified as one of the 20 Rangers at
Oriskany. Captured at Tioga, imprisioned at Hartford, released, rejoined BR at Tioga and
participated in Wyoming Expedition.
Settled Fort Erie 1786
1785 & 1786 Victualled at Fort Erie
Son of Joshua Beebe
Of the Susquehanna River, Pa. Joined BR 1 Apr 1777. Brother in law to Secord bros, John,
James & Peter
Not much known. Settled Niagara 1785

He was captured 3 Jan 1778 and Imprisoned Feb 1778. Lost track of him.
Son of Jacob Sr. Joined Indian Dept and transferred to BR at age 9 as a fifer

Son of Jacob Sr(??). Taken with other Rangers 3 Jan 1778, returned from captivity on 28 Feb
1778 and taken a second time. Returned to his regiment 25 Apr 1782.
Discharged from the Rangers 1779.
No record of Co'y assignment. Probably the Jacob Jr taken with his father 3 Jan 1778.
A Susquehanna River settler, joined 25 Jun 1777. Given leave on 24 Aug 1777 to bring family
from PA, captured 3 Jan 1778 with son Jacob Jr and sent to Hartford.
Taken 3 Jan 1778. Listed as interested in settling at Niagara, but no record has been found.
Caldwell's Co'y. German Immigrant settled on the Susquehanna, joined Butler at Stanwix.
Was with Lt Jas Secord to bring in his family and cattle. Taken prisoner and exchanged at
NYC in 1778.
Long story…
One of Rangers settled at Niagara as farmers by Lt Col Butler in 1779
No records after 1778. Settled with Stephen at CT#5
Enlisted 25 Jun 1777. Given leave on 24 Aug 1777 to bring family and cattle. Not taken 3 Jan
German Immigrant from the Susquehanna River. Joined BR 1777. Given leave on 24 Aug
1777 to bring family and cattle. Taken 3 Jan 1778 & 1 Aug 1778.
No record of service after 1778. Settled at Niagara 1786
Taken 16 Oct 1780 in Schoharie. Told Rebels he deserted. Never heard from again.
Given leave to collect his family and cattle. Could this be the Ed'wd Hicks Sr & Jr Taken 3 Jan
Died in service of Rangers. Two sons served.
At Niagara 20 Jul 1784. Settled Niagara 1785.
Joined 20 Aug 1777 (at Stanwix.)
Came into Stanwix seige lines 20 Aug 1777 (probably 15 Aug) from Jacob Miller's Tyron Milita Co'y

Enlisted 25 Jun 1777. Given leave on 24 Aug 1777 to bring family and cattle. Taken 3 Jan
1778. Held until 24 Dec 1784. Eldest son of Casper.
All sons of Casper Hover "of Holland", lived on the Susquehanna. (Witness Edward Hicks -
on Prisoner Lists)
Enlisted 25 Jun 1777. Taken 3 Jan 1778. May not have returned from Captivity.
See above.

Granted leave to get his family and cattle. Taken prisoner and later released.
Taken on Delaware River 15 Oct 1778. 1779 he cooperate with the Rebels.
Entered seige lines 15 Aug 1777 at Stanwix as a member of Jacob Miller's Militia Co'y. Awaiting
settlement at Niagara in 1784
Entered seige lines 15 Aug 1777 at Stanwix as a member of Jacob Miller's Militia Co'y. Cpl in 1778,
but no further record.
Settled Fort Erie 1785
Settled at the Head of Chippaway Creek in 1786
By 1785, settled at Niagara
A John Phillips was taken prisoner on the Susquehanna River on 3 Jan 1778. John was "returned"
with the rebels on a Mar 1779 list. A Nov 1780 return noted that John Phillips, late a prisoner with
the rebels, had returned to Montreal and had been left there by Capt. (Walter?) Butler. John was not
found on the partial return

A son of James, was wounded at Oriskany on 6 Aug 1777. He was one of the few documented
casualties in the action. At Wyoming 1778, prevented Indians from killing prisoners. Butler settled
him at Niagara 1779.
Brother of James, was cited for bravery during Wyoming action. Discharged and settled settled as
farmer by Butler to provision Fort Niagara.
Son of John Sr, also discharged in 1778 to produce food for the Garrison at Fort Niagara.
Also discharged to cultivate lands opposite Niagara.
Nephew of James, Received a commission due to distinguished conduct during Schoharie/Mohawk
raid of Oct 1780. Settled at Niagara by 1785.
Eldest son of James. Recommended as a 2nd Lt by John Bulter, but was mislaid. Never found.

Also son of James, settled at Niagara.
Immigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania and settled on the Susquehanna River. Joined
the Indian Dept in 1777 and was at Stanwix. His 3 sons were in Royal Yorkers and he settled
near them at CT#3 in 1786.
Joined John Butler at Fort Stanwix during the St Ledger Campaign. He was one of the party led
by Lt Jas Secord who had been sent to bring in their families and cattle to Fort Niagara, but
were captured. Showers was released, while several others were jailed.

Enlisted 25 Jun 1777. Given leave on 24 Aug 1777 to bring family and cattle. Taken 3 Jan
1778. Not on Feb 1778 Prisoner List. No further info or settlement.
Enlisted 25 Jun 1777. Executed as a deserter.
Was a German Flats farmer who fled to join Butler 1 Apr 1777 rather than sign a rebel association.

German Immigrant from the Susquehanna River. Discharged and went to Quebec as a
carpenter in the Engineering Dept.
Killed in service of BR. Capt Walter Butler paid his father, Abraham, back pay for son's service 29
Apr 1779
Henry Windacker, a Susquehanna man, was settled near Fort Erie in 1785
No other records found.
Discharged 8 Feb 1778.
From Canajoharie, settled at Fort Erie 1785
Of Youngsfield, south of Otsego Lake, was one of the rangers sent off with Jas Secord to bring in his
family and cattle. He and his father Adam Young, were taken 3 Jan 1778. John's wife, children and
mother were held prisoners by the rebels in mar 1778. He was settled on the north shore of Lake
Erie at the Detroit River.
Palatine Ancestors?

Bell, Joh. Frederick?

Baumann, Adam &
Maria Margaretha w/5
in 1717


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