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									DOLLARS & sense
 With Jeff Mordhorst, Senior Mortgage Consultant
                                                                                                   January 2006
                                                                                                   Volume 1, Issue 1

On Course Mortgage, LLC  20998 134th Ave N, Suite 109  Rogers, MN 55374

Inside This Issue

New No-Closing Cost
HELOC Product  Page 2

Our Business Partnerships
Add Value  Page 3

                                New Home Buyer Seminar Scheduled
                                On Course Mortgage will        restaurants located in the          conforming and sub-prime)
                                host a New Home Buyer          Rogers area.                        available, as well as
                                Financing Seminar on                                               descriptions of popular
                                Wednesday, February 28th,      This workshop-style event           loan products (fixed rate,
                                at Heritage Place in Rogers    will cover all the steps            adjustable rate, interest-
                                (21255 John Milless Drive).    involved in the home                only and option ARM).
                                The free seminar begins at     buying process. It includes
                                7:00 p.m. and will last        basic information on pre-           Pre-registration for the On
                                approximately 30-40            qualification, the loan             Course Mortgage New
                                minutes, with additional       application, approval, title        Home Buyer Financing
                                time allotted for questions.   work, insurance and                 Seminar is recommended,
                                                               closing.                            but not required. Call Jeff
                                Complimentary appetizers                                           Mordhorst at 612.554.5714
                                and refreshments will be       Information will also be            for more information or to
                                provided. There will also be   available concerning the            pre-register.
                                door prize drawings for        types of financing
                                several gift certificates to   (conventional, non-

Other Issue Highlights

Referral Programs           2   The Right First Step In Home Buying
                                Have you ever heard of a        financing in advance helps         Information Questionnaire.
Beltmann Group              3
                                friend or relative that went    in managing those                  This document, along with
Simplicity Concierge        3   searching for the home of       expectations. It also assists      receipt of a credit report,
                                their dreams, only to           the realtor in finding the         allows On Course Mortgage
Business Network Int’l      3   become disheartened and         home of your dreams.               to generate a qualifying
                                disappointed when they                                             dollar amount for a home
About On Course             4
                                learned that they weren’t       On Course Mortgage                 purchase, meeting
                                able to afford the property     encourages its customers           everyone’s individual
                                they really wanted?             to determine what amount           needs.
                                                                of financing they can
                                One of the most important       qualify for before starting        To obtain a copy of the
                                factors in purchasing a new     the home search process.           Borrower’s Information
                                home is matching your           It truly allows you to make        Questionnaire document,
                                actual housing needs with       better use of your time and        go to the On Course
                                a reasonable monthly            efforts. All it takes is for you   Mortgage web site at
                                payment. Securing your          to complete a Borrower’s 
2     TYPE TITLE HERE                                           Page 2

     New HELOC Products Now Available
    In August of 2005, On Course Mortgage expanded its                   monthly statement that provides you with a detailed
    portfolio of consumer loan products when it joined                   record of your transactions. Plus, the interest you pay
    forces National City Home Equity to offer standalone                 may be tax deductible.
    home equity lines of credit (HELOC) to its customers
    and clients.

    Today, On Course Mortgage’s collection of standalone
                                                                                    Eliminate Holiday
    loan and home equity line of credit products includes                           Credit Card Debt
    no cost, low cost and fixed rate options. Pricing is tied
    to several key factors, including the prime lending rate,             If you increased your total credit card debt to a level
                                                                          you are not comfortable with to over the holidays,
    loan amount (up to $500,000) and credit score, with up
                                                                          then consider a home equity line of credit from On
    to 100% financing available. The application process is               Course Mortgage.
    simple (it can generally be completed over the
    telephone) and the closings are convenient and quick.                 There are several different programs available to you,
                                                                          including No Cost, Low Cost and Fixed Rate options.
                                                                          So get rid of those high credit card interest rates by
    There are many other advantages included in a
                                                                          letting the equity in your home work for you.
    standalone home equity line of credit through On
    Course Mortgage. Once your credit line has been                       For more details, contact Jeff Mordhorst with On
    established, you will receive convenience checks, a                   Course Mortgage at 612.554.5714.
    VISA Gold Card, fixed-rate partition checks and a

                                   On Course
                                                                     Maple Grove High School             person making the referral.
                                                                     Dance Team (MGDT)                   There is also no limit on the

                                                                     Booster Club.                       number of referrals a
                                                                                                         person can provide.
                                                                     For every transaction that
                                   Program To                        closes on a purchase or re-
                                                                     finance opportunity under
                                                                                                         On Course Mortgage has
                                                                                                         provided additional
       SMSU Athletics &
      Alumni Association           Help Groups                       the referral program, On
                                                                     Course Mortgage will make
                                                                                                         financial support for these
                                                                                                         two organizations last year,
                                                                     a contribution to the               including sponsorship of the
                                  On Course Mortgage has             organization based on the           SMSU Alumni Baseball
                                  announced its support for a        total amount financed.              Weekend and participation
                                  pair of community-based,           The contribution size will          in the MGDT Booster Club
                                  non-profit organizations by        range from a minimum                Taste of Maple Grove
                                  developing independent             $250 to as much as $600 for         event this past fall.
                                  referral fee programs              a loan amount of $500,000.
                                  aimed at raising additional        On Course Mortgage will             To obtain a flyer with more
    Maple Grove Dance Team        funds for each group               contribute $100 for all             information on how you
          Booster Club            during 2006.                       home equity line of credit          can help benefit either of
                                                                     transaction referrals, no           these two groups, contact
                                  The organizations include                                              Jeff Mordhorst directly at
                                                                     matter what amount is
                                  the Southwest Minnesota                                                612.554.5714, or send an
                                  State University athletic                                              e-mail message to
                                  department and alumni              All contributions will be 
                                  association, as well as the        made in the name of the
                                                                    Page 3

Business Partnerships                                                   Make Your Move Easy
Add Strength & Value                                                     To better serve customers
                                                                         that need moving services
                                                                                                         satisfying customers for
                                                                                                         over 55 years.
                                                                         as part of their new home
On Course Mortgage understands the importance of
                                                                         purchase, On Course             You can also receive a
building relationships within the home financing industry.
                                                                         Mortgage has created an         $400 credit towards your
That’s why it is a preferred broker with its primary investors
                                                                         affiliation with the Beltmann   moving costs with the
and lenders, permitting On Course Mortgage to offer its
                                                                         Group, an agent for North       Beltmann Group at your
customers very competitive interest rates and lower-than-
                                                                         American Van Lines              closing when you use On
normal closing costs and fees.
                                                                         located in Roseville, MN.       Course Mortgage to
                                                                                                         finance your new home
But the relationship building process doesn’t stop with just its
                                                                         The Beltmann Group offers       purchase.
investors and lenders. On Course Mortgage has fostered
                                                                         the most advanced
affiliations with numerous other businesses and companies in                                             For more information,
                                                                         technology in the moving
other related industries to compliment the financial services                                            contact Matt Meyer with
                                                                         industry. It has a dedicated
its makes available to its customers, adding significant value                                           the Beltmann Group at
                                                                         and highly trained staff that
to its client relationships.                                                                             651.639.2922.
                                                                         has been successfully

This includes everything from insurance to title work, real
estate to appraisals, moving services to remodeling and
much, much more. For a complete list of On Course
Mortgage business connections, visit our web site at                    Simplify Your Life
                                                                        Buying a home takes time         as well as other obligations
                                                                        away from managing your          that require time and
On Course Mortgage is also a member of the I-94 West
                                                                        daily chores. That’s why         energy.
Chamber of Commerce and is a driving force behind the
creation of a Business Network Int’l chapter in the Rogers              On Course Mortgage has
                                                                        developed a liaison with         And if you finance a home
area (see for more information).
                                                                        Sheila Johnson and               purchase with On Course
                                                                        Simplicity Concierge, LLC.       Mortgage, you will receive
                                                                                                         3 complimentary hours of
                                                                        Simplicity Concierge             service from Simplicity
                                                                        provides services to             Concierge (a $100 value)
                                                                        individuals wanting more         at the closing.
                                                                        time in their lives. The
                                                                        company offers assistance        For contact information
                                                                        by handling daily tasks (i.e.    and a list of services, call
                                                                        errands, deliveries, making      763.708.0591, or go to
                                                                        reservations, pet walking),

On Course Offers More Than Just Financing
Is your credit not quite            On Course Mortgage                   improve credit in order to      contact Jeff Mordhorst at
perfect? Has there been a           provides more than just              qualify for the financing       612.554.714 or by e-mail
bankruptcy in your past?            financing for its clients. It        they want.                      (
Do you believe that you             also helps customers find                                            to discuss how On Course
may not be eligible for             lending solutions under less-        Before you close the door       Mortgage can assist you.
home financing? Not so              than-perfect credit                  on purchasing that new
fast . . . believe it or not,       conditions and advises               home and building on your
you may still qualify.              what steps can be taken to           personal future, be sure to
4   TYPE TITLE HERE                                  Page 4

                         About This New Publication
                         On Course Mortgage is a full    With a wide range of            closing process.
Jeff Mordhorst           service residential mortgage    programs and products, On
Senior Mortgage          provider that offers lending    Course Mortgage can tailor      Our team of consultants has
Consultant               solutions for home purchases,   your loan to provide you with   over 50 years of combined
                         re-financing and home           the best results. We help you   financing experience and
Direct Telephone
                         equity lines of credit. Our     to prepare all application      stands ready to provide you
                         goal is to help every client    documentation, present the      with competitive pricing, low
Fax                      maximize their financial        information to the lender and   closing costs and superior
763.428.8762                                                                             customer satisfaction.
                         strength while meeting their    perform all support functions
E-mail                   specific, individual needs.     throughout the approval and

When it comes to         What Our Customers Are Saying . . .
home financing,
                          “We recently purchased a new home and, working through On Course Mortgage,
stay the course           Jeff provided exceptional service in a friendly, personal and professional
with On Course!           environment. We would highly recommend Jeff and On Course Mortgage to anyone
                          looking for a mortgage of any kind.”
                                                                                            Greg & Kris Anzelc
                                                                                            Maple Grove, MN

                           ON COURSE MORTGAGE, LLC
                           20998 134TH AVE N
                           SUITE 109
                           ROGERS, MN 55374

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