PDV SL 2 - Uprava za indirektno oporezivanje BiH by wanghonghx



                            Application For VAT Refund To Foreign Persons

Name of Vendor (VAT Taxpayer):                          Buyer (Name and Surname):

Identification                                          Passport Number:
Address:                                                Country of Destination:
Place:                                                  Bank Account Number:

Numbe                                              Total Amount Not                           Total Amount
      Date of Invoice     Number of Invoice                                Total VAT
  r                                                 Including VAT                            Including VAT

                 Grand Total:

  - This Form is to be filled out by a Vendor.
  - The receipts enclosed to the Form must be sealed at a border crossing.
  - The Original Form certified by a Customs authority should be submitted to the Vendor within three months
from the date when the receipts were issued.
  - If required, the Buyer must show the goods to a Customs official.

Form was filled out on:                            Stamp                          Vendor's Signature
______________________                                                       __________________________

     The Buyer fulfils conditions for VAT refund             Buyer does not fulfil conditions for VAT refund

The goods were taken out on: ________________           The goods were taken out on: ________________

Signature of the Customs Official: _____________        Signature of the Customs Official: _______________
Customs Authority Certification:                        Customs Authority Certification:

                         Stamp                                                    Stamp

VAT was refunded on:                                                      Applicant's Signature:
____________________________                                           _________________________

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