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					                       THE FACULTY OF LAW

       Dean :           Associate Professor Kamal Halili Hassan
                        LLBB(Hons)(Malaya), LL.M(Lond), Advocate & Solicitor

       Deputy Dean :   Associate Professor Aishah Haji Bidin
                       LL.B(Hons)(Malaya), LL.M(Kent)

Research Degrees:                            Faculty of Law was established in
                                             February 1984. The faculty began
LL.M                                         admitting students in the 1986/87
                                             academic year. The objective of the
Ph.D                                         faculty is to train lawyers to be
                                             competent both in practice as
Taught Programmes:                           advocates and solicitors and to serve
                                             in the legal and judicial service and
LL.M                                         the private sectors. The curriculum
                                             was designed to include academic
                                             and practical aspects of the law with
                                             the addition of Islamic courses to
                                             reflect the increasing importance of
                                             Islamic law in Malaysia.
                                             UK6214     Legal Research
LLM by Course Work                           UK6224     Law of Securities
The program requires the candidate           UK6244     Law of Sale of Goods
to take 8 courses ( I compulsory                        (Advance)
course and 7 elective courses.
                                             RESEARCH AREAS OF ACADEMIC
COURSES OFFERED                              STAFF

UK6014     Comparative Labour Law            Law And Society
           And Industrial Relation           Islamic Finance
UK6044     Child Law                         Islamic Criminal Law
UK6064     Comparative Family Law            Child Law
UK6074     Islamic Financial System          Company Law
UK6094     Islamic Criminal Law)             Comparative Law
UK6114     Comparative                       Comparative Family Law
           Constitutional Law                Comparative Islamic Law
UK6134     Advanced International            Comparative Administrative Law
           Trade Law                         Comparative Jurisprudence
UK6154     Law of Corporate Crime            Comparative Labour Law And
UK6194     Medical Law                       Industrial Relations
UK6204     Gender And Law                    Advanced Intellectual Property Law
                                             Advanced Information Technology
Advanced International Trade Law       LL.B (Hons.) (Malaya), LL.M
International Law And The Third
                                       (Southampton)      Advocate & Solicitor
Comparative Corporate Law              (Malaya), Ph.D(London).
Insolvency Law                         Faridah bt. Jalil,
Securities Regulation                  LLB (Hons) UKMalaysia), LL.M
Advance Sale Of Goods Law              (Lond),Advocate & Solicitor (Malaya)
                                       Fatimah Yusro Hashim,
Some of these subjects are also
taught as part of the LL.M by Course   LL.B(Hons)(IIUM),ll.b(Syariah)(IIUM)LL.
work and thesis program.               M(Lond), Advocate & Solicitor
                                       (Malaya), syariah lawyer (Wilayah
                                       Hanim Kamaruddin,
Associate Professor                    LLB (Hons) UKMalaysia), LL.M(Wales),
Aishah Hj. Bidin,                      Advocate & Solicitor (Malaya)
LL.B(Hons)(Malaya), LL.M(Kent).        Hasani Mohd. Ali,
Anisah Che Ngah,                       LL.B (Hons.) (IIU Malaysia), LL.M
LL.B(Hons)(Malaya),LL.M(Lond)          (Sheffield)
Kamal Halili Hassan,                   Jasri Jamal, BIS (Syariah),
LL.B(Hons)(Malaya), LL.M(Lond),          MIS(Syariah)(UKMalaysia)
Advocate & Solicitor (Malaya)          Mahmud Zuhdi Mohd. Nor,
Noor Aziah Hj. Mohd. Awal,             LL.B(Hons)(UIA), LL.M(Malaya)
LL.B(Hons)(Essex), LL.M(Kent)          Advocate & Solicitor (Malaya)
Rohimi Shapiee,                        Mazliza Mohamad,
LL.B(Hons)(Malaya), LL.M(Monash),      LL.B(Hons)(UIA), LL.M(Malaya)
Cert. Arabic Studies(Umm al-Quran),    Advocate & Solicitor (Malaya)
Advocate & Solicitor (Malaya)          Mohamed Zaman Bin Ramzan Din
Sakina Shaik Ahmad Yusoff,             LL.B(Hons), MCL(UIA)
LL.B(Lond), Bar-at-Law(Lincoln’s),     Mohamad Rizal Abd. Rahman,
LL.M (London)                          LL.B(Hons)(UIA), LL.M(Malaya)
Shamsuddin Suho,                       Nazura Abdul Manap,
LL.B(Hons)(Malaya),                    LLB (Hons))(UKMalaysia), LL.M(Lond)
LL.M(Monash),Advocate & Solicitor      Noor Inayah Yaakub,
(Malaya)                               LL.B(Hons),LL.B(Syariah)(Hon)(UIA),
Siti Naaishah Hambali,                 LL.M(Bristol), Advocate & Solicitor
LL.B(Hons)(Malaya),MCL(IIU)            (Malaya), syariah lawyer
                                       Rahmah Ismail,
Lecturer                               LL.B(Malaya), LL.M(London)
Abdul Halim Muhammad,                  Rohani Abdul Rahim
BA (Al-Azhar), Ph.D (St. Andrews)      LL.B(Malaya), LL.M(Kent)
Ahmad Azam Mohd Sharif,                Rooshida Merican Abdul Rahim
LL.B(Hon), LL.B(Syariah)(UIA),         Merican,
MCL(UIA                                B.A(Law)(Wolverhampton),MCL(IIU)
Anita Abd. Rahim,                      Rozlinda Mohamed Fadzil,
LLB (Hons) (UKMalaysia), MCL (UIA)     LL.B(Hons)(Anglia),LL.M(Liverpool)
Che Norlia Mustafa,                    Ruzian Markom,
LL.B(Hons), LL.B(Syariah)(UIA),
Safinaz Hussein,
LL.B(Hons)(UIA), LL.M(U.N.S.W),
Advocate & Solicitor (Malaya)
Siti Noorafizah Azizan,
LLB (Hons))(UKMalaysia),LL.M(Bristol)
Suzanna Mohamed Isa,
LLB (Hons)UKMalaysia), LL.M(Kent).
Tengku Noor Azira Tengku Zainudin
sia) Advocate & Solicitor (Malaya)
Wan Siti Adibah Wan Dahalan
Zainunnisaa bt. Abd. Rahman
LLB (Hons))(UKMalaysia), MCL(UIA)
Zinatul Ashiqin Zainol
LL.B(Hons)(UIA), LL.M(Lond)