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									               2008 Modelpalooza Information and Contestant Registration
                                 Saturday May 17 and Sunday May 18, 2008
                                       Central Florida Fairgrounds
                 4603 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida (see directions and map included)

Contest Registration Fees:
        Adult                                          $15      up to 10 entries (add $1 for each entry over 10)
        (Note: receive 10 free kit raffle tickets by using the on-line advance registration service)

        Juniors (age 17 and under as of 5/17/2008) $5            up to 10 entries (add $1 for each entry over 10)
        (Note: receive 10 free kit raffle tickets by using the on-line advance registration service)

Non-contestant access to the venue is $3 per person payable at the door. Even if you decide to pre-register via
the online system, you will need to check-in your model entries upon arrival at the show. By pre-registering
online and pre-paying you can save yourself (and us) time at the registration desk. Special Note: Parents of
Junior entrants are provided free admittance (unless entering models themselves).

Show Agenda: The venue in Exhibit Hall E will open at 9am on Saturday, May 17 for registration and
vendor area access. All contest registration will close promptly at 5pm on Saturday and the vendor areas and
display areas will closed for judging at 6pm. For event security, the venue will be patrolled exclusively by an
Orlando Police Department Officer throughout the night. The venue will open again at 9am, Sunday morning
for contestant access again. The awards ceremony will start at 12 noon on Sunday. Vendor areas will close
during and after the awards ceremony.

Hotel Reservations:          See page 5 of this document for details on the Wingate Inn and the Marriott
Courtyard in the vicinity of the Fairgrounds. You must make your own hotel reservation by calling the Wingate
Inn and or the Marriott Courtyard. Quoted rates are only valid if room reservations are made 30 days prior to
the show – reserve early.

Camping: Camping is permitted on the Fairgrounds premises. Rates are $20 per day. Call (407) 295-3247 to
make arrangements.

Online Advance Contestant Registration (open until midnight Tuesday, May 13th, 2008)
Online registration will save time at the registration desk when you‟d rather be hunting for those
bargain models in the vendor area. It also will eliminate the problem of registration personnel trying to
decipher your penmanship and possibly miss-categorizing or misspelling your name/entry information.
Do us both a favor and use our new online process and pre-register using a credit card – you‟ll also
receive 10 free kit raffle tickets. Online registration can be done until 12 midnight on Tuesday, May
13th. After that time, the system must close to begin processing the information. Your credit card
information is handled using Acteva‟s secured merchant account processes – Modelpalooza staff
never see your credit card number. Acteva is the online vendor supporting our registration process and
are compliant with Payment Card Industry security standards (we checked). If you register and then
need to make changes to any model information, please just bring the changes to the show and we‟ll
handle them at that time. We will also accept additional entries or refunds (in cash payments only).
You may want to print the category listing as you will need this for registration.

The following web-link will take you to the Modelpalooza Registration Portal. This is an easy process
– however, if you have any questions about this process you email the registrar directly to ask for
support in assisting you through registration.

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                                       Modelpalooza 2008 Show Rules
1. Models may be made of any material, i.e. plastic, wood, metal or any combination thereof.

2. First, Second and Third Place trophies will be given in all categories. Special Awards will have only one trophy.

3. If a contestant places multiple entries in the same category, only one award will be given to that contestant for that
category. No “sweeps” will be permitted in the judging process.

4. No self-propelled or radio controlled models will be allowed to enter the contest.

5. Junior category is limited to modelers who have NOT reached their 18th birthday as of May 16th 2008. Modelers who
qualify as Junior may enter any category they wish; however they may enter more than one category with any model.
Juniors will be eligible to win specialty awards.

6. Contest judges are not permitted to judge a category in which they are entered.

7. Bases will be allowed in all categories and will not be considered in judging except in the diorama category. Such bases
will be limited to a depiction of the natural surface which the subject would be found (grass, tarmac or dirt). Any additions
to the base will place the model in the diorama category.

8. The entrant will determine the category of each model. The contest chairman reserves the right to move entries to
another category if such move is clearly warranted. All such moves will be made following the notification of the entrant.

9. There will be no categories (other than expansion splits) created after the beginning of registration.

10. For contest purposes, multi engine, fuselage mounted (i.e. F-4, F-14, A-6) will be considered single engine and entered
in the appropriate Jet category. Multi-engine aircraft which have wing-mounted engines are to be placed in the appropriate
Multi-engine category (i.e. Me-262, 747).

11. Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) entries must be an unmodified commercially produced kit, WITH KIT INSTRUCTION
SHEET provided next to the model. If no instruction sheet is present, the model will not be judged in the OOTB
classification. Seams may be filled if necessary, rigging, antennas and paper seatbelts may be added. Entry may be painted
as desired and substitute decals may be used. You should enter a model in its respective category and use the Out-of-the-
Box indicator. The model is eligible to win its respective category award as well an OOTB award.

12. Scratch-built models must be more than 50% builder supplied parts to be placed in this category. Scratch-built models
may incorporate parts from other kits, but these should be generally unrelated to their original identity, except for minor
parts such as wheels, guns, etc.

13. No models depicting nudity or other inappropriate topics for an “R – rated” audience will be permitted. No exceptions.

14. Display Only entries must not exceed 32” x 32” dimensions. Pre-arrangement with show management required for
large display entries (bigger then 32” x 32”) are admitted only with contest chairman acceptance and availability.

15. All judging decisions are considered final.

                                           Category Descriptions
                          Junior Categories (Age 17 and under as of May 17th, 2008
 101 Junior, Aircraft - all scales
 103 Junior, Vehicle, Civilian - all scales
 105 Junior, Vehicle, Military - all scales
 107 Junior, Diorama - all scales
 109 Junior, Other Miscellaneous Model (not in any other category) - all scales
                             Adult Categories (age 18 and up as of May 17th, 2008)
 201 Adult, Military Aircraft, Single Prop - 1/47 & larger (1/32)
 203 Adult, Military Aircraft, Single Jet - 1/47 & larger (1/32)
 205 Adult, Military Aircraft, Jet - 1/48 to 1/59 (1/48) NOTE: refer to special rule number 10
 207 Adult, Military Aircraft, Single Prop, Allied - 1/48 to 1/59 (1/48)
 209 Adult, Military Aircraft, Single Prop, Axis - 1/48 to 1/59 (1/48)
 211 Adult, Military Aircraft, Jet - 1/60 to 1/90 (1/72) NOTE: refer to special rule number 10
                                                           Page 2
213 Adult, Military Aircraft, Single Prop - 1/60 to 1/90 (1/72)
215 Adult, Military Aircraft, All - 1/91 & smaller (1/144)
217 Adult, Multi-Engine Aircraft, All - 1/48 & larger
219 Adult, Multi-Engine Aircraft, All - 1/49 & smaller
221 Adult, Rotary Wing Aircraft, all scales
223 Adult, Civilian or Sport Aircraft, all scales
Military Vehicles
301 Adult, Armored Vehicle, Allied, Tracked up to 1946 - 1/35 & larger
303 Adult, Armored Vehicle, Axis, Tracked up to 1946 - 1/35 & larger
305 Adult, Armored Vehicle, Tracked, 1946 to Present - 1/35 & larger
307 Adult, Armored Vehicle, Half-Tracked/Wheeled - 1/35 & larger
309 Adult, Unarmored Vehicle (soft-skinned) - 1/35 & larger
311 Adult, Tracked Vehicle - 1/36 & smaller
313 Adult, Half Track / Wheeled Vehicle - 1/36 & smaller
315 Adult, Ordnance or Rocket (not mounted) - all scales
401 Adult, Sailing Ship - all scales
403 Adult, Motorized Ship - 1/351 & smaller
405 Adult, Motorized Ship - 1/350 & larger
Civilian Vehicles
501 Adult, Civilian Vehicle, Factory Stock – all scales
503 Adult, Civilian Vehicle, Street Legal, Customized - all scales
505 Adult, Civilian Vehicle, Competition, Open Wheel - all scales (Indy, Form 1, Drag)
507 Adult, Civilian Vehicle, Competition, Closed Wheel - all scales (NASCAR, IMSA, Drag)
509 Adult, Civilian Vehicle, Truck - all scales (Street, Large, Construction, Emergency)
511 Adult, Civilian Vehicle, Motorcycle - all scales
Figures - Historical and Anime
601 Adult, Historical Figure - 54mm and smaller
603 Adult, Historical Figure - 55mm and larger
605 Adult, Anime Figure, Anime – all scales (Japanese anime, Manga, video games, original, etc.)
607 Adult, Historical or Anime Figure, Other – all scales (busts, etc)
Space Vehicles - Sci-Fi and Real Space
611 Adult, Science Fiction Vehicle - all scales (Star Wars, Star Trek, movie cars and other imaginary vehicles)
613 Adult, Non-Fictional Space Vehicle („Real‟ Space) - all scales
Figures – Fantasy, Mecha and Creatures
615 Adult, Fantasy Figure, Gaming – all scales (Warhammer, etc.)
617 Adult, Fantasy Figure, Mecha – all scales (Gundam, Macross, 5 Star Stories, Patlabor, Dumbine, Dragonar, etc.)
619 Adult, General Fantasy Figure - all scales (pin-up girls, superheroes, movie characters, etc.)
621 Adult, Monster or Creature - all scales (Aliens, Predators, Godzilla, Dracula, Wolfman and other „wild‟ creatures)
701 Adult, Diorama, Vignettes - 2 or more figures (no vehicles or subjects) – all scales
703 Adult, Diorama, Small Format – less than 5 figures and 2 or less vehicles/subjects – all scales
705 Adult, Diorama, Large Format – 5 or more figures and multiple vehicles/subjects – all scales
801 Adult, Miscellaneous Other Model (not in any other category) - all subjects and scales
803 Adult, Collection of Five Related Models or More - all subjects and scales
805 Adult, Scratch-Built Model - all subjects and scales
Special Awards
Best Junior Subject
Best Aircraft Subject “Hal Roberts Award”
Best Military Vehicle Subject
Best Nautical Subject
Best Civilian Vehicle Subject
Best Historical/Anime Figure
Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Space Figures and Vehicles Subject
Best Diorama Subject
Best Out-of-the-Box Subject
Best Theme Award “Wild Thangs” (Any modeling topic related to an animal)
Best of Show "Jack Keown Trophy"

                                                        Page 3
Out-of-the-Box entries should be registered in their respective category and placed on the table with
that category. Check the box which also records the entry as “OOTB” for separate judging. Make sure
to include the instructions and check the rules for qualifying.

Theme entries should be registered in their respective category and placed on the table with that
category. Check the box which also records the entry as „Theme” for separate judging.

Theme: “Wild   Thangs”   any entry depicting the likeness of an animal or the name of an animal.

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                                                       Wingate Inn
                                                       5661 Windhover Dr.
                                                       Orlando, Florida 32819-7936
DO NOT BOOK ON-LINE – CALL (407) 226-0900 and request the “Modelpalooza rate” which is only valid for up to 30
days prior to the show. The rate is $89 + tax single or $99 double occupancy.

                                                       Courtyard by Marriott
                                                       730 N. Magnolia Ave.
                                                       Orlando, Florida 32803
We have arranged a 20 room block - CALL (407)996-1000 and request the “IPMS Orlando rate” which is only valid for up
to 30 days prior to the show. The rate is $89 + tax single or $89 double occupancy.

                              Map of Greater Orlando Area
            Central Florida                                                         4
             Fairgrounds -

  Colonial Dr.
   Hwy 50

                                   East West
                                    Hwy 408

                            Kirkman Rd.                                         Orlando
      Wingate                Hwy. 435
        Inn                                        John Young
                                                    Hwy 423




  W          E



                                                                Page 5
             General Map of Fairgrounds                                   Camping

                                                     Modelpalooza Venue
Additional                        Exhibit Hall D
                                                        Exhibit Hall E
  Parking                                                                                 Parking
    Area                                                                                   Area

                                                    Access Road


                                                      Access Road


                                                                  Access Road
             Pete Parrish Blvd.

                                                            Colonial Drive   Hwy 50

                                                          Page 6
                                                                                                  Exhibit Hall 'E'

  11        10              9          8                         7              6             5              4              3         2              1

                      81         82         83             84                                 70             71             72        73



                 79         78         77             76             75                            68             67             66        65

                 56         57         58             59             60             61            62             63


                      54         53         52              51             50            49             48             47

                                                                                                                                                                                between 7-9am only
                      39         40         41                  42             43         44             45


                 37         36         35             34             33             32            31             30

                                21                         24                            27





       19                                                                                                         29


        Re-enactors - 4                                                                   Vendors - 85                                                    2008 Modelpalooza
                                                                                                                                                         Overall Table Layout
        Registration/Raffle - 10                                                              Display - 47


We will provide assigned contestant tables by category at the show.

A complete vendor listing and table location will also be available.

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