Silver Moon Relays by shuifanglj


									             Silver Moon Relays
                              Friday Night, August 27th

4:30           Course open for viewing

5:00           Coaches Meeting

5:30           Open Race

6:30           Frosh/Soph Race

7:30           Co-Ed Race (4 boy’s/4 girl’s any order)

8:30           Girl’s A/B Race

9:30           Boy’s A/B Race

                            Silver Moon Relays
Events Details:
Welcome to the Silver Moon Relays (SMR). We are excited that you have chosen to
begin your season with our event. We will do everything we can to accommodate you,
and your athletes. Below, I have attempted to cover the most commonly asked questions
about the SMR. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me
using information listed below.

Where should we park?
We will have bus parking directly below the stadium area. Visitors will be directed to
various places around campus. The west parking lots will be closed for the race to ensure
safety to our runners.

How many athletes on a relay team?
All relays, except the co-ed race, include five athletes.

Can an athlete run twice?
No. We do realize that some teams are larger than others, so if your team is short an
athlete in order to form a second or third relay, we will allow an athlete to run twice.
Please use your professional discretion as to not impact team scoring with an athlete
running twice.

How do we decide what relay to run our athletes in?
The A race = 1-5 best on your team
The Co-Ed = 6-7
The B race = 8-12
Frosh/Soph = Top 5 freshman and sophomores, not on the A team.

Ultimately, it is your decision as to where an athlete races, but we would like to have
some professional integrity with respect to athlete placement (i.e. sandbagging the B race
with varsity runners). We may entertain a smaller school running in the frosh/soph
division if appropriate to the competition level.

What about batons?
You should bring at least two for your team. I have extra batons, if you need one.

Where do athletes handoff the batons?
We have an exchange zone in the middle of the track under the lights, with music
playing, and an announcer calling the event. By the way, the exchange zone is large, and
athletes are not going to have any chance of being penalized.

How does your scoring work?
Simple! The first team across the finish line wins. Important to note in this system is
that coaches need to take split times for all of their athletes.

What kind of terrain will we cover?
Our cross country course was built specifically for this event. We run on packed gravel,
and grass. There are three small street crossings. The course is a mix of flat, ups, and
downs. The last half of the course is very fast.

Does my team need to wear their uniforms?
Yes, we would like to start the season out forming good habits complying with CHSAA
uniform rules. We will not be sticklers about this, but it helps our race look professional.
Please no silly outfits while racing, but if you are in the process of getting new uniforms,
or have not handed out uniforms yet, please don’t worry about it. Just show up and look
somewhat the same!

What about lighting?
Last year we had 15 high powered construction lights, 10 bobble lights, four sets of string
lights, and five portable construction lights. This year will be no different, and a few of
our parents are planning a few “special” sections to liven up the course even more.

Do you give out awards?
Absolutely! We give out large medals to the top ten athletes in the open races, and belt
buckles to each individual on the top three teams.
How about dinner?
The Concession stand will be open for athletes and fans. Dinner will be catered for the

Again, we appreciate your attendance. This race is incredibly expensive to host, and our
team absorbs most of the cost. If you like the event, and know of any other coaches that
may be interested in attending, please encourage them to join us. This will help the event
maintain itself.

Stan Lambros, M.Ed.
Cheyenne Mountain High School
Counselor, Class of 2014
Head Cross Country Coach
Head Track & Field Coach
C- 719-238-2298

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