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					                                                                                                         Change Order
                                                                                 NSF Flag at Bank Account Level
                                                                                                              Date: May 25, 2006
                            Change Order ID:           CR-C-00016-01               Number of Change Orders: 02
Change Control                   CSE      SDU       CCSAS               Category                 Business Requirements
Baseline /                  TM 020-1, TM 021-1, TM 030-1/2,
Deliverable /
Configuration Item          SDU IID, procedures

Project Impacted              CSE                  CASES                   CADS
Identifies the project        SDU                  IDB                     MSPR
that is implementing
this change order.            ARS                  CSR                  [Identify other project(s)]

Release #                   Version                  V1&2                    Contract Change Required                   Yes           No
Financial Impact            BP Cost Change              Yes          No      BP Payment Schedule Change                Yes          No
                            SP Cost Change              Yes          No      SP Payment Schedule Change                Yes          No

                            State Cost Change           Yes          No
                            LCSA Cost Change            Yes          No
Scope Impact                BP    Increase      Decrease       No Chg        State       Increase      Decrease              No Chg
                            SP    Increase      Decrease       No Chg        LCSA        Increase      Decrease              No Chg

Change Specification / Instructions: Describe the change and how it will be implemented. Include specific instructions.
This change request changes the tracking of the refuse check status from the participant level to the bank account level in
SWS and the SDU.

Actions to be taken:

The BP shall be responsible for the following actions:

          BP update TM 030-2 to indicate that the bank account number is required, and to change the fields currently
           labeled as Participant Number and other Participant Info to “filler”. In this manner, the layout does not change but
           these fields will not be used (Randy O’Neil)
          BP update code for the RCI interface to always include bank account number and to expire RCIs at the bank
           account level after 12 months (Randy O’Neil).
          BP update code for the “Process Unfunded Collections” interface to create bank account level refusals (Randy
          BP update code for the pages identified in the table below
          BP update TM 021-1 and TM 021-2 Page Layouts for pages identified in the table below (Randy O’Neil):
          BP update TM 020-1 and TM 020-2 Use Cases to reflect the new method for refusing at the Bank Account level
           (Randy O’Neil).
          Change to CSE and SDU test scripts, regression testing, new testing, and performance testing. (System Test-
           Greg Darrah; Performance Test – Joce Renaud).
          Change to CSE training (Shawna Patton).

TMPLT-10064-3.0-093005                                                                                29e4aa1d-05d1-4d14-a9d4-8147c75ecfd6.doc
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 Solution Capability       Current Approach                                Revised Approach per this CR
 Setting Refuse Check         - Set at account level for employer             - Set at account level (record type “A”)
 Status (V1 & V2)                 collections                                     for all NSF collections regardless of
                              - Set at participant level for                      collection type and identification status
                                  participant collections                     - If an ACH Debit NSFs, an RCI will be
                              - Not set for unidentified collections              created just as it is with a check.
                                  forwarded to LCSAs
 Finding Refuse Check         - Use Physical Collection Search                 -   Continue to SWS Collection search
 Instruction in SWS               page, or Participant Collection list,            functions, or Participant Collection list,
 (V1 & V2)                        to find NSF collection and use                   to find NSF collection and use
                                  hyperlink from Physical Collection               hyperlink from Physical Collection
                                  Detail page to go to Refuse Check                Detail page to go to Refuse Check
                                  Instruction detail page.                         Instruction detail page.
                              - From Participant Financial                     -   The Participant Collection list will be
                                  Overview page, click on Refuse                   changed so that an NSF backed may
                                  Check status hyperlink.                          be differentiated from a backout
                                                                                   initiated for other reasons (e.g.
                                                                                   misapplied payment). This will help a
                                                                                   user navigate from a Participant to the
                                                                                   collection that caused a bank account
                                                                                   to be set to refuse check status.
                                                                               -   No longer accessible via Participant
                                                                                   Financial Overview page.
                                                                               -   New Refuse Check Instruction Search
                                                                                   page by bank account number.
                                                                               -   Provide a link from the Logical
                                                                                   Collection detail page directly to the
                                                                                   RCI Detail page (for NSF Collections).
 Refuse Check                  -   Displays Refuse Check History by            -   Refuse Check History always
 Instruction Detail page           participant or by account number,               displayed by account number. There
 (V1 & V2)                         depending on whether this was                   will no longer be a participant context.
                                   accessed via the Physical                       However, the NSF collection relating to
                                   Collection Detail page or via the               the original Refuse Check Instruction
                                   Participant Financial Overview                  may be access through a hyperlink,
                                   page.                                           and the owing party can be determined
                                                                                   via the Related Logical Collections List
 Sending Refuse                -   Refuse Check Instructions are sent          -   Refuse Check Instructions always sent
 Check Instructions to             with either an “A” for account level,           with an “A” for account level.
 SDU (V1 & V2)                     or a “P” for participant level.             -
                               -   Incremental approach – each time
                                   an NSF is received, a Refuse
                                   Check Instruction transaction is
                                   sent. Each time a SWS user
                                   overrides the Refuse Check status,
                                   a “remove” Refuse Check
                                   Instruction transaction is sent.

 NSF Notices (V1)              -   NSF Notice Transaction sent to              -   No change
                                   SDU if original Physical Collection
                                   in SWS identified to a Participant

 NSF Notices (V2)              -   NSF Notice sent by SWS if original          -   No change
                                   Physical Collection in SWS
                                   identified to a Participant

 Adding Local                  -   Upon selecting an “owing party”             -   - On the Local Payment Detail page, if
 Payments (V2)                     using the Local Payment Detail                  the payment method is “check”, the
                                   page, a error message will be                   account number and routing number
                                   issued if the payment method is                 fields will now be required. These
TMPLT-10064-3.0-093005                                                                          29e4aa1d-05d1-4d14-a9d4-8147c75ecfd6.doc
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                                 “check”, and the Participant’s refuse           fields will be used to determine refuse
                                 check status does not allow checks.             check status. An error message will be
                                                                                 issued if that account number’s refuse
                                                                                 check status does not allow checks.
 Forms                   Two forms are currently defined. One for         NONE
                         Employer notification to Participants and
                         another for Participant-level RCI. A form
                         will be needed that tells the Participant that
                         an account payable for them has NSFed.

                                              Change Order Approval
Signing below to approve this Change Order signifies that the reviewer has read the Change Request Statement, Impact
Analysis Package, and all Change Orders related to the source Change Request.

Approval Signatures

                                       Peggy Anthony                                   Date
                                       IBM Sr. Project Executive
                                       State of California

                                       Carlos Zamarripa                                Date
                                       FTB Deputy Project Director

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