Resident's Handbook by qingyunliuliu


                             Vintage Place
                              Assisted Living Residence
                                1070 E. Wichita Ave.
                               Russell, Kansas 67665

Dear Friend:

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Vintage Place Assisted Living
Residence.     The lifestyle here was especially designed to ensure your
independence and well being. We promise to do everything possible to enhance
your retirement years.

To better acquaint you with your new home, we have prepared this RESIDENT
HANDBOOK. In it you will find answers to many questions regarding this
residence. Please retain this handbook for future reference.

The management and staff are always available to answer your questions or listen
to your comments, please feel free to call on them.

Again, we welcome you to your new home and look forward to serving you!


Erica Keener

                                   GENERAL INFORMATION
Vintage Place Assisted Living Residence is dedicated to providing quality and caring services for
residents who need a helping hand with activities of daily living.

Upon applying for residency, a prospective resident will be given a medical evaluation form, which must
be completed by their personal physician and returned to the residence Director. The evaluation must be
approved before occupancy can take place.

A periodic evaluation will be conducted on each resident to ensure that assisted living services are
meeting the resident’s needs.

The facility provides three meals daily, plus snacks, all laundry services, all utilities (except telephone and
cable), housekeeping services, assistance with bathing and dressing, assistance with brace or walker,
supervision of medications, scheduled transportation, 24-hour staffing, and planned activities.
Information regarding additional services from outside agencies may be obtained from the Director.

A months rent is required as a deposit to reserve a suite through the evaluation period. Once the medical
evaluation is completed, the deposit is applied to the first months rent. Rent on the unit starts when it is
available for occupancy. Rent paid after the 10th of the month is subject to a service charge. There is also
a one-time non-refundable deposit of $1000.00 that the resident is responsible to pay before moving into
the facility.

Vintage Place Assisted Living Residence reserves the right to terminate the resident agreement if, for
example, the resident requires medical attention unavailable in the residence, if it would be in the best
interest of the resident or others residing at the facility, if the resident’s conduct is not conducive to living
at the residence, or if the resident is delinquent on his/her account. Vintage Place Assisted Living
Residence will give the resident 30 day notice of the termination of the resident agreement.

Staffing is provided round-the-clock to assist with any services needed by the resident. In addition,
emergency call systems are provided in several areas of the suites.

Three nutritionally balanced meals are served daily in the dining room at the following hours:
         Breakfast        6:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m.
         Dinner           12:00 noon
         Supper           5:30 p.m.
All meals and menus are planned and prepared by an experienced dietary staff member. Some special
diets are also available on request from your physician.

A private dining area is available to residents by reservation. Please contact the Director or Dietary
Department. Guest meals will be provided at a cost of $5.00. Holiday Meals are $6.00. Please make
arrangements with the dietary department when you plan to have a guest(s).
                                   RESIDENT PRIVILEGES
Street or casual clothes are considered appropriate attire for the commons area of the residence. Sleep or
loungewear is not permitted in the commons areas of the facility.

For the health and safety of all residents and staff, Vintage Group Residences are smoke-free facilities.
Smoking is permitted outside in designated smoking areas.

Residents are encouraged to decorate and furnish their own private suite. It is suggested that the Director
be contacted prior to hanging any large objects on the walls.

With respect to personal belongings, residents are responsible for securing appropriate insurance. It is
suggested that residents obtain a safety deposit box or other form of safekeeping for valuables.
A detailed inventory of all items brought into the facility must be completed within 24 hours of move-in,
and be on file in the office. Forms will be provided upon move-in.

Guests are encouraged to visit residents in their new home. All guests must enter through the front
entrance. Visiting children must be under adult supervision at all times.

Mail is distributed daily to each resident’s suite. Outgoing mail may be left at the office. Postage may be
purchased at the office. Packages will be taken to the Post Office, or scheduled for shipping by the office.

Newspapers may be ordered from the local newspaper office and will be delivered to the resident’s suite.

Each suite is equipped with telephone jacks. Residents are responsible for their own telephone expenses.

Each suite is equipped with cable TV outlets. The resident is responsible for the monthly charge of
$10.00 for 70 channel cable TV.

Each resident’s right to privacy will be protected and acknowledged. Staff members will always knock
before entering a resident’s private suite. A complete document of resident’s rights can be found with the
Resident Agreement.

The facility offers a full range of activity programs. Bingo, movies, cards, music, devotionals, games and
parties are just a few of the activities in which residents will be encouraged to take part. Families and

guests are welcome to participate in any activity. Families are also encouraged to help organize activities.
You will be provided an activity calendar prior to the beginning of each month.

A calendar of events and weekly menu plans are posted on the bulletin board.

Transportation for medical appointments within city limits is provided to the residents free of charge. If
the facility provides transportation to the resident outside of city limits there is a $50.00 charge for the
first 2 hours and then a $10.00 charge for every hour thereafter. If the resident takes his or her own
vehicle and just needs a Vintage Place staff member to drive them then there is a $10.00 an hour charge to
the resident. Residents or family members are responsible for transportation to appointments that do not
coincide with the facility schedule.

A salon is located in the facility, for all residents. Licensed stylists provide full salon services. Services
are offered on a cash basis. Appointments are requested. Please contact the Beauty Salon for scheduled
hours of operation.

Ample parking is located around the facility.

In order to ensure staff alertness to safety, fire drills are conducted on a regular basis. Fire drill
procedures are posted in the central hall and will be explained to all new residents and families.
Whenever the alarm sounds, residents should begin to make their way to the nearest exit. Staff members
will be escorting or assisting with evacuation of the building. If a fire occurs in the resident’s suite, the
resident should immediately evacuate the suite. Vintage Place Assisted Living Residence is a fully
sprinkled facility with the most up-to-date equipment.

The Beauty Salon is an above the ground tornado shelter. Periodic drills are conducted. A weather alert
radio is provided. When the “take cover” siren sounds, residents should begin to make their way to the
Beauty Salon. Staff members will assist those who have difficulty walking.

In case of a power outage, Vintage Place Assisted Living has an emergency generator that will provide
electrical service to the common areas of the facility, including heat, air conditioning, and lights. The
Emergency Generator will help to ensure the comfort and safety of the residents.

The main door is locked at approximately 9:00 p.m. After this time, anyone wanting access to the
building must ring the doorbell. All other doors are locked to the outside public at all times. All outside
doors are equipped with an alarm system.

For the safety and privacy of our residents, door-to-door solicitations are not allowed.

Residents and family members are asked to refrain from offering gratuities to staff members. A smile and
“thank you” are enough.


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