Shea Butter Import Regulations by chenmeixiu


									Shea Butter

     How U.S. Law Defines Cosmetics

"articles intended to be rubbed, poured,
sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or
otherwise applied to the human body...for
cleansing, beautifying, promoting
attractiveness, or altering the appearance."
          Commercial Invoice
• For Customs Officials
• Description of product, terms of sale, details
  necessary to determine the full cost, insurance,
  and freight price
• Include date, place of shipment, firm name,
  address of seller and buyer
• Method of shipment, number, markings of the
  packages, commercial description, quality,
  grade, weight (mt tons), agreed price, unit cost,
  total FOB factory plush shipping
• Insurance charges, delivery and payment terms,
  signature of responsible official
               Bill of Lading
• Required for each shipment
• Acts as a receipt and a contract
• Outlines general terms and conditions of
  the contract
• Carrier’s responsibilities and liabilities for
  loss or damage
         Certificate of Origin

• Important for AGOA products
• Sometimes specified in letter of credit that
  appropriate ministry or authority provides a
  certificate of origin
             Packing List
• Itemize the material in each individual
  package and type of package
• Gross and net weights and measurements
  for each package
• Used by the carrier or forwarding agent to
  determine total shipment weight

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