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					                                   French Junior and Cadet Open
                                  ITTF Global Junior Circuit Event
                                Metz, France, 27th Apr - 1st May 2011

                                PRELIMINARY ENTRY FORM

ASSOCIATION:                                                                           ITTF CODE:

We expect to participate in the French Junior and Cadet Open 2011 with:

 Junior Boys' Players                     Junior Girls' Players                      Officials & Coaches

 Cadet Boys' Players                      Cadet Girls' Players                              Other persons

We intend to use the Official Hospitality Package (Option 1 or 2) and we may request approximately:

 Hospitality Package                     Number of single rooms                    Number of double rooms

We will arrange our own transport/accommodation and will pay the entry fee of 100 EUR / player and
                                  50 EUR per coach/medical/staff

Please send this preliminary entry form to Organizing Committee (OC) AND Competition Manager (CM):
We encourage all the associations to fill the Excel file and send it by e-mail instead of faxing it.

      ITTF COMPETITION MANAGER                                         ORGANISING COMMITTEE
      Ramon ORTEGA                                                 French Table Tennis Federation
      Only if not possible by e-mail use fax:                      Only if not possible by e-mail use fax:
      Fax:            Please use e-mail                             Fax:              +33 1 53 94 50 40

       This form must be received by OC and CM before end of 25th March 2011

We will complete the Final Entry Forms and return them as soon as possible.
We understand that our entries will not be accepted unless our properly completed forms
reach the Organising Committee (OC) and Competition Manager (CM) before the deadline.

  Name of Association
                                                                      Stamp and
                                                                      Signature of
Name of Representative
                                                                     (not needed if sent
                                                                     through the official
                                                                     Association e-mail)
 Position in the Assoc.

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