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					                              FAQ’S - REGULATORS
Q:   I just came across an older model Aqua Lung regulator that appears to have been
     manufactured by U.S. Divers Corp. Can you look up its serial number for me to
     give me the date it was manufactured, along with its current market value?
A:   Unfortunately, we do not have a computer database that can look up this
     information. In 1984, a large fire destroyed much of our factory in Santa Ana, CA,
     including the offices where these records were stored on paper. As far as its value
     is concerned, this is highly subjective and would depend largely on the sentimental
     value it has to the individual buyer – assuming it is in like new condition. Your
     local dealer or dive club may be the best source of information, although we
     encourage you to ask around without accepting any one individual’s appraisal.

Q:   Is it still possible to obtain parts and service for my double hose Aqua Lung
A:   Aqua Lung is no longer able to supply any parts for the double hose or original
     Calypso regulators. There are a few unauthorized service centers that specialize in
     vintage SCUBA equipment and repairs. Try visiting Vintage SCUBA Supply’s
     web site at: or send them an email
     at They might be able to help you, and if not, they might be
     able to steer you in the right direction.
     The availability of spare parts for these older models has been sparse and sporadic
     at best for the past several years, and it is unlikely that you will find a service center
     who will be able to perform a complete overhaul service with all new, genuine
     factory parts. Furthermore, it has been many years since Aqua Lung has provided
     factory training to our dealers for these models, since we are no longer able to
     supply genuine factory parts.
     For these reasons, Aqua Lung strongly recommends that you do not attempt to
     dive unsupervised in open water conditions with any double hose or original
     Calypso U.S. Divers regulator. Instead, we suggest that you preserve its cosmetic
     apperance as much as possible, and keep it as a fine collectible or conversation

Q:   I would like to receive factory training to become an authorized technician for Aqua
     Lung products. How do I sign up for one of your seminars?
A:   Only authorized Aqua Lung dealers and some military dive lockers are allowed to
     take authorized repair courses, and it is policy to only sell repair parts to authorized
     Aqua Lung dealers. In order to receive training, you must first be directly
     employed and sponsored by an authorized Aqua Lung dealer. (See the Warranties
     FAQ page.)