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                                        Launch of GOLDMONEY for the iPhone

       By Concentric Sky, Inc.
       Dated: Mar 08, 2009

       GoldMoney and Concentric Sky announce the world's first mobile application to allow the trade of digital
       gold and silver.

       GoldMoney, the leading provider of digital gold currency payments and one of the world's foremost dealers
       in gold and silver bullion to retail investors, is pleased to announce that its customers can now make gold
       and silver payments while on the go, after the launch of the world's first iPhone application designed
       specifically for mobile bullion exchange transactions.

        Software developer Concentric Sky and GoldMoney have teamed up to develop an application for the
       iPhone that allows users quickly and easily to exchange gold and silver bullion online, regardless of their
       location. This groundbreaking mobile payment application means any individual or merchant could open up
       an account with GoldMoney online and then receive a payment in gold or silver bullion within minutes.

        "Gold is a globally-recognised form of money, so enabling its transfer on a widely-available mobile
       payment device like the iPhone is an important step in restoring gold's traditional role as currency, using
       21st century technology," said GoldMoney founder and chairman, James Turk.

        The application is one of the first electronic finance software programs that has been written for the
       iPhone, and the first mobile application that allows the direct exchange of bullion between individuals and
       businesses. Concentric Sky has rigourously developed the application to ensure it meets high security
       standards. Concentric Sky founder Wayne Skipper said: "This technology allows individuals and businesses
       to easily exchange small units of gold and silver. It brings us one step closer to a true digital gold currency."

        The GoldMoney iPhone exchange application is available for purchase and download through Apple's
       iTunes app store for US$9.99. Starting today, GoldMoney is offering customers a three-month free trial
       period, during which time all payment fees for payments made by the iPhone will be waived. Further, all
       payment fees for iPhone payments will be reduced by 25% from the standard pricing for the subsequent
       nine months after the three-month free trial period ends.

        GoldMoney customers can open an account with as little as £10 and transfer funds to specially segregated
       customer funds accounts prior to placing a specific order for gold or silver. Orders and payments are made
       through a secure online system and processed by GoldMoney's servers, which record transactions and store
       currency and metal balances. All customer metals are insured and held in allocated storage in specialised
       bullion vaults in Zurich and London, and the metals are audited annually and reported to customers.

        For more information, contact:

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        Damian Beeley -
        Candice Sgroi -

        Concentric Sky -
        Kim Langolf -

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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