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By Renee Busch 7S
       The History of Silver
• There is evidence that man first learnt
  to separate silver from lead in 3000
• It has been used for jewellery and
  tableware since ancient time.
        Properties of Silver
• Pure silver has the highest electrical and
  thermal conductivity of all of the metals.
• It also has the lowest contact resistance.
• It is a metal, shiny and conducts electricity.
• Silver does not react.
• Silver is a transition metal.
• Transition metals have a higher density and
  boiling point than other metals.
More information About Silver
•   Table of elements group number 11
•   Melting point-96.93 degrees Celsius
•   Boiling point-2212 degrees Celsius
•   It’s atomic number is 47
•   It is soft, ductile and tarnishes
    How Silver Got It’s Name
• The name silver is derived from the Anglo-Saxon
  ‘seolfur’ which means silver.
• The chemical symbol for Silver (Ag) comes from
  the Latin ‘Argentum’ which also means silver.
• Different names for silver include:
• French-argent
• German-silber
• Italian-argento
• Latin-argentum
• Spanish-plata