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 By: Yasmierre Smith, Silecia
Goodwin, Julie Nichols, Derrick
     Introduction: Importance of
• Rid earth of toxins and pollutants
• Allows the reuse of everyday materials
• Causes without recycling
  – Depleting of natural resources
  – Global warming
  – Melting of polar ice caps
• Helps rebuild toward healthier
  environment/ Earth
Processes of Recycling
      Amount of Waste Saved: Globally
   • There is no direct answer
   • Can be overbearing
   • Globally many companies save waste
       – HP focusing on non-hazardous waste
           • Use less paper
           • Make worker recycle
           • global landfill was 88% in 2006 and remands
             steady in 2007
Waste is a terrible thing to mind
-- Recycle
-U.S. bumper sticker
• Firms in Northern Ireland stand to make
  savings of 31m a year
• Doubles in UK last 4 years
• However
  – People in the north east were found to recycle
    the least,
• Shaw Industries and Siemens Building
  Technologies, Inc.
  – developed process for converting carpet and
    wood manufacturing waste into steam energy
• Results
  – save enough water for 13,640 people in
  – saved 2,100 solids Georgia households in
    one year
      List of recyclable materials
• Plastic Containers (milk, soap,          • Aseptic Packaging (Drink
  juice, fresh pasta, water, etc.)           boxes, soy-milk containers)
    – All plastic containers you              – square boxes used for liquids
      purchase should be marked               – made from complex layers of
      with a large and clear                    plastic, metal and paper.
      recycling code.
                                           • Paper, White Office Paper,
• Glass, Steel, Aluminum Cans                Corrugated Cardboard
  and Foil
                                           • Rechargeable Batteries (other
    – Glass bottles not be mixed             than car batteries)
        • windows, light bulbs, mirrors,
                                              – Rechargeable batteries are
          glass tableware, Pyrex or             commonly used in
          auto glass                              • portable telephones,
                                                    computers, power tools ect.
      Economics of recycling
• HP focusing on non-hazardous waste
    • Use less paper
    • Make worker recycle
    • global landfill was 88% in 2006 and remands
      steady in 2007
• Fueled by no stop introduction of new
  electronic equipment into the market and
  new legislation, businesses centered on
  recycling discarded electronic goods are
  popping up around San Diego.
                  Land Fill
• Today’s landfills are very different from the
  open dumps of the past.
• To produce each week's Sunday
  newspapers, 500,000 trees must be cut
• Around one-third of all household waste is
  – 14 percent of landfill space is taken up by
    newspaper alone.
                          Trash: there are no rugs left to sweep it
                          -Milwaukee Journal, 19 Apr 70
• Reducing the amount of paper
  – slows down the pace landfills fill
• New landfills situated where clay deposits
  and other land features act as natural
  buffers between the landfills and the
  surrounding environment.
• Obtaining permits to build new landfills has
  become increasingly difficult
        Recycling the Works
• Communities
  – Clark County
     • Community Share Fair
        – offers a way for Clark County people to clean out their
          closets, donate to a variety of charities and receive a tax
          deductible receipt
  – Western Illinois University
     • RecycleMania
        – a contest where colleges and universities, in a
          nationwide contest, measure which institutions can
          reduce, reuse and recycle the most campus waste.
       – All of the communities of the colleges and universities
         report what they have saved.

• Fort Knox community
  – Recycle Program
    • exists to provide home and office pickup for Fort
      Knox, as well as a drop off point for the
      surrounding communities, of recyclable materials
      in a fast and economical manner.
    • strict guidelines
         Recycling Program
• In process the school has been:
  – Recycling
    • This school recycles paper and plastic
  – They have a system
    • Students and teachers recycle goods
    • Environmental classes and teachers empty bins
    • Students Sort through the plastic & paper
  – Recycles are taken to recycling center
 Recycling Program Continued
• For a new procedure we could
  – Put up more posters as reminders
  – Try to invest in solar energy
  – Make all teachers recycle
     • A teachers must have (at least) one recycle bin
  – Get students evolved
     • Decorate bins
     • Have contest for the classes
         – At the end of the year the class with the most recyclables wins
           a pizza party
         – Pizza boxes are recyclable
           Program Continued
• Have a schedule for emptying bins
    – Know who does what when
•   Try to get better ventilation
•   Use less harmful chemicals
•   Use more plants in school
•   Educate students on important’s of
    – Use at least on assembly
    – Scare them about their future   It’s an illusion that the
                                      solution to pollution is
        Program Continued
• Recycle
  – Plastic, paper and GLASS
    • Glass is thrown away by many students but none
      is recycled
• www.container