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									                          Okaw Valley Boosters Meeting
                              September 7, 2008
                                OVHS Cafeteria

Meeting was called to order by President Brenda Rothrock. Roll call was taken.
Those present were; Brenda Rothrock, Greg McLain, Jackie McLain, Mike
Sweeney, Jeff Hyett and Dave Keown. Cindy Burch was absent.

Motion was made by Greg McLain and second by Dave Keown to accept the
minutes from the Aug. 27 th meeting as written. All ayes. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Brenda Rothrock and second by Jackie McLain to amend
the agenda to let the OVMS Cheerleaders give their presentation early.

Ashton Doty and Brittany Poper gave us a presentation in regards to them being
chosen to perform at half time of the Capital One Bowl game in Orlando, Florida.
They need to raise $4000 to fund their entire trip. They have already made a
deposit and the last payment is due November 7 th . It was discussed to definitely
help the girls. It was decided to wait until our next meeting to set an exact
donation amount. The girls did volunteer to help us with selling 50/50 tickets at
the Homecoming game. A motion was made by Greg McLain to table the amount
of donation until the next meeting, second by Mike Sweeney. All ayes. Motion

Treasurers Report was given by Mike. Our new account has a balance of
$8229.13. Mike Sweeney had to go to Mike Cohan, former Treasurer and have
him write a check to close the old account. He also found a savings account that
had not been active since 1983. Mike tracked down the person whose name was
on the account and had him close it out. Our beginning balance includes this
money from the savings. New checks have been ordered and a EIN number
obtained. We have purchased a 50/50 license for the Homecoming game. The
County Clerk is willing to sell a season license for selling 50/50 tickets that will
cover the High School basketball season. Mike will check with Shelby County for
the one HS Boys game played in Findlay. It was also discussed on whether to
become a 5013(c) exclusively charitable organization. This will be beneficial for
businesses to make donations; we would pay taxes only on what we sell; it would
be a one time cost of approx. $350 to become a 5013(c) organization. Greg
McLain made a motion to begin the process of becoming a 5013(c) organization,
second by Jeff Hyett. All ayes. Motion carried.

Along these same line we need to set our Fiscal Year as a Booster Club. This will
need to be included in the paperwork for becoming a charitable organization. A
motion was made by Mike Sweeney to set our Fiscal Year to begin July 1 and end
June 30, second by Dave Keown. All ayes. Motion carried.

Suzanne Johnson sent around a sign up for workers during the Homecoming
game. She will get the Porkburgers (600). Other food to be sold will be
purchased at Bethany Foods. Mike Sweeney will get change for the food table,
and the 50/50 buckets. Brenda Rothrock will make signs with the prices for the
food table. Other details are as follows:
       *50/50 sellers at each of the entrance gates; drawing will be at the end of
the 3 qrt.
       * OVMS Cheerleaders will walk around and help sell 50/50 tickets
       * We will begin serving at 5:00 and have no less than four workers per one
hour shift.

Bids presented from General Fence Company were:
        $2260 for a 25’x8’
        $1930 for a 20’x8’
This does not include a roof, which will be added at a later date. It was
mentioned that nice tarps with the school logo would be purchased to wrap
around the chain link. Jeff Hyett made a motion to purchase the 25’x8’ dugouts
for the amount not to exceed $2300, second by Greg McLain. All ayes. Motion

Membership dues were mentioned again. “What makes you a member of the
Booster club?” This will be addressed in the Bi-Laws.
The dates for the Holiday Tournament will be December 26, 27, 29, and 30. All
the teams in the tournament receive a T-shirt and the coaches receive a small gift.
It is being looked into as to who has purchased these in the past, the Booster Club
or the Girls Varsity Club. The Booster Club usually organizes the Hospitality Room
and has scheduled people to keep the book and run the clock for the games. It
was decided, if possible, that we need to sell food beyond what is sold in the
concession stand. The details for this will be worked out at the next meeting.

Mike Sweeney had written down his thought on what our mission statement
should be. After discussion our mission statement is as follows:

The Okaw Valley Booster Club’s mission is to provide support to all organizations
of the Okaw Valley CUSD #302 with our time, talents, and financial contributions.

Jackie McLain made a motion to accept this statement, second by Jeff Hyett. All
ayes. Motion carried.

Mike Sweeney made a motion to table the Bi-Laws until the next meeting, second
by Greg McLain. All ayes. Motion carried.

The next meeting of the Okaw Valley Boosters will be September 21, 2008, 7:00
pm in the HS cafeteria.

Motion to close the meeting was made by Greg McLain, second by Dave Keown.
All ayes. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Jackie McLain
Okaw Valley Boosters Secretary

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