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                                                         rEALLy rAtES
angeleno 5455 wilshire suite 1412 los angeles ca 90036

                                                                                                           21              St

                                                                       december 2008 $5.95

                                                                                             JAmIE’S h’WooD tAkEovEr
Meet the dreamers, schemers, risk takers,
money makers, darlings and die-hards dominating L.A.’s
ever-evolving, always-involving cultural landscape | By The Editors |

P    aris in the Twenties. New York in
     the Seventies. L.A. right now. The
entertainment industry has long served
                                                chip philanthropist Eli Broad and Zeitgeist-
                                                mapping publisher Benedikt Taschen, our
                                                subjects all share two things: an outsized
as a global dream factory, but the current      influence over their own cultural spheres,
boom pushes far beyond film, television         and the desire to extend that reach far
and music. What follows is our guide to         beyond Southern California. One day, we’ll
the players riding this new wave, where         look back at this moment as our cultural
high and low, salon and street, industry and    Golden Age, when talent, money, vision and
outsider creatively collide. From activist      sheer chutzpah aligned to catapult the city’s
artist Shepard Fairey and experimental          arts scene onto the international stage. Tear
happenings hotshot Mark Allen to blue-          down that fourth wall? Bring it on.
                                                                                             The green-space chaMpion
                                                                                             When L.A.’s cultural institutions need a green makeover,
                                                                                             they often turn to horticultural powerhouse Nancy Goslee
                                                                                             Power. The landscape designer, known for her bold and
                                                                                             eclectic style, has worked over some of L.A.’s most-preened
                                                                                             locations—from the sculpture garden at the Norton Simon
                                                                                             Museum (“The attendance doubled after the new garden
                                                                                             was opened”) to the Music Center and Greystone Mansion.
                                                                                             This fall, in addition to a courtyard park for the Montage
                                                                                             Beverly Hills hotel, she completed a green space for architect
                                                                                             Michael Maltzan’s new Skid Row-adjacent building for
                                                                                             kids’ nonprofit Inner-City Arts. Goslee Power—whose
                                                                                             Garden School Foundation’s goal is to create a working
                                                                                             garden at every public school in L.A.—also hosts a design
                                                                                             lecture series out of her Westside studio. “Our landscape has
                                                                                             been mostly covered with cement and asphalt and is slowly
                                                                                             becoming unpaved and restored. It’s my mission to build
                            Nancy Goslee Powers’ garden at the new Inner-City Arts campus.   sanctuaries where one can reconnect with nature.”

148 | Angeleno | Dec 2008
                                  Latest Apple pick Chairlift.

THE bandbrEaKErs Two of the biggest career-
makers you’ll never hear of (thanks to a tight-lipped
contract) are twentysomething L.A. natives David Taylor
and Andrew Kahn, the dudes who delve through heaps
of music to pick out that perfect tune for Apple’s catchy
ads. The music supervisors’ make-or-break decisions have
put Feist, Yael Naim and Chairlift in households—and
on websites—around the globe.

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