Unit I Computer Basics by qingyunliuliu


									   2.00 Understand
Computer Fundamentals.

     Unit Objective:
Computer Workstation
                 Maintain Your
                Computer System

   Read your manual before operating your computer
   Make sure all plug-ins are secure at all times
   Keep the surrounding area dirt and dust free
   Keep eraser gum, food, and liquids away from the keyboard
   Do not stick pens or pencils into the drives on the CPU
   Keep your fingers and hands free of oily products, like lotion,
    and some hair products
   Clean the monitor with electronic wipes and do not touch it
    with your fingers
            What Are Peripherals?
   A peripheral device is one that is attached to a computer in order to
    expand its ability to perform more tasks
   Are generally external
   Some of the more common devices are printers, disk drives, scanners,
    microphones, speakers, and cameras
   The devices can be input and output devices
   Some input devices are: mouse, joystick, keyboard
   Some output devices are: monitor, projector, speakers
   Some devices function as input and output are: media card readers,
    digital camcorders, digital mixers, and touch screens
                   Peripheral Devices

   Printer:   provides a hard copy        Scanner:      allows the user
    of a document                           to computer to make copies of
                                            photos and other documents

   Digital Pen:      captures and         Tablet:      small, light pc’s that
    saves handwriting to the computer       function like portable writing
    as you write on special digital         tablets
      Peripheral Devices (Cont’d.)

   Joystick:       a handheld          Digital Camera:
    device that is often used with       captures and stores still images
    games                                as digital data

   Headset:      designed to fit
    around the head to listen to
    spoken or recorded sounds.
              Types of Printers
   Dot Matrix
    Uses a pattern of dots to
    form images on paper           Laser
    Less expensive and images       Best quality of printed
    not as clear                    document
                                    Uses laser beam and toner
•   Inkjet                          to produce images
    Better quality of printed       Most expensive
    document                        Quick
    Uses ink cartridge
    Less expensive than laser

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