Minutes of a Meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee

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					Minutes of the Meeting of the Human
Resources Committee. Version 1.
Held on:
                  Thursday 22nd March 2007
                 Board Room
                 Waverley House

Present:         Madeleine Vaughan      (MV) Director of HR and OD
                 Tina Lewis             (TL) Non Executive Director (Chair)
                 Julie Clatworthy      (JC) Nurse Director
                 John Tanner            (JT) Staff Side (Unison)
                 Nicola Doran          (ND) Staff Side (CSP)
                 Elaine Edwards         (EE) HR Manager
                 Mary Adams             (MA) Head of PALS
                 Melanie Naish         (MN) HR Administrator (Minute taker)
                 Marcus Ede             (ME) Head of HR

Apologies:       Nick Bailey            Workforce Development Manager

1.    HR Report

      ME presented a detailed HR report to the Human Resources Committee. The
      report was divided into 7 sections as follows:

      1.     Staffing Establishment Trends. ME outlined details of the current
             establishment and movements from November 2005 to January 2007.
             ME commented that skill mix initiatives would continue into 2007 – 2008
             in order to further reduce the numbers of qualified staff and increase the
             numbers of HCA’s.

      2.     Break Down of Current Establishment by Part Time and Full Time Hours
             and Contract Type. ME outlined the numbers of part time and full time
             staff. JC commented that the numbers of part time staff placed pressure
             on full time staff in terms of cover and annual leave and it is important to
             monitor the balance of part time and full time staff.

      3.     Breakdown of the Establishment by Ethnic Origin, Disability, Gender and
             Age. It was noted that the PCT has an ageing workforce with the
             majority of employees falling into three main bands which cover the age
             groups from 40 to 54. MV commented that the recently established
             Workforce Group would be looking at the long term implications of the
             ageing workforce which had also been identified within the Bristol Health
             Service Plan.

      4.     Sickness Monitoring, Comparative Sickness Absence Rates. ME noted
             that the PCT’s average sickness absence rate over the last year was
             5.15%. ME discussed the benchmarking of this data against the NHS
             Partners Survey 2006 and the Department of Health Survey dated 2004.
             It was noted that the senior managers sickness absence was high. MV
             clarified that the senior managers establishment was small therefore
             periods of long term sickness absence for only a couple of staff in this
             group resulted in the percentages being high.
HRC Minutes March 2007

          EE commented that she was developing an action plan in order to
          improve the PCT’s sickness absence rates. EE confirmed that return to
          work interviews after a period of sickness absence, as per the sickness
          absence policy were a key action in reducing sickness absence levels.
          EE also commented that rewarding attendance may also be an option
          and that the use of the Bradford Factor formulae may also be a useful
          option for managers.
     5.   Staff Turnover Rates. ME discussed the current turnover rate which was
          14%. The PCT staff turnover rate was benchmarked against data taken
          from the NHS Partners survey of 2006. JC requested further information
          in order to clarify which occupational groups of staff were leaving the
          PCT. ME to action.

     6.   Temporary Staffing/Agency Use. ME discussed the temporary staffing
          figures and commented that an administration bank was being
          established which will reduce future agency spend. JC commented that
          bank staff should only be employed with the authorisation of a Director.

     7.   Statutory/Mandatory training and Appraisal Position. ME outlined the        MB to
          position with regard to statutory training and appraisals. ME commented     discuss
          that a number of actions had occurred in conjunction with the previous      October
          Chief Executive (John Haines) in order to increase the appraisal rates.     deadline
          The HRC agreed that a target of 90% completed appraisals should be          with
          set for October 2007. ME commented that directors will need to drive        Directors
          this through with the support of HR. MV agreed that directors would play
          a key role in ensuring that appraisals are undertaken and that she would    HR to
          raise this at the SMT.                                                      support

2.   Staff Survey Summary Report and IWL Action Plan

     MV requested that the staff survey results are not shared with anyone as
     there was currently an embargo on this information.

     ME talked through the Staff Survey Summary Report and commented that
     the response rate was high and that there were significant improvements in
     relation to both the number of appraisals and the reduction of stress.

     TL commented that she was concerned with the Harassment and Bullying             ME, H & S
     statistics and that the respective Health and Safety Committee would need to     Committee
     risk assess this area. The IWL group would also need to focus on this area       & IWL
     and prioritise actions. Actions ME to identify committees where the results of   Group.
     the staff survey would need to go. H & S committee to discuss and action.
     IWL group to identify and prioritise actions.

     JC commented that in relation to Training, Learning and Development that
     there needs to be a focus on supervised on-the-job training as the “No”
     response rate for this was high. JC also noted that a significant number of
     staff had commented that they neither agreed nor disagreed that the training,    H&S
     learning and development undertaken had helped them to do their job better.      Committee
     Responses in relation to Infection Control and Hygiene would need to be

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HRC Minutes March 2007

     looked at by the H & S Committee. Action for H&S Committee to consider
     staff survey results relating to infection control and hygiene.

3.    IWL Action Plan

     ME and MA outlined the process that had occurred in relation to the                ME &
     development of the IWL Action Plan. ME and MA outlined that the current            Debbie
     IWL action plan would be updated by the IWL group at the next IWL meeting          Pugh-
     which was being scheduled for April. JC commented that the IWL group               Jones
     would need to be more specific in relation to targets and also in terms of
     prioritising actions. Actions - ME with Debbie Pugh-Jones to set up IWL
     meeting in April order to review and refresh the IWL action plan in light of the
     staff survey results.

4.   HRC - Terms of Reference & Quorum

     JC made a number of comments in relation to the TOR, these were accepted
     by the HRC and are as follows:

           “To seek delegated responsibility from the PCT board” should be
            replaced with “The Human Resources Committee (HRC) has
            delegated responsibility from the PCT Board”
           The approved minutes of this meeting will be sent to the Board
            retrospectively and for information to the Senior Management Team
            and Senior Managers in the Trust.
           The HRC has approved the formation of three sub groups who will be
            accountable to this committee. The HRC will receive the
            minutes/updates of the: Joint Consultative Committee, Improving
            Working Lives Group and the Workforce Group.
           The HRC will invite other members to attend as required according to
            the business to be conducted.
           It was agreed that the HRC should meet quarterly but this may
            become more frequent if “risk” issues arise that require attention.
            The HRC would meet in July, October and January.
           The quorum for the HRC will be: 1 Non Executive Director (Chair),
             1 member of staff side (from the JCC) and 2 management

             Action – ME to incorporate the above in the HRC TOR and circulate
             to MV and JC (for comment) and then forward to JR for the next             ME
             board meeting.

5.   HR Policies and Procedures

     EE highlighted that the majority of HR policies and procedures and been            EE to
     discussed and agreed at the Pan Avon HR Consortium made up of                      amend
     management and staff reps from the Bristol, Gloucestershire and North
     Somerset PCTs. It was therefore preferable that changes which were made
     were minor as opposed to major to ensure consistency across the PCTs.

     Annual Leave Policy – clarify that if 5 or 10 years’ service is acquired part
     way through the year, then this is awarded on a pro-rata basis dependent
     upon number of completed months.

     Application to carry leave over to next year as referred to in section 8 to be
     moved to Appendix 1

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HRC Minutes March 2007

     A leave calculator was discussed as useful. MV thought that one was being        MV to
     used in Bristol and would send this to EE for inclusion in the policy.          send to EE

     The comment was made that that the policies should all look the same and        JC to send
     signatures etc should be formalised. JC had a format which could be             to EE
     adopted and would send this to EE.

     Overtime Policy

     In the first paragraph of the policy, clarification was needed that enhanced
     rates only came into place once the full time hours were exceeded, otherwise    EE to
     plain time.                                                                     amend

     Retirement and Long Service Awards Policy

     Long service is not pro-rata and the 20 years’ qualifying service applies to    EE to
     everyone, irrespective of hours worked. Consideration would be given at         amend
     future meetings as to whether the £100 should be increased.

     Secondment Policy

     This was a brand new policy. Appeals mechanism to second line managers          EE to
     to be added. Line manager to discuss secondment requests over 12 months         amend and
     with relevant Director. Caveat re “no changes to agreement” without             contact JR
     discussion with HR. Liability for staff on secondment stays with substantive    for clarific-
     organisation? Check with John Rixon re insurance liability and cover.           ation of
     It was agreed that following amendments, TL and MV would sign off the four

     Dates of Next Meetings

     11 July, 2 October, 8 Jan all in the Board Room between 9 am and 12
     noon. Items for the agenda to Elaine Edwards at least two weeks before
     date of meeting.

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