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					          Kindergarten 2011-2012 School Supply List:

Please clearly label your child’s name on the following items:
   o Plastic art box
   o 1 folder with pockets across the bottom
   o 1 pair of Velcro gym shoes (no black bottoms)
   o 1 backpack

The following items do not need to be labeled:
  o 2 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons
  o Child size pair of scissors – round tip only
  o 4 large (.77 oz) Elmer’s glue sticks
  o 1 (4 oz) Elmer’s washable bottle of glue
  o 1 pack Crayola washable markers
  o Watercolors
  o 1 pack of number 2 pencils
  o 2 large pink erasers
  o 1 large box of Kleenex
  o 1 container of cleaning wipes
  o 1 snack item for entire class (approximately 24 students)

You can bring supplies to school on either Kindergarten
Orientation or Open House.

We will stock pile snack throughout the school year. Attached is a
list of the appropriate snacks we will be able to have in our
classroom. I will also periodically send notes home as we run low.

As the school year progresses, please be aware that we might
need to replenish supplies. Please consider purchasing extra
supplies while the prices are low.

Thank You!