MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN INSURANCE + Summary of Cover by chenmeixiu



                                          Summary of Cover
                                       Vehicles up to 225,000km at the Commencement Date of Cover
    Qualifying Vehicles
                                       Vehicles up to 18 years at the expiry of the Period of Insurance

    Insured Event                      All major mechanical, electrical and electronic components

                                       Up to 125,000km                 $5,000
    Limits of Liability                Up to 175,000km                 $4,000

                                       Up to 225,000km                 $2,000

                                       Category 1                      $50, $125, $250 or $350

    Excess Options                     Category 2                      $295 or $395

                                       Category 3                      $350 or $450

                                       Category 4                      $395 or $495

                                       AA Roadservice Cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
                                       Flat Tyre/Damaged Wheel, Flat Battery, Locked Out, Lost Keys,
                                       Out of Fuel, Breakdown Towing (mechanical or electrical)

    Benefits                           Travel Costs                               Accommodation Costs
                                       Up to $500 per claim                       Up to $500 per claim

                                       Repatriation Costs                         Factory Audio Costs
                                       Up to $500 per claim                       Up to $500 per claim

                                       First Service            5,000km from Commencement Date of Cover

                                       Petrol                   Every 15,000km or within 12 months, whichever
    Servicing                                                   occurs first

                                                                Every 10,000km or within 12 months, whichever
                                       Diesel                   occurs first

This document is a Summary of Cover only and does not
                                                         Insurance products underwritten by
form part of the Insurance Contract. Limits apply to
                                                         Allianz NZ Limited, Administered by
some items; please refer to the Insurance Contract for
                                                         PROTECTA Insurance NZ Ltd
terms and conditions.
                                                                                                            Version 1
                                                COMPONENTS COVERED
                                              UNDER THE OPTIMUM POLICY

PROTECTA Insurance will pay the reasonable cost of repairs, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Insurance Contract. This list is a guide
for dealer use only; it is not for distribution and does not form part of the Insurance Contract.

ENGINE                                    FRONT SUSPENSION                        OVERDRIVE                            Sunroof Motor
Ancillary Shaft                           Coil Springs                            Brake Bands                          All Computers
Automatic Drive Plate                     Stub Axle                               Casing                               Distributor advance weights/springs
Balance Shaft & Belt                      Upper and Lower Wishbones               Clutches                             Electronic suspension systems
Camshafts                                 Upper and Lower Ball Joints             Shafts                               Warning Lights and Sensors
Camshaft Belt                             Wheel Bearings                          Gears                                Window Regulator Motors
Camshaft Followers                        Anti-roll Bar                           Internal Bearings and Bushes         Window Regulator
Connecting Rods & Pins                    Panhard Rods                            Oil Seals/Gaskets                    Horn
Cylinder Block                            Antitramp Bars                          Engage/Disengage Solenoids           Inhibitor Switch
Cylinder Head                                                                     Oil when replaced at time of         Fuse box
Cylinder Head gasket                      REAR SUSPENSION                         claim….in fact, all internal and     Cigarette Lighter
Crankshaft                                Coil Springs                            external components including        Pop-up headlamp motors
Distributor Drive Shaft                   Hub Assembly                            the casings!                         Air Flow Meter
Flywheel and Ring Gear                    Leaf Springs                                                                 Electronic Dash
Hydraulic Tappets                         Trailing Arms                           DIFFERENTIAL                         Reed Switches
Manifolds                                 Wheel Bearings                          (inc. limited slip difference)
Oil Pump                                  Anti-Roll Bar                           Bearings and Internal Bushes         STEERING
Pistons and Rings                         Panhard Rods                            Casing Clutches                      Idler Box
Pushrods and Tappets                      Antitramp Bars                          Crown Wheel and Pinion               Intermediate Shaft
Shell Bearings & Internal Bushes                                                  Extension Shafts                     Power Steering Unit
Timing Belt or Chain Tensioner            MANUAL                                  Gears                                Power Steering Pump
Timing Gears & Chains or Belts            TRANSMISSION                            Half Shafts                          Rack and Pinion
Valves and Guides                                                                 Oil Seals                            Reservoir and Pressure Pipes
                                          Baulk Rings
Oil Seals                                                                         Gaskets                              Steering Box
Rocker Shafts                                                                     ….in fact, all internal and          Ball Joints
                                          Extension Shaft Gears
Valve Springs                                                                     external components including        Oil Seals
                                          Internal Bearings and Bushes
Mountings                                                                         the casings!                         Track Rods Ends
                                          Synchro Hubs
Jockey Wheels                                                                                                          Steering Column Bushes/Bearings and
Pulleys                                                                                                                Universal Joints
                                          Gear Lever                              BRAKING SYSTEM                       Tilt-steer Mechanism
Emission Control                          Shafts                                  Servo
Computers                                 Oil Seals                               Wheel Cylinders                      FRONT WHEEL DRIVE
Sensors                                   Linkages                                Piping
Engine Management Systems                 Mountings                               Flexi Hoses                          ASSEMBLY
Oil Pressure Relief Valve                 Temperature sensors                                                          Constant Velocity Joints
                                                                                  Pedal/Fulcrum Assembly
Oil Filter Housing                        Oil Seals/Gaskets                                                            Drive Shafts
                                                                                  ABS Valves
Distributor Drive Gear                    Oil when replaced at time of                                                 Hubs
Oil pump drive gear/shaft                 claim….in fact, all internal and                                             Final Drive Unit
Gaskets (other)                           external components including                                                Transfer Gears
                                                                                  Equalising Valves
Oil & Filter when replaced at time of     the casings!                                                                 Transfer Casing
claim….in fact, all parts bolted within                                                                                Oil Seals/Gaskets
                                                                                  Master Cylinder
the engine including the Engine           AUTOMATIC                                                                    Bearings and Bushes
Block and Cylinder Head Assembly!                                                 AIR CONDITIONING                     CV Boots
                                                                                  Cooling Fan
FUEL SYSTEM                               Brake Bands
                                                                                  Compressor                           TRANSFER BOX – 4
Air Flow Computer                         Casing Clutches
Carburettor                               Gears                                   Condenser                            WHEEL DRIVE
                                          Governor                                Evaporator                           Bearings
Fuel Gauge Sender Unit
                                          Internal Bearings and Bushes            Hoses and Pipes                      Casing
Fuel Pump
                                          Modulator                               TX Value                             Gears
Fuel Flow Sensor
                                          Oil Pump                                Switches                             Selectors
Fuel Governor
                                          Shafts                                  Climate Control System               Shafts
Fuel Injector Pump
                                          Torque Converter                        Receiver Drier                       Oil Seals/Gaskets
Heater Plugs
Injectors                                 Valve Block
                                          Oil Seals/Gaskets                       ELECTRICS                            TURBO UNIT
Lift Pumps
                                          Gear Select Lever Linkages              Factory Fitted Audio Systems         Bearings
Warm-up Regulator
                                          Mountings                               Alternator                           Rotor
Fuel Injection System – sensors and
                                          Temperature Sensors                     Coil                                 Turbine
                                          Pressure Control Solenoids              Distributor                          Wastegate
                                          Accelerator Switch                      Electronic Ignition                  Oil Seals
Injection Throttle Body
                                          Oil and Filter when replaced at time    Heater Fan Motor                     Shaft
                                                                                  Rear Screen Heater Starter Motor
COOLING SYSTEM                            of claim….in fact, all internal and
                                                                                  Wiper Motors
                                                                                                                       Oil Feed Lines
Engine Cooling Fan Motor                  external components, including                                               Boost Control Systems
                                          the casings!                            Indicator Unit                       Boost Sensors
Heating Matrix
                                                                                  Voltage Regulator                    Housing
Oil Cooler
Radiator                                  CLUTCH                                  Washer Motors                        Intercooler
                                          (excluding worn or burnt out friction   Ignition Leaders                     Intercooler waterpump
Thermostat & Housing
                                          material)                               Rotor Arms
Viscous Fan
                                          Centre Plate                            Condensers
Water Pump
                                          Pressure Plate                          All Sensors
                                          Release Plate                           Relays
Thermal Sensor Switches
                                          Master Cylinder                         Wiring loom
Frost Plugs
                                          Slave Cylinder                          Switches – including Column Stalk
                                          Hydraulic Pipes                         Lights/Flashers
PROPSHAFT                                 Clutch Cable                            Gauges – Oil Pressure,
Bearing                                   Clutch Fork                             Temperature, Voltmeter, Speedo,
Couplings (including rubber mountings)    Spigot Bush/Bearing                     Rev Counter etc.
Universal Joints                                                                  Reverse Light Switch
                                                                                  Pulse Generators

                                                                MAJOR FEATURES INCLUDE:
Clear, concise and fully comprehensive
                                             No hidden surprises         No Wear and Tear          No Betterment      The Repairer is paid directly by us
Insurance Contract books

Not Covered:
Any repairs necessitated by the deterioration of plastic components, any costs relating to the repair and replacement of batteries,
bodywork, communication systems, convertible roof and associated mechanisms, cosmetic items, door locks/remotes, seats and                          Version 1
associated mechanisms, lights and associated mechanisms, glass, mirrors and associated mechanisms, handles, hinges, paintwork,                    15.03.2010
rams, satellite navigation systems, seat belts, struts, sunroofs and associated mechanisms, trim, upholstery, visual, and audible

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