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					       Jackson Hole/Grand Targhee, WY
   January 15-20 (Sat.-Thur.) 5 nights/4 days
  Preliminary Quote Only as of 10 am 9-20-10-
         Could Change any second*!!!

Approximate Itinerary and current approximate
 costs based on 2 people per room with 2 queen
beds (specify when you book-up to 4 can occupy
                   the room):

Saturday, January 15, 2011:
 Direct flight from Ohare around 10:00 am
  which arrives around 1:00 pm (UAL or AA).
 Shuttle service to the 49er/Quality Inn in
 Cocktails and Jacuzzi.

Sunday, January 16, 2011 (weather permitting):
 Early rise and included continental breakfast.
 7:10 am bus to Grand Targhee Ski Area. You
  will have booked your combination bus ride/lift
  ticket for $88 at Alltrans.
 If getting through “Teton Pass” appears
  questionable or if there’s the likelihood of fog,
  we will choose another day for this adventure
  and opt to ski/board JH.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, January 17-20:
 After reaching a consensus, we will ski/ride
  some combination of Jackson Hole and Grand
      o Keep in mind:
           The shuttle to and from Jackson Hole
            Ski Area and the hotel is free.
           Jackson Hole has no discount for 2
            day lift tickets, only 3 day.
           Both Jackson Hole and Grand
            Targhee have a very limited selection
            of beginner/green runs. This trip is
            not recommended for beginners. In
            general this trip is recommended only
            for those who can ski or ride
            “blue/more difficult” western (not
            comparable to “Midwest anything”)
            runs comfortably. At the same time,
            you need not be an expert/black
            diamond skier/boarder.
           If you own a cowboy hat and or
            boots, feel free to wear them if you
            want. If you hate western wear, not
            to worry, it is not required.
           Bring a bathing suit, flip flops, etc.
            The 49er has a huge Jacuzzi with lots
            of friendly folks.

Thursday, January 20, 2011:

 By now our legs are pretty sore and we are sick
  of the continental breakfast.
       o Breakfast/Brunch across the street.
       o Lounge until shuttle picks us up.
       o 1:00 pm (approx. depending on whether
         UA or AA) direct flight to Chicago.

          General rough formulas:
              Current round trip direct airfare
               from Chicago through Jackson
               Hole Reservations is about $365
               (plus baggage fees). I suggest
               checking both on-line and with
               Jackson Hole Reservations. JH
               reservations should be the lowest
               available. Going through Denver
               is risky both in terms of delays
               and the possibility of losing an
               entire day of skiing/boarding.
              The 49er is currently about $78
               per night with tax. For each
               room mate, there is a charge of
               $5 per night, making the rate $42
               per night for double occupancy.
               The best rate for the 49er is

                  through JH reservations (feel
                  free to check both).
               The combination shuttle bus/lift
               ticket to Grand Targhee is $88.
               Jackson Hole (3 of 4) 3 day lift
               ticket is $219 through JH
               reservations. Daily is $91 (more
               than the shuttle and ticket to
               Grand Targhee; there is no 2 day
               discount rate).
                Shuttle to and from Jackson Hole
                  and the 49er is always free and
                  per schedule. They are ON

Current estimate of $917 for 5 night/4 day based
on 2 people per room or $1098 for single
occupancy does not include:

   Baggage fees. Check with the airlines.
   Meals, other than the continental breakfast.
   Equipment rentals.
   Entertainment. The Silver Dollar Bar is a
    “stone’s throw” from the 49er and others.
    There are no gay bars in Jackson.

     Jackson Hole Reservations is 888-838-6606

           Steps to arrange for this trip:

  1. Determine whether the terrain is suitable for your
     skill level. Go to Jacksonhole and Grandtarghee
     web sites to verify.
  2. Call Jackson Hole Reservations at 888-838-6606
     ext. 3020/Acacia and book airfare and 49er hotel
     with airport shuttle service.
  3. Email Ray@snowbudz.org with all of the details
     including the names in your party, etc.
  4. If you need to rent equipment, you can check the
     rates at Grandtarghee (click on skiing or
     snowboarding, then rentals). They do not take
     reservations. For Jackson Hole rentals, check
     out Jackson Hole Rentals, however wait until we
     have firmed up which days we are
     skiing/boarding there before doing so.
  5. If you are interested in sharing a cab to the
     airport, email me and I’ll try to coordinate that.
     Please specify whether you are bringing gear and
     your address.
6. Once we have reached a consensus on when we
  will go to Grand Targhee (probably after we land
  in Jackson), Go to Alltrans and book the shuttle/lift
  ticket combination for Grand Targhee from the 49er
  Hotel. This will occur after we arrive and checked
  weather forecasts. Please note: Grand Targhee tends to

   have a lot of powder. If you are not skilled at skiing
   powder and are not interested in learning how, you might
   want to opt out of going to Targhee. Grand Targhee is
   often un-groomed deep powder. Jackson Hole usually
   has both powder and groomed runs.
   7. If you have any questions or concerns, please
      email me at ray@skibudz.org.

*Remember: The rates above are not locked in any way and are subject to change
any second. The longer you wait, the more you are likely to pay. Neither Skibudz,
nor the author is not responsible for errors made or changes in pricing. The data
above is informational only and not a guarantee of any kind. Verify with the
vendor(s) before buying.