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Navy opposes repeal of Jones Act                                                                                            Honda back
     The news that the U.S. Navy and
the Navy League support the Jones
                                          maritime industry” to a “maritime
                                          nation [like] the United States.”
                                                                                  and women of the U.S. sea services.
                                                                                       Navy support for the Jones Act is
                                                                                                                            in Port of
Act and oppose its repeal was ap-             The Jones Act establishes a U.S.    nothing new.  In previous Congress-
plauded by the Maritime Cabo-             merchant marine of skilled seafar-      es, the Navy opposed Jones Act re-
tage Task Force (MCTF), the na-           ers and U.S.-flagged ships essential    peal legislation, noting that such
tional coalition representing the         for maintaining the flow of domestic    legislation “adversely impacts” the
U.S.-flag fleet engaged in domestic       and foreign waterborne commerce         military need for a strong cadre of           Honda cars headed to dealers
waterborne commerce. Both organi-         that is capable of serving as a naval   American ships, citizen mariners,         are once again coming through the
zations dedicated to the defense of       and military auxiliary in times of      and “maritime industrial base of          Northern California Port of Rich-
the United States have reaffirmed         war or national emergency.              shipyard and repair facilities.”          mond. City officials celebrated the
their support for the law, which is           “As a maritime nation, the Unit-         “The U.S. Navy and the Navy          car maker’s return on September 14,
directly responsible for half a mil-      ed States depends not only on a         League both understand that main-         stating the 145,000 cars Honda plans
lion U.S. jobs and vital to national      strong Navy, Marine Corps and Coast     taining longstanding U.S. maritime        to move through the port will gener-
security.                                 Guard, it also requires a strong com-   law boosts our economy and helps          ate at least $85 million in additional
     In response to anti-Jones Act        mercial maritime industry,” said        protect our homeland,” said Mark          revenue and about 200 jobs.
legislation introduced earlier this       Navy League National President          Ruge, counsel to the MCTF. “In a              Honda operated in Richmond
year, the U.S. Navy said, “For de-        Daniel B. Branch, Jr.  “The Jones Act   time of economic uncertainty and          in the 1970s but stopped in the mid-
cades, U.S. merchant mariners have        must be maintained so that the more     threats to our nation, the Jones Act      1990s. It has relied on ports in Port-
provided essential support for the        than 8,000 U.S. citizen mariners can    provides a U.S. merchant marine           land, Oregon and San Diego to bring
U.S. Navy during times of war and         continue to provide the economic        that promotes efficient trade and         cars to the West Coast. The Richmond
national crisis.  Repealing the Jones     and military support that is critical   supports U.S. military and humani-        port recently underwent $37 million
Act would remove that support at a        to our national interests.”             tarian efforts throughout the world.”     in upgrades that include a new rail
time when we are fighting two wars            The Navy League is a non-profit          Thousands of American mar-           yard where cars can be loaded and
and facing a continuing threat from       civilian organization with more than    iners have played a critical role         improved berths. The first new ship-
international terrorism.”                 50,000 members worldwide whose          cleaning up oil in the Gulf of Mexi-      ment of Honda vehicles arrived in
     The statement comes within days      mission for more than 100 years has     co.  Jones Act vessels involved in the    April. Honda says cars will no longer
of comments from Daniel B. Branch,        been to educate the American people     cleanup have included scores of the       have to be trucked to Northern Cali-
Jr., president of the Navy League of      and their leaders about the enduring    world’s largest and best equipped         fornia from San Diego, cutting thou-
the United States, highlighting the       importance of sea power to a mari-      oil spill response vessels, dozens of     sands of tons of greenhouse gases
importance of a “strong commercial        time nation, and to support the men     technologically advanced offshore         annually.
                                                                                   supply vessels, as well as thousands

     Nominations open in MFOW election
                                                                                   of fishing boats and other vessels of
                                                                                        The Jones Act maritime indus-
      Nominations for all official positions in the Marine Firemen's Union
  for the 2011-2012 term of office are now being accepted at Headquarters
  and all Branch offices.
                                                                                   try annually generates 500,000 jobs,
                                                                                   contributes $100 billion in total eco-
                                                                                   nomic output, adds $46 billion to the
                                                                                                                            Cup update
      Nominations can be made by mail or handed in, provided they are re-          value of U.S. economic output, pro-          Competition details for the 34th
  ceived at MFOW Headquarters by September 30, 2010. Nomination slips              vides $29 billion in wages, and con-     America’s Cup were announced dur-
  are available at all MFOW offices.                                               tributes $11 billion in taxes.           ing a recent press conference in Va-
      Detailed information on the election process can be found on page 5                                                   lencia, Spain. The extremely fast
  under the President’s Report. A Newsletter outlining the nomination and
  election procedures is also posted at all MFOW hiring halls.
                                                                                  Shanghai now                              AC72 wingsail America’s Cup cata-
                                                                                                                            maran has been tagged as the chosen

                                                                                  ‘world’s busiest
                                                                                                                            boat for the 2013 race. US SAILING,
                                                                                                                            in partnership with Morrelli & Melvin
Fund raiser for U. S. Senator Patty Murray                                                                                  Design & Engineering, is the neutral

                                                                                  container port’                           party responsible for managing the
                                                                                                                            development of the multihull rule.
                                                                                                                                To ensure that no team would
                                                                                      Shanghai has overtaken Singa-         have an unfair advantage by creat-
                                                                                  pore as the world’s busiest contain-      ing the rule, US SAILING was ap-
                                                                                  er port after its container through-      proached by the BMW ORACLE Rac-
                                                                                  put surpassed that of the Southeast       ing Team to provide oversight of the
                                                                                  Asian port for the first eight months     rule drafting process. Pete Melvin,
                                                                                  of the year. Shanghai moved 19.06         a two-time A Class catamaran world
                                                                                  million twenty-foot equivalent units      champion, has independently draft-
                                                                                  (TEU) for the January-August peri-        ed a rule for the race. The final AC72
                                                                                  od. That is 50,000 higher than Singa-     rule, including details on measure-
                                                                                  pore’s 19.01 million TEU, according       ment instructions, materials used,
                                                                                  to data from the Maritime and Port        wing definitions, scantlings, and oth-
                                                                                  Authority of Singapore (MPA).             er requirements, will be specified by
                                                                                      MPA said that its key concern re-     September 30, 2010.
                                                                                  mains as to whether the port of Sin-          In August, the California State
                                                                                  gapore will continue to grow and of-      Senate issued a resolution urging or-
                                                                                  fer a competitive and compelling          ganizers for the 34th America’s Cup
                                                                                  proposition to its users. Singapore’s     to designate San Francisco as the
                                                                                  container throughput for the period       host venue. The resolution also urg-
Left to right: Rich Berkowitz, Transportation Institute; Steve Walker, MEBA       was up 13% from the corresponding         es the State of California to support
Seattle Business Agent; Karol Kingery, MEBA Seattle Branch Agent; Gordon          period a year ago. In 2009, Singapore     San Francisco’s bid to host the 34th
Baxter, Vice President Puget Sound Maritime Trades; Vince O' Halloran, Puget      port recorded container through-          America’s Cup Match. The resolu-
Sound Maritime Trades Department President and Sandy Beavers, former              put of about 25.9 million TEU, just       tion supports the formation of a sin-
MFOW Seattle Port Agent.                                                          900,000 TEU more than Shanghai’s          gle face of state government for the
                                                                                  25 million TEU.                           purpose of securing state permits for
                                                                                                                            the America’s Cup in San Francisco.
                                                                                         Halls to close                     San Francisco is one of three front
                                                                                                                            runners amongst five venues vying to
                                                                                         Columbus Day — The MFOW            host the 34th Match. Other venues in
                                                                                    hiring halls will be closed in          Italy and Spain are also under active
                                                                                    Monday, October 11, 2010, in ob-        consideration.
                                                                                    servance of Columbus Day, which             The City of San Francisco com-
                                                                                    is a contract holiday.                  missioned a study by the Bay Area
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California salmon disaster continues
                                                                                                                                                   Tel: (415) 362-4592/4593/4594
                                                                                                                                                        Fax: (415) 348-8864
                                                                                                                                                   Dispatcher-Tel: (415) 362-7593
    U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary              riod before the decline.                               der to attain returns of about 180,000
                                                                                                                                                   Dispatcher-Fax: (415) 348-8896
Locke has extended the disaster                   NOAA Fisheries released a re-                      adult fish.
declaration for California salmon             port in March 2009 that found the                           In June, Governor Schwarzeneg-          General Email:
fishermen due to the low numbers              main cause of the unprecedented                        ger sent a letter to Locke requesting
of spawning Chinook salmon return-            decline of returning salmon was un-                    a continuation of the declaration of               Anthony Poplawski
ing to the Sacramento River and the           favorable conditions in the ocean                      a commercial fishery failure due to
subsequent reduction in commercial            that affected the size of the popu-                    a fishery resource disaster. Under
fishery revenues. Locke’s announce-           lation. Contributing factors includ-                   Section 312(a) of the Magnuson-Ste-         Email:
ment continues the disaster declara-          ed degradation of river and estuary                    vens Fishery Conservation and Man-
tion made in 2008 for the fishery.            habitats and lower genetic diversity                   agement Act, the Commerce secre-                     William OBrien
    Sacramento River fall-run Chi-            and resilience of hatchery-depen-                      tary can determine whether there
nook are the backbone of commer-              dent fish populations. Fishery man-                    is a commercial fishery failure if re-                Vice President
cial and recreational salmon fishing          agers estimate a healthy population                    quested to do so by a governor, or at          Email:
in California, and the return of adult        size would require returns in the                      the secretary’s discretion.
fish every fall to spawn in the river         range of 122,000 to 180,000 spawn-
system is essential for the popula-           ing adults. As recently as 2002, the                  EPA ends dumping in                                Karen Mohr, Controller
tion’s survival. This year, the fishing       number of adult salmon returning to
season for California Chinook salm-           spawn reached 769,900, but returns                    California waters                            Sandra Serrano, Secretary/Training
on fishermen was again significantly          in recent years have been dramati-                                                                 Patrick Bateman, Building Manager
                                                                                                         In August, the U.S. Environmen-
restricted to allow for enough Sacra-         cally lower. Last year, NOAA Fish-
                                                                                                    tal Protection Agency (EPA) proposed
mento River fall-run Chinook salm-            eries forecasted 122,100 adult fish
                                                                                                    banning all sewage discharges from
on to reach the spawning grounds.             to return, however, only 39,500 fish
                                                                                                    vessels in California’s coastal waters.
Commercial revenues in 2010 are               actually returned. In 2010, manage-                                                                       MFOW Trust Funds
                                                                                                    The proposed ban would make the
projected to be 81% lower than aver-          ment measures will allow only a lim-
                                                                                                    California coast line the largest “No                   Sylvia Hurd
age revenues from 2003-2005, the pe-          ited commercial fishing season in or-
                                                                                                    Discharge Zone” in the U.S.                      Optical and Death Benefits
                                                                                                         In 2006 California made a request

New Bedford and Dutch Harbor
                                                                                                                                                         Esther Hernandez
                                                                                                    to EPA under the guidelines of the
                                                                                                    Clean Water Act requesting expand-                     HMO Eligibility
                                                                                                    ed “no discharge zones” off its coast.                Amanda Salinas
remain top fishing ports                                                                            The Clean Water Act says that states
                                                                                                    may make such a request to the EPA if
                                                                                                                                                           Medical Claims
                                                                                                    it is necessary to protect water qual-          Tel: (415) 986-5720/986-1028
    A NOAA Fisheries report finds the port of New Bedford, Mass., the top
                                                                                                    ity. The EPA proposal will take affect              Fax: (415) 546-7340
spot for value of landings for the tenth year in a row. The New Bedford port
brought in $249.2 million in 2009, an increase of $7.9 million over the previous                    after a 60 day period where the public         Email:
year. The amount of fish landed was also up by 23.6 million pounds, with scal-                      can make comments on the plan.
lops responsible for a large part of the high value.                                                     The new rule would apply to the
    For the 21st consecutive year, Dutch Harbor, Alaska was the country’s top                       release of both treated and untreat-
port for the total amount of fish landed. Last year, commercial fishermen un-                       ed sewage within California’s marine                    Peggy Artau
loaded 506.3 million pounds of fish and shellfish there, mostly pollock. Dutch                      waters from cruise ships and com-            Money Purchase & Pension Benefits
Harbor also retained its position as the second-highest port for landings val-                      mercial vessels larger than 300 tons,
                                                                                                                                                         Tel: (415) 362-1653
ue, with landings earning $159.7 million in 2009.                                                   who have adequate sewage holding
                                                                                                    capacity (defined by the EPA as two                 Fax: (415) 348-8864
    Nationwide, the total domestic commercial landings for 2009 were 7.9 bil-
lion pounds, valued at $3.9 billion. This is a decrease from 2008, when the vol-                    days storage capacity). The “no dis-            Email:
ume reached 8.3 billion pounds, with a value of $4.4 billion. Accounting for                        charge zone” applies to all 1,624 miles
most of the decrease was a decline in landings of both pollock and Pacific                          of California’s coastline out to three
whiting.                                                                                            miles offshore. The ban will also in-
    The ports of Empire-Venice, La. and Reedville, Va., ranked second and                           clude major islands, tidal bays, riv-             WILMINGTON BRANCH
third for quantity of landings in 2009, primarily due to menhaden. 411.8 mil-                       ers and estuaries.                                 533-B Marine Avenue
lion pounds of fish were landed in Empire-Venice and 349.4 million pounds                                The EPA estimates that 20.4 mil-
                                                                                                                                                       Wilmington, CA 90744
were landed in Reedville.                                                                           lion gallons or 80% of the treated sew-
                                                                                                    age released into California’s waters                 Mailing Address:
    The report on the nation’s ports is part of Fisheries of the United States
2009, a detailed statistical report on the nation’s commercial and recreational                     each year will be eliminated with                      P.O. Box 1237
fishing, landings, import, export, per capita fish consumption and consumer                         this new ban. The remaining 20% is                 Wilmington, CA 90748
expenditures for fish products.                                                                     made up of smaller vessels not cov-
                                                                                                    ered in the ban. Recreational vessels                Tel: (310) 830-0470
                                                                                                    are currently required to pump out                  Fax: (310) 835-9367
     Top 10 Commercial Fishery Landings At U.S. Ports, 2008-2009
                          Figures in Millions of Pounds                                             sewage at harbor pump out stations;             Robert Bugarin, Port Agent
                                                                                                    however these stations are not always
Port                                                   2008               2009                      available. The other vessels are most-
                                                                                                    ly comprised of smaller fishing boats
Dutch Harbor-Unalaska, Alaska                          612.7              506.3
                                                                                                    which are required to treat their sew-             HONOLULU BRANCH
Empire-Venice, Louisiana                               353.2              411.8
                                                                                                    age before dumping it.                               707 Alakea Street
Reedville, Virginia                                    354.2              349.4
                                                                                                         California was aware of the sew-
Kodiak, Alaska                                         250.9              282.9                                                                          Honolulu, HI 96813
                                                                                                    age problem years ago and passed the
Intercoastal City, Louisiana                           254.6              244.7                                                                          Tel: (808) 538-6077
                                                                                                    California Clean Coast Act of 2005,
Pascagoula-Moss Point, Mississippi                     190.2              217.8
                                                                                                    however the dumping continued. In                   Fax: (808) 531-3058
Cameron, Louisiana                                     171.9              178.8
                                                                                                    2009 California beaches were moni-               Bonny Coloma, Port Agent
New Bedford, Massachusetts                             146.4              170.0
                                                                                                    tored and advisories were issued to
Port Hueneme-Oxnard-Ventura, California                146.3              141.3                                                                     Email:
                                                                                                    almost half of the state beaches for
Gloucester, Massachusetts                              120.2              122.3
                                                                                                    high levels of pathogens in the water.
                                                                                                    The new EPA ban will allow for larg-           PORT SERVICED — SEATTLE
         Top 10 Commercial Fishery Values at U.S. Ports, 2008-2009
                                                                                                    er violations fines to help enforce the
                          Figures in Millions of Dollars                                                                                              2414 SW Andover Street
                                                                                                    new rule.
                                                                                                                                                        Building F, Suite 105
Port                                                   2008               2009
New Bedford, Massachusetts                             241.3              249.2
                                                                                                           Active MFOW members                           Seattle, WA 98106
                                                                                                                                                         Tel: (206) 467-7944
Dutch Harbor-Unalaska, Alaska                          195.0              159.7                        Retain your Welfare Fund eligi-
Kodiak, Alaska                                          98.7              103.8                                                                         Fax: (206) 467-8119
Naknek-King Salmon, Alaska                              65.3               76.1
                                                                                                       bility. MAIL or TURN IN all your
                                                                                                                                                  Vince O’Halloran, Representative
Cape May-Wildwood, New Jersey                           73.7               73.4                               Unfit for Duty slips to:              Email:
Hampton Roads, Virginia                                 72.3               68.1
                                                                                                              MFOW Welfare Fund
Empire-Venice, Louisiana                                62.9               67.1
Honolulu, Hawaii                                        73.3               59.4                                240 Second Street
Sitka, Alaska                                           48.2               51.3                           San Francisco, CA 94105
Dulac-Chauvin, Louisiana                                48.9               50.9
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2010                                   THE MARINE FIREMAN                                                                             Page 3

Coast Guard judges cleared of misconduct                                                                                     Matson receives
                                                                                                                             Quest for Quality
    The U.S. Coast Guard an-                                                           6.   Administer a formal orien-
nounced publication of two Depart-
ment of Homeland Security Inspec-
                                            11 recommendations                              tation and training course
                                                                                            that investigating officers
                                                                                                                             Award for 8th time
tor General reports that clear Coast
                                         to improve handling                                complete before handling             Matson has been honored for the
Guard Administrative Law Judg-           of merchant mariner                                suspension and revocation        eighth consecutive year with Logis-
es of misconduct or bias while also                                                         cases.                           tics Management magazine’s annual
making 11 recommendations to im-
                                         document suspension                           7. Make available or require,         Quest for Quality award in the Ocean
prove handling of merchant mari-         and revocation matters                             if necessary, ongoing or ad-     Carrier category. The annual sur-
ner document suspension and re-                                                             vanced skills training for in-   vey is regarded in the transportation
vocation matters. The reports stem                                                          vestigating officers who seek    and logistics industry as the most im-
from an October 2008 request by the         •   Did not uncover evidence                    or need to improve their         portant measure of customer satis-
Coast Guard’s Vice Commandant for               that the Chief ALJ expects                  prosecutorial skills.            faction and performance excellence.
a review of allegations made May 9,             an ALJ to rule in favor of             8. Promote the use of the Cen-        Transportation service providers
2007, by former Administrative Law              the Coast Guard or directed                 ter of Expertise to ensure       are rated by customers on five key
Judge Jeffie Massey.                            them to do so; and                          that investigating officers      criteria: on-time performance, value,
    One report details recommenda-           • Found no evidence sup-                       have access to training and      customer service, information tech-
tions made to address programmatic              porting Massey’s allegation                 legal support.                   nology and equipment operations.
issues that while not directly relat-           that the Chief ALJ directed            9. Take steps to decrease the             Matson ranked number two of
ed to Massey’s allegations, were not-           a subordinate ALJ how to                    length of time required to is-   all ocean carriers honored with this
ed during the review of those allega-           rule.                                       sue Commandant’s Decision        year’s award and was rated the best
tions. The second report focused on          A second report provides the                   on Appeals.                      in the industry for on-time perfor-
the review of Massey’s allegations       Coast Guard with 11 recommen-                 10. Create a database of Com-         mance. The distinction has been
and reveals that DHS OIG inspec-         dations on how to improve the                      mandant’s Decision on Ap-        further underscored by Drewry
tors found there “is no evidence sup-    Coast Guard’s handling of mer-                     peals and ALJ decisions in       Shipping Consultants, which has con-
porting ALJ Massey’s claim that the      chant mariner suspension and re-                   which the public can use         sistently rated Matson as one of the
Chief ALJ held improper conversa-        vocation matters. The Coast Guard                  a topic or key word to lo-       most reliable carriers for on-time
tions with other ALJs about desired      concurs with each of the following                 cate relevant Coast Guard        arrivals.
outcomes in specific cases or other-     recommendations:                                   precedents.                          “Matson is very proud to have
wise deprived mariners of due pro-           1. Evaluate current proce-                11. Develop formal procedures         been honored eight years in a row
cess in administrative proceedings.”            dures for training ALJs and                 governing interactions be-       with this prestigious award,” said
    The report also states that the             create a formal training                    tween personnel in the ALJ       Matt Cox, president. “It underscores
Office of Inspector General:                    program.                                    program, the Judge Advo-         our solid track record in consistent-
    • Found that Massey repeat-              2. Develop formal written pro-                 cate General’s Office and the    ly delivering modern, reliable ocean
         edly failed to follow Coast            cedures for investigating                   Office of Investigations and     transportation services of superior
         Guard regulations;                     allegations of misconduct                   Analysis.                        quality and value. While Matson con-
    • Found that Massey had in                  against an ALJ.                        Massey’s allegations were re-         ducts its own customer satisfaction
         one instance, openly re-            3. Create formal guidelines for       ported in a series of Baltimore Sun       surveys regularly to maintain time-
         fused to follow Coast Guard            the Chief ALJ to follow when       articles and repeated during Con-         ly and customized feedback, the re-
         precedent;                             deciding how or whether to         gressional testimony. The allega-         sults of this survey reflect our overall
    • Was not able to substantiate              discipline an ALJ.                 tions were also relied upon in three,     standing in the national transpor-
         Massey’s allegations;               4. Revoke any obsolete policy         civil lawsuits seeking to reverse         tation industry. We are particularly
    • Did not determine that the                guidance and consolidate           Coast Guard actions and up to $31         gratified to receive high marks for
         Chief ALJ and others made              current policy guidance into       million in alleged damages from           on-time performance and informa-
         remarks alleged by Massey;             a manual.                          ALJs and others. The lawsuits were        tion technology, which are key com-
    • Did not identify any evi-              5. Develop a standard for-            dismissed, and the dismissals were        ponents of Matson’s service offer-
         dence that the Chief ALJ               mat for the issuance of pol-       affirmed on appeal. Two plaintiffs        ings. The honor is also a very strong
         told subordinates how to               icy guidance that establish-       re-filed their suits which were again     reflection of the across-the-board ef-
         rule or attempted to control           es to what extent an ALJ           dismissed. Those dismissals are on        fort by all at Matson to sustain our
         case outcomes;                         is required to follow the          appeal before the 5th Circuit, U.S.       reputation as a quality carrier and
                                                guidance.                          Court of Appeals.                         leader in Pacific shipping.”

New skipper at Kings Point                                                         Irish shipping trade
                                                                                   returns to growth
     U.S. Maritime Administrator Da-     chant Marine Academy graduate to
vid T. Matsuda announced in August       be named Superintendent. He joins
the selection of Rear Admiral Philip     RADM Thomas A. King ’42 (1980-1987)
Greene, Jr. as 11th Superintendent of    and RADM Paul L. Krinsky ’50 (1987-
the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy         1993) as the only Kings Point gradu-           The latest figures from the          volumes. Import volumes were down
at Kings Point. Greene, a two-time       ates to oversee the institution. Greene   Irish Maritime Development Office         2% which is largely as a result of con-
Outstanding Professional Achieve-        graduated from the academy in 1978.       (IMDO) on Republic of Ireland ship-       tinued weak domestic demand. The
ment Award winner at the USMMA,              From 2008-2009, Greene com-           ping trade volumes and port traf-         rate of decline in import volumes
is a Master Mariner and Flag Officer     manded the Combined Joint Task            fic data for the first half of 2010 in-   has eased sharply which is possibly
in the U.S. Navy. He has had a dis-      Force-Horn of Africa where he led         dicate that shipping volumes on the       also offset by demand for industrial
tinguished naval career including        operations to build regional secu-        key trade corridors have stabilized       imports used as inputs for the mer-
two ship commands, Post Graduate         rity capacity and counter extrem-         with a largely positive underlying        chandise export trades.
School, Naval War College, a Depart-     ism in the Horn/East Africa. Prior        trend. The midyear data points to-             The sharp fall in import units
ment Head tour at the U.S. Naval         to this assignment Greene served          wards trade volume growth in three        over the last 24 months has inversely
Academy and obtaining his unlimit-       in Naples, Italy, as director for Poli-   of the principal freight segments;        created a problem for export compa-
ed masters license.                      cy, Resources & Strategy, U.S. Naval      most significantly in lift-on/ lift-off   nies as there is now reduced supply
     Greene is the third U.S. Mer-       Forces Europe/Africa.                     (lo/lo) export trades which grew by       of export quality containers avail-
                                                                                   an estimated 5%. Roll-on/roll-off ex-     able in Ireland. As a result, shipping
                                                                                   port traffic was also up 5% per cent      lines have to reposition empty con-
NY-NJ Port Authority set to spend                                                  on an all-island basis. Dry bulk vol-
                                                                                   umes through Irish ports increased
                                                                                                                             tainers from the UK and the Europe-
                                                                                                                             an continent which adds to the over-

$1 billion to fix Bayonne Bridge
                                                                                   by 15% for the first six months com-      all cost of the export box.
                                                                                   pared to the same period last year.            Dry bulk trades recovered some
                                                                                   Shipments in April this year saw the      of the record volume losses seen in
     The Port Authority of New York      a second of up to three buildings Sil-    strongest monthly volume of bulk          2009 with a strong 15% increase be-
and New Jersey recently authorized       verstein may develop.                     cargoes in over 2 years.                  tween January and June. Part of this
spending up to $1 billion to insure           At stake are 269,000 jobs, $36            Roll-on/roll-off traffic continued   recovery is attributed to stronger
that the Bayonne Bridge does not im-     billion in annual business activi-        to make a steady recovery with an in-     domestic demand for grains, fertil-
pede future shipping traffic at the      ty and $5 billion in state and feder-     crease of 2%, up to 771,585 units for     izers and other agricultural prod-
Newark and Elizabeth container           al tax revenues that the agency says      the first half of 2010. The ro/ro seg-    ucts, while improved global demand
port complex.                            the port generates. The bridge’s 151-     ment is largely weighted towards          for steel and other ore aggregates
     The board’s action came less        foot clearance is too low for huge and    services to and from the United           also pushed up volume throughput.
than three weeks after the Port Au-      modern container ships expected to        Kingdom — which remains Ireland’s         Breakbulk volumes through Irish
thority finalized a billion-dollar fi-   begin calling East Coast ports once       largest trading partner. The most         ports linked to construction invento-
nancing deal with World Trade Cen-       an expansion of the Panama Canal is       significant change in volume has          ries such as steel and timber contin-
ter developer Larry Silverstein,         completed by 2015.                        been in the main lo/lo trades. Over-      ued to decline by 11%, which is half
when Gov. Chris Christie condi-               Alternative solutions to the prob-   all total volume including export         the recorded figure for 2009. Liquid
tioned his support for the deal on       lem outlined in a report by the U.S.      and imports fell only marginally by       bulk volumes such as oil fell by 4%,
the agency’s pledging to fix the Bay-    Army Corps of Engineers include           1% to June with 517,552 units being       with lower transshipment storage
onne Bridge height clearance prob-       tearing down the bridge and replac-       handled. However this compares to         for the U.S. market and other season-
lem. Under the Silverstein deal, ap-     ing it with a taller span or a tunnel,    a 24% reduction for the same periods      al factors impacting on demand. The
proved on Aug. 26, the Port Authority    estimated to cost at least $2 billion,    last year.                                outlook for continued short term vol-
pledged to contribute $1 billion to an   or jacking up the existing bridge              A key factor in the positive up-     ume recovery remains largely con-
office tower now under construction,     by another 65 feet above the water,       ward movement has been the con-           tingent on the external recovery in
and possibly another $200 million for    which would run at least $1.3 billion.    tinued strong performance of export       the global economy.
Page 4                                                             THE MARINE FIREMAN                                           TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2010
                                                                                             •    What are the current and prospective names of the vessels?
                                                                                             •    Has the chartering of the five foreign vessels altered Matson’s U.S.-
                                                                                                  flag replacement program?
                                                                                              Sullivan responded as follows:
                                                                                              • He did not recall stating the ships would be crewed by Matson as that
                                                                                                  is not an option under a time charter.
                                                                                              • He did recall assuring the Unions that if the service was successful it
                                                                                                  could eventually lead to a different additional string of foreign-built
                                                                                                  U.S.-flag ships, provided there were Maritime Security Program slots
                                                                                              • The terms of the charters by contract are private and confidential and
                                                                                                  therefore cannot be disclosed. 
                                                                                              • The charters are relatively short term compared to typical charters.
                                                                                              • The CLX-2 service will not impact the current U.S.-flag deployment;
                                                                                                  Matson expects to continue running the nine Jones Act ships current-
By ANTHONY POPLAWSKI                                                                              ly in service, including the five ships in the CLX-1 service. 
                                                                                              • The CLX-2 service does not change Matson’s new-build fleet replace-
                                                                                                  ment plan. 
     As reported last month, Matson Navigation Company announced in July
                                                                                              Sullivan requested that the Unions support the effort to expand the com-
that they would initiate a second China shipping service (CLX-2). CLX-2 will
                                                                                          pany, as a successful CLX-2 service could lead to additional investment and
engage five time-chartered, foreign-flag, foreign-crewed, 3,500 TEU ships in
                                                                                          creation of new jobs. 
a weekly service between Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Long Beach.
                                                                                              Wilmington Port Agent Bob Bugarin reported the arrival of the KAI-
Operations began in August and will be in full deployment by early October.
                                                                                          MOKU at Long Beach on August 25, and SUP Vice President Dave Connolly
     The foreign-flag vessels are named KAILUA, KAIMOKU, KAINALU, KA-
                                                                                          reported the vessel called the Port of Oakland on August 27. The vessel sports
LANI and KOHALA. Industry sources claim that the first two ships, KAI-
                                                                                          a Matson stack and is registered in Limassol, Cyprus. Waterfront sources in-
MOKU and KAINALU, are 17 years old. The Cypriot-flagged vessels were
                                                                                          dicate the entire unlicensed crew, restricted from shore leave, was comprised
previously operated by Cyprus Sea Line as the CSL STEFANIE and CSL MA-
                                                                                          of Republic of the Philippines nationals.
RIE. The vessels were originally built for K Line, named SETO BRIDGE and
                                                                                              At this time, in regards to the CLX-2 service, it appears there is no legal
AKASHI BRIDGE. Matson has apparently chartered each of the vessels at the
                                                                                          basis for the Pacific District Unions to pursue a grievance against the compa-
cost of $18,500 a day. 
                                                                                          ny. To be sure, the company’s business decision to completely ignore Ameri-
     On August 3, I conferred with SUP President Gunnar Lundeberg and SIU-
                                                                                          can seagoing labor in the development of CLX-2 is telling. Without cabotage
AGLIWD/NMU West Coast Vice President Nick Marrone. As a result, under
                                                                                          laws and other “protectionist” legislation (the Jones Act, the Maritime Secu-
letterhead of the SIU Pacific District, the Unions sent the following request
                                                                                          rity Program and Cargo Preference Laws), the privately-owned, U.S.-flag mer-
for information to the company:
                                                                                          chant marine will most likely be finished with engines.
August 3, 2010                                                                            OAKLAND MAYORAL RACE
Captain John Sullivan                                                                         On August 4, I attended an informal meeting with Don Perata, former
Vice President, Vessel Operations & Offshore Labor Relations                              President pro tempore of the California State Senate, in the library at SUP
Matson Navigation Company                                                                 headquarters. Also in attendance were SUP President Gunnar Lundeberg,
555 12th Street                                                                           SUP Vice President Dave Connolly, IBU San Francisco Regional Director Ma-
Oakland, CA 94607                                                                         rina Secchitano and MEBA San Francisco Representative Christian Yuhas.
                                                                                              Perata is running for Mayor of Oakland in a field of 13 candidates, includ-
RE: Matson’s Foreign -Flag Service
                                                                                          ing Terrence Candell, real estate agent Larry Lionel Young Jr., and Oakland
Dear Captain Sullivan:                                                                    city council members Jean Quan and Rebecca Kaplan. He is a self-described
     While we are disappointed with the recent announcement that Matson will op-          “pragmatic” politician, who is more interested in “filling pot holes” than mak-
erate five foreign-flag vessels with foreign crews in the China-Long Beach Express        ing lofty promises, and has a working knowledge of the issues surrounding
Service, we are gratified that you have stated that it is the company’s intention to      the Port of Oakland.
enroll the vessels in the Maritime Security Program (MSP). Please notify us of any        222 SECOND STREET
assistance we can provide in this regard.                                                     222 Second Street is the parking lot property directly northwest of the
     Until the vessels are enrolled in MSP, the Unions will exercise their rights un-     MFOW Headquarters building. The proposed 222 Second Street project would
der Section 3. Vessels Covered and Manning of the General Rules of the 2008-2013          demolish the existing surface parking lot and construct a 26-story, 350-foot
collective bargaining agreement. In part that section states:                             tall building containing approximately 430,650 square feet of office space,
           The Company agrees that in the event any foreign-flag vessels are              5,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, 28,000 square feet of subterra-
      hereinafter operated by them, the following shall apply:                            nean parking area and 8,600 square feet of publicly-accessible interior open
           (1) The Union shall have the same right as it has with respect to the          space at the ground floor.
      vessels covered by this Agreement and subject to the same conditions,                   As a follow-up to last month’s report, on August 12 I attended the San
      to have its representatives board said vessels in any port for the purpose          Francisco Planning Commission meeting at City Hall. The 222 Second Street
      of consulting with the unlicensed employees employed thereon.                       project Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was approved by the Plan-
           (2) The Company agrees that, upon the Union demonstrating that                 ning Commission. After considerable jousting between the project sponsor,
      it has been designated and authorized by a majority of the unlicensed               the 246 Second Street Home Owners Association and the planning commis-
      employees of any one or more vessels to represent them for the pur-                 sioners, four additional project-related items were approved as follows:
      pose of collective bargaining, the Company shall engage in collective                   • Request for Addition and Allocation under the Annual Office Devel-
      bargaining with the Union to perfect an agreement covering said unli-                       opment Limitation Program under Planning Code Sections 321 and
      censed employees.                                                                           322. (Passed 6-1)
           If a dispute arises as to whether the Union does in fact represent a               • Request for a General Plan Amendment, under Planning Code Sec-
      majority of the unlicensed employees, the dispute shall be subject to the                   tion 340, to amend certain exhibits of the General Plan to reclassify a
      provisions of Section 10 of this Agreement.                                                 portion of the subject property from the 150-S to the 350-S Height and
           The term “foreign-flag vessels” shall be limited, except by mutual                     Bulk District. (Passed 5-2)
      agreement of the parties, to such vessels that are engaged in the import                • Request for a Determination of Compliance, under Planning Code
      or export cargo or passenger trade of the United States.                                    Section 309, with exceptions to the requirements for sunlight access
     In addition, according to Matson’s July 29 press release and webcast announc-                to public sidewalks, reduction of ground-level wind currents and bulk
ing the foreign-flag service it was noted that the five vessels will be time-chartered.           limits. (Passed 4-3)
We therefore request the following information:                                               • Request to Reclassify, under Planning Code Section 302, a portion of
     1) The length of the time charters                                                           the subject property from the 150-S to the 350-S Height and Bulk Dis-
     2) The names of the vessels (current and future)                                             trict. (Passed 5-2)
     3) The source and nationality of the unlicensed crew members and officers of             A handful of representatives from organized labor were present to voice
the vessels                                                                               support for the project, including San Francisco Building and Construction
     4) The wages and benefits to be paid to the unlicensed crew members and              Trades Council Secretary-Treasurer Michael Theriault and representatives
officers                                                                                  from the Carpenters and Ironworkers unions.
     Finally, will Matson operate the vessels directly or through a third party? Your         For quite some time, 222 Second Street has been considered one of the
timely response will be most appreciated.                                                 prime underdeveloped properties in the SOMA district. There was never a
    Sincerely,                                                                            question, at Marine Firemen’s Union Headquarters, of whether or not a high-
                                                                                          rise development would occur at the site, only when it would occur.
    Gunnar Lundeberg
                                                                                              The existing surface parking lot at 222 Second Street is a public nuisance,
                                                                                          especially on weekends. A substantial amount of damage to our 240 Second
    Sailors’ Union of the Pacific
                                                                                          Street property — graffiti, broken windows, broken bottles, trash and urina-
    Anthony Poplawski                                                                     tion—comes directly from night clubbers and culprits who utilize the 222 Sec-
    President/Secretary-Treasurer                                                         ond Street parking lot on Friday and Saturday nights. The development of the
    Marine Firemen’s Union                                                                222 Second Street property, as soon as possible, is in the best interests of the
    Nicholas Marrone                                                                      Marine Firemen’s Union. While those of us who work at Headquarters are not
    West Coast Vice President                                                             excited about enduring the negative aspects of the construction phase of the
    SIU-AGLIWD/NMU                                                                        project, we certainly believe that the long-term effect on our property and the
                                                                                          neighborhood will be positive.
    On August 12, Sullivan responded that our cited contract provision, Sec-                  The next step in the process is approval by the San Francisco Board of
tion 3 of the General Rules, applies only to foreign-flag vessels which are op-           Supervisors. If approved, and market conditions are favorable, construction
erated by Matson. He stated that the vessels in question are not operated by              could begin as early as 10-12 months.
Matson, but have been time chartered from third parties, and Matson is not
                                                                                          HEALTH CARE
an employer of any seaman or other personnel on the vessels. He therefore
                                                                                              In June, the MFOW Welfare Fund trustees were advised that the depen-
believes the provision has no applicability.
                                                                                          dent coverage stop loss provider, Symetra Life Insurance Company, had re-
    In a follow-up communication to Matson, SUP President Gunnar Lunde-
                                                                                          quested a 21.6% increase in the monthly stop loss premium rate. The renewal
berg demanded the following information:
                                                                                          rate increase was subsequently reduced to 0% for the Plan’s $300,000 lifetime
    • What is the length of the charters for these vessels?
    • Who is Matson chartering the vessels from?                                                                                                  Continued on page five
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2010                                     THE MARINE FIREMAN                                                                            Page 5
                                                                                         3.  Discharges showing that the candidate has worked 90 days in covered

 More President’s Report
                                                                                             employment in the 12 months preceding the nomination, unless the
                                                                                             candidate is an incumbent.
                                                                                         These items must be mailed to the neutral address below to reach such
                                                                                     address by 10:00 a.m., October 12, 2010:
                                                                                         Credentials Committee
Continued from page four                                                                 Marine Firemen’s Union
maximum. However, the Plan must comply with changes required by the Pa-                  c/o AIM Mail Center
tient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA), effective February             Attention: Mr. Merlyn Gill, Notary Public
1, 2011, as follows:                                                                     221 King Street, #417
     • The Plan must eliminate the current lifetime maximum benefit of                   San Francisco, CA 94107-1756
         $300,000. To ease the financial impact of removing the lifetime max-            All members who run for office are urged to comply with the Constitution-
         imum, the regulations allow the Plan to implement an annual maxi-           al procedures governing nomination and election. Failure to do so will result
         mum over the next three years provided the amount is at least $750,000      in disqualification by the Credentials Committee. Any candidates for office
         during the 2011-2012 fiscal year; increasing to $1,250,000 during the       who submit their photograph on a timely basis will have their picture pub-
         2012-2013 fiscal year; and increasing to $2,000,000 during the 2013-        lished in The Marine Fireman during the entire election period.
         2014 fiscal year. By 2014, there can be no annual maximum. Symetra              Balloting in the MFOW election will begin on Thursday, December 2, 2010,
         has advised that premiums in 2011 would go up 31.5% for the increase        and will continue through Tuesday, February 1, 2011. The Balloting Commit-
         in their liability under the stop loss contract.                            tee shall convene on February 7 to count ballots. The results of the Balloting
     • The Trust must offer coverage to dependents age 19 up to age 26 with-         Committee will be officially announced at the March 7 and March 14 head-
         out regard to student status and marital status. The only dependents        quarters and branch meetings respectively. Elected officials for the new term
         that do not have to be covered are those with their own employer            will assume office on March 15, 2011.
         sponsored health coverage.
     • The Trust must re-enroll any participant who previously reached
         the $300,000 lifetime maximum limit. It has been verified that there
         are no individuals who fall in to this category. The only individual to
         reach the $300,000 lifetime limit did so in 2005; but was age 64 at the
                                                                                        Vice President’s Report
         time and would not be eligible under the Plan now.
     In order to review the competitiveness of the Symetra renewal, the Plan
obtained quotes from other providers. Many stop loss carriers have previous-         By William OBrien                        come due to American inventions.
ly declined to quote based on the composition of the group; meaning the stop                                                       I was proud to march with Port
                                                                                         I’ve been making the ships and
loss market for the Plan is extremely limited. The Symetra renewal quote                                                      Agent Bob Bugarin and the Wilm-
                                                                                     the shoregang, handling the beefs
was more competitive than one provider, but higher than two other proposals.                                                  ington membership in this year’s La-
                                                                                     as they come in. Shipping has been
However, the trustees agreed that the quoted annual premium difference did                                                    bor Day parade. This is the only La-
                                                                                     good. Nobody that wants to work is
not reflect differences in contract coverage terms, costs incurred for claim re-                                              bor Day parade in the United States
                                                                                     falling off the registration list.
porting and required legal costs. The Symetra renewal was accepted.                                                           west of the Mississippi. We had a fine
                                                                                         Patriot Contract Services called
                                                                                                                              turnout, with the SUP right along-
SIU-PD PENSION INCREASE                                                              for full crews of Oilers and Wipers
                                                                                                                              side us. Those sailors can march
    In June, the SIU Pacific District Unions, APL Marine Services (APLMS)            for the USNS GORDON and USNS
                                                                                                                              pretty good.
and Matson Navigation Company negotiated a maximum SIU Pacific District              GILLILAND berthed in Jackson-
                                                                                                                                   A gourmet BBQ followed at our
Pension Plan monthly benefit improvement of $100 for active participants             ville, Florida. The one-week break-
                                                                                                                              hall. Also marching in our maritime
who retire on or after July 1, 2010 and a cost-of-living increase of 3% for exist-   out was due to the approaching Hur-
                                                                                                                              contingent was the SIU, IBU, the
ing retirees at or beyond age 55 with at least 20 years of qualifying time.          ricane Earl.
                                                                                                                              Mates and the Engineers.
    Plan Administrator Michelle Chang has reported that, following a two-                Late last month, the company              It was the 31st year of the parade
month period to execute necessary programming changes, data entry and                crewed up the MV CAPE ORLANDO            and rally. The theme of this year’s
balancing, the benefit increases were implemented. The two-month retroac-            for one-week sea trials. The ORLAN-      event was “Workers Needs over Cor-
tive benefit payment for the months of July and August were included in the          DO is back to ROS status in Alameda.     porate Greed.” No politicians or po-
September 1 pension checks.                                                              I made the APL JAPAN in NY.          litical groups have ever been per-
                                                                                     Good gang. They had a long, hot trip     mitted to march. Union Labor only.
                                                                                     thru’ the Suez and back. There were      It’s something I think every member
     APL Marine Services — Effective October 1, 2010, all rates of pay and wage      problems with the ship’s elevator
related items for unlicensed engine department ratings aboard APLMS-op-                                                       should do at least once. It’s a great
                                                                                     that our Electrician fixed.              honor and a real experience.
erated MSP vessels will be increased by 2.5%. Offshore training contributions
                                                                                         Our APL Oakland Reefer gang               In the eight times I’ve marched,
will be increased by 2.5%. All rates of pay and wage related items for mem-
                                                                                     is very busy. All hands seven days       I never actually saw the parade. We
bers working under the APLMS-MFOW Maintenance and Special Standby
                                                                                     a week. I remember working that          are always up front. This year, af-
Wiper agreements will be increased by 2.5%. Also effective October 1, 2010,
                                                                                     way for months at a time. The weeks      ter we did our part, I went back to
all APLMS welfare contributions (MSP vessels, non-MSP vessels, mainte-
                                                                                     blurred and went by quickly. It was      view the other workers. As I watched
nance and standby mandays will be increased by the percentage increase in
                                                                                     hard work, but it kept me in shape       each union with its banner go by, I
the medical care services component of the Consumer Price Index (United
                                                                                     and I collected some nice paychecks.     remembered again how all workers
States City Average for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers) during
                                                                                         Matson vessels continue to main-     are connected.
the most recent previous twelve month period for which such index has been
                                                                                     tain schedules and are fully loaded           Seamen couldn’t dock ships if
calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U. S. Department of Labor.
                                                                                     coming in and going out. Brother         the Pile Drivers Union didn’t lay
     Patriot Contract Services — There will be a 2% increase in total labor cost
                                                                                     Frank Kirby landed a WJR’s job on        the pylons, so the Carpenters could
(TLC) on October 1, 2010 for unlicensed engine ratings serving aboard the
                                                                                     the SS KAUAI. He waited a long time      build the docks, so the Longies could
PM2 program vessel — USNS WATERS. There will also be a 2% increase in
                                                                                     to get the job and stated he wanted      unload the ships, so the Teamsters
TLC on October 1, 2010 for unlicensed engine ratings serving aboard the PM3
                                                                                     to sail on the last of the steamships.   could deliver the goods in the trucks
program vessel — USNS MARTIN.
                                                                                     “The last of the steamships,” I never    fixed by Mechanics, who are tak-
     On September 2, I sent draft wage and benefit spreadsheets to APLMS and
                                                                                     imagined I’d say that.                   en care of by the Nurses, who were
PCS for review and approval. The new wage rates are published on page 6.
                                                                                         Congratulations to TRL upgrad-       taught by the Teachers. The Plumb-
     MFOW Officials — As recommended by the MFOW Board of Trustees
                                                                                     ing graduates Monte LaCome, Eldon        ers, the Firefighters, Bakers, Butch-
in March and approved by the membership at the April Headquarters and
                                                                                     Hodgin, Derrick Wills and Raushan-       ers, Cashiers, Janitors, Secretaries,
branch meetings, all MFOW officials and the building manager will receive
                                                                                     na Burton. Good work; it will pay off.   Cooks and many others. All together,
a 2.7% salary increase, effective October 1, 2010, based on the average pay in-
                                                                                         I attended our trust fund meet-      all union. It’s a powerful sight.
crease per billet under the commercial fleet and shoregang contracts in 2010.
                                                                                     ings this month. All the books are in         I attended the Alameda Labor
MFOW ELECTION                                                                        order. We are carefully monitoring       Council monthly delegates’ meeting.
    Nominations to elect officers of the Marine Firemen’s Union for the 2011-        any effect the new Healthcare legis-     We finalized plans to support candi-
2012 term of office opened on September 1, 2010. Nominations made in person          lation will have on our plans. Some      dates for the upcoming election. It’s
were in order at the September Headquar ters and branch meetings. Nomi-              of our investment consultants advise     crucial that Labor support the Dem-
nation slips may be handed to officials at Headquarters and branches. Nom-           us that there will not be another re-    ocrats in all races. Like them or not.
ination slips will also be provided to the port serviced at Seattle. Nomina-         cession and the economic boom will       It’s the rich against the poor.
tions may be made by mail any time during the month, provided that mailed
nominations are received at MFOW Headquar ters by September 30, 2010. The
following positions will appear on the ballot this year:
    • President/Secretary-Treasurer
    • Vice President
    • Wilmington Port Agent
    • Honolulu Port Agent
    • Trustee (3 positions)
    • SIUNA Convention Delegate
    Any member wishing to become a candidate for office must be nominated
and have a second to his nomination. Any member in good standing may nom-
inate himself. The names and book numbers of members doing the nominat-
ing and seconding must be included. For the infor mation of all members, and
of particular importance to any member who may be thinking about running
for office, a newslet ter outlining the nomination and election procedures,
including Article V of the Constitution, is posted at all MFOW hiring halls.
Members can also refer to the “Reminder Regarding MFOW Election” pub-
lished in the June 2010 issue of The Marine Fireman.
    Acceptances — All candidates for office are reminded that the following
items, pursuant to Article V, Section 1. F. of the Constitution must be submit-
ted to the Credentials Committee:
    1. A written acceptance of the nomination.                                       Left to right: ERJ Dan Hamann, JM-4740; MFOW Vice President William
    2. 2. An “Official Form of Statement of Candidate.”                              OBrien and REJ Shadow Moyer, #3822 aboard the MV APL KOREA.
Page 6                                                                  THE MARINE FIREMAN                                            TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2010

                    APL MARINE SERVICES WAGE RATES                                                                                     Aker Philadelphia
                                                  (Effective October 1, 2010)                                                          yard delivers 10th
                                MARITIME SECURITY PROGRAM VESSELS                                                                      product tanker
                                                                                                                                           Aker Philadelphia Shipyard has
                                         Wages          Wages               Hourly                       Supplemental Benefit
Rating                                  Monthly         Daily            ST          OT            Base        Monthly      Daily      delivered to American Shipping Com-
                                                                                                                                       pany its tenth Veteran Class MT-46
Chief Electrician/Reefer/Junior         4,616.72        153.89          27.24       40.87        4,997.04      2,664.92      88.83
                                                                                                                                       product tanker. The 46,000 dwt vessel,
Chief Reefer/Electrician/Junior         4,394.54        146.48          25.94       38.93        4,858.31      2,590.94      86.36
                                                                                                                                       named the OVERSEAS ANACORTES,
Day Junior/Utility                      3,989.14        132.97          23.60       35.39        4,325.88      2,306.99      76.90
                                                                                                                                       will be operated by OSG America to
    Non-Watch Allowance                   300.00         10.00
                                                                                                                                       transport petroleum products for
Wiper                                   2,696.77         89.89          16.13       24.21        3,113.81        1,660.59     55.35
                                                                                                                                       Tesoro. It is the fourth vessel planned
    Dirty Work Rate                                                     16.91       27.88
                                                                                                                                       to be utilized by Tesoro.
    Cargo Rate                                                          18.91       32.18
                                                                                                                                           Following tradition, a small nam-
Watchstanding Day Jr., Section 18: Mon-Fri Additional Hourly: 16.91                                                                    ing ceremony was held to bless the
Watchmen assigned as Day Men, Section 13c: Additional Daily: 10.00                                                                     ship and name her, with representa-
                                                                                                                                       tives from Tesoro, American Shipping
                            NON-MARITIME SECURITY PROGRAM VESSELS                                                                      Company, OSG America and Aker
                                                                                                                                       Philadelphia Shipyard in attendance.
                                                                                                                                       The ship will leave Aker Philadelphia
                                         Wages          Wages               Hourly                       Supplemental Benefit
                                                                                                                                       Shipyard and join its sister ships in
Rating                                  Monthly         Daily            ST        OT              Base        Monthly      Daily
                                                                                                                                       transporting petroleum products on
Chief Electrician/Reefer/Junior         4,449.90        148.33          25.93    38.90           4,816.55      2,568.67      85.62     the West Coast.
Chief Reefer/Electrician/Oiler          4,026.30        134.21          23.55    35.33           4,451.34      2,373.90      79.13         Aker Philadelphia has two oth-
Oiler/Utility                           3,023.70        100.79          17.67    26.54           3,279.02      1,748.70      58.29     er vessels currently under construc-
Advancement Program Wiper               2,400.00         80.00          10.00    15.00           2,400.00      1,279.92      42.66     tion as part of its historical build
    Dirty Work Rate                                      13.69          22.56                                                          program. Both are scheduled to be
    Cargo Rate                                           15.86          26.04                                                          delivered through spring 2011.

                                          MAINTENANCE AND STANDBY                                                                      U.S. Marines take
                              Global Gateway Central — Oakland Hourly Rates                                                            back pirate-held ship
                                    First Shift                    Second Shift                       Third Shift
         Rating              ST                OT                ST           OT                     ST         OT                     off Somalia
         Foreman            38.72             58.08                                                                                         U.S. Marine commandos stormed
         Leaderman          35.04             52.56             37.14              55.71           38.14         57.21                 a pirate–held cargo ship, the MAGEL-
         Mechanic           32.62             48.93             34.58              51.87           35.58         53.37                 LAN STAR, off the Somalia coast on
                                                                                                                                       September 9, reclaiming control and
                                                                                                                                       taking nine prisoners without firing
                              Global Gateway South — San Pedro Hourly Rates                                                            a shot in the first such boarding raid
                                    First Shift                    Second Shift                                Third Shift             by the international anti–piracy flo-
         Rating              ST                OT                ST           OT                     ST           OT                   tilla. The mission, using small craft
         Foreman            38.72             58.08                                                                                    to reach the deck of German–owned
         Leaderman          35.04             52.56             38.54              57.81           39.54         59.31                 vessel as the crew huddled in a safe
         Mechanic           32.62             48.93             35.88              53.82           36.88         55.32                 room below, ranks among the most
                                                                                                                                       dramatic high seas confrontations
                                                                                                                                       with pirates by the task force created
                                         Special Standby Wiper Hourly Rates                                                            to protect shipping lanes off lawless
                                                                                                                                       Somalia. The Marines, from the 15th
                            Base              ST           ST Special             Dirty        Dirty Special  OT                       Marine Expeditionary Unit’s Mari-
         Rating            Hourly          0800-1700       1700-0800            0800-1700       1700-0800 0800-0800                    time Raid Force, launched the assault
                                                                                                                                       from aboard the USS DUBUQUE, an
         Wiper/Utility      27.42            27.42           30.60                35.32            39.24     47.79
                                                                                                                                       amphibious transport ship.
                                                                                                                                            Marine Corps officers involved in
                                                                                                                                       the raid told reporters that the attack
                                                                                                                                       involved overwhelming force and the
            PATRIOT CONTRACT SERVICES WAGE RATES                                                                                       element of surprise. Marines were
                                                                                                                                       able to separate the pirates and con-
                                                  (Effective October 1, 2010)                                                          front them singly or in small groups,
                                                                                                                                       while helicopters bore down. The
                                          PM2 PROGRAM — USNS WATERS                                                                    armed pirates gave up quickly when
                                                                                                                                       faced with large numbers of Marines
                                                    Full Operating Status                                                              carrying heavier weaponry.
                                                                                                                                            The crew managed to kill the en-
                          56-Hour             56-Hour            Monthly            Monthly           Daily        Hourly              gines before taking refuge in a panic
                          Monthly              Daily             Benefit            Benefit          Benefit      Overtime             room–style chamber, leaving the ship
         Rating          Base Wage           Base Wage             Base              Wage             Wage          Rate               adrift and the pirates so frustrated
         QMED-Electrician 4,944.35             164.81            3,206.34           1,068.78          35.63         26.33              they started damaging equipment af-
         Storekeeper      4,759.22             158.64            3,065.62           1,021.87          34.06         25.23              ter hijacking the vessel. Getting to the
         QMED-Oiler       3,387.42             112.91            2,024.00            674.67           22.49         16.98              crew barricaded behind three walls
         Wiper            2,462.08              82.07            1,869.74            623.25           20.78         15.75              in a safe room proved to be a quite a
                                                                                                                                       challenge. The Marines had to drill
                                                  Repair Availability Status                                                           through steel walls to reach the sus-
                                                                                                                                       picious sailors. The crew was finally
                          56-Hour             56-Hour            Monthly            Monthly           Daily        Hourly              persuaded that they were being res-
                          Monthly              Daily             Benefit            Benefit          Benefit      Overtime             cued when a Marine ripped the Amer-
         Rating          Base Wage           Base Wage             Base              Wage             Wage          Rate               ican flag patch from his uniform and
                                                                                                                                       stuffed it through a hole the rescuers
         QMED-Electrician 4,944.35             164.81            3,206.34            534.39           17.81         26.33
                                                                                                                                       had bored in the final steel door.
         Storekeeper      4,759.22             158.64            3,065.62            510.94           17.03         25.23
                                                                                                                                            It was the first boarding raid
         QMED-Oiler       3,387.42             112.91            2,024.00            337.33           11.24         16.98
                                                                                                                                       since the multinational task force
         Wiper            2,462.08              82.07            1,869.74            311.62           10.39         15.75
                                                                                                                                       was formed in January 2009 to patrol
                                                                                                                                       off the Horn of Africa. There were no
                                                                                                                                       injuries reported among the Marines
                                           PM3 PROGRAM - USNS MARTIN                                                                   or 11–member crew of the Magellan
                                                                                                                                       Star. The pirates were armed with
                                                    Full Operating Status                                                              AK–47 assault rifles, but there were
                                                                                                                                       no shots fired on either side.
                                   56-Hour             56-Hour      Monthly           Monthly          Daily        Hourly                  The ship was traveling from Bil-
                                   Monthly              Daily       Benefit           Benefit         Benefit      Overtime            bao, Spain, to Singapore with a cargo
         Rating                   Base Wage           Base Wage       Base             Wage            Wage          Rate              of anchor chains. A Turkish frigate
         QMED-Electrician          6,433.96             214.47      4,992.03          2,329.61         77.65         29.41             on anti–piracy patrols, TCG GOK-
         QMED-Pumpman              6,257.09             208.57      4,854.75          2,265.55         75.52         28.60             CEADA, first responded to a distress
         Storekeeper               6,004.33             200.14      4,658.49          2,173.96         72.47         27.48             call from the ship, which flies the flag
         Oiler Maintenance Utility 4,429.66             147.66      3,436.72          1,603.80         53.46         20.32             of Antigua and Barbuda. The MAGEL-
         Wiper                     3,317.04             110.57      2,573.53          1,200.98         40.03         17.19             LAN STAR crew, comprised of Pol-
                                                                                                                                       ish, Russian, Ukrainian and Filipino
         QMED***                        6,433.96       214.47           4,992.03      2,329.61         77.65         29.41             seamen, was able to maintain contact
                                                                                                                                       with maritime officials from their
                 ***Additional rating in Afloat Forward Staging Base Status only.                                                      safe room using a satellite phone.
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2010                                        THE MARINE FIREMAN                                                                                                                            Page 7

Laborers returning to AFL-CIO                                                              NOAA commissions new research ship
                                                                                                Federal officials last
     On August 15, following unani-         troduced a program for reform of the
                                                                                           month commissioned the RV
mous approval of its General Execu-         AFL-CIO.
                                                                                           BELL M SHIMADA, a state-
tive Board, the Laborers Internation-            The LIUNA, caught up in Change
                                                                                           of-the-art research vessel
al Union of North America (LIUNA)           to Win’s dissident and misguided re-
                                                                                           that will study a wide range
announced that it is re-affiliating         form attempt, finally disaffiliated
                                                                                           of marine life and ocean con-
with the AFL-CIO. Re-affiliation will       from the AFL-CIO in June 2006. At
                                                                                           ditions along the West Coast.
become effective October 1.                 that time, the union expressed hope
                                                                                           The vessel is the fourth of a
     LIUNA President Terence O’Sul-         for an eventual reunification and
                                                                                           new class of ships designed
livan said in his statement: “Despite       continued to organize much of its po-
                                                                                           to meet the NOAA Marine
the historic success of the 2008 fed-       litical efforts through the AFL-CIO.
                                                                                           Fisheries Service’s specific
eral elections, too much is not getting          In the summer of 2009, the Unit-                                                                                  The BELL M SHIMADA was
                                                                                           data collection requirements and the
done on Capitol Hill. A united union        ed Brotherhood of Carpenters disaf-                                                                              named by a team of students from
                                                                                           International Council for Exploration
movement can better focus Congress          filiated from Change to Win. After a                                                                             Marina High School in Monterey, Ca-
                                                                                           of the Seas’ standards for a low acous-
— and particularly the U.S. Senate —        bitter and divisive internal battle,                                                                             lif., who won a regional NOAA con-
                                                                                           tic signature. The ship’s capabilities
on helping to lead our nation, rather       a third of the members of UNITE                                                                                  test to name the vessel. The ship’s
                                                                                           include a sophisticated sonar system
than being locked in inaction.”             HERE (formed by merger of UNITE                                                                                  namesake served with the Bureau
                                                                                           and equipment for deploying buoys
     The path to disaffiliation be-         and HERE in 2004) left that union                                                                                of Fisheries and Inter-American
                                                                                           and sensor-packed underwater vehi-
gan in 2003, when the LIUNA, the            and joined SEIU. The remaining                                                                                   Tropical Tuna Commission, and was
                                                                                           cles. In addition to studying fish and
Service Employees International             265,000 members of UNITE HERE                                                                                    known for his contributions to the
                                                                                           marine mammals, researchers will
Union (SEIU), the United Brother-           re-affiliated with the AFL-CIO on                                                                                study of tropical Pacific tuna stocks,
                                                                                           also use the ship to observe marine
hood of Carpenters (UBC), the Union         September 16, 2009.                                                                                              which were important to the devel-
                                                                                           bird population.
of Needletrades, Industrial and Tex-                                                                                                                         opment of West Coast commercial
tile Employees (UNITE) and the Ho-          Japan agrees to pay                                                                                              fisheries following World War II.
tel Employees and Restaurant Em-
ployees Union (HERE) informally             $498 million toward                                    Benefits paid                                             Bell M. Shimada’s son, Allen, is a
                                                                                                                                                             fisheries scientist with NOAA’s Fish-
joined together as the New Unity
Partnership (NUP). The NUP had no           Guam buildup                                          during August                                              eries Service.
                                                                                                                                                                   Launched in September 2008,
formal structure but pushed for co-                                                                                                                          the 208-foot ship was built for NOAA
                                                 According to a report in Stars and                           Death Benefits
ordinated, industry-based organiz-                                                                                                                           by VT Halter Marine Inc., in Moss
                                            Stripes, Japan has agreed to provide                                  None
ing campaigns and additional em-                                                                                                                             Point, Mississippi, as part of the
phasis on organizing. The NUP was           $497.8 million in construction funds                    Burial Benefits                                          NOAA fleet replacement strategy to
dissolved in 2005, but its member           this year for the U.S. military buildup        Robert Howard, P-2274    $1,000.00                                provide world-class platforms for
unions, joined by the Teamsters, the        on Guam. U.S. Ambassador John Roos                                                                               U.S. scientists. The ship will operate
United Farm Workers (UFWA) and              met with Japan Foreign Minister Kat-           Excess Medical                                 $5,366.65
                                                                                                                                                             primarily in U.S. waters from Wash-
the United Food and Commercial              suya Okada in Tokyo to finalize the ar-                                                                          ington State to southern California.
                                                                                           Glasses and Examinations                       $1,000.00
Workers (UFCW), created a new co-           rangement, part of a 2006 agreement
alition — Change to Win — which in-         to realign military forces in Japan.
                                                 The money will be used to build                                       MFOW member pensioned
Montreal dockers                            and design U.S. military base facili-
                                            ties as well as a fire station, port op-                                                                                            Sea Time
and employers agree                         erations headquarters and medical
                                            clinic as the island prepares for the
                                                                                             William Lambert 3695
                                                                                                                          Book No.                  Pension Type
                                                                                                                                                SIU PD Disability
to labor pact                               arrival of 8,600 Marines from Okina-
                                            wa within the next few years.
    Six weeks after a five-day stop-             The funding announcement came                                                HOWZ SHIPPING
page disrupted shipping on the St.          a day after Prime Minister Naoto Kan                                                                   August 2010
Lawrence Seaway, 850 longshore-             prevailed in a Democratic Party of
men at the Port of Montreal and the                                                                         San Francisco                                                   Wilmington
                                            Japan election for party leadership
Maritime Employers Association              against a challenger who wanted to             Reefer/Electrician/Jr. Engineer ......2                           Electrician/Reefer/Jr. Engineer ......7
have hammered out a four-year con-          reopen discussions on base realign-            Junior Engineer (Day)........................1                    Reefer/Electrician/Jr. Engineer ......3
tract retroactive to January 2009, ac-      ment issues.                                   Junior Engineer (Watch) ...................2                      Junior Engineer (Day)........................3
cording to The Montreal Gazette. The             The announcement came less                Oiler .......................................................4    Fireman/Watertender ........................1
agreement provides higher pay and           than a week before the U.S. Navy was           Wiper .....................................................2      Shore Mechanic...................................7
benefits and a measure of labor flex-       scheduled to announce a final plan             Shore Mechanic...................................7                Standby ...............................................33
ibility sought by the employers.            on how and where to locate the Ma-             Standby .................................................9            TOTAL .........................................54
    The longshoremen, members of            rines, visiting aircraft carrier facili-           TOTAL .........................................27
Local 375 of the Canadian Union of          ties and a missile defense operation
Public Employees, agreed to a new                                                                                  Seattle                                                         Honolulu
                                            on Guam. Construction is likely to be-
voluntary retirement system, under                                                         Reefer/Electrician/Jr. Engineer ......2                           Oiler .......................................................2
                                            gin soon after that Navy record of de-
which employers could reduce the            cision is made.                                Oiler .......................................................3    Wiper .....................................................1
workforce while avoiding layoffs.                About $352 million of the Japan           Wiper .....................................................1      Shore Mechanic...................................2
The MEA had sought to end the prac-         funding will be used to build and de-          Standby .................................................4        Standby .................................................4
tice whereby longshoremen were              sign base facilities in the Finegayan              TOTAL ..........................................10                TOTAL .......................................... 9
paid full-time to be on standby, say-       area of Guam, including an admin-
ing it was too costly and threatened
the Port’s competitiveness. The long-
shoremen had cited income and job
                                            istrative building, Marine Logistic
                                            Group headquarters, police station,
                                            training complex, enlisted dining fa-
                                                                                                                       Political Action Fund
security as the key issues.                 cility and bachelor enlisted quarters.             Voluntary donations of $20.00                                 Charles Hoey, #3843 ..................100.00
    The MEA stated the contract             The money will also be used to build           or more for August 2010:                                          Deane Lindbloom, JM-4893.....100.00
agreement will improve stability and        a $25 million fire station in Finegaya,        Richard Brown, #3789 ..............$30.00                         Joel McCrum, P-2536 ..................25.00
competitiveness at the Port of Mon-         a $96 million medical clinic and a $25         Roger Brucks, #3468 ...................25.00                      Jacob Macias, #3850 ....................20.00
treal and the increased workforce           million port operations headquar-              “Cajun” Callais, #3592..............100.00                        Richard Manley, #3747 ...............20.00
flexibility and voluntary retirement        ters in Apra.                                  Rocky Casazza, #3757..................20.00                       Anthony Petrovich, P-2633 ......100.00
option will give rate stability for Port         The troop movement, from Oki-             Bonny Coloma, #3537 ..................25.00                       Henry Toscano, P-1899 ...............20.00
users. The pact also provides for an        nawa to Guam, is part of a strategy to         Adolfo Hernandez, #3349 ........100.00
additional contribution from the em-        decrease troops in Japan and bolster
ployers to help the union cover its un-
funded pension liability.
                                            the U.S.-controlled island in the Pacif-
                                            ic. Overall, the buildup would perma-
                                                                                                     MARINE FIREMAN SUBSCRIPTIONS,
America’s Cup Update                        nently ring about 34,000 new people                     H&B AND VOLUNTARY PAF DONATIONS
                                            to Guam. About a quarter of the 1,800
Continued from page one                     new civilian Department of Defense                Please use the following form.
                                                                                                                                                                         PENSION or
Council Economic Institute and Bea-         jobs would be hired from island resi-
con Economics that forecast an infu-        dents. The military would expand and              NAME (Print)                                                               BOOK NO.
sion of $1.4 billion in the Bay Area’s      use much of Guam’s utility infrastruc-
economy and the creation of 8,800           ture for power, sewage and trash.                 STREET
jobs, from prep cooks to engineers.
The study also estimated a total infu-                                                        CITY                                                           STATE                    ZIP
sion of $1.9 billion in the state’s econ-
omy and 12,000 jobs statewide.
                                               HONOR ROLL                                     Check box:                             U.S. & POSSESSIONS                        OVERSEAS
     Although none of the three front          Voluntary donations to General                 Yearly Subscriptions: First Class                             $10.00       ❑     Air (AO) Mail $25.00 ❑
runners has a clear advantage, San          Treasury — August 2010:
Francisco holds place of prominence                                                                                                  Second Class $8.00                  ❑
                                            Richard Brown, #3789............. $30.00
for BMW ORACLE Racing founder
                                            “Cajun” Callais, #3592 ............... 50.00
Larry Ellison, who would like to host                                                                      Pensioners’ Hospital & Burial $6.00                           ❑
                                            Thomas Davis, #3647 ................ 100.00
the event on his home waters. BMW
                                            Deane Lindbloom, JM-4893...... 40.00
ORACLE Racing won the right to de-                                                            Voluntary Political Action Fund Donation                                   ❑ $_____________
                                            Archie Spivey, P-978 ................390.40*
termine the next venue for the Amer-
                                            George Trainor, N/A................. 100.00       Please make checks payable to: MARINE FIREMEN’S UNION
ica’s Cup when it won the 33rd Match
last February against Alinghi, 2-0,         *In addition to voluntary check-off               Address envelope to: 240 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
off the coast of Valencia, Spain.           from monthly pension
Page 8                                                         THE MARINE FIREMAN                                           TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2010

     I checked the Matson Navigation          The MLK County Labor Council               Since the last meeting, we dis-         As for the L.A. County Fed, they
Company vessels MV MANOA and SS           requested that we appear before Se-        patched a total of 54 billets, 33 of    were getting ready for a number of
KAUAI in August. Each called Seat-        attle mayor Mike McGinn’s Commit-          them being standbys, as listed in       events that were scheduled to take
tle twice for routine visits. The SS      tee on Economic Recovery to help           Howz Shipping.                          place on Labor Day.
MAUI shifted from Terminal 25 to          guide him on which jobs are im-                This past month I attended the          Made most of the ships contract-
Todd Shipyard and is not expected         portant to the Seattle/King County         usual meetings with the L.A. Coun-      ed by the MFOW and took care of the
to be put into service until next year.   Area. This was a small meeting with        ty Fed and the Maritime Trades De-      beefs that came up
     The Patriot Contract Services        the mayor and two of his staffers;         partment. At the MTD meeting, we
                                                                                                                                 With respect,
vessel USNS WATERS called for a           Lee Newgent, President of the King         planned our next vocational cruise,
                                                                                                                                                  Robert Bugarin
full crew to bring the ship out of the    County Building Trades, Berit Eriks-       which we hope can take place this
                                                                                                                                                      Port Agent
shipyard and will sail from the East      son and me. Berit was here on vaca-        month.
Coast through the Panama Canal to         tion and volunteered to assist.
the West Coast. Shipping has been             We explained that the need for
very good for members with all rat-
ings and for members or applicants
                                          qualified sailors is strong. Personnel
                                          in high demand are Coast Guard-en-         Wilmington Labor Day march
who have obtained MSC training cer-       dorsed Electricians, Refrigeration
tifications. We can put you to work!      Engineers and Unlicensed Junior
     I represented the SUP and MFOW       Engineers. We asserted that certain
at the Martin Luther King County          skilled, unemployed shoreside per-
Labor Council meetings. The Wash-         sonnel could be immediately em-
ington State Labor Council Conven-        ployable in the maritime industry, if
tion was held this year in Tacoma.        the mayor and his staff would focus
The SUP, MFOW, MEBA, MM&P, IBU            training in that area. Mayor McGinn
and SIU, joined by the Metal Trades,      and his staff were genuinely excited
put forward a resolution in support       with that news. The meeting also of-
of the Jones Act. Steve Walker from       fered us another opportunity to ed-
MEBA and Brett Olsson of IBEW Lo-         ucate the mayor on the value of the
cal 46 are to be commended for tak-       Port of Seattle to the City of Seattle’s
ing the microphone and speaking           economic prosperity.
eloquently and passionately on the
importance of the Jones Act. The              Respectfully,
resolution was passed unanimously                             Vince O’Halloran
and without debate.                                     Seattle Representative

                                                                                     Left to right: Michael Stevens, Jr., JM-4775; Mike Campbell, JM-4726; MFOW
                                                                                     Vice President William OBrien; Martin Irwin, #3670 and Wilmington Port
                                                                                     Agent Robert Bugarin manned the MFOW booth at Banning Park.

    In the month of                                      ships’ delegates and
August, I dispatched 1                                   the shoregang delegate
shipboard job to Mat-                                    for the great job they
son, 2 shipboard jobs                                    continue to do in re-
to Patriot, 2 shore                                      solving any problems
maintenance mechan-                                      that occur. There were
ic jobs and 4 standby                                    no problems reported.
wiper jobs, a total of 9                                     Ships that arrived
jobs as listed in Howz                                   in the port of Honolu-
Shipping.     Eighteen 2010 Labor Unity Picnic —         lu: R.J. PFEIFFER, MV
members are regis- Waikiki Shell                         MOKIHANA, MV MAN-
tered as follows: 12 As,                                 ULANI, SS KAUAI, MV
                         (l to r): MM&P rep Randy
1 B and 5 Cs.                                            MAHIMAHI, MV MAU-
                         Swindell, Congressional
    All jobs are being                                   NAWILI, MV MANOA
                         candidate Colleen Hana-
rotated as per ship-                                     and MV MAUNALEI.
                         busa, SUP Port Agent Mike
ping rules. Shipping                                         Here in Honolu-
                         Dirksen, MFOW Port Agent
is good here. All mem-                                   lu all maritime unions
                         Bonny Coloma.
bers are continually                                     support Colleen Hana-
encouraged to keep                                       busa’s (D) campaign for
all required documents and certifi-       First Congressional District. Con-
cates current to ship.                    gresswoman Hanabusa supports the
    A few of our members and non-         Jones Act and cabotage laws that
seniority members have applied for        maintain the U. S. merchant marine         MFOW and SUP members, families and friends prepare for the Annual
Damage Control training in order to       fleet of our nation.                       Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Labor Coalition Labor Day March.
add one more certificate needed to            Pensioner George “Shorty” To-
secure MFU jobs. This month a job         kumitsu volunteered his time to rep-
opportunity came when the USNS            resent the MFOW at a scheduled
GORDON crewed up. One member              sign-waving in support of Hana-
and one new applicant were dis-           busa’s campaign. Mahalo, brother
patched to these jobs.                    George, for your time and support in
    The month went by so quickly          this effort.
that only two standby wiper billets
                                              Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii,
were dispatched to keep company
ships running smooth, safe and well                               Bonny S. Coloma
maintained.                                                           Port Agent
    I would like to thank all our

  Regular membership                        Finished
   meeting dates 2010
 Oct.      4     S.F. Headquarters
          12*    Branches                    engines
 Nov.      1     S.F. Headquarters
           8     Branches
                                                James Rangel, Jr., #1377.
 Dec.      6     S.F. Headquarters          Born February 27, 1926, Visalia,
          13     Branches                   California. Joined MFOW July
                                            2, 1945. Pensioned February 1,           Left to right: Jeff Hayes, #3702 and son; Mike Campbell, JM-4726; Henry
  (*Indicates Tuesday meeting               2002. Deceased August 24, 2010,          Trejo, JM-4709; MFOW Vice President William OBrien; Robert Torres, #3687;
  following a Monday holiday)               Daly City, CA.                           pensioner George Culling; Karl Nitschke, #3676; Wilmington Port Agent Robert
                                                                                     Bugarin and Michael Stevens, Jr., JM-4775.

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