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					                                     New Hire On Boarding Checklist

     On Boarding: A long-term process that begins before an employee’s start date and continues for at least six
     months. The hiring manager may add additional activities that are relevant to the new employee’s area.

     On Boarding Peer: A peer to the new employee who can assist in the on boarding process and be a “go-to”
     person as directed by the manager

                                            PRIOR TO START DATE

      Human Resources                 Hiring Manager/ Administrator                     On Boarding Peer

      Send out Offer Package                Set up Arrival Time                     Arrange a first week plan
      Process New Hire Form                 Arrange for an On Boarding              Clean and prepare work area
                                            Coordinate computer set-up              Contact employee and
                                            with LTS                                introduce self

                                         FIRST WEEK OF EMPLOYMENT

      Human Resources                 Hiring Manager/ Administrator                     On Boarding Peer

      Assist employee with new              Check in with new hire                  Introduce to all department staff
      hire paperwork on first               during and at end of first
      day                                   day to make feel welcome
      Sign up for benefits and              Complete any department                 Prepare and discuss first week
      new hire orientation                  documents                               scheduled activities
      Provide instructions for              Review work hours and                   Arrange a welcome brunch,
      parking sticker                       building hours                          lunch or snack break with staff
      Provide instructions for              Review requests for leave               Give department tour including
      picture ID                            and reporting time off                  restroom, kitchen, supplies, etc.
                                            Schedule a 10 – 15 minute               Provide information about Unet
                                            meet and greet with VP                  ID, calendar, phone (including
                                                                                    PBN, fax machine), shredder,
                                                                                    printers, mail, ordering supplies,
                                                                                    LTS Tech Desk – (Ext 67782 or
                                                                          , etc.

                                     FIRST SIX MONTHS OF EMPLOYMENT

      Human Resources                 Hiring Manager/ Administrator                     On Boarding Peer

      Check in with employee                Review Job Description                  Discuss office etiquette
      around 30 days                        with employee and set
      Check in with manager                 Assess performance during               Arrange a campus tour
      and employee around 60                6 month review period
      Check in with manager                 Plan and arrange for                    Introduce to employees in other
      before 6 months                       training/development                    work areas

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