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									AUG. GUN CAT - Gun Auction # 220
1. Bill C-68, or Prohib 12-6, indicates guns which were prohibited under Bill C-68 & they can only be
purchased by people who already own this type of gun. Please ask us if you are in doubt.

2. Some firearms such as machine guns & some s/auto rifles can only be sold to Special Category Buyers
& you must be sure that you already qualify.

3. Some firearms that are considered "Antique" by U.S.A. standards, such as modern perc. & flintlocks,
& any gun made before 1898, are not always considered "Antique" in Canada. Ask Jim Baggaley about
any guns you may want to buy so as to avoid problems. Please familiarize yourself with the current
import regulations as we cannot be responsible for U.S. regulations any more than we can be responsible
for changes in Canadian regulations.

4. Please note: We cannot store guns forever, so please make your shipping arrangements etc. as soon
after the Auction as you can. After 30-days, storage will be charged and guns may be sold to recover
same so please attend to this.

5. NOTE!... All ammo & components require at least a P.O.L. & we cannot ship these by regular carriers
so please make other arrangements.



        220-A-1.-- Bag lot, 2-Books: Firearms a Collector’s Guide, 1326-1900, & The Collecting Of Guns.

        220-A-2.-- Bag lot, 3- Books: Uniforms of The World’s Great Armies, 1700-to present, Heraldry &
        Regalia of War, & Popular Antiques.

        220-A-3.-- Bag lot, 4-Books: English Weapons & Warfare 449-1660, * Weapons, A Pictorial History,
        * New Revised Edition The age of Firearms, & Weird & Wonderful Weaponry.

        220-A-4.-- Bag lot, 5-Books: The Gun Collector’s Fact Book, * Firearms By Howard Blackmore, *
        Weapons of The British Soldier by; Col. H.C.B. Rogers, * The world Of Guns By; R. Akehurst, &
        Antique Guns & Gun Collecting, by; Wilkinson.

        220-A-5.-- Bag lot, approx. 2-boxes Imp. .16 ga. shot-shells, plus-19 rnds. Olympic .16 ga. shot-shells.

        220-A-6.-- Set of French field glasses, "Chevalier, Paris" [faint crack in right eyepiece lens, not
        noticeable when using.]

        220-A-7.--- Small set of German field glasses, [no maker’s name.]

        220-A-8.--- Oak cased Jeweller’s type brass balance scale w/some weights.

        220-A-9.--- Bag lot: 2-Officer’s swagger sticks; One is stacked leather, w/Canadian Coat of arms on
        head, w/initial G on the collar, & the other is a leather wrapped stick,

        220-A-10.--- Ser.# 2416, Colt, mod. New Service, .45 cal, 6-shot revolver w/140mm bbl, [unusual
        "Bent Frame" model.] FRC# 128016. HG*.


220-A-11.--- Ser.# 555320, Beretta, mod. 1934 (dated 1937), .380 auto caliber, 7-shot semi-auto pistol

w/ 86mm bbl. FRC# 202198. HG*


220-A-12.-- Ser.# 70276, Stenda mod. Behoila, 7.65mm cal., 7-shot semi-auto pistol w/76mm bbl.
FRC#11729463. HG*.


220-A-13.-- Ser.# 112962, Zephyr (Rohm), mod. Zephyr, .22-short cal., 6-shot revolver w/64mm bbl.
FRC#11729282.. HG*.

220-A-14.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 142194/150140, Colt, mod. 1860 Army, .44 perc. cal., rev w/8" bbl. [Single
line, New York address, Sept. 10, 1860 on cylinder, mismatched numbers, brass trigger guard, front grip strap
& traces of silver, iron back strap & base.]


        220-A-15.-- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 4270843, H. Spencer & Co, mod. "The Interchangeable", .12 ga.,
        SxS, hammer shotgun w/20 ½" bbl. [cut to a coach gun, stamped New Gate 17 on butt stock, also,
        NG17 on receiver. Poss. a Prison Gun.] FRC# 4378372.

        220-A-16.-- Ser.# 1689657, Win., mod 64, .30 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" round bbl. ½ mag.[plain
        pistol grip, gray finish.] FRC# 11211451.

        220-A-17.-- Ser.# 124153, Gevarm, mod. E1, .22 LR cal. clip-fed semi-auto rifle w/19 1/4" bbl.,
        appears good, normal wear & tear. FRC# 202177.

        220-A-18.--- Ser.# 22355F, Colt, Single Action Frontier Scout, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/4 3/4" bbl.
        [appears exc., poss. unfired, blue bbl. & cyl., bright alloy frame, black checkered grips w/Rampant
        Colt motif., comp. w/Challenger leather holster. The Lady said She never did fire it, and was moving.]
        FRC#6034719. HG*

        220-B-1.-- Ser.# 9696P, Walther (CYQ), mod. P38, .9mm Luger cal., 8-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm
        bbl. [Nazi mkd. Black grips. Appears VG. Slight Holster wear.] FRC# 12524789. HG*

        220-B-2.-- Ser.# 2591H, Walther (AC44), mod. P38, .9mm Luger cal., 8-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm
        bbl.[ Nazi mkd., Black grips. Appears VG+.] FRC# 11010243. HG*

        220-B-3.-- Ser.# 262207, CZ, mod. 38 (39t), 9mm Browning short cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/117mm
        bbl. [Brown grips. Appears VG+.] FRC# 12525607. HG*

        220-B-4.-- Ser.# N158381, S&W, mod. 28-2, Highway Patrolman, .357 mag. cal., 6-shot rev.
        w/152mm bbl. [w/Hogue mono-grip, adjustable rear sight, slight holster wear, cylinder ring. Appears
        Good.] FRC# 11009843. HG*

        220-B-5.-- Ser.# 10-10726, Ruger, mod. standard, .22 LR cal., 9-shot s/auto pistol w/ 120mm bbl.

[w/fading blue, a few marks. Appears Good.] FRC# 11009508. HG*

        220-B-6.-- Ser.# 966384, Charter Arms, mod. Pathfinder 22, .22LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl.
        [w/slight mark on bbl., adjustable rear sight, Charter Arms booklet in Zippered pistol case. Appears
        VG+.] FRC#11009822. HG*

        220-B-7.-- Ser.# 4274979, Win., mod. 94, .30/30 Win. cal., L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [fading blue,
        refinished wood. Appears Good.] FRC#4152712.

        220-B-8.-- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil, US mkd A. Waters, also mkd. Hillbury 1825, .69 perc. cal, full wood
        military musket w/metal rod & 42" bbl. Light cartouche. NO FAC REQUIRED

        220-B-9.-- Ser.# BB306, Kropatschek, mod. 1886 (dated 1886), 8x60R Krop. cal. full wood military
        rifle w/32" bbl. [cleaning rod. Matching wood, noon-matching bolt. Good cartouche.] FRC#12308849.

        220-B-10.-- Ser.# 2334158, Rem., mod. Nylon 66, .22LR cal., tube-fed semi-auto rifle w/19 ½" bbl.
        Missing barrel sights. FRC#__________________ ?

The next three guns are Prohibited. 12-2's, FULL AUTO, you must be a full auto collector prior to 1973, to own
these guns, so be sure before you bid.

Prohibited. 12-2, FULL AUTO:

220-B-11.--- Ser.# SA13903A, Lanchester, mod. Mk.I, 9mm Luger cal. 5-shot blocked clip-fed full auto sub-
machine gun, w/203mm bbl. [appears VG, stock refinished, brass butt-plate ventilated shroud, w/bayonet lug &
sling swivels.] FRC#5214703. SM*

Prohibited. 12-2, FULL AUTO:

220-B-12.--- Ser.# 146, Sten, mod. Mk.V-Proto Type, 9mm Sten cal., 5-shot blocked clip-fed full auto sub-
machine gun w/197mm bbl. [appears good, butt-stock & main frame are numbered 146, front sight base, bbl.,
bbl. nut bottom rover switch button & internal parts all numbered 37.] FRC#5214705. SM*

Prohibited. 12-2, FULL AUTO:

220-B-13.--- Ser.# 7140283, U.S. Carbine, (Inland Division), mod. M-2, .30-Carbine cal. 5-shot blocked clip-
fed, full auto rifle, w/457mm bbl. [appears VG, w/bayonet lug.] FRC#5214707. FA Rifle *

220-B-14.--- Ser.# 586002, Unique, mod. Corsair, (900), .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/152mm bbl.
[repaired left grip.] FRC#7308899.. HG*

220-B-15.--- Ser.# 110099, Unknown, mod. Blunderbuss, .76 Flintlock cal. 1-shot pistol w/113mm bbl.
[appears exc., unfired w/bell-mouthed brass bbl., brass furniture, c/w/iron ramrod w/brass tip.]

220-B-16.--- Antique, Gurkha knife, w/15" blade. [This good old knife, is not a "Tourist Trade" toy, the handle
shows daily wear & use, w/a small lengthwise crack, and the blade is razor sharp! The hand tooled leather
scabbard has a brass tip, but it is missing the belt loop &

does need some restoration.]

The successful bidder on this Knife can buy the following knife as well if they wish

220-B-17.--- Smith & Wesson, American Series, Model 6085, Sportsman’s hunting knife w/3 ½" stainless steel
"Skinning Type" blade. Has a brass guard, Posi-Grip molded rubber handle with the S&W crest, & a lanyard
hole. Comes with a sturdy, leather sheath, & the original cardboard display box. These knives were originally a
special issue, and they are no longer available. These were in a warehouse for about 30-years.]

220-B-18.--- Smith & Wesson, American Series, Model 6085, Sportsman’s hunting knife w/3 ½" stainless steel
"Skinning Type" blade. Has a brass guard, Posi-Grip molded rubber handle with the S&W crest, & a lanyard
hole. Comes with a sturdy, leather sheath, & the original cardboard display box. These knives were originally a
special issue, and they are no longer available. These were in a warehouse for about 30-years.]

220-B-19.--- Collector’s Item: An original Canadian Flag, (with the Union Jack & Coat of Arms),"Patriot", by;
John Leckie Ltd., Toronto.[ measuring almost 4' x 9', this great flag has never been used, and has the correct.
rope mounting lanyard.]

The successful bidder on this next tooth can also buy up to all four if they wish, (in order please)

220-B-20.--- Ivory Whale’s tooth w/finely detailed scrimshaw scene showing a whale breeching and capsizing
an Eskimo Hunter & his kayak.

220-B-21.--- Ivory Whale’s tooth w/finely detailed scrimshaw scene showing a Hunter driving a dog team
toward a Sailing ship, w/icebergs as a backdrop.

220-B-22.--- Ivory Whale’s tooth w/finely detailed scrimshaw scene showing 2- Sailing Ships passing a
Lighthouse, w/seagulls & clouds as a backdrop.

220-B-23.--- Ivory Whale’s tooth w/finely detailed scrimshaw scene showing 1- Sailing Ships approaching a
Lighthouse, w/Eagle & Gulls in the sky & clouds as a backdrop, & small sail boat on the horizon.

The successful bidder on the next lot can also buy both bills if they wish


        220-B-24.--- Dominion of Canada, 25-Cent bill, (Commonly referred to as a "Shinplaster") dated Jan.
        2nd 1900, signed by Boville, Dep. Finance Minister. [printed by The American Bank Note Company

220-B-25.--- Dominion of Canada, 25-Cent bill, (Commonly referred to as a "Shinplaster") dated July
2nd 1923, signed by W. C. Clark. [printed by The Canadian Bank Note Ltd. Note: They now have serail
numbers & it’s a good hand, a full house,6's over 8's]

220-B-26.--- Hard to Find!: Complete date set of Canadian George VI Nickels from 1937-1952.
[including the 1942 Tombac (used to save the nickel for the War effort) & the 1943 Tombac which
was the 1st of the "V" for Victory Nickels and the ‘44 & ‘45 Victories. Also included is the Comm.
1751-1951 which actually said "Nickel" on it.

220-B-27.--- An actual old Post Office Box made into a bank, set in a solid oak frame, & complete wih
the instructions & combination. (A-2 & K-4)

220-B-28.--- Set of heavy brass Bear bookends. [Bear is marking His territory to show how big He is.

220-B-29.--- Repro. cast iron mechanical penny bank. [the Hunter shoots the coin into the tree stump
and the Bear pops up. It does work just like the original ones.]

220-B-30.--- 3-New "License Plates", that read "When Guns Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Have
Guns" [red letters on white background, stamped out just like a genuine plate, made in Manitoba. Still
in the protective plastic wrapping.] {so much x-3}

220-B-31.--- Repro. cast iron toy delivery van, w/ "A.J. Brown Fresh Farm Produce" on sides.

220-B-32.--- 3-Interesting metal signs, advertising "Fishing Rods Etc." a "Fly Fishing Club, Casting
Flies & Telling Lies", & "If you want the best seat in this house, move the Cat". [Made to look antique,
they have hangers on the back.]{so much x 3}

220-B-33.--- Lot, 2-Antique framed pictures: One is a Pheasant Hunter with his Dog, (cloth &
needlework, under glass), approx. 13" x 17", and a smaller picture of Indian Chiefs etc. (very good
quality, also under glass) As a lot.

220-B-33-A.- Round stained glass window depicting an Elk head w/horns, approx. 29" in diameter,
designed with loops to hang in a window.

220-B-33-B.- Excellent Edison oak cased, table top cylinder gramophone, w/crank. [works good]

220-B-34.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 208, Allen & Wheelock, mod. drop-breech rimfire rifle, ca. 1860-71,
.44 RF cal. falling block s/shot rifle w/26" part rnd., part oct. bbl. [appears good, w/poor cond., old
leather fitted case.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-B-35.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 11846, Sharps & Hankins, (Army type model 1862 Carbine). 52 RF
cal. s/shot breech loading carbine w/24" bbl. [missing hammer & some pins, stock is broken.] NO FAC

220-B-36.--- Ser.# W137134, Custom Enfield, (on pattern 1914 action), .50-460 Wby. Magnum
Wildcat cal., s/shot, B/act. rifle w/757mm heavy custom bbl., approx. 1 1/4" diam. [w/custom
laminated style stock, leather sling & Weaver bases.] FRC#517364.

220-B-37.--- Bag lot: 23-rnds. .50 cal. brass, & 40-rnds. of what appears to be 460x3" straight case
brass to be formed ?, (you figure it out).

220-B-38.--- RCBS, .375 Wby. mag. FL dies.

220-B-39.--- Ser.# 1166368, Win., mod. 12-Skeet Deluxe, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/26" V-rib
bbl. [appears totally refinished w/deluxe checkered p/grip stock & De-accelerator recoil pad.] FRC#

220-B-40.--- Ser.# K396612, Smith & Wesson, mod. 17, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/210mm bbl.
[appears VG+, slight cyl. ring, w/Pachmayr target grips, plus also the orig. wooden S&W grips, & a
Pachmayr grip filler, in orig. S&W box w/booklet etc. ] FRC#6552013. HG*

220-B-41.--- Ser.# PT31587, Columbia APPL Corp, New York, USA, mod. 3, 1 ½" bore flare pistol,

220-B-42.--- Ser.# 240580, Colt, mod. Single Action Army, .44 Spl. cal. 6-shot rev. w/7 ½" bbl. [ca.
1903, fading blue, traces remaining in protected areas, good walnut grips w/inspector’s mark on right
grip, tight action, all matching numbers, w/leather flap holster by; Hingston Smith Sporting Goods,
1911. Originally from the Ron Johnson Estate.] FRC#5621385. HG*

220-B-43.--- Ser.# 42807M70, Browning, mod. BAR, .338 Win. mag. cal. internal clip-fed, s/auto rifle
w/24" bbl. [appears exc. w/hi-gloss finish checkered p/grip stock, & forend, w/Redfield scope base &
bbl. sights.] FRC#5621374.

220-B-44.--- Leupold, Vari-X-III, Gold Ring, 2.5x8x scope w/Redfield rings, fits above or similar
equipped rifle.

220-B-45.--- Bag lot: 7-boxes + 16-rnds. .338 Win. mag. ammo. [some factory & some reloads.]

220-B-46.--- Ser.# 45097PR147, Browning, mod. 78, .30/06 Sprig. cal. s/shot falling block rifle w/26"
tapered oct. bbl. [appears exc., w/hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock & forend, Browning rings & bases,
also Browning swivels & a leather sling.] FRC#6733687.

220-B-47.--- Leupold, Vari-X-II, 3x9 scope.

220-B-48.--- Ser.# B6389903, Rem., mod. 700-BDL,(Left Hand), 7mm Rem. mag. cal., B/act. rifle
w/24" bbl. [appears VG, w/Weaver see-thru scope bases, & bbl. sights.] FRC#5621379.

220-B-49.--- Leupold, M-8, 6x scope.

220-B-50.--- Ser.# 37575, BRNO, mod. Fox, Mod. II, .222 Rem. cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl.
[appears Exc., w/checkered p/grip stock & forend w/rosewood caps, integral scope base, bbl. sights,
double-set trigger, w/sling swivels.] FRC#681855.0002.

220-B-51.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.#22500, Ballard sporting rifle in .45/70 cal., s/shot F/block rifle, w/32"
bbl.. Target sights, walnut stock & forend, in exc. condition. No cracks apparent, case colored action
faded to grey, bbl. shows 60% blue, bore exc., Vernier tang sight & cresc. butt-plate NO FAC

220-B-52.--- ANTIQUE: Morimer & Son of London, Gunmaker to His Majesty (George III) ca. 1790,
superb saw-handle flintlock, smooth bore dueling pistol of approx. .50 cal. Breech sports, 2-platinum
bands, lock & lock plate ornately engraved, engraved trigger guard, pineapple finial. German silver
hardware, incl. front sight, walnut stock is checkered w/22-lines per inch. [a rare & unusual flintlock

220-B-53.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 89387, Colt, 1860 Army, .44 perc. cal. 6-shot rev. w/8" bbl. [ca. 1863,
finish is blue faded to brown overall, traces of scene remains on cylinder, all matching parts, shows
considerable rifling.] NO FAC REQUIRED.

220-B-54.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.#23252, Rem., mod. Navy, .36 perc. cal. 6-shot rev. w/7 3/8" bbl.
[overall condition clean & crisp.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-B-55.--- ANTIQUE: Unusual 8-bore "Market Gun", w/48" bbl. [English checkered walnut stock,
brass furniture, cond. appears VG+, no Maker’s name, has Birmingham proofs.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-B-56.--- ANTIQUE: Superb example, Tower Enfield, 1853, (dated 1861), .58 cal. Tower Musket,
complete w/bayonet & scabbard, metal appears 70% complete w/nipple protector, walnut stock has
seen very little use. NO FAC REQUIRED

220-B-57.--- ANTIQUE: Rare & unusual ornate blunderbuss, approx. .80 cal., this firearm appears to
be made from British & European parts, but assembled in India. 18" bbl. is decorated w/silver inlay,
flutes @ muzzle. Possibly Spanish origin, lock is pre-Regency British, & converted from flint to perc.
Checkered stock shows English characteristics, but brass furniture is of Eastern motif. Firearms
appears functional in all respects. NO FAC REQUIRED

220-B-58.--- ANTIQUE: Victor Collette, LeFacheaux action, .16-bore pinfire, SxS hammer shotgun,
back action locks, all metal parts finely engraved, Damascus pattern visible on bbls, bore appears exc.

220-B-59.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 31, Snider, Mk. II, .577 cal., 3-band rifle w/36 ½" bbl. [metal appears
faded blue, walnut stock exc. w/minor chip @ toe, exc. bore, comp. w/nipple protector.] NO FAC

220-B-60.--- ANTIQUE: Werndel, mod. 1867, 11.58R cal. Infantry rifle, comp. with orig. bayonet.
[unusual cal., this was the type of rifle used by Austro-Hungarian Empire, & was so successful that it
saw use as a back-up weapon in WW II. Appears exc., mint bore, wood appears orig. finish, of top

220-B-61.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 156, Presumed to be: Loran & Gampit of Brussels, mfg. for English
trade, 7mm RF cal. Unusual breech loading s/shot target pistol, overall appears exc., ornately
engraved, walnut grips are fluted & carved.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-B-62.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 373, Unusual Belgian .380 Rev. cal. 5-shot rev. w/4 ½" bbl. [nickle
finish appears 85%, w/best grade ebony grips, shows little use.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-B-63.--- ANTIQUE: Unusual, (John Golcher on lock), Birmingham mfg. smooth bore, ½ stocked
rifle w/34" bbl. [traces of Damascus finish, platinum breech plug, top of bbl. flat for full length, act.
engraved, walnut stock checkered @ wrist, w/Ebony forend tip. Unusual British thimble & hardware.]

220-B-64.--- ANTIQUE: British pattern (replacing Brown Bess), pattern 1839 musket, .69 ? perc. cal.
musket. metal turning brown, brass hardware, walnut stock appears all orig. finish w/minor marks. [the
pattern 1839 was the 1st perc. firearm to be used by the British, to replace the Brown Bess which is
why the resemblance.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-B-65.--- Martini bayonet.

220-B-66.--- Snider bayonet.

220-B-67.--- .410 insert for .12 ga.

220-B-68.--- Light weight .410 insert for .12 ga.

220-B-69.--- (Lot), 2-shot flasks.

220-B-70.--- (lot), 3-powder flasks.

220-B-71.--- Brass shot-shell crimper.

220-B-72.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil, Tower Brown Bess, dated 1722, 69 fl. cal.? Full wood military
musket w/46" bbl. [marked Royal Welsh Fusiliers on barrel, also, Crown GR, brass furniture, brass
insert H/37 on top wrist.] NO FAC REQUIRED.

220-B-73.---- Ser.# 123431, Colt, mod. 1873, Single Action Army, .45 Colt cal. 6-shot, rev. w/7 ½"
bbl. [ca.. 1887. 3-line patent markings 1871-72 & 1875, is fitted for shoulder stock & has British
markings. Also stamped 32 & part of another number stamped on butt metal by middle & heel. Fading
blue, good grips.] FRC#10896629. HG*

220-B-74.--- Ser.# 133732, Colt, mod. 1873, Single Action Army, .44/40 cal., 6-shot rev. w/7 ½" bbl.

[marked Colt Frontier Six Shooter. ca. 1890. 3-line patent markings 1871-72 & 1875. Also has a 32 &
part of another number stamped on butt metal by heel & notch out of about ½ of front sight.]
FRC#10896630. HG*

220-B-75.--- Ser.# 93570, Colt, mod. 1877, D.A. Lightning, .38 Colt cal., 6-shot, rev. w/4 ½" bbl. [ca.
1893. Appears excellent, nice case color, approx. 80% blue, good checkered hard rubber grips w/oval
rampant Colt embossed .] FRC#12785728. HG*

220-B-76.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 95139L, Colt, mod. 1860 Army, .44 perc. cal., 6-shot, rev. w/ 8" bbl.
[ca. 1863. All matching numbers, British markings, w/ leather holster. Brass trigger guard w/slight
traces of silver.] HG*. NO FAC REQUIRED.

220-B-77.--- Ser.# 7533, Colt, mod. 1851 Navy ( 2nd Generation, square trigger guard), .36 perc cal. 6-
shot rev. w/7 ½" bbl. [Sam Colt, New York City address. Marked octagon bbl., flaking cased hardened
frame, loading lever, plunger & hammer. Discontinued 1982. Worn blue & silver finish trigger guard.]

220-B-78.--- A pair of spurs with approx. 4" in diameter rowells.

220-B-79.--- A Kansas City marshal/sheriff’s original 5-point silver star badge marked Pettibone Co.,
Cinn. in jewelry box.

220-B-80.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 121303, U.S. Springfield, mod. 1884, (Trapdoor), .45/70 cal. single
shot full wood military rifle w/32 5/8" bbl. [Buffington rear sight, lock markings of eagle, wood
appears good, fading blue, tracings of flaking case colour, missing cleaning rod.] NO FAC

220-C-1.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Morgan James & G. Ferris, Utica, N.Y., .45 perc. cal. ½-stocked,
target rifle w/30" heavy oct. bbl. [good even patina on bbl., wood appears good w/a very tiny hairline
crack near the screw. The action works good, has a lollipop sight, brass butt-plate, trigger guard &
inset cap box, w/a pewter nose cap, w/wooden ramrod.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-C-2.--- Outstanding wooden cartridge display board for The Imperial Cartridge Co., Montreal,
comprised of what looks like every ctg. they ever made from .22 BB caps to brass .10ga. hulls and
including a variety of .577 cal. [be sure and see this one !]

220-C-3.--- ANTIQUE: 1862, Snider-Enfield, Mk. II**, 3-band musket, .577 cal. w/36 ½" bbl.
[appears VG, Canadian marked <DC> on stock, w/iron ramrod, brass butt-plate & trigger guard.] (28)

220-C-4.--- ANTIQUE: 1864, Snider-Enfield, Mk. II**, 3-band musket, .577 cal. w/36 ½" bbl.
[appears VG, Canadian marked <DC> on stock, also mkd. 9th Bttn. Rack #41, (Edmonton Fusiliers),
w/iron ramrod, brass butt-plate & trigger guard.] (27) NO FAC REQUIRED

220-C-5.--- ANTIQUE:1863, Snider-Enfield, (BSA Co.), Mk.*II, 3-band musket, .577 cal. w/36 ½"
bbl. [ appears VG, w/iron ramrod, brass butt-plate, trigger guard, & forend tip..] (30) NO FAC

220-C-6.--- ANTIQUE: 1864, Snider-Enfield, Mk. II**, 3-band musket, .577 cal. w/36 ½" bbl.
[appears VG, Canadian marked <DC> on stock, also mkd. 84th Bttn.5/30, (Mississauga Regt., w/iron
ramrod, brass butt-plate, trigger guard & forend tip.] (29) NO FAC REQUIRED

220-C-7.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 2677, Martini-Enfield, mod. Mk. III/I, (Dated 1892), .577/450 cal. full
wood rifle w/33" bbl. [appears VG, w/iron ramrod, sling swivels, & good bore.] (24) NO FAC

220-C-8.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# PAK772, Martini-Enfield, L.S.A.C., mod. Mk. II/I, (Dated 1886),
.577/450 cal. full wood rifle w/33" bbl. [appears VG, w/iron ramrod, sling swivels, & good bore, no
elevator on rear sight but has a Redfield micrometer type rcvr. sight.] (25) NO FAC REQUIRED

220-C-9.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 7186, P. Webley & Son, Birmingham, Mk. III, Martini, .577/450 cal.
rifle w/33" bbl. [appears fair, action functions good, forewood trimmed to "sporterize" it.] (23) NO

220-C-10.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Cocker & Son, Glasgow, (ca, 1840), Scottish, .54 perc. Deer
Stalking rifle w/30 3/4" oct. bbl. [Nice patina, scroll engraved lock w/Dolphin style hammer, folding
leaf rear sight, checkered stock, & wooden ramrod.] (32) NO FAC REQUIRED

220-C-11.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., British Elliot flintlock carbine, w/26" bbl. [Lock is mkd. "Dublin
Castle", old restock, all original metal, ca. 1780, brass furniture, action works okay.] (26) NO FAC

220-C-12.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 8905, Sharps & Hankins, Philadelphia, ca. 1862-65, mod. 1862, .52 RF
cal. s/shot Carbine w/24" bbl. [Navy type, no leather remaining, action seems okay, metal pitted, has
brass butt-plate. Official record say only 6,686 were purchased by the Navy.] (33) NO FAC

220-C-13.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., French, ca. 1850, .12 ga. perc. SxS shotgun w/35 ½" bbls.
[appears VG, back action engraved locks, hammers, butt-plate, & trigger guard, beautifully finished
burled wood stock, w/wooden ramrod.] (31) NO FAC REQUIRED

220-C-14.--- NON GUN: Ser.# Nil., Spanish reproduction of an English flintlock pistol, mkd. Brander
& Potts, London. [looks great, engraved , brass furniture, & metal ramrod, w/good looking wood.] (22)

220-C-15.--- Japanese, Military Katana & scabbard, signed tang, exceptional blade, please do not
touch the blade with bare hands. (2)

220-C-16.--- U.S. Model 1840, Civil War Sabre & scabbard, 36 ½" blade, brass hilt, w/brass wire
wound grip, blade is shiny with rooster mark a few tiny marks, good even brown pitted patina on
scabbard. (18)

220-C-17.--- Pattern 1893, Swedish Cavalry Trooper’s sword & good metal scabbard, w/ good 37 ½"
double edge blade, mkd. E. Svalling, Eskilstuna, over Crown, brass hilt, wood grip. (21)

220-C-18.--- U.S. Model 1864, Civil War sabre & good metal scabbard, w/34 ½" blade mkd. ® Sc C),
showing nice age colors, brass hilt w/brass wire wrapped leather grip. (17)

220-C-19.--- English, Pattern 1853, Cavalry sabre, (no English proofs, made for export to U.S. during
the Civil War), has good extra light weight blade, the iron scabbard has some dents & scars but
receives the sword well, iron hilt w/hard, (poss horn) checkered grip. (15)

220-C-20.--- U.S. Pattern, 1840, Artillery sabre & metal scabbard (some dents), good 30" blade, ornate
cast metal nickle finish hilt w/carved wooden grip. (16)

220-C-21.--- U.S. Model 1864, Cavalry sabre, (no scabbard), good 36" blade, brass hilt w/brass wire
wrapped grip. (13)

220-C-22.--- Excellent, Pre-WW II, Weimar Republic, ( pre-Nazi ), Officer’s sword w/black painted
scabbard, bright shiny 33" blade, mkd. W.K.C. w/Knight’s Head emblem, brass hilt & black wire
wrapped grip. (6)

220-C-23.--- Extremely Rare! Relic, large Bowie type fighting knife w/12 ½" blade, originally made
from a British pattern "Double Disk" boarding cutlass ca. 1810. [originally from the Mr. Harold Sleath
Collection, Brantford, Ont. (was found in Lake Ontario).] (20)

220-C-24.--- U.S. Model 1850, Staff & Field Officer’s sword w/scabbard, (Civil War period), good
30" double edge blade, w/dark patina, w/cast brass hilt depicting Eagle w/arrows in talons, showing
expected age wear, as does the nickle plated scabbard. (14)

220-C-25.--- U.S. Model 1864, Civil War sabre w/good 34 ½" blade, brass hilt makd. 51, w/brass wire
wrapped grip. (12)

220-C-26.--- English, brass hilted sabre w/28" blade, having faint etching "Ancient & Honarable
Artillery Co. 1638." The hilt has # 149 stamped on it and the leather on the wire wrapped grip has
deteriorated (7)

220-C-27.--- Pattern 1827, English sword, good spear point 31" blade, good age color patina, w/a few
very tiny nicks, the cast brass hilt has the Wm. IV emblem & the grip is missing the brass wire
wrapping but has most of the sharkskin remaining.] (8)

220-C-28.--- U.S., 1850-70, Militia, Non Commissioned Infantry Officer’s sword, w/good 28" double
edged blade having nice age patina, a brass hilt w/Knights head & ivory fluted grip. (35)

220-C-29.--- Rare American Revolutionary short sword, ca. 1760-1780, w/22 ½" blade. Has definitely
seen use over these many years, but only has a few minor nicks that add to it’s overall wonderful
appearance, the iron hilt has a spiral carved wooden grip. (11)

220-C-30.--- Napoleonic, French boarding cutlass, ca. 1800, w/29" blade, showing age patina, w/brass
hilt & carved wooden grip. (4)

220-C-31.--- Chinese, Military type sword, w/23" blade decorated w/Dragon, Stars, & Oriental writing,
has brass hilt w/wooden grip. (3)

220-C-32.--- English, "Hussar’s" sabre, w/28" curved plain blade, w/iron hilt & sharkskin grip. (19)

220-C-33.--- Very ornate, American Lodge Sword, nickle finish on scabbard is flaking in places, but
depicts a man pulling down the temple pillars as Samson did, & has the monogram F C B, the blade
has an etched floral design with the name that appears to be F.W.Fogg in script. The cast metal hilt has
FCB, Griffins, a Knights head, a Lion, & a wire wrapped grip. Made by: Cincinnati Regalia Co. (5)

220-C-34.--- Snider, sword bayonet, British proofed, 23" blade, black leather checkered grip. (10)

220-C-35.--- Large, Germanic, sword bayonet, w/22 ½" blades, mkd. B, ca. 1860-70, w/wood & iron
grip. (9)

220-C-36.--- 3rd pattern, Britsh Commando dagger, w/scabbard, [private purchase, "J. Nowill & Sons,
Sheffield. (1)

220-C-37.--- U.S., G.A.R. (Grand Army Of The Republic), Star shaped, bronze grave marker, ca.
1861-1865. [made by the Trenton Emblem Co., Trenton, N.J. (34)

220-C-38.--- Nazi, dress bayonet w/bone handle & metal scabbard w/leather frog, that is mkd.
Gebruder Klinge, Dresden-1937

220-C-39.--- Javanese Kris, w/plain wood handle & wavy 19" blade, sharp both sides. (29)

220-C-40.--- Malaysian, "Klewang", short sword w/carved wooden handle & 18" blade. (28)

220-C-41.--- Moro, "Barong", (Fighting Knife), w/intricately carved "Dog God" horn handle & 12 ½"
hand hammered blade, w/a leather scabbard. (17)

220-C-42.--- Gurkha Knife, w/12" heavy blade, brass & horn handle, & leather scabbard, w/1-small
knife. (10)

220-C-43.--- Sumatrin, Kriss, w/14" straight brass double edged blade, decorated w/engraving, fitted
w/carved wooden handle, & includes a carved wooden scabbard. (16)

220-C-44.--- Bali, Kriss, w/14 ½" wavy Damascus type double edged blade, fitted w/carved wooden
handle & comes with a carved wooden scabbard. (14)

220-C-45.--- Arabian "Jambiya" (Dagger), w/7 ½" ribbed, curved , wide blade, w/nail decorated
carved wooden handle, & w/leather scabbard, ornately decorated w/intricate metal designs (24)

220-C-46.--- Morrocan, "Jambiya, (Dagger), w/8" curved blade, featuring an embossed silver handle
w/matching scabbard vine & floral designs totally covering both. (25)

220-C-47.--- Indo-Persian, "Jambiya", (Dagger), w/10" curved blade, featuring a metal handle
w/matching scabbard totally covered w/silver fighting Elephants , & floral designs on both sides. The
curved blade has relief engraved pictures of horses & riders, elephants, lions, & deer, on both sides. (

220-C-48.--- Large, antique, East Indian fighting knife w/11" heavy serpentine, 2" wide blade, &
carved horn handle, w/nail decoration, comes with leather scabbard. (19)

220-C-49.--- Most unusual, East Indian "Lohar", (small folding battle axe), as used by the "Banochie"
tribe of the Khyber region, to take the place of a sword, w/hand made & decorated folding blade. The
whole weapon when folded is only 12" long, but sharp, curved, dagger-like blade opens at 90 degrees
to form a deadly axe-like, weapon. Fitted w/an ivory handle engraved brass plates & trim. [We have
never had one before] (27)

220-C-50.--- Sumatrin, Kriss, w/14" wavy Damascus type double edged, Pamir Meteor iron blade,
fitted w/carved horn handle w/silver trim, & comes with a carved wooden scabbard having embossed
silver band. (15)

220-C-51.--- Burmese, DHA, dagger w/curved 10" blade, decorated w/simple engraving, bone handle
w/small decoration ] (13)

220-C-52.--- Antique, Georgian Qama (Kindjal), fighting knife/sword, (22" overall), w/double edged
17" blade,. Silver inlay decoration over all shows fading as expected. [considered the National weapon
of Georgia.] (23)

220-C-53.--- Large North American Buffalo skinning knife w/14" blade & twine wrapped handle. (11)

220-C-54.--- Head Axe, weapon of "Igorot" of Northern Luzon, Malaysia. Hand forged slash/chop
type head mounted on natural wood stick handle sowing useage polishw/woven leather band near
head. (12)

220-C-55.--- Large American frontier Bowie knife, w/hand-made, 10 ½" heavy blade. Fitted w/a
natural shaped Elk antler have one small spear that forms a guard for the hand. (20)
220-C-56.--- American, hand forged harpoon head, ca. 1860-1880 (18)

220-C-57.--- Mk. II, Enfield bayonet & scabbard. (31)

220-C-58.--- Bayonet w/metal tipped leather scabbard, blade mkd.P.R.8., over 4956. (33)

220-C-59.--- U.S. Springfield socket bayonet, (no scabbard). (34)

220-C-60.--- Snider/Enfield, socket bayonet, (no scabbard). (35)

220-C-61.--- U.S., 1902 (poss Krag ? ) w/leather case. (31)

220-C-62.--- (2)- Wilkinson, 1907 Enfield bayonets, no scabbards. (30) {so much x 2}

220-C-63.--- (2)-Can. Army Signal Corps. Linemen’s folding knives having large blade, small blade &
marlin spike. [1 is mkd. EDE (<-).] (21) {so much x 2}

220-C-64.--- (2)- Officers Swagger Sticks, black, w/ball ends w/military crests. (3) { so much x-2}

220-C-65.--- (2) Officers Swagger Sticks, 1-is leather bound w/Sterling Silver ball end w/initials
H.G.M., & the other is spiral carved on a natural wood branch, varnished, & mounted w/a machine gun
bullet on one end & brass bullet case on the other. (2). {so much x-2}

220-C-66.--- Small hand made American boot knife w/6" dagger blade, & brass trimmed handle. Blade
has "UNION" engraved on one side & the hand holding a rifle symbol on the other. (22)

220-C-67.--- Original old Irish Cudgel, "Knobkerry", [still works well, no FAC required.] (9)

220-C-68.--- American Flask Co., double Market Gunner’s leather shot dispenser w/brass measuring
nozzles. (4)

220-C-69.--- British, leather body bag flask, shot dispenser with brass dispensing system. (5)

220-C-70.--- Dixon & Sons, British, leather covered powder flask w/brass nozzle.. (6)

220-C-71.--- American, leather covered powder flask w/adjustable brass measuring nozzle. (7)

220-C-72.--- American brass powder flask w/shell or fan pattern & variable measuring nozzle. (8)

220-C-73.--- 2-bags, (50-each), Meteor, .12 ga. primed paper shot-shell, hulls, {so much x-2}(1)

220-C-74.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Ulrich in Bern, .40 perc. cal. full stocked Swiss Boar rifle w/29"
oct. bbl. [double set trigger, hooded front sight, iron furniture, German silver & iron patch box,
wooden ramrod, missing back sight, ca. 1850's.] (7a) NO FAC REQUIRED

220-C-75.--- ANTIQUE:, Ser.# Nil., Orig. Hudson’s Bay, fur trade musket, mkd. Barnett/1819,
flintlock conversion to percussion about .60 cal. ga. w/42" bbl. Wooden ramrod. (Tombstone Fox mark
on lock, & brass Serpent side plate.) (6a) NO FAC REQUIRED

220-C-76.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Tower, 3rd model Brown Bess, .79 Flintlock cal. w/39" bbl.
[restored wood, mkd. BO->, also WD inspector mark, ca. 1790-1820, brass furniture, iron lock, &
metal ramrod.] (5a) NO FAC REQUIRED

220-C-77.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., A.S.T. Co., Manhattan, "Hero", .34 perc. cal. 1-shot pistol
w/4"bbl. [ca. 1873, bone grips, brass frame, spur trigger & screw on bbl.] (2a) NO FAC REQUIRED

220-C-78.--- British Constabulary short sword & scabbard, w/brass firrings, w/sharkskin grip. ca,
1850. (1a)

220-C-79.--- 2-Spanish reproduction, "Crusader" type broadswords, no scabbards. {so much x-2}

220-C-80.--- 3-Spanish reproduction swords, no scabbards. {so much x-3}

217-D-1.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# C13926, Sharps, Model 1874, Sporting, .45/70 cal. falling block rifle
w/30" heavy oct. bbl. [appears VG+, exc. bore, double-set triggers, marked "Old Reliable" on bbl., &
Sharps Rifle Co., Bridgeport, Conn. (originally from the Vern Vossler Estate.] NO FAC REQUIRED.


217-D-2.--- Ser.# N174189,Smith & Wesson, mod. 28-2, Highway Patrolman, .357 mag. cal.6-shot
rev. w/102mm bbl. [appears VG, form fitting S&W wooden checkered grips w/medallions.]
FRC#3737600. HG*.

217-D-3.--- Bianchi, #27,break-front heavy leather holster, fits above or similar rev.

217-D-4.--- Ser.# 1054007, Savage, mod. Mark II, Stainless Synthetic, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle
w/21" bbl. [appears exc., w/brushed stainless rings, new style, Savage trigger, checkered p/grip
synthetic stock w/bbl. sights.] FRC#12079411.

217-D-5.--- Tasco, 3x9,x32 scope.

220-D-6.--- Ser.# 25400930, Ruger, mod. 10/22 Carbine, International, Stainless Mannlicher,"50 Year
Anniv. 1949-1999", .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/18.5" bbl. [as new in box, w/booklet, trigger
lock, & Ruger cable lock.] FRC#8510119.

220-D-7.--- Redfield, 3x9 wide angle. scope w/200-600 yd. elevation gauge.

220-D-8.--- Simmons White-tail classic, 3.5-10x40, wide angle scope w/matte finish.

220-D-9.--- Redfield, 12x scope w/left side range adjustment.

220-D-10.--- Redfield, 1 3/4x5 scope, w/Butler Creek caps & Weaver rings.

220-D-11.--- Bushnell, Hi-contrast, 4x12x40 scope w/adjustable objective & plastic caps.
220-D-12.--- Burris, 5x Pistol scope, w/adjustable objective.

220-D-13.--- Browning, 4x scope.

220-D-14.--- Bushnell, Banner, 3x9 scope w/Weaver rings & plastic caps.

220-D-15.--- Weaver, 2.5-8x scope w/adjustable Weaver rings.

220-D-16.--- Leupold, M-8-4x scope w/Weaver rings.

220-D-17.--- Bushnell, Sportview, 3x9x40 scope.

220-D-18.--- Tasco, Pronghorn, 4x32 scope w/plastic caps, & a Weaver tip-off mount & rings.

220-D-19.--- Bushnell Sportchief V1, 2.5-8x scope w/Butler Creek caps & deluxe rings.

220-D-20.--- Bushnell, Sportview, 4x32 scope w/Weaver rings & plastic caps.

220-D-21.--- Bushnell sportview, 4x32 scope w/rings for a 22.

220-D-22.--- Bushnell Scopechief IV-M, 1.5x-4.5x var. power w/command post & unusual bases.

220-D-23.--- Ser.# SAS6382, S.T.I., International, mod. 211, handgun frame kit only, registered, New
in box. FRC#________________?

220-D-24.--- "All in One" laser level, NEW!

220-D-25.--- 16", 360-degree, leveling laser, NEW!

220-D-26.--- Titan, Tool Supply Inc., VB, 10.6x36 Econoflex borescope for big-bore rifle. NEW!

220-D-27.--- Rem., mod. 700, BDL, short action Sniper composite stock only, [new in box] (value
over $300)

220-D-28.--- Video, Security Entry System, mod. JHV-350, [as new in box]

220-D-29.--- (3) exceptional lock-blade knives, made in Germany Solingen Explorer,"Locblok", 10-
501, this knife is locked as closed, push the button, and it can be opened to 90 degrees where it is
locked, for gutting and then push button again to fully open, razor sharp, so be careful. {so much each

220-D-30.--- Bag lot of 16-"Trail-Boss" "Edge-Mark" folding 2-blade lock type knives, [new in boxes]

Purchaser of this gun can take the next one at the same price if they wish.

220-D-31.--- Ser.# 3332424, Ruger, mod. New Model Blackhawk, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev w/165mm
bbl. [Top of bbl. marked "Made in the 200th year of American Liberty", some slight holster wear & cyl.
ring, good simulated ivory grips.] FRC#2835669. HG*

220-D-32.--- Ser.# 3699925, Ruger, mod. New Model Blackhawk, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev w/165mm
bbl. [some light holster wear @ muzzle, & light cyl. ring, good simulated ivory grips.] FRC#693133.

220-D-32-A.- Double holster & gun belt set by JB Leather, Strome. [to fit above guns, waist about
maximum 30-36"]

220-D-33.--- Ser.# 6387447, Win., mod. 94-AE-Trapper, .357 mag. cal. l/act. carbine w/16" bbl.
[appears as new in box, poss. unfired.] FRC#1015539.

220-D-34.--- Ser.# 593040, (regd. incorrectly as 543040) Win., mod. 1892, .32 WCF cal. L/act. rifle
w/24" rnd. bbl. full mag.[ ca.1911, faded blue, small chip at right side upper tang, cresc. butt-plate.]

220-D-35.--- Ser.# 650101, Win., mod. 1892, .25/20 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" rnd. bbl. full mag.
[ca.1912, fading blue, good wood, cresc. butt-plate, replaced modern rear sight.] FRC#11539414.

220-D-36.--- Ser.# 249829, Win., mod. 1894, .38/55 cal. L/act. rifle w/26" rnd. bbl. full mag. [ca.
1902, traces of blue in protected areas, good orig. wood, cresc. butt-plate.] FRC#6467875.

220-D-37.--- Ser.# 1885875, Win., mod. 94, (pre 64, 1952), .32 Win. spl. cal., L/act. rifle w/20" rnd.
bbl. full mag. [shotgun style butt w/metal plate, appears VG.] FRC#6467874.

220-D-38.--- Ser.# 195634A, Win., mod. 88, .308 Win. cal. clip-fed, L/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [basket
weave & oak leaf impressed checkered p/grip stock, appears good, has open sights, swivels & Weaver
base.] FRC#6467958.

220-D-39.--- Weaver, K-4-F scope, w/Weaver rings & Butler Creek caps.

220-D-40.--- Ser.# 90277, Win., mod. 88, .308 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [pressed checkered
p/grip stock w/Pachmayr white-line recoil pad, fading blue w/Weaver scope base, missing rear swivel,
has bbl. sights, & Weaver base.] FRC#11249631.

220-D-41.--- Tasco, 4x32 scope w/Weaver rings.

220-D-42.--- Ser.# 6565, Win., mod. 1895, .30/40 Krag, cal. (mkd. .30 US), L/act. rifle w/28" rnd. bbl.
[traces of blue in protected areas, good wood w/ebony foretip, ca. 1897.] FRC#6467960.

220-D-43.--- Ser.# 209242, Win., mod. 1897, .12 ga. P/act. T/down shotgun w/30" bbl. [fading patchy
blue, rnd. p/grip stock, new wood forend..] FRC#6470661.

220-D-44.--- Ser.# 8871, Win., mod. 1905, .35 WSL cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [forewood
cracked, fading blue, turning brown.] FRC#6467877.

220-D-45.--- Ser.# 265211, Win., mod. 61, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, P/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG+.]

220-D-46.--- Ser.#37278A, Win., mod. 43, .22-Hornet cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears
VG, w/Weaver bases, missing rear bbl. sight.] FRC#4416344.

220-D-47.--- Bushnell, Sportview, 6x40 scope w/Weaver rings.

220-D-48.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 6341086, Win., Mod. 69-A, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/25"
bbl. [appears VG, plain p/grip stock.] FRC#6467951.

220-D-49.--- Ser.# 07571, (rest of number is RN211 which was not noted), Browning, mod. Auto-5,
Light Twelve, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/30" V-rib bbl. which has a bulge approx. 2" from the
muzzle.[engraved rcvr., hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock & forend, gold plated trigger, appears VG
except for bulge in bbl.] FRC#6470657.

220-D-50.--- Ser.# 77501, FN Browning, mod. Trombone, .22-Long only cal. tube-fed, P/act. rifle
w/22" bbl. [w/Weaver side mount & rings, appears good, rnd. p/grip stock, fading blue.]

220-D-51.--- Ser.# 43571, Breda, mod. 710, .12 ga. Mag., s/auto shotgun w/28" bbl. w/screw-on quik-
choke, also an extra choke. [appears good, checkered p/grip stock, fading blue, has swivels & a
Pachmayr recoil pad.] FRC#6470658.

220-D-52.--- Ser.# 19150, Laurona, SxS, .12ga. 2 3/4", H/brk. hammerless shotgun, w/30" bbls.
[appears good, fading blue on bbls. engraved bright action, checkered p/grip stock & forend, sling
swivels, missing butt-plate, has slip-on recoil pad.] FRC#11539416.

220-D-53.--- Ser.# B44126, Beretta, mod. BL-3, .12 ga. 2 3/4", over & under H/brk. shotgun w/30" V-
rib bbls. [appears VG+, w/hi-gloss finish, checkered p/grip stock, blued engraved rcvr, single gold
plated trigger, ejectors, in homemade black wooden case w/brass corners.] FRC#6470656.

220-D-54.--- Ser.# 707815, Stoeger, mod. 2000, .12 ga. 3", s/auto shotgun w/28" V-rib bbl. [appears as
new in box, pressed checkered p/grip stock & forend, + bag lot of 3-screw-in chokes, + tools &
booklets.] FRC#11389722.

220-D-55.--- Ser.# NU272772, New England Firearms, (H&R), mod. S-B-1, Partner, (Versa-pack)
.410 ga. 3", H/brk. s/shotgun w/22" FC bbl. [appears as new in orig. box.] FRC#8878726.

220-D-55-A.- New England Firearms, (H&R), mod. S-B-1 Partner, .22LR cal. bbl. only, w/Bushnell,
scope, Weaver bases & rings & plastic caps, fits above or similar. [appears as new, PAL required, but
no Registration.]

220-D-56.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Snider/Enfield, (1862), Mk. II*, .577 cal. carbine w/19" bbl.
[Appears VG+, brass furniture & butt-plate, mkd. 27/438, exc. bore.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-D-57.--- Plastic container w/.577 Snider die, shell holder, bullets & brass.

220-D-58.--- Ser.# 190881, Webley, mod. Mk.VI, .455 Rev. cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [appears
VG, good grips, lanyard ring.] FRC#3623830. HG*

220-D-59.--- Bag lot: approx. 38-rnds. .455 Colt ammo., & 14–.16 ga. shot-shells.

220-D-60.--- Ser.# 35230, Pav., mod. 70, .22 LR cal. s/shot Target H/brk. pistol w/250mm bbl.
[appears as new, w/ambidextrous target grip.] FRC#3394997. HG*

220-D-61.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 33518, Manhattan Firearms, Newark, N.J., mod. Series III, .36 perc.
cal. 5-shot rev. w/6" oct. bbl. [faint traces of very faded blue, no silver remaining on the brass parts,
cyl. scene not legible & has a few dents, gun appears to function okay & has matching numbers, grips
are good. Made c. 1859-68, approx. 78,000 made, A.K.A "Navy", it was a close competitor of Colt. In
1867 the series V came out w/a/6-shot cyl.] NO FAC REQUIRED.

220-D-62.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil, (V.R.), Tower, (1849), Cavalry type.60 perc. cal. belt pistol w/5
½" bbl. [appears VG+, brass furniture, has iron lanyard ring & belt hook, as well as an attached ramrod
system, {real handy when reloading on horseback}, has various proof marks.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-D-63.--- Ser.# Nil., Hudson’s Bay Fur Trade type musket, lock marked "Wilson" bbl. marked
(London), .69 Flintlock cal. w/42" bbl. [appears good, has a full length stock w/brass Serpent, iron
trigger guard, brass butt-plate, wooden ramrod w/brass tamping end & screw type ball remover on the
other end. The lock works good & even has a new flint ] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-D-64.--- Ser.# Nil., Fur Trade type musket, lock marked "Wheeler", .65 Flintlock cal. w/34 ½"
bbl. [appears good, has a full length stock w/brass Serpent, iron trigger guard, brass butt-plate, wooden
ramrod w/brass tamping end & screw type ball remover on the other end. The lock works good & even
has a new flint.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-D-65.--- Ser.# Nil., Kentucky style rifle, (Lock marked "London Warranted"), .50 perc. cal. w/30"
oct. bbl. [appears good, brass furniture, w/brass inset patch-box, wooden cleaning rod, {no tips}, a few
hairline age cracks at wrist.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-D-66.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# C24218, Sharps, New Model 1863, .52 RFcal. carbine w/22" bbl.
[appears good, and all complete including sling ring & lever lock, even has a decent bore, only 25,000
of these were made without the patch-box. Note: the "C" in the ser.# indicates the Roman numeral
depicting it as 100,000, not "Carbine" as some say.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-D-67.--- Ser.# 170261, Win., mod. 1892, .44 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" rnd. bbl., full mag. [ca.
1899, appears good, fading blue on bbl. some "Carry wear" on action, good bore, good wood, crescent
butt-plate.] FRC#5629184.

220-D-68.--- Ser.# 276383, Win., mod. 1894, .32 WS cal. L/act. rifle w/26" rnd. bbl., full mag. [ca.
1903, appears good, very slight wear to blue, good wood, crescent butt-plate, good bore.]

220-D-69.--- Ser.# 1398609, Win., mod. 94, (flat band), .32 WS cal. L/act. carbine w/20" bbl. [ca.
1943-47, no records available (WWII years), appears VG+, flat metal butt-plate, fitted w/sling
swivels.] FRC#_______________________?

Special Interest, Prize won in 1900, w/silver shield & information:
220-D-70— Ser.# 272664, Win. mod. 1895, .303 cal. L/act. carbine w/22" bbl. [ca. 1900, appears VG,
complete w/the top wood, & saddle-ring, the Silver shield affixed to the stock reads "Presented by
Hiram Walker & Sons, won by, Lieut. R.J. Richardson 8th R.R., 1900", note the cal. is .303. Includes a
canvas case.] FRC#9950367.

220-D-71.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 12120, (under right grip) Savage Revolving Fire-Arms Co., Navy
Model, .36 perc. cal. 6-shot rev. w/7 1/8" oct. bbl. [ca. 1861-mid 60's, appears all complete, faint traces
of blue remaining, heart shaped trigger guard, left grip has a crack, but both are original. Total quantity
made, only about 20,000.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-D-72.--- Ser.# 14984, Colt, mod. 1878-Frontier, .45 Colt cal. 6-shot rev. w/7 ½" bbl. [ca. 1885,
appears VG+, nickel plated, w/walnut Birdshead grips, has lanyard ring.] FRC#6064579. HG*

220-D-73.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 13150, Colt, mod. 1849, .36 perc. cal. 5-shot rev. w/5 ½" oct. bbl. [ca.
1850, appears VG, fading blue, traces of case color remaining, good grips, showing some light marks,
matching numbers including cyl. which shows faint "Stagecoach Holdup", scene.] NO FAC

220-D-74.--- Authentic Royal Canadian Mounted Police buffalo coat, by; Jay Wolfe Furriers, Montreal
complete with the original RCMP brass buttons and leather straps. [appears VG+, in the 3/4 length
riding style, shows little or no wear, for a smaller person, the best we have seen.]

220-D-75.--- Vintage western style saddle, unknown maker, embossed border design, appears to be in
good useable condition, has the old style wooden stirrups, good fleece lining, and a cinch.

220-D-76.--- Lot of 2-vintage leather bridles, w/bits, (one has reins also)

220-D-77.--- Lot of 2-leather halters, [one has a white rope halter shank w/leather strap connector,
poss. RCMP?]

220-D-78.--- Vintage, canvas & leather nose bag, & 5-assorted cavalry style rusted iron stirrups.

220-D-79.--- Framed painting on canvas, by; Mariette Beaudreau, "R.C.M.P. Officer w/horse, meeting
an Indian", w/approx. 27"x37" wooden frame.

220-D-80.--- Small framed collection representing 4-Mountie badges: Northwest Mounted Police **
Royal Northwest Mounted Police ** Royal Canadian Mounted Police, & Royal Canadian Mounted
Police (Queen’s Crown), & an ornate badge w/crown above a group of script letters ?

220-D-81.--- 2-professionally framed pictures by: Mary Beth Zietz; Depicting western saddles: 1 is a
"Sternway", & the other is a "White River". Both are in extremely fine detail & fantastic color, with a
detailed description in the Artist’s handwriting as part of each picture. An absolute "must" for Saddle
Collector’s {sold so much each x-2}
Prohibited, 12-6.

220-D-82.--- Ser.# 144430, CZ, mod. 24, .380 Auto, (9mm Browning short), 8-shot, s/auto pistol
w/89mm bbl. [fading blue, good back hard rubber checkered grips, has lanyard ring. Owner says he
fired 4-rnds just for the fun of it but is looking for a .22 cal.] FRC#11798652. HG*

220-D-83.--- Bag lot, box w/46-rnds. .380 Auto ammo, by; Remington. [fits above gun.]

220-D-84.--- Buckskin dress, for young girl.

220-E-1.--- Ser.# 71677, Win., mod. 1886, .40/65 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" rnd. bbl., full mag. [ca.
1892, mottled brown finish, good wood, varnish fading, crescent butt-plate, action seems good, fair to
good bore. The owner was using it. ] (8) FRC#5695094.

220-E-2.--- Ser.# 368769, Win., mod. 1894, .30/WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/26" rnd. bbl., full mag. { ca.
1906, no blue, upper tang brazed by the hammer, wood poor, crescent butt-plate, action works okay,
bore fair to good.] (7) FRC#5695093.

220-E-3.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 5554244, Deutsche-Werk (Erfurt), Mod. 1, 9mm RF shot-shell, cal.
Hinge/break, (Lift up) s/shotgun w/19" bbl. [faded mottled blue, wood good original w/the crest still
intact. ] (19) FRC#5695105.

220-E-4.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 5554247, S.A. Herstal, Belgium, .22 LR cal. s/shot, B/act. rifle w/21"
bbl. [blue faded & lightly pitted, wood appears good.] (22) FRC#5695108.

220-E-5.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker #5554230, Ranger, .410 ga. H/brk. s/shotgun w/26" bbl. [traces of faded
blue, p/grip stock is cracked & taped @ wrist.] (5) FRC#5695091.

220-E-6.--- Ser.# C17455E, P. Beretta, mod. A-M-301, .12 ga. magnum, s/auto shotgun w/30" V-rib
bbl. [Appears VG, Fading blue on bbl., scroll engraved action, checkered p/grip stock & forend,
w/orig. Beretta recoil pad. ] (1) FRC#5695087.

220-E-7.--- Ser.# 17563, Hiawatha, mod. Hiawatha, .12 ga. H/brk. s/shotgun w/30" FC bbl. [no blue
remaining, wood is solid old orig., w/plain p/grip stock, bore appears exc.] (4) FRC#5695090.

220-E-8.--- Ser.# 188340, Husqvarna, mod. Sporter, .30/06 US cal. B/act. rifle w/21" bbl. [appears
good, fading blue on bbl., front sight is taped to gun, but is fitted w/a good Bushnell Scope-Chief, 3-x
scop[e. oil finished checkered p/grip stock & forend w/raised cheek-piece, & a Levy’s S8 nylon sling.]
(9) FRC#5695095.

220-E-9.--- Ser.# Illegible, Sticker # 5554228, Win., mod. 1887, .12 ga. L/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [no
blue remaining, wood seems solid but well scarred, the forend pieces although badly scarred, are not
split as usually happens, the action seems okay, still an unusual old gun if you don’t have one as Win.
only made them for 4-yrs. in a total of approx. 65,000..] (3) FRC#5695089.

220-E-10.--- Ser.# 188115, U.S., Enfield, (REM), mod. P-14, .303 cal. B/act. sporterized rifle w/26"
bbl. [ action seems good, bore fair to good,.] (20) FRC#5695106.

220-E-11.--- Ser.#163801A, Win., mod. 50, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/30" bbl. [ca. 1960, worn
blue, checkered p/grip stock, small sliver off forend by bbl., has orig. Win. butt-plate.] (2)

220-E-12.--- ANTIQUE: Ser. Nil., Snider-Enfield, (L.A. Co.), (1862), Mk. II **, .577 cal. full wood
milt. rifle w/36 ½" bbl. [appears good, w/brass furniture, & iron ramrod. (10) NO FAC REQUIRED

220-E-13.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 5554237, Ross Rifle Co., mod. 1905, .303 cal. B/act. sporterized rifle
w/27" bbl. [appears to function okay, has an antique patented "Nobuck" leather sling w/brass fittings.]
(12) FRC#5695098.

220-E-14.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 5554242, Springfield, mod. 87-A, .22 LR cal. tube-fed s/auto rifle
w24" bbl. [fading blue, good wood, old time adjustable leather sling.] (17) FRC#5695103.

220-E-15.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 5554246, Carcano, mod. Sporter, 6.5x52 Italian Carc. cal. B/act. rifle
w/20" bbl. [traces of fading blue, checkered semi-p/grip stock.] (21) FRC#5695107.

220-E-16.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 5554239, Deutsche-Werk, Erfurt, Mod. 1, .22 LR cal. brk/act., tip-up
s/shot rifle w/23" bbl. [no blue, stock has hairline crack, missing wood crest, appears to function okay.]
(14) FRC#5695100.

220-E-17.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 5554243, Cooey, mod. 39, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/22" bbl.
[appears good, fading blue, good bore.] (18) FRC#_________________?

220-E-18.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 132446, Waffenfabrik, Bern, (Swiss), .41 Swiss, RF cal. B/act.
sporterized milt rifle w/33" bbl.. [appears functional.] (11) NO FAC REQUIRED

220-E-19.--- Ser.# L2653, L.I.G.- Elguibar, (Spain), .12ga. 2 3/4", SxS H/brk. shotgun w/27 ½" bbls.
[Appears good, w/checkered straight stock & forend, engraved case colored action, has swivels, good
bores.] FRC#12532323.

220-E-20.--- Ser.# 500601004, Crosman, mod. 2100-Classic, .177 cal. Pellet/BB, pump/action repeater
rifle w/21" bbl. [fitted w/Crosman 4x15 scope, also open sights., black checkered composition stock &
forend, c/w/a cardboard box.] Deemed Non-Gun, NO FAC REQ.

220-E-21.--- U.S., WW II, canvas & web, body harness w/various pouches, & an excellent black
leather holster for a revolver. {as a lot}

220-E-22.--- Ser.# 1616, H. Spencer & Co., mod. The Interchangeable, .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS, H/brk.
hammer shotgun w/30" matte rib bbls. [traces of blue on bbls, wood refinished, tiny crack in forend,
double triggers.] FRC#6091668

220-E-23.--- Ser.# 964928, Cooey, mod. 840, .12 ga. 3", H/brk. s/shotgun w/30" FC bbl. [appears VG,
a few tiny marks on plain p/grip stock, made by: Winchester, in Canada.] FRC#6091669.

220-E-24.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 5905198, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, mod. 395K, .12ga. 2 3/4", C-Lect
Choke, B/act. clip-fed shotgun w/28" bbl. [appears good, blue fading w/slight surface rust, plain p/grip
stock w/Mossberg recoil pad.] FRC#6091670.

220-E-25.--- Ser.# S735666V, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .12 ga. 2 3/4" P/act. shotgun w/30" FC
bbl. [mistakenly regd. with a "U" instead of a "V" at the end of the ser.#, appears VG, plain p/grip
stock w/a few minor marks near toe. Good bore.] FRC#6091667.

220-E-26.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 5905201, Leonard & Son, under/lever, .12 ga. H/brk. SxS hammer,
shotgun w/30" bbls. [Damascus bbls. w/mottled appearance, has a dent in right bbl. approx. 8" from
muzzle, scroll engraved locks, replaced left hammer, replaced semi-p/grip plain stock.] FRC#6091673.

220-E-27.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 6350505, J. Stevens Arms Co., mod. Little Scout, .22 LR cal. falling
block rifle w/18" bbl. [metal has a fine pitted patina, refinished stock has some hairline cracks, good
bore, action seems okay.] FRC#6660479.

220-E-28.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 5905200, Deutsche-Werk, (Erfurt), mod. 1, .22 LR cal. H/brk, (lift-
up), .22 LR cal. s/shot rifle w/23" bbl.[traces of fading blue, revarnished stock is missing the wooden
crest.] FRC#6091672.

220-E-29.--- Ser.# 4940, H & R Arms Co. Ltd., Mod. 48-Topper, .12 ga. H/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl.
[blue poor, wood poor forend, fair stock, good bore, H&R recoil pad.] FRC#6091666.

220-E-30.--- Ser.# 482959, Slavia, mod. 618, .177 pellet cal. pump/act. rifle w/14" bbl. [appears good,
finish poor on stock.] Deemed non gun, NO FAC REQUIRED

220-E-31.--- Ser.# Nil., Gecado, mod. 22, .177 Pellet cal. pump/act. rifle w/14" bbl. [rust spots on blue,
wood has a few marks.] Deemed non gun, NO FAC REQUIRED

220-E-32.--- Ser.# 272639, Unknown, .177 Pellet cal. pump/act. rifle w/15 3/4" [good blue, maple
semi-p/grip stock w/grooves at forend & raised cheek-piece.] Deemed non gun,


220-E-33.--- Ser.# G6432, Pioneer, (China), .177 Pellet cal., pump/act. rifle w/15 3/4" bbl. [appears
good, adjustable elevation rear sight.] FRC#_________________?

220-E-34.--- Ser.# 623205, Slavia, mod. 618, .177-pellet cal. pump/act. rifle w/14" bbl. [[missing
trigger guard.] Deemed non gun, NO FAC REQUIRED

220-E-35.--- Ser. # 205188, Crosman Arms, MOD. 38T, .22-Pellet cal. 6-shot, Co2 powered revolver
w/6" bbl. [appears good, left grip apparently is held by double side tape which is where the cylinder
goes in so we pu a tie on it to prevent loss.] NO FAC REQUIRED, BUT IT LOOKS REAL, SO USE

220-E-36.--- Ser.# 190897, TEX, (Czech) mod. 086, .22-Pellet cal., break/act. s/shot pistol w/7" bbl.

220-E-37.--- PES-Gamesport Strato-Flite Express, compound bow, 31", 45-60 lb.w/sights, + a box of
arrow heads. 7-arrows, finger protector, wrist protector, & black hard-cover case.

Prohibited, 12-6:

220-E-38.--- Ser.# TR4417, Smith & Wesson, mod. 19-3, Texas Ranger Comm. 1823-1973, .357 mag.
cal. 6-shot rev. w/101mm bbl. [appears exc. in blue finish, w/Texas Commemorative seal on right side
of action, very faint cyl ring, plain large size rosewood grips w/S&W medallions. Comes w/fitted
wooden case, also having the Seal embossed, a few marks to the finish, w/blue plush lining.]
FRC#4553781. HG*

220-E-39.--- Ser.# 8101, Mauser, mod. K-98 (Sporter), 22/250 cal. B/act. rifle w/24" heavy bbl.
[Appears exc., custom built rifle, w/quality walnut checkered p/grip stock w/semi-beaver-tail forend,
w/rosewood caps & raised cheek-piece, has scope mounts.] FRC#4553776.

220-E-40.--- Leupold, M8-4x scope, ser.# 721420, w/engraved rings.

220-E-41.--- Ser.# 23894, Ljungman, {was regd. as a Mauser}, Swedish, mod. AG42, (1945),6.5x55
cal. full wood , clip-fed, s/auto milt. rifle w/25 ½" bbl. [appears VG+, possibly un-issued, c/w/cleaning
kit.] FRC#4553779.

220-E-42.--- Ser.# 016210, Mauser, Mod. 24, (Venezuela), 7.5x55, cal. B/act, full wood milt. carbine,
w/18"bbl. [appears good, good bore, leather sling, has Venezuelan Crest on action, matching numbered
bolt, missing cleaning rod.] FRC#4553774.

220-E-43.--- Ser.# 59379, Lakefield, Mk. II, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/21" bbl. [Appears
VG+, w/impressed checkered p/grip stock & forend, good bore.] FRC#4553778.

220-E-44.--- Ser.# 209748, J.G. Anschutz, mod. GMBH, (Germany), .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle
w/21 ½" bbl. [appears good, good bore, hairline, surface crack @ wrist.] FRC#4553775.

220-E-45.--- Ser.# 43466, (inside trig.guard), Diamond Arms Co., St. Louis, (was regd. as St. Louis
Arms), .16 ga. H/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl.[faint races of old blue, stock has been painted, bore looks
good.] FRC#4553777.

220-E-46.--- Bag lot: 6-Master trigger locks, {2-keyed alike}, & a leather holster for S&W revolver.

220-E-47.--- Ser.# 13033150, Ruger, mod. No.1, (made the 200th Year of American Liberty), .270
Win. cal. s/shot falling block rifle w/26" bbl. & muzzle-brake installed by Premier Firearms.. [appears
exc, fine checkered p/grip stock & forend, w/booklet, missing rear sling stud.] FRC#4294993.

220-E-48.--- Weaver, V-7, 2x-7x Duplex Reticle scope w/booklet.

220-E-49.--- Bushnell, Banner, 6x scope w/Duplex Reticle.

220-E-50.--- Burris, 12x-24x50mm compact spotting scope appears as new in box.

220-E-51.--- Ser.# 100221, Walther, mod. KKJ-T, .22 LR cal. s/shot B/act. light bbl target rifle w/22"
bbl. [appears exc. w/Walther Target Peep sights, set of inserts for front sight & adjustable rear
aperture, a magnetic rubber eye-block for off-hand eye, & a set of Walther tools, also has a Walther
match trigger w/a pull of 5-6 ozs. set, and less than 3-lbs. regular.] FRC#4294991.

220-E-52.--- Karabella, (Cossack saber & scabbard), made by Studio Manufaktura in Poland), [sword
is not sharpened at this time but appears to be high quality tempered steel.]

220-E-53.--- Repro: 1831 British general Officer’s sword & scabbard, w/period decorative etching on
33" high carbon steel blade.

220-E-54.--- Ant. leather sword case for Lodge sword type.
220-E-55.--- Bag lot: Bushnell, bore sighter, w/booklet & 2-arbors, (1-22-270 & the other from 7mm
to .35 cal.) & a set of Leupold rings medium, for 22 cal. rail.

220-E-56.--- Ser.# V583035U, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster LW-Magnum, .20 ga., 3", P/sct. shotgun
w/28" V-rib bbl. [appears exc., hi-gloss checkered p/grip stock & forend, w/Rem. recoil pad.]

220-E-57.--- Ser.# S674609V, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/30" bbl.
[appears good, blue shows "carry-wear".] FRC#____________________?

220-E-58.--- Ser.# RW239877, Rem., mod. 12, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, P/act. rifle w/24" rnd. bbl. [slight
cracks @ wrist, fading blue.] FRC#_____________________?

220-E-59.--- Ser.# Nil., FN, mod. 1912, .22-Long, cal., B/act. s/shot Boy’s rifle w/18" bbl. [checkered
rounded p/grip stock, appears good.] FRC#______________________?

220-E-60.--- Ser.# 16, Unknown, (poss. Stevens), mod. Ranger,.22 LR cal. H/brk. act., s/shot rifle
w/20" bbl. [Looks much like a Stevens, has "Ranger" in script on left side of action, & has unusual "S"
type lever to open, blue turning brown, stock refinished or replaced ?]

220-E-61.--- ANTIQUE:, Se.# 31250, Rem., New Model Army, .44 perc. cal. 6-shot rev. w/8" oct. bbl.
[made 1863-1875, est. quantity 132,000, finish pitted, decent old grips, have #116 stamped on L/grip,
action works okay. One of the major handguns of the Civil War and the type issued to the 7th Cavalry
at that time.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-E-62.--- Ser.# 48713, Win., mod. 1886, cal. mark illegible but appears to be .40/70 ?, L/act. rifle
w/28" oct. bbl., full mag. [ca. 1890, worn blue, good wood, crescent butt-plate, action appears okay.]

220-E-63.--- Ser.# 90760, Marlin, mod. 1893, .38/55 cal. L/act. rifle, w/26" oct. bbl., full mag.
[appears good, fading blue, good wood, crescent butt-plate, unusual front sight has ivory bead, & flips
up a hooded sight, tang does not show model, but top of action reads "Marlin Safety", side ejection,
good bore, action seems good.] FRC#9426865.

220-E-64.--- Ser.# R658902, IGA, (Brazil), {Imported by Stoeger}, Model Condor Supreme, Single
Selective trigger, Ejector, .12 ga. 3", over & under H/brk. shotgun w/26" V-rib bbls. [appears VG+,
deluxe checkered p/grip stock & forend, w/screw-in chokes, & Owner’s manual.} FRC#8003219.

220-E-65.--- Ser.# W349, Savage, mod. 3-B, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/26" bbl. [worn blue, good
wood, good bore, action seems good.] FRC#9426891.

220-E-66.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 171, Rem., mod. Smoot, .30 RF cal. 5-shot rev. w/2 13/16". [ca. 1873-
78, appears good, nickle finish about 50-70 %.] NO FAC REQUIRED

220-E-67.--- Ser.# 7008, Win., mod. 1895, .30 US cal. (.30/40 Krag), L/act. rifle w/26" bbl. [appears
good, traces of fading blue turning brown, faintly checkered select stock w/orig. Win. butt-plate (a few
chips), forend missing the ebony insert. Information form the Cody Museum states Date in Apr.1/1898,
out April 2/1898, type rifle, cal. .30-US, stock checkered, (also has swivels).] FRC#12992409.

220-E-68.--- Ser.# 1331801, Win., mod. 94, Pacific Coast Mountain Rangers, .30/30 Win. cal. L/act.
carbine w/20" bbl. [Some wear on blue, has C-broad arrow stamped on left side of action, stock
         appears refinished. W/some literature of interest.] FRC#12988841.

         220-E-69.--- Ser.# 10786, Rem., mod. 1867/89, Swedish/Norwegian Rifle, (dated 1874), 8x58R
         Danish Krag, cal. rifle w/30" bbl. [appears VG, blue bbl., all matching numbers, good bore, 1-leaf rear
         sight, fluted forewood, exc. refinish.] FRC#11276584.

         220-E-70.--- Ser.# N395123, Smith & Wesson, mod. 27-2, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm.
         [Unfired, blued w/rosewood checkered grips w/S&W medallions, adjustable rear sight, w/mahogany
         fitted case & accessories] FRC#K-290791. HG*

         220-E-71.--- 1-box Win. Super-X .357 mag. ammo. (50-rnds).

         220-E-72.--- Ser.# 5K81492, Smith & Wesson, mod. 17-3, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl.
         [Appears exc. in orig. box, checkered walnut grips w/S&W medallions, & adjustable rear sight.] FRC#
         K-213921. HG*

         220-E-73.--- Ser.# K553697, Smith & Wesson, mod. K-22 Masterpiece, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev.
         w/152mm bbl. [appears exc. w/checkered walnut grips w/S&W medallions, minor holster wear at the
         muzzle. Has a nylon size-3 holster.] FRC#D-334305. HG*

Prohibited, 12-6, Actually is an Antique Status in FRT, but presently registered in the old system.

220-E-74.--- Ser.# 8421, Iver Johnson, mod. Defender-89, .32 RF cal. 5-shot rev. w/63mm bbl. [appears exc.,
nickle finish, spur trigger, w/special "Defender -89," grips..] FRC#D-729844. HG*

220-E-75.--- Ser.# 7139199, Rem., mod. Gamemaster-760, .30/06Spg. cal. clip-fed P/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [This
was the Gentleman’s "Sheep" rifle, equipped w/Bushnell Banner 4-x scope w/rings & bases, adjustable leather
sling, extra clip, & custom made soft leather fitted case, He said to protect it when climbing the mountains.]

Prohibited, 12-6.

220-E-76.--- Ser.# 80566, Colt, mod. Police Positive, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/4" bbl. [blued, w/slight holster
wear, grips chipped @ heel, w/black leather holster.] FRC#3820936.0002. HG*

Prohibited, 12-3, Prohibited converted auto. (you must be in this class to purchase)

220-F-1.--- Ser.#191721, FN, mod. FAL, 7.62 Nato cal. 5-shot blocked, clip-fed converted auto milt. rifle,
w/533 mm bbl. [Israeli Police, appears unfired, w/wooden butt-stock, composite forend, & p/grip, has bayonet
w/scabbard & frog, & a green web sling.] FRC#2104765.

220-F-2.--- Ser.# 3392915, U.S. Springfield, (by; Rem), mod. 03-A3, .30/06 Spg. cal. full wood milt. B/act. rifle
w/24" bbl. [appears unissued, w/orig. Mk.I, bayonet & scabbard, dated (1943), green web sling w/US mkd.
pouch dated ‘44, good cartouches.] FRC#2379179.

220-F-3.--- Ser.# 1061817, Enfield, (Eddystone), mod. 1917, .30/06 Spg. cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/26"
bbl. [appears Exc., w/issued bayonet, scabbard & leather sling.] FRC#____?

Special Interest !!

220-F-4.--- Ser.# S500K, Mauser, Selbstlader, mod. 1916, 8mm Maus. cal. clip-fed s/auto milt. rifle w/24" bbl.
[appears exc. w/2-orig. clips, that were resurrected, & experimentally adapted to the G/K43 series, the re-
adapted to fit back to the model 1916. One of a thousand made, the only one registered in Canada ! Comes
with 2-pages of information from the reference book. ] FRC#10136692.

220-F-5.--- Ser.# BMR6341, Breda, (Italian), Garand, mod. M-1 Garand, .30/06 Spg. cal. 8-shot full wood
s/auto milt. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG, w/matching numbered wood.]


220-F-6.--- Ser.# 4371, Mexican Mauser, mod.1910, 7mm Maus. cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/24" bbl.
[appears fair, appears to function okay.] FRC#10469068.

220-F-7.--- Ser.# 0607255, Simonov, mod. SKS, (M-59/66), 7.62x39 cal. s/auto rifle w/24" bbl. [appears poss.
unissued, w/folding bayonet, & grenade launcher.] FRC#8996642.

220-F-8.--- Leapers, 6x32 scope on SKS mount w/Leaper rings, & plastic caps.

220-F-9.--- Ser.# 105580, Smith & Wesson, mod. DA-45, .45 cal. (w/.45 ACP conversion ring, 6-shot rev.
w/140mm bbl. [w/checkered S&W grips w/S&W medallion.] FRC#5165815. HG*

220-F-10.--- Bag lot: Heavy dark brown flap holster, mkd. US, [as new], & "Longhorn" mod. 10-77, leather

220-F-11.--- Lot: Case-Guard 100, shotgun ammo box & an old leather rifle scabbard.

220-F-12.--- Ser.# 5910476, U.S. Rifle, mod. M-1 Garand, .30/06 Spg. cal. s/auto full wood milt. rifle w/24"
bbl. [has clear Inspector’s mark on stock by wrist, & web sling.] FRC#13009265.

220-F-13.--- Ser.# 5146V9509, Lee-Enfield, No. 5, Mk. I, ROF (F), .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. Jungle Carbine
w/20" bbl. [w/web sling.] FRC#13009264.

220-F-14.--- Ser.# 22L6983, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk. I*, Longbranch, (1943), 7.62 Nato cal. clip-fed
B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/640mm bbl. [missing safety lever, has web sling.] FRC#13009263.

220-F-15.--- Ser.# C68048, Lee-Enfield, No. 1, Mk. III*, Lithgow, (1914), .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. full wood
milt. rifle w/640mm bbl. [has web sling, the first 5" of wood & the sight at muzzle painted bright yellow, has
web sling.] FRC#13023852.

220-F-16.--- Ser.# N95547, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 1, Mk. III, (BSA) (1917) { Converted to .410 cal.
smoothbore at Royal Factory, Ishapor, 1931} B/act. s/shot rifle, w/640mm bbl. [was regd. without the letter "N"
in the ser.#, shiny bore.] FRC#4450025.

220-F-17.--- Ser.# 8L1309, Lee-Enfield, No. 4, Mk. I*, Longbranch, (1942), 7.62 Nato cal. clip-fed B/act. full
wood milt. rifle w/640mm bbl. [has web sling.] FRC#13009262.

220-F-18.--- Ser.# 863182, U.S. Rifle, (Eddystone), mod. 1917, .30/06 Spg. cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle
w/600mm bbl. [appears good.] FRC#13009261.

220-F-19.--- Ser.# 4093718, Springfield, (By; Remington), mod. 1903-A3, .30/06 cal. B/act. full wood milt.
rifle w/24" bbl.[has web sling] FRC#4450023.

220-F-20.--- Lot: 2-Enfield, Mk. II spike bayonets w/scabbards.

220-F-21.--- Ser.# 9406497, (regd. incorrectly as 9401497, Norinco, mod. SKS, 7.62x39 cal. full wood, s/auto
milt. rifle w/533mm bbl. [appears VG, has cleaning rod, web sling, & bayonet to be affixed.] FRC#13009269.

220-F-22.--- Ser.# 9444582, Norinco, mod. SKS, 7.62x39 cal. full wood, s/auto milt. rifle w/533mm bbl.
[appears VG, has cleaning rod, web sling, & bayonet to be affixed.] FRC#13009266.

220-F-23.--- Ser.# 9409106, Norinco, mod. SKS, 7.62x39 cal. full wood, s/auto milt. rifle w/533mm bbl.
[appears VG, has cleaning rod, web sling, & bayonet to be affixed.] FRC#13009270

.220-F-24.--- Ser.# 9454689, Norinco, mod. SKS, 7.62x39 cal. full wood, s/auto milt. rifle w/533mm bbl.
[appears VG, has cleaning rod, web sling, & bayonet to be affixed.] FRC#13009267.

220-F-25.--- Ser.# 132167, Regd. as 132157, the bottom of 6 is partly obscured, Savage, mod. 1899, T/down,
.22 HP cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [fading blue, slight pitting, & a crack in wood behind the upper tang.]

220-F-26.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 7128459, Stevens, mod. Crack Shot # 26, .32 RF cal. F/block rifle w/20" bbl.
[appears good.] FRC#7236032.

220-F-27.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 3333044, Stevens, mod. 58, .12 ga. 2 3/4", clip-fed, B/act. shotgun w/36" bbl.
[appears good, re-varnished wood.] FRC#_________________

220-F-28.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 3476802, Mossberg, mod. 190-KB, .16 ga. 2 3/4" , clip-fed, B/act. shotgun
w/26" bbl. [appears VG w/old canvas sock] FRC#_______________

220-F-29.--- Bag lot: Win., .38-255 bullet mold, & a Win., .38-56 loading tool.

220-F-30.--- Large Antique brass fire nozzle, mkd. DNV FD4, approx.29" long, has brass shut-off handle & 2-
large heavy leather handles to control it, approx. 100-years old..

220-F-31.--- Ser.# 55813, Reck, mod. R-14, .22 LR cal. 6-shot, s/act. rev. w/152mm bbl. [cyl. is loose, (please
have it checked before shooting), fading blue, wooden grips, adjust. rear sight w/black leather holster, notched
for sights.] FRC#_____________ HG*

220-F-32.--- Ser.# G121637, Lakefield-Mossberg, mod. 500-AB, .12 ga. 3", P/act. shotgun w/30" FC bbl.
[Note; trigger mechanism needs work] FRC#___________________

220-F-33.--- Bag lot: 3-boxes Co2 Powerlets, gas ctgs, & 1-box .50 cal. Hornady lead balls, & clip for a .22-

220-F-34.--- Ser.# 225251, Webley, mod. Mk. VI, (1916), .455 cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. (appears good,
fading finish, good black rubber checkered grips, w/lanyard ring, & black leather holster that had flap cut off. ]
FRC#9597008. HG*

220-F-35.--- Appears new, 3x9x40, variable rifle scope, wide field of view, in orig. box, w/papers, etc.

220-F-36.--- Ser.# 1009055, Win., mod. 97, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. T/down shotgun w/30" FC bbl. [ ca. 1956,
traces of blue remaining, good wood, w/Win. butt-plate] FRC#6873015.

220-F-37.--- Ser.# 203232, Rem., mod. 1889, .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS H/brk. shotgun w/32" bbl. [rounded checkered
p/grip stock, Damascus pattern bbls., traces of case color, butt-plate chipped @ toe.] FRC#6873023.

220-F-38.--- Ser.# JZ52052, Armas Eagle, (manf. Arizaga, Florentino), mod. Single Bbl., .10 ga., 3 ½" H/brk.
single shotgun w/860mm bbl. [appears good, good blue, case colored rcvr., checkered p/grip stock & forend,
w/Chieftain recoil pad, was regd. as "Unknown Spanish".] FRC#6873021.

Prohibited, 12-6.

220-F-39.--- Ser.# 7695F, Luger, (Erfurt), mod. P08, 1917, 9mm Luger cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/101mm bbl.
[finish fair, matching numbers, except clip, good wooden checkered grips, extra clip, (both have wooden
knobs), good brown leather holster.] FRC#7875259. HG*

220-F-40.--- Ser.# 133758, Colt, mod. New Service, .455 Eley cal. 6-shot rev. w/140mm bbl. [ca. 1917, some
surface rust patches, on fair blue, good hard rubber grips, lanyard ring, action seems good., w/brown leather
military holster that has flap cut off, has brass cleaning rod in the holster pocket.] FRC#7875260.

220-F-41.--- Ser.# 404, (was regd. as No ser.#), Clabrough & Johnstone, {Price St., Birmingham}, .12 ga. 2
3/4", SxS H/brk, hammer shotgun,w/30" matte-rib bbls. [missing left-hammer, faint traces of blue remaining,
some fine surface rust, engraved game bird scenes, checkered semi-p/grip stock w/added recoil pad, & missing
forend tip.] FRC#7883280.

220-F-42.--- Ser.# 6214082, Rem., mod. 700-BDL, .300 Win. Short mag., cal. B/act. rifle w/26" bbl. [custom,
black finish bbl. & bolt, no bbl. sights, fitted w/scope base, pressed checkered & scroll decorated p/grip stock &
forend, raised cheek-piece, w/Rem. recoil pad.] FRC#5246042.0003.

220-F-43.--- Ser.# 36923, Midland Gun Co., mod. 2100, .30/06 Spg. cal. B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [gloss
checkered p/grip stock & forend, has open sights & Weaver bases, cast floor plate decorated w/Ram’s head &
scroll.] FRC#12524398.0001.

220-F-44.--- Ser.# C6617145, Rem., mod. 700-Classic, 7mm Wby. mag. cal. Ba/ct. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears
good, a few marks, checkered p/grip stock & forend, w/Rem. recoil pad.] FRC#5246047.

220-F-45.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 7279266, Rem., mod. 572-Fieldmaster, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, P/act. rifle w/23
½" bbl. [plain p/grip stock, w/slight crack behind rcvr, fading blue, light storage damage.] FRC#12624500.

220-F-46.--- Ser.# G296226, Rossi, mod. 62-SA, .22 LR cal., tube-fed, p/act. rifle w/23" bbl. [appears good,
copy of Win. 1890 rnd. bbl.] FRC#10285563.

Prohibited, 12-6.

220-F-47.--- Ser.# 243978, Colt, mod. Cobra, .38, 6-shot revolver w/ 51mm bbl. [blk. alloy frame, worn
on left side by insignia w/ Colt checkered wood & left grip with medallion & Barami Corp. right grip.]
FRC#8049622. HG*

      220-F-48.--- Ser.# G105383, SIG, Sauer, mod. P220, 9mm Luger cal., 9-shot, s-auto pistol, w/212mm
      bbl. [shows some holster wear, note: Swiss clip release, clip design like P38 w/ extra clip.]
      FRC#11188131. HG*

      220-F-49.--- Ser.# A026192, SIG, Sauer, mod. Mosquito, .22 LR, 10-shot, s-auto pistol, w/ 121mm
      bbl. [appears excellent w/ extra clip, tools & accessories, cable lock with keys in foam lined factory
      plastic case. Also comes with SIG-Sauer scope rail & mosquito holster]

      FRC#10368501. HG*

      220-F-50.--- Ser.# 1563981, Ruger, mod. Mark I Target, .22 LR, 9-shot, 175mm bbl. [appears to be
      VG., black plastic grip w/ Ruger insignia on right side, adjustable rear sight.] FRC#10043302. HG*.

      220-F-51.--- Ser.# 43095, Mayer, mod. Crossbow, .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS hammerless shotgun w/bbl. cut
      to 19". [Engraved rcvr., single trigger w. checkered pistol grip stock & forend, leather sling & WFS
      recoil pad.] FRC#401455.0002

      220-F-52.--- Ser.# L970310, Win., mod. 1200, .12 ga. 2 3/4", p/act. shotgun w/ 30" 3/8" wide vent rib
      bbl. [press checkered pistol grip stock and forend. Appears excellent.) FRC#11156751.

      220-F-53.--- Ser.# 70341, Win., mod. 1901, 10 ga. l/act. shotgun w/ 30" bbl. [ca 1906. Fading blue,
      good wood.] FRC#11211893.

      220-F-54.--- Ser.# 1V34269, Browning, mod. Auto 5 Magnum, .12 ga. 3", s-auto shotgun w/vent rib
      bbl. cut to 20". Light engraved rcvr., black composite pistol grip stock & forend.) FRC#11156753.

      220-F-55.--- Ser.# H056372, Lakefield/Mossberg, mod. 500, .12 ga. 3", p/act. shotgun w/19 ½" bbl. &
      bbl. sights. [varnish finished press checkered stock & forend w/ recoil pad.] FRC#11156752.

      220-F-56.--- Sam Brown leather holster w/pouches. Fits S&W, mod. 10, 5". [Appears as new.]

      220-F-57.--- Sam Brown leather holster w/pouches. Fits S&W, mod. 10, 5". [Used but appears good.]

      220-F-58.--- Sam Black leather holster w/pouches. Fits S&W, mod. 5900's. [Used but appears good.]

      220-F-59.--- Bag lot: RCMP baton, gloves & Sam Brown cross strap ring.

      220-F-60.--- S&W 45 36 breakaway shoulder holster.

      220-F-61.--- Bianchi #X15 lrg. breakaway shoulder holster.

      220-F-62.--- S&W 43 32 breakaway shoulder holster.

      220-F-63.--- Bag lot: Size # 5 nylon shoulder holster w/Bianchi size # 1 double clip pouch & S&W
      size 24 nylon camo holster.

      220-F-64.--- Rem. mod. 11-87, .12 ga. 3" magnum, 20" parkerized finished bbl. ONLY! [FAC req’d
         but no registration.]

12-6 Prohibited.

220-F-65.--- Ser.# 2062, Uberti registered incorrectly as Intercontinental Arms, mod. Maverick, .45 Colt cal.,
multi barrel o/u derringer w/83mm bbl. [Missing bottom firing pin, other pin should be checked. Case coloured
rcvr, blued bbls. wood grips.] FRC#5282361. HG*

220-F-66.--- Ser.# 160543, Reg. NIL, Win. mod. 101, .12 ga. 2 3/4", o/u shotgun w/30" bbl. [boxlock, auto
ejectors, SST, engraved rcvr, checkered American walnut pistol grip stock & forend.] FRC#3245362.

220-F-67.--- Ser.# Reg. NIL, Win. mod. 12, ga., p/act. shotgun w/ bbl. [original leather case, mint condition.]

220-F-68.--- Ser.# 71016, Win., mod. 1873,(ca.1881), .44/40 Win. cal., l/act. rifle w/1/2 rnd, ½ oct. 24" bbl.
[Crescent butt, missing dust cover, cracked at wrist, full length slivers missing both sides of forewood.] FRC#

220-F-69.--- Ser.# 22973, Win., mod. 1894,(ca. 1901), .32/40 Win. cal., l/act. OBFM rifle w/26" bbl. [Fading
blue, varnished wood, cracked forewood.] FRC#

220-F-70.--- Ser.# 79513, Win., mod. 1894, (ca. 1916) .30/30 Win. cal., l/act.OBFM rifle w/26" bbl. [Fading
blue, varnished wood.] FRC#3245324

220-F-71.--- Ser.# AL13940, Reg. as AL1394, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk I/II, .303 Brit. cal., sporterized
b/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [Checkered 2pce. Monte Carlo style stock, missing clip.] FRC#3245305.

220-F-71-A.-- Ser.# 15670, H&R, mod. Peenforced Breech, .12 ga., single shotgun w/34" bbl. [Poor.} FRC#

220-F-72.--- Ser.# 05066PZ152, Browning (Japan), mod. BPS, .12 ga. 3", field model pump shotgun w/28" vent
rib bbl. [Hi-gloss checkered pistol grip stock & forend, gold plated trigger & Browning recoil pad. Appears
excellent.] FRC#4519322.

220-F-73.--- Ser.# 8, Mauser (FN), mod. 1922,7x57mm Mauser cal., b/act. full wood military rifle w/29" bbl.
[Appears VG.] FRC#4519327.

220-F-74.--- Ser.# 41L9269, Lee-Enfield, No. 4, Mk I*, dated 1943, Longbranch,.303 cal., b/act. sporterized
rifle w/29" bbl. [Appears good, Gun Pads recoil pad.] FRC#4519328.

200-F-75.--- Webley, mod. 1909, .9mm Browning long cal., 8-shot s/auto pistol w/127mm bbl. [missing clip.]

200-F-76.--- Ser.# 7243351, Rem., mod. 742 Woodsmaster Carbine, .308 Win. cal., clip-fed s/auto carbine w/18
½" bbl. [Leopold base & barrel sights, gloss finished checkered pistol grip stock & forend w/ black caps, leather
sling w/quik off swivels. Appears excellent.] FRC#3071554.

200-F-77.--- Bushnell Banner II, 1.5x4 power variable scope w/Leopold rings.

200-F-78.--- Ser.# 05232RRJ63, Browning Citori, .20 ga. 3", o/u break action shotgun w/26" vent rib bbls. [Hi-
gloss finish, checkered pistol grip stock & forend, lightly engraved, single select gold plated trigger, ejectors.
Appears VG. Few bumps & bruises and slight chip by trigger guard.] FRC#5159643.

200-F-79.--- Ser.# 220352,Crecent Arms, mod. Peerless (Reg. as Peerless), .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS hammerless
shotgun w/30" bbls. [Refinished.] FRC#5159644.

200-F-80.--- Ser.# 98649, Rem., mod. 742 Woodsmaster, .308 Win. cal., clip-fed-s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [See
through rings, bbl. sights, plain pistol grip stock, grooved forend, cracked behind rcvr., & large chip out of
forend.] FRC#5159634.

200-F-81.--- Red field, 3x9 variable wide angle scope.

200-F-82.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 12625, Stk.# 5036897, Ballard Patent (Nov. 5, 1861), Bell & Williams/

Worchester, Mass., .46 rimfire cal., full wood military 3-band rifle w/30" round bbl. [Marked Kentucky on top
of rounded frame. Although it is known the State of Kentucky ordered 15,000 Ballards (both carbines & rifles;
exact quantities are unknown) to arm its militia in 1894. Stock cracked and repaired w/screws at wrist. Only
16,000 to 18,000 made in carbines & rifles.] Needs to be de-reg.

200-F-83.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil, U.S. Bridesburg by Alfred Jenks & Sons, (one of the largest orders
contracted for & delivered by arms maker during the civil war), mod. 1861, U.S. perc. musket, 58 perc. cal., ½
stocked musket w/33" bbl. [Lock & nipple bolster marked w/eagle motif & U.S. Bridesburg, dated 1864, old
lead & nail repair at wrist, w/wooden ramrod.]

200-F-84.--- Ser.# U75937, Rem., mod. 1908, .12 ga. 2 3/4", p/act. shotgun w/20" bbl. [Lymon Cutts choke
installed, rounded pistol grip stock w/grooved forend, faded blue turning brown.] FRC#5159633.

200-F-85.--- Ser.# 2336, Mauser (bcd), mod. 98, 8mm Mauser cal., b/act. sporterized rifle w/24" bbl. [Nazi
marked, bbl also marked "avk AV", checkered pistol grip stock & forend w/ web sling,] FRC#5159636.

200-F-86.--- Ser.# 2796QQ, Mannlicher, mod. 1895 Dutch Carbine (Marked Hembrug1918), 6.5x53R
Mannlicher cal., b/act. full wood military carbine w/450mm bbl. [Straight stock w/fluted 2 pce. forend, web
sling. Appears good.] FRC#5159635.

Probihited, 12-6.

         200-F-87.--- Ser.# 185562, Walther, mod. PPK, 7.65mm cal., 7-shot, s/auto pistol w/ 83mm bbl.
         {Appears VG+).

         220-G-1.-- Ser.# 58 on bolt, Mauser, mod. Sporter, .30/06 sprg. cal., full wood military B/act. rifle
         w/24" matte raised rib bbl., rounded pistol grip full wood Mannlicher stock, raised cheek piece,
         stamped Germany, lightly engraved rcvr, floor plate& trigger guard, & double set trigger, spoon bolt,
leaf sight & Lyman adjustable peep sight right hand mounted, small chip at toe. Appears VG.]

220-G-2.-- Ser.# S-6282, Mauser (La Coruna), mod. 1943 Spanish Short Rifle (dated 1954), 8mm
Mauser cal., full wood military rifle w/600mm bbl. [refinished wood, & mismatched numbers.]
Appears Good. FRC#_____________?

220-G-3.-- Ser.# E4017, Mauser, mod. 1909 Argentine, .30/06 Sprg. cal., full wood military rifle w/29
½" bbl. [w/green leather sling, matching bolt, good cartouche, matching numbered wood, normal
bumps & bruises. Appears VG.] FRC#_________________?

220-G-3-A.-- Argentine Mauser bayonet & scabbard.

220-G-4.-- Ser.# HA7515, Mosin-Nagant (Russian), mod. 1891/30, (dated 1948), 7.62X54R cal, full
wood military rifle w/29" bbl. [matching numbers except for bolt, has web sling, & cleaning rod.
Appears unissued.] FRC#___________________?

220-G-5.-- Ser.# D75509, Mosin-Nagant (Finnish), mod. 1939 (dated 1944), 7.62X54R cal., full wood
military rifle w/27 ½" bbl. [matching numbered bolt & few bumps & bruises. Appears possibly
unissued.] FRC#_________________?

220-G-6.-- Ser.# 16858, Mosin-Nagant (Russian), mod. 1891/30, (dated 1941), 7.62X54R cal. full
wood military rifle w/32" bbl. [green web sling, & cleaning rod. Appears VG.] FRC#________

220-G-7.-- Ser.# 934, Commission Rifle (Turkish State Arsenal, Ankara), mod. 1888/35 (dated 1935),
8mm Mauser cal, 5-shot full wood military rifle w/740mm bbl. [normal wear & tear & mismatched
numbers. Appears Good.] FRC#___________________?

220-G-8.-- Ser.# 30424, Mauser (FN Belgian), mod. 1924/30 Venezuelan Short Rifle, 7mm Mauser
cal., full wood military rifle w/591mm bbl. [matching bolt. Appears VG.] FRC#_______

220-G-9.-- Ser.# EH6173, Mannlicher-Carcano (Terni), mod. 1891 Rifle, 6.5X52 Italian cal., full
wood military rifle w/780mm bbl.[cracked fore wood, packed in grease.] FRC#_______?

220-G-10.-- Lot: Swedish Mauser wood w/2 bands & cleaning rod.

220–G-10-A.- Swedish Mauser bayonet w/scabbard.

220-G-11.-- Swedish Mauser wood.

220-G-12.-- Ser.# 30048L, Lee-Enfield, No. 4, Mk 1, .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. sporterized rifle
w/640mm bbl, [mismatched clip. Appears Good.] FRC#____________?

220-G-13.-- Ser.# 457339, Win., mod 12, .12ga. 2 3/4" P/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [re-blued, refinished,
cracked at the wrist.] FRC#______________?

220-G-14.-- Ser.# 50661, Ross, mod 10, .303 cal., rifle w/31" bbl., DP marked on bolt, Note hole
drilled through barrel. Also, Ser.# nil, Ross, mod. 10, .303 cal, rifle w/25" bbl., missing the wood &
some sights. TO BE SOLD TOGETHER. FRC#___________________?

220-G-15.--- Ser.# 182934, Win., mod. 70, .270 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG, has
open sights & scope mnts, checkered p/grip stock & forend show some marks, has leather sling, good
bore.] FRC#4293908.

220-G-16.--- Weaver, KV, (El Paso) scope w/Weaver rings.

220-G-17.--- Ser. # 466621, F N Browning, (Belgian), mod. Acier Special, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto
shotgun w/29" bbl. [appears VG, w/checkered semi-p/grip stock & forend.] FRC#4293909.

220-G-18.--- Ser.# Nil., O.F. Mossberg & Sons, mod. 46-B, .22 LR cal. tube-fed B/act. rifle w/26" bbl.
[missing bolt, otherwise appears good, plain p/grip stock w/raised cheek-piece, has open sights & a
Weaver, (El Paso) B-4 scope, & sling swivels, good bore.] FRC#4293910.

220-G-19.--- Ser.# Nil., Ranger, mod. Ranger, .22 LR cal.s/shot B/act. rifle w/27" bbl. [appears good,
some pitting to blue on bbl., has sling swivels, & good bore.] FRC#4293911.

220-G-20.--- Lot, 2-padded leather gun cases: 1-for a scoped rifle, & 1-for a shotgun, w/leather
carrying straps. [used but still serviceable, made in USA.] {as a lot}

220-G-21.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Snider Enfield, 1860, mod. #1, Mk. II **, .577 Snider cal. 3-band
full wood milt. rifle w/36 ½" bbl. [appears good, good wood, <DC> marked, w/cleaning rod & nipple
protector]. {22} NO FAC REQUIRED

220-G-22.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Snider Enfield, (BSA), 1870, mod. #1, Mk. III, .577 Snider cal. 2-
band full wood milt. rifle w/30 ½" bbl. [appears good, w/Enfield cartouche, cleaning rod & nipple
protector.] {21} NO FAC REQUIRED

220-G-23.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 1342, Snider Enfield, .577 Snider cal. 3-band full wood milt. rifle w/36
½" bbl. [has # 40769 on lower tang, also bbl. is marked JPR/EXR/697, wood is good, has cleaning
rod.] {23} NO FAC REQUIRED

220-G-24.--- Ser.# 50770, Win., mod. 1886, .45/70 cal. L/act. rifle w/26" oct. bbl., full mag. [ca. 1891,
appears good, blue turning brown, old stock repair @ upper tang, cresc. butt-plate.] {6}

220-G-25.--- Ser.# 650050, Win., mod. 1892, .25/20 cal. L/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl. full mag. [ca.1912,
appears good, fading blue, good wood w/cresc. butt-plate.] {2} FRC#________________

220-G-26.--- Ser.# 788126, Win., mod. 1892, .32 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl., full mag. [ca.
1915, appears good, fair blue, faded on rcvr, good wood, w/cresc. butt-plate.] {3}

220-G-27.--- Ser.# 97706, Win., mod. 1892, .44 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl., full mag.
[ca.1895, appears good, grey finish w/traces of blue, good wood, w/cresc. butt-plate, & small brass
insert w/D.R.H. on it.] {5} FRC#___________________

220-G-28.--- Ser.# 594909, Win., mod. 1892, converted from .32 WCF to .357 magnum cal., L/act.
rifle w/24" oct. bbl., full mag.[ca. 1911, appears fading blue, chipped & repaired @ upper tang, cresc.
butt-plate.] {1} FRC#___________________
220-G-29.--- Ser.# 47939, Win., mod. 1892, .38 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl., full mag. [ca.
1894, appears good, fading blue, good wood, w/cresc. butt-plate.] {4} FRC#__________

220-G-30.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., R. Hughes & Sons, (London), .12 ga. perc. SxS shotgun w/27"
bbls. [appears VG, browned bbls, scroll engraved locks w/Dolphin style hammers, checkered straight
stock w/engraved metal grip style trigger guard & wooden ramrod.] {10} NO FAC REQUIRED

220-G-31.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Unknown British, (London Fine Twist), .12 ga. perc. SxS shotgun
w/32" bbls. [appears fair, blued bbls., checkered straight stock repaired left hammer, has wooden
ramrod.] {9} NO FAC REQUIRED

220-G-32.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Robertson Dunblane, .12 ga. perc. SxS shotgun w/30" bbls.
[appears good, some Damascus pattern on bbls, back/action style, floral engraved locks & hammers,
straight stock, w/wooden ramrod.] {7} NO FAC REQUIRED

220-G-33.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., S.G.S., .10 ga. perc. SxS shotgun w/30" bbls. [appears good,
back/action style locks w/Seahorse stamp, line engraved, checkered straight stock w/ramrod.] {8} NO

220-G-34.--- ANTIQUE: Sere.# Nil., Unknown, (Stock stamped Hutchonn ?, w/date stamp AR-1862,
.12 bore perc. fowler w/28" rnd. bbl. & metal ramrod.. [appears good.] {61} NO FAC REQUIRED

220-G-35.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 227738, U.S. Springfield, mod.1873, Trapdoor, .45/70 cal. rifle, w/32
½" bbl. [sporterized.] {59} NO FAC REQUIRED

220-G-36.--- Ser.# 2323, Rem., mod. 1897 Commercial Military Carbine, 7mm Maus. cal. carbine
w/20" bbl. [Stock mkd. w/Uruguay cartouche, has saddle-ring.] {57} FRC#___________

220-G-37.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 55110, Rem., rolling block rifle mod. 1867, dated 1879, 11.7x42R
Danish cal. full wood milt., 3-band w/35 ½" bbl. [appears good, w/cleaning rod.] {50} NO FAC

220-G-38.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 1112, Rem., mod. # 1-Rolling Block, .43 Maus. cal.?, 3-band, full
wood milt. rifle w/35" bbl.[appears good, fading blue, traces of flaking case color, good wood
w/cleaning rod.] {51} NO FAC REQUIRED

220-G-39.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 334, Rem., mod. Rolling Block Carbine, .50/70 cal. ?, w/23 1/4" bbl.
[appears possibly a Navy model?, refinished wood, has saddle-ring.] {55} NO FAC REQUIRED

220-G-40.--- Ser.# 5072124, stamped on & has Sticker # 5072124 also, Rem., mod. Rolling Block,
.50/70 ?, 3-band full wood milt. rifle w/36" bbl. [appears good, traces of faded blue, good wood,
w/cleaning rod.] {53}FRC#___________( presently regd. but should be de-reg.)

220-G-41.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# G.S.187, Rem., mod. Rolling Block, .50/70 cal.?, sporting rifle w/33"
bbl. [appears good, traces of blue, flaking rcvr., crack in stock by lower tang, has cleaning rod.] {49}

220-G-42.--- Ser.# 72029, Whitney Arms Co., (Rem. rolling block), mod. Style # 2, .16 ga. shotgun
w/32" bbl. [est. only less than a thousand made in styles 1 & 2. Has a custom made oak butt-stock, &
an old repair to the orig. forend..] {54} FRC#____________________

220-G-43.--- Ser.# 5072048, stamped on gun, also has a Sticker # 5072048, Rem. mod. #1, Rolling
block, .16 ga. shotgun w/30" bbl. [appears fair, grey finish, ca. 1870-1890's, est. quantity several
thousand.] {53} FRC#___________________

220-G-44.--- Ser.# 2435, Rem., mod #4-Deluxe, Rolling Block, re-chambered to-.32 Colt cal rifle ,
with 22 ½" oct. bbl. [Deluxe checkered straight stock & forend, traces of patchy faded blue.] {56}

220-G-45.--- Ser.# 174206, Rem., #4, Rolling Block, .32 RF cal. rifle w/22 ½" oct. bbl. [appears good,
good blue, & wood, w/cresc. butt-plate.] {65} FRC#______________________

220-G-46.--- Ser.# 1839, Unknown Belgian, mod. Rem. # 2 Sporting, Rolling Block, 8mm cal. rifle
w/22 ½" oct. bbl. [appears fair, checkered rounded p/grip stock, repaired @ wrist, repaired forend.]
{62} FRC#______________________

220-G-47.--- Ser.# 32103, Stevens, mod. #44, re-chambered to .25/20 Win., falling block rifle w/24"
part oct. bbl. [appears fair, cresc. butt-plate.] {15} FRC#____________________

220-G-48.--- Ser.# 1913, Stevens, mod. Favorite, converted to .32 S&W cal. from .32 Long, falling
block rifle w/22" part oct. bbl;. [appears fair, repaired butt-stock.] {16} FRC#__________________

220-G-49.--- Ser.# F5922, Lee-Enfield, (BSA),mod. Mk. IV*, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot, full wood Milt.
training rifle, w/640mm bbl. [has clip with no insides, for show.] {58} FRC#__________

220-G-50.--- Ser.# Y85127, Lee-Enfield, (BSA), mod. No.1, Mk. III*, .303 cal., B/act. clip-fed, full
wood milt. rifle w/640mm bbl. [appears good.] {25} FRC#________________

220-G-51.--- Ser.# GA25349A, Lee-Enfield, F(FTR), mod. No. 4, Mk. I, .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle
w/640mm bbl. [appears good.] {24} FRC#__________________

220-G-52.--- Ser.# 62678, C.G. Bonehill, (London, Extra Fine Damascus Steel bbls, mod. SxS
hammer, .12 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/32" bbls. [appears good, Damascus pattern on bbls, fine scroll
engraving w/hunting scenes, rounded checkered p/grip stock & forend w/Ebony tip.] {63}

220-G-53.--- Ser.# 7189, P. Webley, & Son, (St. James’s London), .10 ga. , SxS hammer, H/brk.
shotgun w/30" bbls. [some Damascus pattern, light scroll engraving, under lever release., straight
stock, repaired @ wrist.] {40} FRC#__________________

220-G-54.--- Ser.# 5204415 stamped on gun, also Sticker # 5204415, Carter, Maker, (Lincolns Inn),
mod. SxS hammer, .12 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/30"bbls. [scroll engraved, w/game birds, Dolphin style
hammers, checkered straight stock, light Damascus pattern.] {60} FRC#_____________

220-G-55.--- Ser.# 444945, Saxton, mod. Machine Made, .12 ga. SxS hammer, H/brk. shotgun w/32"
bbls. [oak leaf engraving, laminated steel bbls., checkered p/grip stock & forend.] {42}

220-G-56.--- Ser.# 6336/9420, Alger Arms, mod. SxS Hammer, .16 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbls.
[w/custom made, oak, rounded , checkered p/grip stock & matching forend.] {29}

220-G-57.--- Ser.# 462, Stanford & Laxton, (London), mod. SxS Hammer, .12 ga. H/brk. shotgun
w/30" bbls. [engraved, Back/act. style locks, checkered English straight stock & forend w/Ebony tip,
faint Damascus pattern on bbls.] {28} FRC#_______________

220-G-58.--- Ser.# Nil., W. Richards, mod. SxS hammer. .10 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/33" bbls. [Scroll
engraving, rounded checkered p/grip stock & forend, laminated steel bbls. w/faint pattern.] {41}

220-G-59.--- Ser.# 55, W. Richards, mod. SxS hammer, .12 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/32" bbls. [back
action style locks, rounded checkered p/grip stock & forend, laminated steel bbls.] {26}

220-G-60.--- Ser.# 5204291 stamped on gun, & Sticker # 5204291 also, Saxton, mod. SxS hammer,
.12 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/31 ½" bbls. [back action style locks w/game bird engraving, checkered
straight English style stock & London fine twist bbls. w/faint pattern.] {30} FRC#________________

220-G-61.--- Ser.# 16796, Richard, (Belgium), mod. SxS hammer, .12ga. H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbls.
[back action style locks, rounded checkered p/grip stock & forend, laminated steel bbls.] {26}

220-G-62.--- Ser.# Nil, Deutsche-Werk, Mod. 1-Deluxe, .22 LR cal. tip-up rifle w/23" bbl. [rounded
checkered p/grip stock w/Crest on left side, & sling swivels.] {45} FRC#_____________

220-G-63.--- Ser.# Nil, Deutsche-Werk, Mod. 1-Deluxe, .22 LR cal. tip-up rifle w/23" bbl. [rounded
checkered p/grip stock w/Crest on left side, & sling swivels.] {46} FRC#_____________

220-G-64.--- Ser.# Nil, Deutsche-Werk, Mod. 1, .22 LR cal. tip-up rifle w/23" bbl. [rounded p/grip
stock w/Crest on left side.] {45} FRC#_____________

220-G-65.--- Ser.# Nil, Deutsche-Werk, Mod. 1, .22 LR cal. tip-up rifle w/19" bbl. [rounded p/grip
stock w/Crest on left side.] {44} FRC#_____________

220-G-66.--- Ser.# Nil, Deutsche-Werk, Mod. 1, .22 LR cal. tip-up rifle w/19" bbl. [flat straight stock
w/insignia pressed in on left side, & ser.#4055 in stock] {47} FRC#_____________

220-G-67.--- Ser.# Nil, Deutsche-Werk, Mod. 1, .9mm shot cal. tip-up rifle w/19" smooth bore bbl.
[plain, rounded p/grip stock w/crest on left side.] {48} FRC#_____________

220-G-68.--- Ser.# Nil., Husqvarna, mod. Sporter, .30 cal (7.60 mm), B/act. s/shot rifle w/25" oct. bbl.
[appears VG, checkered rounded p/grip stock w/sling swivels, & leather sling.] {19}

220-G-69.--- Ser.# 5174, Husqvarna, mod. Sporter, .22 Long only cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/22" oct. bbl.
[appears VG, straight style stock ] {17} FRC#_________________

220-G-70.--- Ser.# 29373, AMR, mod. C-20, .20 ga. perc. SxS shotgun w/28" bbls. [appears fair,
w/checkered straight stock & wooden ramrod.] {64} FRC#______________

220-G-71.--- Ser.# 6237, H & R, mod. 265-Targeteer, .22 LR cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [has a
welded-on back sight, tapped for a scope & peep sight.] {18} FRC#_________________

220-G-72.--- Ser.# 338713, Victor Plain, mod. Single Bbl., .12 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbl. {12}

220-G-73.--- Ser.# 120784, Nitro King, mod. Single Bbl., .16 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbl. [genuine
twist bbl., checkered p/grip stock & forend.] {11} FRC#________________

220-G-74.--- Ser.# 15778, Ross Rifle Co., mod. M-10 Sporter, .303 cal. B/act. rifle, w/640mm bbl.
[appears good, slight P/grip varnished stock, nice case colored bolt.] {20} FRC#____________

220-G-75.--- Ser.# 24674, Forehand Arms, mod. Single Bbl., .12 ga., H/brk. shotgun w/32" Fine
Decarbonized Steel bbl. [rounded p/grip stock] {13} FRC#_________________

220-G-76.--- Ser.# Nil., Kessler Arms Corp., mod. 128, .12 ga. 2 3/4" clip-fed B/act. shotgun w/28"
bbl. [plain p/grip stock.] {14}FRC#_____________________

220-G-77.--- Ser.# 111350, Safari Arms, (Pietta), mod. Rem. New Model Army Repro., .44 perc. cal.
6-shot rev. w/203mm bbl. [appears good, has cyl. ring & a few bumps.] {66} FRC#______________

220-G-78.--- Ser.# 267041, Safari Arms, (Pietta), mod. Colt, 1851 Navy Repro, .44 perc. cal. 6-shot
rev. w/187mm bbl. [appears good, brass frame, blued bbl. & cyl. w/as new canvas holster.] {67}

220-G-79.--- Ser.# G7004, Enfield, #2, Mk. I*, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/127mm. bbl. [has had a
hammer spur added which was not on the original "Tanker", w/web milt. holster, 1942, w/C-> mark,
has lanyard ring.] {69} FRC#___________________HG*

220-G-80.--- Ser.# NW12, Unknown, (Belgian), S&W .44-D/act. Frontier Copy, .44 Winchester Ctg.
cal. (44/40?), 6-shot rev. w/6" bbl. [ w/suede leather, zippered pistol case.] {68}
FRC#__________________ HG*

220-H-1.-- Ser.#106716V, Remington,. mod. Sportsman 58, .12 ga. 2 3/4" semi-auto shotgun w/30"
bbl. Checkered pistol grip stock & forearm. Etched game scenes on rcvr. Appears Good.


220-H-2.-- Ser.# TT034760, Sears, mod. 6C, .22Lr cal. clip-fed semi-auto rifle w/20" bbl. Appears
Good. FRC# 11009862

220-H-3.-- Ser.# A18365, Lee-Enfield (Lithgow), mod. no. 1, Mk 3*, .303 cal. sporterized rifle
w/640mm bbl. [was regd. without the "A",Appears Good. FRC#4152713.

220-H-4.-- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 117569, Vetterli (Waffenfabrik, Bern), mod. 1869 ,.41 rim-fire cal.
sporterized rifle w/841mm bbl. Missing mag. tube. Poor. NO FAC REQUIRED.

220-H-5.--- Ser.# 1437, Stevens, mod. Crack Shot, .22 LR cal. falling block rifle w/20" bbl. [appears
good, slight wear on bbl. good wood., good bore.] FRC#6467954.

220-H-6.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 6341088, Ranger, mod. Ranger, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/18"
bbl. [it was regd. in error as a Cooey; has grey finish, chipped behind rcvr, & at forewood.]

220-H-7.--- Ser.# M54754, (regd. without the "M" in the ser.#) Lee-Enfield, (BSA), mod. No. 1, Mk.
III, .303 cal clip fed B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [appears functional.] FRC#6470652.

220-H-8.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 6343981, J.C. Higgins, (Sears & Roebuck), mod. 583-1100, .16 ga. 2
3/4", B/act. shotgun w/26" bbl. [appears good.] FRC#6470660.

220-H-9.--- Ser.# 5182, Sticker # 9493004, Cooey, mod. 84, .12 ga. 2 3/4", H/brk., s/shotgun w/30"
bbl. [faded blue, good wood, case hardened rcvr.] FRC#11560629.

220-H-10.--- Ser.# PS746, (was regd. as "No Ser.#) Sticker # 9493008 is missing, Stevens, mod. Nitro
Special, .12 ga., Brk. act. s/shotgun w/29.5" bbl. [poor, cracked & taped @ wrist.] FRC#11539419.

220-H-11.--- Ser.# 6789, (was regd. as no ser.#, Sticker # 9492997 is missing, Western Arms Co.,
mod. SxS Hammer, .12 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbls. [poor.] FRC#11539409.

220-H-12.--- Ser.# 111, (was regd. w/#3923 which is not the ser.# ) Unknown Belgian made for T.
Eaton Co, w/<E> mark, .12 ga. SxS H/brk. hammer shotgun. [missing r-hammer, otherwise fair for an
Eaton’s collector.] FRC#6470655.

220-H-13.--- Ser.# 23713, J.C. Smith, (London) mod. SxS Hammer, .12 ga. H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbls.
[engraved back action locks w/Bird scenes, checkered p/grip stock grey finish, missing forend.]

220-H-14.--- Signed. framed print: "Afternoon Squall" (Canada Geese), Ltd. edition, 411/450, by
David Hagerbaumer. ca. 1970's.

220-H-15.--- Signed, framed. ltd. edition Ducks Unlimited. "Landing", # 401/950, (Canada Geese) by;
Maynard Reese, ca. 1979. Note: He was Artist of the year for Ducks Unltd. in 1973.

220-H-16.--- Signed framed print: "Flock of Canada Geese", ltd. edit. # 391/480, by; Harry Adamson.

220-H-17.--- Limited Edition, original art Bronze by; Cody Houston. "Sitting Bull, Sioux Warrior &
Medicine Man" [cast # 12/55,. The orig. mold was then destroyed.] Complete with a Certificate of
Authenticity & appraisal of $ 1,000.
220-H-18.--- Vintage Bronze by; Rousseau, depicting a Soldier with rifle & various equipment, about
Boer War era. Fine detail, standing about 18" tall on a round marble base. Appraisal value: $900.

220-H-19.--- Set of antique French field glasses, by; Lemaire of Paris.

220-H-20.--- 2-antique wooden duck decoys, [paint is very faded.] {so much x-2}

220-H-21.--- Oak framed picture of "Custer’s Last Fight", a print of the famous painting entered in the
Library Of Congress. The footnotes along the bottom of the picture explain some of the details and
name some of the people depicted including Custer & Lt. Cooke, (a Canadian)

220-H-22.--- Branding irons: 2-irons, for "Bar-HH connected", [this was Bud Haynes’ horse brand on
left shoulder when He was in the Horse Business 40 years ago.]

220-H-23.--- Single hand forged, branding iron "MS" used by Miles Scown of Eckville 50 years ago.
He was on the original Rodeo Committees for Benalto & Eckville, & was on Town Council at

220-H-24.--- Very complex single branding iron with "Half Diamond over AG", origin unknown, but
same vintage as the Scown iron, and appears possibly made by the same Blacksmith. [it would have
been registered also.]

220-H-25.--- Lot, 2-very large brass artillery shell casings.

220-H-26.--- As new, portable mini-Fridge/Warmer, plugs into car, & also has adapter for 110-volt.

220-H-27.--- Battery operated Coca-Cola advertising mirror type wall clock

220-H-28.--- RCBS, .300-Winchester dies, [no box.]

220-H-29.--- Bag lot: 2-antique jointed wooden shotgun cleaning rods, bundle of misc. cleaning
brushes, a gun tool, & a German military brass ashtray w/Crown crest reading "Gott Mit Uns", &
vintage beer can opener/bottle opener & 4-new package of lens caps..

220-H-30.--- Lot of required items for a boat: Metal paddle, New complete first aid kit, & new in
package safety heaving line. The lack of any of these items can be serious.

220-H-31.--- Absolutely as new, "Bushline Outdoor" size 13-hip waders, [appear never worn]

220-H-32.--- Pair of new adjustable trailer-leveling stands.

220-H-33.--- Bag lot, over $50 face value new in packages fishing lures etc. w/the tags still on them.

220-H-34.--- Fishing tackle box w/3-cantilever trays, & contents of over fifty small lures etc. most new
in packages, used trolling or mooching reel, & small fish landing net.

220-H-35.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 137, Iver Johnson, mod. Defender-89, .32 RF cal. 5-shot rev. w/2 ½"
bbl. [spur trigger, nickle finish w/walnut "Birdshead" grips, as used by Dance-Hall Girls in the 1800's.]

220-H-36.--- 2-large, ANTIQUE, pictures of Horses in very ornate sculptured style gilt frames, approx.
3-feet in diameter: One is titled "The Friendly Meal", (a close-up of the heads of a Mare, a Foal, a Goat
& a Bird, sharing food in a manger), & the other titled, "The Society Of Friends", (a close-up of the
heads of 2-Horses, & 2-Pigeons in a doorway), both from paintings by: J.F. Herring.) {sold so much
each x-2}

220-H-37.--- ANTIQUE: Small compact oak drop front desk w/book-shelf gallery, & 2-shelves below.
Has a neat fitted pigeon-hole interior. [The overall dimensions are 48" tall, 22" wide, and only 6" deep
when drop-front is closed, just perfect for a Gun Room or Bedroom.

220-H-38.--- ANTIQUE: Round oak center pedestal dining table., w/4-leaves.

220-H-39.--- 2- ANTIQUE, high back oak dining chairs w/brocade padded seats.{so much each x-2}

220-H-40.--- 4- As new, high quality, oak dining chairs in the antique "Arrow Back", style. {to be sold
so much each x-4}

220-J-1.--- Bag lot 4-knives w/sheaths incl; Imp. USA, Hammer Brand, etc.

220-J-2.--- Bag lot: 4-knives w/sheaths incl; Mini-Gurkha, Min. Toledo sword, Japan Korium Pic, &
an Italian "Trapper".

220-J-3.--- Bag lot: Reproduction Taxi Horn (rubber squeeze bulb, it’s loud !), & Simon’s Havana
Cigars, aluminum humidor shaped like a whiskey bottle, holds 25-cigars.

220-J-4.--- Antique metal Pastille tin, & a selection of antique loading tools & ball-molds etc.

220-J-5.--- Bag lot: a selection of 6-miniature brass swords.

220-J-6.--- Bag lot: selection of 4-mini hunting knives w/sheaths incl; 2-USA, 1-Japan, etc.

220-J-7.--- Bag lot: Mini bayonet, set of 2-mini-fighting knives w/knuckle guards in one sheath, tiny
Malay headsman knife, Mini hunting knife, Mini hunting knife w/sheath, (has faint picture of a
Mountie on handle.

220-J-8.--- Bag lot Native Indian items incl: Deer skin hoof purse, seal fur belt, 2-small pieces
beadwork, & felt, embroidered butterfly ornament.

220-J-9.--- Bag lot: Faded satin banner advert, "Power Steering Now Available On All Buicks",
approx. 4' x 6', w/fringe on the bottom, Mini pillow, & a brass powder flask w/embossed picture of
American flags & cannon etc.

220-J-10.--- Box lot; Set of "Ironwood" wooden boot stretchers for riding boots, firmly stuck in a pair
of riding boots of which one is damaged, & a child’s felt "Cadet" hat, by Stratton of Chicago.

220-J-11.--- Assortment of uniforms as a lot: Canadian Air Force jacket & pants, Civilian Instructor’s
for Army Cadets, jacket & pants, a heavy Navy Pea Jacket.

220-J-20 Antique Round Oak English "Pub" Table , with Ornately embossed wrought iron base with
black & gilt decoration - Has been Professionally restored

220-J-21 Unusual Antique Oak Half Moon Lidded Stool with lift up lid for storage , and Has
Embossed Scene of a " Sailing Ship" on the side.

220-J-22 Antique Seven Piece Canadian Walnut Dining Room Suite , Made by "Reizels Ltd, Ontario:
Dining Table with two leaves - Five Dining Room Chair with pale blue upholstery & Matching
Buffet/Sideboard with gallery back, cutlery drawer , drop front storage , resting on turned legs .

220-J-23 Small Antique Oak Cased Ringer Box for a Telephone, Approx. 11 " Ht , with Partial "
Alberta" Tag on front - Rings !

220-J-24 Antique Style Mahogany Toned "Dakota Daniel" Grandfather Clock - Battery Operated and
working .

220-K-1.--- Sit down trap thrower on tripod base.

220-K-2.--- Bag lot of ammo incl: 1-2-pce. box, (50-rnds), Dom. 32 Long RF, & 3-boxes Dom. C-I-L,
.25/20 Win., (20-rnds per box), Collector ammo.

220-K-3.--- Bag lot of ammo incl: 45-rnds. .222-rem. ammo + brass, & 1-box (20-rnds) Rem. .32 Win-

220-K-4.--- Bag lot ammo incl: 39-rnds 7mm Wby. magnum, & 1-box, (20-rnds) .338 Win. mag.

220-K-5.--- Bag lot shot-shells incl: 1-box Imp. 2 3/4 # 2, 1-box Imp. 2 3/4 BB, 1-box Imp. #4, 1-box
#6, & 1-box C-I-L, #8 target loads.

220-K-6.--- Bag lot shot-shells incl: 3-boxes Win. Super-X, 2 3/4", #4, 2-boxes .12 ga. Supremes, 1-
box Federal .12ga. 3", #2, & 1-box Federal .12 ga. 3" BBB steel shot.

220-K-7.--- Bag lot shot-shells incl: 3-boxes Imp. .12 ga. 2 3/4", #5, + 25-loose shot-shells.

220-K-8.--- Bag lot "Loose", .12 ga. shot-shells:

220-K-9.--- Bag lot .22 LR ammo., some in boxes, & some loose incl: Federal 325-rnds Hollow-point,
approx. 13-boxes Win. Wildcat, bag of loose various .22 ammo, & bag of loose rifle ammo incl;
.25/35, .303, .30/30, etc.

220-K-10.--- Bag lot shot-shells & ammo incl: 2-boxes Supreme .12ga., 12-loose .12 ga., approx. 2-
boxes .303 ammo, small pouch w/loose rifle ammo, etc.

220-K-11.--- Display case containing a model of Win. 1886, w/Buffalo Bill & Annie Oakley History.
220-K-12.--- Display case containing a model of Colt revolver w/paper information about Major
General W. Woodrow.

220-K-13.--- Excellent reproduction Cavalry saber w/metal scabbard as used in battle recreations, &
movies, w/brass hilt & wire wrapped handle.

220-K-14.--- Group lot of 3-metal advertising signs incl: Iver Johnson Motorcycles, John Deere
Tractors & Win. Western Bullets.

220-K-15.--- Group lot of 4-metal advertising signs incl: 2- Coca-Cola, Campbell Soup, & Railway

220-K-16.--- East Indian Ceremonial sword w/red scabbard, & 11-Bamboos flutes, {they make good
Elk calls}

220-L-1.--- Hecho (Mexico), Western style black leather gun belt w/holster approx. 36-38".

220-L-2.--- Win. .38 WCF reloading tool.

220-L-3.--- Win., .44 WCF bullet mold.

220-L-4.--- Win., .32-165 bullet mold.

220-L-5.--- Win. .38 WCF bullet mold, [missing cover]

220-L-6.--- Lyman #55 powder measure in orig. box.

220-L-7.--- Lyman, Ideal, 310-reloading tool w/dies, in orig. box.

220-L-8.--- RCBS, .30/40 Krag reloading dies in orig. box.

220-L-9.--- Lyman, All American .38/55 3-dies rifle set.

220-L-10.--- Lyman, All American .38/40 3-dies rifle set.

220-L-11.--- Lyman, 25/20 3-dies rifle set.

220-L-12.--- Custom, .35 WSL, 3-dies set.

220-L-13.--- Bag lot: Lyman, .32/20 3-dies set.

220-L-14.--- Bag lot: Lyman, 311291CP, double bullet mold in box, set of large handles, set of small
handles, & 2-Lyman bullet blocks w/handles.

220-L-15.--- Bag lot: 6-boxes (50-rnds. each),+ 34 rnds. .25/20 reloads plus some brass.

220-L-16.--- Bag lot: 3-boxes (20-rnds. each) .30/40 Krag reloads, + 1-box brass.

220-L-17.--- Bag lor, 4-boxes Fact. Rem. .32-Win. Spl. ammo, (20-rnds. each) + plus 5-rnds.
220-L-18.--- Bag lot: 2-boxes Alta. Diam. Jubilee, .38/55 ammo.

220-L-19.--- Bag lot: 30-rnds. .32/20 Win. reloads, 50-rnds. .35 WSL reloads, 200-pces. .35-WSL
brass turned from .38 spl. by; Buffalo Arms, 340-bullets, .351 WSL cal. by;Buffalo Arms.

220-L-20.--- Bag lot: Black plastic tray ?, 4-wooden forend pieces for Win.1897- pump shotgun, Win.
wooden forend for 1892?, 1-10-shot & 1-5-shot clip for mod. 69 or 52 Win., heavy leather Police gun
belt only, & a leather shot-shell belt.

220-L-21.--- Bag lot: Lyman, # 2 tang sight for mod.94, (new in box), (2)-WJS Lyman peep sights
#57's, RS #48, Lyman peep sight, NECG-peep sight for Weaver style bases, & Holden Iron-Sighter
mount & rings.

220-L-22.--- Bag lot: 2-packages spring kits incl. hammer springs, etc., Win. .38/40 rifle bolt & parts,
etc. in a plastic case, Lyman .308 sizer lube die, Lyman 291 top punch & lyman 449 top punch, with a
white tube containing Win. .38/40 bbl., mag. tube & spring,

220-L-23.--- Wooden airplane propeller, approx. 76" long, w/brass leading edges, 8-hole hub.

220-L-24.--- Bag lot: 2-braided bull whips.

220-L-25.--- Set of leather saddle-bags.

220-L-26.--- Bag lot: GMC-canvas cooler bag & approx. 5' x 3' Nazi flag.

220-L-27.--- Box lot: Used camo-padded bow case, Cornwall electric lead-pot, cleaning kit, Stock
finishing kit, Lube pad, Loading tray, cleaning brushes, lead bullets, & a car dash plug in light, (no

220-L-28.--- "Out-door Edge", survival kit, including hatchet, knives in cases, saw, & accessories.

220-L-29.--- Box lot: Flambeau tackle box w/fishing tackle, & Old Pal fishing box only.

220-M-1.--- Bag lot: Approx. 20-crests & flashers incl; Houston Police, Hawken, Harley Davidson,
Enfield Musketoon, etc.

220-M-2.--- Bag lot: Lee-Enfield clip, (3)- Enfield web slings, (1) Swedish Mauser sling, (5) Carcano
stripper clips.

220-M-3.--- Bag lot: (10) various Redfield scope bases, incl; mod. 70's, 54's, BSA, Monarch, Junior
Enfield, H&R , etc.

220-M-4.--- Bag lot: (10)- various Redfield scope bases incl; Sako-Finnwolf, Ruger # 1-Sporter, 788,
mod. 110, etc.

220-M-5.--- Bag lot: Redfield adapter bases, & an envelope with small gun type screws, etc.

220-M-6.--- Bag lot: Weaver see-thru rings, & 6-sets of Kwik-Site, see-thru rings.(mostly Browning
220-M-7.--- Bag lot: Williams rings & bases for a Win. 94, 4-sets Quik-Site see-thru rings for Parker-
Hale & Browning Auto., Weaver see-thru for Rem. 700, & a Win. 94, Mono-mount.

220-M-8.--- Bag lot: 2-Gun Digest Books 1965 & 1970, brass powder flask w/scallop design, Win.
belt buckle, some .22 pellets in a Lyman box, & a mag tube.

220-M-9.--- Bag lot: 5-Boxes PMC, .270 Win. cal. 150-gr. ammo.

220-M-10.--- Bag lot: 3-boxes Win. 8mm Maus. 170-gr. ammo, & 1-box PMC 8mm Maus. 170-gr.

220-M-11.--- Bag lot: 1-box Norma, 7.62 R ammo, 1-box Rem. .243 Win. ammo, 1-box PMC, 7x57
cal. ammo, 1-box, Win. .3030 ammo.

220-M-12.--- Bag lot: 2-small wooden boxes w/divided sections, 2-plastic pack milt. ammo w/ctgs, 6-
rnds. 7.35 in stripper clips, + brass, a few rnds. .22 mag ammo, 10-rnds. .300 Win. mag. ammo, 1-box
.30/06 reloads, + 6-rnds. .30/06.

220-M-13.--- Box lot: Misc. brass, poss a few rnds. ammo incl. .222-Rem, .22/250, 7mm Maus,
7.62x54R, etc.

220-M-14.--- Bag lot: 1-box Dom. .32 Rem. ammo, 2-boxes Dom. Super-Clean .32 Rem. ammo, 1-box
7.62 Nato Match ammo.

220-M-15.--- Bag lot: 90-rnds..32/40 reloads formed from .30/30 brass, 40-rnds. .303 Sav. reloads
formed from .303 brass.

220-M-16.--- Bag lot: 40-rnds. 8mm Mauser ammo, 50-rnds. 9mm Luger ammo, 18-rnds. .380 ammo,
& 2-boxes .35 Rem. ammo.

220-M-17.--- Bag lot: 6-rnds. .41 Swiss RF ammo, 10-rnds. .12 ga. pinfire hulls, 1-box C-I-L, .22
WRF ammo, 2-boxes C-I-L, Super Clean .22 Short ammo, 1-box Gamble Stores .22 short ammo.

220-M-18.--- Bag lot: 200-rnds. .303 Brit. brass in bags of 50-each, 100-rnds. .30/30 Win. brass in
bags of 50-each.

220-M-19.--- Bag lot: 200-rnds. .243 Win. brass in bags of 50-each, & 200-rnds. .308 Win. brass in
bags of 50-each.

220-M-20.--- Bag lot: 100-rnds. .270 Win. brass in bags of 50-each, 200-rnds. .30/06 brass in bags of
50-each, & 50-rnds. .25/06 brass.

220-M-21.--- Bag lot:100-rnds. .22/250 Rem. brass in bags of 50-each, 100-rnds. 7mm Rem. mag.
brass in bags of 50-each, 25-rnds. .30-378 Wby. mag. brass, 50-rnds. .44 /40 Win. brass, & 42-rnds.
.270 Win. short mag brass.
220-M-22.--- Lot of Three Items : Antique Train Conductor’s Style Hat by William Sculley - Sculley
Ltd. Mfg Uniform Equipment, Montreal Canada Size 7 1/4 - Antique English Cast Iron & Brass
Counter Top "Salter’s Egg Weigher" Scale No. 11E Made in England - Antique Chrome "Appolo"
Gent’s Shaving Stand with round bevel glass mirror - As a Lot.

220-M-23.--- Antique Cast Iron "Shoe Last " .

220-M-24.--- Antique Black Plastic Wall Mount Telephone, "Call Central " with RCVR.

220-M-25.--- Antique Brown Plastic Cased "Philco Tropical" Mantel Radio , Model 3213 , 9" X 14" ,
with London, Japan ,Panama , Hawaii etc on Radio Dial !

220-M-25-A.- Large Antique Walnut Cased " Phillips" Mantel Radio , with "Japan - Moscow , etc" on
the Dial .

220-M-26.--- Large Antique Walnut Cased "Arcadia" Mantel Radio , Series MB1-4616 , with
"McLeod’s Store Tag .

220-M-27.--- Lot of Two Items : Antique Oak Cased Small Ringer Box for Telephone - Antique

Black Cased Desk Telephone by "Pit" Made in Holland w / RCVR , As a Lot.

220-M-28.--- Antique Style Wrought Iron Music Stand - Painted in Cream Tone .

220-M-29.--- Antique Style Wrought Iron Music Stand - Painted in Cream Tone .

220-M-30.--- Two Antique Style Pictures of " Old Time Gent Golfing" {so much x-2}

220-N-1.--- Bag lot: (4) full green plastic boxes of .38 spl. wad cutter reloads.

220-N-2.-- Bag lot: (62) .12 ga. shotshells & (5) slugs.

220-N-3.-- Bag lot: (100) rounds 7.62 factory ammo and (7) rounds .308 ammo.

220-N-4.-- Bag lot: (62) rounds factory .33 ammo.

220-N-5.-- Bag Lot: (200) rounds Winchester factory .38 spl. ammo.

220-N-6.-- Bag Lot: (72) rounds Federal factory .30/30 ammo.

220-N-7.-- Bag Lot: (78) rounds factory .303 British ammo.

220-N-8.-- Bag Lot: (226) rounds Rem. factory .38 spl. ammo.

220-N-9.-- Bag Lot: Bauer Bros. brown leather pistol holster, a 5-shot, .303 Lee- Enfield clip, shotgun
and rifle cleaning kit.

220-N-10.-- Green .12 ga. shotgun metal ammo case, black vinyl rifle case, & zippered pistol case.
220-N-11.-- Small metal gun cabinet w/2 keys.

220-N-13.--- Bag lot: 9 & a part boxes, (50-rnds. each), Hornady, 17-HMR cal. RF ammo.

220-N-14.--- Bag lot: Approx. 500-rnds. Federal .22LR ammo., approx. 250 rnds. Imperial .22 LR
ammo, 1-box PMC, 1-box CIL Stinger, & 1-box. American Eagle .22 LR ammo.

220-N-16.--- Bag lot: 1-full brick (500-rnds) Imperial .22 LR Mushroom ammo, 1-full brick (500-
rnds), .22 LR, Win., 75th Anniv. Comm. Boy Scouts Of America ammo.

220-N-17.--- Bag lot: 4-boxes Metaka, (15 rnds each), 7.7 ammo., 2-boxes, Metaka, (15-rnds each) 7.2

220-N-18.--- Bag lot: 1-box Win. .30/06, 1-box Federal .30/06, 38-rnds. Dom. .30/06, & 20-rnds.
.30/06 Ball ammo.

220-N-19.--- Bag lot: 1-.12 ga. & 3-.30 cal. cleaning rods.

220-N-20.--- Bag lot: 2-boxes (48-rnds. each) .303 Milt. ammo., 17-rnds. 7mm Rem. mag. ammo, + 29
brass in green plastic case.

220-N-21.--- Bag lot: Hornady, 7mm Wby. mag. 2-die set, 3-bags (approx. 350)-9mm brass.

220-N-22.--- Bag lot: 6-Big Buck game bags, in bags.

220-N-23.--- Box lot: Nimrod, reloading press w/accessories, in orig. box, w/instructions.

220-N-24.--- Bag lot: RCBS, .455 3-die set, & box Dom. .455 Colt ammo. (50-rnds) + a few brass.

220-N-25.--- Bag lot: 2-Master trigger locks w/keys, 1-Bellock, trigger lock w/keys, & 2-H&R action
locks w/keys.

220-N-26.--- Box lot: .12 ga. wads, (plastic & fiber), & 10-lb. Super Sam’s steel shot, #2.

220-N-27.--- Bag lot: 1-box Win., .30/06, + 2-loose rnds, 1-box Win. High Brass .410 ga. 3" shot-
shells, & a small bag .38 S&W brass.

220-P1.--- Hoppes, foam lined, hard plastic rifle case.

220-P2.--- Hoppes, foam lined, hard plastic rifle case.

220-P-3.--- Kolpin, foam lined hard plastic rifle case.

220-P-4.--- Fieldlocker, foam lined, hard plastic rifle case.

220-P-5.--- 5-various, padded, zippered, rifle cases.

220-P-6.--- Heavy leather saddle rifle scabbard & fringed, fleece lined rifle scabbard.

220-P-7.--- Antique, fitted leather luggage style shotgun case w/W.W.Greener label, & containing
pull-thru, & a wooden 3-pce. cleaning rod. [has brass plate reading T.D. Lee.]

220-P-8.--- Bag lot of antique, shotgun loading tools etc incl. a bullet mold.

220-P-9.--- 16-wooden arrows in a box, & a wooden bow by Alco.

220-P-10.--- Lot, 3-boxes: (1-full box clay pigeons, 2-part boxes,& a trap thrower.)

220-P-11.--- Lot, MEC progressive shot-shell loader w/2-bars, 2-bottles, & 2-trays of parts.

220-P-12.--- Lot: 8-boxes, Rem. .12 ga., 2 3/4", # 7 ½ shot, shot-shells.

220-P-13.--- Lot: 3-boxes, Canuck. .12 ga., 2 3/4", # 5 shot, shot-shells, 3-boxes Imperial .12 ga. 2
3/4", var. shot, & 2-boxes Win., .12ga., 1-box.16 ga., 1-part Rem..12 ga. & 3-boxes .12 ga. reloads &
some loose .12 ga.

220-P-14.--- Box lot: 1 ½ gun blue, kits, cotton balls, swabs on hooks, gauze, cleaning kit, stock
finishing kit, new gun blue kit, wooden cleaning rod, etc.

220-P-15.--- Box lot: bags of .12 ga. wads & hulls.

220-P-16.--- Box lot: 10-Various part boxes shot-shells, in .12, .16, & .410 ga., 2-shot-shell belts, & 1-
rifle ctg. belt.

220-P-17.--- Box lot: Empty shot-shell boxes, 2-flourescent hunting caps, 2-shot-shell canvas vests, a
Lugger trail belt w/canteen & other pouches.

220-P-18.--- Bag lot: Large Russell belt knife in homemade case, well used Solingen hunting knife

220-P-19.--- Bag lot: 1-Irish hunting knife & 1-PAL hunting knife, (no sheaths) game bird carrier, &
3-Sheffield pocket knives.

220-P-20.--- Bag lot: Leather possibles bag w/compass, match holder, hone, mints, bell, wire,
emergency blanket, bandages, fishing line & hooks, small knife, etc. plus: a leather pouch w/survival
items, + rubber gloves, duck-call, hatchet, & pocket knife.

220-P-21.--- Box lot: Misc. brass & ammo, bullets, primers, (.30/30, .270, .303, .32 spl., 6.5, etc.

220-P-22.--- Bag lot: 2-Hunter shot-shell pouches, De-accelerator recoil pad, Tasco 4x15 scope, rings,
wad cutter punch, ba of .410 hulls, etc.

220-P-23.--- Large green aluminum hunting stand.

220-P-24.--- Field Locker, hard plastic rifle case.

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