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					     HG Genuine                                            GPON Triplexer Assembly
GPON Triplexer
   Operation at1310nm/1490nm/1550 nm
   High power output of 1310nm transmitter
   with uncooled DFB LD suitable for data rates
   up to 1.25Gbps
   The 1490nm receiver with APD/TIA for data
   rate up to 2.5Gbps
   Single mode fiber pigtailed with SC/APC
   connector compliant GR326 standard
  -40 ~+8      case operating temperature range

Applications                                               Description
                                                           Triplexer is a three-port optical sub-assembly
  FTTx networks over GPON
                                                           designed for full-duplex digital communication over
                                                           a single fiber with an additional analog video
                                                           receiver. It’s a basic component for the FTTH
                                                           system, which can transmit CATV and voice/data
                                                           signals at the same time on a single fiber.1310nm
                                                           wavelength light is used for transmitting burst
                                                           mode signals from user’s side to a central office.
                                                           On the other hand, analog and digital signals are
                                                           transmitted from the central office to the user’s side
                                                           with 1550nm and 1490nm light respectively. The
                                                           transmitter section use a 1310nm DFB laser while
                                                           the digital receiver section use a 1490nm APD/TIA
                                                           and the analog receiver use 1550nm PIN for
Absolute Maximum Ratings

                Paramet                  Symbol Unit                 Min                  Max
    Storage Temperature Range              Ts                         -40                   85
          Relative Humidity                RH          %               -                    95
       Power Supply Voltage                Vcc                       3.05                  3.55
      Lead solder temperature               -                          -                   260
        Lead solder duration                -          S               -                    10
         Fiber yield strength               -          kgf             -                    1
          Fiber bend radius                 -          mm             30                    -
    Laser Diode Reverse Voltage           VRL          V               -                    2
    Laser Diode Forward Current            IFL         mA              -                   100
        MPD Reverse Voltage               VRM          V               -                    15
        MPD Forward Current               IFM          mA              -                    2
        APD Reverse Voltage               VRP          V
        APD Forward Current                IFP         mA              -                    4
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      HG Genuine                                           GPON Triplexer Assembly
Specifications ( T=25°C, unless otherwise noted)

           Parameter                Symbol    Unit      Min       Typ      Max             Test condition
                              Transmitter: LD & MPD Electro-Optical Characteristics
        Wavelength range              λp       nm       1270      1310     1340           CW, Tc=-40~85
        Threshold Current             Ith      mA                  10       20                   CW
      Optical Output Power            Po      mW         1.5        2        4              Ith+20mA
         Spectral Width               ∆λ       nm                            1                 -20dB
        Operating Voltage            Vop        V                  1.1      1.6             Ith+20mA
   Side mode suppression ratio      SMSR       dB        30                               CW, Tc=-40~85
         Monitor Current              Im       µA        50                1000             Ith+20mA
      Monitor Dark Current            Id       nA                           10                   -5V
         Rise/Fall Time              Tr/f      ns                         0.125             10%~90%
         Tracking Error              ∆Pf       dB       -1.5                1.5             -40~85
                          Receiver: Analog PIN photodiode Electro-Optical Characteristics
        Wavelength range              λp       nm       1550      1555     1560                  CW
          Responsivity                 R      A/W       0.90      0.95                  @1550nm,-40~+85
          Dark Current                Id       nA                            5                  -15V
   2nd Order Intermodulation
           Distortion               IM2        dBc                        -70
                            Receiver: Digital APD-TIA Electro-Optical Characteristics
       Wavelength range              λp         nm     1480     1490     1500                  CW
       Optical Sensitivity            S        dBm               -31      -29 -40~85        2.5Gb/s, BER≤10-12
     Saturating Input Power         Psat       dBm      -8
     Output Voltage(+3.3V)          Vcc          V     3.05      3.3     3.55
   Breakdown voltage (APD)         VBR           V      30                50                Id=10uA
   1310nm/1550nm Isolation         ISO1         dB                        -40
   1310nm/1490nm Isolation         ISO2         dB                        -40
   1490nm/1550nm Isolation        ISO2-1        dB                        -30
   1550nm/1490nm Isolation        ISO1-2        dB                        -30
   1310nm/1550nm Crosstalk          Crt1        dB                        -40
   1310nm/1490nm Crosstalk          Crt2        dB                        -40

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     HG Genuine                                         GPON Triplexer Assembly

All dimensions are ±0.1mm unless otherwise specified.    (unit:mm).


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       HG Genuine                                               GPON Triplexer Assembly
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Description: GPON (Gigabit-Capable PON) technology is based on ITU-TG.984.x standard integrated the latest generation of broadband passive optical access standard, high-bandwidth, high efficiency, large coverage, rich user interface and many other advantages, by large most operators as to achieve broadband access network business, comprehensive transformation of the ideal technology. Organized by the FSAN GPON first presented in September 2002, ITU-T on this basis, in March 2003 completed the ITU-T G.984.1 and G.984.2 development, in February 2004 and was completed in June G. 984.3 standardization. And ultimately the formation of a family of GPON standard.