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					          Tale of a
    Midnight Scrapbooker
                Author unknown
                                                       Directions to            Scrapbooking
                                                      Camp Fairwood
      It’s nine o’clock, the baby’s in bed,
       “Let’s go also,” my husband said.
   “That sounds great!” in a hug we engage.
  “Just give me 10 minutes, I’ll finish a page!”
       Thirty go by, my border’s complete;                                       Thursday - Saturday,
    I layout my pictures so nice and so neat.
   I add paper for color and a sticker or two.
                                                                                 March, 4, 5 & 6, 2010
   How about a die cut, now that should do!

      But then an idea pops into my head -
        One more page, then off to bed!
         I glance at the clock, it’s 11:09!
           This is it, I’ll draw the line.

But my fingers keep cutting - the ideas are pouring;
   From the back room, I can hear the snoring!
  I look back at my work, I’ve done quite a bit.
       It’s midnight now - and time to quit.

   I clean up my desk and turn off the light,
 put my book on the shelf - ‘til tomorrow night!

                                                         Camp Fairwood
                                                       W7905 S. Pleasant Rd.
                                                        Westfield, WI 53964
 Those who bring a first time camper to the
        Ladies Scrapbooking Retreat                          608-296-2801
   will receive a $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE        
    to spend at the Creative Memories         
          table while at the retreat.
          Ladies, this retreat is your opportunity to get together with friends in a
       relaxing setting to enjoy working on your projects. Bring your scrapbooking
                                                                                                                            Scrapbooking Retreat
       materials, stamping or other projects, and spend uninterrupted time in pure
                  accomplishment. Space is limited. Please register soon!                                                             Registration Form

                               ✎ Uninterrupted time to complete
                                                                      Schedule                                              Name: __________________________________
What To Bring Activities

                                                                                                                            Mailing Address: __________________________
                                 your project!
                               ✎ Wonderful fellowship with friends
                                                                     Thursday, March 4                                      City/St/Zip: ______________________________
                                                                      Arrive any time after 1:00 p.m.
                               ✎ Devotional                           Scrapbooking              All afternoon!
                                                                                                                            Phone: __________________________________
                               ✎ Demonstrations                       Supper                     6:00 p.m.
                               ✎ Excellent Food!                      Crop Time                  7:00                       Email: ___________________________________
                                                                      Snacks Provided            9:00
                                                                      More Scrapbooking                                     Church: __________________________________
                               ✄ The primary focus of this
                                 retreat will be scrapbooking,
                                                                     Friday, March 5                                        I would like to be in a cabin with (give one):
                                 but you are welcome to               Breakfast for those who stayed overnight
                                                                      Arrive any time after 9:30 a.m.                       _____________________________________
                                 bring whatever project
                                                                      Scrapbooking              All morning!
                                 on which you are working.
                                 Grommeting hammers may               Lunch                      12:30 p.m.                 2010 Spring Retreat Fees
                                 be used outside.                     Scrapbooking              All afternoon!              Those who bring a first time camper to the
                                                                      Supper                      6:00                      Ladies Scrapbooking Retreat will receive a
                               ✄ Scrapbooking materials               Crop Time                   7:00                      $10 gift certificate to spend at the Creative
                               ✄ Bible and pen                        Snacks Provided             9:00                      Memories table while at the retreat.
                               ✄ Warm clothes                         More Scrapbooking
                               ✄ Bedding for bunks                   Saturday, March 6                                      Please mark appropriate Circle
                                                                      Light breakfast snacks available for early risers
                                                                      Breakfast                   8:30                      o
                            Retreat Fees                              Devotional                  9:00
                                                                                                                                  Thursday afternoon through Saturday -
                                                                                                                                  $84.00 per person (2 nights and 6 meals)
                                  THREE OPTIONS:                      Demonstration               9:30
                                                                      Crop Time                 10:00
                  Thursday afternoon through Saturday
                                                                      Lunch                     12:30                       o     Friday morning through Saturday -
                 $84.00 per person (2 nights and 6 meals)                                                                         $59.00 per person (1 night and 4 meals)
                                                                      Demonstration               1:15
                     Friday morning through Saturday                  Crop Time                   1:45 - ?
                   $59.00 per person (1 night and 4 meals)            Depart at your leisure                                o     Friday evening through Sataturday -
                        arrive any time after 9:30 a.m.
                                                                                                                                  $45.00 per person (1 night and 3 meals)
                     Friday evening through Saturday
                   $45.00 per person (1 night and 3 meals)
                                                                                                   Facilitator              Amount paid with preregistration:
                       arrive any time after 3:30 p.m.                                           Jeaneen Dau, a Creative
                                                                                                 Memories Consultant              $_________
               A $25.00 nonrefundable deposit to
                                                                                                 will give demonstrations
            “Camp Fairwood” (deducted from total fee)                                            and be available to help
                  must accompany this form.                                                                                 Amount due upon arrival:
                                                                                                 with your projects. She
                           Please mail deposit and form by:                                      will also have products
                               Friday, February 26, 2010                                         available for purchase.          $_________
                                                                                                                                A confirmation notice will be given to all who register.