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									Scrapbooking Made Easy

     Sally’s Scrapbooking
   Brian and Sally DiQuattro
    Steps to Successful Scrapbooking
•   Get a good quality camera
•   Take quality pictures
•   Organize your prints
•   Buy quality supplies to last generations
•   Buy creative supplies
•   Visit our store displays
      Features of Good Camera
•   35mm
•   Automatic focus and exposure
•   Manual override
•   Flash attachment
•   Filters and lens attachments
    – UV filter
    – Circular polarizer filter
       Taking Quality Pictures
• Use top-brand film
• Include people in most pictures
• Don’t always pose your subjects
• Get closer to subjects
• Get closeups of faces signs, plaques, direction
  markers, maps
• Take pictures in all types of lighting
• Take more pictures than you’ll use
• Keep a photo notebook
        Organize Your Prints
• Set up a filing system
• Categorize your prints
• Include on back of every print
  – Date and time
  – Location
  – Names of subjects
  – Description
          Buy Quality Supplies
•   Acid-free paper
•   Permanent ink pens
•   UV protective plastic covers
•   Long-lasting glues
       Buy Creative Supplies
• Several lettering stencils
• Attractive scrapbooking paper
• Variety of stickers and die cuts
       Visit Our Store Displays
•   Many sample scrapbook pages
•   Several complete scrapbooks
•   Large selection of supplies
•   Everything you need except the pictures!
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