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					          CMRA Bollington RTM Company Ltd
Update Number 7                                                                      May 2009

The second Annual General Meeting (AGM) of our company took place on Tuesday 21st
April, at the Village Hall in Prestbury.

A total of 20 people attended on the night - made up of members, the management team and
new residents to the Mill. Apologies had been formally received from a further 11 members
prior to the meeting. Thank you to all those who gave up their time to attend.

The minutes of the AGM - the Directors’ reports and full details of the resolutions passed on
the night are provided in the first section of this newsletter, which also includes an update on:

         Site plans in progress - 2009
         CMRA web-site
         Membership of the company
         Revised contact details for the team.

This year’s was a particularly full meeting, with many questions raised – all of these have
been detailed in the appendix to this paper. We hope you will take time to read through the
content in the newsletter and remain informed on important matters that affect all of those
living or owning property at the Mill.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns you wish to raise please contact one of the
management team - our details can be found on page 11.

Jo Stoneman
Director and Company Secretary
CMRA Bollington RTM Co Ltd
                                 CMRA Bollington RTM Company Ltd

                           Annual General Meeting - 21st April 2008


The Annual General Meeting of the company took place at Prestbury Village Hall at 7pm,
on Tuesday 21st April 2009, and was attended by:

John Wood             Sue Wood                 Gillian Garner
Jo Stoneman           Paula Giffney            Michael Garner
Roger Fowler          Richard Giffney          Anna Bowden
Allen Ford            Pam Turnbull             David Bowden
                      Peter Hobbs              Victoria Heathcote
                      Lilian Hobbs             Chris Heathcote
                      Phil Fletcher            Jim Crook
                      Anne Cain                Joyce Crook.


   1. Welcome, apologies for absence and format of meeting

   2. To approve and adopt the Minutes of the first AGM held on 3rd April 2008

   3. Chairman’s Report

   4. Property & Financial Director’s Report

   5. Resolution to approve and adopt the financial accounts for the year ending 31st
      December 2008

   6. Resolution to re-appoint a serving Director;
      In accordance with the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
      Mr R O Fowler retires by rotation and has offered to stand for re-election for a further
      term. The retiring director is recommended for reappointment by the remaining directors

       Note: Mr W A Attwell retired voluntarily during 2008 for personal reasons and the Board
       thank him for his valuable services to the company since its inauguration.
       It is not currently the Board’s intention to appoint a fourth director in his place.

   7. Resolution to appoint Booth Ainsworth & Co accountants

   8. Resolution to agree the Directors’ remuneration

   9. Any other business

   10. Close of meeting.

   Post meeting business: Report on the working sub-committee members 2008/09.


1) Welcome and Introduction

Jo Stoneman thanked and welcomed those present to the meeting, outlined the format for the
evening and passed on apologies received from the following members:

Derek and Mary Schofield, David Young, Ivor Abadi, Colin and Kathleen Geary, Craig Bartlett and
Karen Jones, Ian and Ann Fraser, Gareth and Ann Davies, Charles Chruszcz, Andrew and Elaine
Magson, Steve Dean, and Matt Walker.

Proxy Forms representing 10 apartments were also confirmed as received from absent members.

2) To approve and adopt the Minutes of the first AGM held on 3rd April 2008

JS indicated copies of the minutes from the last meeting were available for review if required. No
amendments or additions were requested by the members present.

The Resolution was proposed by Peter Hobbs, seconded by Phil Fletcher and carried

3) Chairman’s Report

John Wood welcomed the members.

Before going on to deliver an outline of key achievements for the previous 12 months, John
reinforced the responsibilities of the company and directors to its members - the apartment
owners, as some confusion over our role has been evident on occasions.

The primary functions of CMRA Bollington RTM Co Ltd and its directors are to manage delivery of
residential services within Clarence Mill and to manage the service charge funds paid by
apartment owners on behalf of all residents. There are, however, a number of other matters and
issues which the team have addressed or are attempting to resolve outside of this remit, and
Roger will touch on these later in his report.

Note: Questions were raised by members following both directors’ report. For ease of reading,
these are collated in Appendix A at the back of this Newsletter.

Key achievements over last 12 months

    o   Completion of the 4th Floor refurbishment in Q2 last year, including re-painting and new
        carpeting across the atrium upper level. The contractors used for both carpet tiles and
        decoration have agreed to keep their costs fixed at the same price in 2009 for the lower
        level of the atrium, and the second phase of work is now well underway on level 2.
   o    Further enhancement to the west end entrance, with the installation of a more secure front
        door, and an inner door to retain warmth in the reception area.
   o    Installation of the security systems - CCTV and electronic key fobs, continues to deliver
        improved security within the Mill, enabling resolution of a number of incidents with swift
        identification of those responsible for inappropriate behaviour. Deactivation of fobs also
        ensures we retain full control over ex-tenants and those people no longer authorised to
        enter the building.
   o    A complete overhaul of the emergency lighting system and related circuits throughout the
        residential areas is now complete.


A key objective is to make every effort to maintain quality service contractors at a cost effective
    o In 2009 the number of window cleans will increase from 4 to 5 per annum. A favourable
       rate has been agreed with the firm providing the plant equipment necessary to access all
       residential windows, and working in conjunction with our sub-contractor Martin MacKenzie
       a thorough job is now undertaken.

   o   Our contract with the original company responsible for carrying out lift repairs and
       maintenance was terminated in December last year, due to dissatisfaction with their level
       of service following a significant and reportedly un-repairable break down in Q4. In
       January 2009 a contract was put in place with a new company - CJ Engineering, who to
       date have proved highly competent and proactive in their role, and with a cost saving of
       over £400 per annum on the original supplier.
   o   Responsible for all internal cleaning of the residential areas, Paula Gibney is now
       contracted directly to CMRA, cutting out the original company contract with a third party.
       Paula currently undertakes 32 hours cleaning at the Mill per week, and has proved a hard
       working and reliable replacement.
   o   A new sub-committee team was put in place in 2008, and a report of their achievements
       over the last 12 months will follow later in the meeting.

John concluded his report by thanking his fellow directors for their input and support, particularly
since Bill’s resignation last year and the increase in workload. JW then handed over to Roger

4) Property & Financial Director’s Report

In delivering his reports, RF updated the members on property development issues, our financial
position at year end, collection of outstanding debt, relationships with our Landlords and
management of troublesome tenants:

Property and Development Issues

   o   Developers’ breach of Planning Conditions; Liabilities should soon be completed to
       comply with planning conditions. These include the canal footbridge and the Clarence
       Road/Terrace footpath. Agreement has been reached on the route of the extended
       footpath with the Highways Agency, whilst work will shortly commence on the construction
       of a bridge crossing the water where the canal bends opposite the chimney. Successful
       completion of these projects to current timescales will remove any potential financial
       liability on apartment owners.

   o   Roof defects; RF updated members on this issue, and the findings of the engineer
       appointed by Miller Homes (MH) to investigate the reason for rainwater leaking into a
       number of apartments. This was found to be due to the building contractors having either
       unknowingly or irresponsibly converted some of the Mill’s original internal drain water
       pipes into apartment toilet vents, meaning there are now inadequate roof drains to cope
       with the amount of water running off the roof in heavy rain, resulting in gutters overflowing
       and backfilling under the roof slates and felt into some apartments. Since those
       converted internal pipes cannot be returned to their former use, additional external down
       pipes will have to be installed. MH are hoping to complete this work during the summer
       months subject to resolving access issues (referred to below) with the Clarence Mill

   o   The original contractors, Nuttalls, have since been taken over by Stewart Milne Aberdeen
       who have failed to respond to MH’ letters of complaint. Since Nuttalls have the ultimate
       responsibility for these - and other, serious defects, and due to working relationship
       difficulties with the Clarence Mill freeholder, MH are having to take legal advice as to how
       the matter can be resolved. This problem impacts on those of you who have been waiting
       for MH to attend to individual apartment water leaks and associated damage, but since
       the roof repairs are an essential prerequisite, these consequential repairs will have to
       await resolution of the roof drainage system.

   o   MH did arrange for interim repair work to be undertaken in certain apartments on the week
       commencing 5th January this year, but due to the intervention of the Clarence Mill
       freeholder denying access to the contractors, the work had to be postponed. We are not
       privy to all the circumstances surrounding the contractual and legal differences between
       our freeholder and MH but RF has been informed by MH that they are determined to
       resolve the matter, effect all repair work committed to earlier and also complete and sell
       the 10 remaining unsold apartments.

       We, MH and the affected owners are all very frustrated by the delays and lack of progress,
       but we hope you will appreciate from this that these matters are totally outside our control
       or area of responsibility. However we will keep you informed, while Roger is regularly
       keeping in touch with MH on the situation.

   o   Car park; investigations into the car park surface delamination/contamination from
       concrete erosion have established the final mix of concrete was believed to be
       substandard but yet again this is another issue MH are attempting to address with Stewart
       Milne and the freeholder - the owner of the car park. The total costs of this, roof drainage
       and other works undertaken in good faith, such as the recent external landscaping by MH,
       will eventually have to be recovered from Nuttalls through the Stewart Milne Group, and it
       is expected that serious litigation will result - fortunately without any cost liability falling on
       us or any owners.

   o   External cleaning/gardens; a number of owners expressed concern over the lack of
       proper maintenance/cleaning and tending to lawns, shrubs and plants on site. RF
       explained that all these matters fall to Clarence Mill Ltd freeholders whose director,
       Rupert Beckwith-Moore (RBM) remains reluctant to work with us to resolve maintenance
       issues or address basic requirements such as lighting/gardening/refuse storage - facilities
       which commercial and domestic residents all have to share. JW and Allen Ford have tried
       many times to work proactively with RBM and his team, but with little success and despite
       our willingness to share some of the financial costs. With this current ‘stalemate’ we have
       no choice but to focus on those residential matters and improvements within the building
       that we can influence.

Post meeting note: Peter Hobbs and Steve Dean have since volunteered to manage mowing the
three grass areas on site, and we have agreed to purchase a new lawn-mower.

Financial Report and Legal Issues

Review of Accounts; RF provided a high level overview of the company’s financial performance
to the year ending December 2008, explaining terms and figures and focusing in more detail on
specific income and expenditure for 2008 v 2007. RF stated that we were pleased to report
another good working profit for the year, albeit at a lower rate than the previous year, as we
always knew and had pointed out at last year’s AGM that the substantial savings we initially made
on taking over the management could not be repeated again at the same level. Nevertheless the
2008 accounts reflected a good overall result. Other points covered by RF were:

   o   Reserve Fund; RF confirmed the company reserves were now in a new separate Special
       Reserve account with effect from this month, alongside our current and deposit accounts
       at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Wilmslow. £14,000 has been set aside in this account -
       the total of funds budgeted for over 2007/2008. This year’s allocation to the fund, subject
       to spend within budget, will be a further £8,000.
   o   Copies of the official accounts for last year, compiled by our accountants Booth
       Ainsworth, were distributed to all owners ahead of the AGM. Further copies are available
       on request, and any specific questions on the accounts, from members, can be directed to
       Roger (contact details on page 11).

Service Charge Collection and Recovery of Arrears

RF outlined income from service charges and recovery of arrears, with a comparison against
budget. Most debts have been fully recovered, although not all by the year end;

   o   Legal Claims have been issued against 4 owners in 2008, and Judgements issued - 3 of
       these have subsequently resulted in possession orders.
   o   In total, 16 apartments are now being repossessed as a result of some of the original
       offsite ‘Buy to Let’ owners falling into debt and failing to support mortgage payments.
   o   No on site residential owner/occupiers have been thus affected.

Clarence Mill Ltd - Freeholders

As detailed earlier in the report, a difficult relationship remains with the uncooperative director of
the freeholders Clarence Mill Ltd. A legal dispute regarding an electricity supply for all shared
external lighting remains unresolved, and for the time being residential owners continue to pay
the full cost of the power supply to this lighting and the fire safety systems on site. RF is
investigating further our potential legal remedies here.

RF highlighted the current issue with the obnoxious odours emanating from the shaft below the
large lift in main reception. This is apparently due to a cracked sewage pipe serving the
commercial units adjacent to the main residential entrance. Joyce Crook has been instrumental
in escalating this issue with Clarence Mill Ltd and the Cheshire East Environmental Health Dept,
and provided a further update to the group;
    o arrangements had been made by the CEEHD with freeholders Clarence Mill Ltd to
         unblock 3 drains on canal side on the 14 April, to clear effluent running into the lift shaft
         and investigate the source of the damaged outlet pipe
    o it was later confirmed that work was scheduled for 22 April, to pump out the effluent from
         the lift shaft and carry out further investigation.

CMRA will continue to monitor progress - many thanks to Joyce for her efforts and good progress
on this to date.

Troublesome Tenants

RF reported on a number of issues we have had to deal with in relation to a few problem tenants
living in rented apartments. The directors are looking to better control and eradicate the problems
     o working with local letting agents to communicate Mill policy and restrict access to the
         building, by agents, through a more formal arrangement
     o publication of Landlord/Tenant responsibilities to all owner/landlords living off-site
     o stressing importance of Landlords notifying CMRA when tenants leave/change over
     o continued control of bad behaviour and the ultimate eviction of troublesome tenants
         supported by the CCTV and access system’s evidence, and the co-operation of their off
         site letting owners
     o expansion of the current CCTV system (covered later).

RF concluded his report by thanking the group for their attention, and for the continued support of
his fellow directors, our members, Allen Ford - Concierge and the Sub-Committee team.

5) Resolution to approve and adopt the financial accounts for the year ending 31st Dec 2008

RF followed his report by seeking approval and adoption of the Financial Accounts for 2008,
published to all members on the 26th March 2009.

The resolution was proposed by Phil Fletcher and seconded by David Bowden. 13 members
voted for the Resolution with 2 abstentions and none against.

6) Resolution to re-appoint a serving Director

In accordance with the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association Mr R O Fowler
retired by rotation and offered to stand for re-election for a further term. The retiring director was
recommended for reappointment by the remaining directors.

The resolution was proposed by Phil Fletcher, seconded by Lilian Hobbs and carried unanimously,
with no abstentions.

7) Resolution to re-appoint Booth Ainsworth & Co Accountants

Roger Fowler recapped on the continued strong performance and value for money of our
accountants in our second year, and recommended their re-appointment.

The resolution was therefore proposed by Roger Fowler, seconded by David Bowden, and
passed unanimously with no abstentions.
8) Resolution to agree the Directors’ remuneration

Roger Fowler recapped on the arrangement for director’s nominal fee based remuneration over
2008/2009 and proposed the members consider a modest increase of the annual fee paid to each
director – 4% in line with 2008 inflation, for 2009/2010.

JS also asked Peter Hobbs at this point to raise a separate suggestion, put forward prior to the
meeting by PDH and Charles Chruszcz, on an increase to Roger Fowler’s fee in recognition of his
increased responsibility since taking on the additional role of Financial Director in May 2008.

RF proposed that the directors adjourn from the meeting whilst the Members took time to consider
the resolution, and in their absence the discussions were overseen by Peter Hobbs. The
Members put forward the following proposals:

   o   an increase of each director’s annual fee by 4% to £1622.40 net of tax and NI
   o   Roger Fowler’s annual fee to be increased by the addition of the retired previous Financial
       Director’s fees to £3244.80 net of tax and NI - in recognition of his increased level of
       responsibilities and value of the skills and experience brought to the company.

The resolutions were proposed by Phil Fletcher and seconded by Anna Bowden. The members
voted unanimously with no abstentions.

The directors warmly thanked the members for their support in this proposal. RF raised some
objection to his own increase by suggesting, on the grounds of fairness to his Board colleagues
that the retired director’s fee should be split between the three, JS - on behalf of her and John
Wood, refused the idea and RF’s considerable contribution was reinforced by JS on behalf of the
Chairman and all other owners. Seeing that further argument was futile, Roger sincerely thanked
the members and his board colleagues for their generous gesture.

Post meeting note:

In line with the increase made to the directors’ fees, Allen Ford’s salary will also increase by 4%
with effect from the 1st May 2009.

9) Any other business

This stage of the meeting was given over for questions that had not been covered off in the formal
agenda. Those questions have been added to the list in Appendix A.


Phil Fletcher questioned the possibility of additional cameras being situated in the building,
specifically the atrium area. JW confirmed that an additional camera and increased coverage
over all 3 entrance doors at the Concierge’s desk is planned and part of the budget for 2H 2009.
Further discussion followed around the best location for the additional camera, and it was agreed
that consultation with the local constabulary would be beneficial. Options will be considered and
communicated to residents by Q4.

JW raised an important point on residents being more aware of those people around them when
entering or leaving the building. Whilst it is recognised that is only courteous to hold open the
main door for people behind us, we cannot assume these are genuine owners or visitors to the
Mill. If not recognised, they should contact the apartment they are calling at via the intercom
system on the main door. John went on to cite a recent incident where a female on the premises
was attacked by an intruder who had gained access to the building by ‘tailgating’ a polite resident
who held open the door. This incident was clearly picked up on CCTV and the owner of the
apartment being visited has been informed.

Since the AGM a notice has been posted to all residents and owners reiterating the importance of
security on site.

10) Close

The Chairman closed the formal section of the meeting and thanked all attendees for their time
and support. John went on to introduce a post-agenda item - the achievements of the sub-
committee team during the last 12 months. These include:

      Car Park; regular sweeping, cleaning and replacing lights
      Entrance ways; pressure washing the stone floors
      Emergency lights; replacement and repair
      Ceiling Tiles; replacement of damaged and dirty tiles
      Atrium; removal of pebbles to accommodate new stone flooring
      Windows; cleaning entrance windows on canal side
      Gullies and Drainage traps; cleaning on canal side
      Dustbin storage; cleaning and organising
      Fire Alarm activations; being on call.

The team, made up of four owners who work on a voluntary basis, work with Allen Ford to
oversee and carry out these ad hoc repairs and improvements to the Mill, in agreement with John
Wood. The sub-committee are also in place to gain feedback and escalate concerns from other
owners and gauge opinion and input to new developments, such as décor and practical ideas.
Their contact details can be found on the back page.

Many thanks to Jim Crook, Phil Fletcher, Matthew Walker and Steve Dean, from all the owners.

Post meeting notes:

Peter Hobbs proposed a vote of thanks to the sub-committee team, for all their good efforts which
often go unseen by the other residents.

Since the time of the AGM, Jim Crook has tendered his resignation from the sub-committee. The
directors would like to express sincere thanks for the good work undertaken by Jim over the last
year, which is greatly appreciated by us and the other residents.

The meeting closed at 9:20pm.
Minutes recorded by Jo Stoneman.


Site plans - 2009

One of the main objectives of the management team is to ensure a balance between continuing to
build a robust reserve fund, whilst at the same time prioritising improvements to the common
areas of the building that can be enjoyed by all residents. Detailed below are three key projects
we shall continue to progress this year.

Redecoration and Refurbishment

Work is well underway on the second phase of the refurbishment programme. Painting has
finished on level 2 of the atrium, and replacement of the small stones in the central area with
Indian stone completes in May. The synthetic palm trees* are to be replaced with tall bamboo
and other live tropical plants once the flooring is in place. Subjects to funds, a new, larger water
feature and some seating will be added during the second half of the year.

* John auctioned the three palm trees on eBay last month, which sold for £366 – these funds will
  be put toward the cost of the new plants and pots.

Being the first phase of the Mill’s residential conversion to be completed, and with heavier footfall,
the atrium has taken priority in its refurbishment and will complete in 2009. Subject to funds,
phase 3 of the programme extends to the long corridor legs – levels 1 and 3, from Q2 2010.


Budget is allocated to this important facility each year. In 2009, we shall be extending our new
CCTV system to include a camera in the atrium area. We shall also enhance the coverage and
visibility of camera sites for the Concierge and install a monitoring screen in the main reception
area. This will include installation of a new, more secure desk to accommodate the system’s
laptop computer.


As advised last year, we want to ensure that all owners, tenants and new comers to the Mill are
able to access information about the Mill and CMRA quickly and simply. Plans for our own CMRA
website are well underway and we aim to have a basic service up and running by Q4.

Whilst paper copies of newsletters and important notices would still be posted on our notice
boards, the majority of our members have access to a PC. Benefits of managing our own website
would be easy access to information for any resident or potential buyer and a reduction in printing
and posting of newsletters and notices (and therefore cost). Examples of the information we will
be providing on the site would be:

    o   CMRA welcome pack for new owners
    o   Site policy - fire procedure, security, car parking, refuse etc.
    o   Financial accounts and budget information
    o   Newsletters and minutes of AGMs/EGMs
    o   Contact points for the team, sub-committee and accountants
    o   Letting and Sales opportunities
    o   Landlord/Tenancy policy
    o   Advert section for our regular suppliers [small fee paid to the company]
    o   Members can advertise items for sale [free of charge].

We have identified two web design consultants who have provided ideas on how our site could
look, costs of setting up and on-going maintenance. We aim to take these forward in more detail
in July. In the meantime, we would welcome ideas from our members on the information you
would like to see on there.

Membership of CMRA Management Company

The high number of repossessions over the last six months have impacted adversely upon our
membership numbers. There are currently 44 apartments, out of 76, represented as members of
the Company, and packs have been issued to 4 new owners in the past 6 months. There is no
fee for joining, and membership means owners can attend annual meetings, vote on matters that
affect their investments and receive updates and newsletters directly.

If you, or an owner known to you wishes to join, please contact Jo Stoneman at apartment 66, or
email on to request an application form.

Existing Members

The company maintains a confidential residents’ database to ensure all communications get to
you at the right place and at the right time. It also means we can contact owners in the event of
an emergency.

If you do change your email address, or contact telephone number/s please let us know. This is
particularly important for those owners who move off-site and let their property – please inform us
of your new address and details of your tenant/s as soon as possible.

The Clarence Mill Team - Contact Points and Responsibilities

To progress any existing or future Mill matters please note the team’s details below:

    1. General site issues (lifts, lighting, refuse, cleaning, security etc.)
       - Allen Ford - Concierge (in Allen’s absence, John Wood - Chairman)

    2. Legal and property matters (Landlords, Insurance, Leases, Financial & Legal queries)
       - Roger Fowler - Director, Property Administration and Finance

    3.   Routine service charge queries and payments;
         - Matthew Wilson, Booth Ainsworth (in Matt’s absence, Roger Fowler)

    4. Other matters not covered above (AGMs, site improvements, tenant issues etc.)
       - John Wood - Chairman (in John’s absence, Jo Stoneman - Vice Chairman).

Email is the preferred method for contacting the team, but feel free to telephone if the matter is


Allen Ford              07912 848603

Allen’s revised hours are between 8:30 am and 1:30 pm, Monday to Friday, but he remains on call
for fire alarms and other emergencies outside those hours.

Management Team

John Wood               07753 870988  
Jo Stoneman             07734 771890  
Roger Fowler            07725 544777  

Booth Ainsworth, Accountants

Matthew Wilson          0161 475 1507 


Allen Ford              Concierge
Matt Walker             Apartment 3
Phil Fletcher           Apartment 24
Steve Dean              Apartment 78

If you have an idea or concern you would like to raise via the team, please drop a note in the
appropriate post box.

                                                                                        Appendix A
Questions raised by Members

Site – Internal

    o   Jim Crook; we understood that the directors would be canvassing the opinion of owners
        as to the refurbishment of the atrium floors? Joyce Crook; followed on by expressing
        dissatisfaction with the choice of paint colours, particularly the architrave, and questioned
        the process for choice. JW explained that the upper level was completed over 12 months
        ago, with no protest or dissatisfaction expressed by any of the residents on that floor, or
        elsewhere, to date. In fact only positive comments have been received on the colour
        scheme [based on the National Trust’s brand colour – sage green, and matched with a
        lighter magnolia to increase the effect of light and space]. At the time [March 2008],
        carpet and paint samples were put on display in the main reception with Concierge, for
        any resident to view and have input. More recently, a sample of the Indian stone being
        laid in the centre of the atrium was left on display on level 2 for local owners to see. JW
        explained the difficulty of obtaining a consensus of opinion in a building housing over 80
        apartments, and the role of the management company in making these types of decisions.
        JS followed on to point out the reasons why the sub-committee was in place, of which Jim
        is one, and the opportunity the team have to talk to neighbours/friends on these matters
        and provide feedback to the directors [please refer to the minutes recorded at last year’s
        AGM – Newsletter No 5, page 8, section 10 – which covers the formation of the team and
        their role].
    o   Peter Hobbs; queried the arrangement in place with our current in-house cleaner. JW
        confirmed a contract was put in place in Q4 2008, directly with Paula Gibney, who
        undertakes 32 hours cleaning across the residential common areas per week. This
        replaces our previous contract with Oddjobs Cleaning company, and provides better
        service and value for money.
    o   Phil Fletcher; internal plant hire – can we buy our own plants rather than rent? JS
        explained that the plants on display in the atrium and main entrances are obtained from a
        qualified supplier, usually imported and require expert care. The monthly fee is
        reasonable and enables plants to be replaced whenever necessary – and ensures the
        attention they receive from the supplier keeps them looking as good as they do.
    o   Gillian Garner; How long does the NHBC warranty remain in effect? RF replied that for
        minor defects and snagging matters, as long as the problem was reported within 2 years
        of the purchase date and still remained outstanding, the guarantee will be honoured.
        Otherwise, for the remaining 8 year period of the 10 year NHBC guarantee, only major
        structural defects were covered. Owners who had bought from previous owners would
        still be covered for the remainder of the term, but it was likely that the 2 year snagging
        period would have expired.
    o   Peter Hobbs; what is the practicality of splitting the electrical power supply currently
        shared between the residential and commercial areas? JW explained the meter layout on
        the ‘cracker’ floor on level 1. The layout of meters and cabling here, put in place on
        conversion, is complex and a split could not be achieved without high cost, which would
        have to be borne by CMRA.
    o   Anna Bowden; is there any policy in place for those owner/landlords who let their
        apartments? RF reinforced his intentions detailed under ‘troublesome tenants’ – section 4.
    o   Peter Hobbs; the issue with stained ceiling tiles remains on level 3 corridor. JW confirmed
        the problem is still being investigated.

Site - External

    o   Joyce Crook; is the water tank supplying the apartments tested? JW confirmed it is, in
        January and July each year by our regular contractor – Sterilizing Services.
    o   Chris Heathcote; pointed out that the Council have responsibilities around water
        pipes/drainage and guttering, have we progressed this? RF replied that he does not
        believe that MBC Building Control Department have ever signed off the building following
        the conversion, but Miller’s technical director was in touch with the Council.
    o   Chris Heathcote; how confident are we in the fire protection system in place within the
        Mill? JW advised the Fire Officer has recently undertaken a site inspection and confirmed
        the commercial and residential areas are now in good working order and correctly aligned.

   o   Anna Bowden; who is responsible for maintenance of the apartment window frames,
       internal + external windows? RF referred the members to the terms of their Lease and
       advised these are the owner’s responsibility. RF added that the management company
       have now assumed the Landlord’s responsibilities for overseeing proper maintenance in
       this area and will therefore be reviewing next year the external residential window painting
       to ensure conformity and obtain the most competitive price [i.e. paint/equipment/labour]
       as a whole, once it is decided that the external frames are in need of attention. This will
       ensure all windows are brought to a good standard at the same time, and costs are kept
       to a minimum.
       Action; answering a point raised by Chris Heathcote, RF agreed to look into whether a
       grant is available to assist with maintenance costs given our status as a listed building,
       but doubts this is possible now private owners are in situ and that the work is
       maintenance, not major restoration or of a structural nature.
   o   David Bowden; issues with atrium windows were reported on moving into the apartment,
       what is happening about these? RF confirmed that owners had 2 years from their
       purchase date to flag building defects with Miller Homes. In addition, those owners who
       reported their specific build issues to CMRA in 2007 are on a list submitted to MH at that
       time, and will be addressed once the roof repairs have been satisfactorily completed.
   o   Lilian Hobbs; window frames on main stairs are rotting - whose responsibility is it to repair
       them? RF advised that the common area parts fall to CMRA.
       Action; RF to investigate condition of these windows and report back.
   o   Gillian Garner; the number of pigeons [and therefore droppings] nesting on site seems to
       be getting worse. JW explained that chicken wire put in place on the top of the stair tower
       to protect the Canal side Radio aerial has resulted in more birds sitting on the roof.
       Options to get rid of the pigeons were discussed - anyone with a good shot welcomed!
   o   Phil Fletcher; Could we provide bins for cigarette butts around the site? Employees of
       the commercial businesses are the main offenders here. JW to speak with Jason and
       request an email goes to the business sites on this issue.
   o   Anne Cain; landscaping on canal side – who is responsible for the upkeep? RF - as
       explained in RF’s earlier report, these areas all fall under the jurisdiction of the Clarence
       Mill freeholders. JS went on to explain that if we had willing and co-operative freeholders
       in place, who wanted to improve the site for all concerned, then we would happily work
       with them and contribute our share of the costs. Sadly, we do not.
   o   Paula Giffney; who is responsible for the plants and shrubs growing on the canal bank on
       the left of the drive up the hill? They are becoming a hazard for cars on the left. RF
       confirmed that the canal banks are the responsibility of British Waterways.
       Action; RF to contact BW on this issue.
   o   Phil Fletcher; youths gathering on Mill car park remains an on-going issue. Now a regular
       occurrence, they ride on skate boars and scooters and are often abusive if confronted.
       Police often arrive too late. JW agreed that while we have developed stronger relations
       with the local constabulary, this is a difficult issue and not easy to resolve. We cannot
       prevent access to the area, and can only remain vigilant and report incidents to the police
       as soon as we become aware. Joyce Crooks confirmed that she and Jim will continue to

Financial / Accounts

   o   Joyce Crook; requested an explanation of the items placed under ‘Miscellaneous Repairs’
       in the 2008 accounts. RF/JW did not have the detailed break down to hand at the
       meeting, and were unable to bring to mind full details at the time. Items falling in this
       category include general maintenance, repairs and materials required on site within the
       common areas such as; purchase of a scaffold tower, step ladders, paint, brushes,
       brooms, wheelbarrow, tools, hoover, lawn-mower, and considerable stock of ceiling tiles
       and light bulbs. This account also covers payment to plumbers/carpenters/Martin
       Mackenzie for the smaller jobs such as fitting new doors, repairing pipes, emergency call-
       outs etc. A petty cash fund is managed by Allen Ford to take care of some of these
       smaller items.