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Telugu Association of North America, on the eve of the 18th TANA


									   Telugu Association of North America, on the eve of the 18th TANA Conference, is requesting your
             support in bringing to reality a project of immense importance to all Telugus

                                    TELUGU DICTIONARIES ON-LINE
        Multiple Telugu Dictionaries and other resources at one site – in a searchable format!
         A Monumental Project to bring on-line more than 40,000 pages of Telugu material!

       Want to quickly look up the meaning of a Telugu word on the internet?
       Or the English equivalent for a Telugu word?
       Or the Telugu meaning of an English word?
       Or a Sanskrit word? Or an Urdu word?
       Want to check out what the names from Indian mythology refer to?
       Want to know what the various Telugu terms in music refer to?
       How about colloquial words from the various regions of Telugu land?
       Or the words used specifically in various crafts and professions?
       How about a Telugu Thesaurus?

On the eve of the 18th TANA Conference, the Telugu Association of North America (TANA) is proud to
support efforts in making all the above a reality. Already eight dictionaries are made available (Telugu
– Telugu; Telugu – English; English – Telugu; Urdu - Telugu) on-line at More
are being prepared to be brought online shortly.

It is our goal to serve all enthusiasts of Telugu language by making available, in a searchable format -
at one site - multiple Telugu Dictionaries including Brown, Sankaranarayana, Srihari Nighamtuvu,
Sabdaratnaakaram,    Sooryaraayandhra    Nighamtuvu,    Urdu-Telugu    Nighantuvu,   Samskruta-aMdhra
NighaMtuvu, Paryaaya Pada Nighamtuvu, Purana Naamacamdrika, Sangeeta Sabdaarthacandrika, Vrutti
Padakosam, Mamdalika Padakosam, Telugu VyutpattikoSam, Padabamdha paarijaatam and many more.

This is a massive project involving more than 40,000 pages of Telugu dictionaries to be made available
on-line with a powerful search-engine.

We need YOUR SUPPORT to make this important Telugu language project a reality!

Please donate Today. Checks can be written in the name of TANA and mailed to V. Chowdary Jampala,
Chairperson, TANA Publications Committee, 20374 Buckthorn Ct, Mundelein, IL 60060. You can also
donate with a credit card at (please mention the Dictionary Project in
the comments section). Please contact of you need more information. Donations
to TANA are tax-deductible in US.

Support the efforts to PRESERVE and PROPAGATE Telugu language!

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