Autobiographical Portfolio by keralaguest


									                    Autobiographical Portfolio

DUE: Tuesday, September 2nd (Two weeks)

A portfolio is a collection of writings and drawings
that represent something of value.

You’re to create a portfolio in a way that best
represents who you are to readers who may or
may not know you.

You have a number of options to choose from when
creating this portfolio and each of these options
carry points. The options you choose must add up
to at least 1000 points in order for your portfolio to be
considered complete.

Here is a quick list of the choices you have:

     Projects worth             Projects worth             Projects worth
        50 points                 100 points                 200 points

   Vital Information           The Story of My Name        Life Map
   My Hotlist                  Photographic Essay          Memoir
   What I Like to Do           My People                   Collection of Original
   Travelogue                  My Heritage                   Art, Poetry, or Lyrics
   Recipe                      Changes                     Talent, Hobby, or
   List of Moments             Family Tree                   Interest Magazine Article
   Self Portrait               Bio Poem                    Interview
   Family Portrait             Personality Collage
   Room Map
   Pet Story
   Personality Collage
   Bio Poem

You can find these projects, along with samples and helpful links, on our website:
Vital Information
List as least 20 important facts about yourself. Draw a frame around the list. Some
vital facts to begin with might be date of birth, height, age, eye color, etc.

My Hot List
List your favorites in music, television, movies, sports, and whatever other areas you
can think of. You must have at least 40 items listed under various topics. Illustrate a
few of the items on the list.

What I Like To Do
Make a list of 10 things you’d love to do all the time, if you could
               10 things you sometimes like to do
               10 things you never like to do
Be creative with how you present it, using a graphic organizer or with illustrations.
Jazz it up a bit.

Compile at least 4 photos or drawings of places you’ve visited in your lifetime. Add
captions that tell about the pictures. I’ll copy photographs for you to use, if

Choose at least 5 adjectives that describe you and use them to put together a recipe
that represents who you are. Be honest and creative.
Some cooking verbs you can use: pour, knead, chop, dice, cover and let stand, sift,
       blend, spread, marinate, trim, dissolve, shred, mince, sauté, broil,
       let simmer, deep fry, strain, serve, fold, beat, mix, stir, drain, rinse,
       melt, swirl.
Some measurements you can use: a dash of, sprinkle, pound, cup, teaspoon,
     tablespoon, quart, pint, splash, pinch, ounce, handful, gallon, a drop of

List of Moments
Choose 5 of the following lists to create, using complete sentences for each moment
(a total of 20 moments):

4 of your   happiest moments
4 of your   saddest moments
4 of your   most embarrassing moments
4 of your   scariest moments
4 of your   proudest moments
4 of your   most confused moments
4 of your   angriest moments
Create a picture of yourself using materials of your choice. If the picture is colored,
be sure not to leave any “empty space” (space uncolored). Be creative by designing a
frame around it, if you wish. Use the entire page.

Family and Home Portrait
Create a color portrait of your family and make the setting somewhere in or around
your home. Include any pets. Make sure there’s no space left uncolored and surround
it with a frame of your design.

Room Map
Draw a full-page, colorful map of your room, with labels.

Pet Story
Create a list of all the pets you’ve ever had. Write about your pets OR just one
special pet. Include at least one very special memory you want to hold forever of a
pet you had or still have.

Personality Collage
Using symbols, cut pictures or graphics from magazines, drawings of your own, or
computer images to design a collage that represent your personality. There should be
at least 6 items in the collage and there must be one quote that represents your
attitude about life.

Complete the BioPoem below, rewrite the entire piece in your own handwriting and
illustrate it using materials of your choice (colored pencils, collage, etc.). Be sure not
to leave a lot of empty space.

1st line-    (Full name)
2nd line-    Who comes from __________________
3rd line-    (Four words or phrases that best describe you
                        Below, choose one or more words or phrases for each line:
4 line-      Lover of           ____________________________________
5th line-    Who was taught to ____________________________________
6th line-    Believer of        ____________________________________
7th line-    Who always         ____________________________________
8th line-    and knows          ____________________________________
9th line-    Who appreciates ____________________________________
10th line-   and loves          ____________________________________
11th line-   and who fears      ____________________________________
12th line-   Who remembers ____________________________________
13th line-   and wants to see ____________________________________
14th line-   Who can            ____________________________________
15th line-   and who will one day ___________________________________
The Story of My Name
Interview your parents to find out how they chose your name. If you were named
after someone, tell about that person? What nicknames did you get and how did you
get them? Do you like your name? Why, or why not? If you could choose another
name, would you, and what would it be? Don’t write this as though you’re answering
questions. Instead, write it as though you were telling the story of your name.
For the heading, draw your name out in an artistic way and decorate it.

Photographic Essay
Compile at least 8 photographs that illustrate who you are and what you value.
These photographs must have been taken by YOU. Include a caption for each
photograph that tells about the picture. Give the pictures to me and I’ll make black
and white photocopies of them for you to use so you don’t have to use real photos in
the book.

My People
Describe at least 4 people who are most important to you, giving them each one
paragraph. Who are they, and why are they important to you? You can include
pictures (I’ll copy photographs for you or you can draw them), or tell about special
memories you have that you want to keep forever. It’s up to you.

My Heritage
Describe your heritage, relating customs, special foods, celebrations, and anything
else you value as part of that custom. This should be at least 3 paragraphs long.

Describe at least three ways in which you’d like to change or grow over the next 10
years. Each one should be at least one paragraph. How do you want to change and
why? Why is this change important to you and what do you plan to do, over time, to
make those changes? Don’t write this as though you were answering the questions.
Organize your thoughts and craft it into a personal essay.

Family Tree
Interview your family members to see how far back in time you can go when charting
your ancestry. Create a visual that represents your lineage (who’s related to who and
how). Include birth and death dates and a brief description of what made each person
interesting, if possible. Include any photos you may have (I’ll copy them for use in this
If you can’t go further than your grandparents, it might be best to choose another
option, although I can give you 5 points for ancestry leading up to your grandfolks.
Life Map
Choose 8 of the most important events in your life, illustrate them and write at least
one paragraph that tells about each picture, including the year of the event.
Design this in any way you like, using any materials available, but the pictures should
be placed in chronological order.
Drawings must be colored, leaving no uncolored spaces.
You may only use an idea once, so if you use a birthday, choose your favorite and be
sure to tell why it was your favorite.

A memoir is a piece of descriptive writing that tells about a true memory- a window
into a very small but important moment in your life. The art of memoir-writing is
about using words to paint a movie in the mind of your reader.
Choose a memory to write about that is special to you- one that relates to the reader
what you value or what you’ve experienced in your life.
The memoir should be at least a full page, typed and single-spaced.
Create an appropriate title.

Collection of Original Art, Poetry or Lyrics
If you’re an artist, poet or songwriter, you may include at least 4 pieces in a collection
of your own original work. It must be typed and presented artistically.
Create a title for the collection.

Talent, Hobby or Interest “Magazine” Article
Do you have a passion for ballet, rainforests or film-making? Is there a subject you
just can’t get enough of? Here’s your chance to write an article about the one thing
you care about and know a lot about.
Write it in a way that communicates your passion for the topic and gets others
excited and curious about it. Include graphics.
This should be at least two pages with at least two graphics.
Create a title that piques the reader’s interest.

Interview someone who has known you your whole life. Ask them about some memories
they have of you before age 7. Record the conversation and then transcribe it (type
it word for word) from the recording. This should be at least a page long with perhaps
a photograph of you at a very young age. I’ll copy the photograph for you to use.
Create an appropriate title and make sure you’ve identified the person you interview
and how they’re related to you.


   Cover: Decorate as you wish. Be sure to include your full name.
   Table of Contents: Each option you choose should be a separate page,
         List the titles of each page and the pages on which they fall.
         You may illustrate the titles, if you wish.
   Your Choices: These must add up to at least 1000 points, in no particular order.


   Text must be typed and single-spaced, unless it’s part of an artistic piece.
   Main text should be in size 12 font, using Times New Roman, Ariel, or Comic Sans
   Titles can be in any font style although it must be in size 24.


   This project lasts 14 days.
   It would make sense to complete at least 100 points worth of projects per day
   with time left over for last-minute detail.

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