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					                            S p e c i a l :                            S A V I N G              T H E

                                                                                           we do Every Day
                                                                                            at UC Riverside

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                        UC Riverside’s
                        J. Lloyd Eaton
                        Science Fiction collection
                        is the largest in
                        the world.

                        N   inety percent of English language
                        science fiction, fantasy and horror
                        published in the 20th century is archived
                        here and preserved for future generations.
                        That’s not all. The collection houses a wide
                        range of works in Spanish, French, Russian,
                        Chinese, Japanese, German and twelve
                        other languages.                                      Visit
                        Among its rare and valuable first editions
                                                                              to see the other 49 reasons
                                                                              UC Riverside leads the pack.
                        is H.G. Wells’ original 1898 “War of the
                        Worlds.” Now we just need to get Natalie
                        Portman, I mean, Princess Amidala,
                        to stop by.

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