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									These are the questions that are asked most frequently of City Staff. If you have other questions
please call the City Clerk at 507-257-3218.

How much does garbage and recycling cost?
$16.22 (Refuse $11.50, Recycling $3.60 and tax $1.12)

What day is garbage and recycling picked up?
Thursday is garbage and recycling pick up day. Please have everything to curbside no later than

What do I do if I have extra garbage?
Garbage bag tags can be purchased at the Eagle Express.

What is the Eagle Lake Post Office number?

Can you transfer me to the Post office?
No, we are two different businesses that work for the government.

Does the City have a drop box location?
Yes, the drop box is located on the east side of the City Hall building, 705 Parkway Ave.

Does the City have autopay for Utility Billing?
No, Payments must be paid by cash or check.

Does the City have a credit/debit card machine?
No, there is a fee to have a credit card machine and we would have to charge a fee to each
person who uses a credit/debit card.

Why does my first utility bill state a month before I moved in?
The dates stated on your utility card is your water meter read dates. Your first bill is only refuse,
recycling and tax. (All of the cards are printed with the water read dates.)

Why is my water bill so high?
Your water billed is based on how much water you use. Extra laundry, longer showers,
company, watering your lawn, outside water activities, etc…
Why did I get charged a late fee on my utility bill?
Payments are due into our office before the end of the day on the 25th of the month. (4:30pm)
Ex: If the 25th falls on the weekend or a closed holiday it would be due the last business date

What are the steps I need for a building permit?
Your first step is to find your property pins, 2 site plans with the addition and set back, and a
complete application from the City Hall office. Please call City Hall if you have any questions. All
building permits must be approved before work can even be started.

Why is the City plowing/pushing the snow onto my yard?
 The Public Works Dept is pushing the snow onto the boulevard (City property) which is also
called the right-of-way.

Does Eagle Lake have a compost site?
No, you will have to take your compost to SMC Compost in Mankato.

Where do I take grass clippings or branches?
The City of Eagle Lake does not have a compost site. Grass clippings, leaves, pruning’s, weeds, sod
stripping, limbs, branches, logs and vines may be taken to the SMC Compost Facility. There is a per-bag
or per-load fee for the service. For current fees, please call SMC at 507-388-3122. The SMC Compost
Site is located at 57032 ~ 231st Lane, Mankato (off of 3rd Avenue).

At home...
Load yard waste into reusable containers (be sure open loads are secured and contained)
Keep yard waste separate from brush
Take plants out of pots.
At the compost Site...
Check in at the Office
De-bag and unload your waste in the designated area
Unload brush at the designated area
Take containers and bags home

When is Tator Days?
Tator Days is usually the 3 weekend in July. Tator Days is a community event held by residential

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