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Ocean Partners identifies, analyzes, and manages market opportunities for the recovery of metals contained in
by-products and residues. We are able to provide customized solutions for clients by:

        Working directly with miners, smelters, and refiners;

        Utilizing years of expertise in handling, packing, and transporting by-products and residues in
         accordance with IMO, international, and regional regulations;

        Working with independent representatives to ensure proper weighing, sampling, and moisture
         procedures are in place in order to minimize risks.

Below is a small representation of materials that we have the capability of handling:

Copper based materials: copper buttons/spills, copper cake, copper cement, copper dust, copper matte, copper
reverts, copper speiss, etc.

Lead based materials: bullion, lead antimony oxides, lead bismuth oxides, lead cake, lead chloride, lead dust,
lead matte, lead slag, lead speiss, lead sulphate, etc.

Zinc based materials: EAF dust, waelz oxide, zinc cake, zinc calcine, zinc dust, zinc skimmings, etc.

Additional metal based materials: cobalt residues, indium residues, manganese concentrate/ore/residues,
molybdenum concentrate/residues, selenium residues.

Precious metal based materials: carbons, crucibles, gold dore, refinery slag, silver dore, slimes, etc. Ocean
Partners can also find solutions for complex primary products from precious metal mines: arsenopyrites,
concentrate, ore, pyrite, etc.

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