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									                                              October / November 2009
            During October We Salute Our
      Members, Friends and Supporters Celebrating

              Polish American Heritage Month
       A National Celebration of Polish History, Culture and Pride in Cooperation
            with the Polish American Congress and Polonia Across America

                                           When You're in Philadelphia's                          Celebrate Polish Pride
                                            Historic District Visit The         	 Since	1608,	when	the	first	Polish	settlers	arrived	at	Jamestown,	
                                       Polish American Cultural Center          Virginia, Polish people have been an important part of America’s
                                             Museum Exhibit Hall                history and culture. In 2009, Polish Americans will mark the 28th
                                               308 Walnut Street                Anniversary of the founding of Polish American Heritage Month,
                                                                                an event which began in Philadelphia, PA, and became a national
                                       Featuring Polish History and Culture
                                                                                celebration of Polish history, culture and pride. During 2009, we
                                             Open 10 AM to 4 PM                 will also mark the 230th Anniversary of the death of General Casimir
                                             FREE ADMISSION                     Pulaski, Father of the American Cavalry, and the 70th Anniversary
                                                                                of the Invasion of Poland and the Outbreak of World War II.
                                              January through April
                                               Monday to Friday                   To help spread the word about Polish American Heritage Month
                                                                                events in your local community, invite people to view the information
                                             May through December               on PolishAmericanHeritageMonth.com, linked from Heritage
 Polish American                             Monday to Saturday                 Month 2009 Update, which includes the following information links:
 Cultural Center                            Gift Shop is Open During            				•		 First Polish Settlers in America
   308 Walnut Street                       Regular Exhibit Hall Hours
 Philadelphia, PA 19106                                                            •   230th Anniversary of the Death of General
      (215) 922-1700                           Closed on Holidays                      Casimir Pulaski

                 Internet: PolishAmericanCenter.org                                •   Pulaski Coloring Contest
                                                                                   •   70th Anniversary of the Invasion of Poland and
                                                                                       the Outbreak of World War II
                                                                                   •   Things to Do During October “Polish American
                                                                                       Heritage Month”
                                                                                   •   Tracing Your Heritage
                                                                                   •   Recent Editions of the Polish American News
                                                                                   •   Some Reasons Why Polish Americans are
                                                                                       Important to America
                                                                                   There is always something happening in the Polish American
                                                                                community across the United States. It’s great to see that Polish
                                                                                American history and pride are well represented in the “Great
                                                                                Mosaic of America”. One way that you can help spread the word
                                                                                is by welcoming family and friends to join the Museum’s email list.
                                                                                The guest book registration form is on the home page of the
                                                                                Museum’s Internet site at: PolishAmericanCenter.com.
                                                                                  As you read the articles in the Polish American News, I ask
                                                                                that you spread the word to others. Your participation is always
                                                                                appreciated. Best wishes to you and yours for an enjoyable Polish
                                                                                American Heritage Month celebration!
                                                                                   Members of the Polish American Heritage Month Committee

  Let Everyone Know You're

              BE AM                                 Polish American Congress
           TO       E                                     Eastern Pennsylvania District

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                                                              308 Walnut Street
                                                            Philadelphia, PA 19106

                                                          Telephone: (215) 739-3408


          D           O
              TO BE P                               October / November 2009
                Join the
                                                  Read the Polish American News Online at:
  Polish American Congress
      Eastern Pennsylvania District                    PolishAmericanNews.com
October / November, 2009, Polish American News - Page 2

                                          Best Wishes to Our Families, Friends
                                         and the Entire Polonia as We Celebrate
                                      Polish American Heritage Month
            The Adamow Family                    Thomas & Helen Jakubowski                      John K. Pudlinski
                Laura Andres                          Lucjan Jastrzebski             Captain Ronald J. Pytel, USPHS, Ret.
In Memory of Alexander & Helen Bagdzinski             Stanley Jastrzebski                     Catherine J. Rdesinski
           Lillian H. Bagdzinski                 Msgr. Anthony E. Jaworowski                      Patricia Reczek
       Charles J. Barreras & Family                   Cecelia Jesiolowski          In Memory of Frank & Mary Romanowski
       Mr. & Mrs. Marian Bielawiec                     Renata Jodlowski                      Theresa B. Romanowski
                Mary Bielski                           Robert W. Jozwik              Drs. Janusz & Malgorzata Romanski
        Michael Blichasz & Family                     Hedwig V. Kierbiedz                   Mr. & Mrs. Jozef Rzeznik
         Marion & Donna Blichasz                    Marie Lubienecki Killian                    Joseph M. Rzonca
            Frances Bonikowski               Richard & Dorothy Klimek & Family               Charles & Joan Sahms
            Stanley Paul Bosse                      Rev. Marcel Kolakowski                        Frank Schmidt
        Romana A. Kujawa Brugger                Mark & Maria Koleda & Family                    Blanche Schneider
               Helen Bubulka                           Czeslawa Kolodziej                       Dolores H. Sedliak
          Edward A. Chabalowski                  Dr. Richard Z. Kondratowski                    Lt. Stefan Skielnik
              David Chominski                           Janet T. Kopacz                          Ronald M. Smith
              Helen Chominski                          Pat & Al Koproski                           John Smyrski
           Caroline A. Ciesielka                   Casimir & Renee Kowalski                       Zdzislaw Sokol
       Mary Ann Collison & Family                 John & Cynthia Krakowiak                  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Solecki
      Alexandra C. Sakowski Cowley          Teresa, Mary, Anna & Rose Krakowiak          The Dudek, McCurdy, Fogarasi
         Dr. Melvin H. Czechowski              In Memory of John Cardinal Krol                & Sosnowski Families
          Dr. Dolores Daczkowski                  Richard Krzyzanowski, Esq.            Paul, Bijan & Dariusz Sosnowski
              Dennis E. Daniel                          Esther Kubiczky          In Memory of Theodore & Sophia Sosnowski
              Maryanne Daniel                            Myles T. Kuppe              In Memory of Blanche J. Stankiewicz
            Edward Danielczyk                          Walter Kurkowski                In Memory of Irene T. Stankiewicz
     In Memory of Laura Danielczyk                 Fred & Fran Kwiatkowski                     Rev. Joseph C. Stec
              Gilbert F. Darlak                        Dr. Christine Kwik                      Frances M. Tomczyk
                Irene Darlak                        John & Patricia Kwoka                      Kathleen Turosinski
        In Memory of Walter Derby               Mr. & Mrs. John F. Lesniewski           In Memory of Wally Twardowski
            Frank A. Dombroski                        Joanna A. Majewski                             Nina Tyra
            Leonard Dutkiewicz                         Louis J. Marchuk                          Dorothy Vallerio
             Agnieszka Dziedzic                          George Matysik                         Joseph S. Walunas
             Evangelist Family          Captain & Mrs. David McGuigan, USN (Retired)             Helen Waskiewicz
           Kasia & Kal Fogarasi                 Leonard & Dorothy Metkowski               In Memory of Michael Weksel
        Rita and Gloria Frankowski                    Renatta Metkowski                In Memory of Boleslaw Wieczorek
     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Gannon                 Lucjan & Bogumila Mirowicz                       Marie Wilczura
          Rev. Louis S. Garbacik                        John D. Mogilski                 Rev. Msgr. Bernard Witkowski
           Catherine S. Gendek                  Karol & Mary Ann Nawarynski                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Wlas
          Robert & Barbara Gogoj                         Helen P. Nelson                        Regina Wnukowski
        Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Gregory                       Judy Newman                                Irene Wolff
     Mr. & Mrs. John Groch & Sons                      Dr. Emilia Oleszak               Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Wyszynski
         Anthony & Laura Gryszka                      Bill and Beth Piszek                       Eugene Zadroga
    Dr. Lorraine F. Gutowicz & Family           In Memory of Edward J. Piszek                     Joanne I. Zajac
                Ann M. Haas                              Alfreda Plocha                        Mary Ann Zerkowski
          Mr. & Mrs. Edward Idzik                       Marianna Prusik                          Alina R. Zielinski
          Walter & Barbara llnicki                     Leslie Susan Ptak

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                                                                                                 October / November, 2009, Polish American News - Page 3

                                                 Join us as we celebrate
                               “Polish American Heritage Month”
                                        at the 76th Annual
                                     Pulaski Day Observance

               2009 Pulaski Observance                                        Dr. Stephen Skorczynski
      Sponsored by the Polish American Congress                                  2009 Pulaski Day Parade
            Eastern Pennsylvania District                                            Grand Marshal
                                                                         Born and raised in Philadelphia, Stephen
Thursday, October 1, 2009, Proclamation Ceremony for Pulaski           Skorczynski graduated from Abraham Lincoln High
Day and Polish American Heritage Month, 12 Noon, Polish                School in 1979 and La Salle College in 1983 where
American Cultural Center Museum, 308 Walnut Street, historic           he received a BA in Chemistry. He went on to earn
Philadelphia, PA., everyone is invited. Admission is free.             a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry in 1988 from the
Saturday, October 3, 2009, Pulaski Dinner Dance, Cocktails             Pennsylvania State University studying under
5 P.M. - Dinner 6 P.M., Associated Polish Home Ballroom, 9150          Dr. Gordon A. Hamilton. His research in the area of Bioanalytical
Academy Road in Northeast Philadelphia. For reservations call Polish   Chemistry and Enzymology centered on the study of intracellular
American Congress at (215) 739-3408.                                   messenger systems for various hormones including insulin. While at
                                                                       Penn State, his work led to the discovery of an entirely new class of
                Tune in to the Weekly Mass at 5:30 A.M.                mammalian metabolites and to publications in a variety of scientific
                Sunday, October 4, 2009 - WPVI-TV6                     journals, including an article in Chemical & Engineering News.
             Rev. Jan Palkowski, Pastor, Sacred Heart Parish             After graduate school, Stephen was briefly employed as a Post
            in Clifton Heights, PA/St. Hedwig, Chester, PA, will       Doctoral Fellow at Penn State before accepting a position in
            celebrate this Mass to mark the beginning of Polish        1989 as a Pesticide Residue Chemist and Study Director in the
American Heritage Month. The Mass also will be rebroadcast at          Agricultural Research Division of American Cyanamid Company.
10:00 A.M. on LaSalle University’s Channel 56.                         As a Senior Research Chemist at American Home Products from
                                                                       1997 to 2000 and at BASF from 2000 to 2001, his responsibilities
 Sunday, October 4, 2009 Public Events                                 expanded to include Toxicology and Ecotoxicology Analysis and
                                                                       Analytical Coordination of both domestic and international contract
Pulaski Observance Mass, 9:30 A.M., Cardinal Justin                    laboratories. In 2001, Stephen accepted a position as Project Leader
Rigali, Celebrant, Cathedral of SS. Peter & Paul, 18th                 and Laboratory Coordinator at Cerexagri, an agricultural products
and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Center City                         subsidiary of Atofina Chemical Company. At Cerexagri, he directed
Philadelphia, PA., followed by the Pulaski Tribute                     numerous studies in the areas of Residue Chemistry, Plant & Soil
Program, 10:30 A.M., at the portrait of Pulaski by                     Metabolism. Today, Stephen is a Group Leader in the Formulations
the Kopernik Monument, Torun Triangle Park, across                     Development and Product Support Group at JRF America, a
from the Cathedral - 18th and the Parkway, Center                      subsidiary of United Phosphorus Incorporated. In his professional
City Philadelphia, PA.                                                 career, Stephen has published or presented over 18 scientific papers,
Parade Formation begins at 11:30 A.M. from 20th and the Benjamin       organized 2 international scientific meetings and received several
Franklin Parkway.                                                      awards for his accomplishments in Chemistry.
Pulaski Day Parade steps off at 12 Noon from 20th and the                Throughout his life, Stephen has been very active in Philadelphia’s
Benjamin Franklin Parkway. It will march down the Parkway to           Polish community. As a child he attended the Adam Mickiewicz
16th Street, u-turn on 16th Street and march West on the Parkway,      Polish Language School where he currently teaches Polish history
               around Logan Circle and end at 22nd Street. (See        and serves as the recording secretary. Prior to starting college,
               parade route map below.) Free seating at Logan Circle   Stephen joined the Polish Intercollegiate Club of Philadelphia and
               in the area of live television coverage from 12:30 to   performed in the group for over 20 years and, at one time, served
                                                                       as Vice-President of the organization. He has been a member of the
               2 P.M. on WPVI TV-6, ABC. Record the television
                                                                       Associated Polish Home for over 25 years and has served on the
               coverage and come out and enjoy the parade live
                                                                       board of directors either as director, recording secretary and for the
               on the Parkway in Center City Philadelphia. Kindly
                                                                       last 2 years as President of the organization. From 1996 to 2002,
               invite your family and friends to view the parade!
                                                                       he was an actor in the Adam Mularczyk Theatre Company where
For more information about Philadelphia area activities, contact the   he played comedic roles in several well-received productions and is
Polish American Congress office at (215) 739-3408 or call the Polish   featured in two published biographies of the Theater Group.
American Cultural Center at (215) 922-1700, Monday through
                                                                         Stephen, his wife Dorothy and their two children, Christopher
Friday between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. or visit PulaskiDayParade.com.
                                                                       and Anthony, are actively involved in their Polish heritage. Stephen
                                                                       supports many Polish organizations through active participation in
           2009 Pulaski Day Parade Route                               their events.

                                                                                     WPVI TV 6 Will Televise
                                                                                Philadelphia’s Pulaski Day Parade
                                                                        The PAC encourages
                                                                        you to inform your
                                                                        family and friends
                                                                        that they can view
                                                                        the 2009 Pulaski
                                                                        Day Parade on
                                                                        Sunday, October
                                                                        4, 2009, 12:30 to
                                                                        2 P.M. on WPVI-TV
                                                                        6 ABC serving the
                                                                                                 Jeff Skversky                 Michael Blichasz
                                                                        Philadelphia and
                                                                                                 TV 6 News Broadcaster         Radio Host
                                                                        Tri-State area.
                                                                          Jeff Skversky and Michael Blichasz will be co-hosting. Tune in
                                                                        and enjoy this annual display of Polish history, culture and pride.

                                                                                   Dr. Christopher Krowicki
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October / November 2009, Polish American News - Page 4

                                      “Poland - First To Fight”                     To all our Members and Friends
                                        September 1, 1939                           Best Wishes to Everyone During
                                        September 1st - a day that should
                                    not be forgotten. Seventy years ago on
                                                                                    Polish American Heritage Month
                                    September 1, 1939, Poland was invaded             Adam Mickiewicz Polish Language School
                                    by Nazi Germany, an unprovoked
                                                                                           Copernicus Society of America
                                    attack that began World War II. More
                                    than 50 million people perished during                Council of United Polish Societies
                                    World War II, including 15 million                         Chester, Pennsylvania
                                    slaughtered in concentration camps.                        Jagiellonian Law Society
                                    Overall, the World War II Holocaust
                                                                                   Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission
                                    killed 6 million Jews and 9 million
                                    Catholics, Protestants and individuals                    Polish American Congress
                                    of many religions and nationalities.                    Eastern Pennsylvania District
                                    Poland alone lost 6 million of its                Polish American Cultural Center Museum
                                    citizens, 3 million Polish Christians and                Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                                    3 million Polish Jews.
                                                                                        Polish American Heritage Association
   Throughout the world, ceremonies were held to commemorate                                    of Delaware County
 this solemn anniversary. At 12 noon, on Tuesday, September 1,
                                                                                           Polish American Radio Program
 2009, at the Polish American Cultural Center Museum in historic
 Philadelphia, people poured in to mark this occasion.                                       Polish American String Band
    Host Michael Blichasz opened the commemoration by inviting                               Polish Arts Club of Trenton
 Irene Darlak to lead participants in singing the Polish and U.S.                           Polish Beneficial Association
 national anthems. Then Msgr. Francis Feret offered an invocation.
                                                                                        Polish Beneficial Association Gr. #21
 Tears were seen in many eyes in the audience as a chronology
 reflecting the 1939 Invasion of Poland was read by Richard Klimek,                           Polish Falcons of America
 Caroline Ciesielka, Maria Koleda, and Theresa Romanowski,                                    Polish Museum of America
 followed by personal statements by John Groch, Ed Turzanski and                                   Chicago, Illinois
 Barbara Ilnicka.
                                                                                        Polish National Alliance of U.S. of N.A.
   Following the ceremony visitors had the opportunity to view an
                                                                                         Polish National Alliance District #6
 expanded exhibit of World War11 photos in the Museum Exhibit Hall
 and meet reenactors, Zachary Mateja and Krzysztof Czuj, dressed in                      Polish National Alliance Lodge #650
 Polish Army uniforms, who provided an impressive display of items                     Polish Police Association of Philadelphia
 which were used by Polish soldiers during World War II.
                                                                                      Polish Roman Catholic Union of America
   More tears flowed when Rev. Jaroslaw Binek, on his guitar, and
                                                                                  Polish Roman Catholic Union of America District 3
 Rev. Krzysztof Mendelewski sang and led the audience with patriotic
 songs. The ceremony was concluded with a benediction by Rev.                            Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union
 Mendelewski in which he prayed that the world would never again                         Polish Women’s Alliance of America
 experience such a tragic event. Refreshments followed.
                                                                                         Polish Women’s Alliance of America
   It will always be remembered that Poland was the first to fight and                         St. Rita’s Society #417
 never surrendered. The spirit of the Polish nation was never
                                                                                         St. Adalbert Polish Language School
                                                                                            Second Street Polish Society
                                                                                      The Society of Our Mother of Consolation
                                                                                                   Wilmerding, PA

                                                                                    Expanded World War II Exhibit at the
                                                                                  Polish American Cultural Center Museum

Participating in the September 1st Program at the Polish American Cultural
Center Museum in historic Philadelphia were (from left to right): Fr. Pawel
Kryszkiewicz, Richard Klimek, Zachary Mateja, Monica Klimek, Thomas
Klimek, Andrew Klimek, Caroline Ciesielka, Michael Blichasz, Maria Koleda,
Theresa Romanowski, Msgr. Francis Feret, Paul Sosnowski, Fr. Krzysztof
Mendelewski, Richard Krzyzanowski and Fr. Jaroslaw Binek.
                                             (Pictured Left) Following the
                                             September 1st Program, reenactors
                                             (left to right) Krzysztof Czuj and
                                             Zachary Mateja, dressed in Polish
                                             Army uniforms, provided a display
                                             of items used by Polish soldiers
                                             during World War II.

                                             (Pictured Below and Right)
                                             Expanded World War II Exhibit
                                             display at the Polish American
                                             Cultural Center Museum,
                                             308 Walnut Street in historic
                                             Philadelphia, PA. This display was
                                             opened to the public during the
                                             70th Anniversary Commemoration,
                                             September 1, 2009 at the Museum.
                                                                                           October / November 2009, Polish American News - Page 5

                   FORT PULASKI                                             To all our Supporters and Friends We Extend
"You might as well bombard the Rocky Mountains..." -                           Best Wishes for a Happy Celebration of
                General Totten, U.S. Chief of Engineers                            Polish American Heritage Month
   When completed in 1847                                                                  Air Dry LLC
with its 25 million bricks and                                                           Edward Gasiewski
walls 7.5 feet thick, FORT
PULASKI was the ultimate                                                           American Eagle Savings Bank
defense system of its day.                                                           Thomas V. Stress, CEO
Part of a series of forts which                                                            Aramingo Diner
protected major seaports from
foreign attack, the stronghold                                                           Beneficial Bank
would not be tested until the                                                      Gerard Cuddy, President/CEO
Civil War. Seized by Georgia                                                           Chester T. Cyzio, Esq.
state troops early in the war,
the fort was besieged by Federal forces. Here on April 11, 1862,
                                                                                  Elite Sportswear Products Inc.
defense strategy changed worldwide when Union rifled cannon,                        Exton Dental Health Group
firing from more than a mile away on Tybee Island, first over came a                 Dr. Christopher Krowicki
masonry fortification.
                                                                               Father & Son Builders & Remodelers
   The effectiveness of rifled artillery, which fired a bullet-                          Greg Matyjaszek
shaped projectile with great accuracy at long range, was clearly
demonstrated. After only 30 hours of bombardment, the walls                        Giorgio Products Since 1928
were breached and the Confederates surrendered. The fall of FORT                     Dr. & Mrs. Alfred S. Halas
PULASKI tightened the Union blockade of southern ports and kept
Savannah from exporting cotton and importing military supplies and                   Isaac’s Relocation Service
civilian goods so vital to the Confederacy. But more importantly, the               Keller Williams Real Estate
success of the new weapon marked the end of the era of masonry                    Mark Godwin, Real Estate Agent
                                                                                The Michael J. Kosloski Foundation
  The commander of the Union forces captured the military world's                In Loving Memory of Leo Kosloski
surprise in these words... "The result of this bombardment must
cause...a change in the construction of fortifications as radical as                 Krzyzanowski Foundation
that foreshadowed in naval architecture by the conflict between                         Kulinski Memorials
the Monitor and Merrimac. No works of stone or brick can resist
the impact of rifled artillery of heavy caliber." Major General David               J.L. Latsios Paving Co. Inc.
Hunter, U.S. Army.                                                                   Leon A. Mankowski, Esq.
                                                                                       Ewa Matczak, D.M.D.
  New Exhibit Opens on Famed Polish Patriot                                       Painting & Paper Hanging, Inc.
    By Stephen M. Sitarski, Chief of Interpretation and Visitor Services,           Janusz & Jolanta Walczak
                 Independence NHP • March 31, 2009
                                                                                        Pat’s Auto Tags, Inc.
   Thaddeus Kosciuszko National
Memorial in Philadelphia has
opened a new permanent exhibit                                                         Polander International
to celebrate the life and legacy
                                                                                         Polart Distribution
of this hero of two continents in
March of 2009.                                                                       Polish American Journal
   One highlight of the new                                                               Polonia Bank
exhibits is a large artifact case                                                Anthony Szuszczewicz, President
featuring objects from the
                                                                                      Port Richmond Savings
Kosciuszko collection of the
Historical Museum of the City                                                         Sidney Smith, President
                                     New exhibits recently installed at
of Cracow in Poland. Museum          the Kosciuszko National Memorial                         Post Eagle
director Michal Niezabitowski        highlight his contribution to the              Prudential Savings Bank
and curator Klaudia                  American Revolution as well as his
Kaczmarczyk traveled from            later efforts to free Poland from            Thomas Vento, President/CEO
Poland as the Park’s special         Russian occupation. NPS photo by              Theresa Korneluk Reilly, M.D.
                                     Michael Paskowsky.
guests. They presented official
                                                                                Joseph T. Sekula Funeral Home Inc.
greetings and gifts, including a commemorative Kosciuszko medal, to
the Park. Thomas Jefferson (portrayed by actor Steve Edenbo) shared                     The Selzer Company
thoughts about his good friend Kosciuszko. Noted historian and                           Jerry Gregorowicz
author Gary Nash discussed his most recent book, Friends of Liberty,               Slabinski Funeral Home, Inc.
which features Thaddeus Kosciuszko. A reception sponsored by the
Friends of Independence concluded the celebration.                                    Paul T. Sosnowski, Esq.
   The new exhibits replace the original ones installed in 1976.                      Syrena Auto Body Shop
The four new interpretative themes are Kosciuszko’s lifelong                           Chester Chrzanowski
struggle for liberty for all, his military engineering expertise, how
                                                                                  George R. Szymanski, Jr., Esq.
he is memorialized throughout the world, and why he returned to
Philadelphia. An interactive kiosk on the first floor allows visitors                 Tantala Associates, LLC
to locate monuments, cities, ships, even mountains named in                            Consulting Engineers
Kosciuszko’s honor. This AV unit includes a virtual tour of the second
                                                                                        John S. Taras, M.D.
floor bedroom rented by Kosciuszko. In his bedroom, new spotlights
identify objects in the room associated with the Polish patriot,                       Third Federal Bank
including a tomahawk like the one given to him by Chief Little Turtle              Kent Lufkin, President & CEO
of the Miami Nation. Nearby exhibits tell the little known story of         Edward C. Tomaszewski Funeral Home, Inc.
Kosciuszko’s will, which intended to leave his estate to free and
educate enslaved African Americans.                                                        Union Roofing
  Loaned artifacts from the Cracow Museum’s Kosciuszko collection                   Washington Savings Bank
include a pistol and sword, a variety of 19th century paintings, and             Martin Bednarek, President/CEO
one of the three remaining original copies of Kosciuszko’s famous
                                                                                   S.R. Wojdak & Associates, LP
1794 call to arms against Russian rule. The museum collection is
on loan for two years. The park is arranging to borrow Kosciuszko
                                                                                        Stephen R. Wojdak
artifacts from other museums in Poland, including the National                       Joseph P. Zawrotny, Esq.
Museum of Poland.
                                                                                          Robert Zogorski
   The Harpers’ Ferry Design Center served as the project manager                       Real Estate Auctions
for the exhibits, which include touchable sections and audio
description for visitors with visual impairments. A new Junior Ranger
program, featuring a travel truck loaded with reproduction items that
                                                                                     J.L. Latsios Paving Co. Inc.
Kosciuszko would have packed during the American Revolution, is                        Building strong, long lasting parking lots and
available for younger visitors.                                                     driveways in Delaware, Chester, Montgomery
                                                                                    Counties and the Philadelphia area.
  The memorial is now open Wednesday – Sunday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m..
For more information, visit www.nps.gov/thko.                                        www.LatsiosPaving.com • 610-459-4500
October / November 2009, Polish American News - Page 6

             We are Proud to List the Supporters of the                                    Judge Bernice DeAngelis
             2009 Pulaski Observance Coloring Contest                                         Asks for your Vote
                       Charles J. Barreras & Family                                  Judge Bernice Soban De Angelis is seeking
                        Mr. & Mrs. Marian Bielawiec                                re-election as Traffic Court Judge and asks for
                                                                                   your vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November
                         Michael Blichasz & Family
                                                                                   3, 2009.
                             Edward Chabalowski
                                                                                     Bernice DeAngelis, a proud Polish American,
                        Mary Ann Collison & Family                                 member of the Polish American Congress, Eastern
                           Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Halas                                 PA District, and Polish American Cultural Center
                                                                                   Museum, was the oldest daughter of Bronislaw Soban and Josephine
                      John & Cynthia Krakowiak
                                                                                   Zachwieja Soban as well as the cousin of Sister Celeste, Mother
                 Teresa, Mary, Anna & Rose Krakowiak
                                                                                   Provincial of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. She is
                         Krzyzanowski Foundation                                   third generation, raised in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia,
                          Leon A. Mankowski, Esq.                                  a member of St. Hedwig’s Parish, graduated from St. Hedwig’s
                                                                                   Parochial School, Hallahan Catholic Girls High School, attended Holy
             National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa
                                                                                   Family College and was certified as Judge by the Minor Judiciary
                                Pat’s Auto Tags                                    Board at Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA.
                           Polander International                                    She has been a full-time judge for 18 years representing the Traffic
                        Polish American Congress                                   Court in the First Judicial District which includes the entire City of
                       Eastern Pennsylvania District                               Philadelphia. Bernice served as Traffic Court Administrative Judge
                        Michael Blichasz, President                                for almost 9 of those 18 years and enjoys the honor of being the first
                                                                                   Administrative Judge appointed by the Supreme Court in the history
               Polish American Cultural Center Museum
                                                                                   of the Philadelphia Traffic Court. She has earned the respect of the
                           Philadelphia, PA
                                                                                   Supreme Court, and as a result, she is the only Administrative Judge
          Polish American Radio Program WNWR 1540 AM                               in the history of the Philadelphia Traffic Court to have been asked to
                   Polish National Alliance District #6                            serve a second term. She was re-appointed in 2006 and continues
                                                                                   to serve as Administrative Judge.
                  Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union
                                                                                      As Traffic Court’s Administrative Judge, she oversees all
                           Theresa B. Romanowski
                                                                                   employees, policies, procedures, budget and implementation of new
                  Sacred Heart Parish, Swedesburg, PA                              traffic laws to insure that the Traffic Court will continue to serve the
                    Rev. Andrew McCormick, Pastor                                  citizens of Philadelphia effectively and efficiently.
                 St. Laurentius Parish, Philadelphia, PA                             As Administrative Judge, Judge DeAngelis also serves on the
                      Rev. Francis Gwiazda, Pastor                                 Administrative Governing Board of Judges for the First Judicial
                           Paul T. Sosnowski, Esq.                                 District of Pennsylvania. This Board is empowered with establishing
                                                                                   policies for and the overview of the Court of Common Pleas, the
                             Rev. Joseph C. Stec
                                                                                   Municipal Court, Family Court, Orphans Court and the Traffic Court.
                       S.R. Wojdak & Associates, LP                                The Board answers to the Supreme Court of PA.
                            Stephen R. Wojdak
                                                                                     During her administration, the Traffic Court has made major
                                                                                   accomplishments in operations, enforcement and technology.
                                                                                     Judge DeAngelis respectfully asks for your vote on Election Day,
                                                                                   November 3rd. Remember, pulling the party lever will not cast a
                                                                                   vote for the Judge. There is a special section for Judicial Retention
                                                                                   Candidates. Please pull the “yes” lever next to her name. She
                                                                                   thanks you for your support.

                                                                                        Congratulations Curtis Sliwa
                                                                                      Congratulations are extended to Curtis
                                                                                   Sliwa,who will be participating with 100,000
                 New Branch Office:                                                marchers in the New York Pulaski Day
                                                                                   Parade as the 2009 Grand Marshal, on Sunday
        1110 North Olden Avenue, Trenton, NJ                                       October 4th. Mr. Sliwa is the founder of the
        For more information and a list of other locations,
                                                                                   Guardian Angels’, a Radio Program Host for
                                                                                   WABC, and a proud Polish American.
        visit us on the Internet at: www.PSFCU.com
                                                                                   Council of United Polish Societies of Delaware County
                                                                                   Representatives from Delaware County Polonia gather during a
                        You are invited to attend the                              Delaware County Council meeting to receive a resolution declaring
           Polish American Heritage Month Celebration                              October as Polish American Heritage Month.

        Polish Harvest Festival
                  Sponsored by the
          Polish American Congress
           Eastern Pennsylvania District
                         and the
            Polish American Cultural Center Museum
                   Sunday, October 18, 2009
            “Dozynki” Harvest Mass - 10:30 A.M.
                            St. Adalbert Church
                    Thompson Street & Allegheny Avenue
                   in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond section
      “Dozynki” Harvest Festival - 12 Noon to 4 P.M.
                         St. Adalbert’s Auditorium
                    Thompson Street & Allegheny Avenue                             Pictured left to right (front row) are: Wanda Durbano, Stanley Zoltak, Jr.,
                                                                                   County Councilamn John Whelan, Helen Chominski, David Chominski.
                 The Dozynki Festival will feature:                                (back row): Councilman Thomas McGarrigle, County Councilwoman
      Food & Refreshments - Live Music & Dancing - Polish Folk Dancers             Christine Fizzano Cannon, County Council Chairwoman Linda Cartisano
             Arts, Crafts and Displays, and other entertainment.                   and Councilman Andy Lewis.
            This is a community-wide celebration of Polish Heritage
               for people of all ages and a time to enjoy yourself.                   Office Hours by Appointment
             Bring your family and friends • Admission is Free
     For additional information call the Polish American Cultural Center Museum,
                       308 Walnut Street in historic Philadelphia,
                                                                                      Ewa Matczak, D.M.D.
          Monday through Friday between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. (215) 922-1700
                         Internet: PolishAmericanCenter.com                           3084 Aramingo Avenue
                                                                                      Philadelphia, PA 19134
   Visit us on the Internet at: PolishAmericanCenter.com                              Telephone: 215-739-2787
                                                                                                                      October / November, 2009, Polish American News - Page 7

       We wish all our Parishioners, Friends                                                       Polish American Cultural Center
         and the entire Polonia a Happy                                                                   Museum Gift Shop
                                                                                                           308 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
        Polish American Heritage Month                                                                 Telephone: (215) 922-1700 • Fax: (215) 922-1518
                                                                                       Email: GiftShop@PolishAmericanCenter.com • Internet: PolishAmericanCenter.com
              St. Adalbert Parish, Philadelphia, PA
                Rev. Msgr. Francis S. Feret, Pastor                                       POLONIA U.S.A. T-Shirt Order Form
                 St. Hedwig Parish, Trenton, NJ                                                                                                                       Shirts are
                                                                                                                                                                   Proudly Made
                    Rev. Jacek Labinski, Pastor                                                                                                                     in the U.S.A.
               St. Hedwig Parish, Wilmington, DE
                   Rev. Andrew Molewski, Pastor
                                                                                           Black                  Red                    White
          St. John Cantius Parish, Philadelphia, PA
                                                                              I am ordering the following item(s):
                 Rev. Joseph Zingaro, Pastor                                                                                                               Date

             St. Josaphat Parish, Philadelphia, PA                                                     Kindly choose your quanity and color
               Rev. Leonard Lewandowski, Pastor                                                            Quantity
            St. Laurentius Parish, Philadelphia, PA                                    Size         Black Red White              Total
                  Rev. Francis Gwiazda, Pastor                                        Small                                                  at   $18   each   =
                                                                                     Medium                                                  at   $18   each   =
              St. Mary Parish, Conshohocken, PA                                       Large                                                  at   $18   each   =
                   Rev. Gerard Mesure, Pastor                                        X-Large                                                 at   $20   each   =
                                                                                     XX-Large                                                at   $20   each   =
                   St. Mary Parish, Reading, PA                                                                                                     Order Total $
                    Rev. Leon Stajkowski, Pastor                                 Shipping & Handling Information
                                                                                             For purchases totaling up to                $20 add $7
         National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa
                                                                                             For purchases totaling                      $20.01 to $50 add $10
                 Pauline Fathers and Brothers
                                                                                             For purchases totaling                      $50.01 to $70 add $12
           Sacred Heart Parish, Clifton Heights, PA                                          For purchases totaling                      $70.01 to $100 add $14
                   St. Hedwig, Chester, PA                                                   For purchases totaling                      $100.01 to $150 add $16
                  Rev. Jan Palkowski, Pastor                                                 For purchases totaling                      $150.01 to $250 add $18
             Sacred Heart Parish, Swedesburg, PA
                                                                                                                                            Shipping Total $
                Rev. Andrew McCormick, Pastor
                                                                                                                                                 Grand Total $
   St. Philip Neri Parish/St.Stanislaus, Philadelphia, PA                     Please Print:
                   Rev. James Oliver, Pastor
                                                                              Last Name                                  First                                         Middle
        St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish, Coatesville, PA
                  Rev. John V. Oulds, Pastor                                  Address

             St. Valentine Parish, Philadelphia, PA                           City                                       State                                         Zip
              Rev. Christopher Mendelewski, Pastor
                                                                              Telephone                                  Email Address
                 Holy Cross Parish, Trenton, NJ
               St. Stanislaus Parish, Trenton, NJ                             Kindly make checks payable                            Polish American Cultural Center
                                                                                and mail this order to:                             308 Walnut Street
                Rev. Msgr. Edward Arnister, Pastor                                                                                  Philadelphia, PA 19106
                                                                              or charge my:

                                                                                                Discover          Mastercard                Visa                   Am Express
             St. Hedwig’s (Chester, PA)
          All Class Reunion                                                   Card Number                                                    Expiration Date

   Saturday, October 10, 2009                                                 Signature                                                      cvv2 code
                                                                                                                                                           (3-digit on back of card)
          Phoenix Ballroom at                                                                                                              (Security code to prevent fraudulent use)
                                                                                                                        (Please Note cvv2 code - N/A for American Express Cards)
         Reliance Fire Company
 1661 Mill Road • Boothwyn, PA 19061                                                 Print our an order form from:               PolishAmericanCenter.com
            3:00 P.M. MASS at
           St. Hedwig’s Church                                                               Conference on the Fate of the
       Banquet - 4:30 P.M.                                                              Atlantic Community After the Cold War
Open to any Alumni of St. Hedwig’s                                                            In Cooperation with the University of Pennsylvania
      For tickets or more information, contact:                                   You are invited to the presentation by Adam Michnik, Co-Founder
    Mickey (Jarusinski) Schad at (302) 798-2842                                of Poland’s Solidarity and Editor of the Polish newspaper “Gazeta
      First Come, First Serve. Reserve Your Tickets Today!                     Wyborcza”, on “The Decline of the West Seen From Poland”.
                                                                                                 Thursday, October 15, 2009 • 6 P.M.
                                                                                       Philadelphia Sheraton • University City • Fairmount Suite
                                                                                            36th & Chestnut Streets • Philadelphia, PA 19104
                                                                                                 Everyone is invited • Admission is Free

                                                                                                     Syrena Auto Body Shop
                                                                                       6201 Oxford Avenue • Philadelphia, PA • (215) 535-6606
                                                                                      691 Bethlehem Pike • Montgomeryville, PA • (215) 361-1900

                                                                                        Voter Registration Campaign Continues
                                                                                                    The Polish American Congress, Eastern
                                                                                                 Pennsylvania District, Voter Registration
                         Subscribe to the                                                        Volunteers have distributed thousands of
       Polish American Journal                                                                   mail-in voter registration forms in Southeastern
                                                                                                 Pennsylvania. It’s important that Polish Americans
                                                                               continue to voice their opinions about key issues and remain active
                       Published Since 1911                                    participants in the political process. As the sixth-largest ethnic group
  News from Polish American Communities Across the United States               in America, Polish Americans have a strong voice, and that voice
News - Sports - Religion - History - Recipes - Folklore - Polka - and More!    must be heard during every election. If you live in Pennsylvania and
                                                                               need a mail-in Voter Registration Form, call the Polish American
            Published Monthly - Only $18.00 per year                           Congress office in Philadelphia, Monday through Friday, at (215)
                                                                               739-3408, and an application will be sent to you. This mail-in Voter
     Call (toll free) 1(800) 422-1275 or visit us on the web at:               Registration Form is good for all Pennsylvania Counties.
                www.PolAmJournal.com                                              October 5, 2009 is the last day for Pennsylvania voters to
                                                                               register for the municipal election that will take place on
                  e-mail: info@polamjournal.com                                Tuesday, November 3, 2009.
October / November, 2009, Polish American News - Page 8

                                        From the Desk of
                                     Michael Blichasz, Host
                               Saturday Variety Program at 11 A.M.
                           1540 AM Radio WNWR • Philadelphia, PA
                      I welcome you to review the information from
                      my most recent weekly commentaries and ask
                      that you share this information with your family
                      members and friends.
                     How You Spend Your Money!                                              Unite to Improve Our Future!
   I thank everyone who has responded to my Buy American Made                    In today’s fast moving world it’s often hard to focus on what is
 commentaries. We all agree that too many items on the American               happening right around us. That has been the case for over 25 years
 market are imported from other countries and the lack of American            as many long-established American jobs were slowly moved overseas.
 made products in some stores needs to be addressed. No one is                Now that we see what has happened and what will continue to
 discouraging worldwide competition in our stores, we are simply              happen if we don’t react, we can agree we need to unite our efforts
 seeing imported products overpower the U.S. Marketplace.                     through our purchasing power. We simply cannot continue to buy
    People agree that taxes and regulations on businesses drove many          products without considering where they are made and how all levels
 companies abroad in search of cheaper labor, lower taxes and more            of American workers can benefit.
 profit. Some blame government and labor leaders, while others blame             People often tell me they are changing their buying habits and
 the American people for not reacting as they watched thousands of            looking at all items they purchase. They often report it is difficult
 local and national companies pack up and leave America without               to find a competitive selection of American made products in some
 a major reaction. If people had spoken up over the last 25 years,            stores. Well, the ultimate goal of the Buy American Made Campaign is
 things would be much different today. It is only now as we see more          to restore competition between domestic and foreign manufacturers
 and more Americans losing their jobs and stability that people are           as consumers voice their concerns where they shop. People write
 reacting and demanding change. Now that so much damage has                   to tell me they seek out products with well known American logo’s,
 been done, it will take a lot more effort to turn this difficult situation   only to find on the packaging that the products were manufactured
 around. However, it can be done if local and national government             overseas. In order to change this reality, I urge you to speak up at
 officials, leaders of businesses large and small, and labor leaders          the cash register and let store personnel know you’re looking for
 unite for the benefit of American workers and America’s economy.             American made products. It is very important that this message get
 I’m suggesting that government officials, business leaders and               out to business owners and that we take action now before more jobs
 labor leaders make plans to meet and set a timeline for action. They         are lost in the shuffle and it becomes even harder to keep the jobs we
 should also discuss upgrading workforce training at every level,             have in the U.S.A.
 seek appropriate adjustments in wages and benefits for workers                  This week I encourage you to take another look around your
 and modernize America’s manufacturing facilities so we can be                closets to see what items you purchased in the recent past. Consider
 competitive in the world market.                                             if American workers had at least a 50% chance of producing the
    The main purpose of my Buy American Made commentaries is to               items you purchased. I realize that sales clerks, stockers, managers
 get people to think about how we can help reverse the trend of the           and cashiers are being employed as a result of sales of products
 past 25 years and help the businesses we still have in the U.S.A.            made overseas. However, it would be better if we could report that a
 remain viable and continue to employ Americans. I am urging you              larger percentage of U.S.A jobs are being maintained from the actual
 to spend your dollars wisely and stimulate American businesses               manufacturing of the items to the point of sale. If you want to help
 so they can retool and produce more products for both domestic               the cause, seek out American made products and email my messages
 consumption and foreign export. Together we can reverse today’s              to your family and friends so they can support the Buy American
 trend and return to a balance of domestic and imported products in           Made Campaign and keep American workers on the job, producing
 our stores. Take the time to look at the tags on the products you’re         the products we use from A to Z.
 shopping for and you will see what I mean. This is a grassroots effort         The goal of the Buy American Made campaign is to have at least
 to make people think about how they spend their money and, in the            50% of what we purchase available with a made in America label and
 process, help maintain the industries and jobs we have, with the             bring about growth for American workers and America’s economy.
 long-term goal of restoring even more jobs in the U.S.A. Consider
 how you can support the Buy American Made Campaign, especially
 by seeking out American made products each time you go shopping.
                                                                                 Read more at: AmericanWorkersNeedYou.com

                                                                                        Read the Polish American News Online at:
          New Compact Disc of Authentic Folk Music by
      John Jaworski and the Polish Village Musicians                                         PolishAmericanNews.com
                                 Songs You’ll Hear for the First Time!
                                 Especially from the Krakow-Rzeszow Regions
                                  16 Polish Vocals - CD-2801 - $17 postpaid
                                   Send check, cash or money order to
                                     Chet Schafer Productions
                                    PO Box 410452, Chicago, IL 60641

         Yolanda Konopacka DeSipio of
       Bennett, Bricklin & Saltzburg, LLP
       Attorneys at Law • Call: (215) 423-4824
       Available to assist clients throughout the
      Philadelphia area & New Jersey in both the
             English and Polish Languages
            Immigration, Personal Injury,
        Worker’s Compensation & Real Estate

                       Krakus Meat Market
               A Complete Polish Super Market
     Home Made Kielbasa - Imported Items from Poland
      3150 Richmond Street, Philadelphia, PA
    Telephone: (215) 426-4336 • Internet: KrakusMarket.com

               Polish American Travel Service
                   Travel Reservations • Translation Services
                           PEKAO • Parcels to Poland
               2714 E. Allegheny Avenue • Philadelphia, PA 19134
                                 (215) 634-3396
                                                                                                   October / November 2009, Polish American News - Page 9

                                                                                     Edward Pinkowski
             Review of The Peasant Prince
                                                                                   2009 “Pride of Polonia
             By Pawel Stefanski
                                                                                     Award” Recipient
As the author, Alex Storozynski, points out
in his tour speeches - this book is not about                              On Sunday, August 23, 2009, at the conclusion of
“Kosciuszko Bridge”, “Kosciuszko Mustard”,                               the 12:30 P.M. Mass at the National Shrine of Our
“Kosciuszko County”, or any other of several                             Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, PA, the Polish
dozens of “Kosciuszko” names, scattered                                  Apostolate Pride of Polonia Award was presented to
throughout America. It’s about the real                                  Edward Pinkowski by Bishop Stanislaw Jan Dziuba
guy, who lived in one of the most dynamic                                and Msgr. Anthony Czarnecki, National Chairman of the Polish
periods in modern history - and (before the                              Apostolate Committee.
age of jet travel, mind you!) shuttled back                                The Pride of Polonia Award was established in 1992 by the
and forth between Europe and America,                                    Executive Board of the Polish Apostolate to recognize individuals who
managing to substantially contribute to                                  make unique contributions to the Polish people and are involved in
the success of the American Revolution,                                  philanthropic activites. The first recipient was John Cardinal Krol.
organize his own (ultimately - failed)                                      Edward Pinkowski, a Polonian historian, author and journalist,
uprising in Poland, spend some time in jail                              was born on August 12, 1916, to Polish immigrant parents in
in Russia, emigrate to America, then go back to Europe to continue       Holyoke, MA. When he was 14 years old, the family moved to the
his lifelong struggle for Poland’s independence. Far ahead of his time   rugged coal fields of Pennsylvania, where his father and grandfather
in his efforts to free slaves in America and end serfdom in Europe,      previously worked in mines in the Mount Carmel area. There he
this champion of “liberty for all” died in Switzerland in 1817. While    began his writing career while still in high school. During World War
his body was buried in Wawel castle in Krakow a few months after         II, he was a writer in the U.S. Navy and rose to the rank of Chief
his death, his heart was returned to Poland only after the country       Specialist.
regained its independence in 1919. At a mere 280 pages, with 50+
pages of extensive references and bibliography, this extremely well-        In 1967, he received the Kosciuszko Sesquicentennial Medal in
written book is a fast paced read, which brings to life and to well-     Toronto from the Polish American Historical Association (PAHA) for
deserved spot-light one of the greatest, yet so little known, freedom    locating General Kosciuszko’s last residence in America, leading to
fighters of all ages!                                                    its designation as a national monument, and placing an historical
                                                                         marker at 3rd and Pine Streets in Philadelphia. In 1976, the house-
  Get your copy of The Peasant Prince online at Amazon.com.              museum opened as the Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial
                 Search “The Peasant Prince.”                            under the auspices of the National Park Service.
                                                                            For four years he was president of the Spring Garden Civic
          PAC Youth Committee Update                                     Association in Philadelphia, the first lay chairman of the nominating
                                                                         committee and vice president of PAHA, member of the Philadelphia
             Get the YOUNG PEOPLE involved!
                                                                         Historical Commission from 1969 to 1985, chairman of the Ethnic
   The Polish American Congress would like to encourage you to           Council, vice president of the Philadelphia 1976 Bicentennial
consider enrolling your children in one of the Philadelphia-area         Corporation and the oldest surviving male founder of the Polish
youth groups listed below. They welcome participants from all area       Heritage Society of Philadelphia, an affiliate of the American Council
public and parochial schools.                                            for Polish Culture (ACPC), and the person who created the name of
St. Adalbert Polish Language School (Saturdays) Classes are held         that local organization.
in the School Building, Allegheny Avenue and Chatham Street, in             Edward Pinkowski was responsible for erecting a monument
the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. Students from 1st to 8th      on Anthony Sadowski’s grave 300 years after his birth along with
grade. For info call Maria Koleda at (610) 368-1604.                     a roadside marker in Douglassville, PA. In 1996, he proved that
Adam Mickiewicz Polish Language School (Saturdays) Classes               General Pulaski’s remains were buried in a brick vault under
are held in the Associated Polish Home, 9150 Academy Road in             the monument in Savannah and was recognized by the mayor
Northeast Philadelphia. Students from lst to 8th grade. For info call    of Savannah with a key to the city for literally rescuing Pulaski’s
Debbie Majka at (215) 627-1391.                                          remains. Over the years he devoted countless hours to research on
St. John Cantius Polish Language School (Fridays) Classes are            Kosciuszko and Pulaski, not to mention hundreds of other figures,
held in St. John Cantius Hall, Almond and Orthodox Streets in the        and is the author of several books and many articles.
Bridesburg section of Philadelphia from 5 to 8 P.M. For info call           Among the numerous awards he has received are: the Mieczyslaw
Janina Dybas at (215) 671-1161.                                          Haiman Medal from PAHA for “outstanding contribution in the field
Our Lady of Czestochowa Polish Language School (Saturdays)               of Polish American studies”, Distinguished Service Award from
Classes are held at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa       ACPC for his lifetime of contributions to research in Polish American
in Doylestown, PA. For info call Monika Siuda at (215) 760-7876.         history, Cavalier’s Cross of the Order of Merit in 2001 awarded by
Polish Scouts of America “Harcerstwo” (Saturdays & Sundays)              the President of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, Ellis Island Medal
The scouts welcome boys and girls between 6 and 20 years of age.         of Honor, and the Kosciuszko Foundation Medal.
For info call Kasia Przybycien at (215) 634-0827.                          He lived in Philadelphia for most of his life with his wife Connie
Sloneczniki Children’s Folk Dance Group (Wednesdays)                     (Rosiello) before moving to Florida in 1998. He has two sons, Jack
Classes are held in the school cafeteria, 4th & Jefferson Streets,       and Jim, born in the nation’s capital during the war.
Swedesburg, PA. For info call Anthony & Kathy Boccella at
                                                                                           In recognition of donations to the
(610) 539-3699.

                                                                                       Polish American Cultural Center
   For more information about youth activities in the Philadelphia
area, call the Polish American Congress Youth Committee, Monday
through Friday between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. Call (215) 922-1700.                                Museum Exhibil Hall
                                                                                                     in Memory of
                                                                                               Michael Danielczyk Jr.
                                                                                                  Stephen Dudek
                                                                                                 Loretta Gutowicz
                                                                                                Blanche Stankiewicz

               Robert Kupiecki, Ph.D.                                                         Special Greetings from
               Polish Ambassador to the United States                                  Richard L. Krzyzanowski, Esq.

                   Freedom '89:                                                           Krzyzanowski Foundation
  The Collapse of Communism and the Birth of a New Europe

             Thursday, October 22, 2009
                     7:00 P.M.
               Driscoll Hall Auditorium, Room 132
 This event is free and open to the public. All are invited to attend!
        Refreshments will be available following the lecture.
               For more information, please contact
              Teresa Wojcik, Ph.D. at 610-519-8103

          V isit u s o n t he I n t e rn e t a t: P ol is h A m er ic a nCent e r .c o m
October / November 2009, Polish American News - Page 10

                            Polish American Social Services “PASS”
                                                From the Desk of
                                               Richard Klimek
                                               Program Supervisor
                                  Polish American Social Services
                           					Because	of	these	difficult	economic	
                           times, social service programs are
                           having	difficulty	setting	program	
                           guidelines. Some programs have
                           increased income guidelines while others
                           are cutting back on assistance offered. It
                           is important to keep in touch with service
 agencies such as PASS for updates to many programs.
    A case in point is this year’s home heating program known as
 LIHEAP, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Last                      Social Security and Medicare Updates
 year the income limit for one person in the household was $23,110.                             Annual Enrollmet Period
 This year the proposed income limit for one person in the household
                                                                              This year, between November 15, 2009 and December 31, 2009,
 is $16,245. If this income limit is adopted, many less people will
                                                                           Medicare	beneficiaries	can	make	changes	to	their	medical	and/or	
 qualify for assistance. Also, the program is proposed to be open for
                                                                           prescription drug plans for 2010. To get ready for this enrollment
 a very brief period, the “cash” part from December 1, 2009 till
                                                                           period, throughout the month of October, 2009, Medicare plans, both
 January 3, 2010, and “crisis” from January 4, 2010 till March 15,
                                                                           medical and prescription will be publishing their prices and policies.
 2010. This is small window of opportunity to apply as last year’s
                                                                           Medicare	beneficiaries	should	seek	out	the	help	of	trusted	family	
 program was open for both parts from November 3rd to April 3rd.
                                                                           members and friends, community groups and APPRISE counselors
 Again, keep in touch with PASS for updates to this program and
                                                                           to help them determine if their current plan will be offered next year,
                                                                           what changes to expect in the plan and if it is still the best plan
   This is also the time of year when Medicare has its Annual              based on their needs. (In Philadelphia, APPRISE counselors are
 Enrollment Period where seniors and others that qualify for Medicare      volunteers that are trained by the PA Department of Aging to help
 benefits	can	make	changes	to	their	plans	for	the	coming	year.		           Medicare	beneficiaries	understand	their	medical	and	prescription	
 For many seniors, and their family and friends trying to help them,       insurance options. Kindly see the following section for further
 this is a stressful process. It is important to get as much information   information on APPRISE.) Now is the time to start this important
 as possible and to ask for help from those who work in this area.         process to insure that proper coverage will be in place for 2010.
 	 So	over	the	next	few	months,	as	programs	finalize	their	program	                       APPRISE Program in Philadelphia
 guidelines, keep in touch with PASS for updates. You can call the
 office	at	(215)	923-1900	or	check	out	updates	on	the	internet	at          	 APPRISE	counselors	are	accessible	through	two	organizations,	
 PolishAmericanSocialServices.com.                                         the Mayor’s Commission on Services to the Aging and the Albert
                                                                           Einstein Medical Center’s Premier Years Program. Contact the
                                                                           program	based	on	the	zip	code	you	live	in:
               Do You Have Keystone Complete or
                   Know Someone Who Does?                                  Albert Einstein Medical Center’s Premier Years Program
                                                                           Phone:	215-456-7600
    Independence Blue Cross has announced that two of its plans,
 Keystone Complete and Keystone 65 Value Plan will no longer be            Covered Zip Codes:
                                                                           19111, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 24, 26, 35, 36, 38, 40, 41, 44, 49, 50, 52, and 54.
 offered after December 31, 2009. This will affect 36,000 individuals
 in the Philadelphia area.                                                 The Mayor’s Commission on Services to the Aging
                                                                           Phone:	215-686-8462
    Anyone enrolled in either of these plans should take the time
 to explore what options are available to them for the future. Family      Covered Zip Codes:
                                                                           19102,	03,	04,	05,	06,	07,	12,	18,	19,	21,	22,	23,	25,	26,	27,	28,	29,	30,	31,	
 members and friends of those enrolled should also take note and
                                                                           32,	33,	34,	37,	38,	39,	40,	42,	43,	44,	45,	46,	47,	48,	51	and	53.
 become	involved	because	the	process	can	be	difficult.
   Help is always available through the APPRISE program and                                    Cost-of-Living Adjustment
 other community groups and professionals as well as Medicare.             	 For	the	first	time	in	many	years,	Social	Security	recipients	will	not
 Independence Blue Cross will also be holding meetings for the             receive	a	cost-of-living	adjustment(COLA)	in	their	benefits	for	2010.	
 people affected by these plans.                                           This	will	definitely	be	a	hardship	for	many.
    Take the time to check your medical cards to see if you are                                       Medicare PART B
 enrolled in any of these plans. More mailings will be coming from
                                                                           	 Because	of	the	zero	increase	in	Social	Security	benefits,	for	most		
 both Independence Blue Cross and Medicare concerning the end
                                                                           Part	B	beneficiaries,	the	Medicare	Part	B	monthly	premium	will	not	
 of these plans. This year’s open enrollment for Medicare changes is
                                                                           go	up	but	stay	at	the	current	$96.40.	Some	Part	B	beneficiaries	will	
 November 15, 2009 till December 31, 2009 so there is time
                                                                           see	an	increase	in	their	premium	such	as:
 to react.
                                                                           			 •		 new	beneficiaries	or	those	Social	Security	Disability	
   Anyone having questions concerning letters, notices or needs more               recipients who become eligible for Medicare in 2010,
 help concerning the end of these plans can contact PASS at
                                                                           	 •		 higher	income	beneficiaries	whose	modified	adjusted	
 (215) 923-1900.
                                                                                 gross income is greater than $85,000 for an individual
                                                                           	 	 and	$170,000	for	a	couple	in	2009,	and
                Property Tax Rent Rebate Program
                 Extended to December 31, 2009!                            	 •		 beneficiaries	whose	Part	B	premiums	are	paid	by	the	state		
                                                                                 through one of the Medicare Savings Programs such as SLMB.
   For seniors, widows and widowers, or
 disabled persons whose annual income is                                      The actual amount of the premium for those affected by the
 below $15,000 for renters, and $35,000 for                                increase as well as the amount of the annual deductible (in 2009
 homeowners, it’s not too late to get a rebate on                          it was $135) will be disclosed during the month of October, 2009.
 the real estate taxes or rent that you paid in                                      Medicare PART D (Prescription Program)
                                                                           The	proposed	Standard	Benefit	for	2010	(and	compared	to	2009)
                                                                                                                   2009             2010
 COUNTED FOR PURPOSES OF THIS PROGRAM!                                     Deductible                              $ 295            $ 310
                                                                           Initial	Coverage	Limit											       $	2,700									 $	2,830
 	 Don’t	wait	till	the	end	of	the	year	to	apply.	To	find	out	if	you	
                                                                           Total	Out-of-Pocket	Spending					       $	6,153.75						$	6,440
 qualify	for	this	program,	or	if	you	need	help	in	filling	out	the	
 application or would like an application, please call PASS at (215)         This is just a summary of the Standard plan, and as many know,
 923-1900. You can get back as much as $650.                               there are stand-alone plans and plans offered under managed
                                                                           Medicare plans, each having many options. IT IS IMPORTANT
                                                                           TO UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR PRESCRIPTION PLAN WORKS
                In recognition of a contribution from the                  WITH YOUR MEDICAL PLAN. Check out Medicare.gov on the
                    Fourjay Foundation                                     computer for help determining which options are best for you or
                                                                           consider speaking with an APPRISE counselor.
            For Polish American Social Services programs

  If you need information about the City of Philadelphia                                    Visit	PASS	on	the	Internet	at:
 Water Discount Program for Seniors, call PASS Monday                           PolishAmericanSocialServices.com
    through Friday, 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. at 215-923-1900.
                                                                                                   October / November 2009, Polish American News - Page 11

                       Polish American Social Services “PASS”
                                                                                                       Residents of Pennsylvania who are 65
          Polish American Social Services                                                            years of age or older have an outstanding
      United Social Services Outreach Program
  The main office of PASS at 308 Walnut Street is open Monday
                                                                              PACE                   prescription medication plan, “PACE”, the
                                                                                                     Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for
                                                                           Pharmaceutical Assistance
                                                                                                     the Elderly. This program is administered
through Friday between 9 A.M. and 4 P.M. to service the general            Contract for the Elderly  by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging
public. You can call the main office at (215) 923-1900. Clients
                                                                                                     and funding for this program is provided by
coming to the main office are asked to call in advance so that a Social
                                                                          the Pennsylvania Lottery to help senior citizens pay for prescription
Service Representative can be assigned to provide information and
assistance and to secure appropriate documents and information
necessary for processing each request.                                       There is also another level of the program called PACENET.
                                                                          This program is also funded by the Pennsylvania Lottery. Both of
  Some services are listed in this newsletter, but the staff can assist
                                                                          these programs are Medicare Part D approved and are considered
you with many other programs available to both senior citizens and
                                                                          creditable plans. With PACE, seniors only co-pay either $6.00
individuals of all ages. Services can be provided in the English or
                                                                          for generic meds or $9.00 for brand name meds. There are no
Polish language. Everyone is welcome to contact the agency for
                                                                          deductibles or monthly premiums in PACE. With PACENET, seniors
                                                                          only co-pay $8.00 for generic meds or $15.00 for brand name meds.
  PASS also makes many community outreach visits throughout               There is a monthly deductible or premium for this program of $26.59
the year. There are also several special outreach visits made to          for 2009. Under PACE and PACENET, your assets are not counted,
senior citizen groups which are announced in local newspapers             only your annual income.
or church bulletins.
                                                                          The two income levels of the program are as follows:
  The following outreach service locations and schedules are in
                                                                             PACE                      monthly          annual
operation: Daily services for clients from these areas are also
                                                                             one person                $1,208           $14,500
available at the main office.
                                                                             couple                    $1,475           $17,700
  Main Office:
  308 Walnut Street                         Monday to Friday                 PACENET            max monthly income annual (range of income)
  Downtown Philadelphia                     9 A.M. to 4 P.M.                 one person              $1,958        $14,500 to $23,500
                                                                             couple                  $2,625        $17,700 to $31,500
  Port Richmond & Fishtown areas:                                           Since PACE and PACENET are working with Medicare Part D, the
  St. Adalbert Rectory                      Every Tuesday                 program is now also referred to as PACE PLUS. This only means that
  Thompson Street & Allegheny Avenue        9 A.M. to 1 P.M.              PACE and PACENET enrollees receive the same coverage that they
                                                                          received with PACE and PACENET, and their costs are the same or
  Northeast/Bridesburg & Frankford areas:                                 possibly lower. The staff of PASS will be able to explain to seniors
  St. John Cantius Hall               Every 1st Wednesday                 how these programs work together.
  Thompson & Orthodox Streets         10 A.M. to 12 Noon                    For more information and assistance with an application, contact
                                                                          PASS, Monday through Friday, 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. at (215) 923-1900,
  Manayunk/Roxborough areas:                                              or PolishAmericanSocialServices.com.
  St. Josaphat Hall                         Every 3rd Monday
  Cotton & Silverwood Streets               10 A.M. to 12 Noon                           SNAP Raises Income Limits
                                                                            The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare has raised the
  Other outreach areas served by PASS are announced in
                                                                          gross limit for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
community newspapers and in church bulletins.
                                                                          (SNAP) (formerly known as the Federal Food Stamp Program) from
  For information on those outreach visits call the main office at        130% of the federal poverty line to 160%. Thousands of additional
(215) 923-1900.                                                           households will now be eligible for assistance.
                                                                             In addition, Pennsylvania has amended its NET Income Test so
                      Utility Assistance                                  that all one- and two-person households under the established Gross
                                                                          Income Limits - 200% of the federal poverty line (FPL) for households
  There are several programs available to help seniors and others         with a senior or disabled member - are eligible for a minimum of $16
with the costs of utilities. Check out the following programs:            monthly, even if they do not meet the NET Income Limit. This rule
   Philadelphia Water Revenue Bureau offers two                           change is especially important for senior citizens and others who
programs to assist customers. The Senior Citizen                          often are low income but also have low expenses.
Discount Program offers a 25% discount on each
                                                                             Number in Family          Old Income Limit          New Income Limit
water bill for those 65 and older. Maximum income is
                                                                                                          (130% FPL                (160% FPL)
$28,900. The other program is called WRAP, the Water
Revenue Assistance Program. Income guidelines range                                  1                      $14,079                    $17,328
from $1,579 per month for one individual to $3,216                                   2                      $18,941                    $23,312
per month for a family of four.                                                      3                      $23,803                    $29,296
                                                                                     4                      $28,665                    $35,280
            LIHEAP - For information about the 2009-2010 Fuel
                                                                                     5                      $33,527                    $41,264
        Assistance Program, or to receive an application, call PASS
                                                                                     6                      $38,389                    $47,248
        at (215) 923-1900.
                                                                                     7                      $43,251                    $53,232
            PECO CAP - offers a discount on kilowatt hours, balance                  8                      $48,113                    $59,216
        forgiveness and shut off prevention. Income limits are as
        follows: One person $15,612 annually, $31,812 for a family        For more information, you can call the Food Stamp
        of four. Call CAP directly at 1-800-774-7040.                     Hotline at (215) 430-0556, or PASS at (215) 923-1900.
   PGW CRP - offers low income customers to better afford and
maintain their gas service. CRP customers pay a budget amount
based on their gross household income. Income limits are as follows:                     In recognition of a contribution from
One person $16,245 annually, $33,075 for a family of four. Call PGW
at (215) 684-6100.                                                                The Michael J. Kosloski Foundation
                                                                                   In loving Memory of Leo Kosloski
                   Attention Employers!                                            For Polish American Social Services programs
  PASS will be pleased to alert job seekers of Job Openings that
have been reported to us.
  If your business or organization is about to or has posted a
position, kindly let PASS know about that opening. Call Monday                           Best Wishes to Polonia
through Friday, between 9 A.M. and 4 P.M. (215) 923-1900, or send
the job information to:
                                                                              Beneficial Savings Bank
                  Attn: Employment Information
                  Polish American Social Services
                         308 Walnut Street
                       Philadelphia, PA 19106                              For information about PASS and its Outreach Services,
   Kindly include qualifications needed, starting salary and where             visit: PolishAmericanSocialServices.com
to go for an application and interview.
October / November, 2009, Polish American News - Page 12

               Polish American Cultural Center Exhibit Hall Sponsors Business Directory
           Assisted Living                                        Funeral Directors                                             LOGO Sportswear
 Harmony Place Assisted Living at Parke Ridge                    Slabinski Funeral Home, Inc.
       “A Caring Community for your Loved One”                           2614 Orthodox Street
               8420 Roosevelt Blvd.                                     Philadelphia, PA 19137
              Philadelphia, PA 19152                                         215-744-2700
                                                                     Edward C. Tomaszewski
         Auction Services                                              Funeral Home, Inc.
                                                             Two of Port Richmond’s Most Modern and
                                                                Spacious Chapels at One Location
         Robert Zogorski Real Estate
            Real Estate Auctions                                   2728-30 E. Allegheny Avenue
      1845 Lititz Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601                           Philadelphia, PA 19134
                                                                           215-739-6624                                                Kulinski Memorials
     Toll Free: 800-294-9390 * www.rzre.net                                                                               Monuments & Markers • Over 50 Years of Service
                Serving Pennsylvania
                                                                           Insurance                                          Speaks Polish • Mowimy Po Polsku

          Auto Body Shop
                                                                                                                        Custom Designing, Cemetery Lettering, Statues,
                                                                          Jerry Gregorowicz                                 Stone Cleaning, Vases & Vigil Candles
                                                                         The Selzer Company                             Serving all faiths in NJ, PA, and NY cemeteries!
            Syrena Auto Body Shop                                  Insurance - Business & Personal
                                                                                                                        1-800-458-5467 • KulinskiMemorials.com
     6201 Oxford Avenue • Philadelphia, PA                           975 Easton Road, Suite 100
                (215) 535-6606
    691 Bethlehem Pike • Montgomeryville, PA
                                                                        Warrington, PA 18976
                                                                       215-491-1660 Ext. 107                                         Organizations
                (215) 361-1900                                                                                          Council of United Polish Societies Chester, PA

               Contractors                                           Legal Services                                                   113 Prospect Drive
                                                                                                                            Wilmington, DE 19803 • 302-479-0070
                                                                       Chester T. Cyzio, Esq.                                  Copernicus Society of America
          FATHER & SON BUILDERS                                    1500 Walnut Street, Suite 2000                                       P.O. Box 305
         “The Name You Know and Trust”                                Philadelphia, PA 19102                             Fort Washington, PA 19034 • 215-646-2470
            Fully Licensed and Insured                               Telephone: 215-568-6220
       Free Estimates - Financing Available                             Fax: 215-564-2859                                           Jagiellonian Law Society
         Specializing in Custom Kitchens                                                                                               1370 Chews Landing Road
              & Modern Bathrooms                                     Leon A. Mankowski, Esq.                                           Laurel Springs, NJ 08021
   Serving Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas                        2624 E. Allegheny Avenue                                                 215-736-2521
         Greg Matyjaszek - 215-634-7800                               Philadelphia, PA 19134                                       Polish American Congress
                                                                215-739-8521 • Fax: 215-739-8082                                  Eastern Pennsylvania District
          J.L. Latsios Paving Co. Inc.                            Email: LAM2624@verizon.net                                            308 Walnut Street
  Building strong, long lasting parking lots and                                                                            Philadelphia, PA 19106 • 215-739-3408
  driveways in Delaware, Chester, Montgomery                        George R. Szymanski, Jr.
                                                                                                                             Polish American Heritage Association
       Counties and the Philadelphia area.                                 Attorney • Adwokat
                                                                                                                                       of Delaware County
             www.LatsiosPaving.com                                      When You Need Personal                                  St. Hedwig’s Society, Chester, PA
                 610-459-4500                                              Legal Attention                                   P.O. Box 1164 - Brookhaven, PA 19015

     Engineering Services
                                                            Accidents• Injuries • Criminal Defense • Social Security                      302-798-2842
                                                             Disability • Wills & Estates • Free Initial Consultation
                                                                                                                             Polish National Alliance, Lodge #650
                                                                          2538 E. Allegheny Avenue
                                                                                                                                       2201 N. Bent Lane
             Tantala Associates, LLC                                   Philadelphia, PA • 215-426-4680
                                                                                                                               Aston, PA 19014 • 610-876-4565
    4903 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19124                         1370 Chews Landing Road
        215-289-4600 • www.tantala.com                                  Blackwood, NJ • 856-232-9828                       Polish Police Association of Philadelphia
                                                                                                                                         P.O. Box 16381
                                                                      Life Insurance
           Albert M. Tantala, Sr., P.E.
              Peter J. Tantala, P.E.                                                                                        Philadelphia, PA 19114 • 215-677-1774

            Albert M. Tantala, Jr., AIA                                                                                     Polish Women’s Alliance, St. Rita’s Society
             Michael W. Tantala, P.E.                                                                                          2401 Pennsylvania Avenue 15B-33

     Financial Institutions
                                                                                                                            Philadelphia, PA 19130 • 215-769-8530
                                                                 Polish Beneficial Association
                                                                 A Fraternal Life Insurance Society                          St. Adalbert Polish Language School
                 POLONIA BANK                                          Serving Pennsylvania,                                       2645 E. Allegheny Avenue
          With 5 Offices in the Philadelphia                          New Jersey, & Delaware                                Philadelphia, PA 19134 • 215-739-3500
                  Area to Serve You                                                                                         Classes Are Held On Saturday Mornings
                                                                Main Office: 2595 Orthodox Street
       2646 E. Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia
                    215-427-3333                             Philadelphia, PA 19137 • 215-535-2626                                 Second Street Polish Society
       2133 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia                                                                                            P.O. Box 37107
                    215-665-9363                                    Polish Falcons of America
                                                                                                                                      Philadelphia, PA 19148
        8000 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia                 A National Fraternal Insurance Organization
                    215-338-7777                                   Main Office: 615 Iron City Drive                       The Society of Our Mother of Consolation
        2628 Orthodox Street, Philadelphia                     Pittsburgh, PA 15205 • 412-922-2244                                       P.O. Box 331
                 215-535-8450                                                                                                       Wilmerding, PA 15148
                                                                    Polish National Alliance
             3993 Huntingdon Pike,
             Huntingdon Valley, PA                                      America’s Largest                                Physicians & Surgeons
                 215-938-8688                                    National Fraternal Organization
                                                               National Office: 6100 N. Cicero Avenue                             Ewa Matczak, D.M.D.
               Third Federal Bank                               Chicago, IL 60646 • 1-800-621-3723                              3084 Aramingo Avenue
                                                                                                                        Philadelphia, PA 19134 • 215-739-2787
                    Bridesburg:                             Polish Roman Catholic Union of America                               Office Hours by Appointment
        Orthodox & Almond Sts. 215-743-6673
                                                                    National Fraternal Benefit Society
                     Frankford:                                Main Office: 984 N. Milwaukee Avenue                              Theresa Korneluk Reilly, M.D.
          4625 Frankford Ave. 215-289-1400                     Chicago, IL 60642 • 1-800-772-8632                                   Eye Physician & Surgeon
                        Mayfair:                                            Satellite Offices:                                     2418 E. Allegheny Avenue
        Roosevelt Blvd. at Unruh 215-332-7650               2636-38 E. Allegheny Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19134                Philadelphia, PA 19134 • 215-634-6660
                                                                   1-800-558-8792 or 215-425-3807                                     Office Hours by Appointment
                                                                 6966 Broadway, Cleveland, OH 44105
          York & Memphis Sts. 215-423-2314
                                                                            1-800-318-8234                                    John S. Taras, M.D. • Hand Surgery
                    Woodhaven:                                 6011 South 27th St., Greenfield, WI 53321                           The Philadelphia Hand Center, P.C.
       Knights & Woodhaven Rds. 215-824-0151                       414-281-6281 • www.prcua.org                                    The Benjamin Franklin House
       For locations in Bucks & Mercer Counties,                                                                                  834 Chestnut Street, Suite G114
               please call 215-579-4000.                     Polish Women’s Alliance of America
                                                                                                                                      Philadelphia, PA 19107
                                                               National Fraternal Benefit Insurance Organization
           Washington Savings Bank                                                                                              For Appointments, call (800) 971-HAND
                                                                 Branches in States Across America                                The South Jersey Hand Center, P.C.
               2701 E. Allegheny Avenue                    Main Office: 6643 N. Northwest Highway - 2nd Floor                           Marlton & Cherry Hill
                     215-427-3500                                Chicago, IL 60631 • 847-384-1200
                 2548 E. Lehigh Avenue
                                                                    or Toll Free - 888-522-1898                               Relocation Services
                10663 Bustleton Avenue
                                                                  You are invited to become a                                      Isaac’s Relocation Service
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                8729 Frankford Avenue                       Polish American
                     215-624-8400                                                                                                       Looking for Movers and Drivers
                                                            Cultural Center                                              Paid training program/immediate openings/excellent starting pay
                   2900 Comly Road                            Exhibit Hall                                                To arrange for an interview, call (800) 949-3574 Ext. 940
         Funeral Directors                                    Call Theresa
   Joseph T. Sekula Funeral Home, Inc.                       Romanowski at:                                                               Union Roofing
          Florence B. Sekula, Supervisor                                                                                  Siding, Windows & Doors
                                                                            215-922-1700                                	 					Free	Estimate	•	10	Year	Guarantee
            2634 E. Allegheny Avenue
              Philadelphia, PA 19134                             PolishAmericanCenter.com                                       See	Our	Discount	Coupon	Ad	in	Paper
                   215-739-7900                                                                                                               215-464-6425
                                                                                                 October / November, 2009, Polish American News - Page 13

             Polish American Cultural Center Museum in Philadelphia, PA
                                                                                     October 10, 1979 - Joel Przybilla (Born)
      Museum’s Historic Reflections Project
                                                                                     Joel Przybilla is a professional basketball player in
             October / November                                                      the National Basketball Association. He went to the
                                                                                     University of Minnesota and played for several NBA
   The Polish American Cultural Center Museum in Historic
                                                                                     teams. He currently plays for the Portland Trail
Philadelphia presents Historic Reflections from Polish and Polish
American history on the Polish American Radio Program. The
reflections are organized in a daily format. Some of the dates may be   October 11, 1903 - Kazimierz Kordylewski (Born)
the birthday or death date of a prominent person. Other dates may       Kazimierz Kordylewski was an astronomer born
celebrate a milestone in a prominent person’s life such as a career     in Poznan, Poland in 1903. In 1956, Kordylewski
promotion, invention date, or some accomplishment that contributed      discovered clouds of dust, believed to be particles left
to science, medicine, sports, or entertainment history. Other dates     over from our moon. These clouds are now named
may be an anniversary of a historical event in Polonia or Poland’s      after him.
   You can hear weekly historic reflections on the Saturday edition               October 12, 1915 - Helena Modjeska (Born)
of the Polish American Radio Program at 11 A.M. on 1540 AM                        Helena Modjeska was a Polish actress of international
Radio from Philadelphia. Listen to rebroadcasts 24 hours a day at                 fame who immigrated to the United States in 1876. She
PolishAmericanRadioProgram.com.                                                   became a star of American stages for many years with her
   For your information, we have listed a selection of historic                   portrayals of Shakespearian characters. Modjeska was
reflections for the months of October and November.                               the mother of Ralph Modjeski, the builder of the Benjamin
                                                                                  Franklin and Tacony Palmyra Bridges in Philadelphia and
                    October 1, 1608 - First Polish Settlers in
                                                                                  several others across America.
                    America (Event)
                                                                        October 13, 1926 - “Killer” Kowalski (Born)
                   The first Polish settlers arrived in Jamestown,
                   VA, on the ship Mary and Margaret. They were         Professional wrestler Wladek Kowalski is known
                   glassmakers from Poland hired by the Virginia        as “Killer” Kowalski to his long-time wrestling
                   Company of London to establish a glassmaking         fans. He wrestled in over 6,000 matches from
                   industry in the new American colony of “Virginia”.   1947 to 1977, winning great popularity in TV
The glass products they produced became the first products made in      matches during the 1960’s and 70’s against foe,
America, and also the first products made for export to Europe          Bruno Sammartino.
for sale.                                                                         October 14, 1864 - Stefan Zeromski (Born)
October 2, 1922 - William Swiacki (Born)                                          Stefan Zeromski was a Polish novelist who was given an
William Adam Swiacki was an American football end in                              apartment in the Royal Castle of Warsaw in recognition of
the National Football League for five seasons for the New                         his artistic abilities. He wrote over fifteen major works.
York Giants and Detroit Lions. He played college football
at Columbia University and was drafted in the sixteenth
round of the 1946 NFL Draft by the Boston Yanks.                        October 15, 1817 - Thaddeus Kosciuszko (Died)

              October 3, 1923 - Stanislaw Skrowaczewski (Born)          After the struggle for America’s Independence,
                                                                        General Thaddeus Kosciuszko returned to his
              Stanislaw Skrowaczewski was born in Lwow, Poland,         homeland of Poland. He swore an oath in the
              and became best known for his work with the               Krakow market place to fight for Poland’s liberty and
              Minnesota Orchestra. In 1997, one of Skrowaczewski’s      took command of the Polish uprising in 1794, urging
              works was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. He also lead    all men to take up arms to defend Poland.
              the Cleveland Orchestra and was the composer-in-
              residence for the Philadelphia Orchestra.                              October 16, 1726 - Daniel Chodowiecki (Born)
October 4, 1705 - Stanislaw Leszczynski (Coronation)                                 Daniel Niklaus Chodowiecki was a Polish-German
Stanislaw Leszczynski was the first Polish king crowned                              painter and printmaker with Huguenot ancestry, who
in Warsaw, Poland.                                                                   is most famous as an etcher. He spent most of his life
                                                                                     in Berlin, and became the director of the Berlin
                                                                                     Academy of Art.

            October 5, 1861 - Antoni Fijalkowski (Died)                 October 17, 1849 - Fryderyk Chopin (Died)
            Antoni Melchior Fijalkowski was the Archbishop              Fryderyk Chopin, Polish composer and pianist, was born
            Metropolitan of Warsaw and spiritual leader of the nation   in Zelazowa Wola, Poland in 1810. At age 7 Chopin
            during the Partitions of Poland.                            wrote his first composition, the Polonaise in G minor.
                                                                        At age 8 he presented his first public concert. Fryderyk
                                                                        Chopin’s music continues to be played throughout the
October 6, 1873 - Sir Pawel Strzelecki (Died)                           world.
Sir Pawel Strzelecki was an explorer of the Australian                             October 18, 1922 - Richard Stankiewicz (Born)
continent. He named the largest mountain in Australia
after American and Polish freedom fighter, Tadeusz                                 Richard Stankiewicz was born in Philadelphia, grew up
Kosciuszko.                                                                        in Detroit, and had a presence in several prestigious art
                                                                                   galleries in New York City during his career. He became
             October 7, 1943 - Eugeniusz Bodo (Died)                               internationally known in the 1960’s for his trend setting
                                                                                   work by welding pieces of scrap metal. He died in 1983 at
             Eugeniusz Bodo was born Bohdan Eugene Junod.                          his home in Worthington, Massachusetts.
             Eugeniusz changed his name to Bodo, a stage name,
             which he used at many theaters, eventually opening         October 19, 1984 - Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko (Died)
             Cafe Bodo in Warsaw, Poland. With WWII raging,             Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko, the Solidarity Priest, was murdered
             Eugeniusz Bodo ended up in the Soviet Union and was        by Communist internal security agents. His murder
             sent to a Gulag where he was executed.                     only solidified the resolve of the Polish people to gain
October 8, 1910 - Maria Konopnicka (Died)                               their freedom. Pope John Paul II visited the grave of Fr.
                                                                        Popieluszko during one of his visits.
Maria Konopnicka was a poet, novelist, translator and
essayist from Lwow, Poland. Her writing touched on                                 October 20, 1948 - Honorable Robert Borski (Born)
many issues that beset the people in Poland during the
                                                                                   Honorable Robert Borski, former United States
late 1800’s. She often used the pen name “Jan Sawa.”
                                                                                   Congressman, represented the people of Northeast
Maria Konopnicka writings influenced generations of
                                                                                   Philadelphia for many years. We thank him for his many
Polish poets and novelists.
                                                                                   years of service.

                  October 9, 1779 - General Casimir Pulaski             October 21, 1969 - Waclaw Sierpinski (Died)
                  Mortally Wounded (Event)
                                                                        Waclaw Franciszek Sierpinski was a Polish
                  General Casimir Pulaski, Father of the American       mathematician known for outstanding contributions
                  Cavalry, was mortally wounded while leading his       to set theory (research on the axiom of choice and
                  troops in the Battle of Savanah, Georgia in 1779.     the continuum hypothesis), number theory, theory of
                  Pulaski has parades and holidays in his honor         functions and topology. He published over 700 papers
                  until this day as well as parks, schools, bridges,    and 50 books. Three well-known fractals are named after him (the
                  towns and countries named after him.                  Sierpinski triangle, the Sierpinski carpet and the Sierpinski curve),
                                                                        as are Sierpinski numbers and the associated Sierpinski problem.
October / November, 2009, Polish American News - Page 14

   Historic Reflections from the Polish American Cultural Center Museum in Philadelphia, PA • October / November

                     October 22, 1978 - Pope John Paul II (Installed)                    November 2, 1942 - Stefanie Powers (Born)
                     Pope John Paul II, the beloved Cardinal of Krakow,                  Stefania Federkiewicz, well-known by her stage name
                     Poland, was elected to be the shepherd of the                       Stephanie Powers, starred in movies and television
                     Universal Catholic Church in October 1978                           shows. Stephanie Powers is well known for her
                     and served as pontiff until his death on April 2,                   television series Hart to Hart with co-star Robert
                     2005. During his 27 years as Holy Father, he                        Wagner.
                     was recognized as a true son of Poland and an
                     international leader of faith and justice.           November 3, 1951 - Edward Murawinski (Born)
 October 23, 1885 - Jan Czochralski (Born)                                Edward Murawinski was born in Jersey City,
 Jan Czochralski was a Polish chemist known for the                       New Jersey. He is currently employed by the New
 Czochralski process of growing single crystals used in                   York Daily News as a cartoonist and a member
 the production of semiconductor wafers. He also helped                   of the National Cartoonist Society. He attended
 to develop a hand grenade for Poland’s Home Army                         the Manhattan School of Visual Arts and has
 during World War II.                                                     been employed by the Daily News since he was
                   October 24, 1916 - Edward Piszek (Born)                             November 4, 1937 - Loretta Swit (Born)
                Edward Piszek was a Polish American Industrialist                      Loretta Swit is a proud Polish American and
                and Philanthropist. He was the founder of Mrs.                         well-known actress of the stage and television. She
                Paul’s Kitchens, the frozen-food business that became                  is best known for her portrayal of the character Major
                a national giant. Mr. Piszek was an outstanding                        Margaret Houlihan on the television series M*A*S*H.
                supporter of Poland and the Polish American
                community. Among his many accomplishments,
                Edward Piszek helped eradicate tuberculosis in            November 5, 1530 - Jan Kochanowski (Born)
 Poland and was the main supporter of the Kosciuszko House in             Jan Kochanowski was a Polish Renaissance poet and
 Historic Philadelphia.                                                   writer. He is recognized as one of the most important
                                                                          poets before the 19th century.
 October 25, 1867 - Jozef Dowbor-Musnicki (Born)
 Józef Dowbor-Musnicki was a Polish military officer
 and commander, serving with the Polish army. He was                                 November 6, 1755 - Stanislaw Staszic (Born)
 also the military commander of the Greater Poland                                   Stanislaw Staszic was a Catholic priest, philosopher,
 Uprising.                                                                           statesman, geologist, scholar, poet, writer and leader of
                                                                                     the Polish Enlightenment. He had a direct influence on
                                                                                     the Third of May Constitution of 1791.
                   October 26, 1910 - John Cardinal Krol (Born)
                   John Cardinal Krol was a Polish American Cardinal      November 7, 1944 - Joe Niekro (Born)
                   and the Archbishop of Philadelphia from 1961 to
                   1988. John Cardinal Krol participated in the Second    Joe Niekro was a Major League Baseball Player and
                   Vatican Council, served as the President of the U.S.   the brother of Hall of Famer, Phil Niekro. Joe Niekro
                   Conference of Catholic Bishops and was advisor to      like his brother Phil, specialized in throwing the
                   Pope John Paul II.                                     knuckleball. During the 1970’s and 80’s, the Niekro
                                                                          brothers combined for 539 total wins, making them
October 27, 1991 - Free Elections Held in Poland                          the most successful brother combination in baseball
(Event)                                                                   history. Joe’s son, Lance Niekro, is a major league baseball player.

We mark the date of the first free elections for the Polish                            November 8, 1940 - Charles Kowal (Born)
Parliament, since World War II, on this day in 1991.                                   Charles Kowal is a Polish American astronomer who
                                                                                       discovered the two moons of Jupiter, Leda in 1974 and
                                                                                       Themisto in 1975. Charles Kowal is also known for
                  October 28, 1824 - Fr. Leopold Moczygemba (Born)                     discovering many supernovas in other galaxies.
                Fr. Leopold Moczygemba was a patriarch of America’s
                Polonia. Fr. Moczygemba organized the first Polish        November 9, 1505 - Mikolaj Rej (Born)
                settlement in the United States at Panna Maria, Texas
                in 1854. He was one of the founders and also served       Mikolaj Rej was one of the best known writers and poets
                as a president of the Polish Roman Catholic Union of      of the Renaissance and was also a politician, musician
                America, which was founded in Chicago in 1873. He         and nobleman. The Polish Sejm pronounced 2005 as the
 also established the first Polish College in America at Orchard Lake,    year of Mikolaj Rej, celebrating the 500th Anniversary of
 Michigan.                                                                his birth.

October 29, 1924 - Zbigniew Herbert (Born)
                                                                                       November 10, 1909 - Pawel Jasienica (Born)
Zbigniew Herbert was an influential Polish poet,
                                                                                       Pawel Jasienica was the pen-name of Leon Lech Beynar,
essayist and moralist. He was a member of the
                                                                                       a Polish non-academic historian, journalist, writer and
Polish resistance movement during World War II. The
publication of his Selected Poems in the United States
and England made Zbigniew Herbert one of the most
popular contemporary poets in the English-speaking
world.                                                                    November 11, 1918 - Poland’s Independence
                                                                          Day (Event)
                   October 30, 1790 - Karol Lipinski (Born)
                                                                          In 1918 after World War I, Poland was
                   Karol Lipinski was a Polish virtuoso violinist and     reestablished as a sovereign country with the
                   composer. His Stradivarius violin became known as      assistance of United States President Woodrow
                   the Lipinski Stradivarius. His compositions included   Wilson and the Allied Powers.
                   four violin concertos, as well as polonaises, rondos
                   and variations. The Karol Lipinski University of
                   Music in Wroclaw, Poland, bears his name.                           November 12, 1952 - Steve Bartkowski (Born)
 October 31, 1950 - Jozef Stolorz (Born)                                               Steve Bartkowski was a well known quarterback
                                                                                       for the National Football League. During his career
 Józef Stolorz is a fine art painter born in Katowice,                                 Bartkowski played for the Atlanta Falcons and the
 Silesia, Poland. He has displayed paintings at over 100                               Los Angeles Rams and was All American Quarterback
 exhibitions worldwide, including over 60 individual                                   during his senior season in 1974 at the University of
 exhibitions and since 2002 has been listed in an official                             California.
 “Who’s Who in Poland”.
                                                                          November 13, 1806 - Emilia Plater (Born)
               November 1, 1918 - Harcerze (Founding)                     Emilia Plater was a Polish freedom fighter who
               The first American unit of the Polish Boy Scouts, known    participated in the November Uprising of 1830.
               as Harcerze, was started in Buffalo, New York, in 1918.    Emilia Plater, who achieved the rank of Captain
               They remain a well known scouting movement which           of an Infantry Unit, is considered a revolutionary,
               has spread across the United States of America.            patriot and national hero not just in Poland, but
                                                                          also in Belarus and Lithuania.

                                 Visit us on the Inernet at: PolishAmericanCenter.com
                                                                                                     October / November, 2009, Polish American News - Page 15

  Historic Reflections from the Polish American Cultural Center Museum in Philadelphia, PA • October / November

November 14, 1972 - Edyta Gorniak (Born)                                  November 25, 1985 - Ray Jablonski (Died)
Edyta Górniak (born in Ziebice, Poland) is one of the most                Ray Jablonski was a third baseman in Major League
popular female singers of Polish pop music. She was the                   Baseball who played for the St. Louis Cardinals,
star of the musical Metro (“Subway”) - the most popular                   Cincinnati Reds and the New York Giants. Ray
and longest running homegrown musical in Polish history.                  Jablonski was elected to the National League All Star
                                                                          Team in 1954.
                    November 15, 1980 - Pope John Paul II Visit to
                    West Germany (Event)                                                   November 26, 1855 - Adam Mickiewicz (Died)
                    On November 15, 1980, Pope John Paul II visited                        Adam Mickiewicz was known for his poem Pan
                    West Germany. This historic occasion marked                            Tadeusz and is considered one of Poland’s greatest
                    the first visit of a pontiff to Germany in over 200                    romantic poets. All of his greatest works were
                    years.                                                                 written in the Polish language. He is buried in
                                                                                           Wawel Castle.
November 16, 1603 - Augustyn Kordecki (Born)
Augustyn Kordecki led the historic defense of the
sanctuary of Our Lady of Czestochowa during the                           November 27, 1958 - Artur Rodzinski (Died)
Swedish Invasion from November 18th to December
                                                                          Artur Rodzinski was a Polish conductor of opera and
26th, 1655, prior to the cloister of the Pauline
                                                                          symphonic music. Rodzinski studied music in Lwów,
Fathers in Czestochowa, Poland.
                                                                          and then law in Vienna, where he simultaneously
               November 17, 1954 - Tadeusz Banachiewicz (Died)            enrolled at the Academy of Music. He was associated
                                                                          with Chicago Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, Los
               Tadeusz Banachiewicz was a Polish astronomer,
                                                                          Angeles Philharmonic and New York Philharmonic.
               mathematician, and the director of the Krakow
               Observatory. Tadeusz Banachiewicz’s international                        November 28, 1948 - Agnieszka Holland (Born)
               recognition came from his theory of cracovians                           Agnieszka Holland is one of Poland’s most prominent
               - a matrix algebra that helped to solve several                          filmakers. Agnieszka Holland is best known for her
               astronomical, geodesic, mechanical and mathematical                      movie, Europa Europa, which brought her the Golden
               problems. A lunar crater is named after him.                             Globe Award and her second nomination for an
November 18, 1860 - Ignacy Paderewski (Born)                                            Academy Award.

Ignacy Jan Paderewski, pianist and composer,
became the most noted statesman of Poland to the                          November 29, 1830 - Polish Uprising
United States during and after World War I. In 1919,                      (Event)
after World War I, Ignacy Jan Paderewski became the                       The famous Polish Uprising of 1830 was
first premier of the newly created Republic of Poland.                    a revolt against Russian rule in Poland
His heart is enshrined at the National Shrine of Our                      which caused one of the largest waves of
Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, Pennsylvania,                          immigration in Polish history to France,
and his remains are buried in the crypt of St. John’s Cathedral in        the United States and several other
Warsaw, Poland.                                                           countries around the world.
                November 19, 1925 - Zymunt Bauman (Born)
                                                                                         November 30, 1768 - Jedzej Sniadecki (Born)
               Zygmunt Bauman (born in Poznan) is a Polish
                                                                                         Jedzej Sniadecki was a Polish writer, physician,
               sociologist who, since 1971, has resided in England
                                                                                         chemist and biologist. Sniadecki’s most important
               after being driven out of Poland by an anti-Semitic
                                                                                         book was entitled The Beginnings of Chemistry, the
               campaign, engineered by the Communist regime of
                                                                                         first Polish-language chemistry textbook. It is believed
               the time. Professor of sociology at the University of
                                                                                         that Jedrzej Sniadecki was the original discoverer of
               Leeds (and since 1990 emeritus professor), Bauman
                                                                                         the element ruthenium in 1807.
               has become best known for his analysis of the
links between modernity and the Holocaust, and of postmodern
                                                                                                  Tune in to the Daily
November 20, 1926 - Dr. Andrzej Shally (Born)
Dr. Andrzej Wiktor Shally was a Polish-born                                           Polish American Radio Program
                                                                                     Serving Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware
endocrinologist who won the Nobel Prize in 1977
                                                                                                      7 days a week since 1925
in Medicine for research work. Dr. Andrzej Shally
developed a whole new realm of knowledge concerning
                                                                                   Monday to Friday 11:00 A.M. to 12 Noon - 1540 AM
the brain’s control over body chemistry.
                                                                                   Local News, Music, Special Features and News from Poland
               November 21, 1920 - Stanley Musial (Born)                              in the Polish Language with Hostess Barbara Ilnicka
              Stanley Musial, nicknamed “Stan the Man”, was born
              on November 21, 1920 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
                                                                                            Thursday 11:45 A.M. - 1540 AM
              He played 1,890 baseball games as an outfielder and                           Pauline Fathers Radio Program
              1,016 games as a first baseman, but was known                        from Czestochowa in Doylestown, PA in the Polish Language
              mainly as a left-handed consistent hitter. Musial won
                                                                                 Saturday Morning 11:00 A.M. to 12 Noon - 1540 AM
              several National League Most Valuable Player Awards
and received Sports Illustrated magazine’s “Sportsman of the Year”                        Polka Time & Variety Program
award and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.                                           In English hosted by Michael Blichasz

November 22, 1950 - Gregory Luzinski (Born)                                          Sunday 12:00 Noon to 12:30 P.M. - 1540 AM
Gregory Michael Luzinski was a former left fielder in                                        Fr. Justin Radio Program
Major League Baseball, nicknamed “The Bull”. He
spent the majority of his career with the Philadelphia                                Sunday 12:30 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. - 1540 AM
Phillies. Still a fan favorite in Philadelphia, he opened                                Polish Language Variety Program
“Bull’s Barbecue” in the Phillies’ newly opened                                                    with hostess Barbara Ilnicka
stadium, Citizens Bank Park.
                                                                                     Internet re-broadcast access from anywhere in the world!
              November 23, 1933 - Krzysztof Penderecki (Born)
                                                                                                          On the Internet Right Now!
              Krzysztof Penderecki is an internationally known                                           24 hours a day - 7 days a week
              composer and conductor of classical music. In 1980,
              Krzysztof Penderewski was commissioned by Solidarity
              to compose a special musical piece to accompany the                                     or PolishAmericanRadioProgram.com
              unveiling of the Gdansk Shipyard Memorial statue
              honoring those killed during the 1970 shipyard riots.
                                                                                  White Eagle “Bialy Orzel” Newspaper
November 24, 1972 - Barry Potomski (Born)
                                                                           This is a bi-weekly publication of the White Eagle Media LLC.
Barry Potomski is a former professional ice hockey right                   The free publication is in the Polish and English language and is
winger. He played 68 National Hockey League games:                         available at the Polish American Cultural Center Museum, 308
59 with the Los Angeles Kings and 9 with the San Jose                      Walnut Street, in historic Philadelphia. If you live outside of
Sharks.                                                                    Philadelphia and wish to subscribe to the White Eagle, call
                                                       Bulletin Board
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                            The Polish American Congress Encourages All to Support Our Area Activities!
 Saturday, September 26 - Annual Festival, Sacred Heart Church,         Saturday, November 7 and Sunday, November 8 - Holiday
   148 Church Street, Phoenixville, PA, 12 Noon to 7 P.M. Music,          Bazaar/Flea Market, St. Valentine Parish Hall, 2330 Margaret
   games of chance, silent auction, Polish and American food,             Street, Frankford section, Philadelphia, Saturday, 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.
   childrens’ activities, and much more. Rain or Shine! Info call         and Sunday, 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. Refreshments, holiday crafts, and
   Kathleen Moffa 610-935-0939.                                           much more. Everyone invited! Info call Fran Bonikowski
 Sunday, September 27 - Polish Falcons of America Day,                    215-632-1816.
   National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Ferry Road,              Sunday, November 8 - Polski Uniwersytet Ludowy Lecture in the
   Doylestown, PA. Mass 12:30 P.M. All are welcome to attend.             Polish language, Associated Polish Home, 9150 Academy Road,
   Info 215-345-0600.                                                   	 Northeast	Philadelphia,	3	P.M.		Speaker:	Dr.	Teofil	Lachowicz.			
 Thursday, October 1 - Proclamation Ceremony for Pulaski Day              Topic “Dla Ojczyzny Ratowania”. Free. Info call 215-624-9954.
   and Polish American Heritage Month, Polish American Cultural         Sunday, November 8 - Polka Dance, Thaddeus Kosciuszko Club
   Center Museum, 308 Walnut Street, historic Philadelphia,               (TK), East Hector and Apple Streets, Conshohocken, PA. Music by
   12 Noon. Everyone is invited. Admission is free. Info call             Naturalistix Band, 3 to 7 P.M.. Free parking. Info call
   215-739-3408.                                                          610-828-9352.
 Saturday, October 3 - The Third Annual Polish Night, Swedesburg        Friday, November 13 - Kosciuszko Foundation Philadelphia
   Volunteer Fire Co., Jefferson Street & Roosevelt Avenue,               Chapter Presents Poetry Reading of Juliusz Slowacki by the
   Swedesburg, 5:30 P.M. to 11 P.M. Polish Food. Music by                 Overbrook Poets Society, Polish American Cultural Center
   Our Gang Polka Band. Info/tickets call Jack Guziewicz                  Museum, 308 Walnut Street, historic Philadelphia, 7:30 P.M.
   610-277-1838 or Kathy and Anthony Boccella 610-539-3699.               Free. Info call Katarzyna Newcomer 610-688-6226.
 Saturday, October 3 - Pulaski Dinner Dance, Associated Polish          Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14 - Christmas
   Home Ballroom, 9150 Academy Road, Northeast Philadelphia.              Bazaar, St. John Cantius Parish Hall, Almond & Orthodox Streets,
   Cocktails 5 P.M., dinner 6 P.M. Info call Jean McCloskey               Bridesburg section, Philadelphia, Friday 6 to 9 P.M., Saturday,
   215-425-4783.                                                          4 to 9 P.M. Games, Polish food and much more. Everyone invited.
 Sunday, October 4 - Pulaski Observance Mass, Cathedral Basilica          Info call rectory 215-535-6667.
   of SS. Peter & Paul, 18th & Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Center        Saturday, November 14 - Polish Cabaret “Prima Aprilis”,
   City Philadelphia, 9:30 A.M., followed by Tribute Ceremony.            Associated Polish Home, 9150 Academy Road, Northeast
   Info call 215-739-3408.                                                Philadelphia, 8 P.M. Info call 215-802-2031 or 718-753-4216.
 Sunday, October 4 - Pulaski Parade steps off at 12 Noon from           Sunday, November 15 - Christmas Bazaar, St. Mary Parish, Oak
   20th and the Parkway. Free seating at Logan Circle in the area of      and West Elm Streets, Conshohocken, PA, 12 Noon to 7 P.M..
   television coverge on WPVI-TV 6, 12:30 to 2 P.M. Info call             Games of chance, Polish kitchen and much more. Info call rectory
   215-739-3408.                                                          610-828-0260.
 Sunday, October 4 - Polka Dance, Thaddeus Kosciuszko Club (TK),        Sunday, November 22 - Christmas Bazaar, St. Mary Parish, 12th
   East Hector and Apple Streets, Conshohocken, PA. Music by              & Spruce Streets, Reading, PA, 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.. Crafts, games,
   Shoreliners Band, 3 to 7 P.M. Free parking. Info call                  rummage sale, Polish food, and much more. Info call
   610-828-9352.                                                          610-376-6321.
 Saturday, October 10 - “Jesienna Biesiada”, Associated Polish          Sunday, December 6 - Polski Uniwersytet Ludowy Lecture in the
   Home Ballroom, 9150 Academy Road, Northeast Philadelphia,              Polish language, Associated Polish Home, 9150 Academy Road,
   9 P.M. to 1 A.M. Music by the Voice Band. Buffet Supper.               Northeast Philadelphia, 3 P.M. Speaker: Mgr. Ryszard Druch and
   Info call 215-624-9954.                                                Mgr. Antonina Jacyna. Topic: “W Duecie O Polonijnym
 Sunday, October 11 - Polski Uniwersytet Ludowy Lecture in the            Kabarecie”. Free. Info call 215-624-9954.
   Polish language, Associated Polish Home, 9150 Academy Road,          Sunday, December 6 - Christmas Bazaar, St. Stanislaus Hall,
   Northeast Philadelphia, 3 P.M. Speaker: Dr. Danuta Piatkowska         3rd and Fitzwater Streets, South Philadelphia, 12 Noon to 4 P.M.
   & Fr. Lucius Tyrasinski. Topic: “Sukcesy Ojcow Paulinow Na             Games of chance, food and much more. Info call rectory
   Przykladzie Amerykanskiej Czestochowy”. Free. Info call                215-468-1922. Everyone invited!
   215-624-9954.                                                        Sunday, December 6 - Polka Dance, Thaddeus Kosciuszko Club
 Sunday, October 11 - “Polkas For Charity” Polka Dance, The               (TK), East Hector and Apple Streets, Conshohocken, PA. Music
 Gilbertsville Firehall, 1454 Philadelphia Avenue, Gilbertsville, PA,     by Polka Express Band, 3 to 7 P.M. Free parking. Info call
   2 to 7 P.M. Music by The Boys From Baltimore & Rhythm & Music          610-828-9352.
   Trio. Polish & American food. No BYOB. Info/tickets call Janet       Saturday, December 12 - Polish Christmas Open House,
   O’Such 610-326-2915 or Ted Borzymowski 443-299-6319.                   Polish American Cultural Center Musem, 308 Walnut Street,
 Sunday, October 18 - Polish Harvest Festival “Dozynki”,                  historic Philadelphia, 11 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. Free. Info call
   Mass 10:30 A.M. St. Adalbert Church, Thompson Street &                 215-922-1700.
   Allegheny Avenue, Port Richmond section, Philadelphia, followed
   by Harvest Festival, St. Adalbert Auditorium, 12 Noon to 4 P.M.
   Info call 215-922-1700.                                                                  Visit us on the Internet at:
 Sunday, October 18 - Polish American Citizens Club of Camden                          PolishAmericanCenter.com
   County “95th Anniversary” Social, Runnemede VFW Post
   #3324, 6th Avenue, Runnemede, NJ. Music by Our Gang Band.
   No BYOB. No tickets sold at the door. For tickets/info call Larry
   Gasperone 856-854-4610 or Dan Steiner 856-468-1215.                            The Board of the Polish American Congress
                                                                              welcomes all proud Polish Americans to join the PAC
 Sunday, October 18 - Polish National Alliance Lodge 650 Polish
                                                                                       Polish American Congress
                                                                           2009                                                     2009
   American Heritage Month Breakfast, St. Hedwig’s Social Room,
   4th & Hayes Streets, Chester, PA, 10:30 A.M. Info call Sophie                              District Membership
   Szymczyk 610-494-5367 or Helen Chominski 610-485-1274.                                         (For New Members)
 Monday, October 19 - Polish American Heritage Society of
  Camden County Historic Smithville & Village Green Trip.                 Name ________________________________________________
  Leaving from Holy Maternity Church, 431 West Nicholson Road,
  Audubon, NJ, 10 A.M. Info call Tim Popiolek, 609-680-5787.              Address ______________________________________________
 Sunday, October 25 - Polka Party, Polish American Citizens
                                                                          City _____________________ State _________ Zip _________
   Association, Champagne Room, 65-67 Marple Avenue, Clifton
   Heights, PA, 3 to 7 P.M. Music by Joe Stanky & the Cadets Band.
                                                                          Email ________________________________________________
   Info call John Oleykowski 610-833-8232.
 Saturday, November 7 - St. Josaphat Christmas Bazaar,                    Please Check One:
                                                                          Individual Membership $25.00 ____ Family Membership $30.00 ____
   Parish Hall, 124 Cotton Street, Manayunk, 11 A.M. to 8 P.M.
   Games of chance, refreshments and much more. Info call rectory         I understand membership will include a one-year subscription to the
   215-483-4470.                                                          Polish American News.
 Saturday, November 7 - “The 8th Polkas Against Cancer” Beef              Please return the above form with your payment.
 	 and	Beer	to	benefit	Fox	Chase	Cancer	Center, Swedesburg Fire           A membership card will be sent to you promptly.
   Company, Jefferson Street & Roosevelt Avenue, Swedesburg, PA,                                             Polish American Congress
   7 to 11 P.M. Music by The Goldentones Band. Price of ticket                                                    308 Walnut Street
   includes buffet, beer, soda, and desserts. No tickets sold at the                                           Philadelphia, PA 19106
   door. Info/tickets call Anthony or Kathy Boccella 610-539-3699.
                                                                               For more information call the PAC at (215) 739-3408
                                                                                     Internet: PolishAmericanCongress.com

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