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									                         University Catering Menu

Continental                   Breakfast                           Beef or Chicken
Breakfast – A                 Additions                           Fajitas –
selection of fruit            Mini Quiche - $15.95 doz            (Maximum of 50 people)
juices, medley of             Croissants - $14.95 doz             Corn & black bean
                              Biscuits – $12.95 doz               salad, chicken or
fresh seasonal fruits,        Biscuit Sandwich(choice
breakfast pastries,                                               beef fajita meat &
                              of sausage or ham) -
assorted jellies &            $17.50 doz                          flour tortillas served
butters, beverages.           Ham & Cheese Croissant              with Spanish rice &
$7.75 per person              -$18.95 doz                         refried beans.
                              Breakfast Burrito- $18.95           Includes sour cream,
Country Breakfast                                                 salsa, guacamole &
                              Yogurt Cups/Granola -
– Chilled orange              $1.50 ea                            tortilla chips on the
juice, scrambled              Granola Bars - $1.00                table.
eggs, home fried              each                                $13.95 per person
                              Coffeecake - $11.95 doz
potatoes, hickory             Danish Pastry -$15.95
smoked bacon or                                                   Chicken Fried
sausage patties,              Mini Danish - $10.95 doz            Steak – Served with
biscuits with gravy,          Cinnamon Rolls - $10.95             mashed potatoes &
coffee & ice water.           doz                                 cream gravy.
                              Orange Rolls - $18.50 doz           $10.95 per person
$9.75 per person              Apple Turnovers - $15.95
Sooner Scramble -             Glazed Donuts - $9.50
Scrambled Eggs                doz                                 Beef Tips over
(ham, pepper, onion           Assorted Donuts - $9.50             Buttered Noodles
                              Muffins - $17.55 doz                $11.75 per person
& mushrooms) home             Mini Muffins - $10.25 doz
fried potatoes,               Bagels with Cream
breakfast pastries,           Cheese - $15.95 doz
beverages.                    _______________                     Quiche – Vegetable
$8.50 per person              Lunch                               or Ham & Cheese
                              (All lunch entrees include fresh    $11.95 per person
                              garden salad with house
Breakfast Buffet              dressing, vegetable of the day,
(Minimum of 25 people)        rolls & butter, coffee, tea & ice
                              water. Dessert can be added
Selection of fruit            from the dessert menu at $1.50
                                                                  Beef or Vegetable
juices, fresh sliced          per person.)                        Lasagna
seasonal fruits,                                                  $12.50 per person
hickory smoked                Chicken Tequila
bacon, sausage                Fettuccini –
patties, fresh                Marinated chicken                   Chopped Sirloin
scrambled eggs,               breast tossed with                  with Mushroom
home fried potatoes,          fettuccini & a cream                Sauce - Served with
biscuits with gravy,          sauce of lime,                      mashed potatoes.
breakfast pastries,           jalapeno & tequila.                 $11.25 per person
coffee and ice water.         $14.95 per person
$10.95 per person
                          University Catering Menu

Thai Chicken with               bread, croissant            breads, chips, tossed
Rice - Chunks of                potato chips, whole         salad, fruit bowl,
chicken breast,                 fresh fruit & cookies.      cookies, coffee, iced
onion, garlic, pine                                         tea & water.
nuts, curry and                 #2 – Club croissant,        $11.75 per person
coconut milk.                   potato salad, whole
$12.25 per person               fresh fruit & cookies.      Club Croissant –
                                                            Turkey, ham, bacon
Chicken                         #3 – Chef’s salad           and cheese on a
Parmigiana -                    with crackers &             croissant.
Home style crusted              cookies. Includes           $10.95 per person
chicken breast,                 ranch or Italian
mozzarella cheese               dressing.                   Mini Croissant
and pasta sauce                                             Lunch – one Ham
served over                     #4 – Smoked Turkey          and American and
spaghetti.                      Wrap with Provolone         one Turkey and
$13.25 per person               cheese, guacamole,          Swiss mini croissant.
                                lettuce and tomato,         $10.95 per person
Home Style                      Served with Potato
Crusted Chicken                 chips, whole fresh          Veggie Wrap –
Breast                          fruit and cookies.          Swiss cheese,
$12.50 per person                                           lettuce, avocado, red
                                #5 – Vegetarian Pita        onion and red
Penne Pasta -                   – Cream Cheese, Red         pepper.
Choice of One Sauce             and green peppers,          $9.95 per person
– (Marinara, Alfredo,           leaf lettuce, tomato
Sun Dried Tomato                and onion. Served           _______________
Pesto)                          with pasta salad,           Self Serve Bars-
$11.50 per person               whole fresh fruit and       (Minimum of 25 guests)
                                cookies.                    Baked Potato Bar -
Box Lunches                     _________________           $7.95 per person
$7.95 per person
(All box lunches are            Light Lunch                 Nacho/Taco Bar
presented in a container
suitable for travel. Napkins,   Entrees –                   $8.95 per person
plasticware, & condiments       (All light lunch entrees
are provided. Limit two         served with your choice     Italian Sub Party-
choices per order – no          of chips, potato salad or
substitutions. Drinks not       pasta salad and a fruit
                                                            $8.50 per person
included.)                      garnish, tea, water and
                                coffee are included.)       Ice Cream Sundae
#1 – Turkey, roast                                          Bar - $3.75 per
beef, ham or veggie             Deli Buffet –               person
with American cheese            Assorted deli meats,        ______________
on your choice of               and cheeses &
white or wheat
                             University Catering Menu

Salad Entrees                     cheese and lettuce              Baked Beans
(Served with breadsticks,         tossed with a                   Rice – Pilaf, Spanish
coffee, iced tea & water.)
                                  vinaigrette dressing.             or yellow
Grilled Chicken                   $11.50 per person               Green Beans
Spinach or Caesar                                                 Glazed Carrots
Salad                             Beef Salad (sliced              Buttered Corn
$10.95 per person                 tenderloin)-                    Broccoli and Cheese
                                  $11.95 per person               Cornbread Dressing
Fajita Chicken                                                    Mixed Greens
                                  Soups may be added              Pinto Beans
Pasta Salad –
                                  to lunch for an
Marinated chicken
                                  additional $1.50 per            Entrees – choose
breast chunks &
                                  person.                         two: (Additional entrée
rotini pasta tossed
                                  _________________               can be added for $2 per
with fresh vegetables                                             person.)
& creamy sauce.                                                   Roast Beef
                                  Lunch or Dinner
$11.25 per person                                                 Turkey Breast
                                  Buffet - $16.95 per
                                  person                          Smoked BBQ Brisket
Trio Salad –                      (Minimum of 25 people.          Smoked Pork Chops
Chicken, pasta &                  Buffet includes coffee, iced    Chicken Fried Steak
crab salad.                       tea, water, and chef’s choice
                                                                  Grilled Chicken
                                  assorted dessert table.)
$11.50 per person                                                  Breast
                                  Salads – choose                 Beef or Vegetable
Soup and Salad -                  two:                             Lasagna
Broccoli and Cheese               Tossed Garden                   Beef Tips over Rice
Chicken and                       Caesar                          Chicken Wild Rice
  Dumpling                        Coleslaw                         Casserole
Chicken Noodle                    Fruit Bowl                      Fettucini Alfredo
Chicken Gumbo                     Potato Salad                    Fettucini Primavera
Clam Chowder                      Italian Pasta                   Green Chile Chicken
Minestrone                        Black Bean and Corn              Casserole
Potato                                                            _________________
Tomato Florentine                 Vegetables –
Vegetable                         choose three:                   Dinner Entrees
Vegetable Beef                    Candied Yams                    (All dinner entrees are
$9.95                             Oven Roasted
                                                                  served with fresh garden
                                                                  salad & house dressing,
                                    Potatoes                      seasonal vegetable & rolls,
Cobb Salad –                      Fried Potato Wedges             butter, coffee, iced tea &
Finely chopped                    Mashed Potatoes &
chicken or turkey,                  Gravy                         Sliced Roasted
bacon, hard cooked                Au Gratin Potatoes              Pork Loin –
eggs, tomatoes,                   Macaroni & Cheese               Boneless pork loin
avocado, scallions,               Broccoli Florettes              with cider sauce.
watercress, cheddar               Stir Fried Vegetables           $18.95 per person
                  University Catering Menu

Pot Roast – Beef       Chicken Marinara,       Bowtie Pasta
pot roast, served      Artichokes &            Primavera with
with chunk potatoes,   Mushrooms – Strips      Garlic White Wine
baby carrots and       of marinated chicken    Sauce - $14.95 per
peas with pearl        breast, marinara        person
onions.                sauce with
$16.75 per person      artichokes, sliced
                       mushrooms & onions      Roasted Tenderloin
Choice Prime Rib of    over a bed of angel     with Bordelaise
Beef                   hair pasta.             Mushroom Sauce
$23.95 per person      $15.75 per person       $24.95 per person

Grilled Beef Filet     Grilled Chicken –
$24.95 per person      Whole grilled chicken   Beef Filet Stuffed
                       breast, choice of one   with Pine Nuts and
Smoked Brisket         sauce – Teriyaki,       Spinach
with Horseradish       Piccata or Marsala      $24.95 per person
demi-glace             $16.25 per person
$16.95 per person
                       Grilled Balsamic        Pork Medallions
Cornbread stuffed      Chicken Parmesan        with Wholegrain
Pork Chops             – Grilled chicken       Mustard Sauce
$16.50 per person      breast covered in a     $15.95 per person
                       balsamic Parmesan
Broiled Tilapia with   sauce, served over a
Roasted Pecan          bed of rice pilaf.      Eggplant Parmesan
Butter                 $16.25 per person       with Spaghetti
$17.95 per person                              $14.95 per person
                       BBQ Sampler             _______________
Filet of Salmon        Sliced BBQ beef
with Saffron Sauce     brisket, BBQ chicken
$18.50 per person      breast & smoked         Desserts
                       sausage.                (Included with Dinner –
                                               additional cost for lunch
Mixed Grill – Beef     $18.95 per person       $1.50)
filet with brown                               Chocolate Mousse
mushroom sauce,        Cheese Tortellini       Apple Pie
chicken breast and     with Basil Pesto        Cherry Pie
grilled shrimp.        Cream                   Peach Pie
$28.50 per person      $15.95 per person       Pumpkin Pie
                                               Pecan Pie
                                               Hot Apple Dumpling

                          University Catering Menu

Chocolate Layer Cake           Silver Dollar             The Marketplace –
Coconut Layer Cake             Sandwich Bar –            An assortment of
Lemon Layer Cake               Thinly sliced deli        fresh fruits, variety of
Carrot Layer Cake              meats consisting of       garden fresh
Italian Cream Cake             ham, roast beef &         vegetables, domestic
Cheese Cake                    turkey, offered with      cheeses & sausages.
German Chocolate               American, cheddar &       Ranch dip and
   Cake                        Swiss cheeses. An         crackers complete
Peach, Apple or                assortment of silver      the two-tiered
  Blueberry Cobbler            dollar rolls, chips and   mirrored table.
(Specialty desserts            condiments complete       $575 per table
available at additional        this presentation.
                               $450 per table            Mediterranean
                               The Pasta Platter –       Sliced pears, red
(Each table serves 150         An assortment of          grapes, imported
people – tables are not        traditional & specialty   cheeses, assorted
designed to serve full         pastas served with        olives, whole
                               spicy marinara,           almonds and dates
Chef’s Carving                 creamy Alfredo &          with cream cheese,
Table – Roasted                basil pesto sauces.       breadsticks,
baron of beef,                 Accompanied with an       hummus, tabouli,
smoked ham and                 antipasto tray and        pita chips and
baked turkey breast            Italian breadsticks.      antipasto.
carved in your                 $550 per table            $ 575.00 per table
reception room and
served with assorted                                     Chocolate Fountain
petite rolls and               The Fiesta Table-         Cascading chocolate
condiments.                    Tri-colored chips,        fountain with
$595 per table                 seasoned ground           pineapple,
                               beef, shredded            strawberries,
Sweet Retreat –                cheese, sliced            marshmallows and
Two tiers of petite            jalapenos, refried        pretzel rods, wooden
cakes, chocolate               beans, chopped            skewers, napkins and
covered strawberries,          tomatoes, sliced          plates for 2.5 hours.
brownies, lemon &              black olives, chopped     $595 for 100
pecan bars,                    onions, sour cream,       guests, $3.00 per
individual chocolates          guacamole, salsa,         person over 100
& assorted sweets              black bean & corn         _______________
arranged on an                 salad.
elegantly decorated            $475 per table
$595 per table
                          University Catering Menu

Hot Appetizers –               Fried Mushrooms               Genoa Salami
(per dozen unless otherwise    with Ranch Dip -              Cornets - $14.95
Hot Artichoke Dip
                                                             Fresh Vegetable Tray
with Toast Points -
                               Vegetable Egg Rolls-          with Ranch Dip
$65 each (serves 50
people)                        $15.95                        Plate serves 8–10
                                                             Small serves 15-25
Hot Crab Dip with              Battered Mozzarella           $55
Toast Points - $85             Sticks - $12.95               Medium serves 25-50
each (serves 50 people)                                      Large serves 50-100
                               Stuffed Jalapenos -           $115
Spinach Dip with               $13.95
Tortilla Chips - $65                                         Fresh Fruit Tray
each (serves 50 people)        Quesadilla Rolls-             Plate serves 8-10
                               $14.95                        Small serves 15-25
Meatballs – Swedish,                                         $75
BBQ or Sweet & Sour            Breaded Black Olives          Medium serves 25-50
- $9.95                        stuffed with Asiago           Large serves 50-100
                               Cheese - $10.50               $135
Chicken Fingers with
Honey Mustard Sauce            Chicken Satay –               Strawberries in Silver
- $14.75                       Cubes of Chicken on           Punch Bowl with Sour
                               a skewer served with          Cream & Brown
Spicy Wings with               spicy peanut sauce.           Sugar - $160 per
Ranch or Bleu Cheese           $17.95                        bowl (serves 100 people)
- $12.95
                               Mini Beef Wellington          Chocolate Dipped
Toasted Cheese                 - $26.95                      Strawberries -
Ravioli with Marinara                                        $18.50
Sauce - $12.95                 Spinach & Goat
                               Cheese Pizza –                Cheese & Cracker
Mini Quiche - $15.95           $17.95                        Tray - $15.95 per lb.
                                                             (each lb – serves 20 people)
Fried Zucchini –               Phyllo with Brie and
$9.95 lb                       Pear - $17.95                 International Cheese
                                                             Tray – (serves 50
                                                             people)- includes brie,
Spanikopita –                  Sausage In Pastry-
                                                             gouda, goat cheese,
spinach and cheese             $13.95                        havarti, other flavored
filled phyllo                  _______________               cheeses and crackers -
$16.95                                                       $150.00
                               Cold Appetizers
Crab Cakes –                   (Per dozen unless otherwise   Silver Dollar
$19.95                                                       Sandwiches - $16.50

                             University Catering Menu

Meat and Cheese                   ¼ Sheet Cake - $14              Herbal Tea - $1.00
Tray - $15.95 per                 (Serves 20 people)              (Individual bags)
pound                                                             Hot Chocolate -
                                  ½ Sheet Cake - $24              $15.50
Chicken Tortilla
                                  (Serves 40 people)              Chilled Fruit Juice -
Pinwheels - $15.95                                                $18.50
                                  Full Sheet Cake - $38           Chilled Fruit Juice -
                                  (Serves 80 people)
Finger Sandwiches -                                               $1.25 (individual cans)
$11.25                                                            Citrus Punch -
                                  (Per lb – serves 15 people)     $16.95
Tomato Basil Tea                                                  Lemonade - $11.95
Sandwiches –                      Pretzels - $6.95                Hot Apple Cider -
$12.50                            Mixed Nuts - $15.75             $18.50
                                  Party Mix - $10.95              Soft Drinks -
Bruschetta - $15.50               Popcorn - $9.50                 $1.25(Individual cans)
                                  Butter Mints - $7.95            Iced Water - $4.00
Shrimp on Ice with                                                Bottled Water -
Cocktail Sauce –                  Chips & Con Queso -             $1.50 (individual bottles)
Market price                      $39.95 per tray
                                  (serves 30 people)              Arrangements can be
Side of Novia Scotia                                              made for alcoholic
                                  Chips & Dip - $29.95            beverages & bar
Salmon - $185 (serves
50 people)                        per tray                        services.
                                  (serves 30 people)
_________________                                                 _________________
Bakery Items                                                      Miscellaneous
                                  Chips & Salsa -
(Per dozen)                                                       Charges
Apple Turnovers -                 $26.95 per tray
                                  (serves 30 people)              On campus delivery -
$15.25                                                            $15
Mini Cheesecake -                                                 Off campus delivery -
$19.75                            (12 slices – includes paper     $35
Rumballs - $11.95                 plates & napkins)               Athletic Facilities Fee-
Chocolate Brownies -                                              (15% of total catering
$15.75                            Cheese - $14.50                 charges will be added for
Gourmet Cookies -                 Single Topping -                all deliveries made to OU
$7.75                              $15.50                         athletic facilities)
(decorated specialty              Supreme - $17.50                China charge for out
cookies available)                Additional Toppings –           of building deliveries
Lemon Bars - $15.95                $1.50 each                     - $3.50 per person
Pecan Bars - $16.95                                               (paper & plastic items may
                                  _______________                 be used at no additional
                                  Beverages                       charge).
Sheet Cakes                       (Per gallon - serves 20 cups)   Tablecloths - $4.00
(Includes paper plates,           Coffee & Decaf -                each (white or burgundy)
cocktail napkins & plastic        $12.95
                                  Iced Tea - $12.95

                      University Catering Menu

Cloth & Skirt -            the prices will not       prior to the function.
$17.50 each (white or      change. Payment at        Cancellations 24
burgundy)                  the time of delivery      hours or less prior to
Linen Napkins - $.30       must be arranged          the function will be
each (white or burgundy)   before the event.         charged 100% of the
                           Deposits may be           total. Cancellation
                           required for certain      25 – 47 hours prior
                           events and rooms.         to the function will
This menu is meant
                                                     result in a 30%
to give you an idea of
                           Guarantees                cancellation fee
the services that are
                           A guaranteed guest        based upon the final
available. The full
                           count is due no later     guarantee.
range of services is
                           than forty-eight
however by no
                           working hours before      Delay in Service
means limited to the
                           the event. You will       An additional labor
selections listed on
                           be billed for the final   charge may be
the menu. We will
                           guaranteed number         assessed to the
work with you to
                           of guests or the          group or individual if
meet the unique
                           number of meals           the serving time or
needs of your group
                           actually served,          departure time is
or organization.
                           whichever is greater.     delayed more than
Please schedule your
                           If no guarantee is        thirty minutes
events well in
                           given, preparations       through no fault of
advance to ensure
                           will be made for the      University Catering.
we will be able to
                           number estimated at       This will be figured
accommodate the
                           the time the menu         on a per hour fee for
order. Orders must
                           was placed. If            the total number of
be received at least
                           additional space has      staff covering your
48 working hours in
                           to be set up at the       event.
                           time of the function,
Prices, Fees &             an added set up           Loss or Damage
Payments                   charge may be             The University does
Menu prices do not         applied. Any              not assume
include sales tax or       additions to the          responsibility for
charges for special        guarantee less than       damage or loss of
services or rentals.       48 hours prior to the     any merchandise or
Any price quotation        function will result in   articles left on the
given more than            an additional $1.50       premise. We reserve
three months in            per person charge.        the right to charge
advance may be                                       for damaged or
subject to a price         Cancellation              missing equipment or
increase. Once             Cancellations must        furnishings.
contracted, however,       be made 48 hours


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