2cv Touareg Trail participant specific report by chenmeixiu


									                                             2CV Touareg Trail
                                    PARTICIPANT SPECIFIC REPORT 2007.
Why you should read this report.
   You cannot be too prepared.
   The trip is not desert for dummies and will see you do massive distances, hard roads and long days.
   It will allow more time to enjoy amasing off roading and remote sites.
   This will put you in a better position to help your fellow competitors and complete tasks.
   Your trip will still be challenging and you will still break things!
   It will help you decide what’s most important to take and in turn help you travel lighter.

SAT PHONE gives you freedom and means you can sometimes travel alone. Home contact is made easy for family and
interview. Check network organisation are on, as this will save you money. This should be ‘Iridium’ if the same as 2007.
Ensure you give the organisation a copy of your number if you don’t rent through them.

Yahoo ‘Blogger’ was a great way of staying in touch with friend, family and sponsors whilst away. This can be linked with
a static website which you can setup prior to departure.
If you don’t have a friend to make you a free website there are plenty of ‘do it yourself’ programmes online.

       Navigation skills should be a good as possible before departure. This will help you keep on top of time keeping.

       Although the mechanics and support truck are always on hand to help and advise, it’s well worth carrying a few
        basics to help save time.
       Strongly advise you carry the following. We used nearly everything including spare parts on other team members
        when they were stuck.

Basic Tools and Spares (The lighter you are the less problems you will have so keep everything to minimum)
    Small plastic tub of tools with some basic spares.
    Little Selection of all bulbs and fuses in box with sponge
    Screw driver (flat and cross)
    Break cleaner / WD40
    Leather man or similar
    Few bits of rag
    Insulation tape, Gaffer tape, Small roll of wire
    Tow rope
    Spare keys
    Side cutters and Scissors
    Light weight trolley jack
    Spider wheel brace or similar easy use wheel nut brace.
    Fan belt
    Kitchen roll spray anti bacterial cleaner for windows etc.
    Fire extinguisher, fluorescent jacket and triangle compulsory

Preparation before A1 breaks
    Michelin X or Mabor tires with Michelin inner tubes x 6 with 4 spare tubes.
    At least 4 Michelin inner tubes (best thick quality you can find.)

Optional tools and spares depending on individual ability.
    Tool of your choice for removing fan / Fan
    Suspension rod ends front and back (check for cracks before departure on vehicle)
    Ratchet spanners if you can afford it. (If not specific normal spanners). e.g - 8, 9, 11, 12, 13
    Relevant sockets to Citroen 2cv only e.g - 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 19, 10, 17, 32
    Tire levers if you like changing tires. ( Local tire change only a few euros)
(Possible spares to share amongst cars)
    Spare wheel nut
    Accelerator cable
    Clutch cable
    Spare window latche(s)
    Spare exhaust clamp(s)
    Full points set and box in plastic bag incase 123 gives up or 123?
    Disposable gloves 10-20 pairs? Washing powder doubles up as hand cleaner as abrasive.
    Inner, outer and central drive shaft gaiters
    Couple small packets of grease

If you like music anticipate the long journey by bringing as much as possible ideally on cheap MP3 player with direct feed
to radio which won’t matter. This is because it WILL be filled with dust.

Camping Equipment
       HEAD TORCH per person –LED lenser the best and Lightweight light torch to hang in tent etc
       Good interior lighting in car.
       Lightweight camp chairs
       Travel plate, large cup for soup and hot / cold drink, knife fork and spoon. (Draw string cotton carry case)
       Light weight small Pop up tent – essential
       Roll mats (thick as poss. Thick thermolite best) we didn’t have these!
       Good quality sleeping bag that rolls up small
       Dark coloured cotton sheet for hot nights and Small pillow? Or Jumper as pillow
       Sunglasses x 2 and sun cream and after sun
       Toilet paper x approx 4 and lighter / matches
       Lightweight travel towel and flip flops for shower
       Washing powder for clothes and cleaning hands. String as line.
       Water containers with taps at bottom. Newspaper and Hessian with handle

Emergency first aid kit including medical needles. (Large Boots Chemist Stores etc). Good quality bandages, slings etc.
General first aid – super drug the cheapest or even better a sponsor, make sure you present a list of what you need.

        Malerone the best malaria tablet but most expensive
        The best quality jungle formula deet mosquito spray you can find and Bites cream
        A selection of nice tasting sports drinks powder for daily use in water to help with hydration.
        hand wipes (general purpose) and moisteriser.
        Comprehensive medical kit to include good quality bandages, plasters and general purpose medication, pain
         killers; paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen, general purpose anti-biotics, anti histamine, General purpose anti
         bacterial spray and alcohol hand cleaner etc. More detailed list available from organisation.
    Additional note: vaccinations needed prior to trip, and malaria tablets can become pricy so may be area to consider
    for sponsorship.

If you have time I would highly recommend a first aid course.

Large selection of thick clear plastic bags (from your local aquatics fish centre) or similar.
This system in recommended by us for space reasons and it does get everywhere
     sleeping stuff
     medical stuff
Cardboard banana boxes or strong clear plastic bags, dust proof boxes are other alternatives.

Given ourselves more time to prepare, research and raise money for trip and charity.
Following in prices in pound sterling (CORRECT AT TIME OF PRINT)
Fuel and spending money an absolute minimum of £800 pounds combined should be taken in the form of euros. This is
seen as second currency in many places especially morocco including 1 euro coins. (Smaller than one euro useless)
Entrance fee approx £3850 each
Preparation costs – car preparation – dependant on labor and parts.
Tires being largest amount, 123 ignition reinforcement, and engine guards etc.
Depending in car condition and sponsorship – £1000 plus combined. PLUS DONOR CAR
Equipment including tent, sleeping bags roll mats medical and spares – £800 combined.
Additional travel costs from UK – training weekend departure/ return etc £400 per person. Remember your INJECTIONS

Do not under estimate the cost of equipment for trip CONSIDER HIDDEN COSTS WHEN APPROACHING SPONSORS.
Cost: £3850 entrance fee + £1700 preparation and equipment = Total: £5500 per person.

If you will need a connecting flight from Paris, then sort it before you departure and arrange collection and times prior.

Be clear on what you hope to raise after assessing your own costs and time frame. Work out what you will pay yourself if
      Consider taking clothes you can give away once you have worn them, but don’t go mad and bring 30 t shirts as
        weight is important.
      Also be careful what you promise to sponsors. Make sure any promises can be fulfilled.
If you want to help go to a school or similar to donate money or gifts and remember to give with caution.
      In our case we made a rule that we only gave to individual if they had helped us with a task, direction etc. This
        seemed to work well. Children and adults alike will try their luck throughout the trip.
      Some children would rather beg than go to school and to others it’s a game to collect pens.
      General rule is never give from the car as it encourages hassling behavior for future visitors.
      Never give out something to a large group if you can’t give them all something unless you wish to witness a fight.

What they will ask for
PENS – because this is one of few words they know or a present.
Suggested trade and gifts include T shirts for adults and children. Underwear, tooth brushes and tooth paste. Antiseptic
spray, water bottles requested as of Mali. T- Shirts particularly button shirts are good trade.
     Men’s shirts, Plasters and Antiseptic (If possible give to head of school or villager to distribute to avoid fighting)

       Have a clear line between trip funds and charity funds for sponsors.
       Fuel, tires and inner tubes are items you may wish to find for sponsors.
       If possible go for one large sole sponsor this also helps save time
       If your raising money for charity try to think big e.g. 10,000 for charity.
       T SHIRTS and PENS for GIVE AWAY note: further tips given above on distribution.

FINALLY GOOD LUCK from both DJ and Eleanor! If you would like any further help please feel free to get in touch.

 Please note that this report only gives a personal point of view for the Touareg Trail experience and cannot be held
 responsible for its content. This does not take precedence over any information or guidance given by the organisers’ of
 Touareg Trail. Further suggestions will also be found on the TT official ‘bring list’ when issued.

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