Phase I ESA

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					      Phase I ESA

Environmental Site Assessment
• The purpose of this phase I ESA is to provide
  professional opinion on the potential
  hazardous substances that are on site 140-
  156 E. 14th st. (Parcel A)
      Detailed Scope-of-Service
• Conducting a regulatory database search Of
  known underground storage tanks and land
• Hazardous waste generation or treatment
• Storage and disposal facilities
• & Surface contamination.
     Significant Assumptions
• There are no assumptions that apply to this
    Limitations and Exceptions
• No apparent limitations that would limit the
  ability to complete the scope work.
  Special Terms and Conditions
• There are no special terms and conditions
  that apply.
              User Reliance
• Reports shall not be relied upon by or
  transferred to any other site.
• Phase I ESA report has been prepared for use
  solely by COCH.
  Location and Legal Description
• The property is located along the south and
  the east of 14th st.
         Subject Property and
        Vicinity Characteristics
• Adjacent properties including residential
  and commercial properties.
• Property was vacant at the time of site
           Physical Settings
• The soil surface layer has black silty clay
• No wetlands were identified.
• Property was not located in flood zones
  Descriptions of Structures, Roads,
      and Other Improvements
• Vacant property
• With Grassland
• Paved sidewalks
Current Adjoining Property Uses
• Identify potential environmental concerns.
• Properties was were observed from the
  boundaries and public right-a-ways
              Title Records
• URS was not provided with title insurance
  reports for the subject properties.
          Environmental Liens
            Use Limitations
• EDR was not able locate the property
• Environmental liens reports was not provided
  to URS.
       Specialized Knowledge
• No specialized knowledge beyond what was
  discussed throughout the reports
• It was conveyed to URS during the
  preparation of the report
Owner, Site Manager, and Occupant
• Subject property was obtained in tax
        Reason for Conducting
             Phase I ESA
• The subject property is owned by COCH.
          Other Information
• URS was provided with eligibility
  determination for Brownfield assessment.
• Parcel A contained S&D Body Shop
Standard Environmental Records
• Subject was not listed in any database
  searched by the EDR
 Additional Environmental Records

• URS attempted to conduct file reviews at a
  applicable state, municipal and county
             Historical Use
• Developed since at least 1929
• Two square buildings on the northeast and
           Aerial Photographs
• Due to poor quality structures were difficult
  to disconcern
          Topographic Maps
• Review maps of Calumet City and Harvey
   Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
• Sandborn maps were reviewed for the subject
  property provided form the EDR
• Dated 1911, 1950 1966,1975
            City Directories
• City directory search was only conducted for
  the subject property address 284 E 14th
           Methodology and
          Limiting Conditions
• Clear and 30 degrees Fahrenheit no
Interior and Exterior Observations
• Vacant and grassed at the time
• Mounds of garbage found at the site
      Hazardous Substances and
         Petroleum Products
• Not observed at the subject property
Underground/ Aboveground Storage
• No evidence of UST’s or AST’s at the site
         Drains and Sumps
• No drains or sumps were observed
• Storm water is managed by street flow or
  surface infiltration.
• The site area surrounding roadways and the
  municipal combined sewer system
              Waste Water
• No process or sanitary waste water is
  generated on site
• Storm water flows to Storm drains located
  in the adjacent streets
• As the subjects property is vacant, utilities
  are not provided.
• No wells were observed or reported on or
  adjacent to the subject property during
• Site contacts were not aware of wells at the
  subject property.
         Pits, Ponds, Lagoons
• No pits, ponds or lagoons were observed on the
  subject property during the property visit.
   PCB-Containing and Hydraulic
• Five pole mounted transformers at the site
• Owners not known
            Other Physical
      Evidence of Contamination
• No other physical evidence of contamination
  was observed on the subject property during
  URS site reconnaissance with the exception
  of scattered debris that’s observed on the
  subject property.
• The historical uses of are considered REC’s
• Parcel A
        Professionals Involved
• Stacy McCance
• Sarah Ruben