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Food _ Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas


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Volume 10, Nu mber 9
US $3.95               Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas

                                                Volume 10, Number 9

                                                CONTENTS                                          September 2010

  Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas
                                                      FORK              POUR              POOLS            MORE

                                                F E AT U R E S
                                          Cover TAKEN AT THE 3RD CARNIVAL OF CUISINE AT THE
                                                 VENETIAN-PALAZZO FEATURING OVER 20 AWARD-
                                                 WINNING RESTAURANTS FROM BOTH PROPERTIES. THE
                                                 WOLFGANG PUCK GROUP SHOWED IN FULL FORCE.

                                          16     DUKE MARKETING STARTS A NEW MONTHLY COLUMN ON
                                                 RESTAURANT MARKETING FOR F&B MAGAZINE WRITTEN
                                                 BY LINDA DUKE. LINDA BRINGS WITH HER MANY YEARS
                                16               IN THE MARKETING BUSINESS AND SPECIALIZES IN THE
                                                 RESTAURANT INDUSTRY. WE WELCOME HER ON BOARD.

                                          20     ANOTHER NEW ADDITION TO OUR PUBLICATION STARTING
                                                 THIS MONTH IS JASN-JAPAN AMERICAN SOCIETY OF
                                                 NEVADA. THIS IS A GREAT ORGANIZATION DEDICATED TO
                                                 IMPROVING JAPANESE AND AMERICAN RELATIONS HERE
                                                 IN NEVADA, WHICH WE TRULY ADMIRE.

                                          30     THE LAS VEGAS FOOD & BEVERAGE DIRECTORY 2011 IS
                                                 NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS. BE SURE YOUR COMPANY
                                                 IS LISTED IN THE ONLY F& B INDUSTRY DEDICATED
                                                 PUBLICATION FOR THE GREATER LAS VEGAS VALLEY.

                                                 IN EVERY ISSUE
                                            4    Hot off the Grill
                                            6    Human Resources Insights
                                           10    Food for Thought
                                           12    Brett’s Vegas View
                                           22    What’s Brewing?
                                           24    Your Personal Chef
                                22                            September 2010 I FORK & POUR I Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas   3
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    September 2010 Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas

                                                                                                               ubli sher of
                                                                                                       olmes, p                zine
                                                                                              Ebo ny H           evera ge Maga
                                                                                                    r -F ood & B        comes y
                                                                                             & Pou                 - wel
                                                                                                     egas, Nevada
                                                                                             of Las V

                                                                                                     Mike Fryer.......................... Editor-in-Chief
                                                                                                     Rocky Parks ...................... Business Advisor
                                                                                                     George Fryer ..................... Photographer

                                                                                             HOT OFF THE GRILL!
                                                                                            WELCOME BACK                                                                  C

                                                                                            TO LAUGHLIN                                                                   M

                                                                                            LAUGHLIN                                                                      Y

                                                                                            RECENTLY HELD
                                                                                            ITS FIRST FOOD                                                               CM

                                                                                            & BEVERAGE                                                                   MY

                                                                                            EXECUTIVE MIXER
                                                                                            HOSTED BY THE                                                                CY

                                                                                            COLORADO BELLE/                                                              CMY

                                                                                            HOTELS AND                                                                    K

                                                                                            ORGANIZED BY
                                                                                            JOHN REES OF SYSCO LAS VEGAS. ALSO HAD
                                                                                            A CHANCE TO MEET WITH SYSCO LAS VEGAS’S
                                                                                            NEW PRESIDENT ON BOARD, KEVIN MANGAN.
                                                                                                                        WE RECENTLY
                                                                                                                        ONE OF OUR
                                                                                                                        WATERING SPOTS
                                                                                                                        NEAR THE STRIP
                                                                                                                        THAT WE HAVEN’T
                                                                                                                        VISITED IN SOME
                                                                                                                        MCFADDEN’S IN
                                                                                            THE RIO IS JUMPING WITH GREAT EVENTS AND
                                                                                            SPECIALS MOST EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK AND
                                                                                            WE WILL HAVE A FULL ARTICLE ON MCFADDEN’S
                                                                                            IN THE UPCOMING ISSUE...

Editor-in-Chief   Photographer   Associate Editor   Creative Director   Contributor    Contributor       Contributor      Contributor       Contributing   Contributor
 Mike Fryer       George Fryer     Bob Barnes        Juanita Aiello     Jackie Brett   Les Kincaid      Juanita Fryer   Shelley Stepanek    Photographer   Chef Brian
                                                                                                                                           Alyssa Mayhew

4    Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                                                                  

                                     Moving into a Leadership Role
                   BY Linda          When you make the move into a leadership position from a line level job you undoubtedly may feel a bit of
                   Bernstein         trepidation. There seem to be so many questions coming at you, issues to be addressed quickly, and never
                                     enough time to “get up to speed.” Well…welcome to the world of a leader.
                                     Yes, leadership is worthwhile and it IS rewarding. Your roles as a leader will require that you embrace a few key
                                     concepts and skills, and that once learned these attributes will help you establish a foundation for a successful
                                     transition into a rewarding experience in management. New leaders need to focus on the following “Top 10” list
                                     of Leadership Attributes to help ensure their success.

                                                    1.    Clear expectations.                           6.     Employee treatment.
                                                    2.    Communication                                 7.     Fairness.
                                                    3.    Consistency.                                  8.     Performance evaluation.
    Linda has provided sound                        4.    Decision-making.                              9.     Respect.
      human resources advice                        5.    Documentation.                               10.     Teamwork.
     and guidance to Fortune
            500 companies for        First, a new leader needs to establish Clear   input of others, some of whom may be          consistency evaluate Performance. As
       over 25 years. She has        Expectations with every employee. To be        closer to the situation than you, and allow   with #1 above, set clear expectations
      helped these companies         an effective leader, those who follow you      this information to aid in your decision.     and then hold employees accountable
         review processes and        must understand what is expected of them       Fifth, keep good records and                  for those expectations. Give regular
          implement solutions        to be successful in their jobs. Clear and      Documentation at all times. Record            feedback and assess how well employees
           that are designed to      current job descriptions will go a long        your transactions, discussions, decisions,    are doing to meet those performance
         reduce liabilities and      way towards ensuring this goal.                expectations and the details of finances.     expectations.
         increase their profits.     Second, a solid Communication strategy         If you are ever questioned about a
                                     is essential to effective leadership!                                                        Ninth, always give Respect. If you
     She also assists with the                                                      matter, especially legally, you will          respect others, they will respect you.
       development of human          Make it a habit to share information           have the ability to recall the gist of the
                                     with employees, listen to their ideas and                                                    And, it is true – respect is earned. You
      capital through focused                                                       situation. This documentation may just
                                     feedback, and to keep an open door to                                                        may not agree with others perspectives,
            employee relations                                                      save your company and could protect
                                     resolve problems and stay in touch. Don’t                                                    cultures and beliefs of other, but that does
       and training programs                                                        your professional future and reputation.
                                     think that information is power if you                                                       not mean you should not respect their
        designed for all levels                                                     Sixth, be unwavering in your resolve to
                                     keep it to yourself. Information is only                                                     right to hold that belief or viewpoint.
                  of employees.                                                     Treat all of your employees with courtesy
                                     useful if it can be acted upon by those                                                      Tenth, support the value and impact
                                     who can help you achieve your goals.           and dignity. The law outlines some
          Phone: 702-326-4040                                                       very clear expectations on this subject,      of Teamwork. Send the message that
                                     Third, always strive to be Consistent in                                                     everyone on your team works together
                                     your administration. Make consistent           and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to
        Email:                                                                      know that sound people skills and equal       toward the same goal and that so much
                                     decisions, treat others consistently/                                                      treatment for all are good principles and     more will be achieved together than could
                                     equally, and act in a manner consistent
                                     with your ethics, policy and values.           solid human values.                           ever expect to be achieved by just one.
                                     Fourth, make solid Decision-Making a           Seventh, be Fair at all times! Do not let     The above ideas and attributes are
                                     cornerstone of your values. When faced         biases or prejudices cloud your judgment.     essential to your success when moving
                                     with an important decision, gather all the     Live by the motto “what is right (and fair)   into a management role and should
                                     facts, know the pitfalls/challenges, and       for one, is right and fair for all.”          be relied upon to help you build and
                                     evaluate all of the options. Include the       Eighth, be sure to regularly and              establish a solid future as a strong leader.

      Question of
                                   Hot buttons are those things that plague HR the most and on which they spend the major-
                                   ity of their time working. What are the hot buttons in your organization? Explain. (One
                                   response will be printed in next month’s column.)

                                   Email responses to
      the Month                    (One response will be printed in next month’s column).

             ADVERTISE in the newest Las Vegas magazine!

                                                   fork & pour
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6     Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                                                                       
Signature Chef
   of Las Vegas
                                                                              LAS VEGAS CHEF AND SOMMELIER
                                                                            A NEW CLUB created by Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet
                                                                              (Chef JD) Executive Chef of Garfield’s on the Lake
                                                                                  in Summerlin and supported by Fork & Pour –
                                                                                    Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas.
                                                                              An invitation-only gathering of Industry Professionals
                                                                                in a relaxed, informal, no-pressure atmosphere.
                                                                                 This is THE venue to taste complementary new
                                                                                   and different wines, talk with the distributors
                                                                               and winemakers, eat great food, and catch up
                                                                                      with other Las Vegas Industry Leaders.
                                                                                     Please contact us if interested in joining
                                                                                           & attending or any questions…

                                                                                     UPCOMING PRESENTORS INCLUDE
                                                                                            JOY ARMAGNAC

You Work Hard on Your Menu . . .
   Leave the MAGIC to Chef Paul!
        Choose From 28 Magic Seasoning Blends Products

                                              Chef Paul Prudhomme
                                              stands for quality and
                                              he proudly offers his
                                              line of all-natural, Magic
                                              Seasoning Blends (17),
                                              Magic Sauce & Marinades
                                              (4), Magic Chiles (7)
                                              and Smoked Meats
                                              (Andouille & Tasso)!

       Order Direct 800-457-2857 or request
       products from your local distributor. Save $5
       when you order or send for mail-in certificate
       and save on your first order!

       Call Gregg Villarrubia (504) 731-3519 or

       Las Vegas broker contact:                                                CALL YOUR LOCAL SALES REP TODAY!
       Rick Mundy (Nasser Company, Inc.), (702)-873-4351 or
                                                                                         (702) 400-1378
                                                                31st Annual
                                              JERRY BERRY PICNIC
                                                 Honoring Max Daffner
                                                 A Good Old Fashioned
                                            Steak Fry with all the Trimmings
                                                      Tuesday, September 14, 2010
                                                               6 PM – 10 PM
                                                    St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church
                                                       Hacienda at El Camino Road
                                              Proceeds benefit culinary scholarships in Southern Nevada

                                                         Tickets = $30 per person
                                                                Contact Lorri Davidson
                                                       702 528-7731 or
                                                              Rick Albrecht 702 400-1378

8   Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I August 2010                
Nevada Restaurant Association invites                 LAS VEGAS EPICUREAN AFFAIR
you to the culinary event of the year. Set in
the lush poolside paradise of The Palazzo®            September 9, 2010
Resort-Hotel-Casino, the Las Vegas Epicu-
rean Affair will take your senses on a wild
ride. From the savory cuisine and succulent
                                                      The Palazzo®
cocktails, to stunning fountains and luxuri-
ous landscape, this event encourages guests to        3325 Las Vegas Blvd
experience it all.                                    Las Vegas, NV 89109

Satisfy your passion for cuisine and thirst for ex-   VIP ADMISSION: 6:00 PM
citement with an endless temptation of cocktails
and hors d’oeuvres in this sensual and vibrant        GENERAL ADMISSION: 7:00 PM
atmosphere that is undoubtedly Las Vegas.
All guests must be 21 years or older to attend.       TO PURCHASE TICKETS,
Valid Identification is required.                     CAll NEvAdA RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION AT 702-878-2313
                                                      OR CAll THE PAlAzzO® BOx OffICE AT 702-414-9000
                                                      OR vISIT www.EPICUREANAffAIRlASvEGAS.COm

 BY Les Kincaid
                        Statistics show that kitchen emergencies cause hundreds of deaths and thousands of
                        injuries in the USA every year. Common sense says most fires in the kitchen are very
                        easy to prevent if you follow these basic fire safety tips:

                        A      Never leave cooking unattended.
                               You should always be in the kitchen when food
                        is cooking.
                                                                                 replaced immediately.
                                                                                 Make sure that electrical outlets near the sink and the
                                                                                 stove have ground-fault circuit interrupters to prevent
                        Remember to turn off stoves and appliances as soon as    shocks.
                        cooking is completed.                                    Keep circuit breakers in good working order and
                        It’s also a good habit to unplug electrical appliances   replace electrical fuses on a regular basis.
 Les Kincaid is a
                        when they are not in use.

 food, wine, and
                                                                                       Make your kitchen a safe place for children

 golf expert and
 cookbook author. He            Clean appliances are safe appliances.                  and pets.
 hosts a nationally             Keep stove surfaces and inside of ovens          Prevent burns by always turning pot handles towards
 syndicated wine
 radio show each        clean. Grease build-ups can easily ignite and cause      the back of the stove. A pan or pot handle that stands
 Thursday from          a fire. Another reason to practice personal sanitation   out over the edge of your stove can be bumped in
 7 to 8 pm. You can     regularly.                                               passing or grabbed by a child.
 enjoy his website or                                                            Designate a specific “Kid-Free” area and keep children
 his broadcast at
                        C     An attentive cook is a safe cook.
                              Never cook if you’ve been drinking alcohol
                                                                                 and pets at least three feet away from the stove.

 or email     or taking medication that could make you sleepy.                 Operate microwave ovens with caution.
                        Watching active children while cooking takes a bit               If a fire starts inside of your microwave,
                        more concentration to keep everything safe. Research     keep the door closed and unplug the microwave. To      indicates that over 40 percent of cooking fire victims   prevent burns and scalding, always use potholders
 leskincaid             perished because they were asleep while cooking.         when removing food from microwave ovens. Remove
                                                                                 lids carefully from foods cooked in the microwave to

 leskincaid                    Keep loose clothing away from the stove.          prevent steam burns too.
                               If you are wearing loose sleeves be sure to
                        securely roll them up before you start cooking.
                        Dangling sleeves can get caught in hot stove burners
                        and catch fire.
                                                                                 I     Extinguish grease fires correctly:
                                                                                       a. Never put water on a grease fire. If a pan of
                                                                                 food catches fire, carefully slide a lid, at least the size
                        Don’t store things above the stove. Leaning and          of the pan, over the pan and turn off the burner; keep
                        reaching over hot stove burners can cause your           the lid on until it becomes completely cool. If the lid
                        clothing to catch fire. IF YOUR CLOTHING                 isn’t available pour milk on the flames. Baking soda or
                        CATCHES FIRE, do not run, stop where you are, drop       flour will not work.
                        to the ground, cover your face with your hands, and         b. If a fire starts in your oven, close the oven door
                        roll over to smother the flames. STOP, DROP, AND         and turn off the heat source; if the flames do not go out
                        ROLL!                                                    immediately call the fire department. Don’t wait for it
                                                                                 to get out of control.

                        E     Keep flammable objects away from the stove.
                              Potholders, dishtowels, and curtains should be
                        kept a reasonable away from your stove and other         J       Always be prepared to call the fire
                        heat-producing appliances.                                 a. Keep the number of the fire department posted
                        Always keep solvents and other flammable liquids         near all telephones. In some areas, dialing 911 will
                        away from the stove. Even vapors from a spill or open    route calls to the fire department, in other areas; the
                        container can ignite and you have a major problem.       fire department dispatcher will have a specific number
                                                                                 you will need to call.

                        F     Never overload electrical outlets.
                              Too many appliances plugged into the same
                        electrical outlet can overload your circuit, overheat,
                                                                                    b. If a fire starts in your home, call the fire department
                                                                                 as soon as possible.
                                                                                    c. Once you have reported a fire, leave the kitchen
                        or cause a fire.                                         and go outside so that you can direct the firefighters
                        Cracked or frayed electrical cords or plugs should be    to the scene.
10   Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                                             June 2010 |   FORK & POUR | Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas   21
              WHAT’S NEW                          a mechanical bull. PBR Rock Bar will feature
                                                  American comfort food and be open daily for
                                                  lunch, dinner and late-night.
                                                       Minus5 has opened its second Las
                                                  Vegas location inside Monte Carlo. The first
                                                  is inside Mandalay Bay. The new Minus5
                                                  Ice Bar includes all the frozen beauty of the
                                                  original with everything made of 100 percent
                                                  ice including the bar, tables, benches, walls
                                                  and drinking glasses.
                                                       The Las Vegas Mob Experience has
                                                  opened a Preview Center with a retail sec-
                                                  tion, hours 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily, at the
                                                  Tropicana to give visitors a glimpse of the
                                                  new attraction opening in December.
                                                       The Siegel Group has opened boutique
      Producer David Saxe’s new extravaganza      resort RUMOR across from the Hard Rock
 “Vegas! The Show” at his new 400-seat Saxe       Hotel. Formerly the St. Tropez Hotel, the             Magician Dirk Arthur with his majestic
 Theater at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet      two-story resort features 150 suites, an inti-
                                                  mate lobby and bar, a new restaurant called      cast of exotic cats will debut his new show at
 Hollywood is a glorious step back in time to                                                      O’Sheas Casino on Monday, Sept. 13.
 “old Vegas.” Visually stimulating and appeal-    Addiction, and an outdoor courtyard with
                                                  pool area.                                            Sam’s Town on Boulder Highway
 ing are the elaborate sets, colorful costumes,                                                    is presenting Rock Town, a free weekly
 energetic dancing, and two dynamic specialty          South Point is expanding. The first $20
 acts: magician Joseph Gabriel and identical      million phase includes a $55,000-square-         Friday night concert and dance event at
 twin tap dancers Sean & John. Most retro and     foot casino expansion and the second phase       Sam’s Town Live! featuring Las Vegas-
 enjoyable is the 11-piece “live” orchestra.      will offer the addition of a Steak ‘n Shake      based classic rock cover and tribute bands
                                                  restaurant brand and a future Japanese res-      from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
                                                  taurant to open in the fall.                          Fright Dome at Circus Circus will
                                                       Miller’s Ale House, which has 50 loca-      start on Friday, Oct. 1. One of five haunt-
                                                  tions in six states, opened at Town Square       ed houses will be themed after the horror
                                                  bringing the dining outlets to 17 in the out-    movie franchise “Saw” and Lionsgate’s
                                                  door village-like mall with 15 of them being     newly added popular horror flick “My
                                                  new to Las Vegas.                                Bloody Valentine” will be revealed in an-
                                                                                                   other. This year, Fright Dome will add three
                                                                                                   macabre magicians Dixie Dooley, Kevin
                                                                                                   James and Dan Sperry in the all-new
                                                                                                   “Show of Magic & Horror.”
      A new weekly “supper club” at Café in                                                             The public celebration for the new
 the Park inside Sam’s Town opens Sept. 3                                                          Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge will be on
 and 4. Wes Winters’ 88 Key Club continues                                                         Saturday, Oct. 16, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and
 every Friday and Saturday night from 6:30 to                                                      allow people to walk the 1,060-foot twin-rib
 10:30 p.m. with dining, dancing and show-                                                         concrete arch before traffic starts crossing
 man Winters’ music.                                                                               it. The $240 million project is a signature
      The Golden Nugget downtown has                                                               bridge that spans the Black Canyon nearly
 opened a new production show, “Country                Lolita’s Cantina & Tequila Bar, the
                                                                                                   900 feet above the Colorado River. To at-
 Superstars Tribute.” The 75-minute con-          latest restaurant/nightclub concept by The
                                                                                                   tend, visit www.CelebrateHooverBridge.
 cert-style event features a live five-piece      Medusa Group, is now open at Town
 band and via ever changing impersonators         Square. By day contemporary Mexican              com and RSVP.
 some of the biggest names in country music.      cuisine is served, and at night, the place            Republic Kitchen & Bar is a
      Opening soon at the Miracle Mile            transforms into a dance club. Lolita’s Cantina   5,900-square-foot, modern, family-friendly
 Shops, PBR Rock Bar will feature a rugged-       offers more than 100 different agave tequilas    American bistro that opened in Henderson
 ly contemporary atmosphere with authentic        and boasts 3D custom life-size holographic       at 9470 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 110, and
 PBR (Professional Bull Riders) regalia and       entertainment.                                   offers home cooking.
12    Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                                             
                                            Scottish Beer With
                                   BrewDog, a
                                 Scottish brewery
                               inspired by the craft
                             beer movement in the
                           U.S., is providing an al-
                        ternative to the bland, taste-
                    less and chemical-filled beers
 w h i c h dominate the mass beer market. Brew-
 Dog was founded on Scotland’s rugged North East
 coast in the fishing town of Fraserburgh in 2007
 by Martin Dickie and James Watt (both 24 at the
 time) because they were sick of beers that were
 more marketing than taste.
 BrewDog is dedicated to making cool, contempo-
 rary, progressive and balanced beers showcasing
 some of the world’s classic beer styles all with an
 innovative twist and customary BrewDog bite. Con-
 taining no preservatives, additives, cheap substitutes
 or any other junk, BrewDog is making the highest
 quality beers with the finest fresh natural ingredients.
 The brews are quite bold, especially by U.K. brew-
 ing standards, and are unique and individual. The
 beers available in the United States are in the fol-
 lowing core styles: Punk IPA, Hardcore IPA, 5 AM
 Saint (Amber Ale), Dogma (Scottish Ale) & Paradox
 (Whisky Cask Aged Imperial Stout).                          gold medal winner at the 2010 World Beer Cup.
 Punk IPA is a 6% trans-Atlantic fusion IPA that is a        5 A.M. Saint is a hoppy red ale dry-hopped with
 fresh, full flavor natural beer, and is a tribute to the    American-grown Amarillo and Centennial hops,
 classic IPAs of yesteryear. The post modern twist is        creating an all out riot of citrus, orange and lychee
 the addition of amazing fruity hops giving an explo-        flavors. The combination of Maris Otter, Caramalt,
 sion of tropical fruit flavors and a sharp bitter finish.   Munich Malt, Crystal Malt, and Dark Crystal Malt
 The palate soon becomes assertive and resinous with         results in a balanced brew that is a perfect marriage
 the New Zealand hops balanced by the biscuit malt.
                                                             of malt and hops.
 Hardcore IPA is a 9.2% Imperial India Pale Ale
                                                             Dogma is an innovative, enigmatic 7.8% ale
 that rocks,
                                                             that’s brewed with guarana, poppy seeds and kola
 Hardcore! This explicit ale is fortified with the po-       nut all blended together with Scottish heather
 tent Centennial, Columbus and Simcoe hops, and              honey. A conspiracy of transcontinental ingredi-
 has the distinction of containing more hops and bit-        ents infused with some devastatingly BrewDog
 terness that any other beer brewed in the U.K. Maris        imaginative thinking results in complex flavors,
 Otter malt contributes to a robustly delicate toffee        intricacies and nuances.
 malt canvas for the ensuing epic. Hardcore was a
                                                             Paradox is a whisky cask aged imperial stout. The
                                                             ageing process lasts six months and infuses all the
                                                             whisky flavors, resulting in an unrivalled taste ad-
                                                             venture for the lucky human
                                                             who gets their paws on the
                                                             finished masterpiece. This          For more
                                                             gem weighs in at a hefty        inspiration and
                                                             10% alcohol and features a        information,
                                                             collaboration of five differ-   visit BrewDog’s
                                                             ent malts. Paradox earned website at www.
                                                             a gold medal at the 2008
                                                             World Beer Cup.                                                    September 2010 I FORK & POUR I Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas   13
     Restaurant Review

                                 at the Stratosphere
 BY Shelley Stepanek

                                            Chef Rick Giffen and Carlos Vargas have       all on the menu. Right at the top of the
                                            pulled out all their newest and incredible    favorites is Roasted Miso Black Cod with
                                            ideas for the new “Top of The World”          garlic spinach and sautéed baby carrots
                                            menu. Situated over 800 feet in the air,
                                                                                          with ginger. Each dish is paired with
                                            with a breathtaking view of all the lights
                                            of Las Vegas below, the entire city is laid   wines that enhance each dish, specially
                                            out before you as you dine in the heavens.    selected from new vineyards. Grosset
                                            The restaurant rotates for a 360-degree       Pinot Noir from Adelaide Australia,
                                            view of our entire valley. There is a five-   along with Betz Family Vineyard, and
                                            course tasting menu, consisting of Soup of    Cabernet Sauvignon, from Columbia
                                            the Day or Caesar Salad, Crab Cake with
                                                                                          Valley accompany the dishes. Let the
                                            Green Papaya Salad or Ricotta Gnocchi
                                            with marinara and braised fennel, Roasted     chef suggest something special or have
                                            Miso Black Cod, Grilled Petit Filet           Dean Wachstetter, the Sommelier, pick
                                            Mignon with shallot confit and red wine       the perfect match for any dinner. George
                                            sauce and ending with a Mini Dessert Trio     Gatewood, the General Manager at the Top
                                            for $85.00.                                   of the World, invites all of Las Vegas to
                                            Every new dish is a signature special.        come out and spend a romantic evening in
                                            Lobster Bisque, Wagyu Beef Capaccio with      the clouds. Spend a birthday, anniversary
                                            white truffle oil and parmesan, Colorado
                                                                                          or just a romantic evening together at this
                                            Rack of Lamb with herb lamb jus, Seared
                                            Muscovy Duck Breast with orange and           incredible place. Afterwards, take a walk
                                            lime hoisin sauce, Kurobuto Pork Chops        around and view this city of lights. Finish
                                            with adobo sauce and Chipotle Crema are       it off at 107 Lounge. Also open for lunch.

                              Book a party by calling 702-380-7764
14    Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                                  
                                 Engaging Your Guests
 BY Linda Duke

                                                                                     During a Tough Economic Climate
                         Recently many restaurant operators are looking at           spending their time well. They’re gravitating more
                         empty dining rooms and slower than usual sales.             toward experience than assets and goods. Finding
                         In times of a tough economic climate, it’s no secret        ways to make your restaurant brand “add life to the
 Ms. Duke is CEO
 of Duke Marketing,      that consumers have become increasingly cautious            experience” should be a priority on any restaurant
 LLC® which she
 founded in 1987,
                         and fearful. Today, as fears of losing one’s job and        marketer’s to-do list.
 a full-service          looking at their dwindling 401(k) statement, chances
 marketing firm                                                                      The approach of creating a meaningful experience
 specializing with       are, consumers are scared. So what can a restaurant
                                                                                     starts with engaging your guests. Engagement is the
 multi-location          really do to attract cautious guests?
 and franchise                                                                       new awareness. And return-on-engagement (ROE) is
 Ms. Duke has                                                                        the new ROI (return on investment). Put another way,
 consulted with top                                                                  ROE is more customer-centric, a more outwardly
 restaurant brands
 in the United States,                                                               approach than ROI.
 and is a nationally
 speaker, educator
 and published
 author of “Four
 Star Restaurant
 for Restaurateurs®” She       Do your guests perceive your restaurant as a place
 speaks frequently       for “time while spent”?
 at restaurant and
 franchise industry      A pause in consumption prompts personal reflection.
 conferences, and
 is a member of the      Consumers are asking, “What’s really important to
 board of directors      me?” Not surprisingly, the one constant that will            Boudin SF offered “Daily Bread” or 365 loaves of their
 of the California                                                                    famous San Francisco sour dough to the first 100
 Restaurant              remain important is time.       Time will remain the         guests at their recent grand opening. Guests spent
 Association’s                                                                        the night and enjoyed menu samples, a bread toss
                         ultimate luxury. Recession or no recession, “time            and learned the brand’s unique history.
 Foundation              well spent” will remain the ultimate goal and how
 (CRAEF) and the                                                                     So restaurants need to boost ROE: how?          As with
 National Restaurant     guests feel eating at a restaurant needs to be “time
 Associations’ Fast                                                                  any broad scale change in a company’s thinking, a
                         well spent.”
 Casual Industry                                                                     true commitment to engagement requires senior
 Council (FCIC).         If time becomes the highest currency of the day,
                                                                                     management to commit first. That said there’s much
                         restaurateurs should take heed. People love spending
                                                                                     that restaurant marketers can do. The first step is
                         time well. However, “time well spent” is not just
                                                                                     learning to be a proverbial fly on the wall. Don’t
                         about finding balance in life or connecting with loved
                                                                                     launch that new website unless you have a clear
                         ones. Nor is it a high priced luxury experience such
                                                                                     idea about who your guests are and experience they
                         as limo rides or four-star vacation resort. Ultimately,
                                                                                     perceive. It is also essential to be creative about
                         consumers spend a great deal of precious time going
                                                                                     adopting ways that customers can give you input.
                         out to eat. Therefore, tying a brand to quality time is a
                         concept with huge implications.                             When creating your brand messaging, consider
                                                                                     employing public relations. What is going to get my
                         For instance, consumers surround themselves with
                                                                                     guests truly engaged? Understand the importance
                         brands that engage them and make them feel they are

16   Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                                           
  of associating your brand with                                                                            puts sour and skeptical faces on
  something authentic.

  For example, Boudin SF, (the fast
                                            Finding ways to make your                                       consumers, it is more important
                                                                                                            that ever to look at those faces

  casual concept developed by the 100         restaurant brand “add                                         and engage your guests.

  year old San Francisco sour dough
  Boudin Bakery company), gave                life to the experience”                                       Engaging     your   guests    will
                                                                                                            ultimately develop a lasting bond
  away daily bread, 365 loaves, to
  the first 100 guests at a recent grand
                                              should be a priority on                                       with your brand. Additionally,
                                                                                                            these   engagement      activities,
  opening. Guests lined up the day
  before and spent the night. Into the
                                            any restaurant marketer’s                                       which     include    promotions,
                                                                                                            events, focus groups and round
  morning, guests learned the history
  of Boudin and shared their love and
                                                      to-do list.                                           table discussions with your
                                                                                                            customers, leads to loyalty,
  memories of Boudin’s sourdough bread. Boudin entertained kids           frequency and word of mouth. The ultimate goal for a restaurant
  and parents alike in bread toss games for prizes, and were treated      marketer in today’s challenging economy is to “add to customer’s
  to signature menu samples before the doors opened. Overall,             life experience” and by engaging them, it will be the best return on
  guests shared in an authentic experience that proved to be a great      investment of time and energy when the economy swings north.
  return on their time, while Boudin SF got to know and share their
  favorite tradition with guests.

  When searching for restaurants worth their time, consumers do not
  want to dig through the clutter. Other public relations strategies
  such as sampling, tasting events and fundraisers allow brands to
  further engage guests, keeping them at the top of the list when
  they go out to eat. For example, Pacific Catch, a San Francisco
  Bay Area restaurant with three locations, hosted a Sushi & Sake
  tasting event to introduce new menu items to VIP’s, community
  members and the press. A large crowd attended and enjoyed
  samples of the delicious sushi and the restaurant’s sake vendor
  provided sake pouring and tasting education. As guests departed,
  they were given gift bags with a Pacific Catch menu, a coupon
                                                                           Pacific Catch restaurant created a Sushi & Sake tasting event and
  for a free appetizer on their next visit, and a special gift from the    invited VIP’s, community members and the press to enjoy new su-
                                                                           shi menu items and taste sake poured by the vendor.
  Sake vendor. Pacific Catch impressed the local community and
  established positive relationships with their guests. The event also
  garnered positive publicity.

  Finally, realize that your guests are a source of feedback and
  ideas, even about menu items. Don’t underestimate the power of
  direct interaction with your customers. During a recent in-person
  “voice of the guest” initiative, I learned first-hand how one-on-one
  involvement can provide R & D folks with a far richer and holistic
  view of both their jobs and the people they serve.

  I don’t suggest moving ROE to the forefront of a company’s
  branding efforts should mean that ROI disappears from a
  marketer’s arsenal. Indeed, it can’t! Businesses must be efficient
  and investments prioritized. But so long as the current economy                                            September 2010 I FORK & POUR I Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas               17
     OUT ON THE TOWN...                                                  Editor-in-Cheif Mike
                                                                          Fryer and Creative
                                                                         Director Juanita Aiello
                                                                         enjoy a delicious meal
                                                                            at Pampas in the
                                                                              Miracle Mile.

18   Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I August 2010      

                                   CALL FOR INFO
                                    (702) 240-3004

      PURE 100% NATURAL
 UPCOMING EVENTS                            Recent JASN Events                                                       Thank You
                                          JASN Special Reception                           Rakugo                      to Our
                                                                                 (Japanese Sit-down Comedy)           Sponsors
                                                                                                                      EMPEROR LEVEL

                                                                                                                      SHOGUN LEVEL

     JASN MISSION STATEMENT                                                     In April, JASN achieved
 Enhancing understanding of                                                     another first by hosting the first
 Japan, its people, culture,                                                    performance ever in Las Vegas
 politics and economics in
 Nevada.                                                                        of Rakugo (Japanese traditional
 Advancing awareness of                                                         comedy) by famous Japanese
 Nevada in Japan and within                                                     comedian Katsura Kaishi. More
 the Japanese community                                                                                               DAIMYO LEVEL
 abroad.                                                                        than 80 people joined JASN at
 Creating opportunities for              In February, JASN hosted the           the Atomic Testing Museum for
 meaningful interaction
 between Nevadans and                    first-ever public speech in Nevada     Kaishi-san’s rollicking one-man
 Japanese.                               by Katsuhiko Ichikawa, General         show. After a wine and cheese
 Educating Nevadans on                   Manager of the Washington,             reception, the audience howled
 important issues that impact
 the U.S. – Japan relationship.          DC office of the Central Japan         with laughter as Kaishi-san
 Providing support for                   Railway Company. The event was         created hilarious character after
 expatriate Japanese residing
                                         sponsored in part by new JASN          character, only using two props:
 in Nevada.
                                         corporate sponsor MGM Mirage.          a Japanese paper fan and a hand       SAMURAI LEVEL
 Energy Breakfast Seminar                                                       towel. Those in attendance not
                                         Ichikawa-san spoke to well over
 On August 27th, JASN, in
                                         60 people who gathered at the          only enjoyed a very funny show,
 partnership with Honorary Consul
                                         Shibuya Restaurant in the MGM          they learned the history of this
 General of Japan, Kathleen Blakely,
                                         Grand Hotel. Many dignitaries,         time-honored craft.
 and Nikkei America, Inc., produced
 a breakfast seminar dedicated to        including the Consul Tanemura          After the show, an ecstatic
 energy-saving products made in          of the Consul General of Japan’s       Kaishi-san told us that the Las
 Japan. Over 90 people attended          office in San Francisco, Vida Lin,     Vegas audience was one of the
 the event, which was held at the        President of the Asian Chamber         best he has ever had, and that he
 Atomic Testing Museum. Some             of Commerce, and numerous              would love to return to perform
 of the products featured included       honorary consul general attended.      for us again.
 tankless on-demand water heaters,       Mr. Ichikawa provided intricate
 the latest solar technology, energy-    details of not only the shinkansen
 efficient heating and cooling           (the Japanese bullet train) but also
                                                                                  Become a JASN Member Today!
 products, as well as state-of-the art   the new mag-lev technology that is          Call us at (702) 818-3781
 green hotel construction.               just being rolled out in Japan.
20     Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                                        

                                                                     dinner that featured a fun variety of both culinary and brewed         BY Bob Barnes
             n August 23, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse at             creations. This six-course beer dinner would only have set
             9520 S. Eastern featured a pairing of BJ’s menu         you back $30. To receive notifications about future BJ events,
             with the beer of Widmer Brothers Brewing                you can sign up your email at <>.
             Company. GM Rickey Dobbs introduced the food            If you can’t make it to Munich for Oktoberfest, consider
             courses and Widmer Rep. Eddie Buchannon de-             heading to Vegas. Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas claims its Okto-
             scribed the beer each course was paired with. Eddie     berfest will be the most authentic in the US, second only to
             also talked about the history of the brewery, which     the original held in Munich, and there are reasons to back up
 was founded by brothers Kurt and Rob Widmer in 1984.                its claim. The Las Vegas version is an authentic replica of its
 As a warm-up, diners were served BJ’s LightSwitch Lager,            brewhaus in Munich, and the Hofbräu brewery is one of only
 which is BJ’s first light beer, logging in at 130 calories. While   six breweries commissioned to make the beer for the Okto-
 light in calories, it’s definitely not light in flavor.             berfest in Bavaria. This year marks the 200th anniversary of              Bob Barnes is a
                                                                     Oktoberfest, and Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas’s celebration will           native Las Vegan and
 The first course matched the brewery’s flagship beer, Widmer
                                                                     run from Sept. 18 through Oct. 31. Highlighting the festivities        associate editor of
 Hefeweizen, with Ahi Poke served with won ton crisps. The
                                                                     is the unveiling of the Oktoberfestbier, the very same brew         Fork and Pour-Food
 Poke is a new menu item for BJ’s that should do well, judging
                                                                     created for the Oktoberfest in Munich. Celebrity guest keg         & Beverage Magazine
 from the incredible fresh essence of the ahi.
                                                                     tappings take place every Friday at 7 p.m. with Sigfried and             of Las Vegas. He
                                                                     Roy presiding at the opening ceremonies on Sept. 18. Bands
                                                                                                                                                welcomes your
                                                                     from Germany are imported, providing nightly sing-a-longs.
                                                                     Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas is located at 4510 Paradise Rd. across
                                                                     from the Hard Rock Casino.
                                                                     Other Oktoberfest celebrations in Vegas include Big Dog’s           Email:
                                                                     Brewing Company’s Dogtober Beer Brat Fest & Brat Party    
                                                                     on October 2, from 2-8 p.m. On tap will be a line-up of more
                                                                     than 25 brews, including Big Dog’s Oktoberfest beer, some lim-
                                                                     ited availability bottled beers, German beers, Oktoberfest beers
                                                                     and featured styles from breweries in the Southwest region.
                                                                     German-fare (knackwurst, bratwurst frankfurters, Bavarian-
                                                                     style kraut, and Bavarian-style
 A Field of Greens Salad composed of mixed baby greens,              pretzels) and music from three
 mandarin orange wedges, candied pecans and raspberry vin-           bands will help keep the party
 aigrette was complimented by the Widmer Drifter Pale Ale, a         hopping. Admission is free, but
 balanced and citrusy brew.                                          a special edition Dogtoberfest
                                                                     mug for $2 will be required for
 Chicken Fajita Quesadilla was compiled in a delightful corn         tastings, with tastings starting at
 and flour blend tortilla with a side of baja sauce (chipotle        one token (or $1), depending on
 sour cream). This spicy dish was backed up with the Widmer          sample size and style. A starter
 Broken Halo IPA, a devilish hoppy, but not too bitter, version      package will be available with
 of the style.                                                       30 tokens and a mug for $30.
 A palate cleanser was served in liquid form, the Widmer             Dogtoberfest will take place
 Sunburn Summer Brew, which Eddie described as an easy               outside at the Big Dog’s Draft
 drinking ‘patio beer’ that has hints of passion fruit and fresh     House location at 4543 N. Ran-
 pineapple, derived from a special hop called Citra.                 cho Rd., just north of Craig Rd.
 The hearty Grilled Burger Melt, an Angus burger garnished           Steiner’s Pub can always be
 with caramelized onions and Swiss and cheddar cheese, was           counted on to commemorate this beer holiday. Its location
 fortified with the 8.6% Widmer Deadlift Imperial IPA, a 70-         at Buffalo and Vegas Drive will host a bash on October 9
 IBU hop monster with a grassy, pine tree aroma derived from         from 3-11 p.m. with a live band, and food, beer and gaming
 the New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops used in its production.          specials. Also, during September and October, on tap for the
 The toasty richness of Widmer Drop Top Amber Ale stood up           special occasion will be Warsteiner Oktoberfest, in addi-
 to the tartness of the apple in the dessert offering, Old Fash-     tion to the traditional Warsteiner Pilsner and Steiner’s other
 ioned Apple Crisp, which Rickey dubbed the unsung hero of           23 draft selections. Enjoy any Warsteiner Variety Bier in a
 BJ’s dessert menu, since most opt for BJ’s signature Pizookie.      commemorative logoed glass liter boot from Sept. 9 through
 The grand finale was the Widmer Prickley Pair Braggot,              October for an initial purchase of $25, with refills for $9 or
 weighing in at a whopping 10% alcohol. Made from a blend            $5.50 during Happy Hour M-F from 4-7 p.m.
 of fermented honey, prickly pear juice and ale, this sweet and      New to the Southern Nevada market is the Crooked Line
 fulfilling creation was a fitting conclusion to a well-rounded      from Uinta Brewing Company, out of Salt Lake City, Utah.
                                                                     Four beers have been introduced that don’t exactly follow
                                                                     the stringent style guidelines of beer, so hence the Crooked
                                                                     Line moniker. These beers range in alcohol strength from
                                                                     9% to 13%, thus destroying the myth that Utah breweries
                                                                     only make wimpy beer. Labyrinth Black Ale is a very
                                                                     rich imperial stout aged in rye and bourbon barrels, and
                                                                     logs in at 13.2% alcohol strength. Cockeyed Cooper Bour-
                                                                     bon Barrel Barley Wine is 11.1%, and is wood-aged for six
                                                                     months. Detour Double India Pale Ale is 9.5% and brewed
                                                                     with four hop varieties. Lastly, Tilted Smile Imperial Pilsner
                                                                     measures in at 9% and is a potent and hoppy straw-hued
                                                                     lager. All four beers come in 750 ml. corked bottles and are
                                                                     available at Total Wine, Khoury’s Fine Wine & Spirits and
                                                                     some of the larger Lee’s Discount Liquor outlets. As always,
                                                                     great beer happens in Vegas!

22   Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                                                           
                   at the Venetian             September 2010 I FORK & POUR I Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas   23
Your Personal Chef
                 BY Chef Brian

                                            We are in a changing of the seasons now; summer is almost over and Las Vegas had some very hot days and nights
                                         too…. My Personal Chef Catering Service has had its best summer in years. I have been so busy with such a variety
                                         of different clientele, it has been a challenge to say the least; yet, I love a good challenge. This season, I applied many
                                         different marketing techniques to attract new clients and some of them really worked well. Yes, internet marketing
                                         is good, but word-of-mouth and “client-testimonials” is better! The exposure I received from writing these “My
                                         Personal Chef” articles, in the wonderful Fork & Pour magazine has been great; Mike Fryer, his brother George and
                                         the staff are all professionals and I feel they deserve awards for the quality, pertinent, monthly information they convey.
                                         I am one of those chefs who will go out of his way to help people and give acknowledgments and Kudos where they
                                         are deserved. I truly love Fork & Pour magazine and I am proud to be a monthly contributor.
                                            Another source, and perhaps this season’s big winner in bringing me some fantastic clients, is my good friends
                                         over at Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. I extend a very special “thank you” to the owner, Lexi Capp, and her staff,
                                         especially Rita; these ladies are true professionals and wonderful people. The clients to whom they introduced me
                                         all had other staff which was placed by Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. Some staff included personal assistants,
                                         housekeepers, and nannies; these employees had all been employed with these clients for a very long time and are
                                         all top-notch, sweet, hard-working women. I am very impressed with this company; Lexi and her staff provide such
                                         amazingly qualified people. If you ever need great household support staff, Nannies & Housekeepers U.S.A. is the
                                         place to go; they take the time to be personally involved with each client. The staff they can provide you with will go
                                         through extensive background checks, and their company’s vetting process is unprecedented in the industry. They are
                                         the best! Visit their website for more information at
    Over the past two months, I have received from readers more requests for vegetarian recipes and menus than any other request. So, I am dedicating this
 article to GOURMET VEGETARIAN MENUS. Aside from amazing foods, many of my clients call me for health reasons and would like to eat more healthful
 cuisine. Since we don’t need to eat meat every day, I almost always recommend eating salads and creative international meatless meals. This style is one of my
 specialties. I love to eat healthy and I know raw vegetables provide essential digestive enzymes and nutrients. A doctor may prescribe “medications;” I write
 prescriptions for delicious healthy menus. If you have any questions or would like menu consulting, please feel free to write me at

                                                      Mediterranean                                            Vegetables: Salad Bar (Cold)
          Gourmet Vegetarian                          Appetizer: Spanokopita with tepenade relish              Mixed Spring Lettuces with fresh chopped herbs
 Asian                                                Entrée: Crispy stuffed Eggplant                          Red & Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
 Appetizer: Crispy Spring Rolls with 3 sauces         Starch: Creamy-style Polenta                             Black Bean & Corn Salad with cilantro-lime
  (Sweet Chile, Plum and Lemongrass Ponzu)            Vegetable: Julienne Vegetables Ragout (carrot,            vinaigrette
 Entrée: Braised Tofu and Wild Mushrooms               leek, celery, sundried tomatoes, yellow                 Sour Cream
 Starch: Ginger Fried Rice                             crookneck & green zucchini)                             Green Onions
 Vegetable: Lemon Glazed Broccoli                     Middle-Eastern
 Cali-fusion                                          Appetizer: Mini Falafels on Pita with hummus
 Mushroom Mania                                        and apricot-ginger chutney
 Appetizer: Grilled Portobello Caesar Salad           Entrée: Braised Tofu Cutlets with yellow curry
  with garlic polenta croutons                         & vegetables
 Entrée: Braised Tofu Sausage Cutlets with red        Starch: Saffron Taboule (cous cous)
  & green coconut curry sauce                         Vegetable: Bartha - Roasted Eggplant &
 Starch: Brown Rice with barley & scallion             Tomatoes
  timbales                                            American Style Barbecue Buffet
 Vegetable: Tiny Shroom Sauté – Marsala-style         Appetizer 1: Spinach, Artichoke & Herb
  sauté of straw mushrooms, tiniest crimini,           Fondue with gourmet crackers & artisan
  enokis, & mini morrels                               breads
 Italian                                              Appetizer 2: Vegetable Crudités with roasted
 Appetizer: Antipasti Salad of Grilled                 garlic hummus and herb yogurt dip (kind of
  Vegetables Balsamico                                 like ranch dressing, but with yogurt)
 Entrée: Eggplant, Polenta & Tofu-Herb-               Entrée: Hand-formed, Baked Veggie-Soy
  Cheese Lasagna (Pasticciata)                         “Burgers & Hot Dogs” - Sandwich Bar
 Starch: Escarole & Cannellini Bean Sauté             Mixed Fresh-baked Buns & Rolls
 Vegetable: Zucchini & Artichoke Sauté                Sliced Grilled Tomatoes & Thin-Sliced Red
 Tropical Island theme                                Butter Lettuce Cups
 Appetizer: Garden Island Salad with papaya           Assorted Aiolis                                             If you have any questions or
  vinaigrette                                         Starches: Baked Potato Bar (Hot)                           would like a quote, consulting or
 Entrée: Teriyaki-style Grilled Pineapple &           Shredded Cheeses
  Portobello Skewers
                                                                                                                   recipes please write me at
                                                      Ratatouille with sundried tomatoes                 
 Starch: Aloha Coconut Rice                           Vegetarian Chile
 Vegetable: Blistered Chinese Long Beans with         ½ Cobs of Hot-buttered Corn                                 Please also view my website at
  sesame-ginger soy                                   Whipped Curry Butter                              

24   Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                                                               
  LAUGHLIN                         LAUGHLIN
       EVENTS                       FOOD &
   Sept. 3-5                        MIXER
   featuring the cuisine
   of Mangia! our Italian
   eatery featuring free live
   entertainment by Lena

   Sept 17 and 18
   Riverwalk between the
   Colorado Belle and
   featuring authentic
   Mexican food and free
   live entertainment by
   Rumbale (Carlos Santana
   tribute band). Free Event.
   Food and drinks sold

   Oct. 1-2 & 8-9
   Riverwalk between the
   Colorado Belle and           COLORADO BELLE                                                EDGEWATER
   Edgewater                    2100 S. Casino Dr., Laughlin, NV 89029                        2020 S. Casino Dr., Laughlin, NV 89029
   German music by The          702-298-4000, Fax 702-299-4168                                702-298-2453, Fax 702-298-8165
   Polka Dudes, food and
   carnival games. Free                                                             
   Event. Food and drinks       Sleeping Rooms: 1,164 including 51 suites and parlor
   sold separately.             suites                                                        Sleeping Rooms: 1,355 including 37 suites
                                Casino Square Feet: 60,000                                    Casino Square Feet: 60,000
                                Total Exhibit/Meeting Square Feet: 5,342                      Total Exhibit/Meeting Square Feet: 13,869
                                Laughlin’s landmark resort, Colorado Belle, is a              The Edgewater offers hundreds of comfortable guest
                                600-foot-long replica of a 19th-century paddlewheel
                                                                                              rooms, many with breathtaking views of mountains
                                riverboat set along the west bank of the Colorado River
                                and surrounded by rugged mountain ranges. Outside,            and the Colorado River. The casino features more
                                guests stroll along the riverwalk, enjoying the serenity of   than 800 of the newest and hottest slots, video poker
                                the Colorado River. Inside, live gaming, including more       machines and penny games. Live table game action
                                than 800 slots, video poker machines and penny games          can be found 24 hours a day in the fast-paced table
                                and the river’s largest poker room, create an atmosphere
                                                                                              games and new poker room, and the race and sports
                                charged with excitement. Colorado Belle features award-
                                winning dining including Mark Twain’s Chicken & Ribs,         book is one of the largest on the river, with personal
                                voted best barbecue; the Boiler Room, Laughlin’s only         television monitors and betting on thoroughbreds,
                                microbrewery, Mangia! authentic Italian eatery, voted         quarter horses and greyhounds at your favorite race
                                best food in Laughlin at the Chef’s Food Fest. Other          tracks. Enjoy nightclub entertainment late nights in
                                restaurants include the Captain’s Buffet, The Gallery
                                                                                              Inferno on weekends. Edgewater’s dining options
                                Café and the Deli. Coming soon to the restaurant level:
                                Tortillas Taco, Fajita & Burrito Bar featuring authentic      include the exceptional Hickory Pit Steakhouse, the
                                Mexican food plus beer and margaritas. Hotel amenities        award-winning Grand Buffet, Coco’s, Sbarro’s Pizza,
                                include two outdoor swimming pools, one featuring a           Sports Deli, Nathan’s and Dairy Queen. Additional
                                waterfall, and a 14-person bubbling spa. A salon and spa      services include banquet facilities for parties of 20–
                                are located nearby. Additional services include facilities    350, a beauty salon, fitness room, a pool and spa, four
                                for parties of 20–400, six bars including Chill! the new
                                indoor/outdoor bar, live entertainment and great gift         bars, a variety of gift shops and live entertainment.
                                shops. Free to join, the casino’s ACCESS Players Club         Free to join, the casino’s ACCESS Players Club offers
                                offers excellent rewards to players.                          excellent rewards to players.                                          September 2010 I FORK & POUR I Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas                      25
 Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino
 RIO ALL-SUITES HOTEL & CASINO is re-inventing itself once again with a special offering from three of
 & LOUNGE. On several recent visits we were able to try each of these restaurants’ specials, which include a
 3-course menu of choice and can be paired with a wine flight at a very reasonable price. We highly recommend
 all three for a local visit.
 BUZIOS has been well known for its fresh and extensive seafood and at $29 for a 3-course meal, we were
 delighted to re-visit and enjoy once again.
                                                          MORTORANO’S stands as a stead-fast Italian restaurant
                                                          with attention to detail, and its 3-course offering at $39 gives
                                                          you choices to try a great mix of old favorites and some new
                                                          creations as well.
                                                          VOODOO STEAK & LOUNGE offers a great 3-course
                                                          deal at $49, which is hard to beat, including Rio’s premium
                                                          dry-aged beef. And, you have a great view overlooking the
                                                          Strip and all of Las Vegas.
                                                          THE WINE CELLAR & TASTING ROOM is a great
                                                          place to visit before or after your dinner at the Rio. The wine
                                                          bar at the Wine Cellar is a great one-of-a-kind experience in
                                                          Las Vegas, offering more than 100 wines by the glass. For
                                                          a more “up close and personal” experience, we recommend
                                                          sitting at the wine bar so you can interact with the fun and
                                                          professional Wine Cellar Manager Hung. Or, you may just
                                                          choose to relax on the luxurious leather couches while you sip
                                                          a single malt scotch, port or cognac.

                                                          BUZIOS SEAFOOD

26   Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                          
  CAFÉ        VOODOO                               THE WINE
  MARTORANO’S STEAK &                              CELLAR &
                   LOUNGE                          TASTING ROOM     September 2010 I FORK & POUR I Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas   27
                         Certified Green Restaurants

                        Place yourself in any        of them, and we prosper both individually
                        one date in history          and as a whole. A restaurant that is not
                      and imagine how things         maximally conserving energy is actually
                  might change in the future.        throwing thousands of dollars out its door
 For example, you’re living in the British           with no benefit. So too with water and
 colonies in the New World in the 1700’s.            waste. A wasteful business engenders a
 Could you ever imagine the country that             mentality of waste, including waste of time,
 you are pioneering will become the world’s          which cultivates an employee culture of
 major Superpower only a couple centuries            more apathy. Conversely, a business that
 later. You’re living in Spain in 1910. Could        is conserving resources for both themselves
 you imagine that decades later, people              and the greater good engenders a culture
 would be communicating with others                  of conservation, a culture of caring, where
 across the planet with a device the size of         employees are likely to be more responsible
 a wallet? You are a woman living in the late        with the resources of the restaurant, leading
 1800’s, and you have no right to vote. If you       to cost savings and greater profits.
 could only see that a few decades later,
 that right would be codified into American          Certified Green Restaurants® meet a
 law. It is the 1970’s now, and smoking is           standard of:
 commonplace everywhere. Could you
                                                     • 100 Green Points
 imagine that a couple decades later, that
 smoke-free is the norm of retail across the         • 10 Points in 6 of 7 Environmental
 country? What was once unimaginable                   Categories
 becomes real. What is one generation’s
 aspirations of society’s fringe becomes the         • Full-Scale Recycling
 rights and privileges taken for granted by          • Polystyrene-Foam Free
 the next generations.
                                                     • Annual Education                                   Michael Oshman
 We stand on the precipice of one of those
 historical moments where environmental              There are three levels of certification for an       Founder/Executive Director
 goals of yesteryear are becoming today’s            existent restaurant:                                 Green Restaurant Association
 change and tomorrow’s norm. Let’s take
 wind power for example. In a short time, it
                                                     • 2 Star Certified Green Restaurant®: 100
                                                                                                          Michael Oshman is the founder
 has shifted from an expensive, pie in the sky                                                            and executive director of the Green
                                                     • 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant®: 175
 solution, to one that has hit price parity in
 certain regions of the country and will likely        Points                                             Restaurant Association (GRA), a
 facilitate Texas becoming a net electricity         • 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant®: 300
                                                                                                          national     non-profit    organization
 exporter in the coming 2 decades.                     Points                                             formed in 1990 to create environmental
 Recycling was also rarely seen two decades
 ago, and now millions of homes across the           The Green Restaurant Association has the             sustainability in the foodservice
 country have curbside recycling, which              Sustainability™ standard for new builds and          industry.
 has become as commonplace as normal                 renovations; and its Event standard for one-
 trash pickup.                                       time events.                                         Michael has worked tirelessly over the
 This phenomenon is taking place in the              These standards create the backbone for
                                                                                                          past two decades by providing research,
 restaurant industry, where thousands of             the thousands of restaurants going green             consulting, education, and certification
 restaurants are leading the way showing             in a legitimate way. They are the rungs on           to hundreds of restaurants so that
 that legitimate environmental change is
 not only good for their business….but is
                                                     the ladder that help businesses climb in             they can better serve their customers,
                                                     the right direction with proper recognition
 necessary for their business. Certified Green       at different rest stops. There will be a time        employees and the environment. He
 Restaurants® are demonstrating that they            when recycling is the norm at restaurants,           has been featured in Time Magazine,
 are better suited to succeed than their non-
 green counterparts in terms of operational
                                                     where toxic chemicals are a distant                  NBC Nightly News, NPR, CNN, Fox
                                                     memory, and when efficiency reigns. That
 costs, employee morale, public image,               time will be when the Green Restaurant               News, ABC, The New York Times,
 customer loyalty and legislative demands.           Association’s standards are no longer what           The Boston Globe and hundreds of
 It is simple. In nature, an animal that uses        we are reaching for… but they become the             other local and national media outlets.
                                                     standard of what is normal. The Certified
 its resources wisely has the highest success
 rates of survival. So too in our species. When      Green Restaurants® of today are already              He has also given keynote speeches
 we use our resources well, we have more             standing in that future.                             and guest lectures at conferences
                                                                                                          across the country, including the
 ABOUT THE GREEN RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION                                                                   National Restaurant Show, Food
 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of the Green Restaurant Association’s (GRA) founding in 1990.            Service Packaging Institute, New York
 The Green Restaurant Association is a national non-profit organization that provides the only official
 Certified Green Restaurants® mark in the country. For two decades, the GRA has pioneered the Green       Restaurant Show, International Hotel/
 Restaurant® movement and has been the leading voice within the industry encouraging restaurants to       Motel Restaurant Show, SPECS, Green
 listen to consumer demand and green their operations using transparent, science-based certification      Festival, and more.
 standards. With their turnkey certification system, the GRA has made it easy for thousands of
 restaurants to become more environmentally sustainable in a profitable manner. The GRA is endorsed       As the pioneer of the green restaurant
 by scores of national environmental organizations such as NRDC and Environmental Defense, and            movement, Michael continues his
 esteemed trade organizations including the New York State Restaurant Association, Orange County
 Restaurant Association, and America Public Garden Association. The GRA is also an Energy Star
                                                                                                          mission to educate consumers and
 partner. In 2010, Citysearch announced the GRA as their official Green Restaurant® listing partner.      restaurateurs…affecting change one
 The GRA has been featured on CNN, NBC Nightly News, NPR, and in The New York Times, and The              bite at a time.
 Washington Post. For more information visit

28   Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                                                  
                                                                                                                                                                         L a s Ve g a s

                                                                              L a s Ve g a s

LAS VEGAS FOOD & BEVERAGE                                                      &
                                                                                                                          2011 F & B Directory
      DIRECTORY 2011                                                                RESTAURANT SUPPLIERS                                                 Get Fresh Companies
                                                                                    Hickory House                                                        Las Vegas, NV
                                                                                    Las Vegas, NV
The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Directory is the only local

industry dedicated publication to list information to guide                         US Foodservice Las Vegas                                             Sysco Las Vegas

local Food & Beverage businesses and inform them on who &
                                                                                    Las Vegas, NV                                                        Las Vegas, NV
what’s new with local chefs, restaurants-on and off the strip,
wine & mixology, upcoming events, with products & services                                                                                               Santa Monica Seafood

sourcing made easy. In-print and on-line assures distribution                       Farmer Brothers Company                                              Las Vegas, NV
                                                                                    6435 S. Valley View Suite B                                
throughout the Las Vegas Market reaching all major chefs,                           Las Vegas, Nv. 89118 Las Vegas, NV
restaurants, casino properties-Exec, Food & Beverage,                               Custom Culinary
                                                                                                                                                         Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada

purchasing departments and circulated at all major Food &
                                                                                                                                                         Las Vegas, NV
                                                                                    Las Vegas, NV
Beverage expos, shows and events in Las Vegas. Book your
space now to insure your company listing in The Las Vegas
Food & Beverage Directory 2011.
                                                                              L a s Ve g a s
                                                                                                              Restaurant & Chef Spotlight
                                                                                                                                             Chef Philip Lo
Free Directory Listing                                                                                                                   Executive Chef - Jasmine

Directory Listing Extended
                                                                        3.25” The critics and the John Curtas named
                                                                                        Todd’s Unique Dining
                                                                                                  dining public agree.
                                                                              KNPR food critic
                                                                                   Todd’s Unique Dining “Neighborhood            Chef Lo Oversees the menu development

Product Showcase - 3.1” x 1.9”
                                                                                   Restaurant of the Year”· [East Side) in his   of Jasmine, Bellagio’s gourmet Chinese
                                                                                   2009 restaurant awards. Also voted Best       restaurant. The restaurant’s menu offers
                                                                                   Gourmet Restaurant by Las Vegas Review        traditional Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine,
                                                                                   Journal editors and readers.                  as well as more modern interpretations.
                                                                                   4350 East Sunset Road                         Chefs in America, a California-based asso-
                                                                                   Henderson, NV                                 ciation of culinary professionals, honored Lo,

Restaurant Spotlight - 2.4” x 3.25”
                                                                                   (702) 259-8633                                an originator of nouvelle Hong Kong cuisine,
                                                                                                    as one of “America’s Outstanding Chefs.”

                                                                                                    2.4”                                            2.4”
Chef Spotlight - 2.4” x 3.25”

Quarter Page AD 3.5” x 4.8125”

Half Page AD - 7.125” x 4.8125”                                                                             LAS VEGAS, NV

                                                                                                    BIG DOG’S DRAFT HOUSE
                                                                                                  Rancho at Craig Road 645-1404
Full Page AD - 8.5” x 11”                                                                 BIG DOG’S CAFE AND CASINO
                                                                                          Sahara at Torrey Pines 876-3647

                                                                                           BIG DOG’S BAR AND GRILL
                                                                                          Nellis Blvd. at Owens 459-1099



     L a s Ve g a s

                                       Product Showcase

        feature information on more
        than 3,000 suppliers and
        130,000 products in several
          For more information
        call (800) 393-8807, ext.
        101, or visit online at www.



30      Food & Beverage Magazine of Las Vegas I FORK & POUR I September 2010                                                                                               
                                                                                                                                                                    BIG DOG’S BREWING COMPANY

                                                                                                                                                                     Beer Festival
                                                                                                                                                                     & Brat Party
                                                                                                                                                                     SATURDAY OCTOBER 2ND (2-8 PM)
                                                                                                                                                                      AFTER PARTY 9 PM - MIDNIGHT
                                                                                                                                                                             The fun takes place at:
                                                                                                                                                                      Big Dog’s Brewing Co.
                                                                                                                                                                       4543 Rancho Drive
                                                                                                                                                                      Las Vegas, NV 89130
                                                                                                                                                                          FREE ADMISSION!
                                                                                                                                                                    25+ BEERS - 3 BANDS - WISCONSIN-STYLE BRAT PARTY

                                                                                                                                                                    “WHAT’S SMOKED IN VEGAS
                                                                                                                                                                        STAYS IN VEGAS!”


 Let’s Get Together at BJ’s!
   At BJ’s there’s something for everyone to enjoy: from exciting
   appetizers, signature deep dish pizzas, fresh salads and new                                                                                                                        HICKORY HOUSE
                                                                                                                                                                                       TEL (702)644-3380
   culinary creations, to Pizookie® desserts and award-winning
       handcrafted beers. With over 100 menu items, there’s
                    something everyone will enjoy.                                                                                                                                     FAX (702)622-3385
                                                                                                                                                                                       AFTER HOURS
                               “Wow – I love this place!”®


                        EAN PIZZA
                                                   G HANDCRAF
                                                                TED BEER
                                                                               BAL SAM IC
                                                                                            GLA ZED CHIC
                                                                                                               TRIPLE CHOCOLATE PIZOOKIE
                                                                                                                                           MADE WITH GHIRARDE

10840 W. CHARLESTON BLVD., SUMMERLIN • (702) 853-2300
 9520 S. EASTERN AVENUE, HENDERSON • (702) 473-2980                                                                                                          
             W W W. BJ S R ESTAU R A N TS. CO M

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